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Tonight, the new and alarming images from inside US hospitals, reminiscent of scenes from New York City as the US now tops three million cases of corona virus, chilling new images from hospitals in the South Houston's United Medical Center doctors nurses desperately trying to save a sixty six year old woman, and then to heartbreaking phone call telling the family she did not make it forced to quickly move onto the next patient in Arizona cases more than doubling in just the past week. One in three people out testing positive dozens of hospitals in Florida now running out of available, ICU beds. Dr Deborah Brooks today asking four states to roll back the real openings and what she's now asking American families to do. Also tonight how to reopen the nation's schools inside the school board meetings, the students teachers asking. Is it safe and the father in Er Doctor? Saying even he doesn't know whether to send his child back to school and tonight. The decision here in New York City. The interview tonight. Pierre Thomas One on one with Attorney General William Bar we ask about. The protesters forcibly cleared from Lafayette Park. Was it for the presidential photo on what bar now says also tonight, the black lives matter, and on allegations of racial profiling by police at amid this pandemic should Americans concerned about their health be allowed to vote in the presidential election by mail. What the Attorney General says after that confrontation new! York, Central, park ignited outrage. The woman charged. Charged, calling police on a black man of bird watcher, falsely claiming he was threatening her the surprising turn tonight. What he's now saying to prosecutors, the racist rant against asian-americans inside this restaurant, a tech CEO on video, lashing out the waitress, defending the families of what's happened now. The teacher who made international headlines has died Mary Kay. Letourneau convicted of raping a twelve year old student later marrying him. He was by her side as she died Deborah Robert. Sombat tonight. And the tropical threat were watching along the east coast this evening as it closes in on the Carolinas and then the northeast. We have the possible track. This is ABC news tonight with David Muir. Good evening and it's great to have you with us here at A. Wednesday night. We do have a lot to get to, and we begin tonight with those new images hospitals under siege. I see US overflowing tonight, and they are the kind of images that reminded us today. What we saw here in New York City. When the pandemic was raging here tonight, the US now surpassing three million cases that sobering milestone comes up to a record sixty thousand cases reported in just twenty four hours in this country. More than one hundred thirty two thousand lives have been lost with an eight hundred more Americans dying and just the last twenty four hours. Tonight from Texas. The images from inside Houston's United Memorial Medical Center the urgent effort to save patients the moment they try to save that sixty six year old woman, they were unable to calling her family right after and then moving quickly to the next patient in need ABC's backup, and leads us off tonight with the urgent need inside those Icu's and the plea from Dr Deborah burks tonight to American families to help. Try to slow this down. Medicine and machine failed staff inside hospitals. United Memorial. Medical Center work to jump. Start this covert patient's heart. With their own hands. got. Pounded her chest and pumped air into this sixty six year old woman's. Active, lungs video shot by the AP this week in the race for life, every moment counts, but like more than one hundred and thirty thousand American covert victims. She flatlined for solemn second. They stood there. Then raced equipment to the next cove. Impatient the US topping three million Cova cases, today and tonight. This is the grim reality across much of the South and west with Kobe is exploding in coronavirus, one miniature looking great on the next. Done. This ICU unit started with forty six beds. They doubled those and now need more. We're playing musical chairs in the middle of the night movie one bishop from one side to another experts calling the Sunbelt, a covert capital of the world in Arizona cases more than doubling in just the past week. The Mayor of Phoenix tells us that testing here is woefully inadequate. Especially given the thirty percents positivity rate here in Arizona that means that one of every three cars that drives to a testing site like this has a Kobe patient inside. Today's white. House Corona Virus Taskforce Dr Deborah Brooks asking those four states to rollback the reopenings, even further Israeli asking the American people in those counties in those days in those states to not only. Use the face coverings, not going to bar is not going to endure dining, but really not gathering in homes either nearly ten thousand new infections in Florida overnight. I see us at forty-one hospitals at capacity now a new hotspot in South Carolina at this coastal hospital dozens of staff infected. They've asked for the National Guard to help. We're pretty well maxed out on ICU capacity ninety six percent that that could happen quickly and the president tonight undercutting America's leading voice on the virus Dr Anthony. FAUCI advised Americans not to take comfort in a lower death rate, but disagree with them. You know Dr Out, said don't wear masks. And now he says where am and. Numerous things don't close off. China, don't Ban China but tonight. The scope of the crisis encapsulated back in that Houston. Hospital is horrifying. Because you just can't get your breath. Thinking your head is. GonNa end up on a ventilator. Cooper has been trafficking in fear and in-depth for Dr Verona that agonizing call. Thinking about those teams and those patients fighting this all describing similar symptoms, as this moves across the country Matt with from testing site in Phoenix, and met. You've been reporting here over the last couple of nights at people have been waiting in line for seven eight hours in the searing heat, and then they have to wait for results some waiting several days even weeks. Up to ten days, maybe more David. That's if they can't get tested now. Epidemiologist, tell us that means there is a lot of covert in the community and not nearly enough testing. The Mayor of Phoenix says she is asking the federal government for help, but the governor of the State Doug Ducey. A state in crisis hasn't been seen or hasn't spoken about the corona virus in over a week. His team tells us that they're planning A. A briefing for tomorrow. David more than a week. All right, you'll stay on it. Thank you, of course the heated debate over whether to open schools across this country in the fall some early as August tonight we take you inside the school board meeting students and teachers concerned Er doctor, a father who says even he doesn't know whether to send his child back and the new decision tonight here in New York City. Here's Stephanie Rommel's. Tonight with the virus, raging and hospitals on the brink, the president, putting pressure on schools today, threatening to cut off funding for districts that don't reopen in person. We're very much going to put pressure on. Governors, and everybody else to the school's president, trump tweeting, he disagrees with the CDC very tough and expensive guidelines for opening schools. The president said today. We just don't want the guidance to be too tough. Though CDC guidelines call for safety measures like masks, six feet of spacing between desks, open windows, avoiding the cafeteria and playground equipment, if possible, but tonight mixed messages from the White House Coronavirus Task Force I. WanNa make it very clear that what is not the intent of CDC's guidelines. is to be used as a rationale to keep. Schools closed the director of the CDC appearing to back off those guidelines. New Guidelines now expected to roll out next week, but it comes amid those new warnings about the risk of indoor gatherings in states where cases are surging like Florida where there's heated debate after the state ordered schools to reopen in August I. Don't think it's responsible to go. Go back to school at a Tampa School board meeting, students, teachers, and parents like this er doctor are worried. I think it'd be really hard to make a decision so I can't make that decision as a physician. Treating covert patients who come from that space I'm not sure how their parents can New Jersey teacher Adam Roth wants back in the classroom. If it's safe, you can have A. Much greater impacts on our student population if we are with him, but just in a safe environment today, the country's largest public school system New York City unveiling its plan to reopen with a mix of online learning with two to three days in the classroom, leaving it up to parents, the governor blasting the president, arguing he has no authority over the decision to reopen schools. He then says. Don't listen to the CDC. I disagree with them. Or really. The you know Mr President. Better than your health health experts how to protect the health of students as an ANTACID hasn't spelled out how he would cut off funding. He would need Congress to cut off the little he controls. Most schools are funded by the state and local levels, but the vice president has suggested the White House could tie the reopening of schools to corona responding down the Line David. All Right Stephanie Ramos live in New York Steph. Thank you tonight, we. We are one with Attorney General William Barr. With this pandemic, of course to growing concern over the presidential election, should Americans concerned about their health be allowed to mail in their ballot what Barr says about that tonight? And we ask them about the police about black lives matter and that scene at Lafayette Park forcibly clearing out those peaceful protesters was it for a presidential photo op, what he now says here's our chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas with the Attorney General, tonight. We pressed the attorney general about that moment in June when mostly peaceful protesters. Were cleared out of Lafayette Park by force earlier. William bar standing right there moments later. The president stood for that photo op with the by. A was it done because the president was going to go over and walk and have a photo op. The plan was to move. The demonstrators up toward is street. Was, not done to set up a photo. Op Bar recently said there's no systemic racism in policing, but during our interview today he acknowledged a racial profiling problem i. do think that it is a. A, widespread phenomenon that that. African American. Males particularly are treated with extra suspicion, and maybe not given the benefit of the Dow with the presidential election, nearing and the pandemic raging, we asked about concerns about voting safely and voter suppression in recent primaries line stretching for hours, many states now pushing vote by mail. The president repeatedly, claiming millions of ballots could be stolen. We actually called Secretary of state. In the country virtually everyone and none of them said that it was issued that they were concerned about now. He's very concerned about the integrity of elections because I feel. We're very divided country. I think there's a lot of opportunity from Mess Jeff and that makes me concern, but it shouldn't. We be making it easier for people to vote in a pandemic. Well I think the states have a lot of latitude as to what form of voting they're going to have. I'm expressing concern over voter fraud and I do think it increases the opportunity for fraud. Be voted absentee voting. Yourself will actually one of those. I I actually did go to to vote. Precedent be attorney general and whether Americans should be allowed to mail in their ballots. This election in the meantime peer. You also ask. The Attorney General about President Trump and the possibility that he might pardon Roger Stone. David Bar maintains stones. Prosecution was righteous and that he deserved that three years in prison that the judge sentenced him to, but he admits it's going to be the president's call as to whether to commute stones, prison, term or to pardon him David Pierre Thomas Tonight with the interview. Thank you the major ruling from the Supreme Court today the court siding with President trump allowing employers to opt out of the obamacare mandate of providing contraceptive coverage, if those employers have religious or moral objections, let's get right to Terry, Moran. who was covered the court for Years Force Attari. This was a big win for religious conservatives and the president. Are Huge Win David the court, upholding the trump administration's changes to those obamacare regulations, which required employers to provide insurance that would cover contraception services for women. The new trump regulations allow employers who have religious or as you say just moral. Objections to providing that kind of coverage to opt out. The impact is immediate. The government estimates between seventy, thousand, one, hundred, twenty six thousand women will lose their contraception coverage under this rule interior I know you're watching tomorrow. The court is to rule in another big case this time involving the president's tax returns. Oh, it's huge. His Tax Returns Bank statements, three committees of the House of Representatives and the Manhattan District Attorney They WanNa look at years of the trump financial records. The president is declaring that as president. He has immunity from these kinds of investigations. The court looked at the claim The House on his side, but in the oral arguments they seem very skeptical that the trump that president trump could stop a local district attorney from subpoena. To help grand jury investigate potential crimes. It's a big question of presidential power. Tomorrow all right. We'll see you tomorrow night on that frontier. Thank you, and of course that other headline from the Supreme Court overnight word that Chief Justice John Roberts was hospitalized for a night last month after falling and injuring his head, walking at a country club Roberts, has suffered seizures before, but doctors say this was likely to light headedness from dehydration. Out of the new video tonight of a CEO of Tech Company, lashing out at Asian, American families well at a restaurant in California, and what's now happened? Here's ABC's Kaley Horta. The AROSA and Chan. Families were celebrating a birthday in Carmel Valley California on the Fourth of July, when they say a man at the table next to them began berating them solely a hear this loud voice. effing Asians. They started recording. Oh, now you're. The man identified as Michel Lofthouse, unleashing a string of racist obscenities at the group. That we've you need to the Asian pieces. He was full of anger on said that there's still people. That are like sat in. A restaurant. Employee Confronts Lofthouse Nat! Yes. Lofthouse the CEO of a Tech Company, called solid eight later apologized writing. My behavior in the video is appalling. This was clearly a moment where I lost control and made incredibly hurtful and divisive comments. Raymond Rosa and his wife have been in this country for more than twenty five years. He says they've never felt anything remotely close to racism until that night. He hopes that never happens to them or anyone else again, but he forgives lofthouse David. Kelly, thank you tonight. The News that Mary Kay Letourneau has died. She, of course was the teacher who made headlines Two decades ago, convicted for having a sexual relationship with her sixth grade student. She later married him, and he was by her side in the end. Here's Deborah Roberts. Too many her life story was nothing short of bizarre something Mary Kay Laterna. Herself admitted to Barbara Walters. Did you know that this was something? That was wrong. That society would see is wrong. I definitely knew that it was bizarre. A married mom of four, the Washington state teacher made stunning headlines when she admitted to a sexual affair with her twelve year old student Villar. When did you first feel any kind of attraction? To villi well, there was any motion all attraction. We just had bonded we have. Similar interests she called it love. Others saw it as predatory. The state called it rate Laterna gave birth to the couple's child before going to prison and had a second while serving her seven year sentence, they were married soon after her release, but got divorced last year. The TURANO died battling cancer for several months. Fifty, eight year old new no was surrounded by family and friends, as she passed away, according to her longtime lawyer and friend, including the father of to her six children on both sides of her family. They say that somehow they drew strength coming together in the end to be there with her during her arduous struggle, David or deborah. Roberts could have you tonight. When we come back here, the tropical threat moving in on the east coast, the Carolinas than the northeast will to track and the surprising turn in that central park confrontation. Retracting the tropical thread off the Carolina tonight, the system with a seventy percent chance of growing into tropical storm Fay expected to move up the coast tomorrow and Friday, reaching New England Friday night into Saturday several states on alert for heavy rain and dangerous wins the new turn after that central park confrontation tonight Amy Cooper facing charges for calling police in a black man, a bird watcher accused of falsely reporting. He was threatening her. Chris Cooper now says he will not cooperate with the prosecution on the view saying he accepted her apology. No excusing that it was a racist act, but that defied her entire life I don't know. Amy Cooper's lawyer believes she will be found not guilty. He said the public's rush to judgment in what he calls. The canceled culture epidemic will be proven wrong. A key witness in president trump's impeachment trial lieutenant colonel Alexander Vin. Men has revealed. He's retiring ending his twenty one year military career, his lawyer, setting a quote campaign of bullying intimidation and retaliation. He says led by the president. Defense official telling. ABC News at Inman. Just this week had been approved for promotion. The final word would have been the president's finally tonight here. America strong we have promised to stay on the story of the essential workers showing up every day since this began. Many of you now helping them. The order the essential workers on the frontlines from the beginning who we have celebrated here from the start keeping America running by facing their own needs at home now, a group of college students have started give essential linking essential workers in need with donors across the country since launching an April they about connected more than fifteen thousand essential workers and donors, if forty nine states nearly five hundred thousand dollars in donations, including pat a Nursing Garden Grove, California who received groceries and masks at this sign. Thank you so much. A new book at a Superhero, robbing and bill does Georgia for the daughter of an essential worker and tonight David. Cindy Chen from Salt Lake, city I wanted to help a firefighter and his two year old son from across the country, because I wanted to give back to the social workers that are on the front lines at pandemic every single day, donors also helping deliveryman Gabriel Garcia Solace from California so this opened I've been working pretty much fulltime as door Trevor David and Alicia Henry from Dallas Pennsylvania. She's been working from day. One I am a tractor trailer loader and give us on Joel's has made a impact on. On my life, I was given baby clothes for my son I WANNA. Thank the donators so much tonight I David. David team telling US why they're doing it I've come from families. Essential workers and I heard firsthand from nurses, grocery, store, clerks, and others about how difficult it was for them, so give us sensual for me was a way to help people like my family, and they vow to keep going. These problems are not necessarily just coded issues so as long as we can fill, these needs will continue so. That group helping is called. Give essential. Let's help. Now streaming exclusively on Disney, plus share the journey, the courage and the legacy with the entire family, the original Broadway production, a revolutionary musical Hamilton rated pg thirteen streaming now exclusively on Disney plus.

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