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#943 God's Word on Church Discipline (1 Corinthians 5:2)


Pre The word with David Platt is AVI source from radical dot net. First Corinthians chapter five verse two and you are arrogant. Aren't you not rather to mourn? Let Him who has done this. Be removed from among you okay. So based on verse one where Paul Inspired by the Holy Spirit calls out the church for tolerating sexual send sexual immorality in their midst unrepentant sexual sin sexual morality. Paul says let him. Who has done? This be removed from on you so basically. We'll we'll see this in a couple of different ways in this chapter but remove this person from the church. Slept thing about why that would be. Why would you remove someone from the Church? Well someone being in the church means that the church is saying. This is a follower of Jesus so somebody's a member of the Church and that church is saying. This person is a follower of Jesus basically saying that to a watching world you WanNa see what a follower of Jesus looks like look at the members of this church and this is a member and so what you have is somebody who is in the church and the church is basically. Santa's Safari Jesus. But they're living an unrepentant sexual sin and if they won't repent of Sin They won't turn from Sin Win confronted and we don't know all the details here but we remember Jesus instructions for approaching someone who is unrepentant and San Matthew Chapter Eighteen. Goto them alone. Take a couple of people along with you and take the church with you to to call them back and if they won't come back to Christ turn from sin then remove them from the Church. Treat them as you would agenda tax collectors. The words in Matthew Chapter Eighteen. But the picture is you're basically saying this person is not giving evidence that they're follower of Christ. Not Not that you have to earn your way to Christ by any means. But if someone has trusted in Jesus for salvation as Lord of their life then there will be a desire to follow Christ if they have no desire to follow Christ than whether they're not a follower of Christ like it's Kinda that simple so remove them from now. We'll talk about that more as we pray through some other verses but let's pause here because at that point that sounds like judgmental arrogance doesn't like who are you to say. Somebody is not a follower of Christ. Who are you to remove somebody from the church? That sounds pretty arrogant. But that's what's so interesting about this verse because that's the exact opposite of what God is saying. God says to this church you are arrogant. Ought rather to mourn that him who has done this. Be removed from among you. God is saying that tolerating unrepentant sin in the Church. Dat is arrogance that's pride you should be weeping in humility over. Sin In your midst and doing everything you can to address it. This is where we realize. We have a very backward upside down picture of pride and humility. We think it's humble just to say oh. Hey that's sad as their problem So that that's humility. Pride would be like addressing someone in their sending maybe even removing from the church that fills arrogant God says the exact opposite he said humility. Would you be weeping over? That person said going them calling them back to Christ and if necessary taking this step that you just told us to take matthew chapter eighteen and removing him from the Church that's humility. That's trusting God instead you're being prideful you're sitting back and letting that person continuing sin seems like they're fine with Christ as a result and you are lying. You're disobeying God. You are dishonoring God and the Church. That's arrogance so to not remove someone in this kind of picture is arrogance. Oh God we need you to change the way we think we think so different from you and we need your help. God we need your help to see sin in our own lives and in others lives as the deadly spiritual force that it is and to moreover it and to pursue purity in every way in our lives and for one another sake cowdery pray for humility to mourn over sin and humility to address sin unrepentant. Sin In the church. Got Help US help us. Forgive us for our arrogance. Forgive us for not paying attention to these things. Forgive us for turning a blind eye to sin unrepentant Xanana our midst. God forgive us for arrogance before you and one another change. Our thinking are living changed. Churches rephrased so few churches. Do you are telling the church at Corinth to do here. And I Corinthians five we pray that you would make us the church that you desire for us to be. Reform are thinking about humility. Make us a humble people before you and help us to do this. Hard work but good work that you are calling us to do. In Jesus name we pray Amen.

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