AP One Minute Headlines Jan 24 2019 14:00 (EST)


Shutdown bills. I may Donahue with an AP news minute. There are two bills up for votes today in the Senate that could end the partial government shutdown, but it's highly unlikely Texas Republican Ted Cruz has Democrats are playing politics holding paychecks for furloughed federal workers, Sarah objective. Here is head of the president back down and have not a single mile. A border wall built Colorado. Democrat Michael Bennet says this is not all about border security shouldn't shut the government down as it has been in this case. For an campaign promise, the president. I'm sure knew you could never keep commerce secretary Wilbur Ross one of the richest members of the Trump cabinet was told some furloughed workers are going to food banks are an adult really quite understand. Why Rothschild CNBC's not sure why these workers can't just get alone to make ends meet. I'm Ed Donahue.

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