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The Untouchables Pt. 2: Eliot Ness


Due to the graphic nature of this kingpins crimes listener discretion is advised this episode includes discussions of murder and assault that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen on a bitterly cold morning in January nineteen thirty six. A Young Woman in Cleveland was awakened by Barking Dog. In fact all the neighborhood. Dogs were howling all night. The temperature had dropped into the single digits that night and no one was eager to investigate but by the next morning. The dog was still raising. Hell and the young woman couldn't take it anymore. She bundled up and left her apartment to see what was creating such a Ruckus outside the heart manufacturing plant on East Twentieth Street. She came across two baskets left in the snow. Peaking inside revealed some Hamm's wrapped in newspaper figuring they must have come from the meat market. Just down the street. She went over and told the markets owner about the Hams lest they be left out and spoil. The owner. Didn't know anything about this afraid. His shop had been robbed. He rushed over and inspected the baskets this time more thoroughly. It wasn't ham inside the newspapers. It was dismembered human remains thighs arms hands and a torso the mad butcher of Kingsbury run had struck again. Welcome to kingpins part cast original. I'm how hard it and I'm kate. Leonard every Friday. We journey inside the ranks of Organized Crime Rings From Street gangs to mafiosos to understand how kingpin or Queen Pin Rises. To the top of the underworld they fall as we follow. The lives of infamous crime bosses will explore how money and power change them and how it changed the community around them. You can find episodes of kingpins all other podcast originals for free on spotify. Or Wherever. You LISTEN TO PODCASTS. Stream kingpins for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type kingpins in the search bar at podcast. We are grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network? This is our second episode on. Eliot Ness the prohibition supercop best remembered for leading a group of supposedly incorruptible agents dubbed the untouchables unbeknownst to those around him ness for busting bootleggers masked a deep sense of depression and emptiness one would only worsen as ness slid into obscurity in nineteen thirty. United States attorney. George Johnson assigned twenty eight-year-old Eliot Ness to lead a special AL capone squad. Their task was to do as much damage as possible to the kingpins finances while Johnson and the IRS put together a tax evasion case against capone. Ness is unit. Would soon be nicknamed the untouchables from their inception the untouchables took on a mythic grandeur. When they were searching for candidates there were stringent qualifications agents had to be single and no older than thirty. They must be tough enough to brawl with gangsters and nimble with guns but also well versed in modern scientific investigative techniques. He was looking for Renaissance. Men. Alas that reality Ness was offered fell conspicuously short for one as the squad's leader ness was also its youngest member. His twenty eight years paled. In comparison to some of the middle aged agents. Most were married. Several had children necessary. Autobiography lists eleven men including himself as members of the untouchables. This was also stretching. The facts membership was always in flux as agents came and went with only a handful sticking with nests from the beginning until the very end. The reason ness couldn't get the elite do-gooders he sought was pragmatic few administrators. In the Bureau of Prohibition were willing to part with their best agents. What Scott was not a crack team of super agents but mostly older unwanted men that could be spared however if the candidates for the untouchables were less than ideal than that makes what they accomplished underneath even more remarkable they may not have been in an elite squad when they assembled for duty in December nineteen thirty but in time ness would forge them into one not all. The agents showed up eager to get down to business. Lyle Chapman was a college graduate with a keen analytical. Mind he was also allergic to hard work. His initial reaction to being assigned to the capone squad was to try and weasel his way out of it was particularly excited to nab William Gardner for his squad primarily because Gardner had been a star college football player but he had also nearly been fired from the Bureau for Laziness and insubordination. Other agents would prove more. Reliable Bernard Cloonan. A former marine was the muscle while Joe. Leeson was considered the best tale car. Man in the country at Jim. Sealy A hard-nosed ex private detective and the honest Samuel Maurice Seger and Ness had himself squad if the capone squad itself was a bit of a mixed bag at least it could count on having the finest resources for gangbusting. The Bureau of Prohibition Provided Ness with three bulletproof cadillacs an armory of pistols sawed off shotguns. Submachine guns and grenades with such tools. The untouchables objective was simple enough. Put the squeeze on Capone. Such pressure might make the kingpin sloppy. Which would make building the crucial tax evasion case against him. Far Easier. This is specific. Strategy was equally blunt and direct takedown. Capone's breweries they were the biggest money maker and the most vulnerable part of his empire. It'd be hard for the gangsters to clear away. All the evidence before a raid. The squad realized their best bet was to follow the barrels. The beer itself was consumed quickly leaving. No paper trail the barrels though had to be reused capone squad staked out one of the city's biggest keys then followed the empty beer barrels as they were picked up and delivered to a building in Bridge Board. A neighborhood on Chicago's south side. It turned out to be a barrel cleaning facility by sticking with the containers as they were cleaned and sent out again. Ness could follow them to capone's breweries. Throughout the city one of the biggest producers was housed in a nondescript building marked as the old reliable trucking company the capone squad raided it in April nineteen thirty one crashing through the breweries steel doors. Using a jerry rigged battering ram large amounts of equipment tens of thousands of gallons of and many bootleggers were swept up in the dragnet. It was an inspiring success. That validated messes leadership. He needed a triumph to earn the respect of his fellow agents in the capone squad all of whom were older and more experienced than him and most of whom didn't even want to be there in the first place the planning and execution of the raid converted them. Not every agent was enamored with their young boss but most applauded his relentless work ethic and keen strategic. Mind underneath the victories ness kept his worries tucked close. You never shared his anxiety with the team. In time though this is inability to overcome his inner demons would gradually eat away at him though. The raid cemented ness as leadership and proved. That capone was not invulnerable. It did little to upset the kingpins operations be arrested bootleggers. Made Bail and other breweries picked up production. The outfit was large enough to absorb even big raids like this one. There was too much money on the line to let Business Stop. Hooch must flow nevertheless the press and Public. Were electrified by the untouchables achievements. Finally someone was standing up to capone. Someone was taking back Chicago from the killers and goons. The untouchables were praised as incorruptible ness encouraged reporters to follow him to raids where he could pose smashing open beer barrels and occasionally passing out confiscated bottles to Newspaperman. The work was dangerous and exciting full of adventure. The legend of the untouchables was already becoming larger than life but not everyone was so smitten while Capone's outfit initially flirted with the idea of killing ness. They soon turn to a simpler more elegant solution riding him mobsters appeared unnecess- office offering to pay him his entire year salary each month. If he played ball ness wasted. No time in tossing them out. Mobsters tried the other agents to. They drove by and chuck envelopes stuffed with cash into their cars. They responded by chasing down the mobsters and throwing the money back in their faces ness knew he would never crack. But he wasn't always certain his men the same moral fiber so he and Seger. Perhaps the only agent ness trusted spied on the other untouchables. Nurse was right to be cautious as it turned out some of the untouchables were only human but for now ness had to keep them on his side as best he could. It was time to bring justice to capone in June. Nineteen thirty one. The federal government finally unleashed its tax evasion case against capone. A twenty two count. Indictment was leveled against the kingpin. Alleging that he'd earned over a million dollars in illicit income between nineteen twenty four and nineteen twenty nine coupon hadn't paid taxes on any of it. The chief architects of this case where? Us Attorney George Johnson and irs. Special Agent Frank Wilson who decrypted capone's coated business ledgers more. So than Eliot Ness they were the men responsible for bringing down the boss but at the time they needed a contingency plan if the tax evasion case fell through and that was where the capone squad came in a week after the tax evasion. Indictment another indictment was issued this time for conspiracy and violation of the Holstead Act. Thanks to the hard work of the Capone Squad. The indictment included more than five thousand offenses. This second indictment alleged that capone's bootlegging operation pulled in at least thirteen million dollars a year. Approximately two hundred seven million dollars today and that was just from selling beer. It was one thing to ignore prohibition but making millions and not paying taxes on any of it while many Americans struggle just to get by was unacceptable. Johnson and Wilson were confident with their plan. B. Conspiracy and bootlegging were strong charges. They hope they didn't need it. Granted the tax case was so promising. Al Capone bone was brought to trial for tax evasion on October fifth. Nineteen thirty one for the first time. Eliot Ness saw capone in person. Though he kept his distance. The trial got off to an auspicious. Start UPON LEARNING. The capone's men had a list of the prospective jurors judge. Wilkerson switched jury pools with another judge and once they got started. Thanks to Frank Wilson's decrypt. The capone ledgers. The details of the kingpins business was laid bare. The evidence was overwhelming after just two weeks. Al Capone was found guilty one week after that he was sentenced to a fifty thousand dollar fine and eleven years in prison big. Al was officially deposed already suffering from the later stages of syphilis all that he had left to look forward to was a slow mental decline. And just like that. One of the biggest deadliest and most famous kingpins in American history was taken down. 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America's biggest kingpin. Al Capone in Nineteen thirty-one. It should have been his greatest triumph. David had slain goliath but as usual the big raids were over. Ness was left. Melancholy bringing down capone had been his obsession for months. As soon as it was over he felt empty and dejected. The chase was everything to ness without it. He struggled to find meaning in his life. Similarly without a bogeyman to chase the capone squad soon unraveled in February nineteen. Thirty two ness listen to a wiretapped conversation where he overheard one of his agents. Muscle bound Bernard Cloonan. Accept a bribe from a known bootlegger rather than confront Cloonan and damage. The reputation of the untouchables. The bureau quietly transferred him out of Chicago. Lyle Chapman fell from grace to the indifferent. College graduate was put to work in September. Nineteen thirty two on building a new conspiracy indictment against capone with the intention of keeping him ineligible for parole at. First Chapman rolled up his sleeves and got to work but while he meticulously built a new gallows for capone his colleagues. In the Prohibition Bureau spied on him off hours Chapman was seen to be visiting speakeasies a hobby which had become increasingly intolerable to the bureau to add to that. Chapman and his wife were accused of bringing a teenage girl on their benders whom they were accused of sexually corrupting. The bureau sat on the evidence until Chapman finished his indictment then he was quietly discharged to wrap up the dismissals. William Gardner necessary once prized former football star was sacked for blatant insubordination and alcoholism. Luckily prohibition was marching towards repeal. Fdr had made it part of his nineteen thirty two presidential election platform now in the White House. It was only a matter of time before the ban was lifted in December. Nineteen thirty three. The Eighteenth Amendment was abolished ending prohibition. And what little was left of the untouchables what remained of the Prohibition Bureau became the Alcohol Tax Unit or at You? Their mission was to ensure brewers and distributors paid their taxes. Miss Transferred to Cleveland in nineteen thirty. Four where he was promoted to chief investigator for the northern district of Ohio with the mob battered in Chicago. He was walking into the next most dangerous and corrupt city in the nation. Perhaps to compensate for the feeling of emptiness in the wake of the capone squad ness set a relentless pace for a month. After first taking the job he insisted on launching a raid per day. Still the victories were bittersweet ness was now less of a moral crusader and more of an aggressive tax collector. Bill there were still raise. Nest frequently found himself arresting people for possessing empty liquor bottles which was at the time illegal. Fortunately though he was about to get another break in nineteen thirty five Harold Burton. The mayor of Cleveland was in search of a new director of public safety. The position supervised the entire police and fire departments for the city managing over twenty seven hundred employees. The mayor's scouring led him to ness who stood out due to his reputation in the highly publicized war against capone in December. Thirty three year old nests was made director of public safety for Cleveland. The position reinvigorated ness. He didn't heed the warnings. That laws in Cleveland were unenforceable. It's corruption was too deep to be a radically. Did the size of the challenge inspired him. He thrived on chasing impossible goals and he was too ambitious for modest police. Work Reforming Society had long been. His primary motivation. Ness was proud of his work in Chicago. But he had never really believed in prohibition itself it was a deeply unpopular ultimately frivolous an impotent law. Now he had the chance to effect real lasting change so onto the Herculean task before him. Cleaning UP CLEVELAND THE MOST mobbed up city in America also conveniently had a corrupt police department to match reformers had promised change before and failed to deliver but thought he could wipe out the cynicism that pervaded Cleveland. He wouldn't settle for bumping up arrest numbers and appearing tough on crime sweeping institutional changes were the way forward. The blueprint for police professionalism had been drawn up by Nisus former teacher at the University of Chicago August bomber. The professor and former police chief was among the first to attempt to bring law enforcement out of the Victorian era lake. Most American cities Cleveland offered no training to police recruits new officers. Were simply handed a gun and put on the street. Bombers ideas were radical for their time formal training for new recruits policemen with college degrees using the latest scientific procedures in criminal investigations and equipping squad. Cars with radios most radical was vol mors belief that cities should focus on fixing the conditions that promote crime in the first place rather than merely arresting people. Once they've committed a crime it made sense. The Nest idolized Balmer. The new safety director's goal was to take bombers theories and put them into practice in a major city before ness could reform the police department however he needed to make a big splash with the public to make it clear he was going to follow through on his promises to clean up. Cleveland when Sheriff Ness wrote into town gambling was to Cleveland as bootlegging had been to Chicago. Everyone gambled in the six to city. So ness launched a blitzkrieg against the city's gambling halls heavily armed special agents. Poker Games sledgehammers demolished slot machines. The gamblers hidden safes were dynamited ness. Didn't stop at gambling either. Any industry the Cleveland mob had a hand in ness wanted destroyed. His men shut down so many of the mob's brothels that the local lingerie industry crashed with his reputation as a gang. Buster firmly established ness turn to modernizing the police force. He convinced the City Council to fund. Cleveland's First Police Training School then acted as temporary. Dean Ness insisted that the squad cars be equipped with two-way radios so that officers could quickly respond to emergencies. He also paved the way for using security cameras back when they still used bulky celluloid which would trigger automatically during a bank robbery according to author. Douglas Perry Ness quietly recruited African Americans believing they would do a better job policing their own neighborhoods than white officers. In order to combat corruption. In the Cleveland Police Department Ness revived the untouchables. Model A group of secret. Investigators reported only to him once again the press gave the special squad a nickname the unknowns a not so subtle. Wink at the untouchables. Thanks to them for the first time in the city's history cops and Cleveland were put on trial for bribery. Not everyone was pleased with messes crusading. Though after watching her father received a guilty verdict in court the daughter of one police captain turned and spat in space. That ness cat going pudding bombers ideas into practice. He worked to prevent crime before it happened. He targeted young gang members hoping to turn them into productive members of society. He established boys clubs in Boy Scout. Troops were the youngest members giving them a structure and purpose. They desperately needed. He helped the older ones find jobs. He pressed the city to build basketball courts and baseball fields. He would later establish a crime. Prevention Bureau focused on juvenile delinquency. The results were extraordinary in three years. Juvenile crime in Cleveland dropped by more than sixty percent eighteen months after NASA became director of Public Safety Crime and Cleveland plummeted by twenty five percent while arrests and convictions rose by twenty percent yet for all the problems nest tackled in Cleveland. A new menace was creeping about the city while ness was focused on cleaning up the police department. The deadliest serial killer in Cleveland's history was on the loose it started in September nineteen thirty five when a body was found in Kingsbury. Run on the city's east side in the depths of the depression. Kingsbury run was amazed of shantytowns. Destitute people survive by scavenging for rotting vegetables and dead chickens. The poorest didn't even have a cardboard box to call their own the first body found in Kingsbury run had been decapitated castrated and drained of blood that same day. Another decapitated castrated body was found nearby. Winter didn't deter the spree on a bitterly cold morning in January nineteen thirty six. A Cleveland woman stumbled upon two baskets of what she thought to be Hams. They were human remains though. The press made the connection to the earlier victims. The police hesitated to assume a serial killer was on the loose until a fourth victim appeared in June two young boys stumbled across the severed head and Kingsbury run. Police found the body nearby. This was a young man who had been decapitated while still alive. Growing desperate police allowed citizens into the morgue to get a glimpse of the corpse in the hopes of identifying him to no avail July in Brooklyn Township. Just outside Cleveland. Another naked body was found. The head was again located nearby. This time round in the victim's clothing in September a homeless man stumbled across a headless limbless torso drifting in a pool of dirty water on east thirty seventh street of the six victims. Four had been left and Kingsbury run. The coroner noted that the cut surfaces had clean edges suggesting that the dismemberment was performed by an expert. Probably a butcher our surgeon. He also rather flippantly suggested that the killer was a sex maniac. Terror gripped the city the press unsurprisingly fed speculations dubbing the killer the mad butcher of Kingsbury run the gruesome story was so sensational that even the Soviet Union newspaper Pravda reported on it at times hysteria took on a racist angle one bigoted rumor purported that the killings were done by quote colored Hobos who practiced cannibalism in February nineteen thirty seven another torso washed ashore on Lake Erie. Cleveland was outraged that Mayor Burton and his director of Public Safety. Were still failing to keep them safe. The most vocal critic was Ohio Congressman. Martin swing who publicly thundered against Burton's inability to stop the murders so with the pressure heating up mayor. Burton forced Eliot Ness to take charge of the investigation. Coming up will follow Eliot Ness in pursuit of a ruthless killer. Now back to the story in nineteen thirty seven rampant murders around. Cleveland had the city on edge public safety director. Eliot Ness found the killings as sickening as anyone but the investigation was a frustrating distraction. He was in the middle of reforming society not chasing after a bloodthirsty sex maniac a professional through and through. He approached the hunt for the mad butcher with his usual thoroughness. Every homeless person in Kingsbury run was questioned squad. Cars patrolled the area twenty four hours a day unfortunately the pace of the killings only accelerated the victims span across every demographic in June. The body of a black woman was found beneath the. Lorraine Carnegie Bridge a month later. The mutilated pieces of a white man were found in the Cuyahoga River then in March nineteen thirty eight. A woman's dog was playing in the woods just outside send Dusky Ohio. The dog disappeared into the brush. Only to reemerge with a human leg in its mouth. David Cowles Cleveland. Superintendent of Criminal Identification drove out to send Dusky to investigate there. He came upon the trail of a forty four year-old former doctor who appeared to be exactly the man they were looking for. The doctor had served in the Great War where he'd been attacked with poison gas and never fully recovered after the war. He descended into alcoholism and mental illness. His Ex wife had twice tried to have him committed to an institution once his medical career fell apart. He disappeared from public records only reappearing sporadically as a convalescent at the Ohio soldiers and sailors. Home in Sandusky. There was just one catch. The doctor's name was Francis. Sweeney and he was the cousin of Martin's Weenie. The very congressman. Who had been vehemently criticizing mayor burden and Eliot Ness investigation into the murders? Nass brushed aside any political concerns and ordered Francis Sweeney be monitored over the next month. The X. Doctor Wasn't seen doing anything heinous he didn't seem to do much at all. But then in April pieces of another victim were found Cuyahoga River. The coroner determined that the victim had been killed. Only days before ness had been watching. Sweeney was it possible. Doctor had slipped away long enough to murder without ness or any of his men noticing. Ness had sweeney taken off the streets and bundled into a room at the Cleveland Hotel there. His team interrogated Sweeney for eight hours a day for a week straight not intimidated. The doctor pleasantly responded to their questions with taunts and riddles with no evidence linking sweeney to the murders and the fact that he was related to the very politician who had been criticizing his investigation. Miss had to let the doctor go. But that didn't mean ness was going to let up the pressure. He ordered the unknowns to keep monitoring him closely. Sweeney was innocent. They could deal with the invasion of privacy concerns if swinney was guilty this was the only way to ensure he didn't kill again but to Sweeney. It was all a game. He knew he was being tailed and took pleasure in evading. Necessa- agents once a rookie agent followed Sweeney onto a streetcar. The former doctor appeared to fall asleep but then just as the car's doors were closing. He leaped up in dashed out the doors onto a passing trolley leaving the agent in the dust sweeney them called police headquarters and told a desk. Sergeant that the kid they had tailing him wasn't very good. If Ness hope that the constant surveillance of Sweeney would put a stop to the killings. He was sorely mistaken in August. Nineteen thirty eight men scavenging in a vacant lot came upon the torso of a young woman wrapped in a quilt. Police soon discovered the severed head arms and the legs which had been wrapped in butcher paper and strapped together by a rubber band. Later that same day the body of a man was also found in the same lot while performing the autopsy the coroner discovered something surprising. The female victim had been embalmed. It was entirely possible that she hadn't been murdered but was a corpse stolen from a mortuary and then chopped up. Miss was devastated. He felt as if he had personally failed to stop at least one if not two. Fresh killings chillingly. This was the first time that the killer had left the victims downtown. The Vacant Lot. Where they were found was in fact. Right outside the window of NECES- office. Desperate Nez resorted to a callous cold blooded Gamba to stop the killer. Two days after the vacant lot discoveries ness ordered dozens of policemen armed with axes billy clubs and hammers to move in on the Hoover Ville of Kingsbury run spotlights. Attached to fire trucks illuminated the night. The police smashed open makeshift huts made from cardboard in corrugated metal forcibly dragging. Out Confused panicking. Homeless men ness moved among them asking questions and taking notes. One man came at swinging shovel but officers leaped in and savagely beat him with truncheons. The shanties were torn down with axes and shovels sixty homeless men were arrested then when the area had been cleared out the fire department moved in the WHOVILLE was doused with oil and set ablaze of the men arrested. Those who could prove they were employed or released. Those who couldn't were held without charges. Miss Thought he was doing the right thing. He thought he had taken. The only option left a radically hitting the killers hunting ground. The press did not agree for the first TIME SINCE COMING TO CLEVELAND. The tide turned against Ness. Newspapers lambasted his misguided zeal and thoughtless strong arm tactics. The safety director was accused of amassing too much power which he now used. Indiscriminately on beholden to oversight at torso murders ended with a whimper in the aftermath of the Kingsbury run raids Francis. Sweeney returned to send Dusky where he voluntarily committed himself to the Veterans Hospital. And then the killings stopped. Whether this was a coincidence or whether sweeney had been the killer still isn't known. Even the victims remain largely unknown of the twelve official victims. Only two were ever identified. The cases were never solved with the torso murders winding down. Eliot Ness is years of relentlessly. Hard work started catching up to him early. In his marriage he had enjoyed spending his free time with his wife. Listening to music. And working on Jigsaw Puzzles together but his nails burned out and his marriage disintegrated. He was more likely to sit in a chair. Drink heavily and stare into space in nineteen thirty eight ness and his first wife divorced. Once their separation was finalized they would never speak again in. Nineteen forty. Two Ness came under fire for failing to properly report. An automobile accident. He was involved in bad news. Kept coming next. The press broke a story about four white teenage girls. Having sex with black nightclub entertainers possibly in exchange for money the public's racially charged outrage fell on ness. The safety director was accused of being soft on prostitution disillusioned by the ingratitude of the public. He had worked. Tirelessly to protect thirty nine year. Old Nests left his job as public safety director in the ensuing years ness sang deeper into depression and alcoholism. It was becoming harder to keep the feeling of emptiness at bay five years later in one thousand nine hundred forty. Seven ness attempted something of a comeback announcing his candidacy for mayor of Cleveland. Perhaps buoyed by his former glory. He thought he might stand a chance against the popular incumbent. Thomas Burke his campaign slogan was ness is necessary. The constituents disagreed the former leader of the untouchables lost in a landslide defeat humiliated. He slunk into the private sector where he lost most of his money. Attempting to prop up a small import export business accompanied. Drops Ness in nineteen fifty one unable to find work in law enforcement his true passion. The Great Eliot Ness was reduced to selling frozen hamburger patties in nineteen fifty five Oscar freely a sports reporter from United Press International met NECESSA- hotel. A mutual friend encouraged Nez to tell freely about how he had taken on Al Capone. Long Ago Ness told him stories all night. Friendly was transfixed within days the two had a deal for a book about Nez. Time with the untouchables ness lived long enough to read the manuscript but not to see it published. He suffered a heart attack and died in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven at the age of fifty five. Miss was not a perfect man. The enduring notion that he and the untouchables were primarily responsible for taking down. Al Capone is a myth when given the leeway to pursue ambitious goals though ness shined from taking on the CHICAGO OUTFIT TO CLEANING UP CLEVELAND. He came alive when the task seemed beyond reach. Law Enforcement had always given him his greatest sense of purpose for this. His victories would always compete with the anxiety and depression married to them. Still Ness remains a snapshot of Integrity. During Prohibitions Heyday. Despite the chaos in America's cities he did what he could to sow the seeds of humanity and professionalism in law enforcement that legacy continues to live alongside the tall tales about battling capone. Thanks again for listening to kingpins for more information on Eliot Ness amongst the many sources we used we found. Eliot ness the rise and fall of an American hero by Douglas. Perry extremely helpful to our research. 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