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Laugh make me laugh ren tyree bello to play for the nets fleas last such good friends. They got the andre there buddy onto the nets. Jared allen was sitting right there. They got him anyway and now the ladder has been offered to the mellow. Welcome hold owned brooklyn video. Isn't that where he's like actually from brooklyn even though he's actually from baltimore everybody's kinda actually from new york we get that mellow welcome home that would be great red red hook all right. Let's lead off with the n._f._l. Washington post report says league cutting the pre season and adding two additional teams to the playoffs the additional teams as an me one more wild card round playoff game in one fewer by for teams in each conference but could help owners recover revenue loss from fewer fake football games in august poverty idea. It's really interesting to me because we know that the n._f._l. Is really good at offering things in c._p._a. Negotiations to the players that they don't actually want and the preseason now with these eighty yard field general sparse attendance now qualifies as one of those things but what is new and interesting to me about this is that i think both sides ed's would-be into it. We're really talking about is two games which are obviously going to be played by. Four teams and two of those teams of the four would not have been in the playoffs anyway so what you're really asking for is to playoff teams exists already to carry the burden of physical toll but it's the play offs so i think they'll be okay with you know. This becomes like a bit of a win for everybody when you think about it the preseason part. I don't really care what they do or don't do what the preseason people don't realize to be six preseason games before they extended the regular season to sixteen eighteen games right. They're always gonna throw games out there. People watch them on t._v. For a little bit they're going to exist in some form or fashion but if you add one team to the playoffs from each conference one every rico in the world is okay with this game. The player makes it easier to save your job. They'll be down for that more players. Who want to get into the playoffs. The revenue will come in from having the playoff games. It's like everything seems to be a go for doing this and i believe if you do it in this way you don't dilute the postseason like we've seen this happen with baseball for example where they basically randomize. They're champions by adding more teams to postseason. No this is not going to dilute it. Basically keeps things the same except makes it a little bit better and makes seventeen eighteen more compelling than it would otherwise because now if you only have one team that can get that by at the end. You're going to have a different level competition. Perhaps at the end of the seas yeah. It's actually so sensible a proposal that it makes me suspicious like the n._f._l. Doesn't usually act like this when it comes to posturing ahead of negotiations. What we've heard already is that there are some things that are willing to surrender to. The preseason is one of them. Marijuana testing is another one of them. Roger goodell's ability to decide discipline is a third thing so so why is the n._f._l. Coming out with this already. I just worry that there is some other catcher that we haven't anticipated because this actually seems to be a great political bit of diplomacy a couple. The thing is what i just think they know the eighteen game. Season is a non-starter like this is just not happening and all the levers they've ever had with players. The eighteen game season is not going down so maybe that's part of it the other thing though from what i've gleaned from talking to people who got some level of involvement in this each side understands they need a peaceful negotiation eastside understands the need to get back out there like they had them more acrimonious ways. It's eleven. They know they gotta get outta here. Play football and i think both sides of dedicated to get a deal but sticking with n._f._l. N._f._l. reform our next name is joe for the retired. Saints whiteout has heard all of your warnings about the national football league softening into flag football and he welcomes that so called apocalypse corn told u._s._a. Today quote. I think it should be flag football. I think the fans would still pay to see it. It's hard it to make it safe. Now and quote foreign says his perspective comes from worrying about his own three sons all of whom are playing college or pro football right now so bomani any is hurt his horns vision for the n._f._l. Worth taking serious oh it's worth taking seriously. I don't know if that's ever going to be the end result that people are ultimately satisfied satisfy with like i did find it interesting that he says this is going to be flag football and i started rolling my eyes and he was like but that's cool though baby just as long as people watch it which gets us to the fundamental question. Do people want to watch football without violence. People want to watch football again that they got into largely because of the violence with violence removed that i say to me. That's not really attractive product. They made the decision of the name of safety. I wouldn't understand i mean i would understand. I would not protest it if they happen but i would admit that's not nearly as interesting interesting to me is watching guys get the hell knocked out of him right there. Yeah now i'm into that. I like the vast majority of people whether they liked to save this or admit it out loud. They want the violence. They want the bloodthirsty. This is what differentiates this game but i think it is telling that joe horn is now added to a list of guys that include not just threat far but mike ditka it goes right. I just how many more names of guys who are tough. Football people doing need to say. I don't want my own kids to play this before. This actually does actually create some meaningful reform because the business end of it obviously is complicated right. You lose positions in the sport. When you go to touch or flag football lineman defenders they all hate this when mike bleeping ditka on top of a wide receiver joe horn when they're talking about it. I feel like there's a coalition. What is before like you say until there's some kind of reform what is reform that doesn't involve fundamentally changed the game that we're talking about. I'm asking you because you save finally will reform. Tell me what kind of reform form orm is overwhelming. It's the gut renovation of the split is that but is a gut renovation of the sports still the sport that flag football is a different game in the game that we're talking about here. That's not renovation. Red faces basically working off the same foundation. You want to tear away the foundation. That's a new house while i think the foundation is the same in the literal sense as and they're playing playing in the same arenas. They're using a lot of talent. I'm talking about the game. All of this is not the stadiums is not the arenas. The foundation allegation is the game and what we're talking about is a fundamentally different game. Do it was boxing for example. How do we reform boxing. What are you going to do to reform boxing you. You can't the hell out of it into something. Else is the different sport. We'll think about it in this way right. Boxing at the olympic level has pads headgear right. It's a point base scoring system. There are perversions mutations corruption of the soul. Joe horn is arguing. That befall need not be a thing that doesn't have to involve it right but what he said easy ten built anybody's going to watching the hopes right right but is it 'cause. I'm not watching it now to jerry jones who said to decidedly jerry do things yesterday one was that he's a fan of pop is and the other that he's not too worried about whether his eagle elliot the cowboy sidelines week one. Let us listen. We've got a marathon here and we won't zeke when we get to the play offs. We won't zeke when we're in the dog days of this season. Jason is we got into the end of the season would be great bob low. You think jones this unbothered by elliot's holdout this posture. It's both i think it's both because he has a point here. A zeke that has not played x number of games on the front end sweet healthy for a playoff slash super bowl run that is good that accrues to the cowboys but the other part of it. Is this paternalistic kind of posturing. This is like telling your parents if i don't get a raising my allowance silence. I'm not cleaning my room and your parent in this case. Jerry jones saying well. That's great because we need to well rested clean up all the snow on the sidewalk when winter comes and that's what we really care about so zeke. I think should be threatened by this because this is a guy saying your best argument actually doesn't even bother take but i don't think there's no threat in this every nothing has changed here. Is he going to be willing willing to miss him games. If the answer is yes okay you miss enough games until they miss you when they loosen and then you wind up coming back in like i do like jerry kind of put a load management spin in on this but he also said that though that is everything about why it is the elliott is holding out in the first place. Somebody mentioned this on twitter. I can't remember your name. I'm sorry but they're like why don't more people mention the fact that would demarco murray was in a contract with the cowboys they gave him the ball four hundred times right so jay jerry's we'd like to be well rested at the end of the year but zeke zeke was out there. They wouldn't be worried about keeping resit. They'd be give him the ball thirty thirty five times if they could we'll see how this goes after a game or two but if the cowboys our oh into one into something like that they have to give that dude as money if not they just go put the hands on back of their heads and lean back and just wait but i think jerry is doing that during the lean back hands behind ahead because of two things number one. He's seen the early part of the schedule. It's the giants. It's the washington football team. It's the dolphins there's survivable parts of that but the second thing is to demarco local murray point they got rid of the markle murray deliberately and they will not be afraid to tell zeke elliott do the same to you because you're running back yeah slightly constitue whatever coming up next why is kevin durant so hated technology truth brought to you by geico truth teenagers can communicate. He didn't totally in emojis how wise birthday party pizza slice kitten soccer ball pineapple truth. It's so easy switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. What are you talking about. Paperclips shoulder shrug high five wizard hat. What geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more coming to you from the seaport district. Appear seventeen brought to you by chase all right. That's smart car. No no i did not think he could fit in in such a great head for whatever vehicle that may too much money to get in the car dirty though any the wash that thing it's hard beings he's them man. You gotta get like custom oil. It's you know it's like what you know about being six feet tall seven feet. Which would you even know about being six feet. I wrote a sports illustrated story about about the afterlife of seven footers. That's like five thousand words in which i hung out with mark eaton and watched him bumped his head on a plane because he was trying to get to got an extra road. That wasn't even enough form. It's amazing so are you just hold wasn't actually about the seven footers mark eating seven foot four about as a journalist. One must be envir-. You still talking about you. When there's things on the teleprompter well i'll get over there for more me sure but we have to talk about this. Kevin durant story because over at yahoo bomani or are fake name powell at jethro jenkins argues that we throw away hated durant so much for joining golden state that we failed to appreciate both the prime and the humanity managing of maybe the best score an n._b._a. History something that durant achilles tear in june made clear quote. It took a devastating injury for us to finally kevin durant s. himself. A regular guy just plays basketball on t._v. Sometimes and quote so are we guilty of overlooking the humanity of one kevin durant the fans on what you mean by overlook and humanity now to the part about his game. I do think that we miss -nificant part of his prime because people what was surrounding him going to golden state guide into people's heads and i think they missed just how good he was just how incredible he is at one of the parts of his career wave and we may never see him again as a a player but as for his humanity. I've never forget gil scott heron had a lie you understand. I'm only human in spite of all the things that i'd like to be we recognize they. Kevin durant is humid and in a lot of cases. That's the part that people don't like some of it is a projection of them. Not liking the things about themselves. I think they can see themselves with kevin durant and they don't like the other party is i assume being part of being human is being a sucker from time to time and i have not overlooked the fact kevin. Durant has been a sucker from time to time. I don't think that we should revel in the fact that people are suckers just as people to suck us sometimes before we get to the sucker at tatooed of kevin durant i do want to point out something about why we got to this point in the first place because before the burners and stuff very sucker fish he was the guy who went to golden state and that was a betrayal of what it meant to be the alpha male and one of my favorite facts when it comes to how sports really mutates and distorts what humanity is the whole idea of the alpha male is based on a study of wolves from nine hundred seventy that presupposed that oh there must be one dominant leader in apac except that study about wolves was fake. It was not really researcher who discovered it actually recanted it later which is all to say that what we have in sports is a culture that asks people to be like wolves except the wolves are actually like wolves and the wolves are actually acting more like what a family their parents and children in all which is to say that the alpha male is a fiction and kevin durant or lebron. James is one of being an alpha male guests what that's pretty human too yeah. I think there's something something to that but there's nothing noble about it either right like i do understand people buying into the nobility the idea of taking the responsibility of being the person that's out front. I do think that there's the reason to have a certain reverence for that and i do also understand why some not all but some can look in with judgment at somebody who's absolutely does not want that role but one thing thing they generally happens and this isn't just about sports. If your endowed with a certain level of talent the expectation is that you're supposed to take that talent and use it to quote unquote make people better in part of that is like a certain idea or notion of leadership that falls into this that is still human in spite of talking about the analogy that you use it. There is a human thing about a group spread spread out with human beings. Somebody's gonna typically gravitate toward the front. The thing is sports is the guy that's the best is normally the one that goes out to the front kevin durant. Maybe not that guy except except it's clear that he did kind of want to be out there in the front end. We've heard this numerous times. One of the problems that he had in golden state is that it was never going to be seen. He's never going to be seen in the same way that steph curry is seen so while you say they decided to human to maybe not necessarily want to be out front part of the contradiction of kevin durant he got to this place wasn't going to be out front and didn't like how the view looked from the back now. Is that human yes but again. There are lots of things about humans. That aren't cool right so i think it's fair to say that he wanted to be the something that he actually is. Not wanted to be the guy who could share instead. He felt like his territory was being stolen from him totally valid critique of him but the other reason why we're here of course is does that he's extremely online and that to me is actually relatable because is there anything more relatable to a human being being very concerned about what other people are saying about. Can you talk to columnist beat reporters radio people t._v. People then here from kevin durant at a rate that is surprising given his accomplishment given his stature as an aspirational or not alpha male with the fact that kevin durant stoops to those levels and cares about what people liked us and otherwise actually have to say that's pretty human. I can't relate late coming up next clinton in alabama. They good football all right. This is cole anthony north carolina. This is really why we're showing right here. That's point guard guys. He is greg anthony son. He is an amazing prospect and using that jim mm-hmm that all the players go to to get good highlight so i assume he's really good despite that yeah it was. I knew a little bit more about who these guys were. He was playing again but that's kind of all you need to. I'm not your point pretty good doug all right. Let's go to quote for me n._b._a. All star reigning big three m._v._p. Joe johnson is in philadelphia. You prepare for a workout thursday. With the seventy sixers spears of the undefeated pablo's making a big three league more seriously it does make me take take them a little bit more seriously because it has been strange to watch the big three and watch all of these instagram videos from various workouts and wonder are these basically the same thing because no one from the big three has gotten a major m._b._a. Deal like joe. Johnson is reported to get but the fact is joe. Johnson can shoot the three and it turns out that n._b._a. Teams teams everywhere are still super thirsty for guys that that basic skill. Why are we trying to take the big three seriously when we could just enjoy right by it is an enjoyable idea idea guys this. You used to watch play or still out here in playing against each other. That is good enough. I don't need to take it seriously for it to be thing and you say jo-jobs cashews three joe johnson in two thousand seventeen for utah shot over forty percent from three. He shot under twenty eight percent from three in two thousand eighteen his last season in the n._b._a. So are we sure he can still shoot the three of the n._b._a. Because i'm not sure he can actually do it good for him. He can get a workout but i i would take this. Seriously is some dudes. I'd never heard girl regained tryouts off of this. I think that's a fair point too but the reason why the big three is trying to be serious because the guy's playing in the big three are are clearly taking it seriously like joe johnson seasons as took it back to the big all those guys that's fine. They can take it serious because people take basketball game seriously all all the time that don't lead to you go to the n._b._a. I can take you somewhere in new york city right now go to west for street. It's gonna be somebody taking it. Seriously you gotta go to the n._b._a. Ford to be serious favorite is when the guys are west fourth or taking it serious and they're wearing jeans and boots the great number thirty six. It's because clemson opens as thirty six point favorite tonight against georgia tech bomani last for college football championships belong to either clemson or alabama and in the college football playoff era era. They're the only two schools with winning percentages over ninety percent dominance of clemson and alabama good for college football. I mean i don't necessarily know if it's good good but i don't understand why it's bad number one. This is primarily a reasonable sport. The interest level that you're going to have is within conferences right is not what we do. Watch it on e._s._p._n. Two to the top twenty five live is this week on the core level. Most people watching college football because they're local team is playing against a close but still fairly local team. That's where the interest largely goes and then we get to the end we find out who with best is but i find to be interesting. Though about the clinton alabama thing is there's really a stark contrast between these two programs the match up between the two of them. I think are pretty interesting. Considering dabble former alabama guys to even be in their their differences that they have is people and clemson is a school. That's not supposed to be this good classes. Sentence in college. Football happens very rarely normally normally involves some major population shift in a state. That's not what happened here. They're not supposed to be here. Alabama think they're supposed to be there all the time. I don't think it's bad to have those two contrasting assing teams at the top. It is interesting to see clemson. Be good for this long. That'd be number one recruiting class right now alabama number two that alone in any given year as a victory given how much we respect nick sabin. Ah but i think the reason there's concern is because the ratings for the big championship game have declined by some measure year over year over year now and so the question it is does college football have some sort of n._b._a. Style problem where at the very top there is a certain predictability stability around a duopoly these teams being good for for a while obviously warriors and caps that but i wonder right like isn't the solution to all of this like this way for someone to get injured right because once that happens everything it may have already happened to alabama with with losing inside linebackers going down lifelines with their team there but again we're sight of this we had the year clinton got smoked in the semifinal for example. I mean no. I don't see the problem with it but again. If i'm not bothered that'll mean the rest of y'all can't be enclosed. Here's the story about a florida but i'm curious about who to florida haters work lucia united educators president elizabeth albert is clear when longtime teacher brian wheeler mowed the yard naked at his home in two thousand seventeen made a very poor decision a neighbor who according to documents wheeler believes has issues issues with him anyway recorded wheeler and filed a police complaint willard was charged with exposure of sexual organs and disorderly conduct exposure charge was dropped opt and the disorderly conduct dismissed in a deferred prosecution agreement wheeler is not convicted of a crime. This is a man who has over two decades of of <hes> history teaching children in our community and successfully teaching teaching the kids the hold on why is the person videotaping at home not in trouble a they say. He said he needed evidence. I thought that was a little freaky myself but they went ahead and let that ride and let dan do it at my only question about doing the moment in that situation is you must have the bag on that. <hes> law more hooked up extra tight because that's the all khaza arisen debris while you go into law negative. It's a bad idea to cook bacon naked. Let alone be out here pushing a law more. You've never put a lot more cook bacon so you don't know i've never had a lawn. I have cook bacon and i have burned myself enclosing. Let's check out the big brain on john. One zero one hundred minus three hundred hundred zero hundred ninety seven ninety four ninety one eighty eight eighty five eighty to seventy nine seventy six seventy three seventy sixty seven sixty four six hundred fifty eight fifty five up fifty to forty nine forty six three hundred thirty seven thirty four thirty one twenty twenty five twenty two nineteen sixteen thirteen ten seven four for one. I like this. I don't know as you're so you can not impressed by this right like that wasn't impressive by guys. Remember that time i did. The alphabet backwards took a hundred dollars in pablo on. I wish i know well. This is what he was doing that up. One hundred ninety seven ninety four ninety one eighty eighty five eighty to seventy nine seventy six seventy three any money seven sixty four.

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