Cord and Sara McCoy: From racing around the world on The Amazing Race, to running a ranch and raising a family, Cord and Sara are true examples of The Cowboy Code.


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Even cute critters five packs or twelve fifty and ten packs are just twenty five bucks at your local old navy or old navy dot com see old navy dot com for details. These. Sound. To be. Soldiers. We. Really love. My favorite cowboy and cowgirl of all time. Sarah Cord McCoy. Old. Tolls the to toll. Oh. So how's it going, guys? Going today yeah. Just trying to keep up with her. Just turned. Just into how L. my gosh. I was. I was talking Lisa. I met on the amazing race, which was such a wild experience court, your three time amazing racer and when we did all stars you guys. Everybody was like, Corden, jet, they're the one. Watch out for their unstoppable do not. The cowboys are GonNa win y'all have this is ability to do everything in such a record time. If you kimball a car, you can put together half the time. We felt the other way we thought we were so far behind meander fast the judges just lost all day and we're lose the funny thing about it is. It's so much like lack laugh. You think I'm already done the race once second time ought to be really good at it. I'M GONNA win for sure in you run into the Saint John's. Probably didn't last ounce the think you're prepared for him. You better say time is still tough. It's is still it's Jones. Was it frustrating knowing that everybody was trying to get y'all out because y'all were such a tough team that frustrating knowing that was against you the whole time. Well, I. Guess we never did. Likely that. We were a tough team on her own challenges through everything. We didn't really intentionally not buddy with off. Most tight. We were so off by ourselves just felt along but. It was good. You need advice. Through the race, we didn't run together but you know we we still stay on the ice. The research is the way of the same common story and we we had an experienced together. There's only a small group of on the world at done. Danila experiences the challenges in the world in I, tell people that the biggest blessing that you get from the amazing race is seeing and realizing what you are in the air I mean we're bliss where we live in Mogi today. Do you keep up with from the race? Was Seeking Bud. L.. Dollars out there I guess for a lot of US you know social media these days from Nashville to California Oklahoma same pretty close together that we can. We can on. facetime conversation or watching the kids grow up it's it's pretty neat in any time you serve out with the racers. You see what they're doing in the late hits back takes back memories like old number. So six when they About the. After trail. The. It is something that kind of rage vacuum town. Well, Janai we owe you our whole raise experience because. Know when you watch us back, Jin was working cord so hard because we were at one of those apps where we had a simple a car, I was having a full blown meltdown is I cannot assemble anything and it was all in a different language I. Think we were in China and we get to. My God. We had a symbol this like fifty, seven, million piece electronic car and I was like I can't do it. I like balling apart and didn't like court court. You've gotTa Give Express Pass we're the weakest. Were not threat go ahead and burn it up right now. Yeah. It. was. Usual to. I feel like we had this this this card would people always begged for all down the last night word is. It so We wanted to get rid of to, of course, your young. Ones. Well. I have to say Y'all are class act the whole time such gems. Incredible guys in. I know the first time that cordray. Scranton married is that right? Like, the I I. I first done actually I knew I was going to go on this trip around the world I guess I wanted her hand before I left. I asked certain Mary me a week before we left no race the first time. The funny thing is that non you know is the second time they called US and says. Would you be interested in writing again? Yeah. Of course in said that we would leave you know the the second week of November. In acid aw I'm sorry. Getting Ready to this wedding for year and a half. So as We. Can't they call back and they said, well, if we let November fourteenth, would you go so I actually got married on the thirteenth in golfing around the world without brothers honeymoon brother get. I got married and just lift the second time in our. He'd come home with a million. The, what was it like for you? Sarah when when cord left to go race on the world, not one, not two three times in the middle. So I am you're engaged second time you just got married I mean what is it like when he's just gone because there's no contact you're gone for a month you can't communicate at all. You have no idea where he is what's going on with you and your world during that Utah's you try to stay so busy because you can't help but be a little nervous because it's Crazy world out there and. You're like. They're having fun in hopefully the I. Know it is. It's crazy people ask me and It's just funny because they literally call you and you get so excited to get the phone call from the amazing race in their. Lives. So, they call and check in with you like the production would recall it once a week. Yeah. Just to say hey. There live. That's basically it's like literally if You know. Your. Work. Are, there any more details you can give? Ya. Never went. So. Dog I feel like the production team they are sealed lips are sealed like they don't give you any extra information. It is the bare minimum. Reserve. Okay. So I wanNA, talk about y'all's. Live on a farm because you by are true cowgirls in. And you got a little little cowger, salsa. What. Yes you want you. Know. About it. What do you got a Saito so tell us everything. Yeah. Yeah, she's starting to talk so much so fun by know every day. Really feel like we get to live out our dreams. Your. To surround livestock votes raised that way. So on the Knicks race whole in environment in culture, it's so fun saints on. Difficult every day what today's read you don't know how we're going to get out or you're going to need more feet is just like. Out. Just, trying to survive. But. Some fun the what do you do? Every? Dan. What is a day in the Lai might? Toward Rex? Getting Ready To production sales a year. So we raised and training and sell bucking bowls. The bowls that you see on TV we raised three. I switch seems a little bit ice radicals professionally, and now Cadillac the coach of the Bulls. So always worked on a lot of got production sale coming up here at the rage. In November. So getting our catalogs together. We actually braid the option, right if you're to the rage in the. Circus can't set up air mean that concert, your them or so. All Day, to seize the keep us busy but this weekend has a big more. That's on TV and Talso take most of that in the above those showcase those. scattered. full-time. Okay. So you bring very good. You are a bull rider I don't know if you're still writing both but you are professional bowl writer. What kind of crazy person is snow bull rider. That's yeah I think it. Started or for fun when I was just a little bit older than in Tulsa. Junior. IOS Get on camps skiers for fun but by the time I was asked loves. Bowls in Romania. So. Then I got full scholarship goad southwestern. Oklahoma state on the RODEO. but after college straighten fashionable writing. It saints so dangerous and crazy, but you know when you're discount A. Natural good leave for so much time and effort into is someone right to check for word great seconds. It's hard not to do it. I guess there's a lot of the drawbacks of it woke up in love different hospitals around the country. Stitches broken bones but. Again, love to do it. Tonight some. Eighteen, hundred pound animals of. Late, has lately. But I guess you scroll love into it in. As. That was riding bulls. We count was raised in our own bulls practical in an Hispanic. He played baseball your whole career and then switching to coachee. Scientists still be around or almost every week in in be involved. It's it's a pretty exciting other lil in your body. Probably. Thank you what are you? What do you think when you're in? And the gates are about to open your about to ride this animal that is doing everything. He can get you off his back in kill you maybe I mean I mean sure that's not as goal, but he doesn't care. What are you thinking in those seconds before the gates open? Well, a tell him. He was kind of like riding a roller coaster with no seatbelt a main when it Kinda goes upside down. You'd be like how many reporters that we've done interviews with. All all central ball will then they set added shoot and they can feel an eighteen hundred pound animal radi now might almost in real. Yes So they can kind of say, yes, it's so it's definitely when when you see the gate open up a not that your flashes before your eyes, but you go to the fagin react in real fast is you know what a a small mistake can cause. Do, you have a pre riding ritual like how to get your mind writes. Pray Own. I raise phrase go routines like the any other sports this. Last one, two, three, four, five, six. You know. You're such. A reaction order is talking about you know being on a hidden not. The. Best Way to learn at nine mile fastball is to see it. You a million times so Same thing it's it's a reaction four. When they opened the gate at time of fake is just it's all all reaction. So Brett call with issue in. It's just it's game time you go. And Sarah. What are you? I mean like you have to be a certain type of bad ass woman to to be married doing this because why what? He's GonNa Amazing Race you're like every single time he's throwing himself into the per agers What's your routines prepare for that? Cord lots of Cray Cray In you just wait, you'll be waiting by the phone every time if want them to see that Hong Hall from him. And if you didn't get one right away. Did start laying a little bit but now extreme faith and lots of prayers. Sarah one time to the stands as she watched the other bull riders. you still have erased. Let me be your your joints show. Yeah. You don't ever I I never got some point where you're just like watching it sitting there calling me like online with. Just said it's. All. But Oh God. Yeah. Are you both kind of Adrenalin Junkies? King. I wouldn't really consider myself that much not I. Guess you get. You crave it some but you know I don't just like get unwarranted really want to jump out of the day like. Mrs. or something there's. There's certain things said, knows that might. Kicks off a but. I. Like what? started. Jeep is has no of all set. Up You know like you just make up. Writer now that I'm. Not sure. What? Not The whole time and the next thing you know you're writing for your like really it's funny to talk. Now that he's retired, we watched the bull riders in we. We're like we're kind of like Oh man maybe he should give it up a running engine shorter version out there. You think much. Did you. Ride stuff. Were you in the in the rodeos to? Yes. So you're up my my. Sisters are. My? Sisters Order. Are you I'm second youngest okay. Second youngest. Yes. So in our dad rode professionally as well but we grew up around this so. That You're win your husband's. But Yeah you were. Around it and So what are some I feel like everyone needs to know some of the basic. Like. Where the Cowboy Code, the cowboy cowgirl code like nobody is better cowboys, cowgirls. Like keeping their word. Following through like. Of the codes that you live by because, I, feel like that's lost on a lot of people in the world but like when you're a cowboy and a cal, you have this like certain set of standards and codes just like just how it is. So what are some of those? About a call, the total west. The. Honesty would be the one of the biggest things. You know it takes so long to earn in in one day to lose it forever and I. Grew up with sanding behind your word you know. Watching. You say that when you stay at it. Kind, of idea. I think we may be disarmed famous Kinda grow up with the you know working hard of your. Is Way on think that'd be free of the main things that I think about it I think the. Popular thing about this is not. Being accountable studied in your the cowboy hat or the it's out of the way a lot in. It's kind of a popular thing I. really like you know you can live downtown New York City in live that the West that cowboy way because if I walk out without a hat on even more sneakers. The cows wouldn't care undressed for the house. You know it's it's the way you treat them feeding them. Knocking wearing. Bermuda shorts still feed them and they'd still be happy. So the dress code is not not yet. Way. The Western the. I agree, Sarah What do you think? Do you have anything to add to the codes? I agree. But also, WANNA. Add near lands living. Grateful. Grateful for every day in be kinds I think Cowboys are the kindness housing have roles as a hall of the kind of world. So always having that. Willingness, to help others and I. Realized it's a IT'S A it's a small world. Slight Sarah says though you know treating someone bad the news travels fast in in it's always. In. The. Role is yet so fast in some places that you know offending somebody is not make deal they can go to the next person. When the fan knows next person you're gonNA meet as well. Saints to hold more more weight behind it that you know I don't get mad the next guy's not gonna be business with me and I think that's a a way of glass this the still live in the the cowboy the Western way. I feel like. The. Cowboy. Is unlike anyone's work ethic also, and the lack of complaining like I feel like cowboys and cowgirls don't complain. Say. House get out or something's happened with your graphs or whatever's going on a you really can't sit around and complain about it because you just got to take action right? Listened. In democracy. There were some things that. I learned on a nice race may be better. In the air was. With, those slaves that I didn't really know how to do when I started but you know the the persistence of a fasttrack and learn how to do this jaap the faster I can be done to go to the next leg the rice in. The oft take with me today is like I'll step into a new job or new. Challenge in will think back to the amazing race thinking you know what? Yes just grinded out even if it's like carrying thousand bags if the you know the the the fasttrack area that I fifty, the bachelor, the rest of them go. Like I learned on the race that is still affects the challenges we had today. Well and Sarah I, want you to know this court I. Don't know if you noticed to the cowboys they got stuff done faster than anyone even a big didn't know how to do it by court is saying the cowboys would figure it out. It's like the way your brain work y'all could just assess the situation and knock it out of the park as like. Than It was almost like magic times. It was crazy. He didn't feel like that at the time. Great. So, why are some of the things that you took away from? You said you learned some stuff. I. Learned a lot of stuff to. Yeah I think. What we started with. Just the appreciation I I know a lot of. Sri Lanka, India there were. Some challenging went to. And? You, don't. Just be raising Tulsa today in all kids learn. Free. Free challenging locations that went through in May and you know you you take off on the race no they they must have million bucks I must get. By the time you get around the world. It back the. You don't feel like racy but may nominee more you WanNa win i WanNa do a good job belie. Who am I to to wine about anything of some places that we cease? I totally agree just appreciation of realize how blessed we are and how much we have over here like it's unbelievable and how much how little it takes to actually be happy. If you have a happy marriage and a life that you love your better than most. Ilya. The editor was one of the things and not start bad about some of the coaches they win in but it might be the wealth of the countries didn't always relate exactly to the the happiness that they had. Some of the richest you know most prevalent locations restore locations in the world is kind of rotate when gifts direction. 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Lido pizzas square because Ledo pizza never cuts corners, check it out at little pizza. Sarah I wanNA talk to you guys about Y'all's journey to Tulsa. Your sweet little girl who everyone hearing this beautiful little buzzing chirp Angel in the background. You guys had a seven year journey never and apply going GONNA. Get Emotional because now I'm a mom we struggled for like a year to have sunny but like y'all y'all waited seven years for Tulsa. Hobson to me about that journey and. Yeah we'll. I'll. Start Actually met my wife Sarah in Tulsa, Oklahoma in. It was a I. Don't know if it's a joke I had a girl person You know that we would never toll sims the classic joke but it can up. Over us the same fury. But Sarah she went more riding on Friday night and she told her dad that the you know she was arrested. Hey. originally can't wait to kill him to tell us data zillow. Indian our Dan's knew each other we'd never met so. Saturday night. Missolonghi. Girl walks out and said Hey dad we tell you they low. Dad's basically set y'all up. Status up but. Years. Taking. The love? You. Bill Sas. You met in Tulsa Oklahoma in. Terms of store. Well, I, have to add this. This might make me sound a little bit crazy but I'm not that crazy. You have Isis Tres Laura. But he did, he kinda treat us like voice. We had really I. Don't know we had talked about friends getting married and things like that. With our dad I just have conversations like that but. Like I said my dad told him happy shirt tells us this court high new him newest dad and all that. In the next day after I met. I called my dad and I said. Hey. I to tell you something don't tell anybody this but I'm gonNA marry that being how did you now? What was it? That's the biggest one. So crazy. But it's like literally love at first sight issues you argument for two years. So Larry Audio. On my goodness but sweep your. It. Literally, it was like that for side. So What what, what do you think? What? What was it that made you say cord is the one. I can't tell you mixture of is just the emotions were disarm wellman's. Weird. I didn't tell you that. I. Ran Really. I'm GONNA marry you. But why nanny played hard to get for two years that intentional? Years not two years. I I do think junior. We probably would have gotten married right away. Really fast, I just this little bit but. It wasn't. It wasn't incident for you to. Know I. Never I guess. We started. texting back and forth. than. Of Israel has more we had in Tomlin. You want to spend more time each other. I. Will Say the first time this came and. When she left I remember week we stopped at wrongs air. Aspirin whatever she left and when Sheila I thought choose the one like she was. Girl, you know. It was another you're at, we actually got married. We were engaged for year and then. On Thirteen, he looked amazing race on the fourteenth or something like that. But, no being mother been a lifelong dream of mine I can remember. I went to college in. Marketing. PLAS might seniors. Me and remember Professor Sara. Asia for cooperation what would it be and I had no answer for we want to be a mom. I remember his jaw dropping glitch. Being being a mother and being Harris. Has Been a dream of ours I. Say since the day we got married. In. Kit. Kit. But as a young until you think instant, you can relate. The instant, you're ready to become a mother. Happened just like. A small your friends you know and it did it in. Again extreme faith I just kept telling myself. You Know God has a plan to state patient. Don't get too worked up. It'll happen once nets happen you know will one year pass to your. Three year. at that way, we're kind of light. and. We did go and get a little bit of medical help in. Helping in their all your everything's perfect. and. Another. Another year to passed in we we're kind of getting. I don't know we were looking at each other like. This. Why has? Your stories about you'll. Play any away with the pregnant again or you know. I know how did you deal with that because I know you're just in the one year that we were waiting and feeling like what if this never happens like it was really one of the hardest most depressing years of my life because the same as you it's like I wanted to mother more than anything. And then there's this thought. Never happens how did you deal with those emotions? I I can't tell you just one day at a time. Honestly. I guess I'm probably not the best doing. The pain and hardship of it. So I'm just trying to distract myself in. At the same time just keep praying. To I feel like. We gave away. Gave Up. WE'RE NOT WE'RE? Not. Just really laid down. I. Knew in my heart to in some way way or another going to be. Adoption or whatnot but right when we were quite where we are getting ready to see. More intense I guess uncle help. We found out we were. Just been. Yeah it is. that. When they finally let go of the like the control or whatever I mean. That's sort of how we were. We had had an early miscarriage. Then I had another miscarriage. My Garneau was like I. Just think you're GONNA have to. Go to the next steps and I was so over in depressed and sad I was like i. am done all this and then that's what we got pregnant to when we weren't even thinking about it. Why is it when you finally let go of that control that it happens you hear that all the time I don't know I, mean I can't help but think that God is really really copied to us saying hey. You know this is this is on my time. This is my plan you know in just to relate to overtake matter what we go through challenges in life of were. Do you feel? Waiting for seven years has made y'all be different parents than you would if you've got pregnant right away. Definitely. Definitely. I see people. Kids when they're a late teens. I'm forty years old ahead. You know my job is being dead in like. Thank God that would waited this long. I don't know how the. Hell this let me go run around like crazy. Kim So It is it is. It is got Zombie. I'm like for whenever she comes but You know we may be more time getting others. To add. I. Just had extreme appreciation every day when I wake up. Her mother. I did. Of Motherhood. Did Not. NAPPING yes. Sarah I. totally relate to I feel that emotion as well and I feel like more because of that I I'm this is clearly how useful to. Get, frustrated with a little things and yesterday somedays I am so tired and I am so happy for bedtime and I just want to have a glass of wine and get in the back by myself but every day. I. Am so thankful that I get to be her mother I don't know if I would have had that same appreciation either and I can't imagine when you're for seven years I had this was one year. So it's just like I do think it's a blessing in the long run it can totally be a blessing. Your mindset in appreciation. For sure for sure the so called little battles of motherhood parenting in stuff. It's like it's so fun I love it I. Love It. When we're challenge, you know it's just pure joy all time good bad or otherwise it's We just feel so blessed where so record never take a day. Of being parents for granted. So what has parenthood taught you guys in how has it shifted your marriage? Another doesn't need question. I it's shifted our. Marriage at all Handed It's its own challenges. You YOU WANNA? Be. The Best Day at the I think it's the maybe more responsibility for. Example. If you look vocal was once you on right now. You know you wanna be the example of. What she needed In a man, like it's a big responsibility in. In today everywhere that you say she knows he takes the Digest. Responsibility. A good day. I. Would say to. Know have to remind myself semir journey and like I said like absolutely in love with this little girl but I'm also love with this man and. I do feel remind myself us the Hudson has to come I had to remind myself that you know as it's hard. We get so wrapped up. In being being a mother than. A wife. So that that's always daily battle. Spin trooper. especially. Like for me that first year of Sonny's life which I feel like now she's one hundred eighteen and all the stuff like the first six months for sure. I was an emotional mess I couldn't even I I just I could not I could not see the forest the trees for for like my old life like it took me a while to get my own bearings in like. View like I could be myself again and that this a little bit of a transition period. Sure. Just coming up with your new normal Still looking for. Maybe never cubs. that it does but you secret or the the big. Races not ended yet so. We're still going I. Know I kind of thought when amazing. albums. And that's a so drew. There was like a moment when the amazing race ended. I was like, why haven't venture like this again in my life and then it's like, Oh yes. Yes. Yes. Parenthood. Totally. Owner to you about your business too because you not only are this incredible Cavero bomb wife all that you have a very thriving business which I have several Britain's sue I. You're going to have to say, say it our. Money or are part of money, and it's incredible like hair shampoo product but also lifestyle it's really. Mentally it's all about the lifestyle too and like getting pain right and like positive thinking and like teamwork and talk to me about how you got involved with that that has like just opened your. The new way. So it was actually about a year before I became pregnant lie here was bred shape. Money here silence juicers since the products in I'd mother four major failure. But anyway I knew these products for different it's. Just. You know what? I'M GONNA use on Swiss people that can benefit from them. I'm just GONNA die band. Have nothing you know. At the time little. Did I know how much this opportunity? So I just Oban and it quickly falls where it was more. So platform from the amazing products. Amazing skin hair amazing while it was a platform for me to To help other women and to show them that they can believe in their selves that can change their life. They can do anything they add do win. It's. Probably relate to us or to me, it's a daily battle here. We're not. We're not kidding all feel like we're not like surf girls so it's just. This big community in culture in that I'm just so grateful as most importantly I never ever had. Pulsa. Crazy. The day gets. Done. I on every hour. In Instill Tower Ob Rancher the away from. US. To me I, feel like as a mother who also wants to have my career going as well. But doesn't WANNA miss out on a child's live I wanna be a great wife. I want to be involved with all that I totally think that this day and age opportunities like this for women to get involved with amazing companies and work from home and be able to build and grow and really use that. The limit for how high you can go with it and you can get on your own time what an opportunity that we live in as women this day and age where we don't we have to sacrifice 'cause I don't WanNa teach sunny that you're going to grow up and get married and not chase a career have a dream like i. want her to know that like you can do it all and. Tiring and it's not easy but you can and I think that's amazing. Great for sure what a great opportunity. Are you here hello? Hello. I. See all. Can you hear us I can hear you. Yes no art. Or here. No. Like. You said, it's like. To be able to have tools that at my side every hour day even win I'm hustling and working. Inspiring. was possibly the end. I. Know I know. She hears a lot of that like hordes said, they're always listening their ears are sponges they buy up so Kind of lead the pack. Were her younger generations that. We don't have to pump that trap a society that we have to go go to work clocking lockouts out centered yesterday care mix somebody else richer. We really were payroll terms dream as big as we want to drain. So I'm. I'm need that opportunity, but I did it's been a fun ride yourself. Crazy enough. Wow. That's amazing. Also earlier when you're talking about the cow cowboy. Code. Sarah you said something about respecting the Land and accord you're talking about the animals tell me ause relationship with animals because I feel like. Sometimes. It's we don't as. Will like in the world I live like I'm not interacting with animals on a daily basis like you are like working with them almost as partnership. Tell me how you guys view animals and how that partnership works. Well I mean I guess. You'd take horses for example, I mean. The only thing that you're gonNA get out of the horses. Wait wait wait for the enemy and this it's gonna a relationship with them they. WanNa work together with you He's the. For Sarah's family they live in our may may raise warranty. We raise You don't moles and here. Well. To even feel like that you're you're feeding the world. Not just not just our walls for for entertainment, you watch on TV and. You know those those after love to do it anyway you're just opened the gate. They realize the challenge in the battle between one hundred, fifty pound rier on them in old if they can move faster seconds that they win and they realize net. I think you know is taken care of the land wail because if you abuse land. It's not gonNA. Give back us in. This range I'd like to be buried under veil three thirty or forty years but you know final treat the land way I'm not going to get next year celeste the next fifty years. So I think you feel like you're you're stewards of the land of. Not Not overgrazing take care of your tablet acre of land always make it better in even when I when I build fiennes at your feel like Hewlett Sunday Tulsa. Husband. Will be working on the same reg. So the the job that I do today is. Generations to come. So. I feel like that's just. So why's to think of it like 'cause sometimes we live in a culture words like get everything you can as fast as you can and don't really value the long run that in the long run it's GonNa. Be got if we don't now the land in town don't work just that way. You've gotTA. Take. Care of it. You know even even this year to a to. Survive next year I mean it's it's that fast of of a turnaround in a abusing land or. Taking care of your cattle because If. You don't get them. They can't back you site your kids out there your family. You Care Forman. They every day in the most challenging base for for them is what you have to be there. You know you talk about the when storms roll in her icestorm snowstorms even in the heat of the summer being too hot so. You know everybody wants to be accountable in Sunday two degrees sinus the rest it's when it's A. Freezing old for her one, hundred, ten degrees for a week that. S, when cowboys uniform Amanda. Will say, Germany though. That's right. What do you? How do you survive those hard times like the drought than the heat waves and all that like what what do you do to making? Pro. Water water shade I think would be most important a you'll in the heat of the summer. You talk about the the winter special where they're from in Iowa is having coverage for those. Gideon. In, you know having enough feed in protein and fat on their bodies to be able to sustain the hold is well so. You know it's it's hundreds of years and several generations that have trying the farmers and ranchers and the catalysts. Welcome take the temperatures. Talking about this team, the breeding of. Different regions from Canada to Mexico. Attack the heat in the south. In the north. So it's a lot about technology it is. Okay so I have a few more questions than wrap up because I know you're on the big middle of doing all sorts of stuff you said, you're like having a big step. Up. So what are some of your secrets to marriage because I think you guys have a? Really. Strong marriage saying it's perfect everyday but I feel I feel the commitment three you guys and I feel the love even. Like. Personally as a couple all the time I feel like I do and I feel like y'all have just a strength in your marriage and what are some of the secrets to it I guess I mean a no, that sounds. A. Lot of people has. Taken the. Ease your way but will we'll stay married if this Nixon had enough it's a it's it's a it's a commitment in not you know. Saying, the Word Commitment Lightly Sarah's going to be my wife and now it's The. I Dunno it's committed a week and we have our troubles NARC struggles, of course, our challenges against the Zoe Bites. you know but a never felt. That one day you know what if she does that one more time? I would add to court said that no creates. Mindsets. Always. When we are struggling because we do we don't have her amazing relationship, but I will say there's lots of commitment there. That I try to have that mindset. You rejoice when things get tough in when things are perfect or win he it'll or win our finances are in horrible shape or you know we're grieving about something whatever it is. You know it's It's GonNa make stronger in the long run and I. Always. In remind myself of that because I I'm serious over seniors launch to be ten years. It's November. Crazy hours. Was So fast. But it is just like when we were when we thought we weren't GonNa make you know which we never said that but you know those days feel like, oh, my goodness hard. This is hard. Working is it's work, but it's worth. In any of those hard times, they made a so much stronger in the end. So in a way to have that mindset to rejoice when when it's not easy, I, love that Sarah, that is such a good piece of advice because you're. So right if you weather the storm, you're so much stronger for it. So rejoice African love that. Okay. So I'm going to wrap up with leave your light and basically what do you want people to know? What do I want people to know? My goodness you know I I I. I guess I don't know I. Mean there's so much but I feel like I can't help but not go to my go to's in that is behind respectable be hardworking no, they were worthy. Able in don't give up when things get hard. Keep going. You're worthy. Amen. CORTEX like I can't I can't. I don't know I think. EU, you definitely want people to be able to. Say your walk in. Be Able to answer all the rest of the questions like hey. Cords ex in court is why and coordinate honest and cord worked hard in in a don't want to have to be you walk around waving my flight telling people that like I wanted to see that in my way of loss that I am good husband and I am a Christian, I am. Honest so they. Just. Showing it in your walk knits. that. After. The cowboy way yeah. The cowboy I love it you guys I love you guys so much. I'm so happy we got to have this conversation I. Hope I get to see on the flesh and blood one day again soon or not soon to sometime and I love watching you guys I think are such incredible people examples, parents all of it y'all are just lights to this world and I feel so happy and blessed to know you both but thank you for taking the time to come on here for having us in right back you. Well, you got a love you both and tell jet I said, what's I haven't seen him mazing race either. We got you one day. We'll do an amazing race reunion with all families that would be fun or at least. On Yeah Yeah I mean we'll put it out there. We'll see. All right. Okay. Guys. We'll take over joining me. Thank you. Bye. Heo Caroline Hobby mix match and masks in old Navy facemask for the family, their triple layer cotton, and designed according to the CDC's recommendation for non-medical facemask plus they come in handy multi packs, incisors, sizes for kids and adults with new adjustable ear loops for Max, come Venus, and because you should cover your face and not your personality they come in tons of Princeton patterns from tied I to Cammo even cute critters five packs twelve fifty and ten packs just twenty five bucks at your local old navy or old navy dot com see old navy dot com for details. It is bobby bones. I. WanNa tell you about make it up as we go one of the COOLEST podcast coming out this year brought to you exclusively by Unilever's nor and magnum brands and featuring original music by scarlet birth Creator Director, an executive producer and Co Creator Gerry Goosestep. 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