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Yeah we'll show you on e._s._p._n. L._a. If you're a raider fan today oh boy yeah one of those days i mean it's been one of those days for how long now about twenty years feels like maybe not twenty exactly but close to <hes> yeah. It's been a long time since the raider. Fans have felt good and it's just another day if you are a fan of the bears or if you have mitchell trubisky or any bears or packers player on your fantasy team. Today's also not a good day aaron rodgers agers who i'm going to begins in fantasy has one touchdown <hes> they are just into the third quarter now and the packers are leading the bears seven to three. I know our boss the otter <hes> dan's pillow is a bears fan and <hes>. I'm sure right now. He is <hes> dreading the fact that the bears once decided to draft mitchell trubisky ahead of the does shawn watson or patrick mahomes. There's that they can live with for a long time. They're worried so much about their damn kicker. They're not worried about their quarterback. That was actually my analysis today. Because one of the conversations conversations we had an around the horn bergman was about the kicking situation for the bears. I'm like why are we glossing over. The fact that you're bisky is just not that good yet yeah. I mean if we're at that point where it's it's all about the kitchen. The kicking situation we mitchell trubisky has done nothing zero. He's bad in this game and this this game to this last year. He was bad. I haven't seen anything that's made me think oh yeah mitchell trubisky good quarterback yeah nothing and they've gone three and out here to start the second half and look you keep giving aaron rodgers chances even as nasty as the bears defense is. He's gonna put up some points yeah. He's still aaron rodgers and he's still you can find guys are already has the over one hundred yards passing touchdown to jimmy graham who if you have jimmy graham on your fantasy team. I'm shocked yeah. It's not two thousand seven. No oh yes he's not having drew brees throwing passes anymore yeah so but if that's who you went with i mean good for you but jimmy aaron rodgers is going to find guys open at some point. Yes curtis. Can you do me a favor and go on my twitter. At some point. I just read tweeted or quote tweeted. Stephen smith who i love okay okay <hes> i love him because he's always stephen a smith. He is never out of stephen. A smith mode that i take tomorrow is going to be in dallas and he walked into the dallas cowboys store and just started trolling employees about the dallas cowboys. I mean that's what you want from the from personalities right to actually be who they are everywhere. I think it's hilarious. It's on my twitter right now at sedan e._s._p._n. You can check it out for yourself. Curtis will find the audio. It's just funny. I don't know how good the audio is but it's just funny him hands in his pocket shades on all dressed in black like villain right. He's got the little thing pocono the pods by the way. I'm afraid of airports i read. I read somewhere where they you know. That kind of like radio-wave technology could could just cause some brain cancer. Are you afraid of your microwave to our dog. Stand next to the microwave. When it's working. I do stand away from it. I come back when i i need to get there are microwaves but still between your brain like both ears like that can't be good. Do you put a cell phone to your ear. I don't normally i put i have my my my stringed headphones. Ear buds defy attach because you're keeping it at a safe distance from your body. You have earphones in right now but they're plugged plugged in radioactive radio signals down yeah exactly right. It's just the traditional plug in. I o so that you're not afraid. Afraid of the robot are you. You are afraid of the robot revolution. Then in about grade of the robot freaked out about it. Yeah you kidding. I anything with robot what scares the like the terminator well like basically that stuff is real. It is going to be more real and like you're seeing more things like cars that go by themselves. Now that's happening. Take no i know and that scares the hell out of me does scare me a little bit even though they say it's much safer than me driving but i kind of feel better about me driving until something goes a little awkward and they and the card is takes off by itself and rams into into a wall yeah yeah no. I'm not a fan so anyway. There's that back to the raiders your raider fan. This can't be good right right. I mean it's a little odd. I don't really know what to think. I here's my thing he's not doing anything. Illegal antonio brown. He's not is not domestic violence. He's not doing drugs. He's not you know driving too fast. He's just getting angry at the g._m. And he's not there's no physical altercations. He still a really productive player and i would play him if you can he. He needs to be away this weekend because you know he is a little bit of a head case but i for the most part he's not doing anything. That's telling me get them off of this team. I would get rid of him why he hasn't played it down for you already and he's already causing trouble well. I mean look the when he allegedly according to ian rapoport. Threaten your general manager with violence. Would you threaten mike mayock. I i think i would i know i'm just getting like mike. Thomas came out and he said something along the lines of trust him because he didn't drop to another top. I five hundred draft board okay when mike may come on the g._m. Of the raiders did you think <hes> that was. A great move did not right. Neither did i. He was he he was a guy. It was on n._f._l. Network and just was spouting off things most of the time being wrong because you can't be right in the n._f._l. Draft oh so hard right impossible. I mean mellon todd. I think do a good job and and they only get like four or five six right in any round and that's and they're lucky a lot of those times like hey i got that one yeah good job yeah it's and it's because they hear murray for civil got got it and it's because like when mel and todd do more now less the mock drafts play but they do their big board where they think the guys should be ranked not not based on who is drafting wear but just based on talent yeah those are usually more spot on sure but then you always see like the fourth best player available doesn't go until until like third round right right so it's just impossible so to give that guy. Mike mayock the g._m. Job of the raiders just never made much said no no no oh but it just grew to needed somebody to do the day to day stuff. He's not interested in but anyway. I would get rid of him because you only give up a third or fifth round. Pick for like it's not you're gonna stink without him. I it can get dealing like if i was the steelers. I understand dealing with this stuff for whatever amount of time i needed to deal with it. 'cause you're trying to win a championship. The raiders are gonna win six games bergman yeah. I don't know i mean there goes thirteen and three not a terrible amount and the sixteenth extinct okay but yeah no. They're not going to be all that great but i think he has a chance. If derek carr can be good and figure i'm self out with antonio brown an anti rail williams and all the other pieces that they have behind their. They have a decent offensive line now yeah so. I think that they can be good but i i look i antonio's brown is just such a dynamic player. And how often do we see the wide receivers being divas okay. So why do you think the pittsburgh steelers gave up on him and left twenty million in dead cap space money on their cap sheet because he is a bit of a head case and but look i mean he he gave everything for that so so let me just do it this way and maybe people want to chime in on the phones if they want to make me answer phones on the show occasionally there was like two calls yesterday we we didn't go to phones that often none <hes> so who do you trust more in a vacuum as an organization the steelers or the raiders oh in a vacuum in the raiders sorry the steelers gorizia of course so then. How is this so hard. It's not that it's hard. It's just that i like what he can bring to this offense and he hasn't done anything illegal that makes me. Oh i'm not saying is do something illegal to not be booted off the team well. That's the most of the time what has to happen to get booted off of a team. I mean he if he can if him and drew rosenhaus can figure it out and work it out with. It's really jon gruden all about jon gruden right and antonio brown. Mike mayock is just a guy. That's a suit in the tha upstairs. Anything jon gruden is that he making a hundred million dollars. Okay okay so here's what we do on the other side. We're going to hear from jon gruden and we're going to hear from his agent from a._b._c.'s agent drew rosenhaus and mike mayock for that matter all that stuff and we did find find the stephen a. sound which is absolutely hilarious so we'll have all that coming up. People are calling in bergman. They're either gonna yell at you or yell at me but they're going to do that at eight seven seven seven ten e._s._p._n. We'll take a quick break. We're back in four minutes so donald show here on e._s._p._n. L._a. Dave mcmenamin gonna stop by in about forty minutes. Stick around for that <hes> in the interim we've taking we're taking your calls about this whole raiders antonio brown situation so we'll get to those in just a second. We were talking about all the stuff that happened with a._b. And the raiders have spoken. They haven't said much but they have spoken. Here's mike mayock on the antonio brown situation anto browns. Not in the building. Today won't be practicing <hes>. I don't have any more information for you right now and when i have some and it becomes appropriate you guys they all get it. I promise you but that's it for today. Thank you yeah. We don't want to deal with this and <hes> we're going to try to get out in front of this so you you don't keep bugging me and that's the deal so they ask gruden and gruden was even shorter. I'm not getting it at announcement later. Dan yup not dealing with it either show drew. Rosenhaus is antonio brown's agent. He was asked about <hes> the situation with antonio brown on on the n._f._l. Network before the game what's going on right now with oakland. Not not a light is clear yet other than that. The raiders said that a._b. Should stay home today. They're trying to work through their relationship with him. We haven't heard anything about a potential decision yet. I've been in touch with jon gruden. Mike mayock from the raiders of course antonio. We're trying to work through this. The goal is really to work everything out antonio tonio. He's so in oakland and you know speaking for my behalf. My objective is to get things worked out between antonio and the raiders so he can fulfill phyllis contract and do what they brought him in to do. I don't think it's too late to salvage that relationship. That's what more can you describe what happened specifically specifically so we hear it from the horse's mouth during practice with mike mayock yesterday we'll i wasn't there and i'd rather let the internal final stuff. Stay internal. I know there's been a lot of speculation. There's always two sides to every story. People have a tendency to <hes> blow things out of proportion. My job is to bring everything back. Try and get things worked out. That's what i'm working on right now alley and i i am in touch with the raiders. Nothing is spinal still attempting to bring everybody back into the fold so drew's trying to do damage control because that's what what a good agent supposed to do and druze good in front of a camera and a microphone so he did what he was supposed to do. He said exactly everything that you any agent would say it was normal normal but textbook one zero one. Yes absolutely and it kind of gives you a little bit of hope. Though i feel like now maybe he's going to be good enough to make it so that he's not gonna get suspended and we maybe we don't see him on a monday night game for them this. Maybe we'll see him next week week to man. I don't know i wouldn't be messing with this so with this dude leg at this point. I mean you do with them. Then where do you would you trade him. I mean i try to trade him. You just come straight up. No i try to trade him. I if you can't no one's gonna trade for him. Though of course it's fifty million dollars that they're gonna have to take on thirty million guaranteed. If it goes to saturday it becomes guaranteed right so they have to do this by tomorrow if they are going to move yeah so yeah but i would try to trade him but i don't think anyone's gonna bite. I've never looked at adam schefter twitter so much as i did. Today shefty was killing it jamal ahmad jamal. What's up man i i. I'm sorry i hate the cause suspicion of of the raiders man but you guys come with a whole lot of hey. I mean look we understand on your brow. Situation will happen with the real story. Is you know it's it's <hes> indefensible. However this whole thing about the renter's only winning five games and all that you guys don't even actually talk about what happens on the field and who they had you guys go into great detail to talk about the rain but he talked about more about why you don't like jon gruden so it's amazing to me given all of the improvements that they made this off season but everyone of you guys on e._s._p._n. L._a. is a man says on their own jamal because their schedule is brutal and because they they have and because they have a whole hold on because they have a bunch of new players like that doesn't just happen overnight. You know no no it doesn't but other experts like louis riddick on e._s._p._n. Has said this ain't the same old writers. It's recording now is that is that late jamal jamal jamal jamal aw it's not lazy. It's just my opinion. I look at their schedule. I look at them trying to integrate a bunch of new players. This isn't going to go well for them. They played a really tough division asian on top of that. I don't think look clearly. The chiefs are a super bowl. The super bowl favorite. I think the chargers are a playoff contending type team right like even with the loss. The loss of derwin james gordon melton running back is the most replaceable position in the sport jamal so we'll disagree there <hes> and then and the broncos defense is still. We're gonna be really good like i. They're not a push over their offense terrible correct but the rate what is the raiders. What what is the raiders strength the raiders through he'll. They're often pit. I'm on like every williams is not smart. No he's good. He's good player. Jacobs can be a good player. I i liked them rose. Not sorry i don't did you trust your quarterback. Yeah okay well i. I'm not i'm not there when he has when he asks protection will we to rookie tackles in both guards injured aussie latte. I understand that i talk about why you can't have. You listened back. I don't i don't rip him. I yeah i don't think he's bad. I don't necessarily think he's a guy that could overcome. Their deficiencies is what i would say if he has time he. We showed us what he can do. When you given was a long time ago now jamal wasn't that recent. That's what three years ago now three seasons ago now officially green green. That's a long time ago in the n._f._l. The reason the n._f._l. Stands for not for long man if there are specific reasons for that they're bringing guy downing to be o._c. After you fire book bill l. muster even he goes to denver. I mean come on you guys. Don't okay well. I again i but we're going toe to toe here. I mean you're sitting. You're saying that it's lazy. I'm telling you exactly yeah. I feel that's not lazy well. You didn't mention that opie offense coordinator thing okay. This is the first time there had the fame office coordinator for two years since the two thousand sixteen and we'll see how that works for him right. Jon gruden is going to be the guy really calling the plays the offensive coordinator there is just doing the install well. He had he had greg olsen as cordinator as rookie. I i have faith in jon. Gruden okay well. That's where we also differ. <hes> i do think john guna still a good coach. I don't think he's necessarily some innovative coach. At this stage. There are a lot of guys doing a lot of innovative stuff on offense. Maybe he'll prove me wrong. I'm just not sold on jamal. Is that fair to say. That has nothing another do being lazy. No that's fair to say but as a coach again he's not going to get it done. I don't buy the roster. I gave you a litany of reasons seasons and thank you for the call. I gotta run. I want to sneak in a couple other calls. <hes> i gave you a laundry list of reasons why. I don't think they're going to be that good. I'm a raider fan and i still don't think they're going to be as amazing as jamal. Things is going to be i. I think they're actually going to be better than people think. I really liked their offense but to be to say that they're going to be anything better than a five hundred team or just right around there. It's a little bit overboard will in san pedro. What's up well. Hey what's up george. Don't let these raider homers. <hes> get onto your skin man <hes> i just i just wanna say i first and foremost i hate the raiders <hes> but i'll tell you this no matter where you go there you are are. You can't run away from yourself. This is <hes> this is definitely a dysfunctional functional situation and i he could be mellowed. Manny could be blackballed from n._f._l. From the n._f._l. To do some stuff like that so that's all i gotta say man. Don't let these crazy ass. Raiders fans affects effect. No nobody x._p. Malls good. I like going back and forth jamal <hes> but yeah i look. I just don't see it and now. I don't think he's getting carmelo slowed anthony carmelo anthony like he's talented for that. That's not happening. Like how much is it t. o. Get you know what i mean for doing. Stuff like sort of kind of like this eighteen eighteen something like that and it's all over the place. It's the same thing it's more of like dwight howard situation. They're just gonna find somewhere else for him. Yeah land exactly nathan real quick. What's up nathan. George ed greg greg. I just want to say that. I think you're crazy because you think they should get rid and tony around like how can you do that. He's the only hope for the seasons here maybe man but <hes> <hes> and thanks for the call. <hes> we gotta run. We're up against it. I should've taken the call but <hes> i'm glad we were to talk to you though nathan look. I just think if you can't trade him. You're going to be a bad bad team with them or without him and you gotta sit a culture at some point. If you're gruden you're already dealing with this nonsense of having to move and all this that like that's not easy. Either you know ask the rams. They dealt with that. That first season with jeff fisher wasn't ideal. It's all about the the front office with front. Office isn't working then the dow. He doesn't work man mitch trubisky good lord they were finally moving the damn ball and they got it to david montgomery who i was <hes> is on one of my fantasy teams and now it's just like they <hes> apparently went and didn't get a first down again because they had to delay of game penalties on this one dr yet. They've been look. I know this is the one hundred year anniversary of the n._f._l. And it looks like this game is setting the game back one hundred years. It's so bad so bad. Why is it on thursday night football. It's normally then every once in a while. They get that good game like the last year they had a good game. Jesuit games livestream yeah but this is always terrible on thursday well net because last year they finally started putting good matchups on thursday nights before used to get like titans jaguars and we felt like you know like games that you didn't care about jets titans yeah and now it's like they actually make it a good game but this is just not a good game like it. Just it's not like it's not interesting and i like to wearing their normal jerseys or uniforms. It's not the color rush. Yeah nonsense. Colorado was stupid to yup. That was a pretty bad one. Yeah trying to get in touch with the young kids. Now didn't work as packers. Throwbacks are pretty ugly to the beige ones that they used to wear with the strikes on them is no. I saw the one that they had the throwback. I saw they had like those <hes> those like the navy blue jerseys those are pretty cool. Yeah not bad. I liked it. Just it takes away when you're if you're green and yellow yeah and you're wearing navy blue. That doesn't make yeah whenever did now. Aaron jones going off and i'm going against him. Come on bears defense where you now anyway speaking of. Where are you now. We told you earlier. Stephen smith is in dallas because i dig is in dallas and he he learned walked into the cowboys team store and started trolling the employs about the cowboys because he that's his move and someone videotaped and it's all all over twitter now. It's on my twitter at saddam e._s._p._n. If you want to see the video portion but we're gonna try to play the audio for you just to hear his banter back and forth with these people you tell joe biden would say much ties registered got sequel occurs. He got up during the day lincoln. Y'all gonna work well go in with shades on his air pods on <hes> all dressed in black lego village. It's pretty hilarious. Actually if you see the video so yeah it's a great eight video. What would it be for us. George like what i for me. I would be trolling knicks fans like that. Yeah jets fan. I'm going you got your mitchell robinson jersey on yeah yeah the knicks. Fans are the easiest draw and jets to be on his both of them. They're just easy to troll because their teams have just not been as good as they think they always are going to be. Oh yeah i did that right yeah. It was here in the studio mean byron scott during the draft when they didn't get the first pick in the trial of and i was like they didn't get the first or the second big they ended up with r._j. And and i just said you still think they all thought they were getting zion. I've never seen you so excited. Yeah as you were like. Oh aw i let me tell you that the knicks fan base and i on twitter over the years have probably had more back and forth i they don't like me and i don't like them. There's not been a back and forth with a fan base in the i've been on twitter for eleven years that i've have had more of a contentious battle with than them so honestly all i keep winning because they stink all the time you keep winning because they keep losing right. They vein they'll every year. I'll put out on twitter. I just do these predictions like here's what i think's going to happen. Who's gonna make the playoffs what how many wins whatever right and every year knick fans. You're research a hater. We're going to win. We're going to make the playoffs and i'm like dog like for real. How many years do you have to do this to yourself. You know you're going to be at the bottom of the standings every single year. There's nothing they're like. Julius randle is their best player. That's not good. No no julius randle. Is your highest paid player at this point that that's not good year in a little bit of trouble trouble. It'd be like for me this year. If i did this with the clippers fans going all you got your collide jersey and your paul george jersey joy. It's not gonna happen for you. What are they doing though oh don't do that to me. No bad juju doesn't even showtime forum like what's going to happen to showtime. Forum will live on forever okay. I'm just wondering what those stock options are ready for the show time for that. You brought up yesterday. We were talking about dwight about steve nash on the bill simmons podcast right when he was talking about dwight and his time with him there because dwight said yesterday your day or the day before whatever it was now about. I don't know why everyone's all been on a shape about me and the pick and roll. I'm fine running the pick and roll and here is that clip that you guys found great job you guys <hes> greg and curtis <hes> here's steve nash on the podcast the bill simmons podcast about dwight not wanting to pay the bill and i don't think we fikri you know like dwight. White was in a moment his career where he really wanted to post up and you know whereas what would suit our team has a high pick and roll and do i wrote the basket and you got all these other guys around. You weren't shying amari. Mari pick and rolls in your phone. Mike actually did a little bit but i th i think he really was in a moment where he wanted to and i don't know if he's back. He didn't want to move around that much show up. He wanted to prove that he could you know plan the post. The unfortunate thing is it was just getting that era where teams can just cheat in and out of the pain enough that it made it hard <hes> <hes> anyways you add it all up. I don't know that it would ever worked. Wow i don't know who would have ever worked. Steve nash call it like it is. This is exactly what i'm saying. Why is going to be different now because he hit the bottom of the barrel. Okay i hope so. I just don't think it's gonna happen. I mean he's got lebron's a little different right but davis and then he had he had steve. I national kobe bryant yeah but it's how steve was broken. Down and kobe was still very good. <hes> paul pow is good not as good as anthony davis though well no of course not and dwight isn't as good so i get dwight isn't being counted on the same way like twenty minutes player. I hope that that's what he becomes a hope. He's just a guy that just rebounds blocked shots. We'll see we'll find out. Mcmenamin is coming in in about fifteen minutes or so so we'll ask him about all this stuff and i wanna josh heart so you and i barely scratched the surface on ah yes. There's been more josh heart stuff since yesterday so let's touch on josh heart and this whole laker thing drama that he's created <hes> let's do that. We're back in three minutes so donald show here on e._s._p._n. L._a. mcmenamin gonna join us in <hes> <hes> about twelve minutes or so so stick around for mc ten. We'll talk some hoops with him. Mm-hmm so bergman you and i started talking about josh hart yesterday and i wanna get mcmenamin take when he gets into studio but so he he said the thing on his podcast right about the lakers and then base if you missed it. It was basically that him milan's were doing. Josh hearts podcast. Josh hart at lonzo talked about lithuania visiting his brothers and lithuanian somehow dreary. It was and joshua gadgets like l._a. And he's so what do you mean l._a. L._a. is great and he's like no. I mean the city and he's like legs organization in and then he backtracked on it on instagram. He said it was only talking about one person. Uh-huh happy and then on his twitter he talked about how much he loved the lakers. Just wish that one person would have at least call them and not found out on twitter which is a similar beef that lonzo so had i mean clearly he's talking about pelinka. I mean yeah. That's exactly who had to be but josh heart. I mean like who are you. You are were a role role player that averaged four points per game right and everybody finds out on twitter. You're and josh hart is especially one of those guys that is consistently on his phone on twitter and on twitch and doing things that were people. Hey you just got traded. So of course you're going to find out that way and also again. You're a role player right. That's the thing like lonzo has a bigger beef right because lonzo was the guy that everyone that magic johnson says his jersey is gonna be in the rafters. Is it for anybody though is if you find out on twitter witter and you're a guy that has consistently on twitter all the time yeah if that's how you found out are you. Are you shocked. I know that's kind of more and more normal now <hes> however we just went through some changes here at the station right. They called me to tell me hey this is what's happening and i appreciated appreciated that instead of finding out with a release you know on social media. I mean to go behind the curtain. Just a little bit we found out before it was released right. We found out the day off right. At least we got a little notice. Get ahead of it sure absolutely but then i appreciate so i get where they're coming from a little bit you yeah you'd be more like the lonzo you'd be more like the brandon ingram where someone's actually telling you. Hey we're moving you right whereas josh heart would be like me where he he like your role player your producer your guy behind the scenes so you don't told you didn't they did yes so that's kind of the point that i'm making is that the management here were courteous just enough to tell us and i think that's all josh heart is asking for like hey treat me like an adult like call me by the way his agent also has some blame here too doesn't he yeah he absolutely does and this jared dudley said something because darren fox got into an tell us to keep it real until we actually keep it real and jared dudley said i've been traded three times since i've been in the league and only once have i got a phone call before the news broke and that was pre social media. That's not the nature of this business just like finding out where you're getting drafted before hearing from the team eighteen. It's no no i get it. Listen i can see both sides of it and i'm normally not a guy that plays the fence or straddles the fence on these things. I'm usually usually <hes> pretty strong on one side of this but i could see a jared dudley absolutely one thousand percent correct. It doesn't also mean that if you're josh heart you played hurt like he he said you. Don't you feel like you're at least owed a call like hey man sorry. This is what's happening yeah look he was in the n._f._l. They tell you when they cut you see it. On hard knocks axe. They bring you into the room right like the yeah that also happens before. Hard knocks comes out so we don't get absolutely no. It's also with me by by the way not hard. I mean n._f._l. Is also different. We're a cut preseason. Where's a trade in the off season. I mean this was something the thing that he had to have known well. You had to have known it was coming. I mean you don't think we just played the rosenhaus stuff earlier. You don't think that <hes> and by the way you know how i feel about antonio brown in this situation. I think he's been completely wrong. I mean the posting of of social media stuff <hes> of his fine. <hes> the documents fine was silly and i get it. Look if if i'm and josh heart if you're asking me down on an opinion on this i would say okay. You know what josh heart. They don't really do would be nice if they called you yes do they do. I don't know i don't think so. I will say this josh heart and twenty something year olds <hes> sometimes you should compartmentalize stuff or internalized stuff. Not everything needs to be for everyone to know right like darren faulk says you guys want us to keep it real sure but i and i and i'm not trying to disparage josh heart or jaren fox or lonzo or any of these guys but i think that comes with experience if you would have put me george sodano at twenty four twenty five years old in the josh heart scenario i would probably react the same. Josh hart is reacting but i'm forty two years old old so i think about it differently and what i'm just trying to say is. I hope you're trying to just teach them jared dudley because he's had experienced. It's trying to impart this wisdom like yeoman. This isn't the way to handle it so i get that he'd like it that way and everyone would like it that way and we certainly be more appreciated should appreciate it that way but ultimately he needs to understand. This is the way it works and you have to deal with. It and you don't have the vocalise everything. I don't think everything needs to be out in the open open all that's that's the world we live in. Now you especially with the twitter world. We're allowed to say whatever we want. However we want whenever we want and to whoever you want so if if josh heart is is using that to his advantage i mean he has a podcast lighthearted podcast and he's trying to promote that. I get that part of this. That's helping people may maybe he's going to get more people to go. You're listening to the light-hearted podcast now because he did this but still at the same time like you. You're a role player that just it doesn't i. I get what you're saying where it doesn't than it would be cool if they actually did it that way. You're right but you can't expect it no not at all and not in the clear that doesn't work that way anymore because he's on on social media so much he has to know that anthony davis being traded to the lake. I mean here's a biggest thing that's happening bergman. They almost got traded in february so it's not that much of a surprise right yeah i mean there's that part of it too so you can start holding a grudge for the second time that was possibly going to happen. I'm gonna go screen list because i know you love this sir. You're on the air. Hello there good that you got scared for second i did. I actually worked out in your favor. You're like oh thank god that they would just weren't there. Ah phone calls. You're not a fan. I'm not a fan. I know i love the listeners i hate. The callers. Wait a second aren't they. The same person not all the key. Not all of them no fine. They want to say whatever they want. They only say that one percent of <hes> he's calling again you wanna go going again with we only have thirty thirty seconds before we gotta get to dave. You're on the air go ahead. I'm going screen lewis sorry about that. It was me before. I was gonna say you made the point but i these guys had to have known this. This is coming. They knew all along and you kind of fell apart in the mid season because of all of these rumors sound new surprise game in you know they're going to grow up at the end of the day. They're professional. Thank thank you sir. You're a great american c bergman. That was a great american called in and we did it screen. This worked out great guy. I don't even know his name that guy you sir a great american another great american dave mcmenamin e._s._p._n. N._b._a. insider joins us next.

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