NYC Season - Ep 4: Ian Schrager


Jesse my saying really pretty today. Major Nefer make upon where black my favorite color came on. I tell you why have made Neffa today because we have the founding owner fifty four, and I didn't want him going through his mind he'd be not even in. So I made it. And also with you and speaker, we don't have nieces we adjusting this awake. Ally was making. Yes, you do. And I've learned from really shit, selfies the I live makeup lip peak. Really? Must be that pregnancy glow as well. Yeah. I think. Have. Many grants. Today. We have I've kind of introduced him. But today, we have among all Khan in New York icon, his cO -tural icon, a stylized Khan and a scene icon. Yeah. I mean, he's like the king of seen the scene of the his name is intrigue. And he was one of the two partners founder founders of shooter fifty four the most iconic discotheque cut in the world. Yes. But especially in New York in the seventies. He's quite the journey from starting shooting fifty four Lama with his partner Steve rebel who actually passed away. Two going to prison for tax charges to then having to restart and now is forty one of the biggest hoteliers entrepreneurs in the world and has some of the most successful hotels in the world. And I'm so excited to speak to him about some of that time in studio fifty four and also his hotels now, and how he's still kind of the scene king wondering whether he's a bit fussy because we got an Email from his publicist saying he was quite he needed a Starbucks Grun day, bold. Half and offers on the side that he pulls in and slim Perez and foof fat toke. Now, we did happy Perez and then we freaked out. So we went and found some periods. So I'm interested to see whether that's come from him or whether he's the first port whether he's about first support what made him I've made Linis just because it's for New York after noon, he's only here for an hour. Just a little something to go with a drink. But I bet you won't eat anything. I think he's probably one of those people. But does he. Yeah. Right. Unlike us. Yeah. We have intrigue in Chelsea. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you very much. I watched your documentary. I felt the documentary was great. And you will you happy with that? Yes. Because I feel like you must have had involvement in it. Because I did wasn't a film. I wanted to make right, but because it came out well. Because it Harrow a drama to it because I trusted Matt I went along with it. I came across radio to me who so I'm singer, first and foremost in that I decided to do this podcast with my mom, and we invite guests over and it we talk about food and food memories. But it always kind of escalates into different bits and bobs. Maini record. I making is very kind of paying homage to this kind of eighties disco. I mean urine seventies. And it wouldn't have happened. But for me, it was so exciting just to see those faces and to see the world, and I just kind of. It just seemed like such a whirlwind in the it was only what thirty six months thirty three thirty three months, and I just wanna know about that party. I won't talk about your hotels and everything, but I just want to know about the party before you went to jail, if you're happy super the fact that knowledge is said it was almost bigger than the opening party. You know? You know, Diana Ross playing. I really wasn't in the mood for. This idea it, man. Took on a life of its own and always trying to show a storm side. But you know, we're going to jail tomorrow. But though party kind of something incongruence about it. But and I really didn't want to go. I would rather spend time with my girlfriend at the time. However, I thought if I didn't go my absence would be very conspicuous. So I I I needed to go was you from any pissed off. She I want a night in with you. And it wasn't so much data. Just wasn't really celebratory time. Right, which she a famous person, you'll girlfriend at the time. She was passionate on. And you know, just I think it just shows you how wacky the whole thing was for us to have a party. Yeah. Going to jail the next day. Crazy. The hangover was pretty bad the next day. I'll never forget, you know, we were like kind of catatonic as Steve and really don't realize until you actually hit the door slam behind you that, but it was fun. Steve Steve had a really good time. And I I had a really good time because he had a really good. It seems like with your partnership, Steve and about a new kind of quiet a little mysterious one. That was in the background may be. And Steve was like he was the person that had. I mean, this is what the documentary says he would he be there? Everyone knew him a imagine high-fiving everyone knowing everybody, and that's amazing like amazing clip in the documentary where Michael Jackson comes in and Steve's getting interviewed and he goes and he's chatting about the club. And he goes, hey, Michael yet and Mike will come. Over. And he's like, hey, Steve always looked after me. It's like the people watching somebody like me just to see that's you'll that was every night somebody or other. You must have been exhausted. Yes, it was when Monday came around which were dark. Stephen I will just completely wiped out go to dinner and chat about things. But it was really a totally consuming like holding onto a lightning bolt can explain what what sorry why was it cooled studio fifty four because it was called studio fifty two because it was a TV studio for some reason because it studio fifty two we just changed it to studio fifty four because fifty four th street and people performed live there or just before you. But then it was too. But then it was just DJ's who would you believe in having performances because we thought you wanna risk of stopping the party. And if you stop the party, you you may not be able to get started again. There's a kind of the momentum built up an energy some inexplicable thing that that happens. And so we would have moments during the evening that would goose tonight, but they would never last more than a minute. And they would never stop the party. They were meant to enhance it to push it to new level. You know, when you're watching performance, it could be very exciting suppose, but it's very static. Yes. I mean when I'm a wedding. I liked the wedding band for like two songs, and I'm like give me the DJ. Do you know what I mean? I saw on those Monday nights Yoon, Steve, you say, you went out for dinner was that I could place used to guard that was there a particular meal that you'd kind of be that. Frankie and Johnny's. It was a steak place. I've heard on the second second level of felt a little bit. It was a speak easy. When. -lica- wasn't legal and it was upstairs and quiet. Wait did right. Steak and just sorta catch up catch your breath. And that was the night that time magazine, and Newsweek magazine and all the magazines came out. So we would go home and very magazines and see the face the penalty breast, but still kind of working flicking for saying what kind of result of joy, ab- light. But it was it was just not stop. It was nonstop for. It lasted. I mean, the non stop activity by us last for more than thirty three months, but you know, during when studios open it was just a nonstop. World wind. Did you like the shoot if full movie? No, why had nothing to do with reality. It was. Next plantation. It was it was probably one of the only movies Miramax time. Did wasn't wasn't any good? It was just it. Just wasn't good. I didn't like it can want to be part of it. And so I guess doing having the chance for this documentary to come out. I mean, you you featuring a law, and it's your, you know, I think you come across brilliantly that was more control that. And would you did you are? You know, what it is? I didn't you know. I wanted to do the film. I went and I wouldn't matter. Now, I went in and I bought in John Bassett from London very accomplished producer who recently did life in twelve balls. Whatever clapton. And I wanted to do the film. My idea to film was to kind of connect all the dots. What happened? Why did it happen so on and so forth, but I trusted Matt? And I was willing to be completely open and honest thinking that I be able to convince him if I didn't want to use something that was a thing to me. You know, people forget the bad stuff forty years ago. Why don't want to talk about the bad stuff? But that's like he has a FOX if he's in the chicken coop. Don't eat chickens. Once I started telling him about. He wanted to use it, look, you know, it's dramatic and compelling and nobody ever really heard it before. And you know, so my designed to be involved with something good. I went along with it. It's a big day in America today. It's the mid Tom's voting and just kind of go back to the documents. You said something you the right of voting taken away from you. And you say how how when you realize when you have that freedom and that it was. It was awful. And I know that Barack Obama pardoned you, but does it mean that you get your vote back? God thank God. So you got it back only what like two years ago. The pardon. Crikey. Can I ask you today? You know, you do something like what what Stephen I did the punishment isn't only going to jail or whatever taking everything away. It's like taking rep lots stripping your uniform taking everything away from you part of the process. But you know, we showed that that process worked for us. You know, we made a mistake we paid our price. You know, we picked us up and went on and became successful again. So we're kind of proof that system works and have you today? Yup. Good. I guess you'll never know again writing I time in a long time home. Well, you need to vote. Everybody needs. Yeah. That you do. Yeah. I'm do you still live in New York? And you you are a New Yorker Jewish. So we measure, we've family religious. You know, I'm not mart. My my family was somewhat religious. My grandfather was rabbi. Oh. But moral a more respectful for my heritage. And you know, I observed the holidays, and I want my son to have about Mets for her. And but in in terms of religious, keeping the Sabbath and things like that. I don't do that. She sounds like I'm we shrimp. Exactly because it's delicious. So you you were up whereabouts in Brooklyn. And you've got the accent. I think you haven't lost in thought I was from London. I love your accent hate that. Because people is that the most wonderful Brooklyn is such a good one gentrified. Now Brooklyn never thought I'd go back really litter. No, no, no. But you know, when I grew up your goal was to get out and move on. Now people going back, I guess the same way they went back two years ago when he to expensive in New York Manhattan, people moved to Brooklyn say where did your parents come from? What's yours? Born here their parents came from my father's side came from Austria. I'll see my mother's side came from Russia say your family's like where your family big on Jewish cooking Jewish food. My mother what was best Jewish dish. I mean, everything I mean, she used to make way to the fish, everything, you know. And and my father really liked it as well. We all we all really liked it. And you know, the house smell Jewish. Yeah. I know that it's like my grandma's. Always has the faint smell of chicken. Broth something. And why would you go for good chicken soup in New York? Now, boy, I don't know tens one restaurant downtown called. Sammy's Romanian favorite ahead of it. That that you know, there are restaurants that are Kosheh. Yeah. But does. Jewish. Yeah. Samuel menu. Does. He do. Everything's good light. And. House. I love house lots of garlic. Lots of garlic. Grumble used to make is like you can stuff the the skin of chicken a new stuff. It was stuffing the new we've Archer. Very health. So my from he lives here. He's a nice Jewish boy. And now he lives in LA. So I just sent him a package of Rawson daughter smoke summon bagels because you can't get good bagel in LA tell you. So I am I want to know because oversleep you are. I mean, what would you would you? Call yourself a hurt on hotel of your kind of ever think. Right. Not to procure guess could call me Oto, you won't can we talk about your hotels because some of your hotels some of well for me. I remember you have the Hudson. And I remember when my sister was living in New York, and it was like the place to go. And it was those big that big escalator and kind of going into space or something like that. And it didn't feel like signed it Philippe stock that was that was one of his, but you work with him quite quite law. And also the addition hotels eve, which I really really love have have you been to every one of your hotels. What's what's been the hardest project? The grandma barcode relay what made it so home because it wasn't my anomalous Dedic. It was more of an intellectual exercise for me doom something much more decorative in baroque than what I previously done. And so, you know, I didn't have an instinctive feel about it. So I had to think about everything, and, you know, having think about everything and having to like get a little bit intellectual about it doesn't come quite natural. And I wasn't sure of myself, you know, with it because it was something. I'd never done before very baroque. Very operatic. Very over the top, you know, where I usually try to things very simple and restrained provocative, but simple, and that's been happening since studio fifty four when you decided to kind of higher. The booed way lighting designers to our truly a luck. Really, you know out of because that time that what I call the garage age of nightclubs where the technology how to garage for everything was being made in garages rock and roll out of garage phase to business took over both those things that time nightclubs very young industry. You know, you painted everything at a record play you in business. So we're only a couple of guys that were doing the nightclubs at that time, we Sheens was doing in Paris. And so all the people we could've worked with the usual suspects withhold to work with us for competitive reasons, I suppose. Right. So we had a very timeframe we had to get open. Because if we it opened after that everyone would start leaving for the summer. So we had to get open. Of people would leave get a taste of what it was. And so we colliding garner sound guy it only one of each. We couldn't one work with us. So we had a the pull something out of a hat and going to Jules Fisher, Paul Morand was really a seminal event. For the place in for me because I never worked with someone so capable so brilliant before so in very expansive for me and having come from the theater, it was their idea to use flywheel, which is what used to pull scenery in and out. It was there intact who they said you should use that. Okay. And everything, you know, went from there was that how you have the like moving of the sun and the moon, but you kind of take people through sunset and to. Yeah. It just it sounds like such kind of immersive experience. Soap every sense, everyone every touch field taste smell sight everything. And then those out bloody CPJ's in Las Vegas went. And kind of Boston is all that. Think it's different ways. He looked back. You can connect the dots. I think I pay my sixty dollars a night. I remember one time DJ came in that is name in neon and put it on deejay booth. I practically jumped off the balcony to get his name off their no it was just different time. And now some of these deejays in IB make twenty five thirty million dollars a year. So, you know, the, but but but Neil look behind it, it, it it is turned that business to teachers become entertainment, and it's a different business. But then it was it was much more spontaneous. And you didn't have to know anything. You know, student Defoe course Mia for hundred thousand dollars to and. When we did a second nightclub any never new idea that cost me ten million. Played that we and that was often came out of prison. He did. And I yeah. Wow. That's a big difference in. How many is is that different Palladio's eighty five eight years? Yeah. But Tuvia was the original idea yet, which you know, as no correlation with the amount of money spent and play him wasn't a new idea. It was just more. And of course, more to studio fifty pool. No D. No. It's still there. I think it's used as a theater. For long running shows, still, basically, they're all the rigging that we did down the floors been leveled put still that who is your most exciting celebrity that used to come regularly. You know, everybody that was a celebrity everybody came to New York you stop there. Yeah. Everyone so act two singers would play rights. I mean, every everybody was there at that time, you know, could have been the Rolling Stones or it could have been made Jagger John Lennon been in particular thrill for me to Scott King was there. I mean, everybody who's the best. So. Belinda. Goes be Bianca Jagger choose to cancel out with this guys. Sterling Saint shock who's a really good dancer. Everybody was there. I was in a room with so many big names, and so many celebrities stacked you actually become numb everybody looks at big celebrity, and you know, what nobody kit night. No. And they will mingle together the beautiful part about can you can you dance. Yep. Do you still like dancing occasionally? Yeah. When you hear disco. Does it send a Shiva for you spine? Do you feel like does it bring you back to that place? No, are I like to discuss music. There was a real to real backlash against it student. Yeah. Maybe studio was responsible for credible. Tacked place like nightclub would have such a long lasting profound impact. Amusing. And on hold show Russia. Yeah. Kind of such Valotti. It was integrated wasn't it. It was very integrated in terms of race gender. Sexuality said it wasn't like gay night. It was just mixed. Yeah. And after the energy. Yeah. Nothing more boring than being in a room full of rich people too. So that that energy combustible energy come from the sparks applied when people who you would know narrowly together through socializing together are in fact doing that. It's so unlikely and that unlikeliness is what creates the energy. That is so thick you could cut it with a knife exciting. So for the people. It was just. The energy was so powerful. I'm glad I got the experience. What was the defining song for you? That is studio. Fifty four song are play every time. I opened up a place called the way of the world. That's the way of the love. Who sung it sound of don't feel? Some reason I've forgotten it. But I love to all of it. I mean, I think I will survive with a very prominent hit. There are a lot of great songs. Great down some songs and. What was the GM of the song that closed studio fifty four like the the loss on plight? And you store you did. Okay. My out on tall. And I wanted to I want to see this is I just want to hear about dancing. I kind of feel like there wasn't that much food involved in studio fifty four I mean the during drugs, right? Yep. I used to think about it at a food food at a party can't really but earned it. Okay. Well, you to issue me. Okay. Are you talking about, you know, like, you know, because I think people there for for socializing, and for camaraderie in having fun and meeting people, and so, you know, in the kind of like, a three hundred person party, and all I think I think and maybe I'm wrong that the food can hurt it if it's not done. Well, doesn't taste good? If the services bad ten people come away talking ill about it. But you know, but if you have a dental, poppy. Yeah. Food after people came late didn't they eaten at and say people started it was late, you energize ready. People started at midnight. Can I ask how the food was imprisoned? Was it just? Pick-up scrambled eggs. Stick to get a place. I was in the used to come around and give. Sedation to some of the. Prisoners also. I guess they were very aggressive. So it was like trading with the Pels remembering goal that food is terrible. No effort. It was it was subsistence. Terrible. How many more hotels? Do you have in the making at the moment? Like, how many jobs do you have going moment of the kind of developing working out about the forty in colty? You must be exhausted. Oh, you know, what as you get? Get older mom. Yeah. You know, you kind of figure it out. Yeah. You know what you're doing? Yeah. And you know, you don't agonize over every issue. He kinda know the universe of abilities. There's only certain amount finite solutions to and you get more confident because you've been to it. I find that I can do and working with Marianne I can do much more than I than I thought before it much much more expansive for me. So I don't to stop them retire and gone. Have bake glide lame is in Hawaii. I'm lucky I love what I do. Yeah. So when you love what you do to have gone day Letica. Everyone of you. No. Well, we have one. Then if you your hotels, which. In Miami have an apartment in one of the hotel's nice. But you know, can go anywhere like wherever, you know. Homes homes. We relax, and you know, we have a young young son. And it's difficult getting all the girls together when they can go with us. You just got one child. No five you've got five four thousand one. Boy, he finally got the boy. Muscle and any of them want to go into the family business. I don't know. I have one may you know, maybe two. I don't care. I want them to just be happy. You know? What's funny? When when I was growing up, my parents wanted a doctor and a lawyer, and they got it. Even. Yeah. But I don't have any bishops for my kid other than the being happy. I agree. Speaking of dogs. She got the I got a boy did may and there's no pressure. If you fancy it if you like the doctor mates and banana bread if you wanted to slice idea, welcome to have some otherwise, we did do some Linis sampling blinis with sour cream, which I did make myself made like little something to eat or. No, okay. But now you love Starbucks was he just like you went for the night. Over that the perfect went. That's the strongest strong coffee. I think it's I don't even drink at all. It's like more of a something to keep me busy. Why to you any light the small Perrier not the big one? I don't know like to take the bottle chug it. I didn't even see it. Okay. To know what we thought you were going to be really, I knew coaches, you just very easy. Now where 'cause you get to eat all over the world because you travel you have hotels all over the world, whereas your favorite food destination. It depends where in in New York. It depends like steak. Okay. So okay. Let's go with New York. We're doing a New York special. So New York some of your favorites places that you get paid. For steak. I like a p Lucas I've had amazing. I mean there are there are others. But that's the best. I like Hobo for Japanese food, even though with kinda unique Japanese food for talion, Putin elected freshman core patsies. Fifty six treat. It's uptown fans. Yours kind of more like is it quite low cares. I mean, there are a lot of big shops and celebrities go the, but they really just go there for the food. Okay. Jesse? What going what's your favorite sort of food? I like all kinds of fruit like. I like it all. Every night. No, art. We stay home. You stay him very bad my reputation. Stay home is your wife, a very good cook. We have a cook. But she cook. And we try need it home. And you know, it's like this point in my life having done everything and been there and done that moso, you know, to me it's about loving my work and and loving bending time with my family, what's on the menu tonight. I don't know shit surprise. So it's a surprise you like it being spies. But will you be like, listen, can you just do that meet life this week, or whatever we you kind of make time? Okay. What do you have for lunch? Oh, I had a salad. With a kale and kale? Get my mom started on cow. She's sick to death of. They deserve. Everybody care in the states. They looked like piece of kale soon. I'm cutting you people into health, and and so we also law gas as this poker table manners. We asked whether you think you have good table manners. Do. Okay. I'm what would what you worst Haberman? Or if you're sitting with somebody did not you cannot tolerate in the other person taking food eating out of a bladder a with their folk not using this spring, very common in some countries. Like, we go to Greece. And that's how they eat. They share. They just pick sharing one and they smoke at the same time as they're eating sharing his one big o on your sharing. That's different. But you know that in eating cross contamination. Fine. Just Corky thing. Feels like that. Start eating before everybody gets. Oh, you went to jail. Did you have a kind of loss meal before you were going to have horrible food? No. After stand. We were in a day as we didn't know what to expect them. Everything was unreal. We didn't think we lost our way because we're friends with the same people. We weren't living in a very ostentatious way. So we had a feet on the ground. Little did. We know that we had got completely intoxicated. What success, but there's nothing you can do to prepare yourself that. So it's like jumping in the water and not knowing what of cold or whether it's deep you, very wise. I mean, you not bit retool that you ended up going to prison acepting of the facts you become Betty, then you've lost. Yeah. You've everything. It's true. That the one thing I couldn't afford to lose. Losing my until Azam for life for becoming bidder is paying the ultimate cost. And Dr nap the girlfriend at the time stick with it. Okay. So she was waiting for you. Yeah. And people visited you from leeann everything, you know, for the for six months, we were in New York. So a PP's common. Bring smuggled dimes in so we can make phone calls and. Elson renew sneakers, Honey. So we would switch when clever things like how long were you in prison for thirteen months? You Steve in the same prison. They were they didn't spit you up. They you could be. And you were great friends. Great. Never have another friend like that. You'll miss miss him yet, you know, devastating effect on my life. I mean, I die when the young. Yeah. But you know. Been so long ago kinda get anesthetized by pied by all the problems and troubles that happen in life. But you know, who was said when he wasn't around for the partner, and I was saying when I probably got a liquor license back. I love the story that you basically would you'd apply for catering permits kind of every night because the liquor license wasn't gonna come in time for you to open in that like six weeks, you're gonna technically violation by the way. We did. But. Today. We we try to be so protective, I call it a beloved studio fifty four that we almost ruined our lives. And so when when they wouldn't give us a catering permit for that night. We were going to take the risks of going to the weekend because we didn't wanna hurt the business. Then try get a lawyer on a phone and get on Monday is important and the restaurants in your town. Yes. So you've got major share very important. Yeah. On a pack to people from our member when I first met all the people from Marriott. And then and current see your marriage asked me, what's more important the bar or the restaurant the the restaurant because it is a bit and board proposition. You know, you got to have good food. Not only a scene, but the food has to be good too. So now. You know, when I started I was really mean didn't make an sane. But now, I take pride in being available to western that has really good food that when the food is put on the table, and you're eating is just really good to really delicious. So I think. Looks beautiful by many want it to look that useful. Yeah. Not precious precious but nicely presented. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. Yeah. You want to interest about making? Did you say making a scene like up? It means if fitful was like the most famous scene, and I I heard about public which hotel here in New York and correct me if I'm wrong, so it doesn't have a reception. It has people with a new you check yourself in or people don't help you with your bags and things that it's quite kind of can you explain the reason for that? Because you go from doing studio fifty four which feels so kind of elite it it's exclusive to them public feeling kind of like everyone get stuck in. And it doesn't have that cut. If you not on the list, you know, coming, you know, everything changes. Yep. Caused change refrigerated change. And so now. Kind of stepping back and and trying to think what really important people. What are they really care about the people really care about Bellman when everybody's suitcases it on wheels. And they're on wheeled have to walk so much when you're at an airport. So I know when I would go to a hotel. I would be bothered when I would come down into lobby have to give a tip to somebody take my bags outside enough to give another tip that somebody that load it on the call then have to give it another tick someone that closes the door that important to me. No two people need help when they come in. When they have a lot of big. Yes, they do. So with figuring out figuring that out, but it's really an idea of of figuring out what important people, you know. I think when you come into a hotel every single transaction that you perform if it can be done better with technology and without any. Friction and it allows you to get something cheaper. It's better to do with that way. You know, when people say, well, they want the. Personal touch. Baloney. I mean did do people mind getting on their iphone in getting a number from Google rather than calling up an operating elegant opera telling him, but the telephone they don't care about that. You know, it's like we have to unlearn certain things, you know, in in China. Everybody pays with the phone everybody. Here it slow. I know it's slow than an even in the UK crucial to get out of your old habits. So this idea of coming in and checking in quickly and getting right up to your room. It makes sense to check in with a razzle dazzle to it's fun like light phones. It's not an issue. So it just having the nerve to try something new and show people something they wanted to need someone old like me would they help schlep going to have someone helping for the. Okay. There is. From the con- icon lifted. Someone is there to assist you it easier. It makes it cheaper. It's smarter. It's where things are going. Like it or not and attack. What going to be had as this place have a restaurant. Yes, it does. And it has a nightclub yet, which is quite seeming, pumpkin. Things you come to New York. You wanna see the best of New York City, nightlife and York City westerns. So the idea go downstairs, it's all right downstairs, and those places are meant to attract people live here because the people go to a hotel go with the people in Okoh of that to hotels merely doing. Yeah. We we've talked about how much we love the the addition we go to the restaurant the different. Great. I took you then it just fell exciting. We will staying in the hotel. I went never again because it was just nice. I remember having a smack and cheap best MAC and cheese. It's quite phenomenal. With on on the show before Jason great. We're doing a lot of stuff with him all over hotels. Well, most hotels in New York. Have this very dim lighting night though that it's to hide your wrinkles. Is it? He all the reason you can't see after put my life own on. We always like to have to like, we don't use any fluorescent light only internet's and you don't hit like, no people. I understand. We like if you want to look good. So. This is you kind of go for sexy. A purchase is very sexy to see if they do. But I can't overcome time. We'd like to think that it's not too dark, then wind up other people copy. Maybe they make it to dock, but they have different light levels during the day. We have two different ferries. So at night, it's well at night as a certain intensity and eleven o'clock gets dark. So we look good. Okay. So you look good. And you feel good. I have to put my glasses on Bill to see anyone Waleed. You really? The menu demand. You could out everybody. On the list such a pleasure. Thank this is Ramon. Thank much, mom and daughter. Was really interesting. He was lovely. He wasn't a fuss bolt at actual. He did drink his coffee. But he said he just likes to hold the time the second faith team. Yeah. Like a safety. But he was he was fun. Clear is tweet twinkly. I couldn't get over the the dim lighting in the whole of New York's down to him. Look good because he cares about sexy. I'm really enjoyed asking questions. I thought maybe he'd be a bit bored of talking about CD fifty four, but his eyes lit up every time we took him back to talking about it. And that was such a pleasure to say, you know, something that has was kind of that was such a rise in fool with it. And that he doesn't look that badly. He kind of has such memories. And it just how lucky to have had. Such a whirlwind and so excited so exciting and that he still working. So I loved the way he said that studio fifty four wasn't for the leat it mixed race gender. And that's what made it the exciting melting pot and so- Tyne Nommik. Really? I thought it was very interesting. What a pleasure to have intrigue on table minutes in New York, by the way, just well where the world is a fire. I like that Nissan you with your with your diskette homes up. The woman is now pointing finger and sway CO to get into that. With new health care will. Thank you for listening. I'm Jesse on jesse's mom. Mom, you are starting your own mind. And he thinks very lucky to be able to be with me or was that the other way round. Mom, I feel not you almost like Cheryl that you could just be lending. I think I am. You're like the Lenny. I mean, this Lenny Henry, I'm Lenny Bruce, the walls, you'll the female, absolutely. Basically, you'll share and Cheryl and in this Lennon moso, thank you. We are in the Lower East Side in in Schreyer's public hotel who often poke us he kindly invited us to come for dinner. So we have altered the whole menu, my friend, Simon is speaking very loudly about his love life in New York, which is pretty non existent in the my my mum's on third costumer. I'm she's eighteen potato lacquer. Mom. What did you think of food? Versus great and lacquers. Have Russell daughter smoked salmon and caviar on them mummy. Having a lovely time. Say three Mason, I'm fucked. I'm. Mum, which think if the believe. Lucky? I we. Should be the way. I I have to say mum on struggling with this light to this not helping the jet lag too. Support. Anyway, thanks so much, Ian, live and direct from the public hotel. Thank you. Tape amount as music, you have been enjoying his by Pete Fraser and pay to Duffy, and I'll do editor and producer is Alice Williams.

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