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Covid-19 Tradeshows and Events How Medtech can Respond


Hello and welcome to the medical device. Success podcast I am Ted Newell your host. The goal of this podcast is to contribute to your success. And in turn help. You contribute to the success of Your Med Tech Company. Thank you so much for spending some time with us today. This is a crazy time to start a podcast with the corona virus dominating the news however there are important things we medical device professionals can be doing in this altered landscape of strategies and tactics for marketing sales and operations so working in the era of the corona virus. Hopefully a short era. We'll be the subject of this first season of episodes. Let's get started. Today's episode is about medical events and trade shows and how the Kovic Nineteen virus has impacted. These very important parts of the marketing plan for any medical device company today. We are honored to have LISA. Pixel as our guest. Lisa is an expert in the subject matter and an expert in many other marketing and sales manners matters as well. She has served as a marketing and sales leader at a number of venerable medical device companies including Kodak in the years at dominated imaging GE healthcare an Covidien then in twenty fourteen. She decided to start the Pixel Medical Marketing Group and since then has grown into a team of about fifteen parts in all areas that serve the medical device industry Lisa. Welcome to the PODCAST and my first question is what prompted you to start your own firm. They said for inviting me today in the. Yes so I am. Ceo Founder Gives Martini Group. We've been -joyed a six year run now of having our doors open helping small medical device tech diagnostic and even pharmaceutical startups in my career of nearly forty years of I've worked through a number of different small companies that were ultimately acquired or merged with larger organizations and contract cycle about a dozen times and all my colleagues VIZSLA medical murky group have similar experiences. So we've been through that cycle many times and just really felt as if we enjoy most. I guess the familial environment of a small startup where you wear multiple hats and everybody rolls up their sleeves in your work side by side. And you know you're a frontline with the customers and the sales team you're just you know your grind something that's really special so we have the opportunity. I did six years ago to open excellent Apple Marketing Group in. Just stay in that space true. We do have some mid sized and large organizations that we support as well but our real purpose is to support net small startup environment. And then another thing I learned about you when you and I were talking. The other day is that you've been very involved with the H ca which is also refers to the healthcare exhibitors association currently. You're the chair of their annual conference. Can you tell us more about the h? Ca I love to. I am a passionate fan of this organization. Healthcare Exhibitors Association. Hda HDA DOT work to learn more about them. It's really this collaboration. Among Industry Exhibit leaders and associations who can create the environment for Industry for exit so the the composition of the membership is really those two factions. And so? It's the only one that I know of in healthcare space so they're organization of again our our colleagues who ran immense end creepy environment for an industry to exhibit at those events. So if you're not familiar with it again as a marketing leader as an association leader specifically in Healthcare Space. I would suggest that you look often considered coming to the August program. I'm co chairing that conference then. Were currently putting together. All of our content trying to ensure that it's not only meaningful to the association side but also to the industry side and especially now with the covent nineteen situation that we're addressing added the podium as well to give people skills and tools that they can use for the foreseeable future but also in the future years when something like that. If it should happen now again we could be more prepared so needless to say Lisa is well versed to help us with the issues. Where discussing today which are trade shows and events? Let's just define the current situation that most medical device companies find themselves. In right now our first warning sign was the cancellation of trade shows. Then what happened while the situation is ever changing right? I don't believe any of us are on solid footing to where what's going on. Today is what will be necessarily our situation tomorrow so this is truly just a snapshot in time but our situation is that gatherings of people are being discouraged whether it's twenty five thousand to fifty or more even just two people were in a social and call it a professional distancing mode and are not to congregate where the Corona Iris could spread for how long nobody knows yet. We're hearing things like it could be through Easter which is when input. Perhaps you mid-may which is maybe more scientific community's response maybe even longer but it safe to say that the medical trade show spring season has gone for any in person conferences for us is. Brain is a peak of times where you've got a lot of medical conference activity on trade shows lots of immense and then in the course of the summer is pretty quiet as an industry you know. We're accustomed to June July August. Maybe even early September fairly quiet with a lot of things that You know take us away from having access to our clinicians and then generally again at ramps backup in the fall. The fall frenzy for trade shows so You know that's our typical calendar and it's being it's being challenged right to say the least and while the topic for today's podcast is mostly about events. This social again. Professional distancing has a trickle down effect as medical marketers were witnessing clinics having reduced ours or being closed altogether sales reps on lockdown our own offices being reduced virtual teams and so immense is just the tip of the Iceberg Really. Of course we are talking about a broad spectrum depending on your products. If you're listening to podcasts your products your specialization healthier. Even your geography might be different. And so your circumstances might be vastly different than another commercial team again focused medical marketing but have a different circumstance so on the events front April may conferences are being postponed to late summer. Early fall others are just being cancelled until normal. Twenty twenty one time. If you think you're out big major conference that he might have been planning to pretended. Can't turn those things on a diamond. Repeat that in three months so a most of the largest conferences that we had on our calendar actually just canceling and picking it up again in twenty twenty one hundred one timing so again. That's have our situation. Does your subject to change. And when you and I spoke the other day you brought up a couple. Sobering statistics What are you saying again? Just a couple of soundbites here Things that might again be changing by the moment but according to a poll from events force which happened earlier this month half of event planners of seven Kobe. Nineteen is having a major impact on exhibit program another organization. You F I which is a Global Association for exhibiting industry. They said that at the time of their discussion. Your Interview Ghengis. A couple of weeks ago over. Five hundred trade shows have been disrupted in recent weeks. And there's an estimated cost of twenty six billion B. As in Bravo twenty six billion in roster orders for exhibiting companies. Wow Twenty six billion. That's pretty tough to swallow. I know that in the market that I to spend most of my time in an ophthalmology a small company going to trade show is probably looking at hoping to bring in who knows you know fifty thousand to one hundred thousand dollars in business a medium sized to large company. They're looking at taking five million to seven million or eight million dollars in orders and deals at that trade show and now all those opportunities are gone. You know so here. We are in a really difficult environment. are there other strategies and tactics companies could execute the stay top of mind You know continue to gain access to decision makers and users gain favor and earn some sales. There are some opportunities right of course in. That's absolutely true. Events is just one element of marketing mix but it typically is the single largest budget line item for Medical Marketing Department. So there are other things that could be done from a marketing activity perspectives. And those things can still be leveraged but the fact is that exhibiting at medical conferences usually isn't an isolation it has associated tires to your other marketing activities. So they're all kind of connected so let me explain a little. Bit further. The details of why company exhibits Conference certainly can vary In some instances it may just be that they feel. They have to pretend because their customers expect to see them there. It's a show of support solidarity for their society their medical specialty but usually it's more substantive than that and they want to achieve objectives such as launching a product communicating expanded indications from the FDA sharing nucleic Lebanon's at the podium or any at least in a poster presentation or they WANNA train healthcare professionals on their technology in a booth space that they have or maybe on the show floor and some society driven Workshop Hand Workshop area. So you can see it. Just shutting off the trade show activity and leveraging other elements marketing. Mix isn't that clean again. It's all interconnected so in this podcast. One of the things we want to communicate most important and we went to suggest as the people who take a deep breath and think clearly the event management program as part of the overall marketing strategy and realized some changes are going to be warranted in two thousand twenty is exceptional. Time that we're living in and the more you can act rather than react all the better for getting ahead of it and staying ahead of it. So what should a marketing leader or specifically the director of Clinical Education and Events? Be Doing in this new environment as they want to act as opposed to react. It's a good question and that really has a lot of facets to it so let's dig into showing when you learn that an upcoming medical conferences questioned was the weather is going to actually happen as it has been planned you. Should I try and determine from the society are they thinking a postponement or cancellation as that's an impact you differently? It's GONNA drive. You're actually planning so. Let's tackle the idea that the medical conferences just to be postponed. So the first thing you need to do and quickly is to review the dates of the reschedule events. It's likely going to present you with one or two challenges that are sizeable. The first one being that may be scheduled at a time when you generally aren't planning for a medical conference such as the summer months or especially in August maybe even in early September when so many people are in a family. They -cation mode now again. That's normal and we're not in normal so I understand that you know. These things might all be disrupted but you know again we typically think of as marketers that this summer months going to be kind of quiet from an event perspective now you throw rescheduled event into that summer. Mix Net timeframe. And it's going to be disrupted tissue. You know you've got a plan for that appropriately or the second situation also has a chance. Maybe even at greater challenge is that it's going to occur during a time in the fall when we call it a fall frenzy that medical Season is already in full swing. And it's GonNa be dropped in the middle of a bunch of Very busy calendars and you're going to have to plan for now and accommodate this new event. Are this new rescheduled event. So first things first in either situation really is to assess your staffing needs. If you're a half competing events with this newly rescheduled one again presenting. It might drop into the fall. You're going to have to think of You know your staffing needs and maybe pull back your staff and when I say staff Admiralty Thinking Sales and Marketing Your Front Line. People there traditionally are of the. You know the working team that hit the ground and cover those events so you might have to think about however being deployed those were human resources but you also have other assets like product demonstration product in booth properties yet literature and handouts in. You know maybe men giveaways of some sort fits after net compliant and even leadership. Can't it'd be spread too thin drab peak of that season so much like the frontline staff sales marquis? You might already have a committed things like a booth property in your dental equipment and see your leadership. Internet pullback shuffle them up assess the situation and redeployed them to the greatest need and opportunities. So that's another consideration when it comes to build property that's probably are easiest. Maybe not our most inexpensive opportunity Europe but if in fact you have already tied up all your resources in the fall frenzy and all of a sudden now rescheduled admit falls in the middle of that. And you don't have booth property for it. You can always go to your exhibit house in Rent Property and so at least that's a a shining moment there that doesn't require too much taxing on you. Not necessarily your pocketbook. That could still be expensive but from the logistics perspective. You can lean on your house you know when all this started coming down. I was at a small neuro ophthalmology meeting and Florida and while we were sitting there during the breaks as the doctors were in sessions and watching our email. Many of our shows were getting canceled. One day one show the next day another show and so on so some shows are just absolutely being cancelled and I keep thinking back to that twenty six billion in las daughters. What can people do in the event that the show is canceled? Is there anything they can do to make up for these lost opportunities right? It's a painful reality for many medical companies that look to this spring conferences to fuel. This sales leads in the funnel for the rest of the calendar year. So that's absolutely a very significant pain point. So let's talk about that. You know event cancellations Whether it's a conference you already know that it's been canceled Whereas being considered to be canceled you know. Think about this in advance. Get with your finance department. And they're going to want to probably chime in on this point because a medical society who is cancelling is going to say. Do you want to apply those unstoppable next year or? Do you want a refund generally at a major medical conference this year? Let's say that was in April. May more than likely you're actually selecting your boost base for next year anyway. So perhaps the best thing for everybody including finance but they need to be consulted is to just apply those funds for what will be your twenty twenty one exhibit space. Just rolling over. That might make the most sense. That's a quick decision to have to make if you want to apply for a refund yet to do that quickly in for timely a refunded. Take place there's GonNa be a lot of demands a lot of influx to that society. The next thing that's really kind of urgent in critical is that reviewing the associated expenses that you had you know you have your trade show exhibit space and we're talking about that refund but now you chances. Are you know that you've got airfare housing additional leading spaces even your exhibit house has been in design in production efforts? So how'd he put pause on that? So one of the we have been hearing a lot about lately in telling people to do is to reveal your force majeure policies to see if circumstances in your contract or any applied to this situation that we're in with her bid and language support your cancellation with full refunds. But even if it doesn't man we are seeing just humanity at its best. Many vendors were dealing with are offering leniency on cancellations. So you know we're all in this together and there are no exception there definitely supporting you. So that is something to jump right on. When you know that there's a cancellation the third big element. We have to suggest is just communicate. Communicate communicate we're marketers. That's what we do. We're communicator. So inform your internal colleagues and any others at external stakeholders might have such as key opinion leaders. Who maybe we're going to be a part of some hands on in your booth or some in booth theater or maybe even at the podium in general sessions but let your your key opinion leaders know as well as your internal staff. Here's the situation. What's our short term plan with our long term plan You know what were our company's objective score these events and what are we going to do to accommodate those going forward and how will they be impacted so communicate after this sort of triaging has taken place in these urgent matters now? A little under control circle back to the medical society and ask what their plans are generally speaking. If there's been a big medical society event plans and all of a sudden that's gone it's canceled. They might be scrambling sure but they might also be thinking okay. What are some alternatives for US FIRST LEGISLATION? Which so many places out there look for the medical society meeting to be their source of information for the year. I just did a survey about two weeks ago to gastroenterology community. Ask that very question you know. Where do you get most of your information? I am arched above all other sources of information. It has at medical conference so that continues to be true even decades later from previous surveys. We might have done so. This is so pivotal from them. The clinicians to get their clinical knowledge product knowledge etc. So they're feeling the pain of it as well. So again with the society asked the wet weather they planning to do from a distance learning perspective. So you might still have a vehicle to reach your audience and achieve your show objectives. Another element to cancelation planning is just what was that educational content that you were preparing for. You know if if you're lucky enough to have submitted abstracts have been accepted. You're likely than half post your presentations. Maybe even podium presentations in booth theater content again society Hands on workshops A lot of things you're linked to do. So how are you going to repurpose those ins and replace them from in-person approach to something virtual so it's important to ask your society you know? Are they still win to publish? First of all what would have been presented as a poster or presentation. Generally the Official Journal of the society will publish all those abstracts in the month of the conference or the Monday after the conference. So you know. Is that still the plan? So you'll still get that publication opportunity and then also ask them. Is it acceptable free host your own? Webinar content for what would have been that presentation at the Podium Oregon through a poster is that content that you can can a have to do with what you will whereas it's still being embargoed for some reason. Get the nuts and bolts for society about that with that information at hand again from the society in then. You can kind of make an informed decision. What are you GonNa do next if the answers are kind of no. We're not going to do something from society perspective but yes the content would have been. Presented Is Yours. Run with it okay. So now you've got to determine what is your company driven. Clinical Education Plan as an alternative so Look around is there. Another industry recognized digital forum that offers clinical education that you can leverage if you think about it. Everybody and their brother will be setting up webinars and virtual conferences. You're you're better. Served to Navy jumped on an existing platform through industry recognized partner rather than a competing against them. You know. They're going to be consolidating streamlining organizing doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Can you be a part of that? In some manner that allows that critical contended yours to get out there so however sometimes the forms these you know again industry recognized that you've got access to be expensive. Sometimes there are overly stringent on their timing of their control of your content during their ability to meet within your your window of availability and your Kol's. Wow so he might need to have something on so be mindful. Though that you'll be facing stiff competition you're going to need to recognize that you know you're going to have to do something special unique with your program that's GonNa stand up from the crowd to ensure good attendance when they're otherwise being bombarded your audience being bombarded with other opportunities for clinical aside from college education. Again just Nikki through this cancellation process. Where all your considerations if your shell jackets were maybe less about evidence. But we're about product launch expanded indications and more technical product nature then consider mimicking your trade show environment but now only in a digital form things like a virtual walkthrough of wet your booth would have been like and they've been there in person you're exhibiting house might provide you with three d rendering. Maybe you can animate out an beware. Someone could virtually walk onto your your carpet In a digital from engaging with different graphics and stations it could be another component that you consider in your virtual trade show that you pulled together on your website for example and yes even integrating Acuity Hammer. Post your presentation that you are going to have. As YOU'RE UPSET ACCEPTED ABSTRACT. But now you want to repurpose that within the confines of your first you'll booth space that you can hopefully pull together at very. Recent at example came to attend week which was from company. B Business or industry instead mentioned. That's a big area his focus. It's a company called long heart with the tango at the end. If you visit lumbar instrument dot com forward slash virtual booth. You can find really actually very refreshing. Excellent example of how this company has re purposed its trade show environment in a digital realm as a proxy for the Council Medical Conference. So they've done this internally or however they developed it. The fact is is off of their website. And it's an opportunity for you to basically give everybody that same experience as they would have had in person on the show floor the now again in a virtual remote way. If you don't have the resources again I don't know how much number cost to do what they did. It looked fairly nice and professional. But maybe not necessarily you know a a huge expense but let's just say you don't have the resources internally to do that at all Consider signing up with a virtual partner for some alternatives some examples of that or this these companies called six x attendees and another one how expo they are companies again. Who are available to you. I don't other cost again. I do think that you know they might be a great example free to consider now. Have you ever used one of those tools or worked with a company with six connects? Attendees or in Expo. I haven't worked with those particular companies. They are rated highly online. I have done. Virtual trade shows that at commissioned myself and worked with my colleagues it g healthcare in the past. And so you know the interesting idea behind in a virtual environment where you're walking up to US structure and you're engaging with it. You're going into a theater to learn more about product. You're sitting down. Virtually to as session. It's being presented. All those things are very familiar again. If they really refined and perfected I think in this digital round so You know you've got yes opportunities to just do like a web conferencing service with a webex. Webinar Zoom Uber can share slides of what your booth would have looked like you could have your Kol's present and there's that there's that realm but there are these organizations again like at six connects attendees in Expo that they are trying to replicate that specific vibe the sights and the sounds of experiences the trade show floor and making it available digitally so those are ones that like. I said our our come up to the top. If you're looking for highly rated ones and are worth exploring if you're interested in in that kind of a pathway. Okay thanks for that and I was just thinking back over what you were discussing in terms of you know. Industry recognized digital forms and or resources than in association might be able to give or offer to a small medium size medical device firm and I know in the OPHTHALMIC industry for example if we work through the OPTHALMIC media typically a Webinar can cost in the neighborhood of you know fifteen to twenty thousand dollars if you're using one of the media companies to help you execute the Webinar and it seems like a lot of money but you do get a lot for that. You get some advertising both in emails and imprint advertising announcing the coming Webinar and so on so you get something for that and that advertising also then supports your company in the product and being top of mind and everything but sometimes that's a lot of money that's one issue for a smaller company and then the other issues getting it scheduled because there's probably a lineup of other companies may be larger ones that have jumped in and taken this space because they can only produce so many webinars at one time so I guess A small to medium sized company might find themselves producing their own webinar and using their own communicating that to their own database or purchasing the deployment capability of one of the media publishers to send out that information but then producing it and executing it on their own. Yeah that's a good point. It's IT'S NOT. It's not for everybody you know. Not Everybody's budget can afford something like these professional company is that do the high end webinars. I personally have not used them in a long time because I felt comfortable enough with just my own subscription to go to wepener or Webex I can. I can do it on my own. And if you think about it if you're right that I already have my own target lists of by audience that I would like to invite on. Irony have a subscription to web access or voted meeting or whatever the tool is and I already have a relationship with my key opinion leaders. Who would be my faculty and I can get a rendering from my zip house in. Have something that would be a visual for them. To see what would have looked like in person on the show floor you know. I got a lot of the parts of the pieces to just pull it all together. You know maybe at worst case you're looking at your end for sure internally to do social media email blasts and any kind of notifications that can drive attendance and then you know your web conferencing services maybe something that's already cost of of your company as it is right now they don't this not incremental costs free to do this it's already a subscription enjoy and then the worst part of that might just be at a modest expense with your Kahlil to say. Let's do a rehearsal. Let's do a buy program. I'll pay honorarium for this in. Maybe naturally you're only obligation In terms of hard costs the rest of it could just be again internal work on your team so those can be done again for that small and mid sized company that doesn't have the resources to hire somebody externally to do a full three hundred sixty degree program for them. And when you think about the cost you know organizing it deploying paying honorariums and so on so forth. That's pretty reasonable. Perhaps if you consider that instead of attending a conference with you know who knows how many anywhere from four to twenty Staff at a conference the room. The travel the the per diem The the other exhibit costs that you have once the You're setting up your exhibit and so on not just the shipping of the exhibit into the place but some other costs If you exchange that for a couple of good webinars or other type of media events It could play out pretty well. I I feel as if you know you. You can't deny it in the Pan In four in the management of what would have been an in person event. Chances are you've already got some costs right. You might not get one hundred percent refund for all the things that you've spent money on and certainly your time and your team's time in planning and preparing for that is a sunk cost so that's unfortunate but on the flip side you can try and accomplish some of the objectives that you had an alternative ways that might be much more financially feasible for for you and had to be a silver lining. You can do what you need to. You can control it. You can invite your audience and you know and still succeed absolutely now for our listeners. I just want you to know that in the show notes. I'm going to create a Quick checklist that reviews much of Lisa just covered and some of the points that I made So that you can refer to that Might even have a download for that off of my website. So look for that in the show notes and that could be helpful We've covered a lot of information and during a podcast. Definitely it's hard to take notes so Perhaps that'll be helpful. So we know where we stand with trade shows. So what's next any other advice to impart? I do have a couple of additional ones. Just I'm the events the trade show and then also again this is not in isolation it dovetails into other objects. You just a few more comments. Here get ahead of the programs that you might not obviously think around the chopping block again. We Know First. Half Twenty twenty. Nothing's happening in person for now until probably more than likely the end of June. But what about the second half? So those that are the latter half of the year and acid societies. Even if they haven't committed yet. What are they considering? What are they thinking? You've got to know and you WanNa know all right. I got plan B. If this doesn't happen in person I'm prepared. I've been thinking about it. I've been planning for it as an alternative as I mentioned before inning with your finance team is important for refunds might becoming but this is especially important as medical marketers While marketers general I would say. Talk to your finance team in explain. There's going to be shifting in dollars. You know you have probably had some you know considerable expense in the first half of this year of it now as either coming back to you in refunds or is on pause and will be pressed on play later this year. That's going to be unusual. Not something that had been forecasted so yet with finance explained. The shifting of dollars has marketers. I learned early on and we all highly experienced the same thing. You spend your money early in the Europe because by the time third quarter rolls around you might be asked to cut back and things so we usually have a lot of our projects and initiatives underway. Because we want to protect our dollars so this is going to be an exceptionally year. And we're GONNA hit heavy in that second half of the year. If all of these other trade shows happen That have been already on the books and then also rescheduled and some of these Alternatively discussed about webinars and things might be an expense that wasn't forecasted and so just having that open discussion with the finance team is going to be a smart move and just getting them to share the burden with you and and be part of the change that you're talking about another another thing. Is that if there's a way to develop a web based simulation this is has gone Mike Product. But maybe maybe that's wrong. Maybe it's you can make about some element of your technology. That could become an experiential alternative online. To what would have been an in-person hands on workshop. You know think about it. It's not ideal but if there's some element of productivity procedure that could find his way online application. That could be really incredible. I'm done this before and I know that they can be fairly cost effective. We've done some for other clients of ours in probably about the ten thousand dollar budget but again as an alternative to that in-person meeting this could be a great resource if one of your main objectives was just product training and then finally if you're considering a launch a product or you were considering that at this conference in April maybe it was in. May maybe even gin and it's now postponed or canceled out painful as it might be an adjustment of your plan. Timing to be rescheduled event or perhaps a related medical conference in the fall. I know many of our specialties. Have both spring and fall event of significance so again it's not ideal but perhaps the best name given our circumstances to consider postponement of your launch until you can accomplish that future in person. Events perhaps in September October November time frame. That's super so this has been really terrific and I think one thing that gives me is some hope that we have other avenues to take in light of the fact that are you know Late winter or spring and early summer trade shows have been cancelled so this is great a lot of great advice that people can take and consider and take action on so that they can try to make something out of this Instead of just thinking that all these opportunities are loss there actually may be some opportunities that they can take advantage of it in a different way. They just have to think outside the box however we have just touched on one tactical area of the marketing plan. And that is you know. Essentially events and trade shows. There's there's more right absolutely as as we talked about at the beginning of this podcast events is just one element of the marketing. Mix that there's so much consider beyond just you know an event calendar that you might have so I look forward to maybe you hosting some additional podcast. It could be shared in the near future. Again is offering timely time-sensitive. It's you know it's in our in our face now and You know putting out I'd cast together. We're not as helpful as as making it happen in the next week or two so. I'm hoping that there are other podcasts. That you share that talk about you know how to best reach customers. Virtually Maintaining the sales momentum that you probably had going into the year after Mike Raia big national sales meeting or February and then all of a sudden breaks were put on How do we pick back up? In January and February doozy hasn't momentum and then helped the commercial teams adjust to this unprecedented circumstance. That were in heightened. Now there's a lot more to this topic for sure as a metal marketing department and leadership. So it's important content and thank you for Facilitating things remind me today. Oh It's been wonderful to have you on and I'd like to get right back into some of these other areas that you were just discussing and I would hope that you would consider Coming back and taking some more time and helping all of us out with these other marketing subjects absolutely would be delighted to be a part of that was mentioned before we do. Sit across multiple specialties. So our focus is in just one area of healthcare but several different healthcare areas and so our view is perhaps unique in that we can talk about it across the spectrum so happy to be a part of that in the future again. Many thanks to Lisa Vissel of Pixel Medical Marketing Group for taking the time to find event and trade show situation and challenges in this Very difficult environment. Were working in right now and giving US concrete steps to take on every podcast we have an immediate impact idea that you can implement today so this one is directly related to the podcast. I'm suggesting that you create a spreadsheet map out the trade shows for the whole year which ones you've lost which ones you may yet lose. And which ones you still have scheduled in that spreadsheet next to the trade shows that you've lost make a crude guess as to what the budget was for those trade shows and put that in the spreadsheet then think of two or three ideas alternate marketing ideas that will help you reach out to these people you missed at these trade shows and particularly ideas. That would create actionable leads for your sales team. Then schedule a meeting with your boss your colleagues or your team to discuss. If you liked this podcast please. Rate IT and Consider subscribing to in the show notes. I'm going to have a link to Lisa's linked in profile a to the BIC sel medical marketing group website. I'm going to try to have a link to a cove in nineteen events and trade. Search trade show checklist at the medical device. success website. If you feel like sharing this podcast with someone you can do that from the medical device success website or from the Apple. Podcast APP where you'll find a little purple sphere to the right of the podcast. Information has three dots. And you click those that three dots and I think there's a share function there and finally if you have any questions for Lisa or me you can leave them at the medical device success website. We'll get answers back to you or will include those in the next podcast. Thanks again for spending time with us today. Now go win your week

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