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Is your money not sure what to do with itself right now at ally. They'll help it save for the future with their smart savings tools. Bucket your money for the things that matter most analyze your spending and save automatically all on top of a competitive rate for all things money you deserve an ally visit a Y. dot com slash savings for more info. Ally do it right ally bank member. Fdic hello everybody. Happy happy with us on this Monday afternoon. I'm Wendy Knicks booger McFarland Jeff. Saturday and Jeff Darlington with us as well and we start yet again in Dallas. Where yet again? We're here to tell you there's still no long term deal for Dak Prescott in place through. There is time. The two sides have until July fifteenth to workout a long term deal. But they're still appear to be some obstacles in the way. Here's Jerry Jones and kirk cousins. Look into career. That doc has had with the cowboys. It gives me a really solid fatally about What's in store for the future and we've got to do everything we can. And that's what we're doing in this off season to put the players on the cowboys that our players that can with his talent as quarterback really went championship or avid shot at That's the thing I think about. When I think of aren't how REDAC- I'd believe the franchise tag can be your friend. I don't think it's something to To be disappointed with I think it it enables you to be well compensated and deservedly so for the upcoming season and then I always say you know the the cream will rise to the top if you're good enough The creams GONNA rise to the top. You're GONNA get compensated. What you want to end does sometimes doesn't happen as quickly as you would like. But if you deserve it you've earned it it's GonNa happen so you just gotTa stay the course. Stay patient so my message to back. When I saw season last year was hey whatever happens you know. Don't don't be afraid of the TAG. It can be your friend that you can use it to your advantage. Why thank Kirk cousins? It can be your best friend anyway. Stephen Jones adding this on the pro. Football talk podcast. There's all sorts of analytics out there that show if your quarterback takes too big a percentage of your salary cap. It decreases your chances to win. We're just trying to figure out the right fit. No one wants to sign to a longer term deal more than Jerry and myself. We're on the record time and time again of what we think of him. As the leader he has the it factor. He's a fierce competitor. He wants to win as well. It's just got to be right for him and right for us. We'll continue to work to a conclusion on that any may be onto something. According to Roster Management System Matt Ryan 2016. Sixteen the last quarterback to make the playoffs in a season where he took the highest percent of his team salary. Cap Ryan is the only qb in the last seven years to make the post season with the teams highest percentage again of his team's Recap Jeff. Saturday having heard all that should take less money to give this team. More flexibility as it would seem Stephen. Jerry suggests absolutely not Wendy. I mean he's a mid round drastic. What have you been doing while he has been taking less money? I mean you've had a starting quarterback in the game all this is going on. You know people talk about. Well we got this amount of it. Well you shouldn't use it to your advantage while he has been amid round draft guide so I think from tax perspective played to level. He needs to play. Everybody leapfrogged each other in this league. It's earned to be the highest paid or at least up there in that realm if I'm him I'm not taking less than I want and I'll play under the tag. I agree with what I said earlier. I said it last week. You heard me I I would do. I wake her cousin just one year after another until I got paid what I wanted to be paid so I don't think that any type of Jerry has shown he'll make guys the highest paid. Well if you're making all these guys. These extremely high paid players why am I now on the listen? You're showing right now right so for my perspective next and everything he needs to do to get paid for Jerry and Stephen to pop up the cat button it you make several points and I'll just piggyback and try to take it a step further. Dak Prescott has earned the right to be the highest paid player in the League at this point plan on a four-year deal. He hasn't made a ton of money. I think right at five million bucks but his play on the field has wanted a contract that will result in him. Getting over one hundred million dollars guarantee thirty five thirty six million dollars a year of average annual value. However you want to slice it up to me. The bigger issue here is that there seems to be a little hesitancy from the Jones family of making deck the highest paid player in football and in for Stephen Come. Out and talk about. Well the analytic say that. If you're quarterbacks take up too much a cap that you can't win well I would love to know who those are because to me when your quarterback takes up a higher percentage of cap that puts the onus on the general manager to build the team around him and the other draft picks what Stephen is basically saying is if your quarterback takes up less than it makes my job easier as GM? Because I have more room and more money to play with now now that he's not taking up so much money so what I would say. The deck is really simple. You've earned the right to be here right now As far as an unrestricted free agent. That yes they franchise tag but at this point I would not take a dollar less than the highest paid player in the NFL. History at this point because he's earned that at this point. Wendy Lugar. I'm mostly confused about why the cowboys or even really talking about this in public whether Jerry Steven Jones talking about whether he should you know how they should handle the salary cap because it feels to me like I understand the idea of negotiating in the art of it and all that and I know the Jerry likes to get things out there in the public to create sort of the show but at the same time like I still continue to look forward to that July fifteen deadline and I don't know what Incentive Dak Prescott has at this point to agree to anything at this point. Why not? Just keep pushing the envelope. Why not just keep going? I understand why we're going to continue to talk about it and we'll continue to kind of go over the the nuance of what. He should do what he shouldn't do. But until July fifteenth which is the deadline for players under the franchise tag to come to an agreement on a long term deal. There's really no incentive to sign it other than to negotiate to get the most money the Dak Prescott can and to me. That's exactly what he's doing right now. Yeah I agree with you. Jeff I would. I would say this the one point that makes me more nervous about the Jones family. What they've done your point. They keep talking with the kind of digging themselves a whole but the whole Andy Dalton situation you know bringing him in and paying him that you know and everybody says well this is like a carson wentz and a nickel which it is absolutely not you have a nine year starter from Cincinnati. Who is now going if you don't if you can't tell me as a player that is leverage bright you signed a guy for leveraged to make me feel uncomfortable about this deal and anybody else who doesn't believe that you haven't been in those negotiating room with digital managers. They understand the game as well. We're made a great point about making their jobs easier. But when they signed a guy who they feel like can run the organization and make no mistake. You pay that guy that kind of money and bringing them in. That's what they believe. They have tried to make the situation uncomfortable. Protect so in my opinion. You get like booger sworn in your you. Make every dollar you. Can you sign that tender and go back? Neck KIRK COUSINS MODELS. Just he's hitting the cap as much as you can until they finally pay. Jeff what I would say is I would phrase it just a little bit differently. I wouldn't say leverage because if they honestly thought that Andy Dalton was a better player today they would rescind the tag and just stick with anybody and I think it is. It's a high level backup plan. Bring Andy Dalton in they're basically telling Dak Prescott okay if you don't sign this deal or if you don't play ball with odd numbers and we'll go to plan B. and what that is basically saying in my mind. Okay if you won't plan beating Plan B because I know I'm a better player than any Dalton. Ns No disrespect. Andy Dalton because he's been a really good player in this league for a long time but Dak Prescott is one of the upper echelon quarterbacks in this league regardless whether or not Andy Dalton his own this team or not that Prescott in my mind has not lost one ounce of leverage because he's earned the right to be at the table right now now if the cowboys WanNa roll the dice and take a team that they have with CD lamb and this offensive. Line Ezekiel Elliott demarcus launch. And all the high level players that they have they just gave Mario Cooper one hundred dollars if they WANNA take that team Jeff and give it the Dalton. Then be my guest. That's exactly right. And that's the one thing I point to Dak Prescott. We want to talk about leverage. He has not flinched wants throughout this entire process. Not before last season when he said I'll bet on myself and guess what he bawled out and was one of the best quarterbacks especially statistically in the NFL when he was under that kind of pressure. I don't think that he would flinch at the idea. Putting Andy Dalton novarum either. And you can have that kind of mindset nat attitude. Yes it's a big gamble yes it can potentially come to bite you but it can also ultimately earn you the kind of money. That kirk cousins got when when quite honestly it wasn't necessarily the best quarterback in the NFL but he was one with the most leverage he was the one of the most leverage and he played it like a fiddle. I mean he knew exactly what he's doing and there's a mental capacity to these negotiations. And so you're right. Jeff if Dak Prescott can have the right mental makeup. It will likely serve him well. Meanwhile we want to say happy birthday to Cam. Newton the thirty one year. Old quarterback does remain unsigned. He was released as you remember by the panthers in the off season as the franchise leader in passing yards and touchdowns but questions stick around about his long term. Help after missing. Fourteen games last season with a foot injury and things are complicated of force by our current situation. Jeff Darlington because quite simply doctors team. Doctors and team officials cannot physically evaluate Cam Newton. Right now. So how long are we potentially see Newton without a team? I mean the whole season. Who who knows? I mean that's the thing we have to consider when it comes to Cam Newton and this is not the same as Jameis Winston. Andy Dalton. This is a guy who puts himself and rightfully so into an echelon that is above both of those players the Carolina Panthers Essentially Ultimately Fire Cam Newton because he couldn't get healthy enough. I mean Dave tepper. The owner said at the start of this off season that we're not willing to commit to them because we don't even know about shoulder and his foot and maybe there were other situations that led to that but if another teen years that from an owner and can't have their own doctors endorsed Cam Newton. It's going to be tough to pay them starter. Money on the flip side of it. What motivation or incentive does Cam Newton have right now to sign with the team as a backup when there is no football being played for the foreseeable future not even any practices scheduled or any real reason to learn a playbook at this point so if Cam Newton wants to wait it out to the point where someone gets hurt? That's in the starter position. I say go forward because quite honestly let's think about the scenario that potentially work best for him. Maybe the Seattle seahawks. Don't the be the backup. Jameis Winston style to Russell Wilson and that scenario. Why do that right now when you can continue to wait and then find out? Maybe another situation presents itself. That's better I think. Cam Newton can be plenty patient here and he doesn't have to wait. He doesn't have to sign with anybody until he feels most comfortable. Yeah I agree with you. Jeff only caveat I would add to that is that what say he needs to be on a team this season whether it's in a charter role or a backup role. I mean having a whole year off last year with the injury. Listen this game changes very quickly and the last thing you want to be doing watching it on. Tv as opposed to being in a locker room building relationships with coaches and other players and just staying around the game so I would say as as as patient as he can be right now. And you're exactly right with everything going on with posven everything else take your time. There's no but when when there is an opportunity as as it gets closer to being real football time. He is not a guy that I would say would be advantageous. Sit Out for an entire season although he is an different echelon to your point and those other guys he is definitely a harder in this game. At some point you want to be on a roster making sure you're taking care of yourself and showing everybody you're not afraid for work at it so I think patient early and then if we get into the and then I would say he definitely needs to be on Iraq. Yeah we're not just talking about sitting out one year it's essentially sitting out to jeff because Cam didn't play last year so for him sitting out two years. I'M GONNA say. Nah I definitely wouldn't do that. And let's be honest unless Kim most to be a backup which reports that he's open to being a backup cam at thirty one years old really only has one opportunity to compete in my mind for a starting job. And that's Jacksonville. If he thinks that he can beat Gardner garbage. You can go in there and get that job. And but here's a question you would ask if you do go in there. Let's say you sign a reasonable deal with Jacksonville. You Gordon there. Do you think that that team is ready to win? Now and you look at that personnel from a wide receiver standpoint. Do you have the supporting cast around to win? Or would you be better off and waiting on on another teen more talented team? Whether started gets hurt. And they have more incentive to bring in a veteran like Cam Newton so they can have play making ability at the quarterback position is in a position at thirty one years old. He's nowhere Ne- I don't think this career he may have to adjust his play because from a physical standpoint. He might not be able to run. It'd be the Cam Newton. Oh and that's okay. I just hope during this time they can is understanding what he can and cannot do and at the very least you can sharpen your skills as a quarterback mentally and I think that's the point where I wanna see cam continue to improve. Because I still think he has a lot of football left in Him Jeff just to just to be very clear like the idea of them sitting out here by all means should be the absolute last worst case scenario but to your point. I just think that he should make sure he's going into a good situation. Not just any situation and that's where I think that he would benefit to make sure that he is patient with this. Not just signing with the team just so that you can feel the comfort of being on a roster. Your home is important. That's why gyco helps make it easy to save on Homeowner's insurance because home is more than just a place home where he built a giant pillow fort in your living room and when people ask why you have a pillow fort in your living room. You say it's for your dog. And when they ask what kind you say chocolate lab and we have a web of lies. That's almost as intricate as the crown molding and Fort Pillow. The GEICO Insurance Agency could help protect the pillow. Soft fortress you call home call Geico and see how easy it is to switch and save on Homeowner's insurance pool of elated happy Mother's Day to every mother out there and it was a pretty good one for two goodbye. Hello his mother a big part of his journey to the NFL and a nice surprise this weekend. How about a special gift a black CADILLAC ESCALADE? Happy Mother's Day to you. Well the good news is the better news is not to worry. Because I can't afford it this after a thing on a new deal his first. It's a done deal says are field. Yates the dolphins have agreed to terms with do at Tango Vilo on a four year deal a fifth year team option in that a little over thirty million. If you can't read the comments so that works out well for all involved I would say Jeff Darlington. How soon will we see this quarterback on the field Thurston look? I think the dolphins are in a good situation with Ryan Fitzpatrick and having a veteran presence. I understand that people will to needs much time as possible. I I always hear that people WANNA see him. Sit out the entire season and make sure his body is right. I was believe it when I see it when it comes to that every single time. We hear about a rookie quarterback potentially sitting out the rookie season. I think we see him by week. Five so my thoughts and estimations at some point this season. We're going to see too but by the way this is very good news to see signing this deal because you just never know some of the offset language that we've seen in the past. Sam Darnold wasn't in training camp on time. You know it's happened before. Were these top choices. Don't end up in camp. This is a good sign for quarterbacks picked in the top ten that in fact. We won't see any kind of hold outs this year. Yeah I think it's a great sign and and happy. Belated Mother's Day automotives out there. That's a great thing to deal for his mom it to me. This is just the next step in process for him. He's told everyone at his health and he's ready to go when the season comes you'll be ready to play and I get it. Ryan Fitzpatrick is there. I love fixing. That's my guy but fitzpatrick should no longer be the starter there in my even if even if he's healthy and ready to go. I think to talk about low and needs to start from day one. I think when you look at all the numbers quarterbacks get better by playing not by sitting on the bench favorite peyton manning. He played his rookie year. When you're on the field you're going to make mistakes as a player. That's how you learn you learn on the job so this whole idea of let's go and read Short Chung about Lord and give them extra time to heal and he's telling us I'm healthy. I'm ready to go. He signed the deal put to own the feel. Let him learn them the job. This is your franchise quarterback and I think the Miami Dolphins would be better off and I think the NFL. It'll be better off when you get these younger guys on the field to go with somebody young guys that we have now with watch. Mahomes Jackson get this young crop going and let them learn on the Job Jeff. I'm excited for two. I mean what a great deal for his mom and what a great you know. Just speak the relationship. They have But him getting this deal done is great for our game and so as you're looking at this guide to meet him in Miami at the Super Bowl. We didn't have together and he's just a class guy all the way around head of themselves. You would want the only thing. I think it's going to be an issue for him getting in being a day one guidebook is just with everything going on how quick and guys get in how shortage training camp and the beanie Pepsi using game. All of those things I kind of fall in line with you. Know Mitsu season or or or maybe game six or seven somewhere in that range just because of how shortened this off season potentially could be. But if you're looking at two I fully agree with you. He is the guy I mean you you. You don't draft them where you drive you. Don't bring them in you. Don't sign him as you do unless you want him to be your guy. He's telling everybody he's healthy. You saw the video Even before he got drafted he's worked very hard to get back and your point. No one gets better it. I mean this game was a game you you only learn by feeling the speed of the game made it. My fault on this interception was receivers. Fault was the offensive line. Call all those things have to happen. And the only way you learn about fitness sitting behind that thinner understanding. Get your job but continue to grow in and so. I'm excited for the dolphins. I think they're heading the right direction. Whether it's the first few weeks are moving onto to. I think they themselves up for the future and you know when we look at Scott Situation. I'm not saying you ever Russia guy out there before he's ready Russia guy out there before he's ready. I mean I think about back like you're already talking about the negotiations there and how you have to manage the salary cap. This is the time for teams to when they have a young quarterback on a rookie deal so that you can load up the rest of your roster and go win with him as soon as possible and the sooner you get him on the field and get him get acclimated to the NFL game. The sooner you're in a position as a roster and has a team to win a potential Super Bowl. We say it every year. Somebody says it every year. The quarterback won't start. He needs to rest easy. Never happens I doubt. I doubt that's the case here. The Green Bay packers made the most surprising. Move at the two thousand twenty. Nfl DRAFT WHEN THEY TOOK WARMER UTAH. State quarterback Jordan love at twenty six overall. That was one thing. But here's the thing they also traded up to do so. Everyone has an opinion on this and that include former packers quarterback Brett Farr. Who had this to say? Obviously with the understanding. Aaron Rodgers is probably less than please. I can't tell you how many times Aaron would ask or just tag along and watch film with me and he would ask questions like what are you looking at here. What are you thinking. Why did you check things like that and I would certainly offer my reasons that go out of my way to cultivate that relationship or say? Hey why don't you come watch film with me? No I'm not going to go out of my way but if you ask. I'M NOT GOING TO SAY NO. I think Aaron will do the same thing Listen that's an interesting dynamic. It's a complicated dynamic. Jeff Saturday what do you expect between Rogers and Jordan love actually agree with Brett? Farve right here. It's not errands job. to get Jordan love ready to play. I mean he's GonNa he's GonNa ask him to watch film breakdown tape you know. Help them on lipstick up all those kinds of things. They'll have good relationship in the quarterback room. The Aaron I forgot. He's going to be a good teammate. But I if if George love is shorting you better either be up by thirty now by thirty or air rogers. That'll be hurt because he's the guy. Did you have a chance to win the super bowl with not with a rookie quarterback and so in my opinion what? Brett Farve is saying is exactly right you WANNA help him. You're going to answer questions but it's not about getting him ready to play. It's about Aaron Rodgers getting ready to play and how he's done it for the past decade plus so you use that relationships you try to help them. And it's the same way our puzzle with Aaron Lock efforts. You WanNa help the guy you interest questions but it's not your God get someone betty you have to get ready to go win and and be the best player for your football you know what Jeb. I couldn't agree with you more. There's this idea the NFL did if somebody's radic at your position in a high rounded. I'm just GONNA walk in and turn my nose up to that guy that doesn't matter it matters whether or not Jordan love is a good. He's a good dude. He shows up the work and he asked question. Sure and Rogers is going to help him out. Aaron Rodgers is a professional when you have fifty three guys. In the locker room only thing that really matters you have good dudes. Everybody in the room is trying to win. That's the only thing that matters for a locker room. Can you help us win? If you can help us win and guess what you can ask me a question. I can ask you a question and we can figure out the answers. And what the betterment of the team is the only thing that were concerned with this whole idea that Aaron Rodgers is all of a sudden. You'RE GONNA throw the CO shoulder Jordan. Love that's not. How Pro Sports weren't. That's not how locker rooms work locker. Rooms transient you. They transcend race economic status. That's what the locker room does not tolerate. Here's what we want to note again. Can you help us win? Are you a good do? Are you showing up to work on time? Are you putting in the effort in the weight room? Are you framed correctly? Are you doing all the things you can do to help us win? That's what matters. Most Aaron Rodgers will be the ultimate professional. I still think he's going to be the quarterback in Green Bay for a long time because I still think he's an upper echelon quarterback and green bay in my opinion wasted a pick for after Jordan love. It is funny though because I hearing Brett far. Say these things that doesn't necessarily blend history that we heard Aaron Rodgers gotten to the League and never relationship did take. It's time to get to the place where it was. That wasn't the best relationship in the world so like I understand it got to that point but I actually will be more likely to be amenable because of what he went through when he first got into the League like Jordan love to Booker's point comes in and is a good dude and that is honestly one of the most underrated aspects of a becomes like that Aaron Rodgers. Going to be fine with him so far. Everybody has done things right here. Not leflore talking to Erin right after the draft pick happen Aaron calling on right afterwards too by the way so everybody for now is doing the right thing and down that path. I think it's going to be kun-bae by offer now. And by the way until Jordan. Love proves to be one of the best quarterbacks on the face of the planet Earth a safe in his job. Yeah listen I was in Green Bay during much of that whole ordeal and and I love Brett Farr for this revisionist history. And it's right there. If I remember correctly with regards to the relationship between Brett farve and Aaron Rodgers I think Jeff you make a very valid point.

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