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Rose which do oh, hey, there, Mindy! Before we start the game show today I I. Need Your help. Okay? Sure what's up well. They're looking for the next meteorologist for the Boring News Network. Do you think you could help me with my how dishes and I? Help you with your addition? Just grab my green. Turn on my camera here. Okay whenever you're ready Buddy, we're rolling. Okay A Greasy Today's forecast is calling for mostly sunshine Bu-. Mindy word about spotlight, come from, turn it up. You're shining and right into my eyes Oh yeah, it's supposed to be the son Guy Ross. You can't just turn off the Sun. Keep going. You're doing great. Okay well. Uh were expecting some heavy rain around later. This Afternoon Hugh The rain. Waiting. For this moment. Sprinklers I'm getting soaked bought. Mine was just trying to add a little pizzazz auditioned. For the Boring News Network. Their tagline is literally all the news without all the pizzazz Oh you know what we can work on my edition later. Why don't we just start the game show okay? Clean up on what floor. Now everyone's second favourite game show after out. Did you get on the Internet before there were computers? To what's. Back Wilder time for another. Fast ground of to what? took. Scientific game show. That separates the house from. Now before we begin today's round. Let's pick up where we left off yesterday. Yesterday we gave you threes scientific facts about hair and challenge. You guess one was the one true well, was it? On average, we lose three hundred strands of hair on her scalp every day. Or was it be? Hair is the fastest growing part on the human body, or was it seen the only parts of your skin can't grow hair. Are Your Lips? Oh, and soles of your feet, and to answer yesterday's question joining us by phone. It's Charlie from Massachusetts. CHARLEENA's. Let's hear your winning. My name is Charlie I'm from the Chew Pitch in my world. The world is that the only parts of fierce game back doesn't grow hair. Is Your lips the palm of your hand and Vissel of your feet? And there you have it. If you guessed the answer, see that the only parts of your skin. They can't normally grow hair. Are Your Lips, palms and soles of your feet than Pat Yourself on the head because you found the winning while scientists at the University of Pennsylvania discovered a special bollock. You'll called a protein. It stops your hair from growing. The protein is called dkk to, and it's only bound on your lips. And bottoms of your feet without it. We don't have Harry Hands, and if you ask me down, wouldn't be such a bad thing. Guest a well. It turns out that humans lose on average about fifty to one hundred strands of hair each day finally guest be. You should know that it's really hard for scientists to determine what is the fastest growing part of the human body, but we do know that Hera places itself every two to seven years. All of our winning contestants today will be taking home their very own. In visible bag of hey. FEATURING CLUMPS OF HAIR FROM GRANDMA G forces barry own hair. Bryce user invisible bag of hair to create lasting last minute mustaches scatter it in your garden to keep has bunnies away or stir out to give yourself one long highbrow whatever you use it for. This bag of hair is sure to make a statement congratulations to all of today's. We're GONNA. Take a quick break to up. Or rain demonstration, but when we get back, it's time for another round of to what? What's a wow will be right back grabs. This message is for you. Support for NPR and the following message for parents come from NPR and NPR. Member stations support your local station at NPR dot org slash stations. That's it back to the show. We're back just in time for today's round of to what and a wow. Today's wow category is. Weather Mindy Taylor contestants how the game works contested. We're going to present you with three scientific facts about weather, but and this is a big, but only one of those facts will be a true wow. Just totally made up. It's up to you to find the while. Okay, contestants, are you reading? Which of the following scientific facts about whether is a true scientific? Wow, is it a all? snowflakes have eight sides. Or is it be? It takes roughly two minutes for a raindrop to the ground after forming, or is it seen? Most tornadoes in the northern hemisphere spin clockwise. One more time, is it? All snowflakes at eight sides. Is it be? It takes roughly two minutes for one raindrop to hit the ground after forming, or is it see? Most tornadoes in the northern hemisphere. Spin clockwise when you think you have the correct answer, write it down on the sheet of paper and Scripting run-ups and check back tomorrow to see if your well is the winning while, but before we go, we have a little scientific challenge for you. We call it operation. Forecast Yourself. We want you to play amateur meteorologist by recording yourself delivering a forecast for today's weather wherever you are. What's the temperature? Is it hot or cold? What's? What's the humidity? Does the airfield wet on your skin or dry? Is there a of fish tacos raining from the sky? Take a moment to research the weather in your community and ask a grownup to record your big weather forecast grownups. You can upload your videos to us at tinker cast dot com slash. Share will pick a few and post them on our instagram. Be Be sure to check back tomorrow for the answer to today's game and we'll play another round. To what did allow until next time? Keep on, wow, ING! Okay, Mindy back. I like to rehearse a little something. I wrote about the wind chill. Let me, grab my winter by. Thorough. To what's in that was produced by Mindy Thomas and me. Gerski writes the words and Jason Rabinowitz ads. The White House as audio producer. Jessica Bodey keeps her facts straight Jacob Stein rounds at our creative team and meredith halpern rancher powers. Wow, a tinker cast special thanks to jet Anderson, and also on your Brenneman and the team at NPR. Our theme song was written and composed by the pop ups for more under three time. Grammy nominated all ages music. Find them at the. The pop ups. Dot Com grownups? You can follow us on facebook. INSTAGRAM and twitter at wow in the world and our email address is hello at wow in the world dot com, and if you a kid with a big wow to share, that could be used upcoming episode to what's in a while. Call us at one eight eight seven. Wow, wow, thanks again for listening. That's all for now until next time. A. Tinker task and sent to you by N. P. R..

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