If Your Brand Was A Person, Who Would It Be? #1076


Gay if your brand was a person who would it be a great way to try and get a handle on your brand identity in your brand personality is to think about your brand as opposed if it was a person who would it be. Who is the person out there that best personifies and has the personal traits. The you'd like your brand to represent in the eyes of the market in the eyes of your concerns. And i guess you can think about it a little bit like what. A lot of brands do their brand ambassadors espresso for example have chosen george clooney as effectively the face of the brand and i guess what they've done without knowing what espressos brand values truly are. But i guess they've decided that george clooney represents. A bit of suave sophistication claus's cheeky. Also little funny Kind of a man of the world. And so i guess what. This bro decided. Is that those brand values. Those personality traits are the ones that we would like our brand to represent now. It's not always the brand the face of the brand the brand ambassador that he's necessarily the person best personifies your brand identity but oftentimes it is and if you think about it brands have to act and interact with people and so it makes sense that you think about your brand as spoken about before through the lens of an individual through the lens of a person so it's best if you can identify someone that everyone within your organization knows it doesn't have to be a movie star or celebrity. It could be someone within your industry that everyone in your organization is because right now. We're just talking about a way for you as the brand owner essentially to try and get everybody on board with what that brand message. What is our brand philosophy. Who are we as brand once you start communicating that to the outside world. Then yeah it makes sense if that's a person that's well-known like a movie star or a celebrity but for you internally try and get your head around it it could just be someone within your industry that everyone in your group knows so think about. Who is the person who is the one individual that best personifies your brand. Who is the person that has all the personality traits that you would like your brand to represent. It's an interesting exercise. If you want to reach out to dropping out in the comments below or send me a private message even if you live and let me know who you thought about was the best person to personify your brand. I'd be really interested to hear how it went for you or that is for today. I do thank you for your time and we'll be back again tomorrow.

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