'Valentine's Views' podcast: John Mara talks, Golden Tate suspension upheld, more


This episode is brought to you by cox with contour t._v. From cox you can find all your favorites all in one place. It doesn't have the youtube you bet that net flicker thing net flicks too and although superhero movies contour has all the latest titles on demand. Oh my grandkids love that being being green guy. I prefer the one with the hammer myself okay. I think we're done here now. Get all your favorite apps shows and movies right on contract tv from cox. Hello new york giants fans and welcome to new edition of the valentine's podcast here on big you radio part of the s._p. Nation family of podcasts. I'm your host ed. Valentine big blue view a few topics to discuss today as the new york giants giants get ready to face the chicago bears in their second preseason game training camp technically at least the public part of training camp is is over with. I asked pat shurmur about that. The other day and pat basically said look as far as we're concerned. The only changes that the fans can't come come out to practice any longer as far as we're concerned. It's still training camp and we still have a lot of work to do in preparation for the dallas cowboys so that's how the giants are approaching it as though this is still training camp really these days considering teams practice at home that that training camp is so limited the team so often practice in their own facilities as the giants do there isn't really much difference between what's what's considered training camp at and what isn't in terms of the preseason source shurmur probably correct nothing really changes for the giants other than the fact that they have to to spend some time you know prepping for games and <hes> for the last two preseason games. They'll have to travel to those games anyway giants fans. There are a few topics of interest that i wanted to hit today. I wanted to talk a little bit about the golden gate suspension. We'll talk a little bit about the remarks john john mara made during his meeting with the media on tuesday. We'll talk a little bit about the the giants decision to <hes> <hes> to waive punter ryan anderson and bring in a new punter johnny townsend of the formerly of the oakland raiders raiders and also will talk briefly about friday night's game against the chicago bears first. Let's talk about the the golden gate suspension. I wrote about this on wednesday at big blue view and listen. I know that golden tate has been very contrite trite. He's been very up front about the whole situation. I know that he appealed and he said he thought he had a good case and and i know that he he said after hearing that his appeal would be denied. The four-game suspension would be upheld that he had hoped four or thought that the n._f._l. Would be more understanding and listen. I get that he's contrite. He was hopeful. He wanted to believe that the four-game game suspension would at the very least be lessened to two or three games but if you know anything about the n._f._l. History with with p._d. Suspensions tensions. There's precedent for this particular drug claw made that <hes> that take admitted taking unknowingly according to <hes> to what he has said. There's precedent in a two thousand fourteen case involving robert mathis then of the indianapolis colts. This suspension was never going to be overturned. You know for me. Whatever tate has said whatever he did. Whatever ever his reasoning was i simply. Don't get it when it comes to when it comes to other n._f._l. Players it's very simple apple. The league policy is zero tolerance. Let me take a moment and actually read it to you. From the n._f._l.'s policy on performance enhancing enhancing drugs players are responsible for what is in their bodies in a positive test will not be excused because of player was unaware unaware that he was taking a prohibited substance there it is clear as day unmistakable no questions about that if you put it in your body you're responsible for it no matter how it got there no matter what you knew no matter what you didn't know no matter what questions chains you asked and listen take is in his tenth year in the n._f._l. Whatever his reason was whether he was trying to have another baby with his wife whether her he was trying to mask something else that he was taking because clo- meyde if you look into it co meyde as a masking agent used used sometimes by athletes try to mask steroids and i'm not insinuating anything. I'm just saying that this is the truth about this drug. Sometimes it is used used by players as a masking agent to hide steroids. That simply is a fact of life. It is the way that it is. I don't know why you know. Golden tate did what he he did but the fact of the matter is he could have easily preemptively figured out that this was a banned substance it. I mean it's on the the n._f._l. P._a. website on a list on a page with a complete list of banned substances. I was able to find this this myself in a search. That took me less than two minutes. I'm sure he knows about this page even if he doesn't he has an agent e could ask for resources. This is on this team doctors. I'm sure that even though he was no longer a member of the philadelphia eagles he could have called their doctors and asked ask he could have called the detroit lions where he played for several years and gotten information from from the team doctor there as to whether he could we've taken this. He could have gone directly to the n._f._l. And said is this drug something that i can take you know. This is the reason i want to take it. He didn't didn't do any of those things. He just took the drug because the doctor said oh. This is not a banned substance. I've given this to other n._f._l. Players i'm sorry that excuse doesn't wash not for a ten year veteran who has been through this a number of times who has seen other players suspended banded who knows the rules who understands the rules. It's it's inexcusable and as i said it in my piece on big blue view on on wednesday. No one should have expected the n._f._l. To do anything other than what they did here which <unk> plain and simple uphold the suspension and move move on the precedent has been set and they simply can't really make exceptions to that policy we kill the n._f._l. For making making for pretty much zigzagging all over the place when it comes to drug suspensions when it comes to things like in domestic violence suspensions. You never know what the n._f._l. Is going to do how they're going to treat those how long suspensions suspensions are gonna last. If there's going to be suspensions at all i will not kill the n._f._l. For being consistent for saying this is the policy. There's no exceptions exceptions. It's zero tolerance. We don't care what reason or if you think you had a good reason or if it was an honest mistake you know the policy. This is what was agreed three to end. This is the consequences and unfortunately for golden tate and the new york giants. These are consequences that they will feel for the first. I four weeks of the two thousand nineteen n._f._l. Season or a giants fans. Let's turn to another topic epic. The giants co owner john. Mara spoke to media on tuesday. A lot of his remarks were about daniel jones owns a lot of his remarks were about dave gettleman and of course a lot of his remarks were in regard to giants quarterback eli manning who is entering his sixteenth season with the franchise what i want to do right now. I wanna focus you. You know as we talk here. Today i want to focus on what he said about ally and daniel jones and how the two thousand and nineteen season might play out before we get into to my thoughts on those remarks. Let me play a brief clip for you from mira and i'm going to apologize in advance for the quality of this clip listen. It's not great. I know it's not great. We were in a big scrum. John was not at the podium he was simply. Standing on the field in the quest diagnostics training center practice bubble surrounded by reporters. There was a lot of ancillary noise around us. There was a lot going on a giant spoke largely with his head down he and to be honest. I thought he mumbled a little bit so in some instances. He's a little bit hard to hear. I did the best i could to <hes> to bump up the sound quality ready to fix the sound quality for you but i understand that it's not great so please give it a listen and i hope that you'd get something out of it. After we hear the clip we'll come back and talk about it. I liked it won't hopi last year the decision you betcha you would want to get into the playoffs game doesn't play with snap is okay with that jerry uh john he's the longest tenured player in franchise history. How much thought have you given how hard it might be no when you do have to say goodbye to him very difficult to motion along all right that was giants co owner john mara talking about eli manning in daniel jones in the upcoming two thousand and nineteen season you know during <music> a a recent you know media conference the other day at the quest diagnostics training center listen i was asked about some of these comments that that mayor made did specifically about being very happy in mara's words very happy. If daniel jones never played a snap during the two thousand nineteen season and i know that there's some consternation about those remarks and listen. I have no problem at all with what mira said. He did not denigrate daniel jones. He was very complimentary toward daniel jones. He believes the daniel jones can be a quarterback in new york. He likes what he seemed from. Daniel jones so far john mero was simply saying that in an ideal world the the giants will win games in two thousand and nineteen they would make the playoffs in two thousand and nineteen ally manning whether this is his last season with the giants are not would play well in two thousand and nineteen in the winning and manning's performance on the field would earn the starting quarterback the the right to remain as the starting quarterback that there wouldn't have to be a decision that there wouldn't have to be controversy as the season unfolds folds over who plays and who doesn't listen. Is that realistic. That wasn't a question for john merit. That wasn't what he was asked. He was asked you know what his ideal circumstance would be and like anyone else. He wants to win games. He should want to win games you. I didn't expect the owner to stand there and say well. I hope we lose the first four games and then <hes> we have to bench. Eli input daniel jones in there. He's not going to say that he. He wants this franchise to move forward. They believe as an organization that when you manning is done daniel jones will be able to to step in takeover n. Lead this franchise rate now. They want to see the giants win games. They've made the playoffs once in the last seven years. I believe once since they won the two thousand eleven super bowl. They're tired of losing they think they've made some inroads inroads toward making this team better toward toward building a winning product toward putting a better product a better team on the field. Mira said the other day said we need to win some games to show improvement. He's tired of the losing in his ideal world. He wants to see see the giants. Make the playoffs. Be competitive. Have a good season move forward if the way that this is going to go down own. I've said it many many times. If daniel jones plays games this season as a starter that means that the new york giants i answered doing badly. That might be a good thing for daniel jones. It may actually be a good thing in the long term for the franchise but it isn't what the franchise wants to see. They want to put a winning product out there. They want to be a good football all team. They want to do that now in for me. I don't understand why anyone who calls themselves. Giants fan why anyone in the fan base i would have a problem if they actually managed to do that this year if they're actually good and if eli manning plays well and if the giants come down to the final couple of weeks of the season in playoff contention legitimate playoff contention and if they actually make the playoffs that would be a good thing you know maybe for eli manning's legacy schumer but it would also be a really good thing for the young players on the roster obviously other than daniel jones owns to get to go through a playoff drive to get to play meaningful games at the end of the season. That's an important part of developing a winning team of developing a winning culture of getting better of learning to trust each other as players so you don't want a culture of losing. You don't want players to expect to lose you. Go three and thirteen five in eleven every year you go four and twelve you keep going through that that becomes a vicious issue cycle where that's what players get used to in the giants are trying to break out of that and and for my money you know my belief. Is that if you're a fan of team you should want to see that team win. Every time it steps on the field and that's all the john mara was saying that he wants to win games and if the giants win games james that means eli manning is doing well that means the offense is doing well. You know that that means they might make the playoffs and that means that there won't be a reason season four a quarterback controversy alright giants fans. Let's take a quick break for word from our sponsors then we'll come back and i have a couple of other topics that i wanted to hit <hes> before we call it a show today. Hey i'm spencer hall. I'm holly anderson. I'm i'm ryan nanny. I'm jason kirk and we're the hosts of the shutdown forecast. 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Johnny townsend from the oakland raiders townsend was really not good last year as a rookie with the raiders was near the bottom of the league in both the per punt average and in net average whereas you know riley dixon was good for the giants. It's last year <hes> the the giants were i think seventh in the league in net punting average but what i found interesting. Was that the giants to make room. Ooh on the roster. Four townsend have waived former rutgers punter ryan anderson a left footed punter who pat shurmur was very complimentary of earlier in the week who watching throughout the spring and in the the summer training training camp practices. I thought that ryan anderson had kicked the ball very well. My belief is that ryan anderson a left-footed footed kid who punted for rutgers in two thousand seventeen had a cup of coffee with the giants. A year ago i think had was a rookie minicamp tryout <music> out where he didn't get signed. My belief is that ryan anderson is an n._f._l. Caliber punter so i just thought that that this was was a really interesting move by the giants little bit of a surprise to see anderson go. I'm curious. What this means for riley dixon in order to claim a guy on waivers like this obviously to me means that they're that they're looking for competition for dixon for the punting job so we'll see how this develops. I just thought that it was a really interesting. Move by the giants won that i didn't expect acting to be honest. I feel bad for anderson. My guess is he's going to hook on somewhere that it won't take long and and i still believe that you're going to see ryan anderson kicking for someone during regular season action during the two thousand in nineteen season finally giants fans were just a couple days away from the second preseason game which will be friday night at metlife stadium against the chicago bears. That's a seven thirty it kickoff pat shurmur has said that he would like for all four quarterbacks to play in that game is simple just <hes> just like they all. Oh played in the preseason opener against the new york jets. I would expect that both eli manning and daniel jones <unk> seem more extensive action than they did inet preseason opener both guys only played one series manning of course with a three and out jones of course with the five five touchdown drive that <hes> set off you know mass hysteria in fan base in in some of the media <hes> so i would expect to see both of those guys play significantly more in friday night's game if the giants are able to get alex tanny and kyle aleta in toward the end of the game. They'll do that but i think the priority is going to be getting the top two guys more snaps apps. We'll see how much <hes> the other starters play but if you're going to be tuning into that game expect to see a little bit more of manning an jones against against chicago alright giants fans. That is our show for today. I thank you as always for listening. Please remember to <hes> subscribe to biglou radio on all of your favorite podcast applications locations. Please remember on friday to check out all of our coverage of giants vs bears in shoot. Check out our coverage every single day as we give view everything. You need to know and hopefully more about your new york giants all right. Thank you for listening and we'll talk to you soon bye bye heads-up baseball fans. There's a brand new podcast over on pinstripe allie of espy nation the bomber brothers podcast featuring me ryan chester my brother sean together. We tackle all the latest around yankees universe with in-depth analysis and some help from plenty of exciting guests. We're joined now by brian. 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