Austin Appetites, Food Fights, and Chicken and Waffles with Bill Simmons and Matthew Odam | House of Carbs (Ep. 68)


Taste buds. You know, what time of year? It is family. Football the three Fs of thanksgiving. Of course, I'm particulate to the food art. But you know, I love the football too. If you're out for dinner on their Ardo TV's wherever you may be I suggest the yahu sports mobile app with it. You can watch live NFL games right on your phone. That includes local games in prime time games. All season long. Never missed. Big NFL matchups or your favorite team in action. That's enough to get thanks for. So download the Yahoo sports mobile app and spend this thanksgiving, stuffing yourself all football. Alright all alright my taste butts culinary comrades, hungry homeys. We have done it. We are back. Welcome to house. Call the food podcast for the hungry. People by the hungry people part of the ringer podcast network. I am you're hungry host. Joe house a great pre-thanksgiving show. We're at a pre pre thanksgiving mode right now. Everybody wants to talk about thanksgiving. Our guest today from Austin, Texas. He is a food writer food critic world traveler, a world writer, he writes for the Austin American statesman. He's been there restaurant critic since two thousand eleven Matthew Odem. He's a man about town. A man about the world, and he has many delicious things to say about the food in Austin, Texas. We also cover some hungry homie kind of eats in Washington DC and in Montreal Canada. I think you're going to enjoy this conversation surprise guest for food news today, my hungry homeys before we gets their produce producer Kyle. Oh, yeah. You're here. We have been introducing the show with the best thing I eight and we've covered some important territory. Juliet walked us through Meatball sub of hers. I talked a little bit about major Domo recently, you were lucky enough to be traveling the mid west the so fly over country, but we call it America's heartland, and you did some eating you with the one shining. What's that show called once shining podcast? Come I got him aren't house. Well, I knew as p, but you know, I with with you millennials who knows what he stands for. What could it be for what could the P as I just didn't want to say it? I mean, I'm grown s man though. Look, I I know that the Titus had one place in Columbus Ohio that he insisted that you join him. And this was Nancy's is at Nancy's home cooking. Yeah. I think it's it might just be Nancy's. But it's definitely home cooking. Okay. So Sam cooking. And there's a dish there that that that Titus insisted that you eat I need you you need to share with the hungry homeys with that was all about tell you man chicken noodles. I thought it was sup-. I was kinda soured on it. And it was like a really nice like down-home place. It was like a sort of like a shocker luncheon that I think is maybe what you might call it. And he he sold me on the chicken noodles. He said, it's the best thing ever. You gotta get it. I tell you what house. I really didn't like it. It was it was shredded chicken sorta like you'd find chicken noodle soup. And these things he says are noodles. I think they're they like sake French fries almost, but it's definitely like it felt like potatoes or maybe like a Super Bowl denting noodle with gravy. I like the gravy. But I just I don't know. There was like twenty other things I think I would have liked from a place like that. Like that's down home cooking. Like other Titus insisted says as as a as as Columbus first, son. He said when you come to Nancy's, you gotta have the chicken noodles now. What is it about your palate? You you hail from poughkeepsie New York. I would think that there would be some similarities between kind of the que- the palate in poughkeepsie and the palate in Columbus. Why did this thing? Not rub. You the right way. I just I mean, it just there wasn't a lot of flavor in there. I like the gravy. I mean, I I feel like the gravy of saved it for me. But it was just it was just kind of bland it was like a it seemed like. In college. You would go there to fill up. And that's that's cool. But see my thing was I'd lied to him about eating are ready. 'cause I wanted to take me somewhere else. It was just I mean, it must have been a few pounds of food at felt like, and I couldn't I couldn't choke it down. And then he shamed me on Twitter. So it was also. Yeah. That's what I saw. I saw the picture you'd only eaten half of it. And so I think we just took a an important lesson. They're producer Cal elevated palette. You want something with a little Zing you need a little spice. You don't want that? Art land flavor profile. You don't want, you know, your basic chicken noodle. I think this new I'm going to do a little investigation. Sounds to me like it may come from hail from just the way you're describing it like something with the German heritage Austrian like the special or something where it's kind of a chewy kind of noodle. Yeah. Yeah. So we'll I'll we'll investigate. Now. I also want to know what the ingredients in the gravy. Why the gravy was saving grace? We're going to let you off the hook. And we and what we mean to say is that Nancy's is a wonderful beautiful place that everybody should go. Visit tell so high you just you just should have been left to choose something that you wanted to eat. Nobody else had it on their plate. Like, they all had a one time. And got it down, you know. And they were like, let's let's explore the menu here. So yeah, let's let's let's do some real heartland kind of food. And I don't know what what that would be because I don't have the menu in front of me. But it wasn't the chicken noodles for you for you burger next time for me for sure burger burger next time for your eyelids. Get that belly with our guest, Matthew Odem, and we'll try and do better next time on on besting. I eat this week. Taste. We have been eyeball in today's guests for a little while. Now, he is obviously very credential because all of our guests here on house of cards are very credential. But crucially for the purposes of our show today. He is an expert and has expert opinions on two of the most important food groups in this great country of ours and low I if I may hyperbole is for a minute. And I think all of you will permit me per perhaps to the most important food groups on planet earth. He is an expert in Texas barbecue as well as tacos in Texas. He's a native of Austin, Texas, a six generation Texan he served as the Austin American statesman's restaurant critic since two thousand eleven he writes travel and feature stories for the paper. He's a winner. More than a half dozen state. And national awards contributor to Nestle food publications like boat, apetite continous travel, food and water and more Matthew M. Welcome to house. Oh cau-. What is house? Going to go into a ring and punch somebody in the face. Well, that's you've you've landed in the right place. I'm hoping that you don't want to punch me in the face by the time by the time, we're done with this. So I we're gonna talk tacos, we're gonna talk barbecue. But we are taping this on the Tuesday the week that precedes thanksgiving and it occurred to me as we are exchanging notes lead up to this. I'm not really sure how they do thanksgiving in in Texas, and I'm not gonna make you a spokesman for all of Texas. But why don't you share with the taste pose hungry homeys? How do you do thanksgiving in your portion of Texas? You know, it's I I find that might be one of the most traditional holidays in terms of the way people eat around the country by family. Does it the same way? A lot of people do Turkey stuffing, some kind of cranberry. I'm sure. There's some more south Texas influences that might creep into the holiday, but my family likes to keep it pretty traditional. I cook. For the family lot. I'm talking like, my sister's family, and my my mom and dad, and then for my wife, and may but at thanksgiving time, I relinquish the Turkey roll to my brother-in-law who has his ways. And then my mom does a couple sides. I'll probably do like a a whip sweet potatoes thinking about doing e constructed green bean casserole, you know, dorks Riley who invented a Campbell's green bean casserole died just a few weeks ago. Yeah. All right. All right. So we might you know, I the way I find it every time it rolls around. I've gotten more and more interested in food. I always offer to to make something and people always just kinda tend to go back towards what they've always loved. So I don't I think the key was thanksgiving is to not get to your skis trying to do anything different than what people already like. And I'm not a big Turkey guy. But I'll I'll eat the heck out of some Turkey sandwiches, the day after you know, we've also got I don't know if you guys have it up there out there, but duck in. Yeah. Goes down down here. Okay. Well, let's talk about that. Have you experienced Ducan? I've added productive. I've never made one. I think they're more. The first time I ever heard of one I think it was from major Applewhite is from Louisiana shutout Houston Cougars. I mean that is a chicken stuffed into into Turkey. And and so that's I mean, we're talking we were emailing about Montreal kinda reminds me of something that you might find it up here. Dick, Shawn up in Montreal. But it's just a three beast. I I mean, I I would I'm scared enough to cook a brisket or a Turkey. So I can't imagine trying to mess with a three in one. But that is something that goes on south east, Texas and Louisiana. I guess. Yeah. That that makes a lot of sense. And it's all the foul all at once that that that has a logic to it. So I I don't wanna be stereotyping right off the bat. But I thought that I might hear about amac. Maroni and cheese with some jalapenos in. And I thought I might hear a little bit about a burnt ends mixed in with the green bean casserole. I mean, there are a lot of ways you could take the traditional classics in Texas. I am text plan talking. I'm super into some green, chili MAC and cheese. And I. He's burnin MAC and cheese. I just think people don't want to go to crazy might see glazed ham. But for the most part, I eat might see some glazed ribs for the most part. I think people expect to have their Turkey e might find some funky sausages. There's a place called Di do a here. Other the place called salt and time sometimes I like to swing by by something out of their butcher case. So those are some Austin favorites, you know, there's a ton of restaurants that that do thanksgiving meals on Thanksgiving Day. So it's obvious. Some people just aren't into the ten hour cook for the one hour each situation. Yeah. Well, but look, I I guess the takeaway here is is traditional thanksgiving triumphs. I shouldn't be surprised, you know, the classics always carry the day. And and it's good to hear the Texas is on board with that. Yeah. We're we're different than people float away. But not in that way. I mean, I think bone up. Recent cover your boy Rappaport, add up beautiful cover. I mean. I think that's just that's how people like to get down like that Turkey. Yeah. Yeah. So you just published your annual magnum opus, the the Austin food guy that you've been doing each year for the past several years the first have you recovered. You know, the last the writing is definitely more taxing than the eating. I'd say, but yeah, I think I've finally recovered have come out from my come out from my cave, and I I've been dining and writing and being a normal person again. But yeah, it's my top fifty restaurants. And then I had it on, you know, ten barbecue top fifteen or so tacos top ten trailers. And I think there's something else in there. So you know, we try and make it have a range from from casual everyday drivers to the the super fancy stuff, but the top fifty year old captain in one spot because you if you didn't break out tacos and barbecue into their own subcategories and let people go deep there. How many taco and barbecue places would end up in your top fifty list if you didn't give them their own category. You know, it's tough. I had Daniel von is the barbecue editor of monthly we we went and had lunch. Couple of months ago before I turned to Dan, and I was wrestling with how many barbecue. To put in and I said, how many would you put in and he said all of them. Me too. I would've done now. He's a barbecue. Snob at barbecues knob on Twitter, Danny? I mean, his his he's alleging he's barbecue. Lynch's, and I get it. And you got to defend your turf, you know, the way. Yeah. So it could have been, you know, fifty taco places, but I wanted to I wanted them separate to give them some shine. The only barbecue places I consider the fifties just restaurants, and as you know, haven't been down here in Austin. Most of the great barbecue spots and Austin are actually trailers. So right barbecues. Obviously, the number one barbecue restaurant and the state, at least in my opinion, you know, in the world and so Franklin in there. But then you know, the top my top barbecue. Places are pretty much trailers, there's one counter service place. So the. The breakout for the trailers and the barbecue in the tacos were just to make sure everybody got their shine. So let's talk a little bit about what's going on down there in the food scene in Austin. I clicked it open, but I just gave it a quick skin. Because I didn't want to formulate any any opinions. I I like to do my research, of course. But I wanted to to hear it live from you. So I can react to it. What's going on down there? And what kind of influences I saw a lot of Asian food popping out. There has been a lot of Asian food down here of late. You know, we've got oh Toko, which is a twelve seat kind of modern koseki idea at the south congress hotel. It's cool chef named Yoshi. Okay. Who's from Keough, food and wine. Best new chef I think in twenty seventeen there's of course, which who Chico which you've probably been to great sushi restaurants. There's Kamari Tatsuya which I think was number six on my list. I think our friend Brett Martin described it as like a Tarentino. Fever dream roadhouse. The inside it's kind of a Texas barbecue joint meets Japanese is a Kaya place. That caught my attention. I mean, I'm into that. Yeah. It's it's it's a lot of fun. It's a great place to go with like three buddies. You said at the secular table there in the front, and there's kind of kitschy Japanese ephemera and old Texas beer signs. And it really is a mash up of cultures the people that work there excitable, and and friendly and knowledgeable and the dishes come out of the pretty nice pace. And you get you get nice Japanese sashimi, and you also get grilled chicken hearts on skewers. Like, you would street in Tokyo fried octopus balls with Texas chili like that? Yes. Absolutely. Well, I. I don't want to Chile. That is a that's a that's right up. The how how's eats alley? Believe me. I I don't want to hijack the conversation. What's going on down there? What's the theme? What's what what are you observing? What what caught your fancy? You know? I think there's a there's some several interesting things going on there. There's homegrown talent. They kinda went off to do other things and came back and are doing awesome stuff here. There's a guy named Michael J who is a native of Dallas. He went to UT and then worked and some restaurants here. And then he went out to LA and worked at a animal and son of a gun with him. Benny came here and opened up a a refined southern restaurant called Ola may it's an old building near the capital. It's been open about three or four years. It's was my number one two three years this year. It's number four. So they do refined southern food really beautiful stuff. They did have sorghum Bryant pork chop. The last time. I was there. It was in this school of ham to be which is kinda only. Pork milk. You know? It's it's beautiful. They do Carolina. Gold rice hush puppies. The sometimes they just do simple stuff like oil, peanuts and thick and buttermilk. They'll do beef. Tar tar that are kind of dotted with beef at Manas. So you find a lot of classic flavors but done with with a lot of technique. Another local guy that was born in Austin raised in Austin, then went off to San Francisco and came back is a guy named Brice Gilmore he's a six time James beard. Finalist for best chef southwest. He's got a place on near downtown called odd duck, which is kinda like, you know, fried Quayle. They do stuff. Pretzels pretzel stuff with pig. Face with pepperoni man, as they do some fish dishes. It's kinda like if you're grandparents from Texas went to culinary school. And then he's got a he's got a more refined restaurant up north called barley swine, which started out as a small little restaurant. They move to a bigger space. They do tasting menus do cart. You know, more than anything. It's texas. Food, but you might find flavors that Mexico flavors not to southeast Asia. So you've got local dudes like that who left and came back. And then you've got other guys and gals coming in from from out of town. There's the number one restaurant is a place called Imran ri-, which is an entertainment district near downtown called rainy street, kind of known for its Brits bars and kind of you know, twenty five year old thirty two year old party scene. But there's some really great food the chef name, Kevin Fink. He was in that same class. I think is Yoshioka and the two thousand seventeen food and wine. Best new chef and he spent about six months working for one of your former guest Rene was Debbie over at no money. And so he messes with a lot of kind of you know, fermentation projects and might make well, Texas plume while Texas Plum, whom though she mosquito vinegar stuff like that. And then they also. No, the mouthful and literally. They they they mill their own heritage grains to make pasta and bread to. It's really technique driven. It's very thoughtful. It's very process driven. It's very craftsmanlike. And so two he and his partners developed Bristol Joseph and page Presley, the two shifts there right with Kevin Fink created something really special down there and the rainy street district. And so that's an example of somebody's come from out of town. Also, somebody who's come from out of town max Snyder is the chef at number two restaurant on my list pitchfork pretty which is right down the street from LA barbecue, which I think you've been to house. Yes, I have and max was at eleven Madison park in New York, which of course, is one of the best restaurants in the world. And before he came down here. And you know, he does grilled goat loin with yogurt, and he does a great fried chicken. He also does some more delicate stuff like red snapper, which she lay with watermelon Elmes. So kind of brain brings a lot of high technique to you know, comforting. Comforting flavor profiles. And so that's another. That's another example of somebody moving down here. And then of course, we've got Mexican food, and you know, we've long been a taco and Tex-Mex town. But swear Jay, which you've gotta come to on your next on your next. Visit I think it's probably the buzzy restaurant in town right now this number three on my list. Owner is Sam Hellman moss who is one of the founders of odd duck there with Bryce Gilmore and he hired executive chef for me Nunez, who's from Mexico and it worked in restaurants in Austin. And they they need their own corn from Moscow that they used to make a status until a Koi is and tortillas they make probably the the most popular dish and often this year. I think was the swear brisket taco that they serve on their house. Make coin tortillas and the brisket is kind of dabbled with like sesame, garlic oil and topped with some other CUDA crew toe and there's like a better of five of them. And everybody's drinking mess gal. There's hock textiles on the wall. It's just too. It's a damn good time. So that's a that's a good segue. One of the challenges that I'm very curious about as relates to your walk of life down there in Austin, Texas is distinguishing between you know, outstanding. Ending tacos outstanding barbecue, and like how do you come up with the criteria because you know, for for the experience that you have and what you have available to you. It's it's it's literally a world of difference between you know, what an east coast or a minute landed kind of person like myself has available when everything is kind of superlative. How do you come up with some distinguishing traits? So, and I think that taco that you just described sounds like the taco of the year to me possibly of the decade. But like, how do you go about it? You know, I think what you're trying to do with a list the top fifty is. I think food writer say should be a snapshot that kind of captures what's going on in the city at this moment things that stand out. You know, you're not gonna get food like you will barley swine odd. Duck in Washington DC because they source locally, you know, lately and same with same with the place. Like, I do a, and when you say, you're not gonna find, you know, you might find, you know, I know there's clouds in Brooklyn. There's some great interior Mexican restaurants up in in New York, but our proximity to Mexico down here to the people to the culture. It's been part of south, Texas, obviously for Brevard really insinuates itself into our culture, and it's really one culture. And so, you know, in that corn those tacos that we talked about it's where ties all from Texas. So you know, it's a little bit sweet. But you're not gonna find those flavor profiles, and you're not gonna you might not think to have brisket. Doc goes the way we make brisket tacos down here. So you wanna capture a sense of place. A lot of these places are sourcing locally, you wanna capture a sense of what makes Austin unique. And I think, you know, our top ten restaurants are top twelve even put up against any city our size in America and up against most of the big cities, with the exception of of just a handful. So you wanna make sure that it captures the really high end stuff, but it's not just opposed to be the fanciest of the most expensive restaurants. It's the ones that make us unique and leave a lasting impression. And when you you know, I you travel around the country after a while some of these places kind of start to feel redundant even even the good ones. Then whether you're you might be in Chicago where you might be in level or you might be in Nashville or you might be in Portland, Maine, and sometimes they can feel interchangeable. So I think what's important is trying to create a restaurant that gives you a sense of a sense of place and time. Yeah. So for your own pursuits. When you're when you're in Austin and trying to distinguish between the best that Austin has offer for barbecue. And and and tacos, how do you think about distinguishing, you know, among the top five and each of those pursuits, let's say, yeah. You know, I guess tacos e wanna think about tortillas to start anyone think about just the building blocks of taco tears toppings salsas. So you gotta die do Tucker which is downtown and what's called fairground. It's really our first food hall, which is mazing that it took us so long to get a food holes. There, you know, kind played in some of the bigger cities, but they make their own they need their own coin and house to make these these coin tortillas that have a great robust flavor. And then they top them with like wild boar, I'll store so the the chef there has been trying to help out the population of of wild boars, which have really been scored in central and south, Texas, and so. They get creative with ingredients like that they make a bore Pippi on. And so you wanna think about tortillas so that takes you to a place like lefleur, which is just a little trailer. That makes him made coin tortillas stick and fluffy like papooses, you can hear the woman slapping as you as you walk towards the trailer. So, you know, you're you're in the right spot. But but you you wanna start with a good tortilla. And then you just wanna wanna build your way up whether that's with lingua with fajita meat. Of course. I would imagine. If you've been down here, you've probably had one of the Migas tacos, very crews all natural, right? You can't go to Austin and not gonna Amigas. Yeah. So the Migas I mean, the late great Jonathan gold who was egg averse as many of us know, I told him about the place, and he he went three times in one visit. So that tells you how good to me taco is if Jonathan would go eat all the digs. So that's really about a flour. Tortilla a nice twirl perfectly seasoned eggs salt and pepper. You gotta keep the tortilla trip. You gotta keep the tortilla strips on top nice and crunchy any big feather pieces of KADO and that melting cap a Monterey, Jack cheese. So it's it's just really the perfect the perfect breakfast perfect meal. Quick break from this out standing chat with my main man Mattio, let me tell you about snake river forms. They're out there offering some of the very best beef in the world. Perfect topic for today's conversation across break. Prized pure, bred Japanese wag you cattle and traditional American channel breeds melt in your mouth cuts are intensely marble with a robust flavor. You can experience. Flavors. Still eat more than a couple of steak snake river formed American wag raids out well above USDA prime way above doing. The visual is way appear way above USDA prime. Most people have never had this marble. No wonder be served by chefs Nobis ranging from up and coming chefs to well-known culinary geniuses and their stablishment. You're gonna find snake river forms meeting places like Thomas Keller's, French laundry and per se Wolfgang pucks cut and muscle HARA. Morimoto Morimoto snake reforms hasn't even been served in Michelin starred restaurants, James beard, award winning kitchens and legendary steakhouses all of these great United States L. Your holiday meals, my hungry home. He's doing this season. With four from snake river farms full line of stakes in their Kuro ruble. Ham, and pork is kinda cool bay equivalent of hand. How about this house of cards listeners? Get fifteen percent on their water. Just go to www dot snake river farms dot com and enter promo code house at checkout. That's H O U S C at checkouts WWW dot snake river farms dot com. Delicious meeting for your belly. Let's jump over to barbecue. When you're wishing between, those, you know, all the top Franklin's is, you know, sent sets the standard. But I had you know, a transport of experience at LA barbecue barbecues gray, there's so many good places. Now Aaron deserves all the credit for for opening his trailer in two thousand nine and getting this whole boom going, I think, you know, he he reimagined kind of what great brisket could be like what great barbecue could be like. So I think you know, in central Texas, you're talking low and slow smoking with post oak and that kind of wood differentiates us in Aaron uses excellent quality beef. And so that's going to differentiate his so, you know, the yardstick when you're talking central Texas barbecue is is usually brisket the number two on my list. Leroy and Louis state do wag Uber's getting they only do it on Saturdays. And it's so. Good that if it was if it was offered daily it would be hard to keep him out of the number one spot. But then they do interesting things like barbeque, Coa and beef cheeks, the do you like this? They smoke a quail that's kind of season with some Cayenne and stuff it with MAC and cheese. Oh my God. Yeah. Next time you hear that. That's a must do Quayle stuff MAC and cheese and kind of an Asian sweet potato salad. So they're doing things a little bit differently. And that's some of the exciting stuff about barbecue. And it's spreading everywhere. You know, I was at Texas monthly barbecue festival. Speaking of Daniel von a couple weeks ago and people were doing, you know, pork belly ends and bacon. Vernons and people are trying to do different things and trying with like glazing with peach hub in euro glaze, people are starting to different things, and you're also gang which is one of the things that's great about this part of the world. And especially if you drive fifty sixty miles south here is that south Texas barbecue is just a little bit different. There's a guy named McGill the del who opened Valentinas Tex-Mex barbecue. It's a trailer. It's down in deep south Austin, Alvin it's going to be a brick and mortar restaurant, but he smokes with mosquito. Would you know, which can be a little bit trickier and has a little bit different flavor than? Oh stoke, and he blends Daichi as I mean, this is have you been about tina's house? No, no. I haven't been okay. So so the food is so it's called Valentinas Tex-Mex barbecue. So you're talking smoked meats like mosquito smoked brisket. And then served on a homemade super Lardy, flour tortilla, and then topped with these beautiful sauces that they make and then a salty and kind of citrusy, welcome Moulay. So you have tomato hub in year salsa and kinda bright welcome Molay with the depth of flavor. And the fact that you get from the brisket that's on that Lardy saw flour tortilla, which has to be the best tortilla Austin. So when you get people that start blending to us. It sounds or some might sound like a blending of traditions Tex-Mex barbecue. But it's really what south Texas cooking is all about. So, you know, that's that's kind of the things. I get excited about are some of the changes and. And barbecues some of the changes of pace, you know, there's there's perfection and then there's a bunch of exciting. Experimental stuff going on. There's Mickle wake craft meets doesn't pulled lamb, and they also do barbeque Coa and make a bunch of different sausages. You'd also love their jalapeno cheese grits, which are maybe the best side dish the best side dish in in Austin at a barbecue restaurant. There's a new place called Whitfield's down south and they're doing like pickled, strawberries and pieces of pineapple pickled with like scotch bonnet and scorpion peppers and the strawberries have basil with them. And then of course, they have pickled onions and pickled cucumbers, but I think bringing some creativity and some acid to balance out those big smoky heavy fatty proteins of the smart approach. But of course, you know, you just you won't brisket. You gotta love barbecue. You go to kirwin barbecue another trailer where she got a Franklin, and I. The way it's always worth it there. You know, I tell I tell the hungry homeys that it's worth a stop in to Franklin for the experience. You know, you've got to have more than a day. I wouldn't spend if I had one day in Austin, I might not spend three and a half hours in line, and I have the privilege of going there at eight in the morning and setting up a folding chair, and you know, working on a laptop or working from my phone. Well, I'm in line. And I know that everybody doesn't have that that luxury, but I go once a year just to check in at the soundtrack perfect. The place is spotless. You can use the bathrooms from the moment. You get there. They come around. And so you beer line. They take your order to make sure everybody's taking care of. I mean, it's it's a really great experience in Aaron stays here of the nicest people you'll ever meet the the closest I've gotten as watching Andrew Knowlton from bone apetit do his twenty four hours, you know, behind the counter at Franklin's, and you know, I just had to eat with my ball. Balls. But you know, it sounds like I'm overdue for for another visit to Austin. I'm really blown away by all the innovation year describing in terms of taking kind of a traditional Texas barbecue meal and all the ways you can elevate. Or or, you know, just just create flavor profiles that are like way off of that that beaten path and the challenge for me would be you know, how to. I wanna try everything. But I really just wanna hit the classic. So you know, I have to myself enough time. I guess is the answer. Yeah. You know? It's a lunch. It's a lunch meal. There's only you know in my top ten I think gonna quick scan. There might be. You know, one that's open for maybe two that are open for dinner. So you know, it's it's a tight squeeze. If you're coming in, you know for one day and you've got one day to eat. You can probably hit three places. You might need a divide and conquer and stagger. Your strategy. But yeah, you can spend just a weekend here. Eating brisket and just a weekend here eating tacos. And then come back and and hit the best restaurants. But you know, not that those aren't good at hit the others in the top fifty. But yeah, there's there's a real there's a real breadth and depth of food going on here. So whether it's Nisha in casual and and cheap or whether it's high end stuff that you might not find another cities. You know? I just think when you when you hit Austin, you know, I think you wanna hit leaving like you understand the place better. So you went to high and low, and and it's it's through our mouths and through our bellies. That's the best way to experience. It. You've had the the good. Fortune of traveling this this great world of ours. It is part of your job. I believe is in the job description. You know, you've been to here to Washington DC because we exchanged notes about that trip much. I mean, I didn't do it. You've eaten more places in new new places in DC than I have. You you hit the highlights you in Montreal. And then I think you were in like Thailand a year ago. So go this week. But yeah, it was fun to come back to DC came back to DC this summer. So let let's start with DC. That's the easiest one for us to to sort of cover quickly. I recall off the top of my head, you visited at least eight places, right? Yeah. I probably did. You know, what's weird is? I went to graduated from a u and ninety eight. So we're natural patriot league rivals. And back, then, you know, you might go to Adams Morgan for mess. Grammar Red Sea an cast down high street sushi the opium, right? Yeah. There's a barbecue place on Wisconsin. What was that place near the Rockland? Exactly. Wilder who was Jose Andres partner thing open the Austin grill, which he sold about a decade ago used to work at a barbecue restaurant there called old glory. I mean, it just it just finally shut down. I mean that was around for a minute. But my point being that that's what there was. And then there was a French restaurants hotels, and there were steakhouses. We're boring politicians aide. And then you know, I was down there for the first inauguration and didn't have a chance to eat too much. I hadn't been back in in ten years. I guess and it's amazing. I didn't even recognize the city. I mean, I didn't spend any time really hanging out in even any neighborhoods. Previously been right. You know, and it's fun to go to a new city. He I mean, a city that's been renewed. I guess and that you know, you hear places like roses luxury might be played out to people who live in DC in the long, wait. And you know, you hear about it over and over and over again. And and so maybe people who are used to the noise get worn out by. But you know, I hadn't heard much about it except people liked it. So that was the first place I stopped, and it was fantastic. You know, it's there's a reason why these places are beloved by. Local by the national media, and you know, one bite a coconut ice cream with white sturgeon, caviar. And you know, you have that poor can lie cheat salad. Right, right. Of course, the new places and meet sue, you know, very casual Japanese, but for some sushi in some great wine. I mean mckerrow which was in a part of I guess, it's like the H street corridors. Got it. Yeah. Never even never been down that street in in my life, and they're doing like braised, pork ballet and chicken low main and they're selling shoes in the front. I mean, it's a real ringer kind of place. It's like super super hipster young DC spot went to may done from rose Prevette who owns comes rows. Of course. Which is have you have you been there? I have the totality of my experience. There was no avoiding the giant hearth. It was all fire. It's all fire. It's north African Middle Eastern and you walk in. And I guess now that I think about it. We sat right next to that hearth. But it's. It almost kinda reminds me of the bar where Harrison Ford waters into Indiana Jones, where we're the gals still working late night. It's just there's just kind of romantic about it. And you know, I hate to use the word exotic. But there is something that feels it feels like you're not in DC. And and there's an entrance to a little back alley this incredibly huge hunk of Rosa gulp goat shoulder, and they have all these little. Yep. Three to try with their flat bread that comes off the hearth. So that place is great kidding kin. We went to afro Caribbean place thought it was important to try that especially we had just come from the Smithsonian museum of African American history. And which is you know, that was powerful place of probably ever been in my life. So to going some red, lentils and torch mackerel, and Joel rice, and you get some of the taste of the islands from the afro-caribbean players from the shift there, I think is. Names Kwami on watchi-, right? That place is great. And there's just hold parts city. There were developed. It didn't even barely exist. When I lived there. You know, we went down to the harbour, and ate some always tres had wine Waleed before walking over to the national park for for taking a couple of innings of nationals game and have grilled crab cake with cheese sandwich. So there's just so much going on there. And they're still coming to some of that even the kind of stuffy, high end American places are doing different things, and they don't feel like they did a generation ago like kinship the shift there makes a really beautiful refined southern food, and it's one hundred year old building, and that place feels very old DC to me. Of course, all the great restaurants from the great humanitarian, Jose Andres. So it was we went to bar many, which does amazing things with Chuck. Sales and bites and they really put on a show and have, you know, next level service. So just hitting all those places none of them around when I lived there all of them representing a young hip diverse city that you know, I think just changed incredibly with the Obama era. And I I take it a some of those people stuck around and some of that that hipster do-gooder enthusiasms and people working at NGO and people working in the tech industry that we're trying to help make the world a better place hung around and those people need places to eat. And you know, it's kind of the story of modern American cities are the last ten or fifteen years. It's just happening everywhere from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon. That's that's interesting to hear you make that link because what you just described in terms of being a single generation ten years fifteen years, I've had a handful of guests on when I'm talking about the food scene. It is. As this fairly new phenomena of of a very rapid diversity. There's always been ethnic cuisine available outside of DC. There's a long tradition of of Salvadoran folks, there's a Vietnamese corridor. Kocharyan folks have been making food outside of the city for a long time. And you mentioned that outside of this a couple of Ethiopian restaurants that you enjoyed when you were in college and those eat the opium restaurants have been, you know, the population here in DC has been is is really well established producing interesting in great food, you know, for as long as I've been alive, I was in high school in eating at mess Graham. My my I, you know, sort of transport of experience in terms in terms of food, but like just the democratization of the national pallet DC is a small microcosm experience of that the way you tore it around like in neighborhoods that otherwise didn't weren't, you know, interesting necessarily food destinations and and born out of for sure the arrival of young folks, but also this kind of revelation that occurred in the last ten twelve years that there's money here in DC, and that, you know, people with money will will, you know, willing to pay for interesting food. Yeah, it's a generational thing. I mean, if you think about when our parents traveled, you know, I would imagine where someone close in age when our parents traveled they weren't getting out. You know, the voters booked decide what restaurant they were gonna eat at and they would just eat it, whatever the person at the hotel. L told him to get her. They need it the most famous place or they eat wherever the hell. They just came across walking down the street and people have our generation the first thing you do when you get ready to go travel. At least first thing, I do is think about where I'm gonna eat where I'm going to drink. And so as people in their thirties and forties, become the people that are defining culture. They're defining it and through the lens of things that they're passionate about and that's often food and drink. And I think it's benefit of all of us. And I'm glad you used the word lens. It's not just the the intrigue in the research that you put into it. It's that nowadays that once you've arrived in this place. And indeed is delivering what its reputation portended. You wanna celebrate that you wanna share it with with your with your culinary comrades? You're taking pictures. Your put your talking about it, you know, in in in in the newspaper now, that's your job. But like the rest of us were just celebrating these great meals that we are getting in these in these great places. I'm interested in how in this particular topic. How it's felt to be in Montreal at this at this kind of food moment, you know, Montreal was a fascinating place to me. I was there. Also this summer. It was unlike I've ever really been. I think I compare it to the mash up of like, Brussels, Brooklyn, New Orleans. That the match up. Exactly, you can get into trouble and some of those places just in terms of the well in terms of the French influence with New Orleans, and also Belgium and also the the architecture that the heft of the food that I found that. You'd also find 'em Belgium and just feeling like it's kind of its own little world. And you know, I only spent a few nights there. So, you know, I don't wanna be faked cultural anthropologist, but they're very complex and rich about what's what's going on with immigration there. The way people have integrated themselves the way in which they one immigrants from certain countries that are French-Speaking. And if you're not you need to learn French when you get there, you know, they're very protective of their culture, which is very much a French thing. And and it's a place that likes to eat and drink a lot. I was there in the summer. And so you know is nice in eighty four degrees. But you know, it's cold up there lot. It's like every time. I got into an Uber with a every time I got to ride share with an emigrant that moved there from French speaking country, whether as Africa, whether somebody that spoke French and move there from the Middle East the islands, you know, say well, how do you like it? And they almost all say, it's cold, and you're like. Like. Right. It's really freaking cold. And another thing. That's why you know places like up dick, Sean surf the way they do. I don't know if you've made it up there, but it was one of Dan favorite restaurants famously, and they would do things like a half duck stuff with flog running cooked it Suvi and maple syrup. I have I haven't been Montreal. But I haven't I haven't all I didn't eat steak when I was there. Oh, Where'd you get Joe beef? I this was the beginning. It was two thousand nine hundred ninety nine two. So I don't even remember changed their none of the places I went I don't think we're open and two thousand so like Joe beef, which is this famously tough rather vision tough table, I slipped into the bar there by myself. I had an amazing Cava telly dish, and I also had horse which is only the second time. I'd eaten horse at in Japan, sashimi style. But in it, that's the kind of place where you see people winning out there camera, and then realizing it's probably too dark to get a good Instagram, and nobody really carrying because everybody's so happy and a little bit whisky drunk, and everybody's made the trek there, you know. There's obviously locals that eat there. But you know, you go to a place like up here Dicker show, and you go places like Joe beef. And there's there places that, you know, tales of which have been passed down. Through your friends and through your culinary heroes. Like, Tony, Dana, whoever. And so people get excited to make these pilgrimages. And it's part of what makes traveling so exciting these days. There's also, you know, there's some lighter stuff there went to a place called living puppy all, and they had an outdoor tear us seating. And they did it was summertime too. Like shrimp, tomato salad or scallops with charred coup cucumber and yogurt. So they're doing these light dishes season, you know, sore thing from and their neck of the woods, serving natural wines and Canadian wines. And so you're getting a real taste of the to- are as well. And then of course, there the huge Italian population up there. Well, at least hugely influential little Italy. Montreal it must visit we had dinner with chef Nick at inferno. It was I mean, it just felt like you are in a neighborhood in Rome, or maybe in Brooklyn. It's it's awesome. Jim peppers and traditional Roman Roman kind of food seasonal simple plane, but very soulful great place to drink a few bottles of wine after dinner, and then a little posher space away from little Italy was called Nora grey, which kinda had a mid century. Mod feel kind of felt a little mad many. And they they make incredible cocktails and beautiful homemade pastas. And of course, when you're up there, you gotta eat smoked a beef pastrami. Gotta get some bagels. It'd be good. Save you tour, and you gotta get teen. And you know, when you go to Montreal you gotta eat Boutin, and the locals will tell you they'll have their their different spots that they like to go. So you know, that that's one of the great things about traveling alone. I usually travel with the group, but the great thing about traveling alone. You end up sitting at the bar having a couple of drinks, you get to talk to the bartenders. You know, nobody loves to talk about going out to restaurants, more than a bartender. So so those are. Some of the joys of of traveling alone. And those are some of the better spots hit Montreal. Which is definitely a unique. My buddies we live in New York apparently go once a year. So it's it's so close. So it's definitely if I lived, you know, east of the Mississippi River, I'd probably put it on. My my regular John list. Yeah. I confess I have Toronto on my list because I've been to Montreal. I haven't experienced all the way that you just did. But it's second priority because I just keep reading these incredible stories about things going on in Toronto. And in some ways common kind of themes immigrant populations coming and bringing their culture and being embraced. And then you know, creating new kind of food pathways Toronto first Montreal second. But look the first thing I gotta do tell me the best time to come down to Austin. I'm gonna come down. I'll give it a weekend. I'll give it four days. So that you and I can eat three and a half out of this as I have to see my family during a couple of minutes. What's the best time down to Austin? And e tell me Mattio. Well, I mean, it depends on how you wanna hit it. And you don't wanna come down. There's there's a couple of great food festivals. There's the hot luck food festival which goes on on the Morial day weekend. It was co founded by Aaron Franklin and then Mike Lynn from feast. And this guy James moody who used to run a music fest down here and owns a bar music venue down here. And that's a really great time. But you're going to be tied up, you know, eating eating food and drinking at festival the whole time. So I suggest coming down at a time when there's not a festival going on when there's nothing else to distract you from just drinking and eating and having a good time. And so that is gonna be whether dependent and so I I call that April. Oh, okay, April. So that. You've been down here during south by south west, the weather is usually best in this in this neck of the woods in March. But you know, it can get rainy. But I don't think you want to come down there and south by south west 'cause there's just too much going on in too many people. So I'd say the third week of March to about the second week of may is probably our sweet spot, you might rain. But that just means it'll be shorter lines. Barbecue trailers important thing. There is I I know you like the play with the little round white ball. I think you could go out and get around in while we're while we're in between meals, right? Oh, we'll do it. All that's great. Matthew onum the food critic at the Austin American statesman. Check him out. He is at Odem on Twitter. I follow him, of course, and on Instagram, which what's your Instagram tag? Instagram's Matthew Odem made T H E W O DAM and all those good list. We. Talked about can be found at Austin three sixty dot com slash eats. It's the top fifty the best barbecue the best tacos. The best trucks, whatever my emails linked on there. If anybody got a question about where to go heat. They can all these -ly hit me up because as you know, one of the great things about this job in about being somebody who eats a lot is sharing tips. And and I'm now, I'm starving, and I'm gonna have to give everybody a warning not listen this podcast on an empty stomach because we just covered a lot of territory, Matthew. I'm fact you for joining me today on house of coal arbs. Thanks, brother. Go wizards go with. Homeys? I know he made me hungry. I hope he made. Hungary is well before we jump into food news another occasion of special guest on food news. I'll wait till we get there to spring this prize word from our good pals and hotel tonight. You've heard us talk about tonight. 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I know, you know, Juliet's more important than me now at the ringer. So now, I sub in for her to do this. I understand your nothing. If not a master orchestrator of talents delegator of important assignments, unlike the coach in Boston who can't figure out the the the right chemistry for the Celtics. But I'm not taking shots. I wanna make sure this isn't one of these deals where the boss starts paying attention starts listening because you're getting ready to fire mice what's going on here. I can't find it because we've been friends for thirty years darkest secrets. I think I'm stuck with you for the rest of my. That's a relief relief. So that's do you have. Do you have some stories? Yeah. A couple of stories so chicken waffles is rising arriving at KFC nationwide. The through December thirty first some trying to figure out what this is. We've seen the ads. Right. I know. This is the first time I've been hearing about it last saw the ads, and I when I see an advert, chicken and waffles. My my first thought is that looks good in the second thought is I wonder what Joe has thought of this? For that. I'm just now seeing it. I'm just click on the link. I'm looking at at the advertisement. It looks like you can choose extra crispy tenders or chicken. I don't know why you would choose. I guess the tenders are little bit easier. I mean, it's got to be traditional. So they you know, when you get this roscoe's, which I take to which is. Oh, yeah. Well Diaz goes is like a full plate kind of waffle. Yeah. That's almost like you're having a plate. I'm a big juicy butter Cyrpien. But there's checking on it. Yes. This is different. If you just look at the ad. They're like mini waffles with with the mini pieces of like, the crispy chicken tenders. So I think I might like this more. And I haven't been the KFC in years, but it's almost like you can make little sliders with chicken waffles, you can put like a piece of chicken, and then fold the waffle over it and have a little chicken waffle slider. So it looks like the from the from the description here too. You're talking about a waffle that is yeast raised and it's like sleater in doughy or so is almost sounds like I have to be on something doughnut to me a little almost like a little cross the doughnut. In the story. The Casey's hedge shift Bob DASS, I is a head. Chef we learned that and this story, and then they tried for fifteen different waffle variations before settling on this thick Belgian leash waffle. I remember the last time I heard the word Belgian leash style, I think you're coming out of massage parlor in Holland. Nothing. What are you talking about? I could make. That is a stone. I'm guessing. Giving nothing on that. What the hell you're talking about? What is the dice? You have to tell them time or after. All I know is this the one that I'm looking at here is the KFC hot Honey fried chicken breasts ffom lame between two waffles, and I feel like you could get a hot sauce. Not do they serve. I haven't. You know, when I go to to KFC, and I have been there in inside of the last six months, I just get I just extra crispy bucket, brother. That's just what I want is just the way I want. I want an old school. I went the mashed potatoes and gravy. I don't do anything else. I don't any. None of it. I don't can you buy. Can you get hot sauce KFC? I'm sure the answer is. Yes, I do it. I don't think it's good hot sauce. I think it's probably just a bunch of chemicals in catch up. If you bring it home, and you have you know, I have a whole fridge full of hot sauces. Yeah. I mean, I I have to Lula, and I have probably four different varieties of to Lula. There's a Crystalline there. There's a Texas Pete in there. I mean, I've I've got virtually all the hot sauce as you can imagine. Version of this. This is the first time you had a conversation about KFC in about four years. Yeah. Sure. So that's a win are ready for them. I know my son is gonna like the chicken and waffles like that down. I asked think another person who can't be ruled out is the three AM eater himself. Kyle. Producer Kyle enough. Mr. three, the three carbs just be like all right today. We're gonna talk about this disgusting Chinese food three o'clock on Saturday night. Then threw up an hour later. Cleaned. It up. Sounds like a new segment on house of cards three cards three AM with with nephew Connell. Kaya? Would you have it three Saturday night? Honey, chicken, Honey, Honey, chicken and speaking of Honey, chicken, two orders of cream cheese? Reagan's. Yes. See how this should be a segment with you what kind of morning last weekend. I woke up in the morning and left out the cream cheese, and ate it. Went to your house and then giving me shit. Yeah. Why why did you do that? You know, there's food at his house. He's gotta there's a chef this whole food fridge full of food that built house. I was just keeping the ball rolling. I don't know who is amazing. So here, here's not another food is aggression. But I'm going to do. Anyway, we got post mates from this place in LA called the little next door. 'cause I best soups in labs. I was so much over the weekend. Greet soup found this list, which I think was on LA weekly. And they said the number one soup was this French onion soup at little next door, you love a French onion. So, but here's the problem. What's the problem with French onion soup? You can't. It doesn't transport. That's right. They'll most of the people they'll do the French thing don't know microwave cheese on top of the micro soup thing. And then they'll put the bread get stale, and it's faster. So we got the soup. I was really good. Second of all all that came in the container was big thing in the soup, and then they gave a side of cheese. And then a side of the croutons to put in the soup that were separate from the micro bowl. So then you could dress put as much cheese as you want and put the bread in. And then you make yourself for like twenty five seconds house. It was it was it was glorious. It was. Good. How was the cheese? Was it just like shredded cheese? Great and cheese. How did it arrive in the container that arrived in? He was more than shredded. It was like little dots cheese almost like they like super-duper shredded them. So wouldn't get all gooey when you ate it. But but you when you put it in the microwave, it got the to the correct level of melting. I say it was like it was flat out delicious. I've never been happier with the suporter from post mates ever in my life. So why I mean, the the care that these these people took to deliver to you the experience that they wanted you to have kudos. What's it called? It was called the little next door. And by the way, next door who knows who does to them for knowing that they have this star in their lineup. The Jason Tatum of their land, the French onion soup knowing that people would want to order it and figuring out a way to make it translate to ninety percent of its effectiveness. So. Next one next food. News item is something that I know you do not approve of ever. It was a food fight at what a burger which was captured on video is between the students at clear brick and clearly high school, and I know nothing makes you sadder other than homelessness petulance and nuclear war food fight when food is just wasted in in human beings, throw food at other human beings instead of eating it. I know that makes you sad. But it does. But on the on the other hand, I will say if there's anything that I'm going to, you know, be able to set aside the pain and anguish of seeing food, you know, put to an unintended use. If it's high school kids throwing food each other. I'm I'm in. I'm down for that kick signed me up. Clearly student who clearly won the football game. They be clear brick, and then they had a food fight after and one of the clear lake students tweeted after Brooke lost and destroyed what a burger. So I don't know. My thoughts and prayers burger in this. I don't want. I I hope it didn't result in literal like property damage. But when even when I was growing up these rivalries could get scary, right? You could you would go to the parking lot at McDonalds after in Montgomery County, Maryland and the kids the BCC kids, and the Blair kids might might not see eye to eye and you're in the and then the the flight, you know, the inevitable fight you just start worrying about, you know, weapons coming out, and that whole thing, and it's a whole scary scene. If this was I didn't I didn't click on the story to read it. But if this was innocent and. Off just hamburger throwing than I think they could be an uplifting moment food fight. How drunk would you have been to picked up one of the what a burgers off the ground post food fight, and at least taken three bites not drunk at all over one hundred sober. I mean, if it was fully intact, and I had a rough estimate of how long it was sitting there, and it had cheese on it. Then I'm I mean, you know, maybe even just on the bench to maybe you find one that didn't make it to the floor didn't make it all the way to the floor that even better than that. One definitely are sitting on a table like four Lorne in there. I don't want to take seat and make it happy. So Chicago restaurant Misri Ke's. It's good name fifteenth anniversary of elf and did decided to come out with a pasta dish called it's syrup and candy top spaghetti. That it's the breakfast that basically the elf grade in the movie. Yeah. Yeah. We'll feral eating it pasta top to strawberries, raspberries sauces. Marshmallow smart pop tarts, Eminem's Oreos. Fruity pebbles, coconut flakes, Sarah and chocolate sauce. It's going to be on the menu and they're gonna play L final all day. Thanks cute. I is it is it cute. Well, look first of all feels like miss rookies is is kind of a family place. They've got a vibe go. I have no idea. I didn't look up miss Ricky's before hearing about this story. So I hope it's not a hipster joint. I hope it's the kind of place where you know. I it's obviously kid-friendly if they're put no fun. But here's an house. You have a kid a little boy who's just as much of a dumb ass as my little boy. And if you fed them a meal like that, my son would probably commit I dunno homicide after throwing up, they're not permitted to eat the whole thing. You're like I would let them have to bites that would be it like take twirl get some of the pop tart in there. Get some of the, you know, chocolate get some of the sprinkles, and that's an incentive back just. Yeah. Yes. Yes. Most people aren't smart parents like we are some people are gonna bring their kids eat that whole thing. And then the kids going to be running like a forty four. Forty yard dash speaking of sugar stuff. So did you denote a freak shake is? No, speaking of speaking of Belgium massage. I thought this is something Cardi B came up with. But apparently, not a freak shake. It's those new milkshakes. That people are making that have like all the extra stuff in them. It's like a mash up of drink dessert toppings and some of these freak shakes. I'm reading from an article in the guardian contain as much as thirty nine teaspoons of sugar. So it's like these these special milkshakes that have you know, it's a vanilla milkshake. But it also has chocolate chip brownie ground into it with bananas, and strawberries, and they just basically overloaded they make it like the dream team of milkshakes. I I'm out on that. It's not for us. Right. It's not for you. Or me. I don't know that for a fourteen year old boy me is it like a dare kind of of thing that you do. I mean, it's sometimes like five guys has when they have a banana and chocolate shake. That the sugar it's part of sugar where nece week. That's why we've found out about this. I see the five guys banana and chocolate shake contains thirty seven teaspoons of sugar. It's a quiver of drinking more than four cans of cola in a row. It has there's a Toby 'carvery a family restaurant chain, which is been singled out for survey of the most shocking shake that has thirty nine teaspoons of sugar in it. An average twenty five year old need to jog from nearly three hours back in the house for five hours to burn off the calories or nephew. Kyle's case just sleep. It off after drinking the freak shake at three in the morning. And then you'd yeah. Yeah. I mean that seems like it wouldn't make well. Get ready to get rid of that at this or or masturbate for an hour. Forty five. Let's be office. That's that's I mean, that's the real way to get rid of that thing. Well, let me ask freely is the best hip hop album. That's never come out. That's that's a great. Lisa song wins the last time you sat down and had a milkshake from the beginning. All the way to the end. Like drank the entire milkshake. I'm so glad you asked. It was about two weeks ago by wife came home from Astor burger with with Astra, burgers, probably our favorite fast food place than they have really good milkshakes, which I've given you before. Yeah. I love them, and it's vanilla milkshake that they make really well. And you know, but I can't stop drinking a milkshake once I start. It's not like just have half this. I'm like if I'm gonna do this. I'm just going to ruin myself. It's probably what are the worst things you can put in your body like fried mozzarella sticks. Milkshake it's like top five of highly. Giant giant, bagel? So here's the thing with me and milkshakes at this days of life. And I hope that this does not make anybody want to revoke my house of cards eater card. I like milkshakes at the used to be a guy that liked him at the end of a meal. It was the capper. It was the desert. I now at this stage in my life want my milkshake at the beginning of my meal because I want it simultaneous with the hot salty food that I'm going to be eating alongside that delicious. Like, I want the fries to be as hot as possible, and this salt is possible. And I want to douse that that that hot fry mouth with a huge bite of whatever milkshake is going on. We had this experience at at ca cells. Yeah, we were waiting for the Patty melt, but the fries we order bacon. Chili fries. Bacon. Chili cheese fries and regular fries. They preceded the Patty melts, and we had milkshakes and the fries and the. Milkshake? That is my jam. That's a great appetizer to me. But it ends up producing this affect where. I don't eat the entire milkshake because there is a main course that is yet to saving room. So you're mind checking yourself on us. I mean, kind of and I just I just don't want anybody to think less of me because I'm not consuming the entire milkshake my favorite thing when I was growing up in New England was the friendlies frugal with the friendliest Patty melt in French fries. And I just love the frivolous so much frivolous a word that still makes me happen to stand. Even know do they have friendlies anymore. They went through a restructuring. I don't know. How many of them lasted a bunch of them shut down. I don't know if any of them survived. Well, all right P to the friendlies. But I love I love the old field frivolous. Yeah. That's that's all I got for you for food news house unless we have something else. We have talked about we went to major Domo and Wednesday, and we speed eight at major Domo Christian was like a conductor just bringing food out left and right. And we ended up beating basically a triple dinner, and I would say about fifty minutes. And I gotta be honest. I haven't talked to you since you left. I didn't feel good for like two days after I had a quick recovery. It was on the one hand we speed eight because our our pal who shall not be named. He doesn't like to to to have his name out on the public airwaves had us on a very strict schedule not yet comedy that schedule, but we ate starting at like five thirty. And so by the time we got around we went and saw the basketball game. The lakers. I had all that time to really digest my meal, which was which was. Nice. The big innovation of the night. For me was the accompaniment of not only did we have the BS fries. And by the way, anybody get a lot of on the Twitter. People say what's the very best? What's the single best thing at major Domo? There are many wonderful things. You can't go wrong with the AP L too. Short is available. You must get it. You can't avoid it. They had we had a beautiful steak as part of this. Obviously chicken the beautiful chicken two ways. Which is which comes in both served over rice with the beautiful fat the way is prepared to boil chicken. They slice it up for you. You can eat the breast, and then they bring you a soup at the end at. That's just glorious have to say the BS fries are are like the single the thing. I can't believe I mean, you know, you're on here in sounds like kissing your ass again. But it's they're just unbelievable. And they brought I didn't make them though. I didn't really do anything other than challenge Chang to make better fries than normal fries. Challenges manhood. So if I get credit for that great. But he reinvented fries as we know it. They're the greatest Fraz anyone's every in any innovation at this Bill was brought cheese with it. Now. I I would say I I loved it with the cheese. But I think they're so beautiful and pristine on their own that I'm not sure that I would I do the cheese again, I loved them with the cheese. But I don't think it's that's the Seri Chang has some sort of weird thing against catch up. Oh, I haven't known him. There's some sort of funky when him toward catch up. There's never catch them. I think this is a chef thing. I don't think chefs like catch up. I don't think they respect it. Whenever you go. And you get any sort of viewer. If you're at a really nice place with the chef that's put a lot of thought and time in the things very rarely will they offer you the catch up. You have to ask for it. The next time we get a chef on house of cards. I'm gonna ask about this. Because you know, when we had that the burger at father's office that chef insisted that we have at the way, they don't they don't offer you catch up alongside that burger because the chef once you do enjoy it. We talked about that last year, and the original has carbs episodes. Both of us are offended by that. Well, I it was it. I understood where he was coming from. I appreciate the spirit in which he is intending to deliver to us the experience he has in mind. But after I've eaten two or three bites of it. Let me do me. My man, I enjoyed it. I got where you're coming from. It was awesome. It was an awesome like this real French onion, speaking French onion soup, this real French onion, kind of burger vied, very well conceived. Yeah, you know, I can't spice it up a little bit. Yeah. I'm sorry. I thought I was in America. It's like the same thing when you go to a really good sushi place, and they don't serve soya sauce or they tell you. We don't serve soy sauce with. This course sugar official do that they whether sugar fish is a great sushi place like that's pretty polarizing topic LA, but they they only have a couple sauces, and you're not allowed to they. They discourage asking for more soya sauce for whenever category. It's always been strange to me when when the chef is basically ordering had eat the food. Why I think in the first place the idea of say a making a recommendation, please try it this way without this thing that you're accustomed to because I think you're gonna like the experience. That's cool. I'm okay. Do it that way they don't. They don't offer it that way. They're like you're not getting fucking soya sauce. It's a sham. It's like, you're you're cheating. If you it's like a Seinfeld episode. You brought in your own size, and you get caught and you get banned from the sushi place. This does sound like a good, Larry, David. This sounds like. There's a great bit for curb AllAire, David we can't every month. So I saw. Sneaking in the Soysal came in or sticking to catch up at father's office. That'd be more. These getting mad at him. Because he brought the processing. You've had him on the show set on this note. This is a for for Larry. All right house. That's for food news. Juliet will be back next week. Yeah. Yeah. This'll so long as I'm not fired. Definitely not fire. Do you have your job? Thanks. Thanks. All right. My taste buds. There you go. It must be holiday season because we are giving you five course meals hill here on house of cards. I mean, let's be honest producer Bill Simmons. Matthew odem? We were in Montreal. We are in Washington DC. We are a KFC all the bases are covered. Speaking occurring the basis, a small requests, all taste buds out their house of cards has been nominated for best food podcasts of two thousand and eighteen you'd hungry homeys can vote it's the I heart radio podcast awards. If you Google iheartradio dot com and just look up the tab for podcast awards. We are in there. I know it's a miracle. I don't know who bribed who. And believe me I'm willing to throw in an extra twenty on top of that. But we are among a list of highly. Esteems and accomplished food podcast, if you wouldn't mind giving us your support, we would greatly. Appreciate keep up the belly sourcing hungry homeys until next week. Let's stay hungry out there.

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