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The Dan Le Batard, Woodstock Gotcha podcast is brought to you by capital on capitol. One is reimagining banking offering accounts with no fees or minimums that can be opened in five minutes Capital One. What's in your wallet Capital One and a member FDIC? So Dennis Quaid as a new movie out. It's called the intruder. He is playing someone devious and villainous we will get to that in a moment with Dennis Quaid. But I need to go around the room before we talked to Dennis Quaid and just put everyone on the spot. What is this a hard question? What is the best Dennis Quaid movie fight all of you? What is the best? Dennis Quaid movie. Space. Absolutely good. But again, postcards. On the edge coast. Guardsmen he has that was about religious life in butter. No one would. No, we all we all agree. The right stuff is where it's at Dennis Quaid with us on ESPN radio. Again. The intruder is in theaters nationwide beginning tomorrow, thank you Dennis for being with us. Again, you the villain role. Is that something that you enjoy have you done that very much in your life? It's it's the listen play villain. No. It's my second villain role and forty years, actually. Second done. Yeah. I one was nineteen seventy eight. It was a TV movie called are you in the house alone? Which was also connected real estate. Say you do that. Well, very scary. Do you what do you take the part home with you? Because I read one time that you that Jerry Lewis when you did great balls of fire, you were taking that home. Yes. That was the last time movie home that one ended in rehab, so. Out to might work. All right. Well, explain this to me because you've had a couple of movies that have come dangerously close to putting you in rehab because why at our right you you had to eating disorder because you're losing so much weight there. Well, I wanted to be, you know, portrayed dot college as close as executive what he really was it. So I lost forty five pounds for that movie. Could see my skull. You know, it's been a pretty can't tanker guy. 'cause with you with your data. That's in a US Yousef. If you're not very, social, they say, you can you explain to us what happened there, those you're losing weight for a role, you're believing in the role, you believe that you have to have it near your soul. And then the movie ends and what you're still struggling with the eating or. I there'd be about six months to lose the way and have a doctor and a great should. I said, you know, then I had to like stay down there at that wait for like five months who's the mortgage? And you know, you start to get I guess they call it manorexic. And but if it's just me a while to get over it. And how did you? I just felt my face. Good. Yeah. Eventually I got back to fight your way. What was the diet like though, Dennis before the movies lose the way? Yeah. About a thousand calories a day. Then I would you know, the stairmaster burn up about six hundred. So it was like a POW diet. And so the intruder it's a new movie it's in theaters nationwide tomorrow. Dennis Quaid is on with us here. What how evil are you? In this movie. I've pre Evo I play guy Charlie tax. He has his house that he's really attached to its been families with regeneration. He reluctantly sells it under the spirit circumstances to this. Nice young African American come. Oh. And then he doesn't wanna leave. And so what what drew you to the script? What is it about the movie that you said, okay, I'm gonna play villain for the second time in my life. Well, you know what I read is fifth. It's the only time that I get to be an audience member with the first time experience of Bill, and there's really kind of. Scared me, I scream like a little girl just reading it. And I going to be a fun character to do you told us that your brother Randy Quaid that we have a quite the addiction about because we love talking about him thinking about and watching his movies could eat an apple in one bite. If you were playing a hand of poker. He goes in with two of his most famous roles independence day in national Lampoon's vacation series. If you need to call and raise him, what are the two roles you're coming after him with. Do you got? I don't think I can come close to cousin Eddy and make Asian that Trump's every fold really a big surprise, everything is quite I mean four you got good chords. Quaid quaid. You got good coach. Okay. I'll bet I'll come out with interstate and the rookie that's Chris's favourite. Chris Chris tell how much I tell them. How much you love the rookie dream the dream. You are a big sports guy. You used to be. I don't know if you still are you used to be a very good golfer when Tiger Woods does that. How does Dennis Quaid react to Tiger Woods winning the masters? What a beautiful world that is that we live in. That's what I say to that. Yeah. I think he might actually win. Three or four of of the majors this year. In fact, yes. Gone wrong. That's all of them. That's jack. Winning all the majors Quaid. Yeah. I see weighing four in a row. I do. Wow. Shocking because send it to ESPN everyone ESPN. So they can put it on the scroll. Not even the Tiger Slam. He's done that before this is the grand winning to grand. You got the greatest comeback. Dennis Quaid is predicting the single greatest return to sports and the history of sports. Already was the single greatest return to sports in the history of sports. The last week winter topless that man and. I, you know, he's he's like you said he's done it before. And I didn't do it and in one season, which I think he did before two that he not not not one year. But he does have the Tiger Slam where he won four consecutive. Did you cry when he won the master's here? But what what a man it was. It was a wonderful Sunday for sure ragged, isle tears or Dennis Quaid with. Then sway was Philly crocodiles here Veritas living room with his eleven year old son watching Tiger Woods as I have. I ever heard you interviewed talking about fear drawing you and you talking specifically about the fear of playing Ronald Reagan in a bio pic. What is the greatest fear? Dennis Quaid has had before accepting a role, and why do you gravitate toward the fear? Get gonna chill affair my sign. What I'm offering something? It usually tells me that I should take it because it's going to be something that takes me out of my comfort zone and. You know, I think we all we all need that. You know, we've who might have the same haircut both of us guys for so long and then get out of the comforts of and try something new and different. These me interested one about the idea and again, Dennis Quaid is with us. The intruder is in theaters nationwide. A begins tomorrow, you could catch it. What is the day before a movie like for you? You've been doing this for so long Dennis that the day before a movie comes out is what for you? Well, I'm going to play golf get off the phone with you. Okay. Because that's already in the canon. It's over and now you do now you just wait to see the results you let it go. Yeah. I just drive it like a hot potato nice. All right. Dennis Quaid in the sharks. Do they play much music? Like, what's the greatest crowd that Dennis Quaid, and the sharks has played music in front of because you've been doing this for a while to play music. Yeah. We played Billy Bob down in Dallas. We had two thousand people down there and world's biggest nightclubs. Well, we had a really great time. We we're the only band that has the money back guarantee. And we're going to be the oldest guys begging rock and roll. Good Dennis Quaid's new movie before we get him outta here to go play golf. The intruder is in theaters nationwide tomorrow, and we need your Hollywood comments on the story of the day, which is in Jellico Houston taking out Bob de Niro by saying of him, and you know, him being a sell out for money. I guess he has maybe a couple of ex wives. Right. Not many. But what does this fellow spend his money on? He's got no, boo. He's got the Tribeca film festival. He's not spending the film money on that. I don't wanna see Jack Nicholson doing meet the faulkners so Dennis Quaid set. Yeah. That's right. That's right. That. That's right. So Dennis Quaid. Go ahead. Bobby deniro to do anything. He wants. He's the eight hundred pound gorilla in a row. Anything came watch. Not a gory. We were surprised we had never heard of peer go after Robert deniro before. Well, I have no idea, but she's got a rough engine. But then there's reality. I am watching the the trailer for the intruder Mike. Dennis quaid. Your scary face is really scary. Terry thing I've ever seen it before. Frightening. That's what my eleven year old son told me just the other day. But then is thank you for being with us. Good luck with the movie. Thank you for spending time with us. All right guys, ever great weekend. Still wants a new boat kind for some more ads. There's that guy's been having a great weekend that starts on Thursday since one thousand nine hundred eighty I mean, the tagline is don't let him in this movie looks good. It looks like something you'd like voice. Sure. The intruder is through this kind of movie the black talks people. I wonder if you lots of men stugatz here for one eight hundred flowers after a childhood full of unsuccessful attempts to pull the wool over. Mom's is do you really think she won't be able to tell the difference between the last minute mother's day gift and something truly thoughtful this mother's day. Don't settle for anything less than the biggest and brightest bouquets from one eight hundred flowers dot com right now. 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You come to find them hiding under wardrobes next to Las soaks due to sudden scurry off what's utterly fascinating about the dust bunny is that although they're not actually sanctioned creatures when the Kyko not only saves people money, but also has ninety seven percents customer satisfaction rating. It's obvious to them. You should switch because. Yes. Switching to gyco is a no brainer. Oh, no. It's the dust bunnies. Only natural Prentice on the lung dust on his run along donlevatar. Stugatz. Disgusting. Stugatz. Yep. These live at our. Show with this Stu gods on ESPN radio sue poverty. I saw Alrighty hit there yet. What are you covering stupidity? This. We we had a lot of fun. We actually released it at like seven AM this morning. So hopefully, people are enjoying it. We had a reunion of a show. I did on the weekends about eighteen months ago. We can Ave shins. And so Michael junior popular it was very popular weekend show you were doing with my goal junior. People were said to see that go away. It would I it started as a football only show, and the people that he SPN liked it so much on the audience that they made it a year round show. And so we enjoy doing it. We didn't joy doing it. Sunday mornings from seven to nine AM. You didn't enjoy doing it Sunday mornings from seven that? You're doing it from your house. Didn't enjoy do. I didn't enjoy it. Yeah. It was right. I was right in the middle of my bought mitzvah, circle, you know, like the whole circuit was going on. And like I was out Saturday night late every single night. And there were times. I mean, there was a show or go. Check your said Joe up because he was over. I mean, I don't care. I'll say it because we spent the entire show looking for go jumped as we brought the the cast back together, and we have appearances from Scott van pelt second appearance on stupidity, and we'll Cade makes an appearance and by appearances they smoke cigarettes with Mike Mikey see at a dumpster on the Bristol campus. So you have that to look who is Mike you see because I'm not from this report up. Right. And Mikey see you guys would do smoke break with Mikey see, and he he's rough around the edges. He's very rough around the the edge. He'd go out to smoke cigarettes near Bristol dumpster during before after the show whenever he felt like doing and it was sad to you yet. So I decided how you might as well go out there and make some content out of it. And so we did a weekly thing where he would bring someone from ESPN after the dumpster with him. And he would interview them while he was having a cigarette. And he did that this week with van pelton, and we'll Cain. We just had a lot of fun. It's it's I think it's the way podcast you'd be very conversational bounces off. All over the place. It's completely unorganized. And maybe that's not the way it should be. I don't know. I don't know what you're like. I love that. He wants to parlay his laziness into its how podcast should be the future of audio. It should be as lazy as I. This is fun though. I'm telling you people are going to enjoy this. It was it was a lot. I didn't. I did enjoy that show. I was a fan of weekend object used to tell me that might never do. Like, I would have to pry things at Mike. Mike used to unsolicited used to tell me. Hey, you guys have a good show on the weekend return of that shows to potty downloaded. It's the triumphant return. You guys haven't done a version of that since then. Yep. This is the first episode since since the last one. Yeah. And it might be last episode ever. We think we don't know or you'll do seven more in the next night. I gotta tell you. It was easy. I mean, they didn't have to do anything. Removed last week. It was Haggas area and this week. It is Mike Golic junior PC, Mikey as Scott v belt that turning all of ESPN like this, Mike what what granted he's just cackling. Oh, but my you know, what about this? Stugatz has climbed to ESPN on the backs of you guys do all the work for me. I'll just I'll just show up and I'll laugh in the background. And now he's doing it with actually SPN employs. Now, he's doing it with the stars where he's just getting everyone at the company to be as janitor. Listen, I laid all the groundwork did all the hard work. And now, I have you see doing we did all the hard work, and you didn't lay the groundwork work a billion, Mike, laid the groundwork. That is totally fair. But what I'm saying is now that they have laid the groundwork. And they did a phenomenal job. I could just sit back little cruise control action. I have all these platforms that I've decided not to do anything with them. Except share the platforms with people who are more entertaining than people to do the work for us. What you've got the last three episodes. He throwing Billy. I want you in next episode three straight weeks. He's told me this. I do. He's just waiting for the spot where everyone else falls through. And then he asks you gone retainer, go back to doing the work for him that he won't pay you for the same way. It's been for the last ten years. Well, listen, all this was all about bringing in friends and family. Okay. It was all about you not doing any of the work yourself. That's exactly right. Sean Miller you're down with Shawn Miller. Stupidity. Check it out is a good one. They're all good. They're great. Really? I have a blast putting them together. People will enjoy this. They really will Shawn Miller your problems with him. Go back a long way. And now God, it is amazing to see how fast all the dirty business in this sport. And in sports in general has gotten out in front of us in a way that makes us all immune to it. We don't even care anymore. You're talking about FBI wiretaps you're talking about, you know, sworn testimony were crayton's paying one hundred and ten thousand dollars for a starter. And now you find out. Yeah. That's the going rate. If you want you want eight and to play for you, the going rate is you've got to pay about a hundred ten thousand dollars to for an average college starter. And it just shows you how bogus the whole system is Dabo Swinney gets ten years nine ninety million dollars and the only way to pay. These guys is in. The shadows. So they're doing it. It's being proven that they're doing it. The great injustice, I've been railing against that the NCAA doesn't pay any of its players and still is working with the non television rules before billions of dollars and TV money made an appearance we're still adhering to the rules of amateurism from bygone time, but they are being paid. They're being paid in a way, that's obvious. They're being paid in a way that the FBI is now saying is illegal. It's Dan what's amazing about this to me is I've just operated under your Sasha for a very long time that all this stuff was going on that all of this stuff. This type of stuff was going on. And what's amazing to me is I guess everyone else was as well. Because we have finally arrived at a point where you have the head coach at one of the premier college basketball schools in the country, the university of Arizona, you have him on wiretap you of an assistant coach saying he paid a player. Ten thousand dollars a month. Nobody cares. He might keep his job that seems hard to believe that is that the way we're going to do this. Now is that the way we're going to do it? Now where wiretaps aren't even gonna get a non champion coach fired donlevatar, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA stugatz. Hey, hey, hey goodbye. These live with our show with a Stu gods on ESPN radio. ESPN radio's presented by progressive insurance. Guests on the Dan lebatardshow appear via the shell Pennzoil performance line. And nice sportscenter update Danny age has suffered a mild heart attack Milwaukee on Tuesday night. He received the media medical attention as expected to make a full recovery. Jesus. Or the two hundred women's hockey players have announced they will not be playing in the professional league next season. With sources saying the players hope to apply pressure on NHL to support a woman's league with financial and. With financial and infra at some sort of structural resources. Finally Jaden Smith will play an alternate reality version of Kanye west and the forthcoming Showtime series ganja west jaded Smith, scooter, Braun and writer Lee song Jin are reportedly among the show's executive producers enough Gandhi Smith for all the latest headlines and information tune into sports center on ESPN radio all throughout the day. You do a better Stu gods than Stu gods? God's is out because he is preparing for highly questionable. You could catch him. He's not right. He's just out feeling scam in the parking lot. He just say he's he's complaining about being tired more than he ever has. He's working less than he ever has. It's amazing to watch. And he's making more than ever. Yes. He's preparing for highly question. So Chris Mannix is with us. And I'm not sure how to introduce him whether it's from Sports Illustrated or design he'll tell us in a moment. But first I have to discuss with him because I've been told that he's an enormous game of thrones fans, the cinematographers defending himself saying, look, it's not my fault the scenes were too dark. It's the fault of you people and your televisions that stink. Get better televisions. We do a bigger show that our show is can't even be televised because it's bigger than television. So Chris Mannix as a game of thrones fan. Where do you side with this refrigerated with your television last Sunday, or what did did he really say that he didn't say like that? But he did say, it's your fault. Not mine. That's exactly how we wanted it to look he is he is defending that what's happened. Here is basically game of thrones thinks it's too big and better than television. And they're probably right. Probably. But I, you know, I was so into watching last Sunday that I I kept having to move angles in my living room because I thought that might be something wrong with my TV that that it was you know, like most people I I don't have cable anymore. I watch everything kind of on, you know, direct TV now or watching on the on HBO go, and I thought maybe it was the streaming that was coming in that that somehow my internet wasn't working properly. But here everybody else said they thought the leading sucks, so no, it's not it's not the TV's fault. It's it's the way it was produced was that the one quibble you'd have to have what you'd say that Chris. But they're saying, no, your fault, your cheap television. Get your brightness. Right. We make great movies your fault. I mean. Okay. I mean, I think my TV's pretty good. I got I I am vested decent amount of money in a good television. He's arguing that his cinematography is pretty good. He knows how to be a cinematographer. He's arguing hey get. Up to speed get up with me your fault. Not mine. I what do you think? Do you think it was the cinematography or the I haven't caught up I'm on season? Three episodes seven like, I'm not I'm not here yet. I'm no, I'm not there. I don't know, man. I I I I was disappointed because I there were times during the that that whole episode that I didn't know who is fighting who wind you know, that the dragons are up in the air. Spoiler alert fight each other. And I'm your fun who which one are thought. Apologize to to George Martin and his cinematographer apologize, George has got George gotta keep riding. What's it? I'm gonna let George let goats like and finish the next book Chris Mannix with us. How am I supposed to introduce you does own because you're a part of this. Canelo. Alvarez Daniel Jacobs fight. But every time I've ever talked to you you've been sports Illustrated's. Yeah. If you wanna talk NBA Sports Illustrated it when you switch the boxing. It's it's over at the zone. And so tell me what you're doing with this fight because dozen does own made this made. Canelo. Alvarez the highest paid athlete in sports. Why are you a part of this? What are you a part of? And what are you excited about being a part of it? Yeah. Yeah. I'm on the part of the broadcast team the best way to describe it as kind of profanity with HBO boxing for years, kind of a max Kellerman type of role rare on the analyst. And I do all the post by interviews. I've been covering boxing, Dan. And sl for the better part of the last ten years. You know, it's it's obviously not as as big as it once was. So there are fewer you're writing opportunities there, but I've been into boxing for forever. And and this is the biggest of the year. I mean, there's there's no other way to put it. I mean, the middleweight division is probably the number one and number two division, all of boxing and Gilo Alvarez and day Jacobs. Are you know one too in that division right now? You know, it's a title unification fight. It's two guys in their prime stylistically. I think it's gonna work because of the way both these guys five will make for an exciting fight. I it it's it's it's a there's a lot of buzz for this fight every everyone of every piece of it services. Can you explain to me the business of boxing, and what's happening with these rights fees and? How it is that a place? An upstart like does own can make Conover is the highest paid athlete in sports as these companies fight over boxing broadcasts get it's an arms race. And you know, this, you know, working for ESPN that that, you know, live rights are everything, you know, having right to something matters in today's ever changing media world, and yet disown which has been a company that is successful worldwide. I mean, they're not just they're not a fledgling startup. They've been overseas in Europe and given no no no not much of a presence in America. Right. No, none. None whatsoever. Not until August of this past year. So they're coming up, you know, the one year anniversary of their debut ING in the US is is this summer. So what what they're trying to do. Right now is get a foothold American sports landscape and the only rights that were up for grabs rebutting rights and combat sports rights because they do have the may as well and the long term goal zone which. Have you know, deep pockets? I it's it's like I said it's been in business for a while. But long-term plan for zone is not just to be involved in combat sports. They like combat sports they want to keep doing it. But eventually when they get their subscriber base up. They want to go after NFL rights. They want to go after NBA streaming rights. They've already got kind of a toehold in baseball with that sort of MLB red zone show that they do at night. So they're trying to be the, you know, to take on Amazon or somebody else that wants to be a player in the stream where I think in the mainstream audience, Dan is probably going to hear a lot more about zone in the coming years if their plans go accordingly, but explain to me what it's going to do for boxing because it's been a minute since there was an arms race in boxing. I mean, what it does for fighters is get paid because they are willing to shell out money for guys like Canelo for checkups for naughty Lofton who has his first flight on zone in June with the plan being if Cannella wins, and if galop can wins in June. They'll meet again for the third time in September of this year. What it means is that they're willing to pay a premium for big fights and not charge pay per view BFE's. It's really what it boils down to is. It's twenty dollars a month ago month by month or one hundred dollars a year, if you wanna pay for a yearly package, and look I I don't like being a show for anybody. But if you're even if you're just into pay per views, you know, you're paying seventy five eighty dollars for a pay per view, you can get close to that on a full year package with his own. So they're they're trying to to basically knock pay per view off the market by by making their model the model that that is consistent throughout boxing. So can you explain to the layman who's listening? Because I don't understand the business of it. How can you pay Cannella Alvarez that way, and how quickly do you make your money back with this business model? Well, you don't make your money back until you reach a certain number of subscribers. And I don't know what the subscriber base is right now, I'm not really pretty to what they they want to get to to break, even but you know, that they would like to. I'm sure have over a million subscribers after this fight. I think by the end of the year when you have the Conover school often fight if that happens they'd like it over two million subscribers right now. I mean, you're I would have to guess that you're in the red that it's sort of a a sunken cost to try to get to that certain number of subscribers. But once they get there, and they can keep collecting those monthly subscription fees. I know they've they've shown another countries that this business model can work for them. They're profitable in many other countries, and they're taking that same approach in the US. We've got less than a minute left watching over as Dan. Daniel jacobs. It's dissolve on a Chris Mannix with us on ESPN radio. There are three heavyweights with three different promoters. What's going to happen with the heavyweight division it brutal? It's brutal in its disappointing because you've basically got one five zone one type to FOX and Showtime, and one type ESPN, and I have no hope right now that we'll see any of those guys fight each other for lease the rest of this year and probably into next year as well. It is the most disappointing thing in boxing because they often upset as goes the heavyweight division as goes, they're monsters, the three of them need to be fighting each other Riems should be. They should be having great round Robin type tournaments with Ali did with frills same time. All three of them fight. Let's go all three of them fighting at the same time. No, not yet. Don't even make you do it. Okay. That's right. Kate match. Maybe I'll I'm with them with you this. Thank you. Chris always good talking to you. Thank you for making the time anytime donlevatar during the breaks got just stay. Airing at the television, and he says to Asia will drowsy hooch probably go without saying isn't someone who can hear what he saying? Because he's on television. He's not in the room. Stu gotz. Looks at the TV and says, whoa, JR. That's a nice shirt and jacket combo still gods. I'm crazy. These these live with our show with their Stu gods on ESPN radio. If you missed any of our interviews today, check out check out them out on let's say who wrote this doing a great job. Roy gave checkout them out on demand. Look, right. Check out them out on demand in the Dan Le Batard podcast brought to you by capital. One capital. One is reimagining banking offering accounts with no fees or minimum that can be open in five minutes. Capital one. What's in your wallet Capital One and a member FDIC? Oh, no gods left his Twitter open. And now Saddam knows here and have added. I guess I just wrote simply book you could keep tweeting you never leave your Twitter account open. So go ahead and have added whatever's to got says tweeting over the next ten minutes. He doesn't know what he's tweeting because I took a picture of him actually preparing for highly questionable. Good for him. He is actually preparing he will be on highly questionable at four thirty eastern. Sodano has been with us all week long. And today Sodano is on around the horn. Yeah. Good for him, except he has a job. He's supposed to be doing right now. Wrecked. Look. That's it. Where's Mike like, generally speaking? Do you not see what's been happening around here where people just leave and grabbed more money wherever it is. They could get it. Don't you have HQ next? Also this. I also have cue next you're here. That's correct. Doing my job and find by the way, you can tweet me at Sodano ESPN, and you can tell me what I should tweet from stugatz as account which is open here in front of. That's good thinking. So for ten minutes is off preparing for highly questionable. So since he's not doing his job what he wants to do here while again, just collecting more money from as many different places as he can get it while not doing his job. We will send stuff out from his account without his knowledge because he's buried in paperwork back. They're doing research. So before we update the polls, though Sodano is complaining about Sodano as a verb to get Sadan owed on around the horn is to not be allowed to do around the horn anymore. Mike Ryan insulted you with something that was never meant to be overheard. He just you guys are saying it behind my back basic fault. It's my fault in that Mike said we were family around here bikes that you don't want to get Saddam privately. And right. I brought it out on air and said this. Gotch? You don't wanna get Saddam to me in the makeup room hit. Well, that's the thing. Right. I'm getting blamed for that. But stugatz just said flatly to sit on his face. I've been Sodano. It was Mike actually wasn't vice Mike so see Dan in the game of competitive banter, like around the horn, there is a pecking order, so I live in Los Angeles. And there are four people that do around the horn from Los Angeles from one studio Bill plash key a legend from the LA times, obviously Ramona Shelburne, one of our SPN NBA insiders also in LA native, and of course, being a kinds all been on the show for a lot longer than I have. So I sit humbly aside waiting for my opportunities. What happened Chris? I don't think. I don't think Saddam does anything humbly. Yeah. I'm sure that's why. And then by the way, go check out the stats at around the horn dot com who has the best points per game or appearance on around the horn history. Yours truly, okay, I've actually. And so I will on that one suck on that one terrible thing to suck on. Think about that the stats on around the horn. But now with Stu gods end. Look, you've always said this, Dan, what makes him endearing is the fact that he has the qualities of someone we'd all hate. But yet we still love. It's weird. Man. Right. I mean, that's just the reality. We love him the most unlikeable lovable person in the history of love. It's not even debatable. Like again. I will stay on the phone with stugatz for an hour. And all we're doing is laughing and also kind of like pinky and the brain trying to figure out how to take over the world and he's filled with lies in scams. Right. Yes. Oh, well, when you weren't here, I came in and did the show with the guys, and we did these seven Stu guts reveals it's kind of like the seven deadly sins, including once where he almost left you for me. That's right. We tried that about ten times and realize the money stays here. Tried to try to use me that's has Lowry's against you. He's used like seven of my friends is leverage. Yes me. I just realized that Stu tomorrow is going to be jealous of Sodano for filling in force through. Gods on the radio show. Tadesse correct. Yeah. That's correct. And by the way, you can also catch me on the jump tomorrow on Friday to Stu gods, if another place that's through God's isn't allowed. Well, I got him on the jump. Oh my God. Well, that's it. They've got a great see. Stugatz. I don't I think the only person at the company's got spheres is actually Saddam's. I know where the bodies are very literally. I literally pointed that out I was here a couple of months ago. And if you you don't you think we're lying. This is what I'm telling you. It's unfortunate. We don't have more time to discuss this some other times Sodano helped Stu gods. Hide a dead body.

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