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The Chad breakthrough show is sponsored by express. Vpn Why haven't you gotTa VPN yet visit Express VPN DOT com slash? Watch Chad Boys Party term. IT IS PARTY. Tom Little bit nervous. I'm scared Natalie of what I'm scared. Big Brother's watching big brother is watching. Big Brother is watching that. Nineteen eighty-four We've got we're going to do a deep dive here pretty soon on this whole surveillance society that we have created and I wanNA build a little suspense on tonight's episode of the Jaipur. Show here in studio twenty two. I want you guys to understand how serious this situation is. Now I know that the the Mo for most of it just kind of the status quo. I should say is I. Put our head in the sand and not worry about anything. That's going on because you know this. Do Show Pass even party. Foul Steve Sitting over at the pub said yesterday on the episode. He said next year we won't even remember all of this stuff. Just be and I hope you're right. The Chinese Ingo Forget. Hope you're right now. The Chinese are taking very many notes of how we deal with what I would consider a minor speedboat. I mean God forbid we actually had zombies. May God forbid we had an actual hemorrhagic fever. Were people were bleeding out and dying in their insides. Were turned into Goo Mush. And it was like if you've been near somebody. It's a guaranteed death sentence. God forbid that's what we were actually dealing with because we have proven ourselves to be very very weak in the situation very very vulnerable. And what's the issue is? We've made ourselves so dadgum vulnerable Natalie. Yes like we just opened the jacket upset here. Look at it surveilled me. We've given up our liberties in in exchange for a governmental overseers to look down upon us and judge for us what they think is best for our lives and they're enacting laws they're enacting guidelines quote guidelines. They're enacting all of these things. You can't go to the public park. You can't go to the Skateboard Park. I mean forget the fact that you got forty thousand homeless up and down Venice Beach. Can't kids can't go out there and do the Skate Board Park? They put sand in the thing right. can't go to the beach can't be by yourself can't go to the woods. Can't go to your cabin. If you live in Michigan all these different things that are going on. Someone asked me the other day. I said I gotTA go down to the Houston area to for project that I'm working on. How are you going to get down there in my truck? They're gonNa let you. I'll say I want to see him. Stop me right because if they stopped me is going to be. Some Holy Hill raised. They would have to stop me and I just can't. I talked with some friends yesterday. Who WERE UP IN CHICAGO? Our friends from nine line apparel they had to do some business transaction business in Chicago. The world doesn't stop people so they drove from Savannah all the way up to Chicago. They said they call me. Jason Communist said they were the only three people in the entire W hotel in Chicago. He said they ordered a pizza and they were drinking. Twelve packs white claw beer as sitting there and I'm like they said there were only three that were in there of a family friend who Older couple they flew to see their kids their adult kids it down in Houston. They flew from Georgia my hometown George. I flew to Houston got off the plane. There were guards that were there security there in the airport and says what is Your Business here and I said we're here to see family. And they said well you're not going to see them. You'RE GONNA have to quarantine for fourteen days so they are stuck in Houston. What's in quarantine for fourteen days? Because they flew from another state. But if you drive there's nobody has gotta catch you. I mean they'd have to stop. You have to pull you over. They'd have to assess an analyze you? But WHO KNOWS? We're getting to that point right. We're GonNa talk about those things and more what can be done about it if anything but I wanNA make you aware of some of the things that are going on in terms of how the government is controlling our lives. It's no laughing matter folks. Will you are under surveillance. You don't think you are or you might not believe it's true. This is no conspiracy theory. This is actually happening. And I'm going to show you before we get to that backpack the premier monthly subscription box for military tactical pepper and second amendment enthusiasts starts at just forty nine ninety five a month. You're going to get at least one hundred dollars worth of geared sometimes up to one hundred fifty or two hundred dollars worth of gear from different companies like five eleven sons of Liberty Gun Works Mission First Tactical Armagh Spek a whole whole lot more great great companies. They send out. Ar Fifteen parts and accessories ADC tools knives and gear. That are GONNA keep you prepared for win. 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Because we'll we'll say someone just to say did not you know here you or something like that like we didn't even say Alexa. But how many times do you use Alexa? Like how often do you actually use it everyday? Do you really like to do with music or turn on Fox News in the morning on the Radio News Sirius? Xm Okay. So I can say I can. I can be laying in bed. Say Alexa turn on Fox News Sirius. Xm Steve's a Fox news listener everything we know about him. Those people right winger. I wonder you know because we have a couple of Google play's we've got Alexa. We've got everything but even besides like I forget any of that stuff there and I'm not even sure the Google plays or plugged in right now because I don't use them and I don't know that they have to be plugged in to be and it probably following me around the house. Alexa I think is about. I never use it. I never even think about being there three. I think three different spots in the house got it under the bed. Google plays getting a treat. Daddy plays Google plays I'M JUST KIDDING ASLEEP. Alone it's depressing. Hey Google play some dirty for me about the way goes like sometimes people put like a piece of tape or something over the little camera on their deal on their computer. The problem what. I'm getting at societal consequences. That are resulting from this Corona Virus. It converges with these huge technological capabilities. That are out there that are always developing and getting bigger and bigger in society. And so everything we do. Whether it's a remote office space which requires zoom or facetime or skype or these technological driven Supply chain management. We do that. I mean people order shirts from our sites whether it's shop blaze media dot com or what shed we can track people spending trends we can look at the analytics of how old they are where it's going to all of these things and when you think about bigger stuff like even Amazon. These online stores the direct to consumer grocery delivery these are all features that made our life supposedly easier. But we're giving away everything about ourselves. So they know how to advertise to us. They know the things that we want. They know the things we desire. And and I'm not even talking about Alexa or Google listening in on us. We have a surveillance society where every day. We're getting our information away health and you order things online. A lot me to me to do. And it's so funny because if I do on iphone well this got my credit card information saved right there. Basically says okay. Which car do you WANNA use? WanNa use apple pay. It's so easy to be a consumer right now and we're pissed off because what do you mean? That's not gonNA deliver till the middle of June. You I mean I ordered some more. Hey Dude shoes here. Our some more dirt on the bottom of these. These got some dirt on the bottom side. They didn't have my size and happens a lot. Jay was wanting to buy some for brandon. Yesterday she's wanting to buy some for him that she's the only size for this style was in Britain and I was like no no. We're not buying stuff deliberately from overseas right now. We're just not doing it anyway. I was you know we do so easy. I can go into Texas gun experience if I WANNA Bang Energy Dramatic. Bang right now if I can go in there and all you gotta do is tap my phone against the vending machine and it gives me a bang energy drink. Yes they're y'all's deal and I don't know man. We take this for granted that we take it for granted. You get you get grocery delivery that well. We concur side. We get curbside but you know I tell my I tell I can tell Alexa. Put this on my shopping list. Yeah and you know. It goes into the shopping list. The next thing you know your ads that pop up on your facebook like that start coincided with stuff you put on your shopping list. Well that's one of the reasons in your right and that's one of the reasons why we try to advertise folks here when they get your information. They're not going to share your information. Because we've all day long. My phone blows up the robocalls and spam calls and. I just know that if somebody they're probably trying to collect money but whatever these algorithms are so powerful that are out there. They track every single thing that we do as consumers. It's really sort of like a science fiction movie. At this point the capability is so powerful and we thought about these things like. We thought that we thought that the apocalypse was gonNA look like you. Mad Max beyond Thunderdome and all that stuff. We're GONNA wear a lot of cool weather stuff and have these great desert vehicles and stuff in human life wasn't gonNA mean anything. But apparently human life means a lot of people during the apocalypse and we're in our bathrobes and we haven't showered but maybe once a week you shower in a lot. You still owe you bay. The number of neighbors that come out in their front yards not wearing ABROA- that to Steve. I'M GONNA need to more powerful NOCULARS S. Two blocks no Tony L. every thirty minutes. I've seen your neighbors dude. You might have one or two. Yeah you might have one or two. Lable booby start. Sagging folks I don't care what what we're going through but you know and we're on Social Media Cowley knows you wash your social media right now. Her it's so we're we're given all the stuff so the thing is here's here's where it's gotten weird now you have to shelter in place so you're not even a moving target anymore right. You're right there at home so they could. This is where it starts to get scary. Not because now they got you in the cage. You're like a mouse in the maze. They can sit there and watch and observe the you're not out and about you know I got I got someone in my family who's close family member and she's never wanted to shop online because she's like. I don't WanNa put my credit card or debit card number online. I'm like what do you think happens when you go to the grocery store and you stick the chip in there or you. Swipe your car. It's all going online. Everything's being transmitted through the Internet. Now so it's it's silly if you think you're immune from it is what I'm trying to say. And now they've got you sheltering in place. These lockdown orders and while they vary in all state by state and Texas Lifting Him. But wh but are they really lifting? Because what Greg Abbott said in Texas? He says if the retail stores will deliver to the curb. We'll let them open back up. I mean how. Can you go try something on land? I'm thinking clothing. Yeah of course how do I know I'm on right? Well I if I'm going clothing shopping and I need a new pair of jeans. Let's say how do I know We'll see for me like jeans would be easy. I know my size. I know which ones I want change and all the styles. Jin's lor weird. Shane skinny legs and a hot ass in a thick waist. And I'm all thick if you sick stay home if you thick come over. That's my coping nineteen phrase if you six day away. Have a weird shape body to. There's no way I could just order online and have it. You do sort of have a bad way. I'm very curvy. Well you are but it's not a bad. You got a lot of legs too. I have a lot of legs. Yeah so here's here's what's going to make a good base so here's where you are. So here's what's going to happen. Here's what's going to happen you're in place. You're an easy target. They're going to collect your information and then you're going to have that information shared exponentially across the the complex globe of this cyber world. We live in. So you're giving up. The information is right there this morning. I checked my bank account. Check my bank account as a as every now and then I do we. Then I'm talking about my business bank account one that we use for whatever expenditures business and I looked and there is a sixty dollar recurring fee for a certain company that I've never used ever called. Alison everybody knows. Alison said. Check on this deal. Call the number call the bank. We'd had that happened. We've had this morning exactly shudder. Stock is at Porn Steve Butter stock. Yeah so anyway. I've never used shutter stock. I don't even have the apple iphone. I have zero. E mails from them in any email box. Ever come to me as a confirmation of purchasing with the bright It's never use shutter stock. I even buy high quality royalty free images. I don't need that. There's a sixty dollar charge. So what's happening is my fear is that they're taking information selling it off and then sometimes. I mean if you spend a lot of money like we have to do to do business. You're you're they'll slot in some charges here and there are none the wiser unless you're paying attention to it right because you don't you. Don't get the bank statement in the mail anymore. You gotta go online and look at it or do you still get a bank statement paperbacks so you gotta go online you got to look at the APP you gotTa do all of these things and and I guess there's some of you boomers out there still getting it with your rotary phone and it sits there and you come deppe did. I'm one of those people that before. I Open facebook in the morning. In bed I go to To to to main bank accounts to go check and see what has came out. But you know checking my Amazon damaged I did. I think I think work can I? Can I just add to that second Chad? You Know I. I worked for hot on homes for almost twenty years is still with that company and I know even ten years ago we were creating the you go to the website. You search what home you're looking for. What area price range square footage and then that narrow down your search so the whole idea and the whole concept was that we're not wasting your time with something that isn't in your price range or you need more bedrooms or whatever. It was but I have watched that grow to geofencing. And and but once you have that information then we it's target marketing right. We send you so it's not considered a waste will. This is gone. Probably fifteen different levels from those days Two people having more information that you didn't even know they were going to have your information. That is scary well. I just came across a book that I read a while back not too long ago. And it's a term. Is the books called surveillance. Capitalism and this is a term used to describe this whole phenomena of exchanging the data points to further target specific consumers which is exactly what you're talking about. It is the unilateral and I'm quoting this unilateral claiming of private human experiences free raw material for translation into behavioral data. So these data are then packaged as prediction products and sold into behavior futures behavioral futures markets. So all the more how easy that is to do in this pandemic this shutdown so generally speaking you have Americans. That are skeptical of invasions of privacy whether it's by the government or business. During the Times of crisis individuals are more prone to turn a blind eye to these infringements of their civil liberties. Listen folks and unfortunately America's instituted a lot of the measures that are horrible during times of crisis in recent decades and we should ensure that similar devastating measures aren't implemented during this pandemic. Let me just say we referred to it last night. On April tenth apple and Google announced a joint effort to enable the use of Bluetooth technology to help governments and health agencies reduce the spread of the virus with user privacy and security central to the design. The Corona virus is transmitted through close proximity. Google press release noted. Public Health organizations have identified contact tracing as a valuable tool to help contain spread. So they're watching to see who sick. They're watching to see sick so that they can and it sounds good. It sounds like it's for the betterment of our of our health and wellness. But it's not. We gotta take a quick break but before we do black coffee company you know you love them you gotTa have. That are owned operated premium small batch to roast or Coffee Company for people who love America like you and me import only the highest quality base from around the world always. They're going to roast to order their coffees. 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The land of the free in home of the brave and you never have to rush to the store again. Wake up to America's coffee go to black rifle coffee dot com slash. Watch Chad. You heard me black rifle coffee dot com slash. Watch Chad and while you're there enter the code this code the discipline code but this code watched Chad to receive another twenty percent off your very first order of any coffee products and that includes the coffee club black rifle coffee dot com slash. Watch Chad go there today. Folks welcome back. I mean you would think that we wouldn't worry about it. I mean we've got everybody watching us. We keep asking more people to watch US BY GOING TO YOUTUBE and sign up watching us for free on Pluto. Tv and then. Of course I'm always asking people to go to watch Chad Dot Com. I want you watching me. I just don't want you in my business. But it's too late for that everybody's in my business. Everybody tells me how I should live how I should handle my marriage. And if you gained way all that stuff the record if you send me a message that tells me to tell Chad this I don't good the people that say. Hey you need to tell him to do this or he needs to. Mike Nope I now get some of those do you do. We need to set you up on a watch. Chad email address. I would love that hot news. Komo News Net at Chad dot com doesn't exist. Yes so. Save Your counseling for for those people that send you the same thing that everybody else is sending you to this news. You need to look into this like. Yeah Alison Everybody. Knows Alison. She GETS A L One L. S. O. N. At watched DOT com. She gets all the crazy stuff but so we watch you watch right we do. And that's not what we're talking about. We're not inevitably. You'll have some pinhead on twitter. Who Will Watch an episode of this and they'll be like oh sure you don't WanNa be surveilled but you're asking everybody to watch. That's not what we're talking about. We're talking about when big government or big corporation gets involved in your business and they're going to watch every single thing you do. It gets a little scary the reason if you're gonNA turn me off. Let me tell you right now. The punchline the reason this matters is because when it comes time to control you they have all the information to do so and that is that is a cyber blackmail to the inth degree they can control your life because they own they own all the information they own all your habits all of your patterns. They can remember the Truman show. Truman show with Jim Carey. I mean there you go. You got this guy who's living in this big dome. He thinks he's in whatever town he's living in with his wife and his is he's not his whole life is being controlled. He's a puppet on a string. He's never made his own decisions. They've all been made for him. And we're living a version of this this stage in the game the more that they're controlling in you don't think that if you don't think you're being controlled we're also simple-minded are you gotTa do is talk about these emails and these messages that we get and the stuff that people say and like for instance candace had somebody. Yesterday there was a big argument that broke out on my facebook again over whether or not Donald Trump actually donates his presidential salary right so every quarter he gets his money and he donates it to another entity has a need or whatever and people were going. He does not donate it. He just says that he's just saying that. You should call these. You should call these organizations and ask if they're actually received money like that can't be tracked to know if the President of the United States actually donated his whatever. It is one hundred twenty thousand dollar quarterly salary to this disorganization or this governmental department. People are that simple in their head will that and they want to say well he should donate it here versus here reminding tell you what to do with your money. But we're all so simple headed. We have dumbed ourselves down to the point of ridiculousness just absolute ridiculousness. And now we have to use words and grammar to try to express ourselves on social media and it just exposes how much we don't know so all that to say is if you don't think that these Big Corp- and big government entities can't control us. We are being led around by the nose at this point okay. Maybe I am simple-minded but it is nice whenever I go to target. And then they're like they they know what bought and then they send me. Maybe a coupon or something of something similar that. I'm like that that really nice and convenient. That is that is benign. That is benign. But we're talking about where we're getting into Health records were getting into spending habits. We're talking about your finances. I mean do you realize what the push of a button? Everything Your Bank and savings account could technically disappear You don't have any money it's digital. I've been saying money's not real for all they gotta do is go in and type some Zeros and replace some of the some of the solid number there and you got nothing you got nothing. They can't erase. You remember that movie. The net with Sandra bullock from way back back with Sandra bullock was still hot. Remember that it and she's playing around with this video game. That actually is a has a whole big deal behind. It and people are dying right and all of a sudden. She doesn't exist anymore. She doesn't exist. Mother has Alzheimer's or mother can't remember. It's so mean she doesn't she's a no body she's completely erased. That's my money. Nothing I mean you got nothing. Imagine that the other day I had to go over to the recording studio and I got all the way there. It's about fifty minutes from my house driving and I was GonNa pull into the store and realize I left my wallet at home so I was. I had no money. Had No cash had nothing no. Id and just in that brief instant. I thought man. I'm glad got gas in in the vehicle because I've got to be screwed here. I'd have to bum and money off a somebody a s and I thought I don't have anything. Imagine if they did that to you for real is you're done cut you off. It can be done. It can be done. We talk about home title luck all the time on here. I won't happen. It happens to other people. What if it happens to everyone? What if you were controlled by the Zuckerberg's or the basis of the world or the Musk's of the world are the gates of the world or the China's or that China's wipe out the entire economy in the United States? Auburn Medical Research is done in China now are pharmaceuticals come from China now. Our goods are products. Everything we depend on and rely on the day. I'm sitting on came from China. I just looked still your own came from China. This hat there. I need it back on made China. And everybody's like Oh my God you guys. Oh shut up. You're sitting on a couch made in China. You're sitting at home watching this on a computer or device that was made in China so quit with your self righteousness. That's what we've become so dependent on these things and everyone is guilty. Unless you're some dude who decided to you know like you don't have a social security number because your parents had the forethought to have you off the grid and some wooded hall in Montana and now you've been living in a cave in northern Utah. Nobody knows you exist. Well first of all A. You're not watching this because you don't care you're totally off the grid. Trust me. You're getting things from China. China is making your life more convenient right now. You why China out and I promise you our life as we know it is going to change you. Look at this thing. This corona virus it has racked the global economy wrapped. China's wreck their own economy. Not just hours. The global economy has been wrecked through this whole deal. It's craziness we're all going to suffer from it. These other countries are starting to jump on China. You know and Jane Phone Your Point I think it. I think you're exactly dead on it. We showed our cards. How we're going to react what the US is going to do if something like this happens because we're just beyond with your bitches we are. That's what we're solved. We're week we're week. We have spent so long in a nation that had it made bitching amongst one another biting each other fighting each other this inward turmoil of implosion. That now we've gotten so externally week. For instance my lower back is sore today. Why because yesterday my stepson and I took his basketball goal apart and we had to rebuild it and put it all back together and I spent a lot of time built up bent over at a week back reason. I have a week back. I don't have a back problem. I've got a front problem. Belly keeps growing right. And that's that my core is week we call week. It's going to manifest in pain outwardly. And that's what's going on with my body so let's go on with this nation which also the issue is not the issue the issue the issue. Hey you want to talk about. The Corona virus people have stopped talking about the flu killed about twenty thousand people. This year is hospitalized over quarter million in the. Us and the season isn't even over yet. One of the best ways to avoid getting sick healthy immune system. I love this stuff I love it. I love it. I love it. I four to five this glorious body every day with field of Greens by brickhouse nutrition. Just one scoop has a full serving real. Usda certified organic fruits and vegetables was boost your energy and support healthy. Immune system doctors agree. A diet of fruits and vegetables can reduce your risk of heart disease. Plus it's got. The field agrees is pre biotic. Probiotic is a great source of vitamins. Fiber and other nutrients just put a scoop and a glass of water tastes great Easter. That stuff up you've done drank it right now. I'M GONNA say fifteen percent off your first order with the offer. Code Chad at Brickhousechad DOT COM BRICKHOUSECHAD DOT COM. I want you to subscribe today as soon as the show is over. Save an extra ten percent every single month this viruses and turn your immune system into cows with fielder. Greens BRICKHOUSECHAD DOT COM use code. Jabra Kaos Chad Dot Com. You guys remember when all the spring breakers were all creating those hotspots. We'll get to that. We're going to the beach They were down in Florida. And everybody knew you could actually track it globally. You could go. You could zoom all the way and you can see right there in that quarter mile spot of beach where everybody was. You could see it from space. They have this accompany excess mode. It's a company behind the tool. That could do that. Provides location tracking services and in turn provides the data it collects to advertisers. Only after it is anonymous is that is a problem folks. So the lesser known tool is generating considerable interest from the government in using location data from American cell phones to contract and possibly curtail the spread of the corona virus which raises a lot of questions as to whether that's even legal the new stuff like that. But I'll tell you it's a very gray area right there. The police in one of these things where When you talk about concerned about government for surveillance surveillance We have no doubt that the government is intruding in our lives. Just look out. People Laptop that twelve hundred dollars. I thought might mean was funny when I put the picture of Jeff Lowe and his big old tiger created this me when my bank accounts joost twelve hundred seven dollars and fifty eight so whatever goes by and large way. Well what's funny? Is How many people when they started tracking what people are spending their money on. They were been guns. They were spending all kinds of luxury items and stuff like that and this is America man. It's crazy but boy we were laughing it up. Don't worry central. Where's my money? I was writing me money. I didn't expect to get one hundred percent of mine to my wife. I paid a credit card off. I GET ANY MONEY. I mean we would have given it away but I'd say what we did. Do We've given away about twenty thousand dollars in the last week that we raise because of folks like Y'all that are listening and watching it on my facebook lives and that's that's what I'm talking about government. That's all we did. We got on there. We found people who had needs and we went out there and help them. And that's the kind of thing that's America. That's what America's all about and I don't WanNa pat on the back I don't want anything I just. I just want people to be taken care of and I wish we could help everybody. But that's it's weird man. They have made us so dependent on the government. And all these you know it's just crazy and I know I I and yell about the banks and all that stuff how they should Furlough they're not furlough but they should they should defer their you know three months four months of of mortgage payments and things like that because they should be able to afford to do that but the greedy bastards haven't saved any money and so we're having to bail the banks out and we're having to bail the airlines out we're having to bail auto people out and all these things for bail us out. Nobody then didn't plan on bail us out and the average American out there. Most of you don't want to be bailed out right. I don't want to be bailed. Only I don't want to be on a boat that requires bailing and that means there's a hole in the boat. I would rather be able to live solid life and I don't need your eyeballs on it holding the boat just got a lot. Bigger is big dude. And they want li-listening folks. The government wants you to have a hole in your boat and I'll just go ahead and be out is going to say and I think all government does but the Democrats definitely do. That's why they have kept so many people on that plane as you said they need you to need them. They want you on the tit. Never know that person that just keeps having babies because they need to be needed as soon as one gets out of diapers. It's time to have another one because they don't know what it's like not to have something that needs them so much that seriously. That's a psychological condition. That's the government right there. They need to be needed. And that's why I say there's no conservatives left we're at a point now where that's it so you ought to be worried you're down in your house your hunkered down here in the bunker right you want to get out you. WanNa be free to free. Sorry asthma bad attempted being a game you WANNA go out. You want to go to the bar people over the last week. I was like you know. Check on people how you doing. What's going on everything you need? Anything man some of my friends wish I just want to go to the bar you know. They want social contact. Yeah of course you want you need people and so I get that so you wanna go out and you don't WanNa feel like you're either giving away a disease or getting one. It's the you know. The government kind of goes into their capitalistic. Fix It mode and a profit from it. They're gonNa you know whether it's masks ventilators that you know it's it's it's just a brutal thing. So they're data-gathering either for profit. Tracing technologies are becoming the preeminent solution to save lives and to liberate us from the confinement of physical isolation. So they got you on a leash and you just you think you're being set free but you're not the only catch. The techno capitalist tell us is that we have to trust them and Change. Our privacy expectations. That's bs but that's what they want. You know I'll download an APP or whatever in every APP always says permission to send you if occasions and I always say no hell no don't send me notifications or to know your location at any given time now. I don't want you know in my location now. Even though I'll tell them no does that mean they're not doing it to the ads that pop up after I'm on it so I mean we've already established it doesn't matter you could tell them so it's this some next level stuff. This article talks about global governments in their private sector. Partners have already turned physical and bio surveillance to contain the pandemic. Russian governments reportedly using facial surveillance technology to catch those who violated quarantine or orders. Various European countries have embraced the use of tech including AI powered lie detector test drones for Migration Management population control human rights specialist worry about discriminatory impact on our vulnerable refugees. Google and Apple. We've talked about them. They're they're doing. They're kind of their contact trace to see who's getting in touch with other people with this Cova time So here's the thing you mix that with the idea that we all feel like we're being lied to like none of us know the truth. We're being surveilled. Were being targeted. We're being tracked and traced but we don't know what the Hell's going on because none of us feel like we're being told the truth. We don't know who to trust anymore. We don't know who to trust. I'll tell you that's one reason I do trust Donald. Trump. I don't expect Donald Trump to know everything about all of this stuff. I don't. He knows what he's being told but I feel like he is doing his best. Try to come out and tell the truth and these press briefings and you don't have a single damn reporter who's going to stand up and say Mr President. How can we help you right? What can we do to help? I'd love to hear any journalist journalist. Stand up on a press briefing and say sir. What can we do to help? You makes us better. There's no longer any journalist not because they don't give a shit about you. They don't care if you live or die. They're not about reporting the facts. They're all about sensationalism says. And we got you this president they want somebody to blame and they wanted to be. Donald trump and saw me the deplorable choir. Put it out the other day. So good as here's FDR taking press questions after Pearl Harbor and they were like now if this had been donald trump these are the kind of questions and there was a little balloon. Caption of what they'd be asking him you know. Is this your saying the Japanese fault? That's racist and this kind of nonsense so I want you don't if you wanted to help. If journalists wanted to help they'd say how can we help? They're not helping. They think that exposing things is helping. Now you're just creating more and more division now me saying that people are going to say that I'm Gonna I'm creating division so be it whatever you call me whatever you WanNa call me. That's the deal but this is some stuff to be concerned with canisters. Got Anything else on that. We gotTA do up here. Yeah we do. Hey I got. An announcement has a big announcement actually. I'm glad you reminded me. Thank you candace. Our friends Patriot mobile. 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You can buy a new one. Join OUR FAMILY OF FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS. Today get free activation. Plus they'll send you a free gift. Just call nine seven two patriot. That's nine seven two Patriot or visit CHIRP MOBILE DOT COM patriot. Mobile DOT COM slash Chad. Get your customize family planned today what say twenty five dollars thirty five dollars. Forty five dollars fifty five dollars. You get what you need to patriot. They're good folks. Patriot mobile dot com slash Chad. Be Right back. Hey let me read this team before. We go Earlier this week Elizabeth New Jersey Police Department gave residents look at one of the drones officials. There will use to help. Monitor residents and enforce social distancing measures aimed at slowing the spread of the novel Corona Virus. Folks this is in Iraq. This is New Jersey These drones will be around the city. They said with an automated message from the mayor. Telling you to stop gathering dispersing go home. The city which has seen close to fifteen hundred confirmed cova cases is one of a growing number communities in the United States either deployer considering the use of unmanned drones to support their shelter in place. Directives a practice that has been used seemingly with success in countries like France and China but on Wednesday the Elizabeth Police Department was forced to clarify a second video. Emphasizing the drones were only used a spread and automated notice about keeping your social distance. Okay okay just trying to save lives not trying to be. Big Brother is what they said on facebook. No recording no pictures being taking. Well my thing is. Can you record? Can you take pictures? Yeah so it takes a couple of folks decided. They don't want to obey the rules today so there. It is man the and look. I came out on social media the other day and I said we always known that these senators and Congress people were power hungry now. We're seeing governors mayors and it's getting exponentially worse. Give them a little bit of power in their run crazy natalie. It's sick okay. We're GONNA dive deeper into this and the days ahead because this is the stuff that matters and I'm starting to get a little ticked off right with all of it. Go TO WATCH CHAD DOT COM. Check US out. Subscribe right here on Youtube and make sure you check out party. Foul Steve to go get it. I love you God bless you. We'll talk to you next time.

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