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The Coast to coast in Canada across North America, and around the Globe Obama Worldwide Web. This is race line on the race line radio network presented by Subaru and race line is driven by the twenty twenty Subaru wwl Wrexham. wrx s ti the typical sports cars by the Subaru VR's Ed. The attainable sports car that's fund drive and by General Tire. Anywhere is possible. It's your Subaru. Canada presentation of your. Your National Radio Motorsport Sport Authority the race line already network howdy. I'm Eric Thomas host anchor still working out of the home studio of course will Weber our Supreme Commander Race Line Master. Control Josh Santos still has his hands on. The network controls for us this week. The very latest Cova Nineteen News as the majors take badly needed ause for the most part in their wall-to-wall schedules trying to. To make up for months lost cramming everything into a few short weeks or months. Guests wise, we welcome back Subaru Canada VP of product, planning and marketing ten loca to tell us about their new virtual rapid RTC live dealer system. It's a new enhanced way to purchase your new Subaru Online. We roll part one with Indycar fast sweet Felix Rosenquist now on the list of series winners we also. Also have sound with Montreal's Lance Stroll. Who was surprising? Everybody with his Formula One strides this season in the race rap news speaking of wanted. It's official now. No, Canadian Grand Prix Montreal this year. Hamilton Andretti and Stuart, tussle and Zanardi conditions slips a little so for race fans everywhere powerful sport powerful wits are twenty eight year on the air across Canada. This is the race line radio network. Is Lewis. Hamilton and you're listening to race line radio. Eric Thomas Race Line on the race line radio network, latest news and opinion on the race line race rap latest news around Covid nineteen. There will not be a Canadian. Grand Prix this year what we surmised along now official the GP at Queen's. You'll bill ill. Notre Dame, the Montreal waterfront for tsn. Six Ninety officially called off more or less jointly by the promoter and F one who also canceled. GP's in the States in Texas and in Mexico, the nineteen virus, still far too hot to put anybody on. On any aeroplane, and of course the fact that Canadian border is supposed to be closed to international traffic. There was a chance Canada could be rescheduled to maybe October, but nope, it's a shame, but it is the right call f one Lewis Hamilton hitting back hard at legends, fellow champions and former race Lombardo guests. Mario Andretti and Sir Jackie Stewart after they downplayed Lewis's actions to racism and make f one more diverse and in discrimination. He is after all the only black driver in F one seventy year history. Labeled Hamilton pretentious and creating a problem that doesn't exist and ready. Also stated he wished, politics didn't get mixed up with sports sir. Jackie claims the problem has been made out to be bigger than it really is. And there's no quoting resistance to change one Hamilton shooting back with his own quote. This is disappointing, but unfortunately a reality, but some of the older generation who still have a voice cannot get out of their own way and acknowledged. There is a problem just disappointing and of quote and I will leave it there some time off for F one after Hungary. They go again August second at. At Silverstone England. The seventieth anniversary of the British grand, Prix Montreal's Land Straw has been the talk of formula, one easily a solid fourth after starting third in Hungary four racing point I mean. At the end of the day we got to be happy with the results. Great points for the team. We thank sky. Sports F one for use of the clip tech boss Ross, brawn with way says teams are overreacting in their protests. Racing points break. Ducks are simply merck copies, bronzes, copying other teams, components, and Formula One is pretty much universal, and he's right INDYCAR. These guys get badly needed. Break after staging. Staging six races, including back to back doubleheaders from the sixth of June to July eighteenth. Lots of pooped people in Indycar. They deserve the rest they go again. August ninth at Ohio now. Coming up and our second-guessed segment on this program could ask you. Racing's Felix Rosen I on his first career Indycar win at Road America Oh attendance. For the one hundred and fourth running of the Indianapolis five hundred on Sunday, August, twenty, third, going to be limited to twenty five percent track capacity, numerous safety precautions like the reassignment of seats to provide greater, distancing the issuance and use of masks distribution of hand sanitizer. Sanitizer and temperature checks for all who enter Oh and seven time NASCAR, Cup champion Jimmy Johnson as rescheduled his indycar test which chip Ganassi for next week at the brickyard road course, Johnson originally scheduled for that test July the fifth, but that was scrapped when he tested positive for C. Nineteen. He's okay now. This is going to be very interesting to watch NASCAR Cup amid. We go at Kansas. City speedway Denny Hamlin series leading fifth. Win Nice turnaround for Denny who could do no better than twelfth in the three races prior to KC points, Hamlin now one twenty nine back of leader Kevin Harvick. Into New Hampshire Cup. Clippings I like Brad Keselowski. Suggestion the drivers who do bonehead things on the race track and do it more than once should face possible reassignment expenditure trucks this after rookie Quinn half tried to dive into the pits from the Middle Groove taking out Christopher Bell and Matt Di Benedetto before careening himself into the outside retaining wall at Texas, mistakes of course are going to be made, but if a cab driver is clearly in over his head. Head spending more time in the support series to gain more race craft is never about IDEA NASCAR xfinity brandon. Jones Canada's Alex Labbe twenty-first. A pair of truck runs one by Austin Hill and former guest Matt Grafton candidate. Stuart Friesen twenty-seventh in race one. He had a flat it to pit under Green, caught in a multi truck, crashing race to a D. and F. scored thirty fourth. Raphael Assad Sixteenth and eleventh, and that's not bad for the rookie the NASCAR. Series, report is brought to you by general tire anywhere is possible. Go to general tire DOT CA and Click on the NAS car banner of the homepage to find the best generals for your vehicle ush Wigan speedway in Asker PNT, series of postponed the inaugural race for their series late models on dirt scheduled for August eighteenth ahead to next season with the US we community and nine hundred CHP. CHP coverage still in face to covid nineteen restriction speedway really had no other choice. You can contact the track for what happens with tickets. You've already purchased. Their rally. News is presented by the Subaru wrx wrx Sti the a typical sports cars American. Rally Association, Tossing Dust at the southern Ohio forest rally McKenna, and Jordan winning that in their. Skoda former Subaru. Canada rallied teen driver Brendan Seminar. In his wrx Sti Bikes and here is a shocker frequent guest defending Canadian superbike champion. Ben Young will not run the see nineteen decimated series this year after the SBK went with a one day to race invitational at Cala, bogey, Ottawa, young stating an quoting as a team, we decided that in the best interest of everyone's health and safety. We not race in this single day event end of quote, the team and his sponsors are looking ahead to two thousand and twenty one last year, young, one three and podium six times to win the title and claim the number one plate. We'll get back on the air with us. Very soon by the way thirteen time, champ and frequent race Lambreau, Jordan's oak won both halves of that double at camera bogey. They're not sure really what happens next on their schedule. Drag racing finals about Second Nhra show at Indianapolis raceway park rained out. They're gonNA finish that the US nationals later in the season former guest in good friend, Canada's Todd Payton was at indy called sub for cameron ferry and Terry top fuel rail Peyton beat Klay Milliken in the first round, but eventually lost it. Tony's is very nice to see todd back in the NHRA. NITRO brackets again faces in the pits after being brought out of his month long medically induced coma to time cart, indycar, champion Paralympic medalist and And former race lime radio guest Alexan-. Ardy was moved to a rehab. Center in Italy to continue recovering from severe head, injuries suffered last month in that hand cycling crash with a truck, but he has since been moved back to hospital in ICU, as his condition has slipped back to serious again, Alessandro had three operations to repair facial and head injuries and sad to have to tell you that Popular Nascar Canada Quebec veteran, brandon white as lost his long battle with cancer white entered seventeen series races over five seasons at Traction Ontario and Quebec Godspeed Brandon White, and that's her for this week on the race. Wrap your questions your opinions. Your comments on headlines of the news are always welcomed. Let's hear from you as you stay safe and sensible with masks on at a safe distance, show your racing, thoughts and opinions, fellow fans across the network could win you. The Grand Prize and the Subaru Race Mailbag Trivia contest that we play in a few short minutes all right well. Let's click off another pitstop. Shall we but up next Subaru VP, lawka on their brand new rapid RTC? Live dealer online system, then later, cars Felix Rosenquist. This is race line presented by Subaru for more INFO in news on wrx wrx, STI NBR's Ed clicked Subaru DOT CA. This is the race line radio network. This is last role and you're listening to race line radio. We are Canada's National Radio! Motorsport Authority the race line radio network I'm Rick Thomas. Splendid to have you with us this week. Our friends and longtime presenting broadcast partners at Subaru Canada coming up with a timely and very very exciting, new online car, buying system, calling it rapid RTC live dealer to greatly enhance the car purchasing virtual experience for those shopping for new Subaru on their various devices this. This system is groundbreaking, so let's get the details. Vice President, product, planning and marketing for Subaru Canada our good friend. Ted Lanka is back with us on race line radio. Ted Nice to get connected again. We trust you in the family are well. You're Subaru. Family is okay as well I. Know a lot of work is being done remotely. We're all kind of in the same boat, aren't we? Basically. We're all working from home and things are going quite well. The dealers have got back online. They're providing service to customers or selling cars. People are feeling a little more comfortable with the new process been put in place by our dealers to ensure their safe so you know things are starting to pick up in a tough year very challenging things are moving well. Let us talk about your brand. New Rapid RTC live dealer system Ted, RTC standing for real time. Communication described as. As the first fully immersive Omni Channel sales experience that connects customers online in real time with Subaru sales people. It's a way for customers looking to buy a new Subaru to connect with the Salesperson Online, which you wanted to maximize the online shopping experience. You can buy just about anything online, but you wanted it to be better than that, so tell us about how this is going to be an an enhanced online shopping experience I. Think you've done a really good job describing it already. This is a new choice for customers in a new way for a customer to connect with the dealer with the sales consultant at the dealership. The sales consultant condemn provide actual product. Walk around thinking actually using their mobile phone can provide a walk around of specific vehicles that the customers most interested in whether it's in the showroom or in the dealer lot. That would include good look. Look at the vehicle from the outside, showing the customer, the vehicle in colored that they're most interested in using a cell phone is go inside the vehicle, and showed the interior and so house all feature work in other words. What you're doing Ted with this system is bringing the Subaru showroom to life really online, aren't you? Yeah, we're really what we're doing. We're empowering the customer. The customer with more choice it provides them with the knowledge and the information. They're looking for providing with confidence in the material that they're looking at the images are looking at they do it all from the comfort of their home or whatever they want to be especially these times it provides them with the ultimate in safety. Ted Glauca is the vice president. President Product Planning and marketing for Subaru Canada our special guest on race line radio I mean the whole thing is available online I mean inventory sourcing build price, and even the credit application as well. The entire purchasing process can be handled with Subaru's rapid RTC live dealer correct exactly the whole idea is to make it as easy and convenient for the customer. Exactly. The Nice thing for the customer is that you can use the device that you feel most comfortable with you can use a PC, or you can use your mobile device a cellphone anything that works for you is what will work for the system. It's transferable can transfer in-progress conversations with a salesperson from your desktop computer to your mobile device I mean. How cool is that? It's easy to. To use the whole thing you have to make it really easy and convenient for customers. That's what they're looking for. You know this is one of those things that we knew that we needed to move in this direction to provide the kind of service that our customers looking for, but certainly the current situation has accelerated the need for this kind of service and capability. We're really proud to. To be able to be one of the first soup provides this kind of online customer experience for our customers and Ted. Do I assume that you're brick and mortar dealerships will continue to be an integral part of the Subaru. Sales experience with your new rapid RTC live dealer system securing I guess that growing sector of car buyers who want to purchase their next Subaru online. Is that kind? kind of the bottom line and all this dead. Yes, you're absolutely correct. The actual dealership facility is something that is very important. When you're purchasing a vehicle, it's more than just a commodity that you're going to buy for a short period of time. There's an awful lot of motion around the purchase a vehicle. It's a large investment, so people actually want to touch feel see the product. Product that they're going to be buying, they also want to work with people who they feel comfortable with and feel confident with this system provides all of those things, so provides that entry gate with a lot more information more capability to make purchasing a Subaru that much easier ted. How does someone get started with this thing? There a link somewhere or a portal somewhere where they can. Can go to that and experienced this whole thing and get started with it the way you handle it. is you go to Subaru DOT CA on their. The chat function will show up. Click on that that will then connect you with the dealer of your choice. You'll be connected with a sales consultant, and then if you're interested, they can open up this new online sealed experience Subaru one. One of the first to go this route, and and that's tremendous very proud of that fact, the Subaru race, line radio. Network partnership again is a record setter in broadcasting all twenty eight years of our existence credited Subaru very proud of the Partnership Ted, thank you for the time to describe the new system. Be Safe. My friend, who will talk again soon, take care. Stay safe and. And thank you there Subaru. Vp Ted loca on Subaru's brand new online car. Buying System called Rapid RTC live dealer. This system is very cool and nifty by the ton. Checkout out right now. Subaru dot ca all right well. Let's fire up another stop. Coming up are off times. Tremendous Subaru race line email bag trivia contest. That made me laugh this. His the race line, Radio, network. This Brad. Keselowski and you're listening race line. Canada's national. Radio Motorsport Authority. The Race Line Radio Network I'm Eric Thomas Checkup my Thomas Tales Collins inside track motorsport. News magazine, you can also view Thomas Tales at sports. Net Dot ca so away. We fly once again with the Subaru Race Lonnie mailbag Trivia contest another grand prize pack to. If you qualify answering. The Subaru Trivia questions correctly your. Comments Pretty easy entries go into the brake drum with a winner drawn at random, the end of the contract racing season the qualifying question you need to answer correctly to qualify. Is this one the twenty twenty two Subaru? wrx Sti reported to come with added engine power, and that is always a good thing. How many horsepower is the next generation? wrx Sti projected to put out. I shall repeat the question, the two thousand twenty two. Two, Subaru wrx STI reported a with added engine power. How many horsepower is the next Gen wrx? STI projected to put out okay us. Eric at race line radio DOT, ca to connect to the trivia contests and your chance to win the grand prize pack. That's Eric at race line radio DOT CA capital E. R.. I k. the symbol at race line radio, one word one big word. Don't put a gap in there. It'll bounce. Bounce Dot. Ca Eric at racial and Radio Dot Co. you can also get in by facebook and instagram race line radio network. three words join together like one big word It's pretty fancy fence, facebook and instagram radio network, and on twitter at et race line symbol at capital, e. capital, t race line, and that should get your entry in here. Let us now go to the mail bag and get us some. Some entries in some comments. DONALD JEFF'S IN TORONTO LISTENING? Sundays on sports, net five ninety, the fan says I was wondering Eric. If e could create a street race in Seattle Washington. What's your? Take my response to him? Was this really no idea Donald in general formula is okay, but it is not catching on as fast as they would like why Seattle. Donald replied well to grow the sport more in the northwest really. Really has Portland International Raceway by adding a Rayson Seattle people in the northwest can be included more on the Formula E indy-car circuits and help grow generations of spire drivers for the future. My response to that was NASCAR has had a plan on. In case, you didn't know to expand to the Seattle market for quite a while now I'm not sure if e formula of course would spark much interest at least not at this point now. An indycar street race might considering there is a history in that area. When the the India ran in Vancouver, it was fraught with problems. right from the start in in in that in Vancouver itself. Itself but there are certainly race fans you know up in the northwest in Seattle. MARKET DONALD SAYS I agree about Formula E. Eric, but would like to see more NASCAR indycar drivers from the northwest only Greg Casey Kane have emerged so far and I said, thank you for your note in your thoughts Donald Well Yeah! I mean NASCAR's looking to expand their for a while. I don't think there's been any progress. Of course. The nineteen thing is is you know pretty much. Put a muffle on that thing, but NASCAR has planned to expand to the Seattle market for a while now we know the NHL is is trying to do the same. You know it may be one of those quadrants of north. America. That hasn't been tapped fully, and I can understand why. NASCAR would want to expand their, but a street race in Seattle would be would be Kinda neat. Seattle has a reputation as being probably one of the best cities to live in in the continental United States and maybe it would go there. We'll have to see. See and we do thank God Donald for his not always has some some good comments. George Ball or bowel Georgia, that's wrong or right I apologize for the wrong one, he says Eric the twenty twenty two subaru wrx Ti will provide up to. He has got it so many horsepower. That's correct George. Thank you so much. You're into the the brake drum for your chance to win. The prize pack in terms of. Expansion Yell we have. We know that formula. One had looked at the possibility of doing something. in the New York New Jersey area, running a race in New Jersey along the river. with the New York City Skyline in the background that has not been discussed for a long time. There was tremendous pushback from the residents in that area against having anything like that in their city. Of course, F one would would love to put anything. Additional in on the continent in North America certainly, the Canadian Grand Prix is there and well established in the race in Austin Texas, but they'd like to add another one. In terms of expanding everyone is always looking to expand certainly in in North America. Because you know when you're talking about, you, know car manufacturers. North America's certainly leads the way a lot of vehicles sold elsewhere in the world China I think is the number one car buyer in the business, but you know in terms of expansion anything in the US and the North West would be a good so we'll keep our eyes on that to see if anything comes out and we appreciate all the notes from Donald and from George send us your contest, entries or comments US Eric at Richland Radio Dot, ca to enter and connect facebook and instagram radio network. Network on twitter at et race line the qualifying question twenty twenty two Subaru wrx. STI reported the comma with added engine power hominy HP is the next Gen wrx. Sti projected to put out. Okay. Let's set up for another pitstop. Here will then part one of our interview with first time indycar winner. Felix Rosenquist this is race line presented by Subaru for more on the sports coupe go. Subaru ca slash ERS ed. This is the race line radio. Network this bobby. Ray, Hall and you're listening to race line radio. Canada's national radio. Motor Sport Authority are Twenty Eighth Consecutive Seasons Halmahera across Canada. We are the race line Radio Network over twenty eight years on the air. We've always celebrated with drivers who pull off their first victories at Cigna storage. For any driver, Canadian or otherwise get asi racing's trio rocketing under the INDYCAR gate with New Zealand's Scott Dixon, winning three in a row and his Swedish teammate. In the second race at Road America so here's part one of our interview with the engaging Felix Rosenquist on race line radio, what a start to the season for you and the team chip Ganassi is a perfect for for four Dixon wins three in a row. You grab your first win. It's if you're going to have a start to a season protracted as this one with Cova thing going on, you know you couldn't have scripted at any better, could you? Know you're right. It's been a fantastic start for us at the NASA racing. You know it's. It's a dream start. Maybe not for for me. personality 'cause I had pretty bad racist, leading up to this win, but obviously Scott you know with the three wins in a row, and and leaving the championship quite comfortably and right now you know you couldn't ask for, but it starts so Yeah. I think the cars have been really strong especially in the race. It's still looking to find something performance in the qualifying, but but yeah I. It's been a solid year so far, and we tried to know where we're not relaxing. We trying to find. You know still tense here and there to to improve the car and You brought him something. That's very interesting is is the Dixon came flying out of the gate in one three in a row. You didn't have yourself the best start to the season, but you and this team and the personnel that you have were able to shake that off Felix. M. Not a lot of guys are able to do that. You shook it off. You said okay. Just try the next the next one, and then you finally hit in that second race at Road America that got to be good to see you. Guys be able to recover when things Kinda. come off the rails like that. For, sure you know I in indycar everything. Kinda goes up and down. Anyway but I think still you know we were pretty confident. It will happen at some point because we you know the first race in Texas. We really really good pace. We're running pete to before crashing out in the end you know even even in the GP the first race at road. America, we had great pays, but just you know didn't really have the race coming to us and the strategy. Maybe they didn't really work out and I I probably didn't have my strongest races, either so but yeah everything changes quickly and and Road America. We had a chance to go. Go for it, and that's what you need to take. The chance to use the maximum that day and from all perspectives, but you know you just have to be ready. When that they come to yeah, exactly Felix Rosenquist rising number ten NTT Data Dilemma. Honda for Chip Ganassi racing in the T. indycar series is kind of loaded question. It's all encompassing, and you could probably talk about it for an hour, but if someone says why has this team been so good? Right out of the box against the PENSKE's? Who folded a little bit in the Andretti's a certainly struggled. Why has the chip Ganassi Organization? Felix been so darned good right out of the box here. I. Think it's It's a mix of You know handling the covy nineteen situation very well and very professionally. I, I've been really impressed with how. Organized everything and to hasn't been any panic. everyone that's worked efficiently from you know from home, and now they're starting to work. You know more and more at the shop. and then I think it's just the the hunger to you, know we. We didn't have the best season last year. I mean I finished which which was good for my rookie year buzz. Dixon finish fourth. Overall team. We weren't happy where. Where we were standing especially on the ovals and five hundred, and and that has led to big push over the winter with some new engineers coming along added another car. Sarah Sunday car and you got from there. Just been know I. Think I think that's been the key Mike. Cannon is an addition there on certainly on Dixon side of things, but a guy that gets interviewed every once in a while, but probably doesn't get a whole lot of credit is a guy who's approaching thirty years with the team, and that's the managing director of the whole squad and Mike Hall. Here's a guy who's had tremendous success in a tremendous amount of. Talk a little bit about his contribution. Because it is huge on this team, and it has been that way for a long time, isn't it? Mike has has seen it all with team. You know he's been here right from the start and and you know I think he's definitely one of the one of the guys who have been pushing for for a change in the team and to. Get back to winning ways, and and you know Mike is Solo. He's very high up in the in the team. And you know he's safe. You know then goes down and and we try to obviously. You know change whatever he wants us to do. In the best possible way you know, th there's been. Strict orders to talk that you know. Let let let's try to win in the five hundred this year. I think that's been the the main thing, but doing that. You know it's not easy and with that push comes a lot of other improvement, so even for the road course, and but a short over and so on. The. Mike Mike sounded very determined after last season. While we stop down the you know he he. Let let let's try to do something here. Yeah, exactly Felix Rosenquist on Radio Coast to coast in Canada your first series win. We just talked about the at the second race at Road America every driver remembers their very first win. Talk about how special that was to finally cash that you knew it was well necessarily only a matter of time, but it's always a thrill, no matter what you're driving any series to grab that for chequered flag. Yeah it was really cool feelings in many ways you know first of all it my first win, which is fantastic in the car which is. One of the top series in the world and motives for You know I thought it was. Extremely special to to do it with mine number ten entity data crew You know they've been looking for this win. Since two thousand fourteen and a lot of the guys on on the car has been working since then on the car for example Ricky Davis. My crew chief and Barry wants or my my strategist. You know that they've been working there. Everyday to get this win, and and they got it on Sunday and it was just cool to see how how special that was to them. As well. You know I mean if not only about the you know. We were working as a team and yeah, just really cool and I and also for Honda, obviously to celebrate the win that vote America with a big fight. Fight with Chevy there and then of critical. Yeah, it certainly was Pado award major work for it. Though I mean you know you look at the youth movement in Indycar, and it's always good for the health of the overall series. The youngsters can can get up there and challenge some of the the veteran. Guys but paddle made you work for this one, didn't he? A big time you know, it was a big hunt to to to to get him in the end of the race. There real we lost. Everything just had damage. The front left wheel. Have didn't make didn't make anything easier for sure, but yeah, he came that came down to the to the final couple of labs and we had some really good, you know. By action. I recall on us in a row there it was. Me Being. All, all the crowds love. That's for sure. Yeah, and it's funny because you're used to stock cars making contact, you're not necessarily used to open new cars making contact, but you know he's Outta tire and you're trying to get around him. And it was one of those deals. You've got a relish fights like that. especially in in single seater open wheel cars because you know as they say, they're not necessarily touch Luis Felix, but when it does happen, it is pretty erasing. Stop you. You'll like battles like that where you're going. If you if your pardon, the stockcar racing term door to door if you know what I mean. Yeah that that's what special with India Carcass. It's though only real formal car championship where you can actually have some you know contact through car pretty heaven. They're very sturdy. You know they're built very robustly to be able to do that. And and it happens every race, and it's it's. It's pretty cool that we can. We can give that kind of action in a in a formula car to to the people watching. Yeah, you gotta be careful because you can bend stuff easily in those, even though they are as you say, built robust and sturdy. If you don't do it the right way, you can ben stuff, can't you? Exactly we wheel-to-wheel is never really good recipe, but we'll to carbon normally doesn't break too much. Normally normally we try to stay away from happened on the Iowa. All the GANASSI's struggled a little bit with a penske sweep Dixon's second and Fifth Felix their fourteenth and fifteenth, but that first win as always special part to with Rosenquist next week on race line radio. Okay, well, let's do that final stop and we're back for the last slapper next week's show guest lineup and more, this is race line presented by Subaru powered by the heart. Pounding wrx says Ti for all things wrx go to. Subaru DOT CA slash. wrx, this is the race line radio network. This is Bobby Allison, and you're listening to raced line radio. Eric Thomas Race Line across Canada on the race line radio network white flag signals one more lap to do so. Here's what we're drawing up for you for next week as we mentioned going to roll part to Sweden's Felix Rosenquist or recorded his first career Indycar win at road, America, why has the nasty group been so hot out of the gate? At least they were initially. We catch up with journeyman. Trevor Siebert who's put together the avian are s one club series experience for stock car and Sprint car hobbyists NBC plus a few more entries with commentary for the Subaru. RAISANI mailbag trivia contests, but when checkers fly, we say goodbye norms race line thanks. Thanks going out to Ted Loca Julie. Lie Shot and Subaru Canada media, relations, Phillix, Rosenquist Shelby, krause and chip Ganassi racing land, stroll, and Sky Sports have one big banks as well to supreme commander will ever and Josh Santos relations in pre and post production so from all of Race Line Radio I'm Eric Thomas. Reminding you to use your head the stop, the spread race line coast to coast, other as long radio network presented by Subaru has been driven by the Subaru. WRX WRX TI and VR'S ED learn more at Subaru Dot ca, and by general tire anywhere is possible. Talked y'all next week. We will do it right here on race line radio. uh-huh!

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