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And I know that I did some great basketball that we've got an opportunity to witnessed throughout this past week. And we'll be getting into all of the playoff matchups as the show progresses today plus getting into LeBron James and his appearance on his very own show, the shop on HBO, he had some very compelling and interesting things to say about Magic Johnson's departure from the Los Angeles Lakers organization, so abruptly about a month ago or so so we'll be talking about that as the show progresses. We'll get into all of that. Again, the number to call. It was inundate say ESPN at eight seven to nine three seven seven six time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best families best phones. Best networks, no contracts. The first order of business to get into is to the filling. Guelfi seventy Sixers up to one entering yesterday's game for Toronto Raptors ultimately losing to the raptors in this game losing to the raptors in this game, courtesy one zero one ninety six score to the Toronto Raptors a game in which a wild Linnet. Let everybody with thirty nine points and fourteen rebounds, absolutely sensational performance from Linnet, no doubt about it. And while at some point in time, we can have a discussion it warrants strong consideration. When we talk about the best place in the world. Where would we ranked koala Linnet? Some people have him number two behind K D. That would be me. Some people have him number one overall. And I can't summarily dismissed that argument. Kuwata Linnet Saint kyri, I'm co wide Linnet because the best player in the world. Some would argue again, I got a number two behind K D. But make no mistake about it. When you look at and his performance throughout this series and throughout these. Playoffs. It's nothing short of remarkable in eight playoff games. The only bad game. He had only pedestrian game. He had was the sixteen points that he dropped in game three against arlando a game which Toronto won by the way outside of that. He's had five games where he scored at least thirty three five of the eight games. He has scored at least thirty three points in this series against the Philadelphia. Seventy sixers. He's averaging thirty seven point seven this go while ended up talking about thirty nine minutes game. He's averaging actually thirty eight points, nine rebounds and four assists in four games. He is shooting sixty one percent from the field. He is shooting. Forty six percent from three point rate. These are mean, this is just a sensational performance. I mean when you listen to somebody like Jimmy Butler sit up the post game conference. No one the raw dog. And I say that complementary the raw dog that is Jimmy Butler and for him to come out and sit up there and say, this is just what he does that doesn't matter who it is against this is what he does on a night in night out basis. It speaks to the greatness of the mid range game as Huby Brown called it yesterday is flat out murder from twelve to fifteen feet from the basket. He's murderous. You can't stop them and performances of you watch landed on the floor outside of the. Ariel of salt, the Skywalker that Michael Jordan was outside of that component that doesn't necessarily coincide with wildland. It's game. Everything else. You're seeing is Jordan esque the mid range game the fall away the three point shooting. Oh, by the way, the defensive presence that he brings to the table willing to guard the opposition best offensive weapon could wind Linnet is the real deal period. And and when you look at him play, it is clearly justification for messiah Jerry, the general manager for the Dorando raptors willing to get rid of the Rosen and keep your in. Because regardless of what you know about damore Derosier who has no scrub who can play who had a great great relationship with his teammate Kalari. There is no question in effect that could wild Lynn, it is simply on a different level altogether from D'amoto rose, it there is no questioning that. There is no question that especially right now. And this series is tied to Toronto has regained home-court advantage. And as a result, we are the north we to north Toronto that phenomenal city. Only problem I got into Rondo to cold weather, and the fact that I gotta get to customs. That's it outside of that. I love everything about Toronto. Everything about Toronto. It's of fun nominal city. But while ended my end up leaving and we go look at Masai. We're going to be like yo was it worth it to lose the martyr Rosen. Fook awhile Lennon with Awad. It is only stay for one year and damore Derosier wanted to stay forever. These are questions that we're going to have right now another question is that while you're in New York Dick's or you're the Brooklyn nets. Then everybody's been talking about. Cari, Cari, Cari, because he's from Newark, but they're talking K D K D K D because he's looking to leave go to state. How are we not talking more about somebody landed let it 'cause could you imagine? If Kawhi Leonard team dealt with Katie I got news y'all, ladies and gentlemen, Kawai Linnet with. Kevin Durant is automatic automatic top-four championship contender automatic it. Don't even matter. What the hell you bring with them on on the squad. It doesn't even matter. What the hell you put on on the court with them? They automatically top four contender. And depending on which team if it's the clippers you favorite to win the championship university of the favorite to win at all. If those to join this clippers squad that we just saw push the Golden State Warriors in the first round of the playoffs. Let me tell you the, ladies and gentlemen, there's nothing to discuss if Kevin Durant and Kawhi Linnet, join Doc Rivers in LA, the Los Angeles Clippers win the championship next year. I'm here to tell you that right now, if they were to joined the Brooklyn nets, the Brooklyn nets would likely come out in the east next year. This is what we're talking about here. This how lethal that combination would be. So I would talking about Korean Kevin. Darren maybe we should have been talking about Linnet and Kevin Durant. I'm just saying these are the kind of things that we have to think about as the show progresses. But let me get to number one story that I wanted to discuss. And that would be Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers seven foot one center. Joel embiid. Ladies german. Let me bring it to you plain simple. Let me try to give it to you straight. I think they're Joel Embiid is a star. I think he's a stud. I think when healthy and focused. He's the best big man in basketball. There is no denying it. And and his skills and his potential and what he brings to the table is undeniable, but laser gentleman is a difference between potential reality as anybody here going to sit here and doubt that Nikola Jokic is having a better playoff the Joel Embiid right now against the Portland trailblazers the Denver Nuggets just tied the series to to Friday night when the different nuggets lost in quadruple overtime, one of the greatest playoff game. We'd ever seen. Nicoli joke each or Nikola Jokic know he played sixty five minutes right in sixty five minutes. And then by the way, they lose it any comes out less than forty eight hours later. And they beat the Portland droplets. He is averaging twenty six thirteen and nine he is shooting. Fifty two percent from the field at fifty seven percent for point range. Meanwhile, Jo Ellen be if you look at Joel Embiid in this series against Toronto other than game three. This brother has shot nine for forty three from the field. Game two and gain full he shot two for seven from the field in each game. Both games he claims to be sick the stomach virus in game two where he had the runs and then yesterday when he text Brett Brown at six twenty eight in the morning, according to Brett Brown to tell him that he could play before I get into all of that. Let's listen to the head coach for the Philadelphia seventy six let's listen to Brett Brown. Tell you what happened when it came to Jo Ellen be and his availability for game four of a conference semi finals game a game in which had the Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers ended up winning. They will be up three one. The likelihood is that they would have won this series. It would have been on lot. And they'd be ready to go to the Eastern Conference finals. But because Joel Embiid wasn't ready to play. The series is now tied to listen to the Philadelphia seventy Sixers coach Brett Brown. Try to explain this about Joel Embiid. Listen to this. I got a text from him at six twenty AM this morning Kalemie like he didn't sleep all night. He'd really never felt this Pooley, and he was unsure coach if I'm going to play I just want to give you a heads up. I'll try, but I don't know. And you know with that started my day. Laser gentlemen. Let me break down. Yeah. I am not an MBA play. As a talent on a basketball court. I couldn't shined. Joel Embiid shoes. Okay. Yes. Two hundred and forty days out of the year. I'm here on I taking radio. But let's be fair. That's not the same as running up and down the coffee ninety four feet Fadi two games. Not. Then again, if you're joylin beat you never had to do it. Eighty two games a night season his memory. He was drafted number three overall in two thousand fourteen because of those injuries. He never played the game for two years of his career. It wasn't until twenty sixteen. And he started playing that year out of the eighty two games. The only play thirty won his second year. You only play sixty four his third year. He played sixty three. So he he played two games either. But that's neither here nor there. Let me tell you what the problem with. Joel Embiid argument, according to Brett Brown. Six twenty. The games at three thirty. That's nine hours before the game. I don't care if you got to get up because you couldn't sleep all night, and you go straight to the facilities and in order to make sure you ready your pumped with fluids medication or whatever. And you sit down on a train table and sleep before about five or six hours leading gentlemen, have y'all ever taken a moment to gauge how a little cat nap could make you feel. I have had situations in my career where I could sit up there. I could sit there, and I am completely drained exhausted devoid of any kind of energy what so ever an hour. Sleep would change my day. This man text to coach nine hours. Hours before the game to say, I might not be able to play who does that who does that. Our do you know what you doing nine hours? The you know what you could do nine hours. How many y'all operate on four or five hour sleep? I'm trying to tell you a cat nap on our can make you feel like a new, man. How 'bout four how about five? He's Joel Embiid. It's the playoffs. You try to tell me he couldn't get acidity and take and still get sick seven hour sleep. Ladies and gentlemen, you could take a net while they wrap yankus you could take a net while they give you could get you could take a now while they rubbing your knees. Pedicure Amana kill it. Doesn't matter. You could fall asleep for all of that. I would know I've done it. And I'm not some metro sexual do that needs all of that stuff. Even though it looked that way so tough because I like my massages now make no mistake about it. I like, my massages, and my head's have always been magnificent. No question about it. But my feet damn. It's needed worked from Tom, Tom. So I've had my pedicures too. I've fallen asleep during all of that all of it. I have snored while getting a pedicure. I have snored while getting a massage. Nine. No freaking hours before the game. What God you know, that is a star with tensor coach. Hours before a pivotal playoff game to say, I don't know if I could go who does that who does that? Maybe it's just me. It don't make sense to me. Yo I'm not gonna lie. I'm not an I love Joel Embiid. I really do. But I'm not buying. I'm not buying it. I want to know what you doing that. You were up all night. I want to know where you are. I'm not going down them out. Now. Even if I didn't. No, I'm not going to do that. I know that John wall for the wizards would like to convince you all that. I did that because that was his argument against me not to my face, of course, Chirpin behind my back. But I'm here to tell you I don't play that. 'cause I go out. And I don't want people broadcast personal business. So I don't roll like that. TMZ put out that video with John wall. I simply pointed out you can't have TMZ letting out videos. So now, you got somebody like him Chirpin behind my back about something. I didn't even do TMZ was responsible for that. Not me. So Joel Embiid was out. And doing whatever it was that he was doing. I still want to tell y'all like that unless it was publicized because I'm not doing that. What I will tell you. This non freaking hours before a game is plenty of Tom to overcome a lot of things you can overcome the flu you can overcome virus. You can overcome sleep deprivation, you can overcome our whole budget things we've seen people that have been incredibly hurt and got a cortisone shot and they were ready within a half hour. Who Texas the coach nine hours before game? By the way. I got another one better y'all who Texas their coaches six twenty in the morning. Take y'all, Tom. I'll wait. I'll wait who does that. Who does that is Presley when you just dropped thirty three and you were talking junk and Turpin at the opposition. No one they will come in for you this next game. It would behoove you to be ready. I have no I have no doubt that Joel Embiid got the heart and the guts to step up and handle his business. The way that we know he can because he's that special of a talent. But no one has special. He is as a talent. How do you text your coach nine hours before the game? Breath. Grounding fooling nobody he Dr. Joel Embiid out. I don't blame him. He's from the great Popovich school. Great Popovich unapologetically. If somebody ain't ready, he'll tell you. We were ready. He was ready. Now Brett Brown is far more diplomatic. The Gregg Popovich is. But he's from that tree that school that Popovich tree he used to be an assistant coach Popovich. So he ain't gonna go out of his way to be apologetic for you. When you clearly irresponsible or immature towards handling adult responsibility. If the Sixers and up losing this series, particularly if Toronto wins the series Bob protecting its home court meaning they win game. Five lose game six back in Philadelphia. And then going win game seven back in Toronto. We're gonna look to gain four win the seventy Sixers had them by the you know, what and didn't close the deal, and we're going to ask ourselves why did that happen? And you know, where we're gonna look at directly at Joel Embiid. Because he's only had one good game series game to game for he shot two or seven from the field game. One childlike five eighteen he played lights out monster game in game three we get all that. But I don't wanna hear about anybody else. Let's look at this stuff. Jimmy Butler is averaging nearly twenty three game twenty three eight the eight and five. Tobias Harris has got to play better. He's only shoot twenty five percent for three point range shot to a thirteen in game four. He's got to step up period. He's got to do it. Ben simmons. Everybody will look at Ben Simmons. They say he's only averaging ten seven and four. I'm not holding been that much accountable. We know he can't shoot. But he's not like he's choking anything like that. It's just that he can't shoot he's got to work at his shot, and because he's no threat from the perimeter offensively. You got Brett Brown plan? Ben Simmons off the ball and putting the ball. Jimmy, Butler is hands to be that supplementary point guard for you. What I look at the Sixers. They match up against the Dorato raptors I had to Dorato raptors winning the series. I hope and pray that I was wrong because I would love for the Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers team that I covered for ten years to make it to the conference finals. I got a lot of friends on that six watt. A lot of friends with an Essex's organization. I root for them all the time. And I'm not apologize to anybody. But it's not gonna stop me from calling like, I see it on this particular day. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in. Joel embiid. No. No hours before the game. You text and talk about you can't play you might not be able to play yet. You went out on the court, but you didn't show up offensively got out play by Marcus ole Siaka. I'm only had two baskets and they still won the game. I'm sorry, y'all that doesn't escape me. It does not it it eight say ESPN. It's edit eight seven to nine three seven seven six that was staked. It was. I'm sorry. That was straight talk wireless nationwide coverage on America's largest and most dependable four G LT networks, I'll continue talking about this. I'm going to get into the Boston Milwaukee series. I think the Boston Celtics on the brink of elimination. Boston. Celtics lose game four tonight. It's to wrap Dan coming back from this. What Milwaukee four different dudes for Milwaukee shooting better from three point range than Kyrie Irving shooting from the field that has to change plain and simple playing the simple. And of course, I'm in Houston h town because after that performance James harden put forth statin they night along with Erik Gordon. Now, we've got gained four here Ken Houston win and Todd a series or they on the brink of elimination as of midnight tonight because gold. The state comes out of handles their business. Steph Curry's taken a lot of heat is it deserved. Or is it not? We'll get an all of that. And then some plus I will not forget about the Bron James and Magic Johnson. That is a story that needs to be discussed. So stick around touch that dial? It's the Stephen a Smith show ESPN radio ESPN news about away when you're hiring. You don't wanna waste time. So they do dozens of relative resumes. Do you you want an efficient way to get to a short list of qualified candidates? 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