Shanaplan: What everyone is missing about the 49ers pick at 3 + draft mailbag


Now that the nfl draft is here you need to subscribe to the sp nation nfl. Show our team of national and local experts at the nfl draft covered from every angle. Plus we're bringing in big name guests and leaving mind from around the industry subscribe to the sp nation nfl. Show wherever you get your podcast for the best coverage of the nfl draft and beyond welcome to the show. Plan this episode right before the draft. That's what episodes my name kyle. Posey i am. I joined by my co host as always lacoste across. What ok p. I know we. I wasn't on last week. I was down a little bit after having the code vaccine. But we're back ready to go. The nfl draft is this week a couple of days and we're fired up man couldn't be more excited. There is a lot that is going to happen over the next couple of days. There is a lot that has already happened and these rumors are not going anywhere. Mag jones is not going anywhere. We if you have not heard it yet. Rob gra and myself interview trae lance on tuesday. That was great. He was a great interview. Gave us just a good conversation than is genuine conversation. That's a player that is easy to root for and if he does end up being the pick with the forty niners. It'll be fun to watch his career. Unfo- let's start with. Monday's press conference. We're not going to dig too much into it. Because it didn't feel like we learned anything new but at the same time there was a little more aggression than usual from one head coach. And that is kyle shanahan especially when the conversation came up about his current starter. So we weren't going to get any new information out of kyle as far as what. He likes about certain quarterbacks who the quarterback is interested in he did not budge off of that but he was very evident that it seemed you know jimmy is not coming back and that was pretty much the main takeaway he kept saying starter and then he was pushing back more than ever. It seemed like so when you listen to watch the press conference what was your main takeaway other than kyle hates jimmy. So you and. I have been watching cal. Shanahan's press conferences for what a couple of years now and especially over this last year during cova during the pandemic all the press conferences have been zoomed. So you and i. We both don't live in santa clara but we've been able to watch every single one During the week through the season postseason preseason all that stuff. That was the most aggressive negative defensive. Whatever you wanna call it. That i've seen cal shanahan in a long time and you know it's not like the team was particularly great last season and they had a lot of tough moments yet. Kyle was always common collected in those postgame. press conferences. midweek press conferences. He never seemed rattled yet for some reason on during monday's press conference he seemed rattled. He seemed defensive. He was coming out and saying things that i just wouldn't expect from him Especially the comments about We wouldn't even know if he'd be alive on sunday. Whatever i thought that was a little crazy just given what's going on and it was just weird to see from kyle and it got me thinking like okay. Like why. why are they doing this right. And a lot of people assumed it was because they thought it was gonna be jones or whatever. I just it just seemed a little too convenient for me. That kyle shanahan who wasn't scheduled to be on his press conference. He was the late edition. He comes on and he's going to tip his hand and show that mack jones is a pick. It's just a little too convenient for me and my biggest takeaway is that. They've got something in the works. I'm not saying that they're acting or anything like that but it was. It was just a little too weird for me on monday. They've been acting this entire time. That's been my take way. And i joked with rob that kyle came on to essentially prevent john from saying anything. He was very quick to just of not so much. Shut anything up. But he just wasn't going to let anything get out so we're gonna bounce back and forth here and we're gonna take some questions as they come in so restore is asked what is more important to address in the second round based on the draft depth. So thank you rick by the way so. We don't have to talk about quarterbacks entire time so we're cornerback interior offensive line or edge. He leans edge. I would agree with you based on you. Know the the the first of all san francisco job of adding depth however some of the depth. They're still going to be questions as far as injury. And john lynch they wanna pass rusher. That's what they said. They want four guys that can get after it. The guy that they just signed from the rams he has never rushed the passer full-time. Why not use your second round. Pick on a guy so i would go edge but at the same time man. It's been almost two decades since they've spent a draft pick on a cornerback in the first two rounds. And that would be very very tempting because there are going to be guys in there Right around that range. That are going to be tough to pass up. So greg newsom if that's a guy from northwestern that starts to slide your guy right there of love to even think about trading up for him a don't rule that out or tyson campbell from georgia. Those two are my guys in the second round but to answer your question. Rick edge one. S- cornerback one one. B two and then interior office of line is a little further down on but something is important to. Just keep seeing the cupboard. Add add more bodies because you never know when you're gonna hit especially on interior office blind. I guys hit become stars. That are not first or second rounder. So that's how i'd rank them. How about you a gosh. Yeah i think the forty niners in free agency did a lot better job than you. And i thought they were able to re a lot of guys. They've since added depth Arden key and mo- hearst a long defensive line so they've they've up where in the draft. I don't have to go reach for a specific need which they've had to do in the past. I would say edge and corner neck and neck. I tend to lean corner a little bit just because the guys that they have starting. Jason verita Emmanuel moseley kahlon williams. All missed i think combined like fourteen or fifteen games last season and they're basically an injury on the outside away from a dante johnson or something like that play and i think that's an area that the forty nine lead to shore up and i know you think this is a strong cornerback class especially with the guys that you listed who. I'm not sure if they'll be there at forty three. But maybe the niners trade back into the first round or something like that and grab one of those guys that you mentioned earlier but we the question. Yeah we have another question and we're just gonna keep rolling with these question. So ellard nick at ellard nick on twitter asks for united need receivers. Do you expect them to have two second round picks and which receiver are you getting a bigger guy marshall deep threat yami brown slot rondo more. Does it change based on the qb pick. That's a great question because who is throwing the ball matters on who you're going to select under this assumption. Let's assume that a cash and i are going to. You know think it's ohio state's quarterback so in that scenario doesn't really matter the type of fever it's going to mean you know the guy who complements the forty niners wideout so brennan and deebo samuel assuming those guys are going to be healthy and ready to play so in that scenario and let's answer his question i do you expect them to have two second round picks the reason that they would have to second round picks is because based on shan's racks in to jimmy garoppolo. Nobody like why do we have to pretend like jimmy. Garoppolo being moved. Is this big shot. We can saying it all along at the beginning of the process. People were not happy about that. I remember reading comments on ninety nation. Like we know we get a kyle. Don't think or you don't think that jimmy's good or you're acting like we're going to in the world is going to be over if jimmy is under center next year. I don't feel that way. I just feel like if you look at what is happening. It is evident that the team does not feel confident that he's going to be healthy and i also feel like at the same time. His play has something to do with that as well but anyway yes they're going to have a second pick because dario they trade a they get a second round. Pick for jimmy garoppolo in that sense terrorists. Marshall be a great addition. Because you know bigeye strong can fast can create. After the catch. I would go out of the names. You listed dombi brown a hundred times out of one hundred. Because i think he is very good i think he is going to be a guy that will flourish under kyle incoherent shannon says because he can really fly man and he is a lot better after the cats and give them credit for so that would be my pick. Do you have any receiver in the second year. Your kind of loving. Yeah so just go back and answer knicks question about will they have to second round picks. Say no so. Yes i do. Think that trade jimmy garoppolo. I do think they get a second round. Pick back i think trade back into the first round I think you hit on this. They wanted to ask the presser. The niners are just down to what i think seven roster spots after they released me. You're right right so seven guys. They've got nine picks right now. So obviously this roster is set up in such a way that i don't even think if they had seven or eight takes all those guys with compete to make the roster so they're better off trying to get guys in specific spots they're really wanted to thinking contribute right away and so i think there's a high chance of trade back into round one which would mean that they would use pick forty three in something else to move back up but i think they have that one second round pick from a jimmy garoppolo trade on the receiver front if we just think about what. Kyle's liked in the past what he's look for. He's continually trying to find that big slot receiver a couple years ago. That took jalen her. That obviously hasn't worked out for injuries. They spent seventh round pick juwan jennings as he was hurt last season. That didn't work out so in the slot. He's trying to find a bigger player. And i'm not sure who necessarily fits that mold in. This year's draft will be available in that forty to fifty range. But i think that's the tripe type of player that they're trying to acquire. Let me ask you this. What is there a better chance of the forty niners trading back into the first round or is there a better chance of the forty niners having two second round picks Better trade back into the first round so let's not feeling no no that's nother of that so let's give them one position or one player at each position that we think and assuming that it feels like it's kind of narrow minded to say you know it's going to be or it's going to be a corner it's going to be an edge rusher because you know for all we know cost shanahan and forty niners could covet nausea harassed and for good reason because very special player. But i would go for ed's joe triumph and for corner greg even sooner. Yeah so edgy. Took my guy would have gone joe for corner. I think is going to be gone a lot higher than we sink. So i'll go with your other. Texan campbell from georgia. Love love love it. Forty niners red zone. Podcasts youtube comment. As what was your biggest quote you guys took from the press conference. It was one that i feel like. Nobody's talking about and han said this and it was at the end of a sentence to kind of detected in there he basically said we don't want the lead to know what we're thinking. We don't want them to know what we're doing and yet everybody seemed to glance over that you know why that stuck out to me is because everyone and their mother is saying that matt jones is going to be the pick number three and college shanahan. Basically saying yeah. We don't want the league to know and so just put two and two together. I think they've got something up their sleeves. I felt like it was talking about that quote. That's the one that really really stuck out to me. What about you. He had so many quotes where he just didn't say anything he said he his exact quote was so. Do we know exactly who we want. Maybe probably but maybe not what. What does that even mean. But he was doing a great job of giving people the runaround and again. That's why i think. Why would it be mac jones based on everything. They've said good job and he did have a good point of when he said you know there's no real reason for us to leak who we want or for to tell people who want right now because you somebody could jump in. Somebody could give the jets a deal that they cannot refuse to jump up. Get their guy. But i think based on everything that we've gotten so far it's going to be filled because in this scenario you know it's smokescreen central and that's been the case all april and to me. The league has done a fantastic job of carrying the water for the forty niners. and we. I pretend to be that. It's just an for centigrade cannot wait for that. Yeah and i think you hit the nail the head there. Why would couch hands smokescreen. Or why would he missed directly but a lot of people have been asking that right. They've been saying. Trevor lawrence going to go on zach was to go to the niners are up. Why won't they just say who they're picking. Well you know. If you're the niners your call shanahan. This is the biggest acquisition. You're making in your franchise in your career right. Why would you wanna let anybody in on that decision ahead of what it needs to be made. You don't control your own destiny right. You pick three ton reports. The jets are gonna. Take zack wilson. But they haven't turned the carton avenue announced it they're tunnel reports the jaguars can take lawrence and we think they will. But they haven't announced damage turn their card. So why should the niners put out their cards on the table right. It's in their best interest to continue to keep their cards close to their vest right. And you don't want it getting out. That kyle shanahan like said player. Caution hand likes that player and all of a sudden teams above you have a change of heart or whatever the case is right so it's in their best interest to continue to push something else. Which in this case is mack jones until they make the pick on thursday and unfortunately for forty niners fans. They're going to have to deal with this mack jones thing for another what forty eight hours but hopefully come thursday night at this time when you and i and the rest of the guys are on doing our live show. We're talking about just fields. Yeah i think we will on i. I'm i'm pretty excited to see how people pivot. And because the reason. I say that is because everybody in the media seemingly saying mack jones then whether that is what they're hearing whether that is what they're just you know putting two and two together based on what they feel like. Kyle shanahan wants in a quarterback. I just feel like you're ignoring a lot when it comes that ensure chris simms love mag jones and chris. Simms is the right hand man of college and but not not buying. Neither am my nine buying one bit support for this. Podcast comes from paypal. Small business owners. Turn your smartphone into a cash register pay pal. Qr codes or the safe and easy way to get paid in store and they deliver the same security and trust pay pal is known for online in person. Even if you're a cash only business with paypal. Qr codes you can accept credit or debit with everyday low fees. There's no additional hardware or software needed generate your unique qr code from the pay pal app and display it on your device or print it to display in store customer. Scan your code with their pay pal app. You only need your smartphone. Learn more at paypal dot com slash. Us slash get qr code. What would you accept in a trade for jimmy garoppolo. I would take a day three. Pick at this point at this point. I don't even think it's about like the pic you get in return. I mean it caused a hand. Basically torpedo jimmy garoppolo value. Whatever value was coming into the press conference. But he's for college shanahan to be that confident and say the things he did about. Jimmy garoppolo continually say that they need to starting quarterback tells me that they have a deal in place for jimmy garoppolo. It means that comes. There's gonna be a team. Maybe it's new england. Maybe it's denver. Maybe whoever is they're going to miss out on a quarterback they're gonna not take one of these guys in the first round. That team is gonna make move. Jimmy garoppolo whether that's date you pick this year whether that's a day to day one pick next year. Whatever the case is they have something in place because otherwise they wouldn't do that because up until this point they've been saying how jimmy's got potential and jimmy garoppolo a part of their plans and all that kind of stuff and neither john lynch was more eloquent about what he said shanahan would commit when they were asked directly by whoever asked the question so that tells me that they've got something in place and they just don't wanna straight up lie to us yesterday so yes i would think it's a second or third round pick but at this point you'd take anything. Just a cut bait. Get jimmy garoppolo needs to go bring in the rookie quarterback that guy's face year franchise now and just start fresh so jason lockenfora from cbs. Sports said on tuesday that reno the thoughts. Around the league's jimmy. Garoppolo will be moved so good question there. Johnny and the reason the one thing that i would disagree with what you said because you said the deal is in place. There's nothing for him to tarnish now like because the deal is done he can speak about jimmy as freely as he wants and i think not as meaningful and you can kind of get a gauge. How he was talking like. Here's the same fed up. He was overheated. Did not or and that almost because of how frustrated he was that almost fell him venting to everybody else like. Do you know what i just went through like. He was saying that but he had the the deal is quote unquote in play. Where assuming that the place. But yeah i feel like that is why we we saw that version of college and an. That's because he won't have to deal with that anymore so Yup i i imagine just to answer the question. I think it's going to be two picks. I don't think it's going to be one big. I'm not sure if that is going to be a second round of this year or second round next year. But i do think it will be a second rounder. If it's a second and third second and a fourth one of those picks aren't into conditional but The forty niners their off-season has been tremendous this off this year. And getting recouping those picks with jimmy is just gonna be you know an icing on the cake man so yeah it'll be interesting to see what happens. Another question youtube comment. Christopher johnson no one in the media ash and journal about evaluation prospects off the field i e jones dui questionably. Races obama picture. Why is this being avoided so another video came out today. Thanks for the question. Chris jones partying in a club and to me not a big deal. college partying. But i don't think too much of it. Imagine if that was trailer or justin fields if they had just all kinds of sweat coming down party of whatever was drugs who cares but if it was not mag jones this would be all over the place. this would be a store so We as a good point. We just the reaction to be consistent. No matter who the quarterback whether it's trae lance jones the you and i agree regardless for the player. Was your college kid. It looked like the videos all having a good time. We've all done it. It's fine whatever. Just the reaction just needs to be consistent though our producer rob reminded us that during the press conference. Kyle shanahan said starting quarterbacks nine times that would have been a helluva game to play thankfully about that but yeah like again going back to that it just seems like he is over it and what's next. That's what i want to know what happens next of was speaking of mack jones. Why is this not going anywhere. Why do you think and we talk about current water. Why do you think people are so convinced that mack jones in is the pick because if we use critical thinking and i feel like we've done a good job of that over the past up it might not be popular but critical thinking would tell you that in no scenario would mack jones. Pick at number three. So why would you think that is the case. Yeah so let's lay out the scenario. For why i people in the national media talking heads who cover the nfl mack jones. The pick right. I think it's kind of a lazy narrative but people look at the court. The type of quarterbacks that kyle shanahan has acquired has coached has been coordinator for and they think that mack jones kind of fits that mold. Right whether it's matt ryan or kirk cousins jimmy garoppolo or mashhad off. You name the player and they say okay. This is exactly what Joneses is exactly what college during the hands looking for. He's gonna take that player. But like you and i talked about this. Podcast offline whatever kashan has never been in a spot. He's never traded three first round picks in a third round. Pick to move up to number three take a quarterback. He's only really been in this spot once in twenty seventeen when they drafted second and they admitted that they didn't look at their these quarterbacks they had a different plan in mind. It was kirk cousins. But now they're looking at these rookie quarterbacks and it's it's to me it's just a lazy narrative that people continue to bring up mack jones because of how shanahan's his right. There's no floor thinking that's attached with this and that part of it just confuses me and i thought peter king was on colin. Coward show today a good point. He said. I don't think it's facts coming out of the forty niners building. It's people covering the nfl guessing based on what they know about college shanahan. And that's what this entire process has been is been trying to figure out what shanahan wants and i think it's just a lazy narrative that mack jones the pick and i think the forty niners are completely okay with that like we talked about because they're misdirect mode and as long as it continues to run with mac jones. I think they won't do anything to deny it. They'll be completely fine with it. But you and i who have been putting on critical thinking hats on have continually said john beck who was cal. Shanahan's guy shanahan pounded the table to to get john back back in the draft. You know ten years ago or whatever. There's two guys that work with john. Belk justin feels and trae lance two guys that we think that are going to be there at three right no jones. Then there's two guys that rich guerrilla went to their pro days had four or specific workouts. They work. I think the last tenth throws or whatever were specific throws that rich gang directed that was justin fields in trae lands and yet these things just continue to be missed when it comes to mack jones. It's like people think despite all this. That cost is so arrogant that he knows based on film that jones the guy and i do not believe that. I don't think i'll shanahan operates that way and it just will. We'll find out on thursday night. But i just think it's one giant misdirection project kashan and has an opportunity to rewrite the narrative that people think about him and i think he's going to take full advantage of that so i just for many many reasons that it's not mad jones whether it's the people that he's going up against his traits his skill set. And then we just you know what do what does he do. That just feels are trae. Lance doesn't do and you cannot answer that question and then we also have to talk about projections. What you get with mike. Jones now is what he's going to be probably five years from now. Will you justin fills and trae lance. Now that's not even close to what they are going to get. Five years from now i would confidently say that. Their floors are probably his ceiling. So i just don't really that that he is the number three overall pick so i asked today on niners nation. Who is a prospect that you hope follows that you could potentially see the forty niners you the drafting or trading up for whether that's in the second round or the end of the first round. We had a ton of kayla farley out of virginia tech answer so sky james. The reason i bring that up. Scott james on facebook says that farley slips and the reason i would be terrified of that is because he had a second surgery on march twenty six so not even a month ago and farley came out and said he so far we still have some weakness in one of his big toe. So that's suggesting the nerve hasn't fully recovered since last procedure but quote unquote. That's a normal stage of recovery. And that's ongoing. He has a bad back. One of my friends. Text me today. That and they said mean farley have the same bad had the same back. That is an awful thing. That's think about like just imagine you invest a pre-olympic incapable farley and three games in. He's still not fully recovered based on what we have. We've seen with jalen hurd. That should scare the bejesus out of you and not comparing not saying that. This is the same injury just knowing. What ford yeah. Exactly the forty niners have gone down this road far too many times so when it comes to these injuries i just wouldn't do it man like if it's a guy who you know doesn't have the same injury history and even if they're closing comparison as far as skill goes i wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole i honestly would not take him in the first First three rounds just because that's not going to let somebody else figure that if you turned out to be a great player like we assume that he is the great and he is like think of the production that he's had so per sports info solutions caleb early targeted ninety five times in his career in the twosies that virginia tech he broke up twenty eight passes and had six interceptions. That is unreal production. So if he is healthy he will be a star but there is always a but and there's a reason that he's falling and i'm not going to be the reason. I'm not going to be the reason to take that. Dan has a question faso. Dan says think do you think that's why he was so sick at the presser. That's why people think so little of him that he can't evolve. That is a great point. And i haven't really thought about that. Maybe so there's no maybe about it. Kyle came out and said he goes on social media after the games whether it's winter loss and it's it's usually inflated in this scenario Mack jones to the forty niners is guber inflated. That's all you see every day. And i have a fun time with it because i'm going to just make jokes and have fun and it means about it but i could see a guy like that who has an ego. He's a head coach in the nfl. He thinks highly of himself for good reason. But if all you're seeing is oh he's gonna take jones because that's his guy then. Of course i i don't mind that at all then. I think that's a good point. What do you think about that. Yeah college has a massive ego. And i don't fault them for if you're in the nfl you're one of the top of minds everyone's constantly compliment to you. I would too but then when they do that they also give you the caveat that yeah you constantly are stuck with these middling quarterbacks who don't have high physical tools. That's the type of player that you're always associated with. Of course it's gonna frustrate you right. You wanna be viewed in the light. That andy. reid. Or sean payton or someone like that as a winner right now call. Shanahan is viewed that way right. He's just viewed as a good offense. Mind so i'm sure his ego has taken a hit and you saw a little bit of that with the jimmy garoppolo complaining like you. You made the point earlier right. He's kind of like. Yeah i had to work with this guy who's always hurt and that's why we've been losing and we can't be in that position over the next four years right if you were to just sort of put together. His words over his last press crawford press conference. Is this what he's getting. And so yeah. I think he. He's frustrated with that but at the end of the day. I don't think you necessarily cares. What people on social media have to say even though he locks on to see what people are saying. I think i just think it doesn't bother him but Yeah i think is a massive ego so think about everything that was asked on monday during the press conference. And here's how here's how tied. In we are two quarterbacks it took grant cone to ask a non quarterback question and that is the. I've i'm pretty sure that was the only quarterback questions about twenty seven. Thirty minutes of the presser so greco ask john lynch. Are you guys gonna pick up. Mike mcglinchey fifth year option and without hesitation. Mike urge john was like yeah. We've been touch with you know my camp and we're going to pick up his option so in two thousand twenty two. She's gonna make just under eleven million dollars and that makes him the fifth highest right fifth highest. Paid right tackle. I don't think that's bad for mike. Mcglinchey and i know people are people think that he's the worst player ever but one galaxy brain take that i had early in the process was to not pick up might mcglinchey fifth year option. Take advantage of the strong of class office of line class because there are some legitimate does in this class and use that pick that you got back in return for mike lynch on tackle but kashan has been on record saying that you don't trade a player and then replace him with draft. Pick so in doing that information to see if he said anything so instantly he said no. Was there any surprise for you. That the forty niners picked up a mcglinchey fifth year option. It's funny that you say you don't trade away a player and then replace him with the draft. Pick it they. Did you win deforest. Buckner devan can law. So that tells you how much you should really take. Kyle shanahan word in a press conference at thou face value But yes. I'm not surprised i think you and i are at the forefront of the mike mcglinchey true thor's where Yeah i mean he has bad pass block reps but these fantastic in the run game. And i think he's better than he gets credit for in the past game and i think that's something. He's knows that he is a strong soup for him in. He's vowed to put more weight and work on technique or whatever the case is To improve in. I at that value of ten or eleven million dollars like you said. I think it's a steel especially considering. He stayed healthy for sixteen games last season. And all of a sudden adjustment fields or trey lance behind him and maybe a couple of the reps that he misses those guys make magic happen. People don't even talk about it right and that's what you'd hope From this season with mike lynch ea. So let's tie the two together. So daniel mayer on youtube asked. Did you guys catch kyle. Couldn't help but say the injury issue where the injury issue is where it starts in quotes with jimmy garoppolo. That's talking about going back to the play with mike. Mcglinchey is speaking about malindi. No matter if it's mac. Jones trae lance justin fields. The forty niners offers of line instantly is better because they have a different quarterback just because of the pocket presence of those three and. I know that they are rookies. And i know jimmy. Garoppolo is about to be thirty years old but their pocket. Presence is night and day compared to jimmy just because they know where to go the ball there. Isn't this happy feet. They're not fazed by pressure. So i don't think my mcglinchey is going to be as big of an issue. Because he's not playing with whether it's jimmy order. The backup. quarterbacks are playing. I don't think they have you know. They're just the quarterbacks. I just named the rookies are just so much better. Whether it's under pressure or in the pocket as far as navigating and moving around and sure landfields fields are going to be able to run. But even i think jones gets a bad rap as far as his pocket mobility. I think he could move a lot better than people. Give them credit for dan. I agree and and this was again. You mentioned earlier. This college shanahan just starting to kind of change. The narrative a little bit. I felt like about why the forty niners won a lot of games over the past few years and he was front. I thought that was his most honest. Answer he just said yeah. We can't deal with the injuries anymore. We can't have quarterbacks the most important position in sports and he's missed over fifty percent of the games right and it's as simple as that. But you and i know it goes well beyond just the injuries even when he's on the field while the team has won if you just look at the process. Not the results. The process hasn't been good and That i am sure played a role in the forty niners. Move up to three. Chris rock johnson on youtube. As i can't says i can't see a dimension of the universe where this regime passes homes watson fills and lance. Could you imagine. Let's pretend that it's going to be mack jones even though it will not if it is mcdonald's i will let christopher johnson tweet from nine nation handle for a week straight merry christmas. But since it won't be chris. You're not going to anyway so imagine four years from now forty-nine halfback jones who will be a good quarterback by the way if it is if you fill in a lot of games that scenario and my buddy said galina said this from pf mack. Jones needs the forty niners. The forty niners don't need john's so if he is on the niners it'll be he'll be a good quarterback but that doesn't mean that fills lance won't be no matter where they go because i feel like no matter or independent of the situation fields and lance are gonna be star and with that in mind imagine. Just think for years from now you have moms. You have it yes. He has a current situation where we know. He's a superstar. Those are two of the best quarterbacks in the nfl. And i feel pretty comfortable saying that feels had a chance to be a star. Lance has a chance to be a star if both of those to blow up and kyle has to live with that. Oh man i. I don't know i don't know how much longer you keep him around. If you're jed york. I'm probably the biggest and fan on this planet. That was long before he became the forty niners head coach. I know he's an office mastermind. But i mean you got to get out of your way at some point in being able to pass on these two guys who are lance is still a baby man. Fields twenty two. He started two years so We have not come close to seeing. How good these two can be. Yeah cal shanahan's viewed as an offensive genius right now and rightfully so. And i think he would not live it down if he passed on those four quarterbacks if passed on those four guys. And we you. And i fully expect fields lance depending on the situation. They land into to blossom into high level. Nfl starters and potential stars. He won't live that down he. He's barely moving down. The patrick mahomes to shawn watson thing and the only reason that he's living that down because they made the super bowl in twenty nineteen Theoretically justify their plan because it worked for that one season. But i don't think he can. He can have a repeat of that and that's why they've been more thorough in this process. I think in involving a guy. Like john beck who i think. Caution a henry trusts. They're basically running their on minicamp down and so cal right putting these guys through the wringer this past month with their work ethics like seeing how they operate under sanur. Seeing what they're intangibles are like how they interact with everybody all that kind of stuff so i think he's doing full due diligence. That time this time. Which makes me even more confident that it's not mac One of those guys ultimately you get one of those guys with kyle shanahan and it's rocket ship. And we're we're off to the races i think. So matt maiocco nbc. Sports forty nine. Hundred everything i mean. He is the godfather essentially. He came out with fields. Might be the most physically talented of the group. Heck you might also be the smartest but it sure looks like his foot. Work in the pocket needs a lot of attention. He might have the highest ceiling. He might have the lowest floor. How do you feel about that. Just added to the list of work near real quick. Not to interject matt is on record on his podcast saying that he doesn't really watch. These guys are in-depth and he talks the scouts so this is probably coming from a scott. This isn't more than likely. This is not coming from america. So i want to make sure that i did that on. Isn't that you're right. it's not. I don't think it's matt's evaluation it's mats mats. The messenger may go But of just what was said. They're just added to the list of things. People are criticizing johnson fields. For man i feel like every year one guy gets a bad rap. Last year was justin herber copiers ago. It was josh allen. Lamar jackson in a few years before that. It was shawn watson. Just someone gets put through the ringer and for some reason that happens to me. Justin fields nationally. they're talking about ability to process defenses. Go through progressions. They were talking about his work ethic at one point and now we're talking about his work in the pocket when there's literally clips. I can show you from the national championship. When justin fields is playing with broken ribs. He is in a pocket. That like you and i could barely fit into an. He's hitting dudes in tried down the field and so yet. I'm not saying he's the perfect prospect but there are plays on tape where you just. You're wild and so. I just think it's an air criticism. That of his footwork and the lowest floor thing. I think you and i both agree. You might have the highest floor in this draft class including trevor lawrence. You might be right up. There with. Trevor warns neck and neck so i have no idea why you'd think he has the lowest floor. There's a guy we think has the lowest floor. And we think he's going to go to exactly and i think he hasn't lowest floor personally. That was actually going to say i. I was wondering if you're gonna say mack jones about the lowest floor but to me. It's zack wilson. I'm not sure yeah. I don't feel like that's my ticket. All but yeah when you watch fields and that's a good point about bodies being all around him and i pretty much three times a week. I there's a park here and there's qb coach and he trains d one qb's and i love to watch that just to see what they're talking about in based on the work that he tells his kids just fields does it to a t. and i don't know what that quote that the let's assume that it came from scout. I'm not sure what he's talking about. Because whether it's against alabama or whether whether it's against fau builds feet are always in line with his target. that's why his accuracy does not waver when bodies around him because of that that is why his his floor is going to be very high. He is not flustered. Not phased by pressure and that is because he has good footwork so sure there are things that he needs to work on but i would not say that his feet are an issue so yeah i think just as far as his ceiling and his floor goes His ceiling is like superstar. Top five quarterback in the nfl. It think about it. He's a true junior and in his first season as a starter he was. I think his his quarterback he threw forty one touchdowns and forty one two three three s guy in his first season. That's what he did. You know how insure at the competition was always great. But i i don't know go ahead. I was going to turn this into a field slobber fest but that was when he transferred to high of state and had that awesome twenty thousand nine season. That was the first time he'd ever moved out of george right. He's from kennesaw georgia. Then he goes to university of georgia in the area leaves home go state new system new area new surroundings and absolutely in two thousand nineteen and i feel like the adversity aspect with justin fields. I feel like isn't brought up enough and it's something that is really hard to see. What some of these other prospects right do how did they respond through adversity. How they play through that. And i thought that something we saw just feels both in two thousand nineteen in twenty twenty s. He was getting peppered against northwestern. Indiana this will continue to be a slobber fest really guerrero because justin fields will be the pick at number three and we'll be out in front of that early and i cannot wait to brag about that specifically while producer rob. Let's move on here. So larry grant formed forty-nine he believes just fields is also going to be number three but to be fair he's a buckeye so of course he's gonna root for justin also said he believes that the forty niners trade back into the first at either twenty three or earlier because he wants ninety harris who he believes will go twenty four and thirty two. You mentioned nausea earlier to me real quick just on the player star completes the the knock on hamid's he's not going to give you home run because he doesn't like four whatever but if you watch alabama he has plenty of explosive plays in about the forty niners offense. There's so much space you don't have to run a four three to have six yard gain in the nfl. I think he would be the best receiving back on the forty niners that they've had in a long long time exterior if call shannon is able to hands on nausea harris. I can only imagine how that passing game takes off especially with a rookie quarterback that you know in the sense. We'll be able to hit them or hit is a harris on the wheel route. Said he loves so. I know that running back is not going to be popular. I know especially future up for her running back. They're going to get killed for it on twitter but just wait till sunday man if niger harris is indeed in their plans wait till week one and you will not be disappointed nightmares. How have you seen the ties to hairs with the forty nine inch throughout this process. Yeah so first off. I also think highly of of najji hairs. You watch when you watch mack jones. You realize how the the guys around him are freakishly talented. whether it's receivers harris and the plays that they make routinely are just eye opening and then you look at the guy off the field whether what it's what he said oppressors out. He's carried himself. Seems like a really really high level guy and think would be so one. That's awesome with the forty niners. Obviously he's from the bay area. I think from nor cal so would be coming home at players hometown. Team the connection to the forty niners so najji harris about a week after the forty niners of traded up from twelve to three Did a press conference. I think with nfl network. If i remember correctly and he said he thought the forty niners were gonna take him at twelve He went on and on about how they spent a lot of time with him bobby turner. Who's the running backs. Coach to zoom interviews with them are calls with him so he was in touch with the forty niners heavily during that time. And what that shows me. Is that the forty. Niners are intrigued. By what harris brings to the field and potentially and we know this once the forty niners fresh kyle. Shanahan likes the guy. They extremely aggressive care about like the draft picks or the value. They'll go get the player that they want and again a lot of people will be like running back. Why do we need that. whatever. I'll say the forty niners have ramose. Jeff wilson under contract this season i believe and so you got to think a little big picture here. Najah harris would instantly be what the best running back on the roster and someone that's under a roster control under team control for the next five years so i think you put those two pieces together and i could certainly see that the forty niners fall in love with that player they make a trade back up and around one and grab him so. I can see that happening on thursday night. If kyle shanahan pound the table for joe williams he better freakin pound the table harris. So nick our you to as what did you make of the trae lance ending on your interview with. That's the plan so for those of you who have not heard that yet. Please you go on our youtube channel right here. You can go. Niners nation dot com. You go on spotify listeners apple wherever it is you get your podcast. And of course subscribe right review but trae lance at the very end we. We're talking about. hey man. hopefully we're talking to you on thursday night and you're the number three overall pick like we want to root for you because if you just listen to the interview he makes it super easy route for his tells me He just seems like he's knowledgeable and aware and he pokes fun at himself. Like that was another thing. That was really fine like he didn't. He didn't take himself too serious too seriously and i really appreciated that. So akash that did you read into that. Did you think that. Maybe he got draft promise. Maybe he has heard something. Would you think yeah. I think he got up draft promise or anything like that. I think the forty niners truly haven't told any of these prospects who they're taking and they won't until thursday is what i believe how i took it is if you're a quarterback prospect and i said this on the forty niners traded up to number three. Why wouldn't you want to go play for cash in hand and san francisco forty niners eight. Let's start voyeurs one of the big brands in the nfl. If you're the quarterback for this team and you're good you're you're going to be like what view as one of the faces of the league. They're gonna put you on everything. You're just going to be the new on campus. So why wouldn't you want to go play for that. Second thing is just the roster. The coaching staff the stability that the organization provides. Of course you're going to want to go there right so that to me felt like a more personal experience if you're if you're like a job interview and you really really want the job you're like man that's the plan. I really want that job. But you have no idea how the company of the employers viewing you. And i think that's how i kind of took that from from trae lands so called more things here before we get out of here and i don't know how to pronounce your name mr tang so i'm not even going to pretend to mess it up but youtube asked. What do you think of kyle saying. If you're excited about a guy twelve you should be excited at a guy at three. And i stand what wanted to say. I understand that data is overrated in a sense. But that's not how this works. You can't do that because if they were excited at number for guide number twelve. They wouldn't have traded multiple first round picks to move up for a guy at number three. That's not yet it. it just didn't register me. Make sense if they wanted a guy at twelve if they wanted. Justin feels a twelve and they would stay in draft jason fields or trey lance or whoever it is that they wanted number three so yeah i. I knew what he meant. As far as value. Overvalue and draft picks. But kyle. that's not how this works and you know that don't lie our face like that cost. What do you think that's typical coach. speak right. a coach doesn't understand what the value is for. All he thinks is. Let me get that player. Living hands on let me coach him up. Let's go win some games. And so i think that's what kyle met. A lot of people took that to mean. Oh if i like mac jones at twelve i mean just trade. Three first round picks and go get him at three now. That's not what you meant. He's smarter than that like like you said he was trying to say something else i think but it just came out funny and people just interpreted it and ran with a differently. But that's not what he was getting up let's Let's make some predictions before. Get out of your speaking of twelve and three. And i imagine a lot of the media and where they're getting this mack jones info from is the forty niners probably loved mac jones at number twelve. Now that they're number. Three not an option and i will go on. I will say number three overall pick. My prediction is justin fields. Gosh what is yours. Justin fields the ohio state university. Were the wheel fall off number. Forty three overall. What position in what player They won't be picking up forty three. They're going to trade back into the first round. I predict technology hairs running back. yes alabama. Maybe you've heard of them. My prediction thursday. Night when you and i are doing the forty niners media. We're going to talk to justin fields and naci hairs. That would be lovely because the takes for running back in the first round will be out of control and i cannot wait but nausea. Harris is a first round player. So i would have no issue with that. I am going to say they trade up but not for nausea harris. I'm going to say that. Greg newsom falls a little bit it just enough because jaycee orange go. Patrick is going to go. And then ser tans gonna slip because of quarterbacks and because the other positions are going to go and the forty niners able to jump to the twenties and select greg newsom with their number forty three overall pick and let's say another future third rounder oak compaq. Whatever it may be to move up a few spots. Are i guess in this sense. Twenty spots not at all but they will get the compensation needed necessary to move up so That'll do it for us. We want to thank you again. Please subscribe rate review. We will be here all draft weekend. Giving you content reacting live giving you raw analysis go tonight as nation dot com and we will have write. Ups are no analysis on what we think of the picks. We are not promise you if there is a pick that we do not agree with. We are not going to be the people that tell you. Oh great pick no matter what. We are not going to carry water for the team. I do not care. I will never be that guy. If even if i lose access I i'm just. I'm okay with telling the truth and i know that you know might not always come off as the greatest thing because we've seen it with jimmy but as you see things unfold everything comes to light so once again. I want to thank you guys for listening. Please rate subscribe review wherever it is that you get your podcast. Please leave his five stars. Follow me on twitter. Kp underscore show a cash. Where can we find you. Yeah i off you for listening especially if you're on youtube or facebook With all these comments appreciate that we love interacting with you. Guys are the best part about the job for sure. We'll be back in this thursday night. We've got a. We've got a couple of the other guys that do the podcast on the nation podcast network. We'll have a live draft show at starting at five. Pm pacific right on this. Youtube channel subscribes to youtube channel. Subscribe to wherever you get. The podcast drops a review rate is five stars. We really appreciate it. You can find me at twitter at a caution of ak s. h. a. n. a. with. Kp thank you.

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