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The Cheerleader Mom Pt. 1: Wanda Holloway


poet l Smith once wrote all the forces on this planet will never beat that of a mother's love and it's a difficult sentiment to argue against even in the world of female criminals. The love of a mother can lead to extraordinary acts of violence for example during World War. Two Leonardo Chan chilies eldest son was set to join the Italian army. The thought terrified Leonardo and she vowed to do everything in her power to protect him. She eventually decided that the only way to save her son was to offer the universe human sacrifices Leonardo drugged three unsuspecting neighbors. Who had come to her for help. She then used an axe to kill each woman and hack the bodies to pieces. Once they were dead she needed a way to dispose of the bodies so right there in her kitchen she broke the corpses down turning them into soap antiques. All for the love of her favorite son in Nineteen ninety-three Eliana slurs. Young son was set to testify against his alleged molester. Thirty Five Year Old Camp Counselor Daniel Marc driver but Ellie wasn't going to let that happen in the middle of the courtroom. She drew her gun and shot driver several times in the head and neck killing him in the aftermath. Ellie was seen as either a hero or a dangerous vigilante but mostly she's remembered as a fiercely. Protective mother separated by oceans and decades. These two very different women teach us one important lesson. Never underestimate what a mother is willing to do for her child. Picture a murderer a gangster. A thief did you picture a woman. We didn't think so- society associates men with dangerous crimes. But what happens when the perpetrator is female every Wednesday? We examine the psychology motivations and atrocities of female criminals. Hi I'm Vanessa Richardson. And you're listening to female criminals a podcast original. You can find episodes of female criminals and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream. Female criminals for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type female criminals in the search bar at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network today? We're covering Wanda Holloway. In Nineteen ninety-one. She hatched a plot to have the mother of her teenage daughters. Cheerleading rival killed this week. We'll take a look at Wanda's childhood her relationship with her daughter Shanna and how her hometown of Channel View Texas may have shaped her intense ambitions. Next week will delve into the murder-for-hire plot the media storm. It stirred up and how it affected everyone involved as its name suggests channel view Texas a town dominated by a wide shipping canal on either side of the Brown muddy water of the Houston ship channel. The land lies flat and rippled little more rises above the trees than chimney. Stacks or the occasional water tower along this low slung topography shipping containers float through the town atop carriers creating a landscape that appears to shift the closer. You get to the river. These ships brings something else to this. Hamlet East of downtown Houston Industry in Nineteen. Sixteen oil was discovered in the area which led to the construction of oil refineries towards the second half of the twentieth century. The town's dominant employment opportunities were factory jobs by nineteen fifty four. When Wanda Holloway was born the career options around channel view were limited. The men mostly worked in chemical plants. Women took on more traditional roles in that vein. Wanda's father Clyde web worked as a test or at a concrete plant. Her mother Verna stayed home with the children. The family like many of channel views. Residents were missionary. Baptists Clyde strict devotion to the church gave him a moral code with little room for deviation but that had its benefits it taught him to prize Christian morals and hard work above all else. Clyde instilled similar values in his children on Clyde's insistence the family attended the local Baptist Church three times a week until that is. He had a falling out with the leaders of the congregation. Clyde didn't think that members of the opposite sex should be allowed to swim together when this archaic belief was challenged by Church leaders. The Web Patriarch took his family and a splinter group of others to establish a new missionary. Baptist Church in this way. Clyde demonstrated to Wanda and her siblings. That when things didn't go your way you were allowed to get a little creative with the rules. However one does days weren't entirely consumed with the machinations at the local church as she grew up. Her hometown was also coming of age with a growing population. There was a greater demand for the town to socialize together. In Channel View there were fewer forms of entertainment more esteemed than high school football for a boy. Earning a place on the team cemented his status as a local deity for girls like Wanda one of the highest aspirations during the school year was to play a supporting role in the football story by either twirling batons or performing as cheerleaders during games. They too could bathe in the communities. Undivided attention for at least a couple of hours a week while we don't know much about Wanda's adolescence. Those who knew her best said she nursed a desire to join her high school's drill team since the squad of girls always took to the football field to march at halftime. It's understandable why she might have wanted to partake in the festivities. Unfortunately Clyde saw her ambition as a complete non starter in his opinion the skirts the girls wore as part of their uniform. Were entirely too short with her dream of participating on the drill team squashed Wanda remained on the sidelines for the rest of her high school years before. We with Wanda's psychology. I'm not a psychologist or psychiatrist. But I have done a lot of research for the show. According to those who knew her one to always craved acceptance and wanted people to like her to that end she sought to belong to the most beloved social groups. She could find the drill team in a two thousand eleven article published in current directions in psychological science. Researchers pointed out that social acceptance and the need for lasting and meaningful relationships lives at the heart of a person's core while much of Wanda's belief system was formed by her faith and her parents restrictions. She couldn't seem to shake the indomitable craving for acceptance from her friends and in the absence of that she'd settled for the acceptance of a boyfriend namely Tony Harper a high school senior. Tony's family live close by like Wanda's family. They were middle class but the harpers were better off financially. This potentially inspired some of Wanda's interest in Tony. Dr Seth J Gila Han from the University of Pennsylvania covers the concept of money wounds. These are according to author Ken. Honda a kind of injury concerning money. That many people have carried since childhood in this vein Wanda possibly had to money wounds. The I was growing up in a lower income area like channel view. The second was her controlling father. While there's no indication WanNa went without the essentials. It's possible that she was denied. Some things that she really wanted we know. Her father objected to the drill team uniform. Maybe Wanda wasn't allowed to wear other things. She thought were fashionable. But her father found too risque. As a result Wanda's thoughts might have turned towards finding a new situation for herself. Something that would help her. Climb the next rung on the Social Ladder and perhaps Wanda felt that a new family could help her get there. The Harper's weren't blue-collar like most of channel views population instead they owned businesses Tony's father R. E. own a gas station and convenience store his mother. Peggy operated her own boutique lingerie store. She also drove a Cadillac and accessorized with diamond rings to a teenage girl in the early Nineteen Seventies. These Kucherov wealth likely acted as a siren. Song Wanda heard it's call and perhaps without realizing it began to steer her ship towards financial stability she would have Tony and the comforts. His family enjoyed perilous rocks. Be Damned when Wanda dating Tony. It didn't take long for their FLIRTY CHATS. To become more serious early on marriage was already an option but in a Baptist town lake general view post high school weddings were a common occurrence so nobody was surprised when two weeks after she graduated in nineteen seventy two eighteen year old Wanda. Wed her high school sweetheart. Just thirteen months after the ceremony. The couple welcomed their first child. A boy they called Anthony Shane. Despite this happy addition there were already cracks in the relationship at weekly family. Dinners with Clyde and VERNA WANNA show to deference to her father's opinion that was infuriating to Tony in addition to dealing with the overbearing presence of her father. Tony was also saddled with a wife who showed little interest in sex according to Tony Wanda seemed to have a repressed nature in regards to her sexuality. Tony still in his early twenties considered his wife's attitude towards sex a massive problem so he spoke to Wanda's gynecologist. The doctor suggested that the couple conceive again theorizing that a woman's hormones change after a second child. The doctor hoped that would perhaps address. Wanda's lack of veto though. Her doctor believed Wanda's problem with sex was caused by her hormones. It seems more likely that it was a product of her religious upbringing in two thousand sixteen study titled The impact of Religious Commitment on women's sexual self esteem. Researchers found that women with high religious commitment held more conservative sexual attitudes. The study also showed that low sexual self esteem could manifest in inhibited ability to enjoy sex. Well we can't be sure of exactly what caused Wanda's disinterest in sex. She knew it was causing trouble in her marriage. So she sought advice from Tony's mother. Peggy in an interesting turn of events. Peggy revealed that she had also disliked sex as a young woman. She thought that seeing a psychiatrist would help want to overcome the barriers to more intimacy with her husband. According to Peggy WanNa balked at the idea. It's possible she didn't like the thought of sharing her intimate life with a stranger so the suggestion was dismissed dismissing her chance to deal with. The root cause of her intimacy issues was likely a mistake. When Shannon Harper was born in Nineteen seventy seven? It seemed to have little effect on twenty-three-year-old Wanda's interest in the marital bed. Tony wasn't too bothered after all the time. Wanda gave birth. For the second time he had already found sexual fulfillment outside of his wife when WanNa discovered her husband's extramarital affair. She reportedly threatened Tony's mistress with a gun. Tony calmed his wife down but when he arrived home later all of his clothes had been neatly folded and placed in boxes in the garage. In addition the locks to their home had been changed at that. Tony realized that WANNA had effectively declared the end of their marriage in nineteen eighty. The divorce was finalized. Twenty-six-year-old Wanda kept the House and one full custody of their two children. Tony was allowed weekend. Visits twice a month leaving the bulk of the parenting to Wanda. Fortunately Wanda thrived at being a single parent. Her mother Verna help out with the kids when she could allowing wanted to dust off the secretarial skills she'd learned in high school earning her own money and being the one to decide how it was spent was a new experience for Wanda one. She relished growing up. She'd always presented herself well now with her own money to spend. She had the ability to pay particular attention to her appearance. Wanda became meticulous in coordinating outfits and ensuring her hair and nails a source of pride. But it wasn't just her own appearance that WANNA controlled young. Shanna reflected her mother's fixation with appearances to the girl. Constantly stepped out of the House with beautifully maintained curls and freshly laundered dresses in other words. Shanna became her mother's miniature while she grew into a proper young lady. WanNa encourage chain to be an athletic young man. When Shane joined a local little league team WanNa made sure she and Shanna were always there to cheer him on. She even volunteered her daughter to join the mini cheerleading group. That appeared at the Games. It's here that want began to show which parts of her more conservative father's views had taken hold she was repelled by the thought of sex. Yes but clydes views about cheerleaders what they stood for and their uniforms. Didn't seem to bother Wanda at all. In fact Shanez toddler size steps into the world of cheerleading. Were just the beginning of Wanda's obsession with the sport coming up. Wanda's quest for a better life finally takes her away from Channel View. 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If you're listening on spotify you can this quote with your friends on social by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of the episode. Page scrolling down to share and selecting your sharing option of choice. Remember you can find new paths to positively every day of the year followed daily quote free on spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Now back to the story in nineteen eighty twenty six year old. Wanda Holloway was a newly single mother. Raising two young children. Though she'd easily found work is a secretary. She wasn't as financially stable as she had been with her ex husband. Tony Harper but that difficulty was easily dealt with not long after her. Divorce was finalized. Wanda began dating Gordon. Engelhardt CO owner of a company that supplied the booming oil industry forty four year. Old Gordon was impressively wealthy. He was older than Wanda but handsome. Adding to his positive traits. Gordon light taking Wanda too fancy restaurants. The only major problem was that he lived eighty miles east of channel view in Beaumont. Perhaps to make the drive less of a hardship. Gordon gifted his sweetheart with a brand-new Mazda. Rx seven though. They'd been dating less than a year. Maybe this generous gift held Sweden Wanda to the idea of a second marriage. Whatever the reason soon after in nineteen eighty one twenty-seven-year-old Wanda married Gordon. After THEIR WEDDING. Wanda packed up her things her children and prepared to leave. Channel View wants in Beaumont. The year old adjusted quickly to a role she'd previously enjoyed during her first marriage. That of a suburban. Stay at home mom. Her new husband was wealthy. Enough that wanted didn't need to pursue employment instead. She was able to devote more time to her children. She was also able to enjoy the fine jewelry and clothing allowance. Which Gordon lavished her as a result? Wanda's new life. Outside of channel view was largely blissful but Wanda wasn't destined to stay away from her hometown for long less than two years into her second marriage. The oil business took a hit. Gordon's business suffered terribly. And he found himself in financial distress around the same time. Gordon's elderly. Mother moved in with them here again. One does plans had been fouled. And that was unacceptable. Perhaps she saw Gordon's reversal of fortune as a betrayal of sorts. Whatever the reason WanNa began secretly planning to leave behind Gordon's back. She arranged for Shane and Shanna to transfer back into their channel view. School when Gordon finally caught wind of her plans she flatly told him that the marriage wasn't working. It seemed that Wanda had a selective interpretation of her vows. She would stay with Gordon for better for richer and only with the express promise that his mother maintained her distance in the absence of that. Wanda wouldn't wait for death. To part them she opted for divorce though he was blindsided. Gordon didn't fight her instead. He watched as she took her diamonds. Bundled her children into the Mazda. He bought her and drove all the way back home. Wanda was ready to start afresh. Twenty nine year old Wanda's fresh start included a new house in one thousand nine hundred eighty three using the money. She made from the sale of her first home. She bought herself a brick house. In one of channel views nicer subdivisions though the yards were largely plane and the homes relatively small. The neighborhood was about as opulent. Does channel view could be which suited Wanda. Just fine upon settling in. She enrolled her children in Channel View Christian Academy there. She hoped they'd enjoy a more immersive religious education to complement their attendance at their weekly Baptist services beyond school. The children worked hard at their extracurriculars. Shane played several sports and was a member of the school band like his sister. He also took piano lessons. This being Texas in the Nineteen Eighties. Shannon stuck to more traditionally gendered activities. Like dance and gymnastics in Nineteen ninety-five professor. Tom W rice from the University of Iowa and Diane L. Coats from the University of Vermont published an article looking at the evolution of gender roles in the southern United States. Their research revealed that people in the south were more likely to hold conservative views when it came to gender rice and coats suggested that these southern Belle myth played a large role in shaping. The social view of women in states like Texas despite channel views lower socioeconomic makeup. They had similar expectations about the types of roles. There little girls would assume in this regard. At least Wanda emulated her neighbors. She enrolled her daughter in dance and gymnastics. No questions asked another traditional concept Wanda was fond of was the close relationship between mother and daughter though she loved her son wanted considered her daughter a best friend. As such attending Shannon's activities seems to have been a higher priority for her whether enjoying a dance routine or clenching her fists with nerves as she watched her little girl drill gymnastics maneuvers. Wanda was loath to miss a single minute. It was during these long hours spent watching over her daughter's athletic pursuits that want to met Verna. Heath vernice daughter amber was the same age as Shanna and the two girls had similar interests. Since the two mothers existed in a similar orbit they became if not friends than at least helpful acquaintances. Both mothers wanted the very best for their children and that meant juggling their own responsibilities with the commitments of their daughters. Verna was close by to help with the Carpool when Wanda had to be at work early and similarly WanNa lend a hand when verners. Fourth Child was born in addition to making new friends. Thirty two year old Wanda also started searching for husband number three in one thousand nine hundred eighty six. Cd Holloway became the new object of her affection. The paramedic church CD was the choirmaster and Wanda was his organised. Like Wanda's second husband see owned a successful company involved in the Texas oil business. Not only was he. A man of industry CD also came from money. Every member of his family drove Lincoln town cars. It was practically a tradition one. That Wanda was no doubt eager to partake in. In addition while Gordon's finances had been easily rocked. Cd's wealth was more secure. Thanks to his family connections. This might have helped Wanda feel more secure. In the relationship CDs finances might have also helped her overlook the fact that he was twenty years her senior. Whatever the reason. Cd and Wanda got married. The same year they met since it was his fourth marriage and her third. The wedding was in understated affair. Neither of them feeling a need for much pomp and circumstance. After the nuptials the couple was ready to begin their life together according to friends. One two thought this meant moving out of channel view and into the exclusive Houston neighborhood of riverview but fate conspired to once again keep Wanda firmly attached to her hometown instead of moving his new family to Houston. Cd opted for the small town. Familiarity of channel view as a result instead of the glistening lights of the city was going to have to make do with the occasional time gas flare from oil refineries though she hadn't upgraded her living arrangements in quite the way she expected. Wanda still made the best of the situation. After all she had a wealthy husband a support network around her. And she didn't need to work so once again. Wanda issued a career choosing instead to focus on decorating her home running her household and expanding her and Shanez wardrobes with little else to distract her Wanda had turned her attention to achieving a longtime goal turning her daughter into a cheerleader. Given what we know about Wanda it seems fair to call her a narcissistic parent. According to Dr Joseph Burgo a narcissistic parent is one. Who FEELS THAT? He or she has not achieved what she wanted in their own life. Something they interpret as a failure thus by making their child into a winner the Perez seeking to fulfill their own goals writing for Texas monthly nineteen. Ninety-one Mimi swartz observed that in Channel View. Most parents learn to keep their modest dreams in check. Knowing that the likelihood of them coming true was slim these dreams so often unfulfilled would be passed along their children with the knowledge that they might never be achieved but Wanda who had already reached for and achieved more than many channel natives dared to consider wasn't content to let her aspirations stop with her just because she was never on. The drill team didn't mean her daughter had to suffer the same fate. In fact Wanda would do anything to make sure that Shanna succeeded where she hadn't up next. Wanda's does quest turns into an obsession now back to the story in the late nineteen eighties. One Holloway was a woman on a mission. She already achieved financial stability with her marriage to her third husband. See The Holloway. Now that she had her more superficial comforts finally taking care of she could focus entirely on her daughter. Shanna like many young girls growing up in the south. Shanna had been taking dance and gymnastics classes. Now with Middle-school tryouts nearing WANNA began to get more serious about her daughter's cheerleading prospects not content to simply watch from the sidelines. She decided to get more hands on. Verna heath whose daughter amber was in the same gymnastics classes. Shanna noticed that one seemed to have a particular fascination with ambers progress she would use amber as a benchmark for her own daughter's abilities standing to the side of the floor. Wanda would watch both girls. Then ask their coach why. Shanna was falling behind. Whatever the coaches response. Wanda wasn't satisfied to make sure. Shanna kept improving. Wanda set up a stage in the family garage with mirrors and lighting position. Just so Shanna had everything she needed to practice and Wanda made sure she did. Just that even Shanez homework took a back seat to the practice sessions. Things got to a point where Wanda would sometimes finish her daughter's assignments just to give her more time to perfect her technique but one likely believed that all of the extra work would be worth it. Cheerleading success was just around the corner even if it required some unorthodox measures in nineteen eighty eight at the end of fifth grade. Eleven year old. Shanna had to say goodbye to her friends. At Channel View Christian Academy. This was because in order to be eligible for the seventh grade cheerleading squad at Alice Johnson. Middle School girls had to try out in sixth grade. So if Wanda wanted Shanna have her shot at the squad. She had to switch schools amber. He's on the other hand. Stayed behind at Channel View Christian to Wanda. This meant that China's biggest competition was no longer in the running however halfway through the school year Verna Heath approached Alice Johnson. Middle School to let them know that her daughter would be joining the seventh grade. Intake the following fall because she was in line to be a part of the student body. The school agreed that it was only fair that amber be allowed to try out with the rest of the girls in March. Though this wasn't how had planned things she didn't let it concern her after all her father taught her. That hard work paid off. And no one worked harder for this then Shanna. But unfortunately for Wanda Cheerleader. Tryouts weren't decided on hard work and talent alone. Here's how the tryouts cheerleaders worked in Channel View. The group of girls would audition in front of a panel of college cheerleaders and the entire student body. Then the panel would select six standouts from the general tryouts and this is where things got messy instead of the panel also choosing the cheerleading squad from amongst the six finalists the winners were decided by popular. Vote to that end. The six tryout finalists were encouraged to spend time in the halls of their middle school campaigning for votes from their peers. In essence the ultimate outcome of the cheerleader tryouts came down to a popularity contest to Wanda Holloway. Securing her daughter's place on the team might have been her way of ensuring that Shanna was an automatic part of the in crowd for the rest of her life. This was something Wanda herself had never achieved but just as she longed to be popular in High School. One projected those same hopes onto her daughter. She wanted Shanna to be popular. She wanted her to be liked. However a study conducted by Dr Mitch. Princeton suggests that popularity and being liked. Don't always go hand in hand especially in middle school. Dr Princeton Study revealed that the students everyone knows as the popular kids were often disliked by their peers. Their looks athletic. Ability or membership to an exclusive squad may have designated them as part of the in crowd. But that didn't mean the student body actually liked those kids still. It seemed like nothing would dissuade Wanda from achieving this dream for her daughter. The competition was stiff but she was up for the challenge. When the big day came Wanda Holloway. Very Heath and many other mothers sat in the stands to watch their daughter's perform for the school and judges they carried encouraging signs and called out cheers of their own. When the tryouts were over both Shannon and amber were selected as finalists. Shanna hadn't performed as well as amber. Who was capable of more complicated tumbling exercises but from here? Everything came down to the results of the vote. This meant that it was anyone's game. The rules of the campaign allowed the girls and their parents to come to the school to pass out flyers and hang posters. Though she was the stronger competitor athletically amber and her mother weren't leaving anything to chance to sweeten the odds in their favor. They decided to hand out. Heath brand candy bars. Not only were. The young teenage voters excited for sugary hit between classes ambers name was built right into the packaging heath on the day the votes were cast. The hopeful cheerleaders and their parents were invited to stay behind at Alice. Johnson Middle School after the final bell. The ballots cast on scantron forms. Were Fed into a computer girls on the current squad were given the task of sharing the winning names with the rest of the group. Shanna amber and their mothers waited anxiously in an empty classroom. Finally the moment of truth was at hand the cheerleaders walked in with two names to announce and when all was said and done one does daughter didn't make the cut amber heath did to Shanna. That was okay but for Wanda. It was a disaster. All of her hard work her planning all the time. Sacrificed had come to nothing after stewing over the outcome of the tryouts thirty four year. Old Wanda decided that it was simply unacceptable. I she demanded to know the full results of the election. More specifically how had Shanna fared in relation to the winner for some reason the school's principal indulged Wanda's obsession and told her that Shanna had come third though it hadn't been close? That was all the information wanted and needed for step two of her plan. After hearing the results she requested a private meeting with the Channel View. School board behind closed doors. Want argued that the tryout process hadn't been fair she'd studied the bylaws. Which did that two girls from Cobb elementary where Shannon was enrolled would be selected? To be in the squad. Amber didn't attend Cobb elementary in light of this Wanda had a simple request. Allow the girl who had come in third place her daughter to join the cheerleading squad. In addition to the two elected girls though the board agreed with Wanda's logic in theory they opted not to grant her request who knows perhaps granting too many girls. The status of cheerleader would cause complete social anarchy in the small town. Whatever their reason. Shanna would not be joining the seventh grade squad that coming fall the school board did make one concession. Though going forward only students who were enrolled in the eligible elementary schools would be allowed to compete for spots on the squad. This was of little use to Wanda and she left the meeting. Feeling furious in channel view secret meetings were difficult to keep quiet and it wasn't long before word had spread of Wanda's audience with the school board. The News didn't seem to surprise. Many around town was known to be friendly and quiet but people also reported that she seemed to feel that she was better than everyone around her. Perhaps it was the immaculate way. She presented herself or her habit of trading up on her husband's whatever. The reason Wanda had something of an image problem to those around her. She had an embarrassment of riches a beautifully furnished house. A doting husband to loving children but still. She wanted more and in the eyes of her community. That was her biggest flaw. Either Wanda was oblivious to what her neighbors thought of her or perhaps she was impervious either way. It didn't matter what anyone else thought. She had one goal in mind to turn her daughter into a cheerleader. In the past when things hadn't gone her way wanted had opted to abandon the game altogether and start afresh but this time she was left with few options if she wanted Shannon to be a cheerleader she would have to stay Alice Johnson middle school and simply try out again. The following year Wanda decided that they would train harder. Do Better and win that popular vote. There was no other choice. Next time. Wanda would win. Thanks again for tuning into female criminals. We'll be back next week with part. Two of Wanda story will follow Wanda as she prepares her daughter to be a cheerleader. And find out what happens when another woman stands in her way for more information on Wanda Holloway amongst the many sources we used. We found love deadly love by an McDonald mayor and the cheerleader murder. Plot by MIMI swartz extremely helpful to our research. You can find all episodes of female criminals. And all other podcast originals. For Free on spotify not only does spotify already. Have all of your favorite music? But now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like female criminals for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream female criminals on spotify just the APP and type female criminals in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see you. Next time female criminals was created by Max Cutler and is a podcast studios original executive producers. Include Max and Ron Cutler sound designed by J Cohen with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Carly Madden and Aaron Larson. This episode of Female Criminals was written by Joel Callan with writing assistance by Abigail Cannon. I'm Vanessa Richardson Remember. You can find new paths to positively every day of the year followed daily quote free on spotify. Or wherever. You get your podcasts.

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