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68. Young Frankenstein (1974)


Jenny welcomed hello. Thanks for having me. My guess is Jenny Panzeri. Blattner right to use your government name. That's right you are the first three time Guest on full cast and crew. Well that's really exciting. Unfortunately this is only my second time. No you've done two movies with us now. Just one are you sure. Know just one but my Spirit sort of source through some of the other apple. You can tell them preparation. Well save that clip and then the next time I come in just bump in that audio real quick did clue sworn in another movie. Now I think probably just because we talked so much and I pitched a a number of films than we went back and forth that maybe it feels like. Wow the amount of time I spent emailing. You probably felt like a solid hour and a half of talking about movies through the magic of editing. Say Jay thank welcome you are. You are second. two-time Appearance Is Alex. The other one Alex is the other. She'll I'll be back to you soon. Okay hope I can beat her and be the first three time while. You'RE GONNA have to now so I can use it to record an intro. I won't I won't have to rerecord. Perfect okay so we're here today to talk about young Frankenstein which I felt bad because kind of evolved that. I've been talking to people about the movies. That that they that was like their movie when they were growing up. which I don't think this movie has any relevance to you whatsoever but well yes and no okay so I did listen to Europe previously pitched Catchphrase the Yes. Talking to people I love about the movies daily us which I love that by the way thank you however this this does fall in that category. How do I still but but you did say to me? Would you do young Frankenstein. And it was very complimentary because you said the reasoning was that it made you think of me that did so I'll take that I'm going around with it and and since watching it which I can't I can't believe I hadn't seen I can't believe you haven't seen it. I I love it. It's amazing and I'm so glad that I had an excuse to sit down and watch it. And then I watched the documentary after and I just ah obsessed so well. I'm glad I can't think of a movie that has a greater comedic cast than this movie even up against clue do which has a pretty strong comedic cast but everybody in this film gene Hackman clorox. Bleach I mean my God. They're just on Madeline Con Teri Garr Peter Boyle Great comedic actor Gene Hackman. I mean right hall of men when Marty Feldman it's such a revelation to watch it again and really appreciate them all over again. Who was the person when you watched this time? That or this was the first time you've ever saw Indiana who. Who did you gravitate to the most? I think the for my first big impression was closely chairman. That scene where she she lists the warm milk. The ovaltine Dr Care for Brandy before no thank you. No thank you very much no sex all of our team. Nothing nothing thank you. I'm a little tired I was. I was just blown away. Thought this is this is perhaps perhaps my spirit animal but then later on Madeline. Kahn really made it. I mean she's just I'm obsessed with her anyway. So let's play the trailer of young Frankenstein Because it really is a good primer on the film for people who haven't seen it and if you haven't you really need to correct that as soon as possible in your life because your life will be better for having experienced this movie and he will be. I wash it with my eight year old like she was saga show into it and thought thought it was hilarious. And what's great about Mel Brooks is like all the sex jokes just went over her head so far that she didn't even ask me what they were talking about which was great and have to explain spleen. Anything Weird Yeah. She was like why are they smoking. Cigarettes as these people smoked in nineteen seventy four. Here's the trailer coming coming from the dark recesses of the mind of Mel Brooke's Frankenstein Starring Gene Wilder as Dr Frankenstein. That's Franken steam. But what about your grandfather's works or my grandfather's watch washed Peter Boyle as the Monster Party as Michael. My father used to feel grandma. I'm so we'll get along splendidly. Sorry Loris Linkman Shroud Kaluka. You've played that music in the middle of an idea to get us into the laboratory and it was you who left my grandfather's book out for me defined they would then you were Kenneth Mars as the inspector and into battle and con as Elizabeth Lamb. I conduct what are you going to do You listen. I have to be backed by eleven thirty. I'm expecting a very important call books. Frankenstein Kiss I think we could all use a good laugh but don't see it alone. Don't Miss Young Frankenstein personally directed by men who the black and white pets trailer for nineteen seventy four. That's great. I was wondering like I saw doing some research that they you know. Of course they did the young Frankenstein musical on Broadway. I was hoping this was a joke. That Mel was making and and not sort of an egotistical credit because literally the title of the show is the new Mel Brooks Musical Young Frankenstein. I hope that's a Meta joke. Maybe I should look that up. Yeah he's so funny that I would hope so. But then maybe that's frustrating very crass like get their butts in the seats right exactly. It might have just been a deep deep. Marketing ploy is like all the people that know the producers would have no idea. What young Frankenstein is you have to tell them from the right? If Somehow Mel Brooks is Producers was famous but young Frankenstein missed. Any benign. I hope we don't young Frankenstein. Classic Middlebrooks Brooks movie is now a classic Mel Brooks musical and critics and audiences alike or having a monstrously good time. Transylvania heights comes to Broadway in this spectacular new production. They I swatted. All tickets are fifty to one hundred. Twenty Dollars Oh God. Don't miss the screamingly. Funny Young Frankenstein starring Roger Barton Megan. Molly directed directed by Susan. Stroman call eight eight eight Mel Brooks or visit ticketmaster dot com. So Young Frankenstein started actually from an idea of gene wilder who was working on blazing saddles with Mel. Brooks and Mel Brooks tells the story of seeing gene wilder drawing on a yellow legal pad and he had the words young Frankenstein. He said. What's that and this was like gene wilder dream project which I think you can tell? He is so in this movie. Yeah like it is his Labor of love and Got Mel Brooks interested. They worked on the script together. And it's an image to the actual Frankenstein movies from James Whale. Oh from the thirty S. I think through the Mid Thirties base. Yeah I don't think I've seen any of those movies now. I now I want to go back and watch at least nineteen thirty one young Frankenstein and then maybe bride of Frankenstein. Because this movie I know parodies both I did see the movie. Gods and monsters isn't isn't that about James Whale probably. That sounds right. What's his name with? Brendon Frazier Yeah. I saw this. Yes I did not a powerful Hollywood director. Best known for Frankenstein James Wale. Ian mckellen is long since retired and increasingly poor health has stalwart housekeeper. Hannah Lynn Lynn. Redgrave quietly disapproves of Wales faceless nameless parade of young gay lovers but when the director takes interested in new Gardener Clayton Boone a former marine and Korean War veteran. It seems to be something more than his usual. Casual Conquest Bill Condon movie from Nineteen Ninety Eight which won the Academy Award for best adapted. Screenplay I don't think it's to look at Manab. There was a time and at the very pinnacle of my profession. Horror Movies Hoover's behind me. I'd made major success. Big Box office so not to do something important. Picture was called the road back. It was an indictment of the great war. Did Germany was going to be my masterpiece fucking studio butchered. It took the size of my picture. They brought in another director to add some slapstick in the movie later today draped expensive bomb for which I was blamed. Go out of fashion. I could no longer come on the best projects I walked away. Why should I spend my time working in this dreadful business? I do miss it on fifteen years. Making movies is the most wonderful thing in the world. Okay with friends and detaining people yes I think James Whale seems like a really fascinating and interesting guy when I watched some of the making of clips that you were probably watching. I was shocked. We did airplane on the POD And I never knew that airplane is basically directly. Lifted almost scene for scene from from a movie as Bat. Shit crazy as zero hour right. I think you WanNa know what Chad's out alive. Everybody depends on just one thing finding someone back down. This plane didn't have fish for dinner. I think you ought to know what our chances are. The life of everyone onboard depends upon just one thing Finding someone back there can only fly this plane. But who didn't have fish for any of the things that you assume. Are these brilliant comedic setups that these geniuses came up with a really just taken directly from the movie there parodying yes and this is exactly that to like right down to the guy with the weird mechanical arm. Yeah that opening train station when he arrived in Transylvania. That's pretty much shot for shot. Yeah Yeah and I think. That's what lends a movie movie like young Frankenstein. It's greatness is. They're trying not to pair. They are parodying right subject. But they're doing doing it so faithfully in terms of how they're filming it. How they're editing? How the performances are geared? It's jarring when you look at some of the color photographs and everybody's got the green makeup or that. They look the way they need to look at white. It's such a such a great movie. It's such a weird thing unto itself even within the Mel Brooks World. I'm not a huge Mel. Oh Brooks guy sure in general. Yeah I've seen a bunch of them but I don't like flock right but I have a lot of respect for this after all this time definitely when I read that One of the things that wanted for the villagers he wanted them to have British accent which is another way he was sending up James Wales felt because regardless if they were set and Germany or Eastern Europe British accents. And I. It's so funny it's you know I didn't notice it specifically when I'm watching it and I read about it after it's just one of those moments that's subtle enough that you can pass by but once you know it's a little bit of genius and and then I think when they stormed the castle they break the door down. They're chanting in German. Like definitely definitely doing like a mob of Nazis going after the Jews. So there's a lot of varied accenting going on throughout the entire hire movie which is hilarious? Yes let's take a look at the first clip where we meet Madeline Kahn. The uncomparable comparable. This is why I thought of you when I thought of this movie was one of the great things I think about. It is for movie of. It's time for a Mel Brooks movie. You're you're already kind of stacking the deck in a way against like representative female characters of Substance Chart because a Lotta Times he's using women as punch lines or physical punch lines. Yeah and there's some of that in this movie too but this for pure comedy performance The three female leads my. Gosh Gosh are incomparable. Yeah I mean there's not another movie that has three female comedic performances this good and varied and each each classics like so many classic scenes yet. They don't seem like they're competing trying to outdo one another either pitched perfectly for the movie. Yes and they're also distinctly different. It doesn't feel like it really and I think that you know in some interview Mel Brooks said that Montlucon really made it her her gene wilder. Actually he said that she really took this role from kind of small and really made it her own and that is so true and she's brilliant. Is there a Madeline Kahn documentary. Let's make should make one. Okay seriously I would love that we google it. Maybe there is one problem that they usually S. Let's see if there is. There should be madeline. Kahn documentary no doesn't doesn't seem to be one. There's something intimate portrait madeline. Kahn was eight minutes. That's like some show. What is it intimate portrait meddling onto onto audio documentary madeline? Kahn bound con deserve. She does all right well. Let's look into that. That would be great if that custom out of our three time. Appearance of any on the POD. Just cover all Madeline Kahn. Every time I'm here okay. Let's take a look. This is a this. Is the train station scene between the two of them where one of the great things about her character only as relates to her fiance gene wilder as she refuses to be kissed touched or handled in any way suite. Dotting all my dearest love. I'll can't be hours that you're away darling. So not on the lips. What I'm going to party at Non Nicky slater? I don't want to smear my lipstick mystic understand. Of course all oh dear well I guess this is Freddie. How can I saw a few minutes when it's taken me a lifetime to understand? Won't you try. You've got it Mr. I'm yours all of me. What else can I say? Most we'd love hair just said sorry. Sorry I hope you like old fashioned weddings. I prefer old fashioned wedding night carnival. Does that mean you love me. You Bet your boots it does all my only love Taffeta tiling sweetheart no the dress Taffeta wrinkles go so easily visit Horrid Madigan. Hurry now for I make a fool of myself nail. She's also just gorgeous and hilarious and unique. I mean the other interesting thing about the movie is all three of the female characters are so uniquely good with an opposite gene wilder. Yeah in their own way like he doesn't really belong to any one of them He certainly engaged to Madeline Kahn here. But he then comes to have fair fall in love with Terry guards character And that sort of feels right you kind of want them to succeed as a couple. You don't want him to be with Madeline Kahn. Who then luckily finds finds love with? She's just so brilliant and her are singing voice is so well utilized in this film. We're GONNA play beautiful. We'll get to that later and the brilliant Marty Feldman is another revelation and rabbit hole to go down because there hasn't really been anyone as uniquely bizarre weird as Marty Feldman. Yeah who engenders beloved response from everybody you can see in the making of thing. You just seems like the kind of guy that everyone loves to be around gene milder mentioning mentioning. I think that he was really nervous. Onset because it was such a star studded cast and was nervous and so his energy led to sort of these really really great improvise moments instead of prank type. Things that ended up being things that got the were put in the movie. The ones you could remember him talking about so he talked about about the walk this way that he did just somewhere onset in rehearsal. Let's go allow me my stuff. Thanks very much walk. This and Mel Brooks said keeping it. Hey this is Matt. The engineer the back in the seventy s when Aerosmith ran the studio working on material for the album that would become toys in the attic. It took a break and Kat Young Frankenstein at a theater on the way back to the studio studio there apparently joking about the walk this way. Seen knowing that Joe Perry and Steven Tyler had written a song that had yet to have title producer Jack. Douglas pitched walk this way. As the title. And that lead to becoming one of the most classic rock songs of the Seventies Anyway Back Jason and Jenni and he said no no no. That's such an old joke. And he said keep it in I and I mean so memorable Mel Brooks went to put it in two more of his films he in Robben Henman and tight. Marin stop worth it just say say nay walk this way then he put it in history of the world part one. That's the light. Touch of Mel Brooks looks right right exactly this works. Let's let's let's kill. It was trying to amuse the cast and crew between takes and the old walk this way joke and then the other thing I read was the Hump Remove removed. Yes sort of as prank waiting for the cast to notice when they did. I was another keep it in moment and I wonder if that inspired inspired the moving mole and Robin Hood men in tights on Hundred character on one hundred percent. I'm sure it one hundred percent Mardi so good and I love how again the subtlety of Mel Brooks the first shot. Where you see Marty? As Igor Mel freeze frame it pushes into his giant Bulbous. All this is just an underscore. She's missed that for a disease. purists out there would like to know why. Hey Marty Feldman look the way he did. How many of your viewers listeners? Do you think are disease purist. Probably a lot probably probably a lot. Marty suffered from thyroid disease and developed graves up Thal mop affi OPTIMA pathy which caused his eyes to protrude become misaligned. Additionally a childhood injury a car crash boating accident in reconstructive surgery may have also contributed to his appearance. Whatever her works honey? You know what I mean. Those is my going was like agog looking at his eyes wondering what was going on and they really do i. Actually I haven't seen the movie in a while. I was watching it last night and I I I thought like wow how did they do. Those prosthetic is about an inch out of Marty's head. Yeah very extreme strain is very extreme. That's great and I love you. Just go on about gene wilder forever in this. I don't know if this is the best gene wilder movie ever. It'd be hard not to put Charlie and the chocolate factory on their So we're street came up recently because in our Harold and Maude episode the screenwriter. Harold and Maude also wrote Silver Streak. Bizarrely that's right Colin Higgins and he wanted to do a sequel. Where Richard Pryor's character from silver streak? He taught maude how to steal cars in Prequel that that can't be real. It's real really. Yeah he wanted to do like I love Harold D'Amato anti silver streak a lot as we said I mean Richard Pryor and Ruth Gordon yes not ruth buzzy now although that would be good too but Richard Pryor and Ruth Gordon would have been amazing so looking at gene wilder film career small part Bonnie and Clyde I always forget that. Aren't you glad we pick you up. Good Ran Dan host. Maybe on join up boy Sherwood flies here that back home with bill to say if they heard Lordy. What do you do anyhow now? I'm an undertaker to get them out of here. It's hard to almost appreciate what he's doing wing and how complicated it is. Because he makes it so effortless and so both of any character that he's playing but also always gene wilder performance in a really interesting way. Yeah I don't know how does that. But my God he's so talented and there's so much physicality in his performances and it's an it's really varied. I'm Charlie and the chocolate factory is so different than silver streak. That's so different from young Frankenstein. Yes he also has this undercurrent of anger. You're always yeah but it becomes negative in some way. He's always kind of playing that so so that you understand that the character is misguided in a certain way. Yeah there's like an undercurrent of frustration. And all his characters that's interesting observations observation and I didn't host just for the element here for the likes. Okay so speaking of the anger. That's good cue for this clip. Ah I go. Would you give me a hand with the bags so you take the under house i. They stopped at talking about the luggage. Yes ladies this way. It's going to be night if you need me. Help with the goals please. Gene cracking up takes was like a ongoing problem on the set. Yes almost to the point of annoyance to some of the other cast members closely Schmidt specifically said in several interviews that it was very frustrating and she actually felt at times that her best takes weren't able to make it into the film because he broke so often and then that seeing that we just I saw with the with the biting the Fox stole they said was the Mellberg's said in an interview that it was the best and worst day of his life because it was so funny but they kept breaking so they had to do it over and over and over and Marty Feldman kept getting some of the for his mouth and that would set off gene wilder. Dr Just was this over and over again so that take yeah. I think he can see him on the starting to break. It's funny because you always hear the comedians in comedic filmmakers. Talk about that the way to do a movie like this is to play it straight largely and that's how you get it to be really funny and certainly gene wilder is doing that right where he fell been you know. He's he's the type of comedic actor who is doing that but he also totally to the camera and and is chewing scenery. Chorus doesn't really do that. I think Kerry guard does a little of that but I could see chorus being sort of old school in that regard. I think her and Madeline Kahn. I think both played very straight you think madeline contemplated straight I think so well. She's a little goofy though. I mean Komo. It's hard too because like their character. So yeah but closely chairman is like just deadpool. Incredible incredible serious and and coarsely. Lebron and Mel Brooks are both still alive and they're both ninety three years old. Wow that's crazy. That is crazy now when we get into our madeline. Kahn documentary. I I think one of the things we're going to discover. There's a certain remove with her in a way. Gene Wilder is so emotional and available He's not holding you. At arm's length length even when his characters are using their anger or screaming or whatever he's giving of himself so much on screen and there's a warmth. Have you ever seen gene wilder talk. He's very soft soft delicate and gentle. He's not at all. He's a very spiritual person when you were nominated for an academy award for that positive. Did you feel that The derive arrived where nothing position success as an actor. A family popularity yell known really I thought that it was When I think back to those days now how fragile that kind of success is my tendency is to say no but to be honest I think I probably it'll be thought yes? Tell me why it's almost every ounce glide read about you suggests that Gene Wilder AH fields insecure. That you spent something like seven years. I think in analysis how will have to be insecure to be an analysis. No no no no but I said at the suggestion was that you are cica like every human being. I'm insecure in some things and very confident than others. I should say was. Unfortunately they passed away. Two Thousand Sixteen but there is a thing with Melanchon. Who has this incredibly rare comedic gift? But it's always a little bit at a remove. Yeah I don't know if that's just the character she got no. I think that that's another great observation. I think fit. It does feel like there's a separation for her with. She does an amazing job in the character. But I do think that there's not as much Openness when it's a little more at arm's reach until then I'm more Al-Turk protected. I guess I wonder if you were around her and met her. If that would be the if that would be what it would feel like whereas like from whatever when saying about Marty Ready Feldman it's like he's just this big like funkier kitten puppy dog presidents. What you see is what you get same onscreen same offscreen? I don't know what she would have been like. Yeah Yeah I'm kind of amazing but we're going to find out because I think that Madeline Kahn documentary you. Don't we're going to call it if anyone anyone knows you. You don't have the title. You may not be the right person to climb right. Just Gimme a minimum on. What's the most iconic Madeline Madeline? Kahn uttered phrase in the history of movies. You would jealous that your husband was stopping at that. That's why killed him to yes I did. I killed I hated her so much. It it it. Flame flames flames on the side of my face. Rebate breath heaving breaths flames. uh-huh Madeline Kahn. Story Okay I how did you miss this. I I was trying to think of a pun using her name. Yeah exactly Jenny now. I know Jason Cope with flames. I got you freaking flames Nino Day and no I I was thinking I wasn't thinking of basing title off off of a quote. That's that's what were you don't want to. I don't want to impose my title on the film so you tell me what your thoughts give me. Give me an hour after we're done taping and then we'll just uh-huh boom boom boom okay. Well why don't you email me later. A list of your top five names for the thing and I'll read them into the record here the listeners. There will just be waiting baited breath for that list. I think one of the things we have to play of course. Because that's why they give you an actual frau bluecher button on the DVD. That you can play over and over again I am how in May I present Frau Bluecher after you file. Good night. probl her her looks her. Pain awareness is so good it is so good and I and I read. That Mel Brooks told her that the reason that one of the stories was that the reason the horses when he is because because her means glue. But that's not true. That's what everyone says but anyway doesn't mean that he had some Kalu thing that there was like a German. Yeah General Officer named Morris. I think sounded fun. Yeah I think she still doing it man. She's doing voice work. Of course she s she has four for film credits in Two Thousand Twenty Outta here. She really is amazed ninety three years old Jenny. I can barely make work. I know God. That's insane she was eighty two. She appeared on dancing with the stars and then tried to cast her in the Broadway version of young Frankenstein. He offered her the role of frog pro. I can't say Buca Frau blew her. Yes not quite And she was considering during it but then I think scheduling or something in the way and and then the show closed pretty quickly on property. Yeah I think it's like It's probably because of the legal title seven to two thousand nine. I think it was. She's in the new mad about you. Do you have thoughts about that. Your child of the nineties so I am the greatest generation the nineties. Just kidding Were you a original mad about you. Viewer did watch mad about you again. These ads that it's that are bringing it back. Yeah I have it Piques my interest rest but it's just it's I don't know really playing on the ninety s nostalgia the grace resetting. Oh yeah big time but I think that they want it to become a thing. But I'm not sure anyone has actually asking for any of this stuff. Well I don't know I think I think there is a there. There's something about ninety s culture true. That's very nostalgic. Because it's not just that it's there are these pop up restaurants in like L. A.. Like there's like they did the Max. which is the restaurant saved by the Bell Arts or crafts marketing? But don't foisted upon us there so successful so I do think that at least frank is coming back at least a fairly spring bring never went away. I guess that's true in our hearts our hearts at least actually bought my daughter Lisa Frank Sweatshirt which I thought was going to be child size but it was actually adult sized. Yeah but she wears it anyway. Nineties nostalgia that's nineties but I wonder how I mean like I. Apparently I'm a child of the ninety s which I didn't realize until today but now thank you I appreciate it. Sounds like you embrace it so but I wonder how many people buying these right now are not people. Don't know anything This is the most film credits on closely. I ever seen on an IMDB page and we've talked a lot on the pot about these kind of life life actors. The you're impressed by her film. Career starts in one thousand nine hundred forty seven and runs to the present day. She has two hundred eighty seven credits as an actor but is insane by the way people don't know anything about what you just said that. Consider that for that. Maybe the tagline of the show of this podcast too. I thought you were going to say Madeline Kahn. People go no no no anything You know what I think was a funny cameo of course Leach Man. I'm trying to find it. I probably should have found it before. I started racing. No Twelve Adam. Twelve No. She was in Fake it's the It's it's in an episode of the office. She's in a fake film that that PAM and Andy and jammer watching. We've had this conversation before I don't know anything about American office. How okay so yeah purist? I'm not it's not that I'm a purist it's just that I watched and enjoyed the British version And I don't I never felt any need to get an Americanized version of it. I under I understand that. It's supposed to be very good. Everybody who's great was in this show. Yeah it's very very kimmy Schmidt. Love her she's kind of a would you say she's a modern madeline. Kahn type I I think she's she's really great she's really great. One of my former college. Capella excuse me. I'm that's right whenever anyone says one of my former college acapella we have to stop down right. They're taking It it's so weird on. Capella was a part of your life in your college years. Where did you go to college? I went to Boston University. Okay big ACAPELLA school. I think so was the movie with the cups out then. Already know that came after generation making a movie about their acapella years. Yes but Sarah Chase who I was GONNA mention. Who's who was on Kimmy Schmidt was in Acapella with me at Bu and she actually had started to write a screenplay for movie about Acapella? And I don't think that's I don't think that it became pitch perfect but we hit another Acapella acolyte here at meeting house but from the Ivy Leagues. I don't know if that's a separation. Shen like is there. Is there small data. I mean we went. We went to excuse me now. I see well what does that. The International Inter Collegiate Collegiate College. Chorale Kala well. The Funny Story About Me Doing Acapella in college is that I had absolutely no interest and doing that. Especially because the group I ended up with was an all female a cappella group which Gen- genuinely felt like what my nightmare would be. But what happened. Was My boyfriend at the time was in the very very popular. Dear Abbey's Capella Group. I have no idea. I assume these still exist and are just as wildly popular but and he was like you should join the arse like sort up sister and what was the name of your terp Sikri. which is that Greek News of Song and dance stop? Laughing is too good. I think the names of of college a Cappella after. Look that up Oh they're always so good. Well Our's I'm at least happy that we weren't one of those now various tunes treble or you know like Here comes treble. Yeah but nobody can pronounce launch her or whatever the hell the Sikri we went by turps turps a corey. No it's trips decorated. Nobody knows that they didn't name the group it was like you know. But that's a reason to first female a Cappella Group of you. Look I had a great day-time they're probably still really great. I'm not gonNA disparage terp Sikri and forbid you don't want those well what was actually fun about it for me. WAS THAT I. It was my first foray into sort of comedic musical performance which was not a thing they did but I pitched to them. I was like what if I sang all by myself. But like crying like in it and like at one point and then everybody was leaving the stage in the end it was like justice. Sounds hilarious. Finale pull tissues out of my tears yeah it it really works. I mean it was. It was a funny thing. You push them into new comedic performance that otherwise would not have been a part because it's probably very deadly serious most of it yeah. I think it's pretty. Let's play a game journey. I have here in front of me. A list of collegiate aged acapella group. I'm GonNa give you the name of the group and you're GonNa tell me which university how I'm GonNa make I'm GonNa Start Enzi with you. I'm going to start with some in and around around your location. You'll know some of these the Din and tonics now Harvard University. Okay I well. We knew we got to know the ones is that competed against you. Yeah okay how about the logger. Rhythm new you're gonNA know that okay. Let me try and give you another one. How about this though I guess? Mit Resonance gives it away. That's how about the muses. I don't know that also. MIT sure appeal now. toughs Bob's tap sat on the list. Be Ozone boobs is on the list The Beasley Bumps Elza boobs. That's how I said it is that right. I would say tough Salaam right in. Let us know I would say Beasley Easel boobs. But I'm sure they would just some bad names and you don't have to guess whether from but fundamentally sound. Oh that's bad. Where do you think that would be from from Boston? College University of Wisconsin. Let's see thought we were staying local. Okay about on a sensual note Now American University. That's that that's to freighted. There are a lot of. It'll be too easy to guess. What the Smith poofs? Oh yeah another great thing about the movie is when they're all in scenes together. This is like for comedy nerds. There's a great thing to watch for in this movie because you take for granted. You're watching the movie. It's just entertaining. It's hilarious but timing and balance and in the scene who's doing doing what when is actually really probably meticulous when it comes to this type of stuff otherwise it could get kinda thrown off because somebody is sort of inadvertently too funny in the background versus what's going on in the foreground so when they have these complicated scenes where they're all in them. I'm just amazed by how well they work. Of course I from what you're saying. They probably had to shoot it a hundred million times. And that's probably something else Mel Brooks rehearsed for three weeks prior to filming the movie to get the timing down. You know. The secret to comedy is right. Jenny asked me what the secret company is. Geez someone timing jogos kills. Let's just get every time. I think I might be the only one I'm really. I wasn't in any groups in college. Nobody would have me. Did you try making a joke. I think that's why I think I use that as my lead. Nobody nobody gave me the time of day Improv groups or what you want your introverted a soccer scholarship. No kidding I was the least athletic person in the history of teenage boys. I did not play any sports. It's I was a malcontent. Was An army jacket wearing a long haired sneering contemptuous cynical hippie in highschool. See your like anti the nineties. Because that's really what you're what you're Zeitgeist was. No because I was born in nineteen sixty nine so when I was ten eleven in years old it was nineteen seventy nine nineteen eighty so I would say I'm a child of the seventy s first and foremost and then formative really entertainment wise the eighties. But you were born in seventy nine sixty sixty nine. Okay Yeah Sixty nine okay just ten years back. You're welcome attack it. Use Them what's the matter giving you. Click the walked walked. I saw those large sat. Folks don't be so again knows it Maybe the greatest payoff gene wilder working himself up into hydrogen Saga Soga. Wow Oh it's funny about that too is no other point in. The movie is Eager Igor Smoking like that's not something that he does it really just pulling going out of cigarette a comedy. It's what makes it so good You mentioned Madeleine Khan and her singing voice which is this is a great scene in between her and also realized watching this that I probably make the mistake that many people do when I was a child certainly made this. If you saw Frankenstein's Stein's monster you would say it's Frankenstein but it's not now. I did that. Why is that the only thing like that? Because it's like Frankenstein should be the name of the thing MHM It should be the name of the creature because that's what it is or. Why isn't the movie called Dr Frankenstein? Yeah they could've cleaned that up. A little is what I'm saying. So let's let's get Mary Shelley on the line. Nineteen years one thousand nine years old when she wrote that. What did you do when you're nineteen saying the a Capella Group? Yes yeah well. Not many of US wrote Frankenstein. We were nineteen Mary Shelley. So good for you. You're a little overachiever. So this is the famous love. I've seen between Melanchon in Peter Boyle as Frankenstein's monster and it's the long pay off for all the don't touch me me stuff. She does with gene wilder and as Jenny pointed out a great use of her beautiful singing voice. Who What are you what what do you want? What do you want to calm down? I'm not afraid of you. How much do you want to let me go? My father is very rich. You can have the entire world at your fingertips. Listen I have to be backed. Hi Eleven thirty. I'm expecting a very important call. Thanks Oh oh oh you can't be serious I'm I oh my God look I'm engaged and once it was never all off. Aw Oh so good. It's so so good. And what's so great about that. Is She asked Mel Brooks if she could sing that. which is obsolete mystery of life instead of what he had proposed which was cheek-to-cheek because was it starts with an awe so she could go right into the song and it's so funny and so brilliant? Wow yeah she's got. I can't wait for our documentary. Yeah I know okay what else. What else do you WanNa talk about in relation to young Frankenstein Gene Hackman gene? Hackman wanted to do do this. Because he wanted to prove that he could do. He wanted to try comedy. Yep Now they say this. I don't know if this is really true. Do you believe this. That audiences didn't didn't recognize him when the movie was released. I kind of do I think maybe in that nineteen seventy four time. That could actually be possible. Because we're not like inundated at that time I'm with everybody all the time. And exactly how they looked last week right and no one thought of him as a comedic actor so Maybe it wasn't in anyone's mind that that's who that could be but any wasn't originally credited when the Fed that's why yeah so i. You gotTa have the clip and I lost it here to find it again but yes it's just what you were saying. He wanted to try comedy and since he played tennis with Gene Wilder Milder. He asked if he could I was kind of depressed to hear that I mean I'm glad for them that they were like physically active. But it's sort of went against my archetype that had out of my mind of gene wilder that he was like an active tennis player. I don't know much you whether you want your gene. I don't know I guess I mean I don't know I just tennis just trampoline at home though just kind of elite you know yeah and he seems like so much of his comedy is so pointedly kind of anti societal conventions. Yeah you know if you think about all the characters that he plays he's always pointing out something about ourselves so it's like the Anti Sport Acapella skateboarding now. I wouldn't really see him as a skateboard. I guess I see him sort of like like sitting around in a sumptuous reading room like in a smoking jacket opening tomes. Yeah that's what I want. That's what I want to think of bringing ringing Gilda some T- you know like playing tennis with Gene Hackman L. A.. And I guess that's probably part of that they all have but you now. It's true semi read about these people meeting for Brunch and Beverly Hills. I'm like Oh you don't want to know that it's funny. I was looking for the blind priests seen seen earlier today and for some reason that scene is such a classic I could find it dubbed into Italian Spanish. All these other languages have of that scene dubbed Soga cigars is good good fire. Five as our friend Yes You see you see you have your cigar. Let me see yeah. Don't inhale until it Wait wait where are you calling how. He's GonNa make a special great lines so good said he ad libbed that yes and the reason that it goes is to black right away. Is that everyone on the set. Crackdown they're like had to just cut right there because it was too funny. Great what a what a debut for anyone give Gene Hackman great comedies. After this he was in the birdcage true. See that's another nineties movie for you. Yeah that's what I'm here for. All right let's talk a little bit about your childhood television. Viewing Habits Jenny the child of the eighties while I was born in Eighty S. Does that count. As long as I was on all grew up in the night. Then you're ten in one thousand nine hundred ninety so your formative television movie years were the ninety s yeah I was in Nineteen ninety-four you're born in nineteen eighty four was okay. You're not a child of the eighties. Jenny your child of the nineties. The child of the ninety S. I know why you don't want to admit that I would not want to admit no. I had a great childhood. I just didn't hear your parents are great job. I'm just saying in terms of a decade decade to be from right. You'd really much rather say you're a child of the eighties and the nineties. Because the nineties is as we've also discussed on the pod the worst decade in the history of the musically culturally. Go T's plaid jackets. You weren't into like there's really nothing good in I. I mean there's nineties he went into that really was then. I think we all regret that. Sh- you guys parody garrity in your musical career so so it's not like you don't see it for what it is Joe. I'm Chad I'm blake and we're from the band. Simon Never said we've toured with groups like Hootie and the blowfish gin blossoms in dish Walla. We've sold millions of CDs and tapes. Were celebrating twenty years together as a band in an honor. This occasion re-releasing The music video for the song that made us famous from Nineteen ninety-six. It's interesting girl uh-huh. She wears t shirts marine gene on Wednesdays. She tells me that herself is not. She wants to be now. She likes to buy in bulk. Etched drinks water from the toilet tells me to thirty when it's really golden to three now. WHO's used removed? You is like everything suggests us from the way that a normal person. Now it's it is very I mean. Maybe that's why I like it so much so much fodder for drill L. Comedy so you think you missed some of the movies from the seventies in the eighties. I although I feel like I got a I got a A I was lucky that I had a decent education from my parents and my oldest sister bringing me into these like my older sisters. One Who showed me clue came out in eighty five live so they had good taste. And what are they like when you were growing up. What was the what was the atmosphere? Did they like funny movies. Do they like all movies. A lot of comedy. He's my sister was very into British stuff. So that's where I got the Monty Python and that whole introduction and British TV that was pretty great and then my parents. I think the movies we watched frequently as a family we watched city slickers. We watched Apollo Thirteen. Yes yes definitely we wash father of the bride's the Steve Martin One. I'm guessing that your father was the lone male and a house. Full of women is one hundred hundred percent correct. Can I please get apollo thirteen on the right. There's like what three voices yeah. There are three girls girls drowning more four with my mom. Four with your mom drowning him out but my our dog was male so he okay. Do the dog ever get to choose one of the movies all right so what else was watched at all. Both my parents I think were really into Steve. Martin Billy Crystal so a lot of that okay those films and then Dirty Rotten Scoundrel. Oh Yeah love dirty rotten rave movie great movie one of my favorites. Oh gene wilder. That's alright Cecil restrict and then my dad and I also have this idea of like the mystery kind of thriller thing so we they were into that okay. What type of movies or TV shows both so I was very into Poirot so mystery Falutin? I'm very fancy I tried to get into poirot recently. I haven't found the entry point. What about Sherlock the current love? It love it love it but that's where I tried to get like. I've tried many times. I've I've actually read some of the Poro novels Agatha Christie Classic and. I'm not sure what it is about. The filmed adaptations that. I haven't been able to get into well. I think that the TV series David Suchet Paro is my in in my try that again. There's something about it. I don't know what it is that that I haven't been sick my teeth because that's totally my John. Yeah definitely okay and then sneakers. I was one of the first movies. That's exactly that but it's a great movie. Oh God I love sneakers when I watched that reminds me of such a simpler time when we could it. Just be happy watching a movie like that. Yeah yeah a little joking between Sidney Poitier and Redford Yup that stuff. That's such a good movie. Those are probably I probably like ten MC tastes and your House Indiana Jones those that series. Yeah and would you guys go out to the movies or watch movies at home or both both. But usually I think at home we did a lot. We did like a fam- There's your family movie night. I know I know Pie. An ice cream and Pretty much idyllic I know where did you grow. Up Massachusetts northeastern Massachusetts is that are you saying northeastern with an accent now northeastern noticed and Espn Eastern Eastern. Gopher when MHM that sounds Idyllic Jenny sort of you know. I grew up in Connecticut. Oh Yeah just knowing on Sports Fan went to college Massachusetts. I'M GONNA get ready to Google quickly here so take me back in time boy do. It's the ninety s Lou. Young journeys home from the school Were you a latchkey child or is your mom home when you got home from school. What was your after school lifelike? Some Oh my God let me guess. TAP ballet voice voice lessons piano right not piano. I wish I had panic all the others. Yeah I was very lucky I. My mom was a kindergarten teacher rates so she was usually for most of my life. She was home before I was home. Okay there were a few years where I think I got home before her. By maybe like half an hour middle school probably what was I watching. What what what age are we're talking about here? I mean I always think of this sweet spot of childhood television is GonNa be is like ten to twelve to. I don't know like preteen years somewhat but it could really be anything. Whatever for you was just the most formative essential thing that you watched when you came home from school? I remember watching when I when I was younger and came home from school. Lamb chops. Play along. You mean like Jerry Lewis. That's right if you're into fun in tiny put you away. If you like dying to clamp down and you're like having wins Ryan if you wanted those by it is dead go little buddy. You're about to see Tory. This place Okay I did not know that Jerry. Lewis tried to to invent white hip hop in the nineties. She didn't try. She succeeded. Jason that's incredible yeah and then the ending theme was the most annoying Song of all all time. Is it the song that never ends as the Sean Long. That and goes on literally annoyed already lost weight. Some people stop ising and is now in the music. Yeah I can't John tell the joke is just goes on and on on and doesn't end that's it banned because the change the better for kids show it will vary gets. It was a funny show. She was ninety two to ninety five and then reruns until ninety seven so that fits in that pocket right. Yeah that's perfect. I remember being really into and you saved by the Bell Circa Stab brought out the last all the words were all of these things hot steph. You could play twenty seconds of any nineties theme song and I can tell you what it is probably five seconds say by about now. I'm trying to remember because this is a little after my time When when I got it when I when we watched saved by the Bell We watched it ironically. So when was this on ninety three ninety five like we were in college or Post College when this was successful Samba the bell. Let's see aiding of eighty nine to ninety ninety. Three eighty nine weird one. I watched a lot of reruns. Y- eighty-nine was probably good morning bliss. Yes that's right which was right. which is a different show so ironically? And there's there's a great viewing to be had when watching this. Ironically that's why all the means that we enjoy now like you know the the show showgirls. Yeah the showgirls one. What's her name Jesse Span? East Elizabeth Berkeley is referred to them as characters I because of your it close personnel relationship to them. Yeah I remember actually my my my sister Melissa and my next door neighbor troy and I went into the Expo Center in Boston because mark. Paul Guzzler Glossary I'm sure was there signing autographs and it was like you're going -ironically. No I was a child and his dad agreed to take us and I remember. It's probably like February so agrees. I wanted to look like. It was summer morale capacity so I wore shorts and a tee shirt and kids. I was free. I don't know how mom was an indoor mall. Hopefully it was the expert center. I don't know what that means as the big trade shows. Yes it's changed names like what was it was like a comecon or something no so it was like probably the something weird like a car. Show that for some reason. I don't know why he was. So you're there and I remember being like maybe we'll notice that I look identical to Jacob Hausky at but in a nine year old's body and he had he did not care about the nine year old fans because they were like women fans who were there seeing him when he was probably not seventeen years he was probably not now so. I don't know how you did succeed. You you're able to go through the line and get the autograph. Yes yes did you have to pay for the auditor effort. Did your tough guy. I don't remember remember probably before paying for autographs was a thing of any. was there Ariza attraction to draw people in yeah to our show or whatever autographs. My I did get an autograph and a picture with my first real serious serious S. heartthrob boy crush. Jonathan Taylor Thomas Down at the creek in yanked the turtle out of their digit. Now if I go down a creek and find some confused Turtle's Shell GonNa go into the drought really. Yeah Oh yeah it was probably like eleven twelve which is weird because you wouldn't be watching home home improvement would you watch improvement to see jt. Right and also. I'm the youngest of three so I ended up watching a lot of like sitcoms and stuff that were a little old. What the hell's calls? Jt at that's what you're doing now. No idea see like he got out of the acting game good for him. Hopefully he's okay. I think he went to Harvard or something. I mean I. I think that he did okay. Upon graduation enrolled at Harvard where he studied philosophy and history and spent his third year abroad at Saint Andrews in two he does a ten. He graduated from Columbia. Gosh yeah good for you. Jt Right he doesn't know your look back in two thousand thirteen two thousand fifteen last man standing. which is Tim Allen show which he probably went onto a guest also directed directed three episodes? Jt that was a big thing. He was a heartthrob right. Oh Yeah I was really into him. Did you have like posters All over my walls. Very Gosh there. I don't think of you is like Fan girling in that way but I mean I was kind of A. I was ECLECTIC their magazines at the time. Oh yeah all those. Like teen beat the big bopper and all that junk out all those well. Oh I didn't subscribe to them but if they had GT. And the my would beg my mom till let me get them would you like hind for. Jt like what was the phantom. Like you know what's funny to again. I was like one day. Would it take up a significant portion to say something that you're into now although I do have a memory of calling Four one one and trying to ask for his number. Why did you know what Tony lived in now? Like I said probably in Los Angeles and I think I called again in pretended to four one one works Jane. Thank you for your call. You get like your town like Los Angeles. Jonathan Taylor Thomas hold one moment please you call four one. One pretended to be an agent. Like I was trying to like a nine year old agent. What were you going to do if you got him on the phone? Tell him that I well. I knew that if he just had a chance to talk to course no that we were meant to be together. We'll do you think he is. Today I looked. He's thirty eight. Is that crazy yeah. He's still young. Yeah good for him him. Gt sounds good. But of course. Jonathan Taylor Weiss. That's that's the real name that would have been. Jt has real name is Jonathan Taylor Weiss much yes how do I not know this about my main man. Maybe when at the time we've been have wikipedia back then in the ninety probably didn't have to learn much about okay so jt was a big part of it What other good television tidbits can we glean from the life of Jenny in the ninety s now very formative show for me was buffy the vampire slayer which I still think is like one of the best shows ever? I don't think I watched it in real time at that point. Okay Oh my God well everyone. I was obsessed with us. Who Played Angel? He was my next big Oh my God just a fan a good guy I just WanNa know. If he's worthy of your why did you don't know I don't know anything about autumn. You probably a lot more on my scandal. Everything on him around him playing a vampire dangerous so okay. I'm not sure that I was really serious. I just assumed that he was like you. Know that black guy but in real life but Sarah Michelle Gellar was amazing Alyson Hannigan. Whatever happens Sarah Michelle? She's she has a line now of baked goods organic baked goods. That she she still acting she is just two kids. Ed's she's married to Freddie Prince Junior or are they still married good for them you know. What after dumping on the Nineties Jenny? You all seem to be doing very well. It's the generation that actually it's all fucked up from teenage star divorces and everything like everybody. I'm like she's married to Freddie Prinze Junior. She's very gorgeous man and and they have beautiful children and she has a probably incredibly successful line of baked goods. Yeah and they're probably organic can't arts called food stirs and they're gonNa canucks connect you follow her on on the ground. You know what I gotTa Stop Shitting on your generation thank you. Wow you guys really had it together. I really changed. You know I I think you did. It actually did learn something. Jt went to to Ivy League colleges. And what's her name my Mba Alec. She went to study neuroscience science yes she was blossom and then back blossomed again on. TV All over and big bank there. That's kind of like fill your mystery with kind of team kind of cast had like the angsty high school each romance but it also had like mystery and a little like darkness to it and a lot. aww comedy because Draw Sweden. Who Josh Weeden yes? How about my so called life? That was a little older than me. So my older sister watched that one and I caught it sometimes especially yeah I know I know I would dare leto. Jordan Catalano. Lana I'm very familiar with like A. She was very but yeah. That was a few years older. Yeah Yeah Okay. What else can we some good? TV to beltway we were really into Tgif that was oh TGIF oh there's a theme song for it you should. That's a show. No that was like a Friday night. Lineup thank God. It's Friday on ABC. Maybe I wish you could see how horrifying it is to see you like Completely light up and come alive when I hear ninety cheesy theme Song Jenny. It's who I am. So what's on the TGIF lineup sooners Thursdays. Fridays works so it switched. But I think the original one that I saw when I was pretty young was perfect. Perfect strangers with balch back and Larry. Oh yeah perfect strangers I think of this earlier but okay that was earlier but I watched it because it was family program is is this a prime time Friday night. Yeah back toback half hour show exactly okay. I don't remember which is the most thing I've ever heard name all the shows. I recall humber coached but Perfect strangers off family matters of course Sol house step by step and then at some point I believe hanging with Mr Cooper was maybe in that mix and perfect strangers left at some point that I step by step. You should step by step. I'm missing some Major. I hear some major shows right. WanNa play a little of the theme song for me. I'll tell you. What do you got it from that? Now no the same amount of college. Here's what is that. You don't get this weight. I've got to get better at this magic. Ah clueless is the greatest. Sabrina the teenage witch. How that was after my time? Well it's ninety six to two thousand three on. I don't know if I believe that but to try to place this might Melissa. Who is the middle sister and I would bring our stuffed animals downstairs? Here's to put on the couch with us so we were I was not. I was young shelter for my daughter. Does it eight. Yeah so it's probably the same way. Okay so perfect. Strangers Full House. Yes Mr Belvedere. That was man before my time. San Possible Eighty five to ninety. Just the ten of US never heard of that. I know spin off of growing pains. Oh okay I never heard of that. Family matters US named. That's okay dinosaurs. Oh dinosaurs Mr for sure you watch that. Oh Yeah I'm the baby got us with Jim. Henson kids muppets yet. It was like a disturbance sharper. Her and more like sarcastic. It was. Yeah here's the theme and it on on home saying like if you take all these shows collectively it's a lot how to nothing. How dare you? I mean seriously out of all these twelve shows like you mentioned some good shows but but this is all. This is what I was. This is what I was watching and allowed to watch when I was young. And it's fluff. I mean it was every story got resolved for the happy end. Everybody had a hug at the end. Very positive messaging and minus. Now if you go back and watch and I'm sure it's quite offensive in that great nineties way. Where like you know? Twenty five percent of the jokes were like is something gay but but it was good at the time. Yeah you're right. I mean like my daughter will watch live in Mattie right now is like what if you were if you were eight years old. Now you'd be obsessed with live in Mattie which is Dove Cameron playing sisters stors okay and it generally feels good. It's like Disney But there's a lot of SAS and sharp Ta and so we get a lot of that in the house traumatic different world for wait a minute. What and she learns and picks up a lot of these things? So you're right that those shows would be innocuous and you really have have no problem watching having your child watch urkel or any of these shows where it's like but I'm just saying it's kind of like rotting your brain. You're pouring sugar in your cavities ladies. Yes definitely yeah no. I think that it was the it was some of the homie programming. I don't know if my oldest sister heather would watch it because she was eight years older than me but for free. It's hard to find programming. That like you know all three GonNa Watch. That's true shouting. She watched but let's that's pretty good. I think we learned a lot about you today. You reveal the lot between the ACAPELLA and the television viewing thank you so much. Welcome for appearing now for your sixth exchange pod. Where's my blazer okay? You know what when you're here six times we'll give you a blazer with a patch it will have a obey you can can get a a JT patch from Esi. Oh my gosh I helped you. Shouldn't you have like a denim like an acid washed denim jacket with a sleeve of patches of all your nineties crushes and TV talismans would love that more than anything you actually would like. I really would aware that. Way because again. The Ninth Generation Aka the greatest generation celebrate the greatest generation to. We'll just to and then it'll be the sequel to the nineteen fifties. We're very nostalgic. It's true you know what you have changed my opinion about this because I was judge mental coming from the generation prior to you but you you know what I'm going to say that you're right I'll put it this way. You weren't fed material challenging enough to cause your generation to suffer any kind of L. consequences like we were we watch fucked up shit on TV and went to movies. That were inappropriate in. There was more of that. Messed it messed us up. got into our heads. Yeah you guys man. This is just like plop down in front of the TV and pop up a bowl of popcorn mom because nothing bad's going to happen trust. It's kind of be safe on TV. You know I'm so glad that you came around. I feel like maybe this is kind of like the ending of a ninety s television show. You're right it's like. The old guy learned a little something something about himself just when he thought the barn doors were closed to new knowledge and new things. Yeah I wish maybe we could like full House Violin Music over this conversation violin music anytime there is a heart to heart. Conversation is like that for you and I'll put that in. There's a collection of the full house theme music anytime any of the three adult men got down on one need to talk to one of the girls already for some violence. Yeah I mean at the end of the day the shows and movies that changed my life are not full house or step by step but it was a fun thing to watch. Sure Yeah Jenny. Yeah well thank you so much for coming in we always cover such a fascinating tapestry of entertainment topics mostly personal personal things about my glancing leave and talked about the movie a little. Thank you so much for coming on your is ever. I always enjoy our conversations and they always go to surprising and interesting places so I'm glad to be here. Thanks for having me thank you.

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