The Evening Briefing: Wednesday, September 30


Hello I'm Chris Price with the briefing from the Telegraph. It's Wednesday September thirtieth embrace Johnson. Will Not hesitate to take tougher cove admissions Boris Johnson called for collective forbearance from the nation as he held the one hundredth staring straight press conference since the pandemic began body wants tougher measures could be introduced. If the evidence shows, it's needed the prime minister said, the British people don't want to throw in the sponge and he said he profoundly disagrees with those who think corona voice should be allowed to just take its course. He spoke as nervous seventy one, covid nineteen deaths have been recorded taking the UK total to forty, two, thousand, one, hundred, and forty-three another seven, thousand one, hundred eight people have tested positive in the last twenty, four hours. That's the second straight day that's been over seven thousand alive block has the latest. It comes as the Corona Var Sankt sailed through the Commons I allowing the government to retain its emergency powers but that was after ministers reached an eleventh-hour deal with Tory rebels. The price of bare backing was frame piece to have a vote on any second national lockdown and it came after speakers Lindsay Hoyle gave a shop rebuke for the way the government's used its emergency powers so far at politics live blog has more. Many of you will have put holiday plans to the back of your mind. Is Cases Rise in the UK quarantine this continues to grow, but the boss of Heathrow says airport testing could be in place within weeks John Hollins. Cases flights to New York could be up and running by the end of November my colleagues in travel have the details. And after his press conference today, Boris Johnson won't be pleased at the video that's emerged of a party at university up to two hundred students crammed into a common room for an illegal rave. They could be seen singing and dancing and clamber on top of Ping Pong tables universities slammed the incident you can watch the video. Along with that, you can read the messages sent by the outfits worn by Jill Biden and Melania. Trump has their husbands went at each other in the first presidential TV debate and your guide to coffee. Kit The new rules for public displays of illness that it's you're up-to-date Danny will have your next briefing.

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