Steelers Burning Question: What would be the most shocking move by the Steelers in the 2020 draft?


Pittsburgh steeler fans welcome back to another episode of the steelers burning question. This is behind this curtain. Deputy editor Dave scofield coming at you this week since we do this. Show on a rotating basis. I know you've had Jeff Hartmann last week I think the week before might have been Lance Williams think you might have Brian Davis next week unless I got the order mixed up but either way it Saturday afternoon I know some of you all might be wondering when the show goes off on a Saturday. Frankly it depends on who's up who's hosting and WHO's ready to do it. And when they're ready to do it. I guess I should say and my kids went to watch a movie tonight so therefore Mike you know. Let's go ahead and knock this out of the park right now in the afternoon so that people have stuff going on so we're going to be here to answer this question. If you're watching live on youtube or later on Youtube you might see that. There's a little bit more of a glow to me. That's because in in the office here. We have a lot of natural lighting. And because it's the daytime I've got a lot of light coming in here so hopefully The reflections not too bad off my glasses. But I'm glad you are here and ready to go. So hopefully the notification went out so. I'm going to jump into this question. I see some people coming in and saying hello in the live chat. I will get to you all here after I do the little spiel and hopefully we get some great dialogue going on but I was. I was thinking about what would be a good question and I know the NFL draft up two weeks from today. We'll be looking right now and being like all right. What are the steelers got because this will be the final day of the draft the NFL saying that they are moving forward? Go forward move ahead. Sorry we don't need to whip it right now They're going forward with draft with although some teams. They're going to have problems with how many people can have at the facility and things like that There might be doing a lot of you know online meetings as to you know through zoom or whatnot in order to discuss what they're doing with the draft under I. I heard a report that the steelers plans are Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert and Art Rooney. The second and maybe one other person will be at the facility and everyone else will be contacting remotely. So that's the draft. That's the way it's going to be this year and as far as we know the NFL. Keep saying it's going to happen. There would have to be something pretty big to change that so the thing is other than that draft being canceled at the last minute or something like that. What would be the most shocking move? The steelers could make in the two thousand twenty NFL draft. I actually actually have a top five so I'm GONNA throw out five and I'm GonNa Kinda of throw them out a little bit of a random order. I'M GONNA I'm GONNA be Weird. I'm going to start with number two. I want to start with what I think is the second most because it could lead into the most and then we'll go from there. I would be the most shocks the second most shocked if the Pittsburgh steelers in the two thousand twenty. Nfl draft traded back into the first round. They've made big moves in the past. They moved up last. You Take Devin Bush. Therefore they don't have their regular third round pick this year a they traded from. If it's Patrick. They don't have their first round. Pick this year to take to to make that move to move back up into the first round would completely shocked me. It's not just so you know all these things that I'm going to bring up aren't things that are so shocking there beyond the realm of possibility. I mean I'm not I'm not gonNA say that. The steelers traded away every draft. Pick to have a higher pick next year among going to say something like that. These are realistic. Legitimate things steelers could do so number. Two for me is for them. Training all the way back up into the first round now could they trade up in the second round to get a higher pick someone has been falling and they think hey if I move up four or five spots. We're GONNA get someone that we never would have imagined. I could see that happening. I could see that having but to move all the way back up into the first round to whether drafting on that first day that would really surprise me but the thing that would surprise me even more. My number one is if they traded back. Because when you don't get a pick until pick forty nine. I would be absolutely shocked if they said Nope. We don't even need forty nine. We're going to move back from that and get another. Pick up another pick later. The only way I could see that realistically happening is if there's four or five guys at the steelers are like man. We are ready to take any of these guys at this position. And someone's like hey. We need to move four spots and is going to throw in another pick like what's another fourth-round picker or something. Depending on how far up they'd be moving at half the drawback I could see that happening but it would have to play out so perfectly that the steelers would know that they would still have basically one of several options that they would have at forty nine in order to move back out of that and other times I could see maybe they trade back but with that being your top pick in the draft. I just don't see them trading back out of that one so those are my two biggest things is seeing that forty ninth pick being traded either to where they go up into the first round or they trade back with it. I could see I could maybe see a slight move up but I would say more but if I had to put money on it I'm sure the odds would be terrible to put money on it. I say that the steelers stand pat and take the best player available at forty nine. So that's the first two things that I think of now. The next thing I would have to say would be. I would be shocked if the steelers did. Not draft an offensive lineman after the draft is all said and done. I would be very surprised if they went this whole draft and did not at least try to get some sort of depth piece in order to get younger at position moving forward because they've got so many guys whose age starts with three and that means that you've gotta have other guys coming in if you WANNA if you wanna stay with that so I won't be surprised. I would be shocked if they did not draft any kind of offensive line. Actually I thinking they're gonNA draft too. I think that they'll they'll draft. There's a better possibility. Drafting to offensive lineman than zero offensive lineman. So people really think. Because it's me I'm GonNa say something about running back now. I wouldn't be shocked about anything with running back. I wouldn't be shocked if they took a running back with their top pick. I don't know that they need to but that's not shocking to me so some people think oh well. David is running backs now. Not like that. So that's though so far I would also be shocked if the steelers did not draft a linebacker of some sort particularly I think they need an inside linebacker just to have more depth there at all. I believe they'll probably address both positions at some point in the draft but if they address neither of them that would be shocking to me to draft no offensive lineman or no linebackers of any sort. That's something that I that I think would would be shocking and to round out my top five. I WANNA say I would be shocked because they do it every year. If the steelers didn't didn't take a wide receiver at some point. You know anywhere anywhere across the board because that's just one of those positions that they are constantly bringing in whether with the High Piccolo pick or something like that Honorable Mention was something that I that I think I saw at some point in the live chat. Although I'm not really looking at it that it just flashed up there is quarterback I would be shocked if the steelers I out. This one would have ranked pretty high. If I think about it this way man I might have to change my list because I would be shocked if the steelers took a quarterback in the fourth round or later because basically what's the point. What's the point? I mean if the right guy fell to you in the third round you really wanted to take a flyer. I understand if the right guy fell to you in the second round. And you're like you know what we weren't wanting our our top overall pick to have to step on the field all this year anyway so we're going to invest in the future. I mean I would rather not do that but if they did it I could. I could see that happening but really. I don't take a quarterback in the fourth round her later I would really say what's the point. What's the point? Because you're really gonNA upgrade over what you had at that point in the draft. I mean it would have to be someone I mean doesn't mean it's beyond the possibility I mean. We want to out there Tom Brady. He was drafted in the sixth round. Yes he was there. You Go But as we know Tom Brady is the exception. Not The rule. So you can't just say. Oh we're gonNA wait till later. We're going to find one of the best. Quarterbacks never played again no no no no no. I mean honestly. It's really hard to find a second round quarterback that's that game changing so let alone further down so I think that's duchess me. That's how I think. All of those moves would be shocking. I don't know what you all think would be the most shocking. I don't know there's something else that you think is pretty shocking so I have not been looking at the live chat so far so I'm going to type something in there right now to ask you all what you think and from that point on is when I'm GonNa Start Reading your comments so if you said something that was really good before this time and you want to keep it over and put it in there or whatever you have to do that was when I will see it. In order to address it on the show you could also if you really want to fire off another question that kind of involved with this question. I'm all right with that as well if you want your question to definitely be answered or or if you want your answer to this question definitely brought up. You can use the super chat feature. Which is you type in what you want to say? Then you hit that dollar sign you donate any amount you want to the show and I will guarantee that I bring it up. Don't feel like you have to use it. I'm going to get as many as I can. I just can't guarantee it otherwise because I don't want to lose focus too much on the actual podcast but if that comes up I will definitely definitely do it. So that your options. So let's see what we have here. Here we go explore your world. He says other than safety. I don't see a single pressing defensive. Need after free agency depends on. If you're talking about I mean I don. I wouldn't even put safety on the top of the list of needs for defense. It would be my top three but all of these needs would be depth. Needs like I could see the steelers needing more depth at outside linebacker. They definitely need more depth at inside linebacker. That could use quality safety depth of someone who could even come on in sub package and dime package but honestly special the defensive side of the Ball Trafton. Someone high really tough to crack the starting lineup. The the only position I could really see that would be the easiest shot at cracking the starting lineup where draft would be as they drafted a nose tackle at that point and I don't think this draft is set up definitely to do that. I don't believe they'll do that but that could be shocking. But that's how they stay on the defense. Okay so lance is doing his thank you very much landslides. Jump on it if you want to come on the show. If you want to right now you gotta do. Is You know the website you have the password. Come on and join the program if you want. Because he said The forty nine pick is worth four hundred ten points this is using the trade calculator which sometimes undervalue some stuff I think they overvalue late in the draft. Sometimes undervalue what teams really want. When you're wanting to go up and like the first half of the first round but it depends on the calculator he said to get into the first minimum value is five hundred ninety so they would need a hundred eighty points to get up there. It would be the second and multiple picks yet. That's why I think trading up into the first round. That would shock me. I just don't think they do it. I don't think it's worth it With everything so let's see what would it too? And that's this was the question and Lance answer before even came up from captain underpants of what it would take to trade into the first round so it would take like land said it would take multiple picks unless you're also willing to trade a pick for next year like would you trade this year second and next year second to go up into the bottom couple picks the first round. I don't know that's that's that would be more kicking the can down the road and the way the steelers are set up with how many players they have on their roster in years to come those few drafts particularly next year and beyond could be important depending on how they work their extensions and everything else so do skipped ahead on me. I'm really sorry everyone. I've got a jump back to try to. Sometimes the live chat. Does that so do do here. We go. I found the question I was looking for Said thoughts on drafting. Tanner muses a hybrid linebacker safety depth. When it comes to specific players couldn't tell you that is not a position that I've dived into yet dove into yet In order to see what's available in the steelers could be picking you know I've I've looked at. I've looked edge. I've looked at quarterback I've looked at running back just because those are the high profile positions. I've looked at line. I look at other things I haven't really dove into safety so To put specific name if the steelers I mean if you're talking about a line a hybrid linebacker safety. I think that's a position that they very well could draft in the right persons there. I am all for them. Poor nutrition on that position. Okay here's feels. He said I would feel. I would be shocked. If they don't take Dobbins Taylor Swift if they are there you want to know the truth depends on who you look at because according to some draft places like CBS. Sports wheels others the steelers. If they took Dobbins at forty nine that would be considered a reach. He is in the fifties and sixties many drafts. So I don't want them reaching at that point. I'm not saying that they're correct. But that's just where the places have them. I have a feeling if if now I guess Taylor. I think he's the one that's only projected in the first round but other than that. I'm not exactly sure so came. So let's see what else we have. I don't know if Lance is asking for my twitter handle or somebody else's the explorer World Two thousand nineteen. This has to go back. I think what he was saying before the defense is third safety and that the whole draft could be offensive. Yeah I think they could use that that safety position but at the same time as I think a bigger need is look. How often the steelers? The steelers did didn't play two inside linebackers. All season last year. Mark Barron played more snaps than Vince. Williams. Do you want Vince Williams on the field all the time if not then you need another linebacker or that. Linebacker safety hybrid. So could it be? Ulysses Gilbert the third. I would love for it to be I. I was really intrigued by him. Last year I like His contributions on special teams. I Really WanNa see what he's capable of doing but if he's not the answer then you don't really have anything else there. That's why I think they could add depth peace there and frankly I've constantly said I'm still not shocked at the steelers. Go Edge rusher with their top. Pick because if you're if but beaupre is not signed. Long-term they'd be in a much better boat to have an edge rusher. Who is that guy like? Anthony Gigolo was last year when he's healthy who comes in when the other guys need to step out who's that that third outside linebacker to come in and play those snaps and then could be available to be the guy next year if if there is nobody pre beyond two thousand twenty so the that to me is the biggest we talked about it. Some of the preview. I think cornerback would be would be someone completely buried on the depth chart because of the guys they have. And even the backups that they have so captain underpants ask what a tagging trade surprise you. Yes it would. I just don't think that's the steelers. Don't use the tag in order to get more value out of someone that would surprise me if they if they traded do pre like. Here's here's a shocking draft thing for you. This was my. I didn't do this one because this is something I thought about before and I'm GonNa leave the question there. I thought about this in the past that that would be absolutely crazy. This would be my my wildest scenario of the NFL draft the steelers. Get AN ED. Rusher that they really like in the first round. Let's say someone like Like a terror Lewis from Alabama. That's one name that I know. It's out there that that would be. He's projected in the early forties. So that would be someone. Got Forty Nine would would be a logical pick. Let's say the second round comes around and the player the best player out there by far is another edge rusher. What's I'd be like okay. Go Edge rusher rusher and rescinded the tag and have some money to do some other things and hope that one of those two got could start. That would be crazy. I don't think they should do it. It would have to line up perfectly but in in one of those. What's the wildest thing you could? You could dream up More completely different than than Tony. Depth article that came out on Wednesday about the steelers trading back into the first round five times and trading away. I think Bundy pre and Steven Nelson and all their draft picks in order to do it. Like other draft picks for the next couple of drafts That would be crazy. I have to admit but that'll thing I said you know load up on edge rushers and then save yourself for money by presenting the tag on Debris Ryan Kellerman with the question of saying who do you think the like enough to trade back up into the first. That's the thing I don't know. And this is part of us because a steeler fans were looking at the steelers can do like last year we were looking at who would be available at twenty versus do you trade up to get one of the Devon's this your worship focused on what's available at forty nine. It's really easy to fall in love. With what could be their forty-nine so much so that you don't think that you need something in the twenty s I don't know of anyone that would be worth that. They would have to be something that the steelers were do. Kevin Colbert himself said. It doesn't look like that's in the cards for them this year while which would also that would be. What would also make shocking. Holly says the biggest shock would be signing Brian. Anthony Davis to replace. Bj Finney Sense. He already owns the pants. GotTa love that one. So here we go. Some people are having conversations about Ben Rothlisberger. That's great keep on with those while. Anything good comes out of those. I'll bring him up. So Michael Malley I think this is his wishlist for the draft safety running back linebacker and a big body fast wide receiver I don't know if he's talking about that being for the whole draft or if that's what you took at the top of the draft. I could see that either like I said. I really safety's position. I really looked into yet with this draft. That's something I'm going to do that when the show's over. Because that's that's pretty intriguing. City boys says I could see them getting an inside linebacker. Yeah if I'm not sure that the right inside linebacker is going to be there at forty nine. That's the biggest thing that I'm not sure about or else I'd be more confident with inside linebacker. I do think the right outside linebacker edge rusher could be there. But that's one of several positions that could be be there became you guys know. Feel about this where everyone says we need an rb at forty nine. I say no. No no no no. No no because as soon as you think you're going to need a running back that's when you're going to pull an already burns reach on a running back and the last thing. I want everyone locked into thinking fast. Running back the only way you take a running back at one that you have at forty nine is he. Someone that you feel is going to be a game changer. And frankly I'd as I talked about on Stack Meek. I mean name running back that the steelers could draft that would be any that would actually be any higher than third come week. One doesn't mean he doesn't move up before then but you know the steelers are going to have James Connors rb one in week one unless he gets healthy or sorry unless he isn't healthy that's just what they're gonNa do and for those. I know I don't want to get off the running back for those of you Donald Bench. Now I'M GONNA go back and say once again. Watch the all twenty two of week. Seventeen against the ravens are no steeler. Fans don't WanNa Watch that game again because of how it ended up and was along the way but seriously go back and watch him run in there and say you know what he's looking like an NFL running back. That's just me game so let's see what else we have. Some people not liking what some people saying about our one franchise quarterback but here we go USA. I can't even say the name. I'm sorry I'm GonNa mess it up. We'll say Mussab. I'll say that would jalen hurts. Be a good pick. I would say not at forty nine. Not Forty nine. I could see them if they really wanted him. He could very well be available in their third round. Pick one or two unless I just don't. If they took him a forty nine I would feel like they took a major reach so I don't think the steelers going to do anything with quarterback on Orleans Williams and I disagree with this. I put it out there to say the reason. The steelers didn't sign a free agent. Backup quarterback is that is that the only reason to sign one if you think ones available who could win the Super Bowl with this team? And if he's not then don't spend the money because the steelers believe they can they can win the super bowl with Ben Rothlisberger. So if you don't think any other why spend a bunch of money on a player that you think is only going to get you part of the way if if we had a repeat of two thousand nineteen? You're better off just trying to make the team overall better and then it does. You're not gonNA have to rely on the quarterback but that's just my own personal opinion based on the way the steelers addressed the position or didn't address the position this year. As to why? I'm not saying it was the right decision. I'm saying that that is why so explore that said. Thank you for addressing comments. Welcome you bring up good questions that are going to be brought up except you guys are probably give bringing up great questions further down that. I'm nowhere close to yet so apparently. There's someone in here trolling. If I come across it then I'll just issue a timeout. Haven't been noticing it that much so but I'll bring up explore your world again because you bring up good stuff. I'm not opposed to getting a good third safety. Pick forty nine and then the entire rest of the draft being offensive players. I I don't think it has to be offensive players. I think they should. They should get their best players available. I love what the steelers didn't free agency this year because what they did last year they they addressed glaring needs in free agency so they had more freedom in the draft. They didn't do it. Two years ago with outside linebacker sought outside linebacker with inside linebacker and then the draft did not go their way and they didn't get one there either and then they were in trouble. And that's why we had Vince Williams Jon Bostick and they try to get Eljay Ford in just on passing plays and then they were guessing wrong. And that's when you have John Boston Garden Keenan Allen on a on a third and five or whatever was to for for the chargers to win the game. And that's up the steelers season. So you don't kind of want those kind of things. How land said he was working. I finally got to that Sierra Fan. Oh what's wanted because that had something that I want to but it skipped on me. Let's see if I can bring that back up. Here I was going to Steeler steeler fan seventy four Duty to do so but we got a lot of. I gotta remember what it was I got. I got thrown off guard. So who's bad pants? Yes Lanza love it. So here's west. Brought up something that I'm heading back up to try to find Sierra Fan. Seventy four is come and he said I wouldn't mind trading a V for wide receiver John Brown of the bills. I don't know what he'd be available with the V are. Yeah I do that if they would do it so here. We go. I'm still looking. There was the tag trade on. I'm so sorry about the about the the the jump on the live chat. That happens too sometimes and then. I don't WanNa miss stuff to go a tooth. I'm stars sorry. Steeler fan seventy four. I lost her comment but we will find some other ones. It was a good one now. I can't remember what it was. I think it was just listening for listing some various positions game so various brought up. Something he said. Edmonds is the weakest link on the defensive. Safety with the with the intent to start would be nice comma in there are periods that means the weakest link on the defense. I can't say that he's not but you also gotta look at who those other defenders are. That are all pretty nice so did a Brian. Anthony Davis you know thing I mean. Okay we'll do it this way. Okay so I'm not going to get down. That are still WanNa see what he does this year. I want to see progress. If he doesn't then I think we know he's not the answer I think he could and and he they mesh and that would be great but For All we yes. He could be the weakest link in the secondary but he could also be no offense he could be the he could be the the ugliest supermodel at the fashion show. If you know what I mean meaning I still made the argument. That bundy pre last year was the weakest link on the Defensive Front. And that's because the entire the the steelers defensive line had four defensive linemen included steph onto it ranked in the top eleven on pro football focus. And I've said before I think pro. Football focus rankings are more accurate for players. That instantly engage. In the line of scrimmage with contact. 'cause it's easier to grade but they're supposed to do when you're talking defensive secondary you'd have to know the play call which makes it harder so with all that and of course. T. J. Watt TJ. What I would say but depre- could be the week was probably the weakest link on the defensive front but that doesn't mean he was a bad player just means they had a great defensive front and that could be end up being the case with trout. Edmonds as well. I'm not gonNA argue that. He's the weakest link there but I don't know that they're ready to upgrade. But if you take the forty-ninth picking the right safety is there and you could play them in some package football and you find out that that's a better option Later in the season or next season then there you go then you go with it so it is what is. Ezra wants to know if Clay Matthews is still out there and affordable from what I understand. He is still out there. There was a reports of worry was going and then I didn't hear anything finalized. I don't know if he's affordable the steelers. Anything else could could say. Hey let's bring him in at a decent price because if nothing else could at least replace the hair of Anthony Chick. So that's that's pretty good. A lot of people like snowman says Chase Klay Pool at pick forty nine. I've heard several people throw that name out there If the steelers that's the right move I'm not opposed to it and it's funny that I keep saying if the steelers think it's the right move. We have to admit we could talk about what we want. I'm sorry I'm get away from the live chat for a moment for this. We've the biggest thing we know about. Sierra fans is is that we can trust our front office to no more than we do all the other fans of the NFL can say that because they they make some. I mean I think I could rather Cleveland Front office better than the people that they've had their past. But that's just me but I trust the steelers evaluation and if they think Chase Klay Pool is a great pick. It forty nine. Take him if if there's something about they don't like anything someone else's better take that person that's better I'm all for it okay. This is how I feel as well explore man. I brought up a lot of your stuff today when connors healthy he's a top fifteen running back in the league and he's in the last year of his contract. So there's every reason from the ball out that's the other thing remember. We got a big boost in production from buddy PRI when he was in the last year his deal actually. There's more to that than I. That's an article that I'm going to have coming soon. About Tesla with with Bundy pre how he's got the sweetest deal of any edge defender in the NFL when you're going when you've got the best one in the league opposite of you and the Second Best Defensive. Interior Defensive Line Plant Lineman playing right next to you. Nobody's had that for a long time. And that's the deal that he's got so not only is he not getting chipped. He's also rarely getting double team so all we have to win a one on one match up and he can have a great great play. So I'm GONNA keep going. I know him real far behind. You guys aren't going to skip over a little bit especially if it skips ahead on me. So with the with things about wide receivers. I'm not gonNA bring up several different comments So what said if he were there and one of the fourth round picks? I've had a hard time passing on hurts to be honest. If he's there were the fourth round. I know I said. Don't take a quarterback in the fourth round or later but to me that's a that's a that's a guy that I would have pegged more for the third round so if he's there in the fourth I could understand that because I would feel like they're getting a third round talented the fourth so some some good stuff. Nice to see you back. West blesses out there working hard for while the rest of isn't he's out there driving truck the making sure goods are getting other places Getting the places they need to go so things can go on with us with life as much as they can. I know some of you other people in the in the in the live chat probably in the same boat and some of you might be on the opposite end of the spectrum but honor that specifically from west and I know I missed you on stat geek Tuesday night wes. 'cause I know you're probably out there working hard and we just. I'm just glad you could join US Saturday. Sorry I just felt like I needed to say that. So due to what Dallas says the move we've made should make us contenders plus still have the draft so we should be set. Yeah I mean I think the steelers are a great place to not screw this draft up just take. You don't have to go at once Pacific position and that's why I've been so anti running back is a is that I don't want the steelers to feel like they have to take any position. I don't think they need to go out there. Take what's best where you are and let the chips fall where they are. You're probably GONNA pick up you know. Of course they're going to look at some of these other positions that they need a little bit deeper. Of course they're gonNA look deep wide receiver because they always draft one game so it is just how it is so here we go can we. Frank web lives wants to know. Can we get to pick for BADS USED FINNEY PANTS? So I maybe I should talk bad into using the Finney pants for for a giveaway for the website. So it is what it is okay It's funny 'cause Dallas says. He likes moving lane to safety. I don't know that he's got the speed. I've got people that. Keep telling me that I people should the season's over telling me that we needed to move Devon Bush to safety. I'm like they didn't drop move after the tenth round. Pick to take a linebacker playing linebacker for season. Move to safety. That's not what they did. That's one two then. Who Else is playing linebacker? That's another good question but still we don't need to go into that right now. So my live chat. Just jump the bunch. So I'm GonNa see if I can catch up with you guys In these last five minutes here so I'm glad because you said not being political. This was some news this afternoon. I didn't know how much we want to go to it but said but the not being political but the president said he would like for the NFL season to start on time. So I put an article out about that like changing it now. Is it worthwhile? You should make your schedule one? Press on with your schedule and if something happens later on that makes you have to change it. Then change it when it has to be changed. You don't want to not move forward now and not be ready when if everything's fine at some point it's kind of like my summer vacation and I can't say I mean granted all supposed to go on a cruise in. May but we cancel that forever ago but just my summer beach vacation. My family goes on July. I'm not canceling my vacation. I'm hopeful to go Monday -cation but I understand that I might not be going on my vacation. That's kind of the mentality. I like with with the NFL. Moving forward Governing explore again. He's talking about Gilbert the third Olot and to czar skipper. That your depth pieces. Yes they are but are we confident in them as depth pieces. What happens if they're not I? Don't that's why I don't mind adding more depth. So we'll see I mean on sometimes positions. The steelers don't draft in the draft. And that they don't address in Free Agency tells us more about their confidence in players that we might not necessarily have so. We'll we'll see what happens. So this was where steeler fan seventy Ford said it. He said that he wanted the edge or interior offensive line at another. Whichever weapon is what he would like in the draft. I'm probably not even just that specifically the top spot which I could agree. Land says what does that look like if you reach ceiling. That's a great question. I don't know I mean he's a physical freak so you would think that he could have a very high ceiling. I just don't know that whoever played it at ceiling. I'm just saying based on his physical attributes. So it's interesting. Here's someone someone else brought this up before about the steelers trading for Jj Watt to have all of them on the same team. I I don't think that something that's realistic at this point. But I'll be honest with you. It could be something as he's getting a little bit older and and maybe not expecting such high contract that if he ever says hey when it'd be fun to go to be a free agent or something and go join the steelers and a couple of years just so we could all be on the same team go for it. I just don't think it can be in the cards right now. So so that's go. I'll see if I can bring up just a couple of Moore's I try to catch up to do so and it's so funny. Some people loved Mark Barron Mule Mule. Skinner said he's like I was never a barren guy. For one year lease some people liked lights Barron. Some of them don't This was George saying go trying to make an RB lover. I'm like I own rb lover I do. I love running back. I like the ones we have on I. That's that's just me? I think I actually got more from Benny Snow watching his film from last year. What I thought going into it is one of the big things and I just. I'm not we have them for one more year. Why not ride James Connor bus as long as you can if you can give us the time and remember people remember? I've said it so many times. Thirty two teams the NFL LAST SEASON. Only twelve of those thirty two teams had their starting running back playing all sixteen games. Twenty of them did not. It's what happens with the position. You're going to have guys out so West said something that we actually brought up on staff Geek. A Little Betty says feel strongly that we should draft another safety move edmonds to the dime backer role while we talk bounce. Tacky is if you want to draft the safety that you're not ready to throw in the starting lineup. You keep edmonds out there as your strong safety. Then when you go into some package then move move edmonds up into that time backer role and have the other safety come on in playing playing the other safety position to get them on the field. And then see what you have. So that's just one of those things. Okay so it's very interesting so the steelers could do some things it's funny. What would shock me? Might not shock you and what might shock. You might be like. Oh I wouldn't surprise me. One bit at the steelers did that. I'm my thing is and this is what probably it's funny. Because I'm I don't WANNA I don't WanNa get tied to a position and I definitely don't want to get tied to a name for the steelers at forty nine because when you do and it doesn't work out your left own. What are they going to do? I'm not doing that. It's crazy 'cause last year so many people got got tied on the name of Devon Bush and it actually came true. Which usually doesn't every other time I try to. I try to pinpoint a name of what I think. The steelers are going to do with the first pick they have. It hasn't happened. It hasn't happened so other than last year with the name being Devon Bush and what it took actually get because there was no way they were going to get Bush where they were and some draft. Mock drafts Adam. Even going there which would have been crazy so I think everything that the steelers added right now they don't they don't have to infuse a starter and that's a really good place to be. I know it doesn't mean that these guys they draft wouldn't have a chance to start but I don't I don't see that they have to start anywhere and that's a really good thing thing to be because some people were even saying. Hey what about you know? Couldn't an offensive lineman. Wouldn't you WANNA guard out? Guess what they could start. They don't have to. You've got was new ski. You've got filer. Could BUMP BUMP BUMP DOWN. If one of the tackles is playing. Well you've got other options there. You could say wide receiver. I don't know that they would start unless they come out and absolutely would have to. You know if you're going into this draft and every player that you draft is someone who doesn't have to start but if they come out and show that they're better than what you have. That just made the steelers a better football team. That's what happens and I think that's the situation. The steelers are in and that's exciting. That's really excited setting to think about it game Here's Wess. He says. Dave thank you you guys keep me saying. That's what I hope for a lot of you. All I love doing the podcasts. I look forward to him. I hope you look forward to them. You probably looks more forward to different. People have been made to look at or do and that's okay but we're still giving them to the everyday. We're giving you at least one every day. I know on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We're giving you too just because those shows were just naturally going too long so we go go the doing two shows if you're trying to catch them live on youtube and want to set schedule. There's generally not one. I try to go nine o'clock on Tuesdays within ten minutes earlier later every Tuesday. So if you're tuning in around nine o'clock on Tuesday you should be good That's around around. Eight between eight forty five and nine. It's usually what time we go on Thursdays on the shows with Lance. It's you never quite know because within be on the West Coast. It's really tough to figure out those times. Brian and Tony generally start anytime between five and five thirty. Monday's so if you're looking for specific times that's some windows we can help give you so. Thank you all so much for all that. Make sure you are going in and checking out behind the curtain dot com. It really is your one. Stop Shop for all Pittsburgh steelers. We've still got articles coming out. We're trying we're trying to do the watch party where People Watch wants Pacific game and then talk about it after they watch it. We have various different things. You've got the commentary. We've got breakdown we've got breaking news we've got things from different people We had an ARC. It's funny because sometimes you just two different takes. I had an article today about how people need to remain positive about the NFL SEASON. Starting and and just and try to live that way. Tony comes on with an article not long after that with how depressing it he doesn't think the NFL she's GonNa Start on time so obviously we don't off it feel the same way and it's okay but that's what you're going to get there so make sure you're checking in there. Make sure you are as if anything go in on. The Youtube Channel liked the video. That really helped us out a lot. Thank you off for great live chat. I'm so sorry that you're so much that I couldn't even catch everything but I just appreciate the the interaction. That's that's my most favorite part. That's why like doing this show is to be able to interact with you all so thank you very much. We will see you sometime. It won't be made it should be Jeff Lance for the homered hater show tomorrow on Sunday. Some time they've been doing that in the afternoon some But I don't know what time to plan on going to just make sure you got that notification stuff right if you get ready to go so you know in the show starting and that you're going to tune in tele friend and subscribe. Thanks for joining me.

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