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Live from NPR news I'm Janine, herbst, another confederate statues has come down in Richmond Virginia the state's Speaker of the House ordered crews to remove a statue of Robert e Lee and other confederate bus from the state capital behavior from member station. BPM has more the statue of Lee, was located at the spot where he accepted command of the confederate army, eight other bus, celebrating the confederacy were also sprinkled around Virginia's old house of Delegates Chamber. It's where the confederate Congress I met in eighteen, sixty one democratic delegate Jay Jones, a member of the black caucus often walk by the room during legislative sessions, certainly disappointing for for many. Virginia's like me to have to see that. Day In and day out in a statement Democratic Speaker of the House Eileen Filler corn called the artifacts, painful reminder of the deep-rooted wounds of slavery, shown creating a commission to decide what to do with them now and how to fill the space. They've left for NPR news I'm Ben you're in Richmond. Meanwhile, in Chicago Statue of Christopher Columbus. The scene of chaotic protests was taken down early this morning video posted. A social media shows a large crane removing the statue, although it's not clear where it is now, this comes as president. Trump threatened to send federal troops to the city after a protest around that statue erupted. Senate Republicans will not unveil their proposal for the latest pandemic relief package this week after all and pure Susan. Davis reports there are ongoing divisions between the White House and Republicans over what it should include Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell had planned unveil his bill Thursday morning. The plans quickly changed. The administration has requested additional time. To review the fine details. But. We will be laying down this proposal early next week. We have an agreement in principle on the shape. Of the package says it will include more money for schools, small businesses, testing, and a second round of direct payments to Americans and their families. Republicans remain divided over what to do with. Expanded unemployment benefits will run out next week. Susan Davis NPR news. Washington tensions between the US and China are rising after the trump administration order China close its consulate in Houston. Beijing now ordering the USTA US rather to close its consulate in Chengdu and here's Fang has more US China. Relations are worse point in over thirty years, and how this relationship proceeds will depend largely on what the US chooses to do in the next four months in the run-up to the November presidential elections in China the approach is. Trump is playing up its anti-china rhetoric to play his voter base, and the hope is that after the presidential elections he will calm down a little bit, and that's in part why they chose the US consulate in Chengdu to close down, and not a bigger consulates such as America's Hong Kong or Shanghai Consulate. NPR's Emily Fang Wall. Street is trading lower at this hour. The Dow is down one hundred ten points the Nasdaq down one, hundred, fifty seven. This is NPR news. Goldman Sachs says agreed to pay three point nine billion dollars to the Malaysia government NPR's Jim Zarroli reports that money will go to resolve charges against the bank over the troubled investment fund one MD.. Goldman will pay two and a half billion dollars to Malaysia and also said it would guarantee the return of some of the Fund's assets. The bank helped raise money for one MD. be a sovereign wealth fund controlled by the Malaysian government. Much of the money allegedly went into Shell. Companies controlled by corrupt government officials among those implicated is Malaysia's former prime. Minister Malaysia has filed criminal charges against the bank and some of its executives for misleading investors. Goldman has consistently denied wrongdoing, but one executive pleaded guilty to bribing Malaysian officials Jim Zarroli NPR news. The spread of the corona virus may have advertisers pulling back on twitter, but not users. The social media company says average daily user growth jumped thirty four percent in the second quarter, the largest rise in users ever recorded by twitter. Age. League baseball is back the defending World Series Champs. The Washington nationals host the New York Yankees and DC last night with no fans in attendance. In instead sound effects are being used to simulate humans in the sands for TV and radio broadcasts. Teams will play sixty games this season rather than the traditional one hundred sixty two games. Wall Street is trading lower. The Dow is down about four tenths of a percent. The Nasdaq is down nearly one and a half percent. I'm Janine herbst NPR news.

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