Oscars 2020: Best Moments, Big Winners & Losers, and More


Hello everyone and welcome to slash me for Monday February tenth. Twenty twenty on today's episode of the show. We're going to be discussing. The Ninety Second Annual Academy Awards my name is Ben Pearson. I'm a senior writer at slash down dot com. And I am joined today's episode by slash film. Weekend editor Brad Allman. Hey that's me and red or white Tran Bui. All we run guys. We're we're leaving in a parasite world. Can you believe it. I can't believe I mean parasite was about our world but it's even better. That now is a best picture winner. That's that's amazing. I don't believe it but I also I'm just. I'm over the moon. I can't believe it happened. Unbelievable we'll definitely talk about that Let's talk we're GonNa talk all about this. Entire episode is just going to be about the Oscar. So if you didn't see last night's ceremony Maybe listening in and you'll get a good rundown from us. Hopefully you had a chance. Check that out because it was a big night. I guess before we get into our category ISN further breakdown of how everything played out. What did you guys think about? The shows overall Brad I know you you tend to watch every year right. Yeah I've watched there's only one I couldn't actually watch no two year that everything went to hell. Oh with the La La land moonlight thing because I was on a a really long flight home. Man What are your to miss. That is yeah now I was like what the hell happened. I'm but this show was okay. I think that the biggest thing this year is just that it really felt like the Oscars didn't have a lot of flow Or sense of how to keep the show going without a host this year. It really kind of bit them in the ass not having one Despite the fact that they had some good presenters that that made for some fun moments. And you know I. It just felt kind of odd this year. You know I it. Didn't you know there was stuff that came out of nowhere in your like. Why are they doing doing this this year? Like what's the what's the point of this and so it was just kind of a perplexing overall ceremony. What did you make of that issue? Yeah felt very unfocussed. This year I think because of the lack of a host. It's funny because last year the no host Oscar was such a big hit because of so short and succinct. And this time. Because there's no host the presenters went longer. There were people that were celebrities who would come up to present other celebrities and there were way. Hey too many montages. So I like a good montage myself but it was something have padding and padding. The ceremony went on and it felt like it could have Done with us. I'm going to rain back all the actors and stars just kind of going a little long. Whenever they went did a bit two things that you mentioned that I wanted to bring up so the the montages and the celebrities presenting other celebrities thing? What did you guys think about that? Like a bean Feldstein came out and introduced mindy tailing who then introduced the award. Part of me is like I'm happy because I got to see beanie Feldstein onstage. And she's great and it was cool for the world to be able to see this person Gillard but a face time with this person but at the same time you know if you're looking for an efficient way to produce an awards ceremony that's that's not it. So what did I guess Brad. What did you think about that? Yeah that was the hours like. Why is this necessary like especially since they clearly had somebody doing voiceover voice over? That was saying you know what was coming up next. Well why can't you just have somebody. Ladies and Gentlemen Mindy Hailing. It's way easier requires no pomp and circumstance whatsoever Yeah so that was that was just an absolute you know silly thing for them to do and then as far as the montage are concerned I liked the montages. I don't ever really care if they do a lot of MONTAGES I. I think they're really fun to watch but usually ended together it really stylish way and they're entertaining. I never get tired of the MONTAGES. I'm a a big fan of montages Pretty much across the board but especially Oscar ones. I know this is a point of contention for a lot of people. A lot of people really hate them. But I I'm right there with you Brad. I've always enjoyed with them of always thought they were some of the best parts of the show this year. They did this interesting thing. where the For the acting awards they instead of just showing you know a a couple seconds kinds of each performers performance as they were announced they did they cut together like a montage video of all of the actors together. That was much longer than you know that the normal you know whatever five or ten second clip that you normally see of each presenter of each performer. Rather so What did you think of that? That was sort of change that I don't think they've done recently anyway. Yeah I actually liked that I kind of I said earlier that the montage montage real lull little long but I actually enjoyed the montages that they had this year because it felt sort of like the trendy thing these days on the Internet of having video essays as our video sort of Compilations in this one felt very much in that vein. It was kind of like the best of all these performances and Although it it's as a result we did end up seeing a lot of the same Scenes from various movies like I think we saw the marriage story Fight at least three times. It's through the night but I really enjoyed those montages. I thought it was just kind of like it. Felt like a a raising of the best of what we saw last year. We'll say what it was kind of weird about how they presented those categories was that then afterwards they announced each actor. It's like I feel like those clips work pretty well as like the Telling you who is nominated right right. Yeah that part just sort of felt like we gotta stick to this tradition. Because this way we've always done it and it's sort of yeah it felt a little shoehorned in and after the little unnecessary after those those video montages but before we get into starting to count down the best moments did you guys have any other points to make about how how going host Louis hurt the Oscars this year or did we touch on all of it already. I think that's it's Yeah and I think it was just the lack of focus and the celebrities interest in celebrity is really just kind of made it feel really meandering at points go all right right. Let's get into our best moment so The show kicked off with John L. Monet doing a performance that I thought I added this to the list here because I thought it was really cool like the beautiful day in the neighborhood. It kind of tie in that movie didn't get much love as the night went on. But it was nice to see it represented there and I guess right after it transitioned out of the the theme song into whatever dance number and stuff that that happened right afterwards. I thought it was really cool. That all the background dancers were representing movies. That otherwise didn't it didn't really get mentioned during the show. People dressed up like characters from us and Queen and slim and midsummer like the gentleman came out with that huge flower thing. I was like this is pretty Rad. Like midsummer is not really an Oscar movie. But the the I guess the way that the producers found to to sort of incorporate that film even just a visual reference to it into the actual ceremony that was really cool. What did you guys think about that opening number young? Yeah go ahead please. The number was awesome. It was it was very lively and exciting she. She was great. But I did think that it was kind of I Dunno no odd that they incorporated several films that were nominated for any awards since we had they had people in the jumpsuits from us and Ahmed some are like you just said said there was Dolemite is my name fashions and use it queen and slim to all movies that went unnoticed. And I think it's not a coincidence that a lot of those movies are feature it features talents of color. That went Not nominated this year and gentleman eight. I would imagine probably had a hand in making sure that these movies had a presence at the Oscars Maybe as a way for trying to make up for the fact of the Oscars were again lacking in a lot of diversity this year as far as performance. Filmmakers where concern. Yeah and I. I think we're GONNA have a conversation in our worst moments about The all the jokes and stuff about diversity. So we'll we'll table that for right now as you think about the opening number Yeah I love this opening number. It was a little bit tongue in cheek and a little wacky and I feel like it. Set the tone for The sort of chaos that would ensue throughout the rest of the Oscar ceremony. Like what I was talking before about the Oscars being homeless kind of felt like it didn't really have a guiding hand. Keep it focused and it was all out of it to a settlement it but sometimes we got some real weird as standout moments like this Janelle monae opening number that felt like almost surreal in some parts of your like this is happening on TV. But I'm enjoying. It is a terrible maybe but also is great. Yes and Yeah I. I Love Journal. Monet's costume changes with her dressing up as Mr Rogers and then putting on the May Queen Crown and wearing a bunch of flowers. I love the Dole might dancers dancing with the characters from midsummer and the and then like the part where she tried to make the audience. Sing along with also incredibly awkward but hilarious and that very unique sort of Oscar. Screw away so it was just something that I really enjoyed and I think that. Yeah she definitely made it. Did this whole performance as a way of calling out the lack lack of diversity and lack of color in the nominees. At one point in the song she says come alive because the Oscar's so white and it felt very pointed towards insertive like That mentioned. Yeah definitely okay. So moving on a best moments I just wrote down practically every moment Bongino onscreen I just like. I don't know about you guys but I I normally enjoy watching the Oscars even if movies that I don't particularly care for end up winning. I still enjoy the of all the the problem circumstance and the you you know just like the whole ceremony aspect of it. This was one of the few years that I can think of where I remember. Just getting like genuinely pumped up as a As the broadcast went on because parasite kept winning stuff and it was just not. I don't know I guess. Maybe I listened to too many Oscar podcasts and follow this stuff too closely. I wonder if our listeners who are not don't follow the guild awards and all that kind of stuff had the same feeling but just as parasite continued to rack up a words it. Just I don't Know My. My excitement was was peaking and I was just like I could not believe that it was happening. Because nineteen seventeen was such a huge favourite in a lot of the categories that Bongino and parasite ended up winning so What did you guys make of a bond Jude House? Rise to power last night. Yeah when I was watching the Oscars I had that same feeling wing of the ADRENALIN building. and I thought this is what this must be. What sports watching sports is like Because at the end when we when I had an Oscar Watch party at my apartment When Paris won and Belgian hose so excited so happy to be on stage accepting with his cast and crew? We all erupted into cheers and I just felt like my heart racing. I couldn't sleep at all Bongino has just been a complete delight entire award season. I feel like he's just been so ernest. And yet so funny and self deprecating at every turn he And that was like on full display at the Oscars. Every time he was on the stage he would make a joke like. Oh Oh I can't wait to drink and finish this up. But at the same time he would also during his best director speech for example he gave he called out. A Martin Scorsese and how he said. Scorsese was such a big influence on him as a young filmmaker and he got the entire audience to give a standing ovation to Scorsese which felt like a nice way of delaying the pain of the Irishman not getting any awards and then you know he gave a shout out to Quentin Tarantino for for spreading awareness of his films and Korean films in general as well as his fellow a a nominee director's Jimenez and Todd Phillips and it was just every time he came onstage. He had something new and wonderful and lovely to say and he you know he and and just like some of his candid moments too like when he won the best screenplay residential screenplay award he see him as Co writer is Giving a speech just like looking ahead statuette and giggling and smiling and it's just so wonderful thumbed is just a delight and we don't deserve sir head. Yeah it was so pure bred wooded you yeah I absolutely love this guy that speech he gave when he could best director was wonderful You know he got a standing ovation. That was also four more safety and it was just really felt like everyone was so excited for him. And it's a it's a historical night. I mean it's it became the first You know movies to win a foreign film to Win Best Picture And you he There was it was the first win for Korean cinema to right the first ever Oscars for South Korea and and he also tied that record with Walt Disney for winning a four Oscars in a single night which was done sixty seven years ago. which is just it's crazy? It was just a big night in a number of ways for him in parasite. Yeah that was awesome. Okay so moving. On our best moments a couple of musical performances stood out to us. I wrote down down into the unknown. I thought it was really cool. How the producers got all these other else's involved people who provided the voice for Elsa from frozen listen to in different languages and stuff I thought L. was great as always That song even though maybe everybody didn't hit every single note sometime matching. That song's pretty tough to sing especially in a live environment. I just thought it was a cool way. Like the Oscars are this global celebration of all film not just American concealment. I thought that was a cool way. To incorporate a bunch of different performers into this you know whatever Hollywood's biggest night kind of thing sing and put these people on the grand stage in front of however many millions of people. Watch this thing What did you guys think about that performance? I love this performance. I thought that it was is kind of that that Hollywood glamour and Glitz that you expect Tom and you crave from a the the Oscar night and I I felt very much. Like the sort of Oscars making a gesture at the global appeal of the ceremony and of movies in general and while other attempts at sort of raising awareness or like making Gestures at diversity fell flat. I felt like this one really felt so soaring and impactful impactful And powerful and it was just a fantastic performance and a great song And I do not Menzel did hit all the notes even if a few of the other also I did not but yeah I I really enjoyed this performance Speaking of soaring bread. I think he really enjoyed Cynthia revolt. Song right yeah. That was a very powerful for performance and she was pitch perfect while seeing as well I I knew that she you know obviously was nominated for original song for Harriet but I. I don't think I had ever seen her performance before this night or at least not in a way that I had remembered And it's yeah. It's clear that Cynthia was as talented across the board in a variety of ways It's a shame that she didn't get to e got but I'm sure that she's talented. Not that she'll get another opportunity for another best original song. Oscar to complete that ensemble of awards. Yeah new Broadway performer. Summer and I think the only time I'd ever heard or seen her perform was as the character. She played bad times at the at the royal a couple years ago. Hd What did you think about that that performance all. I love this performance. I remember her. Hearing the song on the soundtrack for Harriet And Not really being being quite impressive felt like very much a a solid gospel style song But seeing it on stage and seeing in theory villages poorer heart out in this song I was definitely the most moves by this performance. Out of all the best original song performances and It really was a standout moment of the Oscars so we have one more moment. Here and This one I think. HD We're joking about before recording that it could maybe go in the best moments category category but also in the worst worst moments category. So it's maybe fitting that we use it as a transition point here. So what did you think about the cats moment. Yes so James James Corden and rebels and came out to introduce the visual effects. Oscar I think and of course they came out dressed as their characters from cats. Furry garb and all and It was such a bizarre moments. That felt very weird and yet amazing at the same time because you just it's just I think it was like a distillation of how this whole Oscar ceremony felt a little bit like because they didn't have a host that they kind of just through a bunch of things at the wall and listens. Do this and let's do this. Let's have James Corden rebels and dress up as cats and introduce a visual effects award for which cast is not nominated and then after while they After they present the award to the winner they just stand like demurely to the side with their hands. Fold still never outfits and it's just a hilarious visual image and just something that was. Yeah I think it was great and terrible at the same time I saw. Somebody tweet that like the the part you're talking about where they're sort of standing off to the side like hands folded almost in front of them and a bunch of people are Standing There Holding Oscars and wearing suits and taxes. And everything looking very dapper at the somebody tweet that it was as if I forget the exact tweet but maybe I can find it and put it in the show notes but it was basically like when your custom character shows up in a video game. Cut Scene Yeah. I thought that was really great A great encapsulation of what that moment felt like Brad what did you think about that I. I thought it was funny that they kind of like dissed the movie that they were in. Although I guess there's no nobody has anything to lose by DUNKING ON CATS. Even the people who are in it. Yeah I mean it's I. I love that they did that. It was clear that the movie was not going to receive much of a claim from anybody. Universal even famously pulled out of consideration for any of the awards because of the the backlash they received from critics and people watching the movie and real cats. I assume also read sent in letters about it Yeah it was. It was very funny to see them honestly if they would have done the movie in those can't costumes it would have been infinitely better all right. Let's get into our worst moments. And can you guys have talked about this a little bit before. But all of the jokes about diversity loud. Take the reins what happened here. Was this the way to address this. Yeah not really because The Oscars like the various presenters throughout the night attempted to you joke about the lack of diversity amongst the nominees and it felt a lot of times. Just incredibly pandering and Half half hearted a lot of ways as it till sort of cover their asses for not nominating. Anyone and that seemed to me incredibly it felt felt the afoul flat for a lot times for me especially asleep at the beginning when Steve Martin Chris Rock just scaled out vaginas at the same time. And then you know. Of course we have Brie Larson Sigourney. Any weaver and Gal Gadot all amazing actress and great women come together and just give this really sappy speech about women. How Ullman are superheroes and it just felt so much like pandering to me? I felt like had moved into vendors. Endgame when all the women come together and like we're all here for our camera number we're here to or something and it. Just yeah it just It felt like the Oscars is trying to cover their asses for the lack of diversity in the nominees and doing it in a way adults at simplistic. What did you think bread? Yeah I'm pretty much on the same page. I think Steve Martin Chris Rock had some funny bits here here and there and they're they're great together but it did feel like kind of like. Oh it's okay if we poke fun at ourselves for you know ignoring everybody who's not a A white filmmaker actor or actress. You know it sucks when you have so many incredible movies with people of Color from last year that deserve to get nominated aided And I think that you know. That's part of the reason why everyone was rooting for parasite so much too because not only is it. You know essentially the best movie of the year. Obviously gleason was named best picture. But because you know it showed you know diversity and it wasn't more of the same stuff at the Oscars usually nominate every year. Yeah Yeah I think that's a good point I I was a little bothered by Not The jokes. But everybody's reaction to the jokes. It seems like the people in the crowd. Were you know laughing and applauding all of those jokes like sort of knowing applause. Like yeah we we screwed this up. But it's like you don't you don't get to laugh and clap at this. You're the people who made this happen. You're the people who voted for this. I don't know just do better across the board. Maybe instead of just like laughing about it I don't know okay so the NFL one more thing. I went to mention like a I guess in direct contrast to the all women are superheroes moment as she was talking about. I thought Hilter Gooden at the tour. I think I'm butchered that pronunciation. But she's the composer who won best original score for her work. On Joker. I thought her speech was really good. Like an example of like an organic a girl power moment instead of one that was that seemed like generated as a way to You know deflect or sort of lessen the blow when she was talking about how how women out there if you hear music in your heart like speak up and let your voices be heard because we need to hear that kind of thing. I thought it was really great. But the moments that came came organically and earnestly always felt more shooting me than some of the the pandering jokes like the housing for so I wrote down the The female email conductor in the worst moments here just because I thought that it it fell to me a little bit like pandering like they made this big deal about. Oh you know in the ninety two years that we've I've been doing Kademi. Awards is the first time a woman has ever conducted something here at the during the presentation or whatever and that kind of just seemed like I don't know part of me. Thinks like okay. Great like congratulations to you for that long to do something so simple because I think she only really conducted montage at the best original score Sort of a medley of all of them like leading into Handing out that trophy but then on the other hand like maybe for the younger people out there who Who are more impressionable and who this might mean more and be more inspiring thing to see that? Maybe it's a good thing I don't know H. You seem to have some thoughts about this too right. Oh Yeah I actually I had that original. I thought you when they introduced her with all of this lead up to it and But then she actually did her Conducting and the performance of the The Medley and I was really impressed by it also just really loved her outfit. It looked like she was about to step out from Dune and I I just. I thought that it was a great performance. So I I was okay with it but yet The lead up to it was a little bit on that side but I I enjoyed it a lot. Yeah so let's talk about the songs in movies. Montage Jacob Hall from the Managing Editor of slash film base. I think he implied that it was like one of the worst montages than Oscar. History history. Brad what did you think about the. We're just talking the beginning of episode about how you really like the montages. What did you think about this one? I thought this montage was pretty pretty cool. It wasn't one of the better ones. But I I liked how They essentially took the the model of You know the riff often pitch perfect and connected movies through the lyrics of songs in them. The one lyric from one song lead into the other in a montage and at the end of the day it led into performance by Eminem. Wish I know some people were like where the hell did this. Come from but you know what it was still pretty cool and I wasn't upset about it. Actually where the hell did that come from. Do you know I I'd still. Oh no but I don't care because I love that Song I love that performance within all my friends and I grew up listening to the song when we weren't supposed to you and this is a song that sort of felt very defining of our childhoods and when this montage was happening and it cuts through the beginning scene from from eight mile of right right before he goes on stage. We were talking like he's not. I'M NOT GONNA come out and performed the song is he. That would be crazy and He did ED. And we all screamed and it was great. I that those are really livened up the audience and I also think it offered one of those classic Hilarious Oscar moments where the entire higher audience was confused. And you have great reaction just it'll be mean fodder for many weeks to come. I I love this more this performance. It's I don't care. If it made no sense. I thought it was great. Yeah I'm sorry Jacob we're putting in the worst moments category just because you said that you hated it but I think all three of us really enjoyed this I think yeah it was so random and I think minimum one best song at the Oscars for that performance in what two thousand three or something because eight mile came out in two thousand and two. So so yeah I could not explain to you why they chose this performer. At this moment to come out but it seemed like one of those things where the Oscars in its attempt to stay relevant is losing viewership every year. I think actually Peter just shared a an article with us that said Oscar viewership. Your ship hits an all time below with twenty six point three or twenty three point. Six million people watching which is yeah like historic low for the Oscars and the ceremony. Germany and the producers always seem like they're trying to do something to desperately hang onto relevance and keep people paying attention and watching and I feel like a surprise surprise performance like this is one of those moments that probably lit up social media and had people talking and is one of the you know in a an award ceremony where a lot the times. The awards seemed predestined from the start. And it almost seems like your uterus going through the motions and checking off some boxes and stuff like that. That's how the Oscars can seem. Sometimes sometimes this seemed like a genuine surprise in a moment that that I sort of like you know sat forward in my seat a little bit. So yeah I liked it a lot. I will say that one of of the actual worst moments of the show followed soon. After and that was the rap recap by Oh the actor from pitch perfect who I conceal. Sorry that I can't remember his name but It was unfortunate that he had to follow up a menam first of all in a surprising a really rousing performance and That it I felt very much like what we're talking about before about the sort of Oscars attempts to show that they are diverse. That look at this. They have A rapper talking about the Oscars skirt and recapping the movies that felt very strange and odd and unnecessary Karsh mbappe car and yeah yeah he he is great and like but it was such a weird thing. We just watched this. Why are you wasting time? recapping this it's it's a waste of time stop it stop it immediately really also. Nobody thinks that Lin Manuel Miranda was gonNA come out and sing lose yourself instead of EMINEM. They kept cutting to him. I don't know why he didn't perform because all they did say Linneman Miranda's here and he also presented something and then that was it. Yeah it was. It was odd but I think all of us Doug it And one thing. I did not enjoy. I wanted to get your I wanted to sort of. Take your temperature on US Rene Zellweger's speech. What in God's name was that I killick? That is the perfect example of what not to do in an Oscar speech just ramble and have disparate points that barely connect to each other other and just I don't know it felt like it went on forever. I could not track what she was saying for. The life of me was just me or was that a really really awful for speech. That was probably the worst one of the night. No I agree with you I also think that the both both best actor and Best Actress speeches walking opening speech also was very rambling but did bring it back a little bit because he ended it with a very touching tribute to his brother River Phoenix Reading reading a poem. That is a river. Phoenix had written But then Renault Renee Zellweger Just came on after and I felt like she was trying to go for something similar in speaking about something bigger than her and Trying to tie it to performance and Judy but it did not gel it all and It was very odd advair rambling speech and not good. Brad would you think Yeah Renee Zellweger speech was just felt like it was not clear what she was trying to. Saixi was obviously so touched and caught up in it all and you know very passionate about it and her performance but yeah it it really felt like it was just kind of incoherent and I thought walking Phoenix's speech although off a little bit rambling. I appreciate that. He at least had something else to say he's been consistently instantly Using his acceptance speeches to make statements. which is you know an annoying for some who just want to turn off their brain and just WanNa Watch? Artists be thankful for receiving awards awards But I I appreciate you know that. He is continuing to take a stand about things that he is passionate about. And even though he didn't have you know a a speech that was concise is and fully prepared. He knew what he wanted to say and I think him doing it. Candidly makes people pay attention more. Because if you just go up there and you just read from a piece of paper you kind of just tune out in and you're just like whatever you know it's when people read list of names of thinking and all that I I appreciate that he spoke passionately and from the heart and even if it was a you know a little bit rickety here in there. I thought that it was a nice overall. Yeah I think that That is part of the reason. Why Renee Zellweger speech was was all the more baffling is because you? She's essentially had this trophy in the bag for months since like telluride film festival or something it seemed like this was one of those all of the acting awards. Actually all four of them seemed like they were you know they've been locked for a long time like these people have been winning. Awards in the lead up to the Oscars. Brad Pitt is a great example. Where like like he has been you know just dropping zingers left and right at all of the different lead-up awards in it's sort of all culminated with this great Speech that gave the Oscars where he incorporated the title of the movie into his own. Hollywood story I thought it was really well done But yeah like release talkers. It's like you knew kind of you must have known this was coming and that's what happened. It was just a a bit of a bummer for me. It's sort of zapped the energy from the room but Let's talk about the big winners. Let's get the energy backup here And bogging best original screenplay best international feature film I think we all assumed that international feature international national feature film for formerly the Foreign Language Award was like in the bag for him. But I think even though You know we were Hoping Against Hope I think it was it like four awards like this surpassed Oliver Expectations. So I was just so thrilled to see parasite win when we talk about that. At the beginning Laura dern winning best supporting actress was really great again another one of those that seemed like preordained. But this was Lawrence I Oscar and I think it's just really cool to see her. You know she. She's definitely having a year the or had a year and twenty nineteen and I just thought it was really nice. Culmination of that and she's clearly like beloved by her peers and everybody. She's talking about me material. She Laura dern may have appeared in like more names than any other actor her nineteen but not not the amine and then Toy Story Four. I mentioned as the the best animated feature driving down as a big winner. Because Klaus the Netflix Christmas Movie Won Seven Awards Animation Awards Back in January and. It seemed like it was really by nipping at the heels of Toy Story. Four and maybe could have been a big contender for sort of an upset win but it was nice to see I would have been happy with either of those winning and Toy story for his. You know as we've all talked about that movie came out last year a surprisingly great and not at all the cash. Grab that we thought it was going to be so. I was happy to see that. When did you guys have any other big winners over the course of the night any awards that stuck out to you in particular? Would I wanNA give a shout out to take hedy who becomes the first indigenous person to win the best adapted screenplay award and was just so touched and so so kind of unlike a lot of his past acceptances where he kind of will be very jokey and tongue in cheek but here he was just so Moved by everything that I was just happy for him and I know a lot. I know I was actually gunning for Greta Gerwig to win for little women but I think that this was just as worthy of a win. And I'm I'm really happy that he won that award. Brad I assume you echo those sentiments being the bigger Taika fan that you are absolutely i. I love seeing speech because you you could tell he was nervous. Can he wasn't quite as confident and cool with normally I think he was genuinely humbled and and very happy to receive that award. Did you have any brad any other big winners that jumped out to you. Not particularly the parasite thing was just a huge one for me we. We cheered when it happened. We were we got so excited excited since he the one best director and got original screenplay in it felt like it had a real chance of winning and so when it actually happened you know we just lost it. Yeah that was awesome The best director one was was the maybe the biggest now best picture is still a big surprise to but both of those really like thoughts Jimenez had that in in in the bag and I'm you know no disrespect in nineteen seventeen. I really like that movie a lot but it was just so cool that the this became parasites night and I was telling my friend who is You know I was watching the movie with like if you walk down to Hollywood and highland which is like the big area where the Dobie theater is where the Oscars are they have Every year ear written out like carved into the walls basically like all the way up to I don't know twenty seventy or something and they'll figure out a way to keep it going beyond that once we get there but every single best picture winner is etched in right underneath the a given year. So like as you're saying it's going to be so cool to walk through that area for all the tourists in have ever. Many thousands of people go through there every year to look up and see green book listed and then be like what the hell and then right below. WHOA that seat parasite and it's almost like an immediate course? Correct like like the universe is is trying to fix itself in real time so we won't get another a piece of whiplash next year so but Yeah I really. I was so excited about that. Best Director Win too because that felt like the turning point of the night. When we're all like wow is? Paris is going to win best picture. And it did at Eliza basic. Yeah I'm still. I still can't believe it really. I'm like on a high still. I hope this last vert a few days because it's Today's been pretty great like waking up and being like movies. They're awesome so all right. Let's go to our big losers at the night real quick. I wrote Netflix down. Because the Irishman Klaus and the two popes were completely shut out which is Sort of shocking especially for the Irishman. A movie that you know has talked about pedigree like there there may be no other movie maybe once upon a time in Hollywood or something thing that had a that level of pedigree over the year and for that movie to be completely shut out with sort of a big deal and marriage story to only had one win and that went to Laura dern for best supporting actress so it seemed like as soon as that movie came out there was a bit of ground swell and there was a lot of talk about maybe Scarlett Johansson can can win for best actress. Maybe Adam driver might win for best actor But it seemed like everything just sort of settled into place in those just a early rumblings. That never really went went anywhere but Considering how much of a splash net flicks made at the Oscars last year with Roma being such a big deal in seeming to be a front runner or at least in the conversation for best picture. It's sort of a big One Eighty for them at the Oscars this year. So did you guys have Vigny Big losers that you went to mention I wrote down a few others here but yeah I would definitely say the Irishman because it came in with I think ten nominations nine nominations and it got no wins at all. And that's not the first time that Scorsese came in with a large amount of nominations to the Oscars And got no wins. The last time was gangs of New York and It really is a big shame. I thought especially that At least would have gotten something for editing. shoemaker maker definitely deserve that But it was just the incredible that the movies that were getting lauded are owed so so much to Martin Scorsese the Irishman basically came away with nothing. Yeah Yeah I put vendors endgame and the Lion King for visual effects like again. I really liked nine hundred seventeen but come on a best visual effects for nineteen seventy. I just don't think that makes any sense like adventures and game those guys. I don't know if any marvel the movie has ever won best visual effects. The Lion King is like that movie is visual effects. and I wonder if part of the reason that those movies didn't win was maybe interesting game had like the Superhero thing going against it You know as much as the Oscars has a arm. Sorry as much as the academy has made attempts to diversify its ranks and stuff. It's still a predominantly older. White Guy Voting base voting majority there and the Lion King I wonder if the the the technicians and people like that who are in the academy are a little scared of that movie and maybe what it represents and the idea that If a movie can be made completely with visual effects like that and look as good as it does maybe. There's a chance that people's jobs are going to start going away and stuff like that. I wonder wonderful. Sort of like a A little bit of a recoil from what from what the Lion King might mean as to why a movie like nineteen seventeen which. I'm sure just has like set extensions and a few obvious visual effects things here and there but does not strike me as the best visual effects of twenty nineteen by far. Maybe that's part of the reason why that one ended up taking the trophy. But apparently a superhero film hasn't won a visual Effects Oscar since Spiderman two in two thousand five. Wow man that's surprising. I wonder I mean I don't know what do you think about that Brad. Like do you think onto something there with with endgame like people just don't like like the superhero movies are What did you did you happen to think that? Nineteen seventeen was actually deserving of that trophy in a part of me thinks that maybe what it is is that that people are more impressed when you can when people see visual effects used to create things that are realistic or seen tangible in the real world as opposed to things that are more fantastical and even though amazing effects are done to bring a character like fan to life and the various alien. The army's and things like that that you know that it's not real and so maybe it doesn't look as good as you think it should Because if you look back through the winners you Even some of the more Sifi or Entries are movies that present it in a very realistic fashion movies. Like Blade when or twenty forty nine in an ex machina and things like that so I wonder if there's this disconnect where people see visual effects and they they don't have a way to understand. Wow that looks amazing. Amazing for a character that is completely created out of a performance and you know painted over with digital effects using motion capture and all of these incredible layers. You Know No. And especially when it comes to the the big battles sequencing vendors endgame And and it's frustrating because you look back and Marvel has been nominated pretty much almost every year ear since the original Ironman and yet to come away with Visual Effects Oscar which is pretty crazy. Yeah I think that reality mentality also applies to talking lions. Yeah probably because of that was if anything you know that that those animals looked legit real which was a detriment to the movie in the end but Yeah I think I think. That's probably. What the disconnect is? Yeah I think it goes to show that the voting body large buddy for the academy are much older male audiences who don't really go to see these movies and don't really have an appreciation for the work and the technical Craft that that goes into those little women. I put down as a big loser because one costume design but I think all of us especially the three of us on this episode really really loved that movie and I think all of us wish that it could have gotten a little bit more So yeah poor out for little women. I just WANNA say that it's typical that the the The sort of Signature female lead female directed movie of this year. Got It's only Oscar and costume design the category worry typically designated for women and kind of like. Oh you can have this one because of course women. An movie for women will have great costume design and I just I'm a little. I'm a little upset about the adapted screenplay snubbed despite I'm meeting happy tyco because In particular the Seen that they use was the scene in which Amy Jo Speak About What's how writing things Will make them important in designate importance to them and it really goes with entire theme of the movie about how women really aren't allowed into the Club of geniuses and It just it feels so much like the Oscars miss that point and we're just like. Oh yeah ladies. Yeah yeah those a bit of a bummer wants more time in Hollywood. I also down. As as a big loser Sir even won two Oscars one for Brad Pitt and one for production design. It still felt like a bit of a loser to me because I guess right there next to the Irishman this movie felt like the one that was generated almost like created in a lab to win Oscars like it's about old Hollywood The Academy we love that Shit. You know you've got all these great movie stars in Comic Roles the Tarantino who's won twice for screenplay already delivered delivered another great one there so I know you're a huge fan of that movie but I just feel like taking a step back and looking at How that came together and and it it should on paper check a lot of boxes for academy members and the fact that only one those two Oscars feels like sort of a a missed opportunity for that film but Okay let's let's move on as we wrap up here into who should host next year or should there be a house next year. You guys were talking about how last last year's Oscars seemed like they went pretty well going without a host this year. Maybe not quite as much because of it wasn't quite as focused Brad. Yovany thoughts about who should host next year or what you think. The hosts situation should be next year. Well you know I think we saw some potentially good options for who could host In the presentations Asians of the awards themselves. Kristen Wig and Maya Rudolph had a hilarious bit For a couple of awards They ended up production design and costume design nine and they were great on stage together as as they always are We'll fairlon Julia. Louis Dreyfuss were hilarious and their presentation for cinematography and editing Showing they they misunderstand completely what those roles are on the set in a very funny way And like we talked about earlier Chris. Rock and Steve Martin were great to you. Even if material they had add wasn't the best. It was interesting seeing these two comedians who come from complete polar opposite ends of comedy coming together and really kind of showing how oh great they are You know why they're considered to be sort of the best of the best. And so I think getting any number of those deals together to host the Oscars Oscar would be great or even just do those kinds of things more often throughout the show is so the show feels like it has a little bit more energy and try and create some kind of flow. Hello to it instead of you know what what did feel like a mess. I think the hosting duo thing is interesting because it doesn't it sort of takes the target off of the back of of one particular person like if there were two people I feel like Some of the responsibility is is SPLIT SPLIT I guess like the if two people I feel like the Internet would not work as hard to go back through the tweets of both people and try to find something for them to be canceled forth. If that makes any sense issue what did you make of of these hosting do and who did you think maybe would make a good host for next year. If you think there should should be one. Yeah despite my really is at the Steve Martin and Chris Rock joke about diversity. I thought that they were really great together. I always like seeing Steve Martin. I don't know where he's he's been lately but it'll be nice to see again My Rudolph and Kristen Rig were hilarious and no matter how long they did their bit. I was just really Enjoyed every moment with that. They had on screen. And then we'll do a Julia. Louis Dreyfus. We're also great I'd be fine with do although I will say that. It doesn't always shield against criticism. Because we did see the Anne hathaway James Franco debacle and how she ended up shoulding shouldering a lot of that criticism while chains Franko just kind of got high backstage or something so it has to be to who definitely are able to Playoff the off with each other and Worked together well and we saw it with these Appearing that they did I would also be okay with Tina Fey. Amy poehler again Not for the. I don't think they posted the Oscar before but they did the Golden Globes correct to announce that they're going to be hosting next year's Golden Globes again. So honestly I I feel like the biggest problem we have is like I guarantee you. They probably ask a lot of these people and they just don't want the job because of how many people have had to deal with so much grief reef from the viewing public and from scrutiny. And just the backlash. If you don't do it well enough you know you get railed on the next day by all the trades and blogs and everything. It's no matter even if you do a decent job. It's still a mostly thankless job and. I'm sure they're paid Hanley for it but it also requires a decent amount of prep of working with the writers rehearsal. If you're doing any you know stage two bits and just making sure it goes off with a hitch. It's live award ceremony So I if anything. I'll probably a lot of the best talent that is you know prepared and has the skills to do it. Well just doesn't have the time or desire to spend spend much of their daily time doing it. Well I think you know what this means Brad. Next year we just have to have James. Corden and rebel Wilson Senate Regalia host the Oscars a pair. So I wouldn't be mad about it. That would be amazing all right. So let's let's go to our final question John of this episode and it's a question posed to both of you. What does parasites win mean for the future of the Oscars if anything do you think? This symbolizes symbolizes a shift in what we can expect from the Oscars moving forward with you. God I hope so. parasite feels like such a radical choice for the academy. Because we've talked about. In past episodes they are still sort of a STODGY and The older At institution that don't tend generally go with like the movies of the moment generally with movies that tend to check off a lot of Fox's in terms of movies that appeal to the Ketamine Peel and are like the typical Austrian movie and Paris. I just bucks every single Expectation tation in that regard. And that doesn't even go to the fact that it's the first foreign language film to Win Best Picture at the Oscars. I think it's breaking tons of barriers is with It's winds and with the historic four. Win That Bong Jun Ho got So it's just It I hope that it means that we're going to be getting being more Acceptance and more support for foreign language films in Hollywood and less of Hollywood trying to take make something that works in a foreign language or was released. Success Foreign Language Film and trying to remake it and re re Redo that success and It just feels like the Oscars aren't local anymore. As a as long John Hoa sort of remarked earlier and I I think that it could mean that we're going for a greater Less more progressive Future for the officers but again again we've kind of seen a very big back and forth with the best picture winners. We had moonlight and then and shape of water and then immediately we had a Green Book which felt like two steps back after the steps forward of those two previous films. And I'm hoping that will continue suffering forward and not have to deal with the sort of congratulatory films like Greenbelt Garcia films like Like them Brad. What about you do you have any thoughts about on parasite and the featured the Oscars you think this represents a big shift for them in like HD said I hope so she really put it quite simply inside a lot of the things that I was thinking and one thing that I would like to see? Even more of this was something that I was talking about with some friends of mine. Last night we were watching the Oscars with me and my girlfriend is that it would be nice to see the academy sort of start to lean into rewarding. Not just the films and and and the filmmaker behind Foreign Language Films that end up getting attention at the Oscars but also the performers because the CASTA parasite was incredible in that movie. They ended up. Walk Away with the The SAG award this year and I think that they all deserve to be nominated this year in categories but a lot of times the performers in foreign foreign films. I'd get Ostra attention. Don't get included and it's in a way it's understandable because a lot of countries That hand out movie awards do often tend to lean in more towards their own country in a word movies It's why you know this is the first time parasite Is the first foreign language film to win. Best Picture and You know even baffles. Do it. They often reward British films more often than American films. So it's it's it's diff- difficult line to walk in that way. But I I do think I hope that we start to see you know a lot. More of these films recognized by the Oscars and hopefully audiences will embrace them to even though it's been proven that reading subtitles can N. B. Difficult well said well said all right. I think that's going to bring us to the end of this very long edition of slash daily. Thank you guys for talking with me about the Oscars. I'm still riding that high. Hopefully all of our listeners are still stoked about parasite and that movies win. I'm so excited for bogging Helen. So excited to see what he does next. And we all actually link in the show notes to a bunch of Oscar articles that we have and and Bongino article about what he might be working on at this very moment. So we'll see how that goes it was but Thank you all for listening. If you want to find more about all the stories that we mentioned on today show go to slash home dot com slash on daily is published every weekday bringing the most exciting news from the world of movies and TV V.. As well as deeper dive into the great features you can find on the site. You can subscribe to the show on Itunes Google podcasts. spotify all the popular podcast APPS. Send your feedback questions since comments and concerns to us at Peter Slash dot com also. Don't forget to leave your name. And General Geographic Location. In case we mentioned your email on the air. Don't forget to rate and review you the podcast on Itunes as well tell your friends spread the word. Thank you for listening and we will talk to you tomorrow.

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