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This is the baseball tonight tied cast for Monday Martinz out nineteen BUSTER only our producer every day during the baseball season is jus- macrey. And Josh got a question for you on Friday. Yes. The day after your Syracuse orange is it Orangemen orange orange BUSTER, and it has been for the past fifteen years or so, okay. I didn't know what you would say. Okay. The club. Yeah. Okay. We'll Syracuse plays against Baylor on Thursday. They're they're number eight see Bailers number nine seat on Friday. Are you going to be completely useless to us? No, come on BUSTER. I'm a professional unprofessional vica drag myself into work today. The day after Saint Patrick's Day, I'll definitely be hereafter. Syracuse beat Baylor. Yeah. Okay. Friday morning Breathalyzer before start the show. Well, we have to do that. Especially if they lose they're not going to. Yeah. Okay. I you know, what though Vanderbilt didn't win a single game in the SEC this year. So I better just talking to big game BUSTER all right news notes in baseball. This week will be all about each euro. Of course, the Mariners play on Wednesday and Thursday. The Mariners are playing exhibition games right now. These are expected to be each rose final games in major league baseball and he was introduced at the Tokyo dome. Give a listen. Now is that? And as I heard that Josh that was thinking how many players are bigger hero in their respective countries than each row is in Japan. I mean that. Yeah. Like, I mean Clayton Kershaw has a future all Famer, I can't say Clayton Kershaw as a bigger here in the United States is each row is in Japan. No, no. I mean, and you think about everything that goes into it. And just not only being a great player. But also being a pioneer and the game. There's yeah, there's nobody that I can think of that could be even close off to run that question by Tim cartoon coming up. I'm gonna completely blindsided with that early this morning in Japan as part of those exhibition games. Chris Davis said the flex did this. Is what Chris Davis coming up representing the time. Run ten Gucci is in left field. Now Davis hits at the deep and the left fielder will turn and watch in. This is a tie ballgame on the first pitch that Chris Davis sees in the ninth inning. And he drilled it up into the cease. Kent Korec on KTAR be the dodgers shortstop, Cory Seager. Absolutely will be set for opening day that that word from his manager. Dave roberts. Of course is coming back from Tommy John surgery guessing played a lot in major league games this spring. But the dodgers believed that he's absolutely on track on the other hand Dave Robinson, acknowledged Clayton Kershaw pretty much won't be ready for opening day. Which Josh we kind of knew about like, mid February. When we waiting for the dodgers BUSTER. Yeah. Yeah. We kind of look just kept on waiting for them to make this official in. It's not quite official yet. But it's semi official. This point Astor's manager AJ Hinch was suspended for one game after calling pyre angel Hernandez unprofessional in the aftermath of an injection OB talked with Tim Kirch in about that in. We'll hear from Astros manager AJ Hinch the ankles Aaron Hicks will miss the season opening series. He told our coli Harvey that he'll miss opening day because of a lower back injury. He's at a couple of cortisone shot. All explain this isn't as big of a deal as it might seem James Paxton through. No hit baseball for four and a third innings. Give a lesson. Sure that they're quite ready to announce those jobs yet. Call third strike on the inside corner. So I'll tear goes down saw behind Franko. There. We showed that first base camera to great minds at at work. That'll do it for James pants, and he gets a nice ovation from the crowd here at spectrum field. Was great highlights. NBC sports. Philadelphia justice. You still don't like the pitcher highlights? I was ready to give give that montage a hard time because I hate pitcher highlights on the podcast. But then I heard crunchy, and whatever you get to hear crooked. Then it makes everything better. I totally agree with you. I'm curious to see what you think about these highlights pitcher highlights from Trevor Richards of the Miami Marlins. Give a listen. Here's a two. Strikeout. Tell you what there's word Astra's back in the day. You didn't throw right hander right hander. Joe? Right. Handers changeup snuffed enters into a left-hander chain talk about pitching, really narrowed of what you had the looks more. See, right. They're not used to. Nasty. What do you think that BUSTER see? Yeah. With all your whining about that highlight, which came from the cardinals television network, you didn't notice Trevor Richards that change up or whatever he was nasty now you could hear it. You could hear how nasty it was the mid right? Okay. Over the weekend. The Indians agreed to terms on a minor league deal with outfielder Carlos Gonzales, you'll get a base salary of two million dollars. We'll be talking about that signing and what it means for the Indians over the weekend is scary moment for the Philadelphia Phillies. So close pictures today. Not what you want to see. Goodness. He said pitches that have been often in the afternoon not by Thornton for smug the Phillies athletic trainer out there. Mmediately sounded terrible sanitary. He's going to leave the game Shane Robinson's gonna pinch on form anyway. And that was the sound of brace for for being hit on the ankle Tom McCarthy on NBC sports Philadelphia concern right away at it checked out, but he was sore. Okay. He played in Sunday's exhibition, and he still seems on track for opening day. Certainly well enough to lead a chorus of happy birthday for teammates, Jean cigar, and Reese Hoskins give a listen. What? So Josh needed you to be quiet because I wanted to give listeners the full range are riff. Yeah. I'll yeah. Exactly, I'll tell you. I think that may have been the worst edition of happy birthday version of happy birthday ever by any collection of human beings. What do you even with the acts in the background rocking out? I thought it was great, man. And man that was played again. I'm telling you, it's the worst ever. Then the Phillies made a lot of moves in the off season improve their baseball team. But there's no I mean, there wasn't a change in the. The abbey. I go to like like an olive garden or Fridays and have to a unique happy birthday song. And nobody really knows what Imerys name is. And I've heard worse another. I was pretty good. How you know you haven't. Let's get to it glow. Tim. Mr. technology this point, it's just expected. So easy. You are the Globetrotters and technology the general. Rejoice. Anytime this great game or what with tin kurkin on baseball. Tonight attempt. Coaching covers baseball free SPN and tend to makes you perfectly qualified to answer a question, which is raised in hearing the highlights from Japan when each row was introduced and Tokyo and got a huge cheer. And I thought to myself, and I mentioned to Josh she's a wonder how many people would get a bigger cheer in their home country than each euro, obviously be shortlist. Let's make it clear. This just feels deeper than someone cheering for the laundry. You know that great David Wright moment at the end of last season. But it's not like he was born and raised in queens, five minutes from the park. It wasn't like he was near there from near there. So the names I came up with it might be comparable for that. How about Mariana Rivera? If you went back to Panama it was introduced there Cal Ripken Volta Mawr those are my two. What are you got well, Panama, always, you know, when it's that far away, you return, I think that has something. To do with it. But you know, I was there for the Ripken two one three one, and I've never seen anything like that in my life. It is people were weeping weeping BUSTER in the stands that night, given everything that was going on. And he is a local guy any played his whole career for the Orioles. And his dad was there and his brother was there and everything was there. So I put Ripken at the top of the list just because I was there for all of that. And it was like nothing I've ever seen and likely will never see again. Yeah. I remember when he talked about that, right? After that. I like you was there. I was covering yours for the Baltimore Sun at that time. If you remember in that journey that he had a around the outfield on the warning track. And he was pointing at people it's because his he was passing people. He recognized faces there were like either fans that he knew or they were friends that he knew who were in the stands. It was people have been his neighbors for years still would make oh. Oh. Did I lose you guys? Tim you being serious. Try to be funny and I lost him. So little behind the curtain. We had to stop the show because Tim's mastery of technology stop, Josh. Right. It happens. Buster it happens. You know, all great streaks must come to an Esa. What what Jodi Modu fifty six three games got to that fifty seventh and the hits just didn't come. And that's what happened with Tim and technology. Yeah. Tim was has been using technology that Josh installed on his phone. It's been perfect. We've been complimenting him for his tremendous mastery of such he added for four three weeks. And now we're back on the phone. Tim, welcome. It really big difference between four in a row and fifty six in a row when it one of the longest freak of the podcast him. So just just take the record, right? Yeah. And I the record with with the understanding always that if I'm involved in any way with technology. Something is bound to go wrong. Just because I'm involved. Okay. And I'm not hiding the fact that I'm the worst ever all I can say as Cal Ripken who you played basketball with would laugh at you. When we were referring to foreign row is a strict him. Well, he laughed at me more than once not about basketball about many other things. So no surprise there. All right over the weekend. We get a one game suspension for Houston manager AJ Hinch because of an incident with angel Hernandez on Friday during the course that game he came out to the field after one pitch after having a discussion with angel Hernandez. He followed up on that. He was a jetted yet. A couple of hours before reporters went into the Astros clubhouse to talk to him. And even with that time to think about what he was going to say he didn't hold back of listen is a little bit of carryover from a conversation last week. I know angel gets really frustrated when guys questioned him in balls and strikes. He told me he gets four wrong game. So I've kept that in in mind in then today, I thought he was a little unfair force in including the about where baiters walking off the field. Stuff as walking off the field calls. It a ball in continues. And it costs for us to few pitches in between innings brought him over and had a calm conversation with them and said, we have technology to help you get better that these pitches are strikes, and he had kind of airgun attitude about it and didn't wanna hear it. And so as he walked on started ending calls a bad pitch on George to start probably spite me and off we go. So when we get out there. The fact you wanted to throw me out in his training game is pretty ridiculous. He's known for overreaction a little bit. And and obviously, he's only argue balls and strikes. You get thrown out. I get it as it s collated. He said some condescending things that are inappropriate unprofessional elite at that. And we'll move to the next game. So I figured out what the league no both AJ Hinch, Tim is a really smart guy. And as I said he had a lot of time to think about what he was going to say. Reporters. And I think it it felt like he just wanted to get something off his chest. Even though he knew is going to be suspended in fine by major league baseball. Yeah. I if you argue with balls and strikes, you're gonna get a Jack that he's right about that and angel Hernandez is right about that. But I'm not sure BUSTER I can remember anyone getting suspended forgetting thrown out of a exhibition game a spring training game. And I can probably count on one hand and forty years. The number of time seen anyone ojected in a spring training game. It usually is not done that way. And it's confusing and angel Hernandez has a combative nature to him as the contentious nature to him. He can be abrasive. But again, it's spring training. And you need to put that aside if he asked me this bizarre how this happened. Okay. Over the weekend. Aaron Hicks talk to our coal Harvey and told him that he almost certainly will not be ready for opening day at a second quarter sewn shot on his back. We learned since last we talked to you. Luis Severino will probably be out until may because he's got that issue below his pitching shoulder, the Yankees feel like he's going to be okay. But he just needs to build up his pitch count. And they of course will start the year without CCC bath ius. So you think initially boy those are three major injuries to three really important people on their team. But then I saw this tweet from Steve Phillips, and I think he's absolutely right thirteen either. I fifty six of the season or against teams records over five hundred thirteen fifty six which means forty-three of the first fifty six games or against teams under five hundred. And by the way that thirteen against teams over five hundred that includes the Diamondbacks who've been itself mode during the winter. And I looked this up this morning thirteen of their first fifty games against the Orioles. Their season starts three versus Baltimore three at home against Detroit. Then they go on the road for three at Baltimore. I don't think this will affect the Yankees three injuries. I think it'll be a minor speed. And they will take off from there. What do you think? Yeah. I totally agree BUSTER, I usually disagree with you on strength of schedule at twenty your favorite things, you work really hard at it. And I usually don't buy. But now, I do BUSTER because the gap between the really good teams such as the AKIs and the really bad teams such as the Orioles is the whitest gaffe. I know I've ever seen and I've proved it statistically at least in the years. I've covered we've never seen a year in the years. I've covered where a team one is many games last year. The Red Sox did and a team lost as many as the Orioles did. So we're at a point now where when the Orioles beat the Red Sox were the Yankees if feels like an upset, and that's why strength of schedule matters. Now that the Enke's with a depleted roster to some degree are still going to have a leg. On the Orioles because of that gap between the two so yes, this is going to help the Enke's that the strength of schedule is favorable to start the season. Yeah. To some degree the Orioles gave the Anki sits last year they won seven out of nineteen. But in the end, I mean, the key still did well the the Red Sox won sixteen of nineteen against the Orioles. And that was part of the difference between the two teams Chris sale over the weekend made his debut in a Red Sox exhibition initially in the first inning. He was throwing eight to nine miles per hour. He got it up to ninety two miles per hour and Tim with that wipeout slider that feels like enough he spoke very positively about how he felt after the game. Well, it's great sign for Chris sale that he's on target to pitch opening day. Which of course, he will the velocity was not wear usually is. But it's the first start. He's coming back from some issues, but I was told from day one of spring training. He's going to be fine. I fully expect him to be fine. I think he'll be a dominant pitcher on opening day because that's who Chris sale is all matter a health, and even though they're taking it slowly, I fully expect his health to be close to one hundred percent to start the season and Chris sale and one hundred percent is a nightmare. And by the way, we've got the broadcast that first Red Sox game of the season. The Sunday night crew will be in Seattle week from Thursday with Mathis curtian and Alex Rodriguez. And Jessica does myself Tim, I wrote a column on Sunday wanna get your your take on it and talking with executives around baseball about the impact of the new harden, July thirty first trade deadline. You know, I asked him and said what real effect what's the practical impact of this? And there's some things that I got back consistently one. They feel like that the volume of minor league trades will grow significantly because in August. That's usually the time when contenders are adding depth. And is executive said to me, look Marley trades are not going to be restricted by this. So let's say you're a guy who's speedster on a AAA roster in the month of August. You might be a target for contending team. You know, a veteran hitter who's been in the minor leagues. Who's really good is specialist? He might be a guy who winds up being traded in August because teams just won't have access to the big league deals. I heard that they they really feel like that for teams that are sellers that new deadline will help their leverage tremendously. Because as we know a lot of teams don't really declare themselves as buyers or sellers until we get to August. That's the way it's been in the past. And I still don't think a lot of teams will necessarily turn into sellers before the July thirty first deadline, which means that you might have ten to twelve sellers and they're going to be in a great position to hold their to their demands. It'll be supply. Demand situation in this is gonna help them. Third thing isn't Raby actually brought this up on Friday thought it was a good point. And it was echoed by some of the people I talked to you might sorta see a a pre deadline surge in mid June for those teams that are on the fence that say, you know, what let's see if we can push ourselves into the buyers category before July thirty first let's augment our teams earlier, and that way we can make it clear I- decision on July thirty first is to what we're going to do moving forward. The other thing that I also heard was interesting to already is concern among teams about the possibility of waiver collusion. Where one selling team is in communication with the contending team. And they might whisper. Hey, we're going to place this guy on waivers. Do you think you'll pick him up in order to save some money? So teams are leery about that collusion. They're hoping the Commissioner's office will be monitoring that and policing that what do you think? Well, I agree with you on virtually all of this, especially the minor league part because I spoke to three or four GM's about this exact topic. And I heard many many of the same things also busters. We know in our business one of the old cliches, which I totally believe in is that deadline is your friend. I just need to know when it's due and I'll get it in on time. That was the beat writer mantra all those years. Now, we know what the deadline is and more and more GM's canal. Are this has to be done by July thirty first. So how do we get there? And if they have to do some deals before then maybe we'll have fewer amount of time waiting to the final day things will get done in June. As you said, so I think all of this is a good idea. I think it's gonna make teams make their decision earlier. And instead of hanging on until the. The end of August. Now, we're gonna know or you enter you out by the end of July. And I think that's good for the game. And good four the July thirty first hand line. That's always been pretty exciting. It could be much bigger this year. Yeah. And that's what I heard too. There will be a much higher volume of deals leading up to July thirty first teams have the option of waiting for that August waiver period before making moose improve the roster to dump players something interesting has happened in the last week as the players sociation leadership is gone through Florida. The I mentioned I saw this was from our old friend Jason stark who was in Tigers camp. The Tigers players Mets would Tony Clark. Is they do every spring Tim, but they met out on a side field. Not in the clubhouse where they've always meant in the past the next day the Yankees players met with Tony Clark and they met out on a side field. Not in the clubhouse. And what I was told over the weekend was. Yup, they're concerned about surveillance. I just I don't think this is necessarily a situation where the union is saying, yes, we have evidence of of illegal illicit monitoring of our meetings. It's just the the sign of the times, Tim, it feels like this so much concern. Now in baseball about this sort of thing. Yeah. It's amazing. Also understand that that clubhouse in lakeland is really small. Maybe there just wasn't room in there for everyone. But I'm with you. Everyone is concerned about surveillance these days that troubles me that we shouldn't be thinking about that David Johnson. Once by the way, told me years ago when he was in Japan when he played there that he was certain that the locker room was bugged by the other team. So they would do their signs of study and their signs going over in the bathroom instead of in the clubhouse. It wasn't in there. So this has been going on for a long time. It's troublesome to think that you have to go outside to do this. But I think with the volume of people involved, and maybe how loud meeting like that will get maybe it's better to do it outside. I know Jason wrote that he's never seen that before. I'm not sure I've ever seen that before BUSTER a lot of things are happening in these days that I've never seen before. And that speaks to where the game is right now. Yeah, we told the story in the playoffs last year. I talked to the staffers who were concerned when there is a member of a visiting team going into another teams visiting clubhouse. They were concerned that their wifi was being monitored. So they were making judgments too that we heard last fall about how the Houston Astras took all of their bats is visiting team in Cleveland and took them back to the hotel from game to game. That is remarkable because they wanted to make sure that the bats were handled rights rather than just leaving him in the visiting clubhouse again to sign of the times where we are. Now. Speaking of the Indians over the weekend, we got word the Carlos Gonzales agreed to a one year two million dollar deal. If he's added to the major league roster. It's not even a major league deal. It's a minor league deal. He could get some incentives. My first thought when I when I saw this Tim was boy the Indians really need help with their offense. Among they're outfielder in to why in the world could he have gotten a deal like this in December January I've complimented Scott Boris a lot on this podcast. This is another example where I feel like he's got to get this player off the board earlier in the offseason and get him into camp rather than wait until the middle of March. What do you think awaiting is not a great idea anymore? And yet, it's the only way some of these guys are getting deals, it seems it seems like this could have been done awhile ago. But the most important thing here is the. Indian had to do something with that outfield. It was Tyler win and right the onus Martine and center Jake Bowers mostly in left that was the plan and sorry that's just not good enough. For me. If you're gonna win that division and be any sort of any sort of factor in the postseason in the American League that is this strong. So cargo represents a major upgrade matter where you put him in that outfield and as much as the Indians have great pitching time, especially in the rotation and their infield when healthy as chance to be really good. You can't win without some production from your outfield. And I think the the Indians added some with cargo and they had to add some, and I really feel like that. When you look at the Indians that we talked about this last week Mandel. They're totally dependent on that rotation. Like if that rotation holds up those five guys they should win that division Easley. They get a couple of injuries. I'm concerned. Yeah. They're only chance to win the division and make a difference in October. Is that starting rotation? It's their only chance because they're not gonna out hit everyone. They're not gonna out defend everyone. But they can out pitch. A lot of teams out of those first five guys. And that's why never made any sense to me for them to trade kluber or corrupts go or Bauer because they represent their only chance, but we know BUSTER they're saving money in Cleveland, all sorts of rumors. They lost sixty million dollars in the off season. They have to change that. And this was a good sign for an Indian fan that they spent a little bit of money to go. Get some outfield. Hell, yeah. They found some Dickel beneath the couch cushions. I think they're in the in the in the Indians clubhouse out in good year lasts before he go. Did you see that? Incredible catch by Jackie Bradley, JR. Over the weekend. It's funny because he actually made a mistake at the at the outset of this play either Misra. Where the ball was hit or he slipped. But then he recovered invade the catch when you look where the ball was at the time that he slipped had that first misstep and then worry caught the ball. It's absolutely incredible. And he told reporters after the game he really feels like it was best catch of his career, which is saying something. Yeah. I saw it. And it was remarkable. And it's Jackie Bradley, jR. I would disagree. I've seen even better catches by him. But that was remarkable. And just another reminder BUSTER that when you catch the ball in the outfield. You have a chance I told you the worst defensive outfield I've ever seen was the nineteen eighty eight Orioles and that team was indescribably bad. And it was in part because they couldn't catch it in the outfield the printer you're afraid to put the ball in the air. Whereas one of the great depressive outfields we've seen in a long time is the red sock outfield. Led by Jackie, Bradley, jR. Mookie bats, Andrew, Benintendi. That's why those pitchers say go ahead will throw fly ball here. It's going to be caught and really not many people in the world catch a fly ball better than Jackie, Bradley and what he did yesterday. Hey was ridiculously good. Yeah. I would encourage everyone to go. Find a videotape replay of that play. It was amazing. And there's no question that the concerns about the Red Sox bullpen are real. But we talk about margin for error between what they are going to be running out there every day with a great lineup and what they have on defense in their starting rotation. That'll certainly buy them some time to figure out what their bullpen is the only issue. I think for the Red Sox whether or not the the Yankees and raise put so much pressure on the keys that are easier early season schedule that it'll force the Red Sox and make earlier moves upgrade their bullpen. We'll just have to wait and see ten thanks for doing this. And we'll work on that technology between now next week. Okay. Four and one it's pretty good. Unwanted way. Above my average. I'm usually two hundred percent not eight hundred percents Jamal fame. Tim nicely done. Okay. Thank you, fellas. Thanks him. 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I mean, he's so intense with everything that he does whether it's his preparation or something in the weight room. There's no off days. He's full go all the time. And it's really been a privilege to watch him. Go about his business every day, obviously when he takes the mound. He you wanna make sure you have a really good seat. But I've learned a lot just from watching him prepare and go about his business on a daily basis. What was your favorite part about playing little league baseball? Oh, man. I don't know. I think it's just being outside, you know, with my friends. I mean, I don't know just being outside playing the game. I got to play shortstop that was fun know, even though as left handed that was probably my favorite part actually had this been Throwdown first base. Pretty good. But. My thing. What's the best part about watching little league baseball World Series kind of the same thing? I I like watching the League World Series because how much fun the kids are having like they they're playing for the love of the game. And for each other on the team, and you see the way their families and the communities representing support them a lot of times, they make the trip out to williamsport or something like that. And it's really cool to see. It's really cool to see the energy and the passion that you know, some of the some of our young fans have the game. So it's something that's always on the clubhouse during that week when they're playing lily World Series. And we enjoy watching it favorite player to watch right now in the major leagues poof. You know, since I got traded to the nationally. I've enjoyed watching my trout a lot more not having to share division with him and see him, you know, eighteen nineteen twenty times a season. Mookie Betts, I think those are two of the most exciting is to watch an R game right now. All right, rapid fire questions on this one. Oh, man least daybreak hitter to face. How to? If you could still one pitch from pitcher, what pitch would that be and from hope? Oh, man. It would be an off speed pitch for somebody. Maybe Asia Miller slider. Mustansir on the team. Probably Soto because he can do everything. So let's singer also probably so I don't know. Rope city. Oh. Seattle Chicago, those two probably my in my tops favorite road stadium. I like, you know, I liked playing I like playing in Dodger Stadium last year as it was. It was a really cool place place to play as my first time. But I'm glad I finally got to do it. This is pretty quick right here named that stock. Okay. We have fun with us. All right. Let you know. Okay. Pre one ninety percent of the players have not been able to get these. Okay. Okay. Fit f I p hailing independent pitching. Whoa. But w w obey weighted on base average us the right? Use the ultimate zone rating. WRC plus weight in runs created probably on your perfect pizza pepperoni. Guilty pleasure. Too much net. Flicks. You have one superpower. What would it be? You want to read mines? Geico presents unhelpful home improvement. How To's a slippery bathroom floor can result in expensive hospital bills? So today, I'll show you how to cook a serious fall by filling your bathroom without of plastic balls. Just nail a piece of plywood across the doorway and dump in two thousand multicolored plastic balls, you could try to protect yourself with a bathroom full of plastic balls or you could get liability coverage through the Geico insurance agency. Visit Geico dot com and see how a Ford renter's insurance can be. It's time for some inside heat on baseball tonight. Their gold covers the Saint Louis cardinals for the Saint Louis post dispatch. I say the soul the tunnel. Say it again, I think John or Josh Derek is the best beat writer covering a major. Thanks. All right now. Just shut up at obviously does not apply to you. Derek on the other hand is on a mountaintop. Derek thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me BUSTER. All right. So you may be laugh yesterday with your tweets is so many people on Twitter just say, well, spring training means absolutely nothing exhibition games mean absolutely nothing yet. They kind of do like at some point, especially as we get into the mid range of marts middle of March. You start to see teams you start to see managers players start to get a little bit anxious in it fell like at falling tweet yesterday. That's what was happening as the cardinals are playing the Marlins. Absolutely. You know, you have Richard with the Marlins actually a local kid. Grew up outside of Saint Louis. Played independent ball right out of Saint Louis has a vicious change up that he's turning himself into quite starter there for the Marlins, but he takes a no hitter. No walk through six innings. The only time the cardinals had anybody on base where airs go into the ninth inning the ninth inning with no hitter and out for the bottom of the this was a road game for the cardinals at their home ball field. They shared here with the Marlins, but you know, in out to the bottom of the eighth goes, Paul Goldschmidt to play first base. Dexter fowler. Go play right field. Paul D young to play shortstop. They're going to get their four plate appearances of the game to break up. The no hitter, you know, it would have been a curiosity. Not a calamity, but it would have been a curiosity. No hit and it would affect into this notion that the cardinals just have not produced much offense. And it came on a day when Shilton MRs to your point wanted to unveil the opening day lineup that was his plan until combat carpenters back seized up on them. But still. This was the roll out. This is gonna be the rollout of where guys are likely going to be on opening day their spots, the mix the starters everything. And that's the day that they're almost no hit. So. Yeah, there there was a level of. All right. Well, what's the difference between leaning on process leaning on approach leaning on exit velocity leaving on all the esoteric stats that tell them they're going in the right direction and win. Does that result in some kind of dumping in the box score at some point in time this week they need to see in the box score. So big picture. How do they feel about their progress thing they feel good had a conversation with manager? She'll yesterday, you know, when I was asking him kind kinda how to reconcile you know, what they're saying versus what they're doing. You know? And there's some things that they are clearly doing that you know, that that's going to benefit them in the Laura they're hit more fly balls or put the ball in the air more that does not play all that. Well here at Roger dean stadium Jupiter Florida where like Tyler Neal just crushed a ball. But it was a fly out to the center fielder. That's a home run at any other ballpark in the majors unless you know, the winds gusting in ferociously, so you see things like that. And that that's a positive that they can cling to which he'll told me that was interesting was that there's a learning curve with the new hitting coach Jeff Albert is come over from Houston. He's returned to the cardinals. He was a minor league hitting coach and hitting instructor with the cardinals before leaving with the with the Houston caravan said bolted. After the two thousand eleven season with Luneau and that group, you know, so he's back with the cardinals. But he's bringing, you know, some more tax and different thoughts some different training. He's tans. I mean, he might as well be throwing EP from twelve feet away. It seems at times. So he's bringing some new thoughts in and and she says, no one wants to talk about learning curve. No one wants to talk about adjusting philosophies, but that's what's going on here. And if it wasn't moving the right direction, if we didn't have a destination he said he'd be really worried, but he can see the destination. Clearly and in the coming weeks. They expected the click and then take off. Yeah. And the big question within their lineup. I think is about Dexter Fowler. I wrote a piece I wanna say about ten days ago. I wrote about how for some individual players spring training results can matter and I feel like Fowler and I put him in the category. And so far this spring getting one ninety four to thirty seven on base to twenty two slug following a season, which which he hit under two hundred. I he doesn't. Necessarily have to hit this spring. But I feel like at some points. Again, I'm not in the room the way you're in the room, but finance I looking in it some point they're going to want to be reminded that good results might becoming and right? Feels like that that's not necessarily happening this spring, and it feels like he's unsorted double secret probation right now at a time when they're clearly trying to upgrade the the offense in an improved National League central. Yeah. I I would I'd offer. I look at it this way. And I know this is gonna probably might whatever I'm going to say here is going to fill my Twitter replies. With all types of responses that of different varying shades of anger, but I do think that Fowler's numbers this spring his batting average, particularly and his on base for senators to to be candid our bit misleading. He broke up the no hitter yesterday with the line drive to right field. The we didn't. Him hit last year. We, you know, he's doubled here recently with a with, you know, a swing. He didn't have last year. He put a charge in the ball and the ball was run down in. I think it was right center field, and he couldn't do that last year. And there are different elements of that going on. I also think that he's really playing contact game to spring, which makes me think that he's trying to show them that his swing is is back that it has the exit Lasi they track the exit velocity here. His average exit velocity this spring is greater than his highest exit electricity from last season's put that in perspective. So they see that the batsman is back. They see it as energy is back. They see his life as back. I think he's actually played pretty well in right field. He had a couple of hiccups early on those are gone. He's moving well in right field. The one thing that stands out in this is to your point is he hasn't really walked he didn't take his first walk until a few days ago. And I was talking to him and talking to the manager. That's not his game. His game is not his game is to take a lot of pitches to work over a pitcher and find a way on base whether that's by hitter by walk, but the so few walks that's to me that he's made it a point to like, hey, look, let me show them what kind of contact I make. And then as the season starts are as the season gets closer star working in those usual Fowler at bats. I think his spring has been more encouraging than his numbers would indicate maybe even far more encouraging. Yeah. So the underlying metrics just sum it up. As underlying metrics is underlying numbers are better than what we see in the blind square day. Right. And understanding his approach like he he might be like some of the pitches. He might be he might take and might spit on and avoid during the season. He's showing them that he can, you know, at least drive, and maybe you know, he might grind a little bit more in bats versus the spring where he's clearly going out there to see our what can I do with this pitch? Let me find out. Out. All right in the middle of the wintertime when Paul Goldschmidt was sort of introduced to the Saint Louis entity build the wet at that time talked about how the desire to sign Goldschmidt to a long term deal. We've seen a rash of players get locked up to long term deals this spring were the cardinal stand with any conversation with Paul Goldschmidt are known ago. She according to both sides and both sides of rather private about saying anything at all. You know, Paul Goldschmidt has to be honest. He's apologized to us if you times for not wanting to talk about details, but one of the reasons why because there's not the court approved here is very similar to what they did with role in what they did with holiday. They try to new Jason Heyward. And in each of those cases, they were successful with rolling getting him in extension before the season was over holiday went to free agency. And Hayward went to the cubs. So, but in each case, they all started with the fact. That. Yes. The cardinals wanna have that conversation same with Goldman. But they want him to play in Saint Louis. I they want his family to get a feel for what it what it's like to live in Saint Louis I and they haven't done that yet. You know, president of baseball operations. John Mozelle has been very clear that Paul Goldschmidt has not yet played a home game at Busch stadium. And that is something that is, you know, they expect him to want to see what that's like they want him to know what it's like the live. You know, whether it's in the suburbs, or in the city want to know what life is like in Saint Louis has a cardinal before they make their offer. They think aid that's fair and be they that's a big selling point that they can still give him. So that I think, you know, one of the things I was told when they made that traded Parnell's have a real grasp of what it will take to sign Goldschmidt. And they'll offer it, and they just want what what Cinches it for them. They want you know, the atmosphere, and they wanna know from him that he wants to. Stay here. And then they'll come to feel that could happen pretty early. If if both sides have a lot, you know, if he's really eager to or I think it's real interesting to see how this plays out. Given Paul's comments about free agency. And you know, his view of the stagnant markets the past two years, and you know, does he want one of it? Or does he want to take a stand and be a part of? And last before you go what an ask you about. Jack Flaherty who to me is someone who's going to merge among the best pitchers in National League. I think he's going to be part of the Cy Young conversation. This year. He had a terrific season last year. And he's followed up with what appear you know, has been at least in his results in excellent spring. So for what do you see internet? Yeah. You know, what I'd like to get your opinion on this BUSTER, if I can flip the tables a little bit to me, he has the potential I've been trying to think of like how to describe what clarity do this year. That's come up with as he could be right handed. Patrick corbin. Like a guy who out there and just wiz sliders by you know, by headers throws two hundred innings is that kind of pitcher this year, he has all the makeup. I mean, he he is he's as close as this team has come to having the poise and determination of healthy Chris carpenter, as you know, Adam Wainwright was I mean that's him and rarely been around a young pitcher who is so aware of the greatness within his grasp and so eager to yank it toward him. He is he's got a plan. And part of that plan is even know rejecting the offer from cardinal. So that they had to renew him part of that plan is what he does everyday between stars part of that plan is today faces facing his team miles Michael on the backfield and the competition that that's going to, sir. He has a clear. Bride sense of what is possible and the work that it takes to get there. And I think I think you're right. You're on the cost of of something special with the starter. And I would say similar guy is Jordan Hicks, who is taking great strides towards being the cardinals closer of the here. And now and future. Okay. I'm going to be guilty being captain hyperbole here it which you know, as Buksh is told me that I am in the past. And I wanna make this clear. I'm not comparing Jack flared to this player in terms of what he -ccomplish and his career, not even close. But in watching him pitch less. You're absolutely jumped out of me like, wow, he looks like to me in terms of is f- lettuce schism in his breaking ball, and that confidence, and you talk about someone who is absolutely certainly he's gonna have success. And I mean that in a good way, I think it's a great competitive arrogance that he has he reminds me a lot of watching Bob Gibson with the unbelievable athleticism. You know, the lettuce ISM is the first thing. That you notice about him, and and how that could translate. And as you know, better than I do what a tremendous athlete. Bob Gibson, wasn't his time. Oh, absolutely. Harlem, globetrotter, everything. I mean, the the connection is apt because Bob Gibson thought Jack Flaherty out last year and said I liked this guy. I like what I see in him. I wa- I like watching his starts introduce me to them. And so he had one of the members of the local media introduce or tell flared Vic Bob Gibson was looking for him. Which of course, got a double take from flare. D like does this happen is that is that what's really going on here? And sure enough when flair got back to his locker Bob Gibson's phone number and Email address had been written on a sheet of paper and tucked into his locker. And they've struck up a relationship. They struck up a somewhat of a venture ship friendship and the Email Jack joke that he hadn't had the guts yet to call him. I'm sure that's changed by now. But. You know Gibson is not hit his fondness or what he sees inflator player. And a lot of it has to do with what you're talking about there. The F lettuces them, the, you know, she'll say at the take no quarter. Just this attitude that I have this stuff, and I'm going to put it, you know, I'm gonna test you with it. I'm gonna put it in on your hand. I'm gonna put it away from your back, and let's see what you can do and Gibson. I mean Gibson is one of the leading fans of player and flared e has really engaged with Gibson for advice on how to pro-choice things, and you know, how to approach mentality employs on the mount what to do. You know, anybody that flared like Jack Flaherty is inquisitive as any young player been around. I'm not saying that he's in both. There's a lot of guys who've come through here. And a lot of question flared. He will engage in any conversation with anybody. He thinks he he might borrow something from and you bet when Bob Gibson offers it up. Buster. He's gonna take advantage of it. Heck, yeah. No question. Derek? Thanks for doing SOS learned something talking with you. Yeah. Always a pleasure BUSTER we could go on for awhile. Thank you very much for reaching out. Bleacher tweets. I read of the week BUSTER from T Jones at t and j six twenty nine says I count eight American League teams with a chance to make the playoffs in twenty nineteen. The Yankees Red Sox raised twins Indians Astros as N angels. Am I missing anybody t Jones day, you got it? Those are the teams, and there's probably almost no chance in any of the other seven teams ascend into that group. What do you think? Josh. Yeah. I I was thinking about it this morning. I mean is there anybody else I could put in there. No, no, no. Maybe the why. No. And I'm not putting the White Sox in. But they're the only team that's not in that group that I think you could think about but that really they're not not really Corey. Reichert is next at Corey are underscore twelve wants to know. Do you think the three batter minimum is going to create more pitcher injuries similar to NCWA defensive football injuries against uptempo? Offenses. I don't because I think that they'll also attached some sort of a deal thing, or I guess we got a call it. I l it's an injured list now to this. And there's no way that the players are going along with that like this massive get you'd have to have a conspiracy with the team in the staff and the medical staff the major league baseball will oversee. So I actually don't think this is going to be that much of an issue in the World Series. Maybe playoffs maybe regular season. Don't see players going along with it. We got this from Johnny hustle at hayloft thirty three wants to know who'll be more productive for their team this season Pollock for the dodgers Branly for the Astros Jones for the Diamondbacks. I love Michael Branly on the Astros. First off there's so many right handed hitters in that lineup, and you drop Michael Bramley right in the middle of that this great professional hitter. He's gonna do some damage. Couple more. We got this from Eric E? He's been bringing it recently continues to do. So he's at Esa teric Eric zero do you think? Major league baseball would ever consider adding a defensive showcase to the all star game for guys like angelsen Simmons to get more. Attention, Eric, I'm guessing you're not as old as I am which is really old. There was actually a skills competition back in the day. And that ended when Barry Larkin young shortstop for the reds hurt his arm the end that that was it. So I don't think they'll put the Bill do that again because of risk of injury. Wow. You learn something new every day. But I didn't know that BUSTER. That's really cool. Yeah. Okay. Finally, Jake Snyder at J R S seventy nine I heard intro is taking Bob Melvin out for a special tour of Tokyo, if you could be taken out for a night on the town by one person baseball who would be you can consider their company taste, and or your personal admiration for the person. Yeah. And I like the idea of being taken around town by someone who grew up there, and you never popped to mind. I was Kyle Freeland of the Rockies. You know, he grew up in Denver absolutely love that. That's not the first guy came to mind for you know, anybody in baseball doesn't necessarily have to be a player. So I I'd go jeeter. Yeah. But you're looking for something different than I am tonight. You're kidding me. You know, and I actually had a neat experience in working on east sixty that's gonna come out on Alex gore here in the next couple of weeks. I went to his hometown with him. That was really cool. It was amazing. You know, he took me to this restaurant. Where of course knew the owners, and he was a hero everywhere. We win everyone Fellay kit everyone there was a next door neighbor in in his hometown of Puerto Rico. That was really cool very cool and other good question. Now, the good round of questions today by everybody keeping coming all week long. Use the hashtag Bleacher tweets see, I answered that question feeling like it should be like a learning about the town history. I wasn't like looking to do damage in the town. Josh, mike. I said BUSTER you're making very unfair accusations. That's it for today might thanks Sean Doolittle, two Peres, Tim karston, Josh macrey who produced this podcast every day. Even those days when he has to take a Breathalyzer having a great day everybody. Thanks for listening. Cindy you. I'm like a good learning experience about the town in your like, yes, baby. Take me clubs. Thanks for listening to the baseball tonight podcast if you're playing fantasy baseball don't forget to listen to the fantasy focus podcast checkout all podcasts at ESPN dot com slash pod. Sicker. Baseball tonight, the podcast.

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