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Thank you for listening to this podcast one production available on apple podcasts and podcast one. Have you ever felt like you've wasted your gifts. You felt like I have so many things I could do so many things that I'm I'm good at or maybe have one thing that I'm good at but I haven't done anything with yet today. Fam- I wanNA encourage you and tell you that your gifts the your time have not been vein and it's not too late for you that you can start today. You can start working on your goals. You can start moving forward today and on today's episode says on and are going to share some of the struggles. We've been through to get to where we're going but also we have an incredible interview with Hal elrod. A man who is actually died before Comeback Act to life told he was never gonNA walk and eventually learn how to walk. He's got an incredible story but more than that he's not just surviving. He's thriving and living miracle life and he's GonNa share with you his keys on how to do that and how to actually achieve your goals through through his book the Miracle Equation. I'm telling you guys. It's something you do not WanNa miss an incredible story like I've never heard before and then also at the end of the episode guys I encountered something this week that was really out of body experience. Something admits <hes> pretty crazy and I can't wait to share it with all at the end of this episode now before we get into that of course we got to have a word from one of our good life sponsors here really quick so as you guys know. You've probably heard US talk about before on the show about Sun Basket Sun basket is a company that simply makes it easy for you to enjoy what you like in the simplest way possible if you haven't heard talk about sun basket before they have Paleo carb conscious gluten-free Mediterranean diabetes friendly so it doesn't matter whatever you're into. 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Oh you had teeny I mean we've all been separated but Dang. I missed you. I missed you in the fact that we're doing this episode right now. Let us just paint this picture. You guys we've done the good life now and all sorts of places we haven't done in our car yet but career currently doing this episode in Steve's Mom's one of their guest rooms in the house and we are literally in a corner of the room like right next to the comforter because it it's a great sound blocker and we're just like curled up next to each other. Doing this episode sound really weird though because it's like we're in our late twenties doing a podcast in my mom's house in Bedroom. It's like no. We promised where we're still waiting on the hassle. We're doing podcast in my mom's room. It's like Oh wow good for you. That's nice graduation I now did you. Did you ever good week baby while we were gone. You know what it was a weird. It was a weird week wasn't a bad week. It wasn't a great week. It was kind of really strange those weeks. That kind of feels like it's almost like you feel like you have so much zoo yet. You don't want to do anything and then when they get your to. Do you like why just did everything. Why do I still feel like I need to be doing more? That's how I felt yeah. That's exactly how I felt. I feel like there was things I had to do and I got them done and then I was like so what do I do now. Yeah and you know everybody else. All the people I know here are working during the day and when I finished my work I just kind of like now way and there was like this blank space that I didn't know what to do with it was weird and I was trying to think of things to do like how can I get ahead right now and it was almost like God was just like dude just chill. I know I actually ironically felt that same way. When we came back yesterday to Austin you know Siemian I I feel like after teeny went to bed and after we hung out with his family we always like to spend a little bit of time before actually turning out the lights and going to bed just like talking and that was really the first time bay? We got to like just catch each other up on the week because even though we talk every single day a even when I was in Dallas and you were here it just like we don't we weren't seeing each other every day so all the little details some of the things that we were going through. I feel like we didn't really have a chance to actually talk. You know what I mean. Why why was there while you were here? We really just wanted to spend time with you know our families families and then obviously coming back here. I knew I would see you so it's just interesting to me that last night before bed we had a really kind of deep conversation about how we were both feeling that way and I couldn't describe it either but it was almost like you know when you I feel like you've kind of pushed yourself. As far as you can go and then you can just feel God's presence saying like don't you dare cross this line. You know stay behind the line. I felt like that too and I was getting things done. It's not like I wasn't being productive. I guess it was just this idea is like I wasn't. I didn't feel busy you know and it was just a really good reminder. I think because when we lived in L._A.. We did live a pretty structured productive lifestyle but when the feeling busy it was almost like we finally like we're getting used to this comfortable feeling and just feeling like we were always busy whether it was chasing teeny around you know making sure that she's on top of everything is new parents that kind of business but also the business of like balancing businesses and just the hectic things that come with that in upkeeping our house I would always clean and so being in Texas like we haven't had that. We haven't had to do some of that stuff like you know. Obviously we have families help with teeny which has been great but we haven't had to clean really like the things that we had to do in our home in l. a. and it just we don't feel busy and so that's when things start to stirring your mind like oh my gosh. Are we being productive enough. Are we like are we getting to like chill like to relax acts like getting lazy. I feel like are to do this right. Now is like learning how to be patient and just tell right yeah because I feel like I feel like we have been standing around the starting line. It's almost like there's a race that we know we WANNA run. There's things we WANNA do. There's places we WANNA go right right and it's like we're standing starting line. We're like okay. We're ready. When can we start? Could someone blow the whistle and God's like it's time to start yet feel like he keeps being like dude. Go back to your waiting room like just chill. We're like in the warm up right before a game or a marathon. It's like the runners. Everyone's getting ready. Everybody else's showing we're like we're ready right now and I feel like it's almost like gods like I haven't blowing the whistle yet. It's time to get this thing started and I feel like like you were saying we need to stop trying to out like pay Scott or outrun him. You know it's almost like when I get on the housing APP to and I'm looking at the houses and I'm like okay so whereas our house feel like God like saying to me like dude. Don't worry about it like it's not right now like having given you that go ahead yet and was I was telling you last night and you just brought up again was that you know in the season of sort of calm in waiting and quietness. I still feel like God is like don't don't worry. There's a productive reason for why I brought you guys back out to Texas. There's a reason for that clearly. We know that we are not being called to come back and live here. We feel that so strongly like there's anything that we feel it's that like God is just like don't worry you're not gonna live here but there was a reason why God brought us back to Texas and during this time of not being so busy babe I feel like I have just noticed like I don't. I wouldn't have noticed if I was busy. <hes> just a lot of things that are happening in our families and I mean that in the best way the precious time that we're having with family there has just been this like new found like kind of like we're peeling back a new layer of just like this more or intimate bond with our family that we've never had and on both sides of the families and with teeny like I just started crying last night you know partly because I am pm saying but also because seeing Tinian Dallas like with my family we would go out to the backyard after like when it cooled off at the end of every night we would just all sit in the backyard and we all had our patio chairs in a circle and then teeny which is kind of like stand in the middle of us and she would just start like dancing dancing in like screaming and laughing and like I genuinely saw our daughter I feel like just the in the most happiest state that I've ever seen her as a mom. Thus far is being around my family and knowing everybody by name and going around and giving them kisses and then to see the light on my family's faces when teeny is just interacting with them and everybody is so wrapped up in like her and you know because she really is this just she's just this pure form of joy unhappiness in really she's been really healing. I feel like symbol for my family. She's been this like I feel like she in a way she kind of represents God's goodness and God's pure love enjoy and you know every time we have to leave Dallas. I see my family and they get so sad and it just reminds me of just like you know how how how we feel sometimes with God when when we're around God and world circled around God's presence and you just feel that genuine joy and you forget about like your day to a day troubles I mean teeny really was that symbol for my family and as a result I'm seeing even more healing and I'm seeing more prosperity within my own family and I'm seeing a lot of goodness in your side of the family as well and it's just been this summer where God is like there was a reason you guys needed to come out here and spend time with your family's like your family's needed you. They needed you guys and as a result. It wasn't just needing us but it's been this interceding healing. I feel like that's been happening. God has been able to intervene in certain parts of our family lives. You know that we're not going to get into but just to see that. God's presence is all over our family. It's just made me feel this newfound purpose out here too. It's like we're not just sitting around and feeling like our our purpose is going away. I just see in our own homes. Babe God is moving and we're we're able to influence an and I think one thing that I really appreciate the my dad said was he was like the first thing he said we got here was like you're. You're here for a reason. I and I know this. Time isn't easy for you. Because I know you want your own house like anybody does but he said but you're here for a reason and God is efficient and I was like oh I've thought about that. God's efficient like we're not just here to waste time time. God is doing something while we're here. There's a purpose for while we're here and I feel like that's really encouraging anybody else out there. If you're kind of in a weird waiting period or you feel like you know God's not doing anything in your life there stagnant God is efficient so maybe God's calling you to kind of take steps towards him. You know and draw closer to him or maybe there's something that you need to do. You know that you need to start working on her. Maybe you need to learn patients like yeah but I just feel like God is efficient with time time is not wasted and I just want to say that to anybody else out there. Who feels like maybe my time is being wasted in my life? Hey Mama's I've got a question for you. Have you shopped for kids. Vitamins lately Stevie and I are definitely entering that season where we're starting to explore vitamins Simmons and how to keep our girl healthy and getting all the right nutrients so there's so many brands to choose from as you guys know which could be overwhelming suits like how do I choose the right one well. You guys have got to check out Zogar. 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I'm going to spell that for you. It's lucky vitamin DOT com Ford slash the letter you and then Cubes C. U.. B. E. S. to get that discount love you Vam and another thing I wanted to say to people and we talked about this last night was and before we get into this interview y'all with how it is incredible. I mean he has an amazing story so inspiring talk about somebody that has been through some crazy stuff and has walked out an incredible life and achieve some great things through a lot of adversity like a lot like death well yeah you'll find out but I wanted to say something bay because we were talking about this last night. <hes> Fam- I have struggled with feeling like so much of my potential and my God given abilities have been wasted or are wasting wasting away and I wanted to say to each one of you. That's listening that if you've ever ever felt like you've wasted your time or that God's done with you. I wanted to tell you today that he has not done with. You like whatever that thing. Is that Burns inside of you that you want to give to the world girl that thing that you wanNA create and put out into this world God's not done with that yeah. There's a burning passion and a desire and a gift in there for a reason and I just WanNa tell you wherever you are however old you are if you're nineteen years old or if you're fifty five years old it's not too late and God's not done with you. He can do amazing things with you and no matter what you've done in the past. Maybe feel like you've disqualified yourself say well. I'm not good enough or I passed up on my opportunity. I missed it or I wasted my time. He's is not done with you. He can work with you right now and I'm speaking that out because I've really felt that way myself but I wanna tell each and every one of you that there's nothing that will help alleviate that then doing something anytime in my life. I felt like I've wasted time baby. You've been such a great encouraged or to me. Just hey okay well. If you don't know exactly what you WanNa do just take a step in one direction. Just try one thing. If you feel like there's too many options just do something and that's that's a lot of the questions as we got to about this before this episode was what do I do. How do I choose a dream? How do I choose a goal? y'All just start making moves. Just start going out there and putting your heart into something and if you fail at least you'll learn something and I love that you speak so boldly on this because because I know the journey it has taken you to get to this place where you can actually speak confidently on this because you know as a man I as a man there's nothing that I know in your heart that you've wanted more than to be able to lead into live alive that you could lead by example and you are always just since you were a young boy you know talking to your parents this summer and getting to know you even as young as when you were a childlike everything they say is that like you were just always so intentional with like <hes> your feelings and how you did things and you're always so good and you cared about other people like it's always been in your blood to want to lead by example and I definitely know that God is doing something in you. That's really starting to come out and and I just also encouraged anybody out. There like Stevie said just going out there and making those moves I've definitely seen first and foremost what can happen when you truly just like risk things and boldly step out and faith to pursue something even if it's not the thing but it could be a thing that gets you to the thing so don't necessarily feel like that first step has to be perfect all figured out business tactics step in everything has to be in place because maybe that step is necessary first four you can get to the next step in the next step but it's all about taking that first step whether you're starting a workout routine or you're starting a business or maybe you want to go out there and maybe seek finding a better healthier relationship sustaining your relationship ship whatever that is. It's all about making the first move <hes> in something else to is to just quiet the noise. You know anytime that I've seen that I start to get really worried or I start to doubt myself. That's when I start to kind of here the noises of Distraction Channel Lot Louder Than God's voice in my mind and my soul and those voices say why would you do that. You'RE GONNA fail or don't do it. I second guess myself. You know. It's going to be too much work or you're not going to succeed. Oh there's already a million people doing that or you. Owe you need. What would they want to see you do and I've always asked myself those questions and went doubt starts to creep in? That's a clear indicator that the devil or the enemy is really trying to get a foothold. They're trying to just get you and you know what what whether you're a believer are not I strongly believe that that Voice of the enemy it's up to you whether or not you WanNa give that voice precedence over your life but whether you're a believer and you're saved and you believe in Christ or you're somebody who it doesn't believe in Jesus I strongly know that regardless the devil always try to have a foothold over you in some way and they'll he'll try to distract you with things like that and what what oh I think differentiates <hes> giving power over you know the devils voice versus like your own voice in God's voice is just how you react in that moment when you when those questions start to creep up in your head like you're not gonNa fit you're GonNa fail or you're never going to succeed succeed in this or your parents hate you or fear starts to creep in. You should immediately know that that voice right there is not coming from a place of of light of wisdom of God and when that happens off the bat you just WanNa completely. Shut it out and you you. You can even start just in with yourself saying like out loud like nope not today say in you know what I mean and just by speaking that over yourself and just knowing like okay. That's a voice right there. That's not coming from me. That's a Voice of Distraction. I think it's really important because has even today in my life every day. I constantly here sometimes those voices that are telling me like hey you could be a better mom. You're not doing this right or look at her. She's doing this and it's really important guys to just turn off that noise. He's and start turning up God's voice so I just want to encourage you with that as well make those moves and also no win to turn off. That noise are F._M.. Great word. I love that that's so true. You need that mental conversation. It's funny how you forget debt that. Forget forget to check in with yourself yeah but you forget like hey. I don't have to listen to that crappy voice at telling me I can choose to listen to God's voice what you're saying like you have. There's more in you can do more and also I'll is believing in yourselves. It's a huge thing so we're gonNA listen to house interview right now. It's super amazing very inspiring fam- I just I wanNA pray really quick before before we go into this for anybody who's like man. I have so much left to do in my life. There's so much more I can do. I one live a full life a good life. I'M GONNA pray for everybody out. There is feeling like maybe they've missed it or they. Don't have like you know they. They don't feel they've wasted their time or something. I want to pray for all of us as we go into this so that you guys will leave feeling super inspired and at the end of the episode. I want to share Everythi guys something crazy that happened to me this week. It was really really crazy. <hes> it was kind of an out of body experience. I want to share with you but I <hes> we'll. We'll get into house interview. We'll part of you guys real quick God. I just want to thank you for everybody listening to this episode yeah. I know that everyone listening right now is here for a reason you don't do things by coincidence. God You make moves God in your efficient. You're efficient with your time with your effort with your creations got and we're your creations so we're not here on accident but every single person person has a gift got a unique gift at least one probably more that they can share with the World God and earlier this week as I was listening to this video there was a creator who said you create the things you WanNa see in the world but there's so many creators right now God whose voices have been muted needed. There's so many scientists and writers God that their voices have been muted God and I just pray God every person listeners episode would take up the power. God take the power back from the enemy. Who says that you can't do it? You've wasted your time. You're too old and you're too young. It's not true you can start living a full life. Today I just pray for every person God that after this episode they would feel empowered God to live their life to the fullest and to use the gifts that you gave them because you wanna see them use them. I pray that over everybody in Jesus his name Amen Alright Fam- baby. Let's get into this interview with Hal elrod Families Got Hal elrod on the show. How how are you doing? I am living good life. I think some offer happy on I mean that's sincerely and and I'm really really grateful artist found out that you're you're in Austin which is <hes> is my hometown so I know that there's a good life there for sure talk to a fellow Texan <hes> so so how you have an incredibly inspiring story <hes> a story that when you hear about it read about it. You're like a wow. This guy clearly has something to say because you've been through some serious things in your life. Could you give us a little bit of you're just your backstory on some of the near death experiences that you've been too yeah yeah and I'm going to frame it because if I don't frame it I'm a long winded and all like twenty minutes ago by your like and they'll take a breath so let me let me let me try to keep this distinct so you know in life I think we all experience what I would call rock bottoms right which are those those times of adversity that really test us and challenge us in causes often to question everything you know question the purpose of life the meaning of life you know God. Is there a God why would just happened to me. The life isn't fair and all these things and and for me the the big three really major life and death rock bottoms if you will and the first one I was twenty years old. I was one of the top sales people in the history of the cut cut co cutlery company. I was selling cut kitchen. I have direct in-home presentations kind of thing and one night I gave a speech at a Co conference and driving home that night I my Car Ford Mustang at a brand new Ford Mustang. I just bought at again h twenty it was like that was the dream car that I could afford. It wasn't the Ferrari but I was on the way you know and I was hit by a drunk driver at eighty miles an hour on the freeway and that wasn't the worst of it. The worst of it actually came out my car spun off the drunk driver up from the head-on collision and my driver's side door was exposed. I spun sideways and the car behind me crashed into my door at seventy miles an hour and if anybody listening I always say take a second. Look over your left shoulder and imagine you're sitting in your car Dr Driving Your car and a car hit two seventy miles an hour in the door and what you might imagine happening is what happened I instantly the left side of my car was smashed into the left side of my body. I broke eleven bones in split-second. I hi <hes> my I was in internally. I punctured lung I ruptured spleen and Ibn losing a lot of blood and it took the fire department over an hour or just about an hour to cut me out of the car and when they did I bled to death. I lost also much blood that my heart stopped beating and died and I was clinically dead for six minutes on the side of the freeway. I was revived on the helicopter. Actually on the way to the hospital airlifted to the hospital spent six days in a coma flatlined twice ice more during the coma came out of the coma to face this unimaginable reality for anybody at any age but you know twenty. They're saying the doctor said you're probably never going to walk again. <hes> I add permanent brain damage which my wife will vouch for that still shows up quite a bit but and then I had to face this reality and so I you know keep a long story not too long. I made a decision that I would accept what had happened to me unconditionally that I wasn't going to let my circumstances defined my emotional wellbeing and so much so that the doctors thought I was in denial and delusional they called my parents in for a little Powell or conference and they said we need you to talk to howl and get to the bottom of how he's really feeling because he always acts like he's happy the and he's he's making jokes and making us laugh and you know I think that he's covering up some real pains probably depressed and and scared and maybe he's angry and user normal emotions for anyone that's going through this this type of adversity and my doubt came in and to explain explain the doctors diversity and said how took or the doctors concerns and said how it's okay to be stabbed and scare. You know you're positive but how are you really feeling and my dad's got tear you know he's teared up and he's faces read like he's really really he's concerned and so I really went inside and thought about how am I feeling and I took about thirty seconds to answer and I said doubt. I thought you knew me better than that. I can't change that. I was in a car accident but you know I learned something a year and a half before called the five minute and it rule which said it's okay to be negative when things go wrong but not for more than five minutes like there's no value and wishing you could change something that is in the past in feeling angry sad scared about something that's out of your control and I had practiced that my sales career in smaller diversity of no sales and no shows and missed goals and disappointments in counseled orders and that sort of thing but the principal was the same and I went. I told my Daddy said Dad. There's only one of two possibilities and if you're listening right now by the way I want you to think about what in your life it causes you emotional pain past present or even a perceived future that you're worried about. That's out of your control and if it's in the past it is out of your control. I don't care doesn't matter who you are unless you're Mardi MC fly with the Dorien. Laurean can't go back in time and change it but we suffer over things that happened five minutes five days five months five decades ago not happening anymore but because we haven't accepted it and giving herself that gift of peace so I said dad there's only one of two possibilities number one if the doctor right and I'm in a wheelchair the rest of my life I promise you I've already thought that scenario through I will be the happiest most grateful human being that you've ever seen in a wheelchair because I'm in a wheelchair either away and I will not let my circumstances to find my quality of life and my emotional wellbeing I said but the second possibility is I will walk again and I don't know if that's possible but I'm putting all my energy into that instead of fear and worry re I'm focused on. I've got optimism and hope so simultaneously accepted the worst case scenario so it comes to pass at peace with it but I'm not I'm not I'm not I'm not accepting defeat so to speak until it's proven otherwise and so the dock they went back to the doctors. Here's what House said. The doctors didn't believe it on one week later they came in with routine x rays and they said we don't know how to explain this but how your body is healing healing so rapidly that we know we told you you'd never walk again again but you can walk today in therapy. We're GonNa let you take your first step. If you're ready and I took my step that day and I left the hospital four weeks later and went back to work and on and so on and so forth with all these broken bones and metal rods and my arm and my leg and my pelvis and my eye socket I mean you know and so on and so forth so that was the first major adversity and that was the lesson I learned is that our emotional wellbeing has almost nothing very little to do with what's is going on around us Aka our circumstances or what happens to us and it has everything to do with what's going on inside of us and that the key that unlocks the door to emotional what I call emotional invincibility where you're in control your emotions. They're not in in control of you and your circumstances doesn't determine them. You determine them. The key that unlocks that door is acceptance is when you accept the things you cannot change you give yourself the gift of emotional invincibility on the on the opposite every negative emotion ocean you've ever experienced in your life and that you could ever expect that you're experiencing now. Get ever experienced in the future is always self created. It has nothing to do with the thing that you think is causing it and it's always your resistance to the thing it's your resistance to reality that determines your degree of emotional pain that you feel hey fam- or any of you out there looking for an apartment or you're looking for a new place to live. Have you checked out apartments. 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Change the world so that was the first one and I let me pause in the case. He doesn't WanNA call and then I'll actually skip to the yeah. There's a couple of the other shorter I mean that's that's incredible just that you had that perspective incite at at twenty years old I mean I don't think people I I think emotionally were such emotional beings especially at twenty years old <hes> I remember being twenty years old is being very even just guide us an emotional national being driven by emotions and things like that so that's incorrect incredible <hes> inside that you had even at that age but <hes> I think it really is just kind of a Kudos to you in part of your story as to why you are ready. You are today in why we're GONNA be talking about how to actually achieve. You know your goal so tell us the the next thing I mean. I can't believe there's another thing but I want to say this. I appreciate the compliment if you will but but it really was that the mentor that had taught me a year now prior he was my my mentor my manager in my in my cut my sales career and he taught me about five minutes right and if it wasn't I really credit him because it wasn't for that I wouldn't have developed that mindset and then since then I've read dozens and dozens of books on topics such as the power of now in the power of acceptance in various titles but I'm so then in two thousand eight when the U._S. economy crashed <hes> really kind of started as and seven I crashed with it like millions of Americans nothing nothing new there <hes> but I I really hit rock-bottom them and it was actually even more difficult for emotionally because I was in his downward spiral where every week I was losing more clients more clients more clients and it was I was a coach. I was doing business coaching in all of my clients. Their businesses were were suffering due to the economy me and it was just the trickle down effect of they they they would call me and say hey. I can't afford to pay for coaching anymore. Okay got it so I lost my clients lost over half my income and couldn't pay the mortgage lost my house which was that alone is like a like. I'm losing my my first home that I bought with my own money like I now up no place to live. I gotTA figure that out a lot of causes a lot of emotions and <hes> so even though I accepted it couldn't change it will it just kept getting worse and worse and worse than I never really dealt with. This kind of this quicksand San where I'm like man. Okay can't change it and then but I really kind of needed you know make things better and then Oh my God I lost another client. I lost another client. My body fat percentage tripled in the six month period. <hes> that I was losing my income till I stopped exercising. I was just like in desperation mode and the solution to that I just this will keep a long story not trying to keep him not too long. I just a series of events led me to search. What are the world's most successful people do that? I'm not doing my my buddy. You know John Who's a good friend and business partner now. He said how you got to go figure out what the routines and rituals are of the world's most successful people and and do what they do on a daily basis if you have the habits and rituals and routines that they have you're gonNA see similar results. You're going to see your business improved and I said okay and I kept coming across when I was googling mourning rituals and morning routines as the key like the number one key to these people success and this was this was twelve five years ago the morning routines your everywhere now wasn't that prevalent then but I kept coming across that and I'm like I'm not a morning person so if you're listening to your morning personally don't do now. I almost tuned out but I'm like. I'm not a morning person. Where's where's the success planned for people that sleep till nine everyday? I want that one right. I wasn't sales. I worked my own job. I could sleep later they wanted right and I came across one. You know just hit another article and I finally went all right. I got a dive in. I gotta read one of these and what I read what I got from. It was oh you're how you start. Your Day isn't just an equally significant option on the buffet of ways you can improve your life. It's arguably the single most important one it carries more weight than any of the others others because how you start your day sets your mindset. It sets your energy level but said just a general context and the tone for the rest of your day in simple terms. If you win the morning you set yourself up to win the day Eh and so I created a morning rich went on a quest to create the most extraordinary morning ritual in the history of humanity and within two months of doing it <hes> it wasn't a book idea it wasn't it was just my desperate attempt to change my life and I so I decided to get up in our our earlier I did six practices and these are African. Now Savers Silence Affirmations Visualization Exercise Reading Inscribing or journal Right so silences like your meditation so six of the most timeless endless proven personal development practices in history humanity right and I did these everyday within two months I had more than doubled my income. I wouldn't bring in the worship of my life physically to training for a fifty two mile ultra marathon that I completed six months later. I wasn't a runner aided running. That's why I did it because I thought man what I have to become run fifty two miles in a day. I don't even know that guy. You don't WanNa become that guy and my depression went away within a day of doing this routine because I was so fired up and I went to my wife and I said sweetheart her this morning ritual like we just our income is more than doubled from where it was two months ago. I said it feels like a miracle and she goes. It's your miracle morning. I go yeah yeah. I liked that my miracle morning morning so I started writing my schedule Miracle Morning and one of my clients said what how'd you have a morning ritual I keep hearing about these and I said Ou gay I gotTa Tell You I do think all the miracle morning right now. Let me tell you about it and I told her about it and I told the rest of my clients about it and they all said not a morning person but you're pretty convincing how to try and every single eleven out of the twelve clients I had at the time came back to their call the next week and said Hell. I did what you said. I'm a morning person like in one week my entire life. I've never been a morning I now I am and just had the best weekend my sales career I just I just had all these amazing results and that's where the lightbulb went off and I went wait a minute. If the miracle morning changed my life and I wasn't a morning person if it's changing every single one of my clients lives except the one and they weren't warning people I have a responsibility to share this with the world and you fast forward to today twelve years later <hes> the Miracle Morning Book has been translated in thirty seven languages. It is sold one point seven million copies. It's practice everyday by over a million people in over one hundred countries and the results people have are I mean it's a miracle like crazy. I get emails. People saying it saved my marriage. It got my depression medication. How just like you turn my income around on and then I'm just going to fast forward and get a really quick summary on the third rock bottom which is actually the most the scariest the most difficult I've ever endured and it was two years ago at age thirty seven and I was diagnosed with the very rare aggressive form of cancer? I walk in the middle of the night. I couldn't breathe it took doctors eleven days I think to to to test me and diagnose me. My lung kept telling with fluid. They couldn't figure out what was wrong. I was diagnosed with a very rare aggressive form of cancer called acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I was given a thirty percent chance of surviving which if you're a glasses half empty type of person right. That's a seventy percent chance that I was going to die and you know I've got a seven year old daughter and a four year old son and married married to the woman in my dreams and it was like I had more to lose than ever before and it was terrifying and I underwent the most intensive chemotherapy regimen in existence one hundred hours of chemo consecutively over five days around the clock every three weeks and it was supposed to be eight sessions. I was almost dead at the end of seven so they had to cancel the eight session because my body could not handle it. I'd lost twenty five percent of my body weight every hair on my I mean I I was on the desk door but I beat cancer her and I'm now I've been in remission for about a year <hes> and <hes> I beat cancer with <hes> something I called a miracle equation and so then I finally a publisher approach me I wrote that book that came out a couple of months ago so the miracle morning was kind of the daily practice for personal development and then the miracle equation was the process for goal achievement. How do you how do you create tangible measurable miracles in Your Life and for me it was beating cancer? It was selling a million copies of the book. It was walking again. It was looking over my whole life. I went what was what were the key decisions. I made in each of these seemingly impossible. 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I WanNa get like a home group here because I think everyone's thinking the same thing. <hes> that's amazing. That was an incredible story HAL. I mean Geez. I mean your perspective on life. You you know already is amazing but including what you've been through wow you're living a miracle life. I would say so and we're GONNA talk about that in a second but I wanted to back to the miracle morning <hes> and then something else that you said <hes> you're totally right <hes> Sazonon John and my my wife who's on abortion tonight here with us today. <hes> we started changing our morning routine last year and I have to say more than anything I've ever done. It changed the game and I you know getting on that routine in sticking with it we were seeing results in everything like you said and I agree with you one hundred percent but one thing that you kind of touched on really quickly was you were talking about how you were. I think it was around two thousand eight you said when you were you know everything was just kinda struggling. You're like I need to I need. I need to do something to shake. Shake things up. I think that's something that you know. It's really interesting point that I wanNA talk about because when when when it comes to achieving your goals I think there's so many of us that maybe we started morning routine and maybe we're having success and personally. I felt this way to where it's like. You know we start the year off. We're in a routine ever morning routine and we're working our way towards our goals in somewhere along the way we kinda hit a wall. You know and I remember friend and I were <hes>. We're starting to do morning meetings every Tuesday and into challenge each other you know to to be challenged personnel realizes hey. Where are you out with your goals like? What have you done this week? What are you doing next week? You know just to kind of keep each other accountable and I remember one week we met and <hes> it was this year and it was about four months months into the year and the first few months we were like man. We're crushing it. You know you're doing great. I'm doing great. We're doing our stuff morning. Routine here. We go and then all of a sudden. We're like Kinda dead you know what are we going right now. Like where's the direction action. Why do we feel like we lost momentum and I remember during the conversation I even I was just thinking time? I was like what what can we do. How can we change this and I kinda just had an Aha moment of like we need to shake things up? We need to do something. That's it's just different you know and so I remember telling him. Let's give something let's take something away and so what we were doing was we were trying to invest in in two different things so basically one thing was that we wanted to give more money away because we'd both decided that we needed more money to do certain things at at that time in and also this time now but <hes> just the belief that giving you know when your generous that that wore opportunity in and money and things like that come to you and you're not generous for that but that's just the belief of mine and also to take something nothing away to kind of heighten our mental focus which was we're decide. We're going to do a challenge as far as like no sugar right okay so take something away that was not how not helpful not positive right and and so what it really he did was just kind of it was investing you know <hes> by giving back but at the same time kind of investing in our focus by by whenever you know you do a diet or or a fast or something like that you know it kind of seems to heighten your focus and it builds this momentum as far as every time you beat a little challenge of why didn't have sugar today in empowers you to do something else. <hes> so what is one what are some of the things that you have done to beside your morning routine to really shake things up. I mean because you talk about in your new book the Miracle Equation You're talking talking about how to obtain tangible results when it comes to achieving your goals and I think that is <hes> such an awesome in such a rich topic that you talked about how to prove yourself in your morning routine but now how are we actually going linked to achieve our goals and what are the. How are we going to get those tangible? Results talks about that yeah. You'll I mean there's a few things I can look at well. I will say that what you just shared about shaking it up on one of my mentors years ago Kevin bracy in fact it was right before the miracle morning before I came up with the morning ritual in fact it was it was his words that got me to do it and it was because I was reading about mourning rituals like man. I you know yeah this'll be good but I had so much resistance resistance to waking up earlier. I had the mindset the most will have which is like. I'M GONNA sleep till last possible moment. I can to not like you know lose my job lose. My kids get divorced right. What's the last moment I could wake up and not have everything fall apart in my life right so his quote was he said if you want and it's so simple but so profound he said if you want your life to be different you have to be willing to do something different I yes right and that's what I was staring at my my at that time it was before the digital calendar at a day planner? You know right and I'm staring at my day planner and I'm looking at at five A._M.. 'cause I woke up at six A._M.. Because I had to now I'm like well. Do I really want to wake up at five and we're GONNA five and and I'm going and then I heard his words. If you want your life different you have to be willing to do something different. I and I was like him it. He's right. I got I gotta get up at five and it was very that were that quote that one sentence got me into action and I wrote five A._M.. Personal development it didn't have a name wasn't a miracle morning you know for two months and woke up and did it so but if I look at other areas in my life where I've done that and I think it's so important that we need to examine we need a process and I think weeklies a good <hes> timeframe but a weekly process process where we evaluate right where we read our goals where we evaluate our progress on the last week so so. Let's say you've got a goal and each area of your life right. You've got a goal in health and fitness in in your relationships in each area and then you look get you should have an action plan right in this area. Here's my daily recurring process like an in the miracle equation in the new book. I talk about the two decisions that will enable you to create these tangible measurable miracles. Let me let me take one second and to redefine miracle because if anybody's listening rolling there is I used to roll my eyes at that word right because I'm like dude. I'm like I'm not woo hoo. I'M NOT GONNA I'm not I'm not going to sit back and wait for a miracle. I want results. You know I'm very results oriented person so for me. A miracle isn't isn't this. You know. Eddie has a bad rap that word because it's like this you know this intangible like pray in weight. Hopefully I you know miracle falls into my lap kind of thing and I look at a miracle is any meaningful outcome that that is outside the realm of what you believe is probable for you possible or problem but really probably because we don't anything is possible but we don't go after what's possible. When was the last time you set a goal and you gave it everything you had that you didn't really think was going to happen right? We don't work that way. We work towards goals that we believe probable. Which is why most people don't create extraordinary results? They either stayed the same right. They just keep doing well yeah. I really have these big goals and dreams but I don't know if I can achieve him. Some not even gonNA try. I know that I show up to work. I'll keep getting a paycheck and that gives me a sense of security to keep a roof over my head. Some GonNa keep doing that and most people live and die without going too far beyond that right but I would say anybody listening to this show and most people want more than that. We want an extraordinary life. We want the good life or I call it the Miracle Library we want the good life though and we want extraordinary results we want to have financial freedom. We want to have physical health in abundance. I just want to have a relationship that makes that we love and that were harmonious with our partner and it's beautiful and we're lying and so on and so forth but most of us were not willing to do those things and so for me I break it down. It's really to decision if you studied the world's most successful people in any walk of life. I'm talking millionaires and billionaires or professional athletes Olympians or just the happiest person you've ever seen any walk of life you find that there are two common decisions that they make not once they don't make them once and you know it's not it's not a set it in forget it thing but they make these decisions over and over and over and over and over and over and over again until and if you're if you're listening if you're taking notes if your mental note whatever that word until might be the most important word in the journey that success you got a circle that word and underlying it three times so they make the same decisions over and over and over and over and over again until they achieved the outcome that they're committed to whatever that is could be a financial outcome in any area and the two decisions ends are deceptively simple in their explanation but extraordinarily rare in their execution. It's kind of like they say. Success is simple. It's not easy but it is simple right. You know people that are successful. They simply do you something. Every day that moves them closer to their goals and dreams and eventually they get their goals and dreams whereas the majority society doesn't do that one thing over and over and over either they don't ever do it or they do it for a while and then kind like you said right you get bored with you and your buddy during the daily calls right or you know and then you like we were doing it and then we got bored and like once that initial excitement wears off I caught the infatuation period right when the infatuation period wears off most people stop doing the thing that's moving them toward their goals and dreams so these decisions so I don't mean to beat around the buzzer number one unwavering faith all highly successful people and I'm GonNa say successful. That is your definition of success not mine Harvard. You define how you define success. That's what I'm talking about but people that are successful in the way they define it. They established the faith that they can do something they've never done before and then they maintain that faith which is what makes it unwavering faith right until they maintain that faith until they get their most people. If they establish the fate they can do something because they're an off Mr like yeah I can do anything as soon as they encounter an obstacle as soon as they get off track as soon as their their results aren't coming as fast as they expected most people the faith goes out the window and the second decision is extraordinary effort and again like I said deceptively simple explanation if you're going how great so I have to have faith and believe in myself and work hard okay right that doesn't help yard. He knew that no extraordinary effort is consistent effort. That's it if I was something of that. In one word extraordinary effort is consistency doing if you do one thing you get really clear on what are of your biggest goals and dreams what are the most meaningful outcomes in your life and if you do one thing every day doesn't mean you have to work eighty hours a week to achieve the good life or a miracle life now one thing every day that moves closer to your most most meaningful goal and or dream or plural goals and dreams. The only variable is time. Your success is inevitable. You're going to get there right like I'll give you give me an example when the miracle morning came out. I you know I I didn't have a platform. I didn't have an email list. I didn't have anything I wrote the book because I thought I owe it to the world to change if you live with this book and I literally was thinking small it was like you know maybe maybe also a few hundred copies or a few thousand copies and I I started within the first month I started getting emails and people saying how the miracle morning is changing my life and it was really profound. You know it saved my marriage this that and then I was like my sense of responsibility grew and I went. I have to get this out there to the world like I don't know how I'm going to do that but in for me it just I just picked a quantifiable number. I go. I gotta change a million lines and then I got. I got fancy with it. I go oh that's my mission to change. One million lives one morning at a time and committed by will do whatever it takes to change a million lives and I put a time for one year. I'm going to try to somehow I don't know how I'm going to try to sell a million copies of the miracle morning in the next twelve months and twelve months later and by the way let me tell you extraordinary effort looked like I did I I I did I launched a podcast to get the word out there and building audience. I did fifty united a weekly podcast fifty two episodes. I was on one hundred fifty other more than that a little one hundred fifty other people's podcast. I did thirty six speeches across the country. I did thirteen television interviews all across the country on N._B._C.. A._B._C. C._B._S.. Morning T._V. shows cost me a lot of money. A lot of time to travel right. I put forth extraordinary effort did everything in my power to reach a million people and you guys I fell short of. I was ninety nine point nine percent short of my goal I sold twelve thousand copies of the first year instead of one million and so I was nine hundred ninety nine hundred eighty eight thousand copies short of my goal now now you think about that like how discouraged would you be like. I suck like who Dan was like kidding myself right and so what happens for most of us is we're like we we just chase the next squirrel. We're like all right. Well I try to fail. I'll do something else right but for me. Remember that word until right until and I re I I assessed what I had done and I okay. I was obviously way off on my timeframe because remember when you're committed until when you're committed until the only variable is timing and I went and I don't remember why exactly this number stuck in my mind but I go okay obviously obviously one year was not realistic. Maybe it's GonNa take me thirty years to reach a million people. Maybe I don't know but I'm committed to that like I'm GonNa change a million lives and I don't care how long it takes me and but of course I'm like all right but I'm GonNa try to do it in your to. I don't think based on my year one I don't. I don't think that's realistic but I'm GonNa go for it and I put forth extraordinary effort. I maintained unwavering faith and I sold at twenty three thousand copies of the second year and I'm like all right. I'm getting better but I think I don't know how many it's like. You know like two hundred years before I'm GonNa read the goal something like that right on outpace on anyway. It took me six years. It took me six six years. We've surpassed a million copies and it's only been the last two that we were at almost another million so it's just taking off but but I want to. I'm going to share this us and we we can literally drop the Mike and hang up. I'M GONNA share what I believe is one of the most valuable lessons for all of us for me and it's my own personal lesson in my own life that I now I try to teach it as much as I can human nature. I believe it societal. I actually it's on human nature. It societal conditioning on is that we want what we want and we want it now because we compare ourselves to other people we look at somebody else and we go wow icy where they are. I want to be where they are but our brain has no patient that goes I want to be there now. So what that does. Is it 'cause inherently it causes feelings of inadequacy right. I'm not good enough. I'm not far enough along. I'm not where I want to be. Things aren't happening fast enough but here's the lesson that I've learned and and I think that anyone that achieves their miracle their goal their dream. I think that every I think that most of us most people learn this lesson. It's that when you finally get to the point in your life that you've been working being forced so hard and for so long no matter how long it takes you. You never wish it would have happened in the sooner when you get there. You look back and you go. It had to take this long. I had to go through all that stuff. I had to go through all that I had to throw that adversity those challenges those were testing me those were building the into the person I became that had the that was able to create what I want. This dream this goal the timing is perfect and so if you if you if you can bring that lesson into your life now don't wait for hindsight. Don't suffer for the next year or decade because you got your or just. Why am I not further along no don't do that? The lesson is maintain or be at peace with where it's be a piece with where you are now and where you are tomorrow and where you are every moment every three day along your journey be completely at peace love who you are love where you are wall you simultaneously wake up every day with a healthy sense of urgency to take action to at least one thing that moves you closer to your greatest vision for your life so be a piece with or you are but maintain urgency to take action and know that the timing will be perfect when you finally arrive and that's that's incredible and I couldn't agree with you more. I feel like anytime that that I have kind of gone through that change. You know where there was a place where I wanted to be in that. I thought there I agree with you. Completely have the same Aha moment of wow. There was a whole reason I had to go through some toiler. Some trials are struggled to get here now. I appreciate this place where I am now so much more than I would have had gotten it back then you know and I totally agree with you. There's a weird balance between like you said you need to be peace use but all the while working there's we're. We're balanced. You know that we constantly struggle with why WANNA be grateful in content with my life right now but at the same time I wanna be aspiring towards more it's kind of it's kind of weird thing it does to your mind and I totally agree with you there that I I think you have to be content. I remember when my wife and I both moved to l.. A. And we respond to be in the entertainment industry and I remember having the realization of I need to genuinely be thankful for everything I have right now and I couldn't couldn't afford to buy AAA Burrito so the got him so hungry. Why did you say that I wanted to want to put Libretto so bad? Hey Man I'll meet you off thirty five Elliott but when you know the point is is that you know we've always said that the gratitude also is kind of a breeding ground for that next step. You have to be grateful for what you have now before you can move forward in appreciate what you have later because you know you're not faithful the little that you have. You're not going that'd be faithful with much you have <hes> how I just WanNa talk about your book the Miracle Equation Really Quick and in the two things that you said you know unwavering faith and extraordinary effort <hes> so many of us you know we like we're talking. About just kind of give up halfway through and then we begin to question you know <hes> our vision and all that how do you know when your goal your vision is the correct thing like there's so many people that you know. I don't know how to cast asks the right vision for themselves including myself lately. I've been thinking about different things that I wanna work on on the side. You know little side businesses and things like that but I always questioned myself. I'm like well. Isn't that the right move. Is that something that is. Maybe I see the money grab lab were. That's something that I'm actually passionate about. How do you <hes> set the right goals but that are also lofty and big goals? You know where you can envision yourself going far with yeah yeah. It's a question and I think that it's kind of I it goes in alignment with purpose like people. Always you know like I don't know what my purpose in life is and I mean people are searching for their purpose but that's not the way that purpose works purposes some it's not something you find it something that you create and it's something that you recreate as you continue we need to learn and grow and evolve your purpose grows in evolves and so in the same way when it comes to goals you know I did a lot of stuff for the miracle morning right like I launched a program called Your Best Life Coaching Right <hes> I lost another program called a self empowerment coaching. I launched wrote a book called taking had on. I thought that was going to be the book and God good reviews but nobody bought it like. I didn't tell me copies right so so so it's not like I and the miracle morning. I didn't know that that was the thing so I think that I think that the just list you know really like looking at your life and asking or self what feels right to me like you really have to trust your intuition a little bit more and if you willing to try things things before you figure out what sticks right because again I had more certainty that the that my I put taking life had on and it was a false sense certainty I thought do this is going to be amazing. Actually in my head I already planned to series. I'm like ooh taking out on the penalty taking college head on and taking sales head on and then taking business head on I had a whole idea for a series and then I was like wait a minute if the original books not selling. I don't think the spin offs are gonNA sell right so I was like certain and then the miracle is over confident in the miracle morning I'm like I don't think anybody's GonNa read this. Like how am I gonNA convince people to wake up early right. I had no I if I could have never in a million years that would sell a million copies like never and and what's interesting. I talked to other authors their authors that are way better writers than me that are way smarter than me and their books not selling right and then like I talked to James Redfield who wrote the Celestin Prophecy that sold fourteen million copies. We were speaking in Italy a a few months ago actually was six on the fall but on speaking here in Italy and I'm like I have dinner together James. I have to thank you like your book changed my life and when I found out you self published it and then you traditionally published I am later. I decided to sell punishment morning. You're part of Me Journey Yada Yada Yada and I said did you know that the self esteem prophecy was going to take off. He goes how I had no clue at Rice. He sold fourteen million lobbying right. I had no clue so here's the point and actually I want to give one more one more one more kind of example for context when I decided to become a speaker I my background was in sales. I I was a hall of Fame Sales Rep right so I had the credibility to speak to any sales organization and but I was twenty five years old and I looked I was eighteen. Maybe sixteen right so I really just looked at. I really looked at my experience my background and so this is for people listening right this to me is how you kind of decide so number one. Is You never really know so set a goal that feels good to you believe in that goal work towards that goal and understand that the real purpose of a goal Mrs another one of those most important lessons. I've ever learned kind of thing the real purpose of going I learned from Jim Rohn by the way actually from my mentor Dan Cassetta who learned from Jim Rohn who taught it to me on the real purpose of a goal is not to hit the goal the real purpose of a goal is to develop yourself into the type of person with the qualities and the characteristics. I needed to achieve any goal that you said whether or not you hit the individual goals that you set is far less important to the qualities and the characteristics that you develop along the way in other words who you become so if you give it everything you have to hit a goal and it like I did with those things I mentioned Your Best Life Coaching the first book I wrote and right again but none of those took off none of those were sticky. People just didn't resonate and I didn't know until I tried it right on but I learned a lot about what worked what didn't work and I developed qualities and characteristics like self discipline and ability to set schedule in you know in Crete processes that would allow me to reach my goals and this and that and it was who you become that lasts forever ever the benefits of an individual Goeller short-lived oh I hit a goal. I made some money will you. You'RE GONNA spend it will become stays with you for the rest of your life and when you can approach goals without mindset you realize that we you really can't when it comes to setting a big audacious goal you can't the only way to fail is to to give up to not try but if you give it everything you have and it doesn't work out but you take the lessons into the next school well well now. You're more likely to hit the next school but you might the next school but you you learn more or less than if you get given everything you have and then you hit you probably the next goal and all of a sudden you have your miracle morning right and you you really you cannot predict it but but for me it was when I launched my coaching business I thought who should I coach again. I was like well all I did was sell up into kitchen knives so I decided to coach cut corrupts from my company. When I decided to become a speakers I started to tell that story? I thought who should I speak to. I thought well I look like I'm nineteen. I'm going to speak to a college student. So I launched my speaking career. I could've gone in the corporate market would have been an uphill battle but I went so so go with the path of least resistance and use your own experience. When I wrote the miracle morning it was because I had experienced France this morning ritual that changed my life and I wanted to pay it forward and share it with others so again? Leverage your experience and listen to your intuition. Go with what feels right to you without overthinking when you when you ask what should I do. What's the first that comes to your mind? That feels good. That feels right that feels. There's not resistance you don't you're not forcing. You're not trying to fit a square peg into a round hole or vice versa right and then approach it without mindset that hey if I don't reach the goal it doesn't matter because I'm going to become a better version of the guy or the Gal that I am today and that version of me. We'll have more clarity a bigger vision and more capabilities than I have now and all apply those to the next school and the goal after that and the goal after that and the goal after that when I finally the point that I've been working for so hard for so long. I won't wish it happened in these sooner. All look back and go. Oh wow the timing was perfect. Journey Kony is exactly as it was supposed to be incredible. Come on how we're going to church in here. How much do you WANNA go? You WanNa call me next week and let's do this again because I think we could keep going you shared so much my heart stop opposite thirteen and a half minutes so I mean if you gets more questions I'm happy to to tell we'll let you go how but I just I'm so thankful that you shared all of your knowledge in your wisdom with us here on the Good Life Fam- you guys if you want to check out house book it's the Miracle Equation Asian as you can tell how is living proof of that. The Miracle Equation Works WanNa check out his book. Check out the miracle quesion Pal. Thanks again so much being on the show. I appreciate you guys so much. Thanks for having me all right. You take wow you know how I always say things like Oh my God I died like like he can actually say that you know what I mean. I mean the fact that he died came back to life and is continuing to live not just any ordinary life but he is like I'm going to live a full life incredible life wow that just it's so encouraging an uplifting. I love that I think you know He. He really hits a nail in the head Ed and you know he even said. It seems simple but you know it's it's it's effective and it can change your life. Is You know his miracle equation of if you really believe you have you know unwavering faith you know and you put forth extraordinary effort into something that I re. He you know he really believes that you can achieve that goal and I you know he's living proof so I don't know he's a great example. Somebody who's hard to even argue with its cold like when when kind of like sometimes out of body experienced things happen you know and he's had obviously several of these types of encounters and I think we all all have whether it's in a bigger small way I mean we've all kind of had those like miracle. Things happened in our day-to-day lives sometimes where it just kind of wakes you up a little bit and it puts things in perspective. I love that even though this past week was Super Chill Hill for both of us God was still doing something incredible and when you told me that you had a dream I told you write it down and I'm so glad that you actually decided you know what I'm GonNa. Share what dream that I had you didn't even know what it really meant until we really dove into and talked about it but talk about body out body experience stevie experienced that this crazy experience this week y'all while says was gone a teeny in Dallas. I like I said at the beginning of the episode I felt like this week. You know it was kind of wasting my time and feeling like God like what am I doing right now. And Are you disappointed with me. Should I have been more fruitful with the gifts you've given me. I feel like I have so many gifts. In what the heck am I doing right now and we all go through that but the reason I wanted to share this story fan because I felt like it was divine intervention intervention from God in my dream so this is what happened like I said I was feeling really kind of just Blah like what the heck I go to bed and I'm having a dream all I remember. is you eat cheese before better Kobe. I probably shakes amazing chocolate. GonNa continue to ask but I've never this is never had a dream. That's a really crazy dreams. y'All where it's like. You know I believe in the power drill baby. That's how I saved so but I've had dreams were actually elite chosen to do certain things and this was kind of one of those dreams even more so I was talking to. Somebody and I feel like it was somebody I know. <hes> I got woken up by somebody like early in the morning so kind of jolted Miata my sleep but what I remember was is that I was talking to somebody the about God and explaining how God lives in us you know in the dream Yeah I was like God I literally sang them so passionately and remember feeling so a part of this dream sang like God lives in us. You know like he's alive. Live and his power lives in us. His Holy Spirit lives in US and as I said that literally all in in real life my body went completely flush with with like goosebumps in started kind of like almost it's like glowing like it was almost like there was this giant burst of energy came into my body. I can't even explain to you and you saw it to you said right. It was like I just kind of like I was dreaming but I knew my body went completely completely like crazy like on fire with goosebumps and it wasn't just goosebumps. I felt like this this China urgent energy almost like in my heart area there was this giant like burst of this crazy energy that I can't even explain to you but it was it was in a moment where I was sharing genuine like genuine love somebody sharing about God and it was almost like part of my purpose you know and I just felt that when I woke up the next morning I was like oh my gosh I was like I can't believe that that was so insane and then you know what I thought I was like why did why did I have that dream like. Why did I get that experience? That's like God. I didn't deserve to have that experience. I feel like if anything like I've been not not spending my my time wisely you know and but instead of waking up the next day and feeling like man like kind of down on myself. I felt like I literally felt like God hasn't given up on me you know God's not done with me. God can still move who've in power not just using but move in an amazing weight and do crazy things with me and how he intervened in my dream and I know beyond a shadow of doubt that that was God intervening in saying like I'm still here. I still want to work in you and there's so much we gotta do but I want you to just wake up because I woke up and that dream I felt I felt so amazing empowered after that dream it's I wanted to share that with. You guys going back to what I said anybody. WHO's felt like you've wasted your time or you haven't achieved your goals that you having started? y'All it's not too late. You can do it. You can start when you're fifteen. You can start when you're sixty. All I just want to encourage you all today to do it. And of course I mean listening to house story was so inspiring them so that was my story. I wanted to share that all avail. I just love that you had that dream. I think you you've been having a lot of these like little revelations. I feel like from God and just seeing you since coming on starting this show and seeing you in your element like openly just using your voice talking to people bowl I mean you really are a healer. Seeing you put your hand on people. Pray over people in you know even we go to conferences and we speak to audiences like the power and your voice it is this fire and I think that we're living in a generation in right now where people need that people need that power and then it needs to be poured into them. The power that comes from God and you just are such a pure honest genuine person that like God knows that he can use you in that way he knows that your heart is pure and that you have great intentions and you just love people and that's the kind of people that God loves to us to get closer to all of his other children out there who don't know and understand that there is a god out there that wants to do life with them and help them figure out how to get to their next step in those dreams and in those goals and in their journey with purpose and like Stevie said we just love that this show has given us the opportunity to kind of like what is the saying Peel back the curtain what yes layers yes both this. I was just telling him in the car. Real quick and then we'll go but I was just telling you in the car and I just feel it again that you know nowadays a lot of people turn to different social media profiles different channels different outlets and things to try to escape what they're currently going through and their live kind of like a way to numb the pain and it's similar to like giving somebody medication for something. It's like it yeah it currently will numb the pain but not addressing it and not you know dealing with it is just going to lead to it always just lingering there and you're just gonNA constantly try to nominate away and I feel like nowadays with social media influencers and just the celebrity profiles and things that we follow these lives. You know we all have a choice to be like all right. What are we going to put out into the world and Stephen? I know that this is a show where yeah it's a place where we can all kind of escape. Our day-to-day lives in meeting this little playground and hang out and you know have a good time but the fact that we don't have to create a facade or hide just the struggles that we all have to face on a real day-today life basis you know the fact that this is a place where we can also come to not only laugh but to actually deal with some of our problems terms and our struggles together. I think that's really what it's about. When it comes to figure out what it means to live a good life is that you've got to deal with the struggles in that the problems that you have head on and figure them out as you go and just try not to avoid them? Try Not to name it or try I to escape from it and I just love this show. We're we're building that kind of a family environment there where it's like we get messages that say like Oh my Gosh I love that at the beginning of your show you guys always make me laugh you know but then by the end of the end of your show show unlike crying because I just took something from it and that just like really warms our hearts more than anything to know that we're creating this type of environment like what you said that Creator said you create what you want to see in the world Gerald and I think that like unintentionally by US opening up the door to our life and some of the the weekly stuff that we're trying to figure out you know in a way we're creating something unique here for people to also be invited and welcome <hes> to also experience in real way so I'm so grateful for this show the show has forced us to really face our own problems head on and our struggles every week and then to be able to talk about it on a Mike. It's not always easy and we definitely never WANNA come off like we're preachy or that. We're experts because we definitely are not. We are just to twenty nine year olds trying to figure out life while balancing baby and business so one thing we got babies that we love people. We love you fam- chat way if we didn't love each other we'd be like shut up Stephen. Let me talk. I hate you but that's not the truth by the way you guys <hes> totally changing subject. If you WANNA really refreshing summer drink not an ad. Oh sounds like you're going to a sparkle water plus a splash of cranberry juice with Vanilla Stevia in Dang. I'm drinking in a an glass drinking right now. It's been like my summer go to an cup say A._T._M.. As the logo Zana maybe that's what it is. Oh anyways fam- we enjoyed this show. If you did please share it with somebody everybody out there needs to be encouraged to walk in their gifts to to achieve their goals so please share it with somebody love and of course we want to thank our sponsors again. <hes> y'all please check out some of those codes. If you WANNA punch those in and use some of those give codes it really helps out the good life <hes> it brings more sponsors to the show so that we can keep this thing rolling for you. Guys check out the description and we'll put everything there again from the show. We just love you guys again. In our one year. Anniversary is coming up here on the good life and we are celebrating being over. We're celebrating over seven million downloads of the good life with Stevenson podcast. I say that because I'm just like wow God is good and the fact that we are able to reach reach so many years on this Mike and to see how God is changing in transforming. Your lives like whoa cheers too many more years to come doing this. I would love to do this forever those right well. Hopefully we'll do it forever if you punch legend those codes J._k.. Love you guys massage again. Let me massage your back here. We go by guys. <music> charlie loves cherry so he fills his roster with Wild Cherry Cherry Cola lock and tops it off the cherry my mate. It's the Cherry on Charlie's day mixed the polar pop or foster that works for you just seventy nine cents each at circle. K. Limited time only at participating locations A._p.. News is sponsored by A._D._T.. Real protection is professionally installed L. Smart Home Security backed by twenty four seven monitoring our team will help you customize a system for your home including video doorbells indoor and outdoor cameras smart locks and lights that could be controlled from the A._D._t.. APP or the sound of your voice you can even help keep your loved ones safe on the go with location sharing driving activity alerts and an emergency S._O._S. button through the A._D._T.. 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