Sanford and Dumb


That's what's going on everyone. Welcome back to another episode of making podcast great again. And I am your Tech stuff guy Jana and we are here, of course with the covert SRI president of the United States of America Mister Donald J. Trump Mister president. How are you feeling and doing very strongly as you can tell the powerful breath. You heard the power for breath last week, but they need the drugs. They giving me a believable. They're so powerful. I just finished one of my longest rallies ever in Sanford Florida recording at Sanford. And and this was such a beautiful rally with great people. Okay, the highest quality of white trash way Mister president way, excuse me, the drugs sometimes make me say they say it can make me say stead of more honest thing. If I'm not already the most honest person but it was a full-fledged covid-19 trash celebration. One of the longest rallies have done. So the energy is there the enthusiasm as they call it, you know, that's like be jettisoned have totally having a great time. We're headed to a gentlemen's club after this after the podcast, you know, sort of meet and greet with some of our you know, Better supporters, if you know what I mean sort of high-quality supporters and it'll be a nice time so good to be here with rain log the text of guy well mister president wage, it's GA. Nog and we have that that that's me but we have we have a returning gas Mister president. Your you said you weren't a very big fan of his and you said she did not watch his show but you really did watch your show. And you knew everything about it. Our guest back is Billy Ray the writer and director of the commie rule on Showtime Village. Thanks for coming back on the show. Such a privilege. Thank you for having again. Thank you John. But by the way, I see that you for some reason why your own merchandise to be taught guests. We see on Fidelity bravery and integrity that's pathetic three things. I don't believe in our Fidelity braver Integrity. It's dead. The I these were the crew jackets that we gave out to our cast in our crew after the Kona grill wrapped honest. I mean if you did that instead of paying when I respect that I'm sure we we paid them to this is not like one of the sweatshops your daughter runs. Well, believe me when she's in the shop I get sweat and cuz she's pretty hot. Oh, I didn't realize they you know, so that's sort of weak on your part. You could have just given them jackets, but you paid them and gave them jackets on your your says BR4 Billy Ray. I think my cognitive is telling me that that's for Billy. Right? Well, as you know, you're probably copying me because nobody puts their name on more things than me. So you're welcome for the idea. Nobody their names on things until I certainly made it popular. So you're welcome. And you know, I know the economy role did strongly probably, you know, I think if we're being honest they making podcast great again bump is like no other bump you seen podcast So you're welcome for that. I think that's true. You know, we were we were the biggest debut of a limited series in Showtime history. But all that happened grass or Thursday after making podcast great again, we were even better than red shoe Diaries remember red shoe diaries. That was a I always wanted I would always tell me about when she was, you know in high school years ago as Halloween is the red shoe Diaries, you know, and she was as a dad, you know, not right now I go. Okay. Well when you come back from the body, maybe you'll dress up around the house. I shoot Diaries, you know, it's just Family Fun following not not always the parties much to graduations on the komi room know the commis have a very different idea of family fun, you know on on July 4th every year on Independence Day, they gather in a circle, he and his wife and their adult children and they read the Declaration of Independence allowed to one another. That's what they do for family fund. Now they're well we discussed this already. There are sad desperate sort of bunch of losers. I mean that is I don't think there's anybody my Supreme Court Justice Amy, Coney Island. Okay, great Justice and Injustice is part of like let me put it this way. She's in religious groups that make Mike Pence look like a member of Motley Crue. Okay, and she wouldn't do something so lame on the 4th of July as a read the deck it's so sad, but that tall weeping willow does but you know what you said you made you made a story look like something actually kind of interesting. So congratulations to you. I didn't think that was possible. Thank you very much. I was wondering what did you think of Renovations portrayal of young age? I thought he captured the makeup was very strong. First off. I know he doesn't do that, but the make-up was actually strong cuz I looked at this guy on-screen I said, who's this sick sort of strong powerful looking bird and I said, oh, that's me. And he was very intimidating not to me. I wasn't scared but to a lot of the people in these jobs are tough very strong. I think the voice could have been better. But I think he captured a very powerful intimidating Spirit of drama. So I give him I get him a nice choice for that. You know people have said to me that that we played Trump you that we played you like a mob boss. I did you find that to be true. And if so, did you find that insulting at all? No, I think some of my you know, some of my great role models with my bosses, but I think now I think the problem is I think I started the office a little like a bus. Okay, that said first level toughness. But now I think of myself more as like a world leader boss, you know, like it's squads and death squads and mass Graves you off the mob. It should have small potatoes. You get one guy put cement on his feet and that's that. That's okay for a starter. But now I want to be more I'm more of like if they make totally rule part 2 months old man reads to his kids. I would like to see me portrayed more as an international strong man in the next installment, you know, Mass Graves journalists getting attacked by them come out and do people that follow me to my rallies, you know, so just bigger everyone bigger and stronger. Mister president you your your health is better the Florida rally today. Did you use have the same energy for it today heard is a very big rallies no masks people high-fiving and being very safe. Now, you know, it's we got to get our lives back and I said many strong things to the grad. They would they love me so much. It's so great to be back out and I don't think anybody's ever seen so many respects. So strongly from covered by don't think it's ever happened, you know, really, told me today. I was having a conversation with Roy Cohn and he told me that he never seen so many recovers are struggling Mister president. Didn't you hear yourself with stem cells and you don't agree with stem cell research. Can you explain that that you know, I don't agree with it. I don't agree with its political reasons. Okay to get the Mike Pence people to like me, but no I call it fetal juice. Remember the movie Beetlejuice. Yes. I say I am I allowed my office Beetlejuice Beetlejuice beetlejuice and then some illegal immigrant brings me in a big bucket of of abortion smoothie and I just drop off. This thing down and you should see the power. You should see the power. I you know, it is such a beautiful thing. It's Columbus Circle of Life. Okay. Remember the Lion King Remember The Lion King where you hold your day off and what happens is I have sort of great sexual power with prostitutes and you know, sometimes you don't use proper protection, but that's okay, you know you pay extra for that. It's called you make a contract sort of instead of handshake deal and if they happen to maybe, you know get pregnant. You know you can show to use. That a great truck juice for great a blower brush and smoothies. So it's a circle of life, you know, it's like, you know how they used to say the Native Americans the Indians they would never they wouldn't waste any part of the Buffalo. Yes. I am. I don't waste any part of the prostitute. I don't waste any part of the prostitute. Okay, it's a full circle of life. And now you're saying you see the power and the Christians, they're totally okay with that. They understand that's what I'm doing is so important because I'm going to protect all the other life the great life, but I need it for my own recovery. So they sort of give me a nice Christian exemption to go to Christian exemption and I'm allowed to you know have third trimester smoothies. I had a question actually just about timing cuz I actually I'm a little upset with you because when I sat down for my first Zoom with you If I go back and sort of do the math in my head you were a Cove and positive when we chatted last time and you didn't say a word about it and it's not that I could have gotten, you know through the zoom but I do think you know, it would have been nice for you to tell me that you were already, you know hallucinating big time when we did our interview. Well, here's what I have to say to you and I think you'll like this because I think you're familiar with this line. Look at me look at me. I am the captain now. Okay, you don't make the rules anymore Billy Ray. I make the rules I talked about when I want to talk about it. You don't get to tell me and that's what we're doing. Okay, so in that version, I'm a I'm I'm the captain Jake. I'm actually Captain Phillips and you're a Somali pirate. But I'm just using the line. I'm not a lot more. Okay. I'm just glad I'm not part of plus three. I'm just using your line. I thought you'd like hearing that line. You know you you couldn't stop breaking last show. I was nominated for an Oscar. Oh look at me. I'm Billy Ray. I have Oscar nominations. I like screen writers. Who win? Okay between you and me, okay off the podcast record will go off the Record which is why I wish you would one but that's off. The record on the record will go back on the record or on here a total loser home. Okay, you're not you didn't win for it. So it doesn't even matter. You should be happy that I'm even quoting yet. But you know, I lost to a movie that was more important than mine. I mean, I'm very very proud of Captain Phillips, but I lost the screenplay category to John Ridley who wrote 12 years of slave and the fact is that's just the more important movie than Captain Phillips. So I was fine doing very giving Very basically, you're being very PC. Let me tell you something Twelve Years a Slave. I cried at the end of twelve years of slave people are surprised when I tell them I cried at the end of twelve years of sight but it's true. It was not moving because at the end of the movie he leaves and the work doesn't get finished the nice speak. They had all this work to do in the middle of a sudden. He runs off Brad Pitt shows a guy who's I guess taking a break from cheating on one of his wives Ranchos out it and he says come with me and frame you and I go what about the work off? You know, cuz I have a powerful work ethic Chinese guy leaves the work doesn't get done and I was everybody in the theater was crying. I was crying other people were crying. So we were all very upset. So I thought I thought I had a much better ending our great military took out ilhan Omar in the squad and Tom Hanks was free the new Toy Story. So it's a it's dead. Would have voted for that very strongly, uh-huh J take that off the Record, you know edit and post. Yes, of course. Yes, of course, I will not give him credit off Mister president. How did you feel about vice president Pence's debate performance? Remember when Freddie Mercury at the end of Bohemian Rhapsody did the Live Aid concert? Okay. Yes, very powerful flamboyant strong defiant performance check Bohemian Rhapsody I did not but I know what you're talking about. I've heard about it. Yeah, it made eight hundred million dollars and was nominated for six Vasco. So it's it's okay. I thought it was a little Indie artist, but it's I felt like that, you know, Freddie Mercury is stuff, right? Yes. Yes, and I know you're talking about big you had a bank like a performance. Okay and Mike Pence, I thought carried himself with that same powerful very heterosexual energy on stage that Freddie Mercury had found it was powerful and he had that remember on that fly attacked him. Yes. What do you think about that? It was a total disgrace. I was you know, as we discussed as Mike Pence discussed you had him as a guest. I did never met him before he was very Charming. Well, you know, you know, that's that's what they do is like a creepy youth pastor, but they that fly attacked our vice president that African-American fly language if they if that flyer done that to me, I would have knocked the crap out of that Sly but Mike Pence lives his Christian faith, and it was very gentle to the fly and I think that should be a good balance for a ticket, you know, cuz my pants was being attacked on all sides by African-Americans. There was no, Harris and the fly. It was a bully me off to see Mike Pence watching certain videos on his computer. That's not the type of do African Americans in one pants that he's looking for. He's you know, that was not good stuff. He didn't not like that but he took he took it very strongly, you know, there's a story about pets and about how he wound up on the ticket. I wonder if you'd comment on it in 2016 when you went to in, New Jersey. How to interview him that you had made the decision not to put him on the ticket that you were going to go out to Chris Christie and that Jared and some of the others I really wanted Pence to be on the ticket. And so they told you that your campaign plane had broken down and you had to spend an extra night in Indianapolis and it was in debt off tonight that pants one you over and by the next day you were picked him. I don't know that story to be true or not. But that is a story that I've heard from several different sources. I wonder if that true God what happened that night Mister president. Well I was He's very convincing as a say now. I will say that you know, Jared doesn't like Chris Christie call some Krispy Kreme and because you know took his father in jail his Jared kushner's father was put in jail, but you know Jared kushner's father did. It was very it was an innocent thing. He had his brother with a hooker. He excuse me had a dispute with his with his I think it was brother-in-law which isn't even real, you know cares about that and he then stepped his brother-in-law up with a hooker recorded it. Syrup syrup syrup to secretly he didn't struggle and secretly and then sent the tape to his sister. And what brother would what good break wouldn't send a sex tape that they manipulated of their sisters has been with a prostitute who wouldn't send that to them. And you know, I went to jail because of Krispy Kreme and that upset Jared Kushner very much and so he didn't want Christian the ticket so we did end up spending an extra page in Indianapolis. There was you know, there was a there was some entertainment and then pain showed up and you know, he prayed a bit with the prostitutes trying to convince them that you know to turn over a new a new leaf and they didn't because the money was very good. but then I thought I saw I thought my aunt showed Great Character Great Character because once he couldn't, you know convince The Prostitute it's not to sleep with us. He helped us very them the next day. So I could see that he had both Christian faith, but also great political loyalty. So no we after that you are right. It was it was the extra night and Indianapolis that showed me a great vice president be GMP had the power of faith and of strong political loyalty offer. Thank you for clearing that up. Well mister President. We do have a sponsor this week and is the powerful bit online. AG Mister president. The NFL right now is a little crazy with the Covetous took a positive. I guess. 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So we're looking at a pretty big payday coming November. That's right. The odds are changing now, you can get in on their season-opening bonuses today start off wagering on wind Division and Championship Futures today head to bed online today and take advantage of all the great signup bonuses that's been online your online Sportsbook experts. I do all my betting their BetOnline AG Mister president some sad news dead. Recently John McCain's mother Roberta passed away at the age of 108. I mean that is such a full life like to take a moment of silence on this podcast for her. Who's who's taking a moment of silence? We we were about to mister president and then you spoke of scares me. When do you dictate? When do you when I'm doing a moment? I'm going to talk more. Okay. I'm actually going to make I'm going to have negative silence. I'm going to talk louder and more talk than I would normally show that there's no chance of any silence for any member of the McCain family. I have spoken very clearly on this podcast very loudly and I'm talking more loudly than ever before because no McCain. The only time I will give any McCain a moment of silence is when his big breasted daughter passes away because I respect her chest other than that good riddens Irish. She did make it 208 which only proved that she was not as big a loser as her non war hero sound. Okay. Well right now is looking up at us and feeling the 8th while my grade Fred Trump and my great friend Jeff Epstein look on from heaven. John McCain is not having such a good time. And I don't know what happens to his mother Roberta which is by the way not a hot name and she knows I saw pictures of her even in a nineteen month was not hot. I can only imagine what she looked like at 1:08, but I saw her in ninety-five, not hot. Okay. I'm not afraid to say it. Not a hot lady what she became TV app where she endorsed Joe Biden. Send me my game is what happens. Unfortunately two women who once might have been attractive and aren't any more get to be a certain age and life is very sad. And so she rammed to the, you know, feeble arms of sleepy Joe Biden because she knows that she won't find any strong support from a strong president and I am a president and I send her by the way emails everyday saying I'm your president and I didn't like your husband home email you tomorrow. Okay. I wanted even going to bring up McCain anymore cuz I don't want you to get so angry. Mr. President. Excuse me. I'm not angry. They were disrespectful to me. But I hope you thought she had a long life and I said my patient. I think it was very respectful. I think I showed I would say I showed restraint I should I mean I never strengths than you I do anything, but I wanted to ask you. Do you know many hot ninety five year old women that you can point out to me cuz you just referred to Roberta. McCain is not hot in her name these I don't know if many women are referred to as hot in their nineties. Let me tell you something. Tell me I will admit right now if given the opportunity. I would break Betty White chips with passionate lovemaking. So how about that? Okay, I still didn't get in expect that. Okay. So, anyway would be in a wheelchair. She got all of this Trump passion. Okay. Now another question, I'm sorry. Of course go for it to you. Just cuz I think you're going to you're going to have to know about it. You're going to have to deal with it. People are now writing to me, you know via Twitter and it's anecdotal but it's consistent founding a lot of feedback on the combing role of via Twitter where people are saying hey, I showed the movie to my father. He was a trump voter and he's not a trump voter anymore movie turn off. This is happening a lot. So I I just feel you should be forewarned. I think there's a there's a a way about there and I think we were part of it. Well, you know a lot of people want to take credit. Everybody wants to be part of who's going to take down Trump. Well, nobody's taking down Trump. I'm going to win very strongly in November and maybe you'll get a sequel and we all win you'll have a great country with a great economy. And you know, you'll be able to make movies that go to the theatre again because we're going to allow people to go to the theater and they'll be able to know some will get covered. It's going to be around they say for it, you know ten to twenty years if I stay in power off. Okay, but no, I I think anybody that should choose from me was probably not a weren't a real Trump supporter, you know, I respect the movie, but if they can change their mind from a movie then they would never really Trump supporters. The people were Trump supporters of those people right now. Who just got all my spit a lot of them at the Sanford and dumb rally and those are real supporters and they're not going anywhere. They're going to they're going to be in an ICU off with a ventilator. Signing their absentee ballot. Those are those are my people the president one of them to ask you just off-topic real quick this past week and I know you're not a huge fan of SNL. They always make fun of you. You had a problem with a lot of the actors on the show, but there's a lot of people are upset with the comedian Bill Burr who was the host of the show and saying people off problems with material saying he went too far. He was very offensive. Did you get to check out the monologue and it's one of the see what you thought of it? I thought he was strong. I think it's canceled poucher. I think cancel culture is trying to cancel culture and I don't want the culture to be canceled by cancel culture. So we're not going to allow that way. I can allow that one bit. You know, I don't think it was the greatest performance I've ever seen he wasn't, you know. Yeah, I kept wondering when he is you're going to scream the n-word like Nick DiPaolo, but you know, he was good. He was good. And I think of course the left the left mob wants to come from because you know, no I didn't spend this whole time making fun of trump and being weak and liberals. So it's understood but we're going to we're going to stop cancel culture so fast, we're going to get canceled going to be like Inception. You're going to have a big loop of canceling Mister president you were second debate is coming up with Joe Biden and the debate is going to be at separate account. I'm doing better. It's going to be a separate Town you're not going to do the debate now is your sign out of debate. It's two separate channels. Just sleeping. Joe got a little town hall. He's going to talk to like for young people and I said, you know what we're going to do a town hall at the same time with 40,000 unmasked people making out in a tight room with covid-19 like a smoke machine. It's going to be a trump Rock concert, but instead of foam and smoke machines. It's going to be covid-19. Genius we're going to get hurt immunity. We're going to get strong herd immunity dead. Tell Mister president. I have a note here. I guess it came from the White House. It says just the komi rule and it says Billy Ray disrespect to do that. That's all the note says here, but I didn't want to get it. Okay. So this is bad Tech stuff work. I didn't want to get into this on the air out of respect. But you know, I thought we were supposed to do a podcast a presidential podcast at a certain time. And then we re okay with his achy breaky heart and His Old Town Road decided to say, oh can we make it at a different time? Can we do it at a different time didn't even call me sure. He didn't even call me share when he asked and you know, whatever happened. Remember Bobby Kennedy. Okay, this is dead. in the Democrats left I remember watching about the time he was he was assassinated and they were talking about it and they were saying so Hansard him and I said look at that. They calling him off twice whatever happened to that respect. Whatever. We don't have respect like that any movie don't ever expect like that anymore. But the I just didn't like he did, sure. How do you change the time of our presidential podcast? I didn't want to discuss this on the air, but you know, you brought it up. So upset it. I'm not going to you know Let It Go, but it was you know, the Hollywood types J. All of a sudden they have big shows on Showtime and they think it's all about them. I really I appreciate it. I wanted to start at the at the regular time. I I had an obligation that had to do with promoting the Only Rule and I'm not saying it was a more important podcast than yours, but it had to get done and it ran long and and Faith grinned about the whole thing, you know sugar in means, right? Sugar and I think that's the I think that's the African-American at my garage. I think that box my car. You know, they have the name they have the crazy names we respected but they have crazy names and Mister president. How do you feel in Jamie Harrison set a wage Senate fundraising record versus Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. What do you think about that? Is that impress you? It is impressive. I think the Democrats that trying to flood they know that Lindsay is a top sort of Ally of mine. I broke my broke. I broke him so hard that I you know, I take great pride and Lindsey Graham because I don't know if you saw a Game of Thrones but he's sort of like my reek and that was a character on Game of Thrones who became just a total sad if I can use a nasty word a sad little bitch and that's what Lindsey Graham became for me. He's my reek and I think that they want to take him out because they think about me look weak, but they're not going to take them out and I just I get so disappointed though when I hear about the South Carolina Senate race, cuz they're like, it's Jamie verse Lindsay and I'm like, this sounds hot sauce, like too hot, you know college girls from NECC School having mud wrestling and then it's a chubby black guy in the closeted a closeted gay guy going at in debates and I go what the hell This you tell me Jamie versus Lindsay. I'm like, oh this is okay. It's you know, let me get some popcorn and maybe some Vaseline and we'll see what happens and instead it's just too but I think Lindsey Graham is going to do very powerfully and I think he's going to win. I think he's going to win, you know, we'll see what happens and if he was just you know, I'll disavow him and say I never thought we were friends this is off topic, but I was just curious has covid-19 effect on your sex drive. You know what there were a few days where I had to actually unfulfilled. It's not afraid. You know, I'm not I'm not too proud to say this. I actually had to get my wife off Madagascar is kind of sent. Usually I have the energy to just say well it's contractually obligated in the prenup so we can do this the easy way or the Trump way and but now I feel like I'm getting my energy back. So it's you know, it's you know, I can you know, now it's fully back now, it's fully back. I have you know thought it was no problem down there ever but now, you know, my arms are more able to you know, tell her what to do if you know what I mean, we miss with strong consent, of course with strong powerful consent. We never have nothing we have anything but strong consent at least, you know, I keep wondering when melatonin she's you know, sometimes she doesn't have a great command of English so when we're dead, And a lot of times she uses this Transylvanian phrase not now, please and I don't know what that mean. I don't know what that translates doing English wage. We're still trying to figure that out. But it's you know, I mean something and we'll figure it out at some point. But you know know there's there's been no effect go over. The only time when I was in Walter Reed was the only time even though they weren't many nurses believe me. They were many nurses were hoping that I you know, could you know could do with something. I didn't ask them. They asked me they said sir. Can you please H always been my fantasy sure to have sex with the president in Walter Reed and I said Darlin, I can't do it Darlin. Sorry darling can't do it before darling wage you use the word darling. You've got to watch more in my rallies. It's one of the favorite lines that I use on our grounds. But you you you don't use it with us on the podcast about or on the excuse me. This is podcast Iraq, you know sometimes in bigger settings or public you say different things. I don't say half the things I say on this podcast in public because the fake news with, you know, have a field day with mister president Amy Coney Barrett the hearings had begun. What do you have to say about this you excited? We're so excited. She said her strong Justice she comes from you know deep Faith. She has deep Faith like me strong Christian faith, of course and you know, I I'm not going to lie. When I when I heard her name was Amy Coney Barrett. I thought Cohen's that sounds like she's got Iraq and you know, she's sort of more of a trim Runner physique, which is okay to you know, that there's a place for that but I was sort of hoping she'd be kind of like, you know more stacked you thought her name represented her breasts mr. President. Why like you got Dwayne The Rock Johnson, right? The rock is not his name, but he's a big boulder like dude. So when I say Amy Coney Barrett I said, okay Jamie Barrett and she took this like wrestling nickname. She's got big Collins and it turns out that that was totally fake. But other than that, we're strong supporter of a strong faith great intellect. She's totally going to drive the lives so crazy and she's only 48 she's going to be on the court for forty years, but goodie Mister president the us talking about betting he wanted to bed on some basket ball off but last night basketball ended the Los Angeles Lakers have won the championship LeBron. James has one another championship. Do you have anything to say about that when you watched in the game? Well, it's a total disgrace. He's he's first of all, he's not as good as Michael Jordan. I think everybody knows that but he ate how he disrespects our Anthem he disrespects our troops changed to political. Okay campaign for crooked Hillary. How did that work out? And I think he disrespects this country all the time. And that's why I'm not inviting them white house. I'm inviting one Los Angeles Laker to the White House only one. So his name is Alex Caruso. You can look them up. If you don't know who he is a fine young man dead man of talent a man of integrity. I think he went to Texas A&M which is a great Trump State works hard. Okay should have a hard-working Scrappy type player not as show boaty. I don't know if you're picking a bunch of the coded language, but he's you know hard-working non show boaty not as athletic but athletic enough, you know off. President he's he's he's there. He's there white player Oh, is she white his his white? Oh, well, okay. Well, you know, we don't we don't see call there, but that's you know, Asian guy did we're going to get him off fast food that he wants he can have any fast food that he wants and I just asked him to bring me a jersey with you know, how they put the president's number on the Jersey when they bring the Jersey so I said, can you put 45 - Infiniti since you know, I am the greatest and last president in US history class president before we get we have we have lots of questions. I know last week we're supposed to do listener questions, but it was a crazy week with with vice president Pence on so we're going to do them this week before we get to that everyone patreon. We really appreciate everyone signing up lots of people sign up for the patreon this week. So keep signing up lots of bonus material coming GA with extra episodes for the debate and the alarm. And also check out our website and PGA We have limited edition T-shirts YouTube page. You see Clips you haven't seen online. They're only on the YouTube page and every episode that I had his on there as well and keep leaving ratings and reviews for on iTunes really appreciate that let Mister President. We have some questions that comes in lots of questions on Instagram and I love for you to answer some this is a very interesting question used to go on the Howard Stern Show a lot and this listener Carlos Coral East though on Instagram wonders. How come you're not going to go on the Howard Stern Show? He's got lots of listeners from both sides and you can maybe win over some votes by going back on the show since you were such an avid guests on that show. Howard Stern used to be somebody of a great importance. Okay, very important. Now he's an angry old liberal. Okay, I guess she wasn't making enough money speaking the truth should how he talks by the way for most of this year. He's been doing this show out of his house. He used to have a studio that he works out of his house. So it's obviously not going so well everybody on his show they work from home. It's that they used to have a beautiful studio. So obviously, they're not succeeding. I wouldn't affiliate myself with short of a a failing brand. Okay Trump means success and wealth not failing Brands and you know, I'd rather go on somebody like Joe Rogan. Okay, well off, you know, give me a fair shot, you know has great fans and we'll hopefully, you know rub CBD oil on my elbows or something. This question comes from 2112 Josh 2112 Mister President. We know you have been in some movies. You had a very popular TV show if you had an invitation to participate in a remake of Home Alone would you do it and if you would would you play yourself where you asked to play a character? When Billy Ray be writing and or directing this remake for the question the person did not put Billy Ray in it. But when you give us the answer of Billy Ray would be involved in a Philly wage not be involved. Well, I would like Billy ready to be involved because as we discussed despite the fact that he thinks he should have a liberal Hollywood big shot. He did Captain Phillips, which is one of the Great Movie package. We discussed Hunger Games Beautiful film them. As I said show the ultimate conservative Utopia hot chicks killing each other while I watch it's an unbelievable fantasy. Although not a fantasy if I get third or fourth term we might actually get that but if we're taking the Captain Phillips approach, I think you would do an unbelievable Home Alone remake I left home alone. I play the McKenzie Culkin guy, and I'm home alone mesothelioma and the kids of left off. and so I call up some beautiful Russian escorts, but then these terrible criminals show up and you can get the Somali pirates from Captain Phillips and they're playing the criminals. So I'm they're protecting the the the brakes to teach the great sex workers the Somali pirates trying to take over the home and I say I call them filthy animals remember that in Home Alone with the machine gun. So I call she knows I win the day. I kill the Somali pirates and the escorts, you know, I don't know if Billy Ray is okay. We might have to do a sort of a very graphic sex seem to celebrate. And you know and then my family just stays on their trip forever and I just live in the big house with the beautiful escorts and the dead bodies of the of the Somali pirates as a warning, you know, so if we have a sequel now see that the dead bodies were still be there. So other Pirates don't try to take over the home, so I hope that's I mean, I think Billy Ray could probably do I don't know if they call it a treatment they use all these words for the scripts, but I think that's I think that's I think that's a that's a total hit. Usually we we could shooter screen credit. Yeah. I didn't buy both of us what my name can be first I assumed cuz yeah sure, but you know if I direct it. You know, honestly that director outranks the president on the set with the director says goes so if I say sit you gotta said if I say stand you got a month and if I cut all your Dialogue on that get a day you get new dialog so, you know, I'm I'd love to work with you. I think it'd be really an interesting challenge just creatively but I sort of had a note down what the other producer when's the producer link has nothing to do with anything to producer is in a trailer, you know, cause usually texting not putting it Twitter who writes the checks on the movies. Well, that would be the studio still 541 Trump Studio out of the basement of o a n and that's technically who's producing this. Yeah, then you'd have to pay for everything. You want to go on the line for a eventually. Okay. You have my word eventually wage. Get paid eventually you will get paid for sure. It's a total Trump guarantee. That's as good as a trump steak. Okay, that is my my word is my Gold Bond Medicated powder wage is on the set. You'd be taking orders from me. Would you be cool with that? Well, what's your okay, which have to talk to some of the people who did The Colony were like, you know, there's some directors who are very nasty and very in your face, you know, if you were a nice director, I'm very busy. Oh, well, then then then we'll have no problem. And if I say we need a 30-second take on this threesome with the two busty escorts, I would expect you to say, you know, what's wrong. You're you're right. Let's do 44 tanks. Let's just do what you all all threesome takes for the next week. Just you know, that interesting that you would say 44 take sneakers. Forty-four was the number of Barack Obama and I'm wondering if that feeds into what seems like a fixation you have with with Barack Obama and also as as writer-director or co-writer director, I might cast Barack Obama as well. I might put you in a scene with Barack Obama, but obviously without the hookers Well, that is not a good actor. We know that she's never been in movies. I have been in many movies. I was in Zoolander. I was in Home Alone 2 off some people say the best sequel ever including Godfather to even better than that. So I think we do I think we do very strongly with that. I know forty-four because I said 44 takes because Racine would probably call for very intense, you know intense passionate lovemaking so that you know, some of these Eastern European women they like it very rough so know if I think 45 takes I think well that's great. America is great. They have Trump but the anger of knowing that we had such a disaster under Obama, you know method it's called method, you know this have you ever had any of these actors do method acting? Yeah. So that's what I was doing for. You maybe don't know this as you're behind the camera person. I'm more of on camera. Island so I sure that you know, I know I know that end of it probably better than you would you like me to cast Betty White Well, no, I mean many. That's anyway. We have the choice and everybody if now if the movie is about me and John McCain's mom, you know, then maybe we get a steady weight. But if it's if we have the whole universe to cast, you know, I think I would go with somebody a little younger, you know, nineteen twenty two, you know, something age appropriate for somebody like me who is the president of of humor questions from fans here. This is a very interesting question. What do you Melania and baron like to do for your are family time? Oh your your wife Melania and your son Barron, you've you've referred to him as Dirk Nowitzki you've referred to aged him as a kristaps porzingis. You've referred to your son as many tall white basketball players. So I wanted to know what you guys like to do for fun you Melania and baron? Well, you know, I've been I had covid-19. Here's another odd questions to present as I said they can ask you anything. This is. John for underscore W, which your favorite couple links and why do you have a nice pair of cufflinks? And why? I do have a that's a good question. I do have a favorite pair of cufflinks. There was they were given to me by my father the great Fred Trump and I remember it was May twenty-first birthday 21st birthday. And it was a big day. Obviously, we went to Vegas and we were he said you're going to become a man today Donald so we flew out to Vegas and we went to a a place called. Well, it wasn't as Reno Reno, you know Reno and we went to a place called the Bunny Ranch. I don't know if you're familiar, but we went to the bunny song and Because the rate Fred Trump was somebody of such great reputation, you know, they allowed him to pay at the end. They allowed him a lot of time. They want money up front as I sure we need money up front. But when the write Fred Trump books and not say when you know your tab you pay when you're ready. So I went in and you know, I had my way with with four of the women. Okay? Okay and off when they tried to Bill great Fred Trump. He beat him to death. And called up his friend Dennis Hof the light great denisof what we talked about on the podcast before a wonderful a man. So giving such a such a gentle so a gentle so it was like they called them like program the art Kelly of Reno because of how welcoming he was two runaways and and home coming into the the business that he was in a tremendous gentle soul who I know is looking down on us with Jeff Epstein today, and he said that he gave the club. Do you announce that? You know, it was going to be Dennis offs business from that moment on and then my father took the cufflinks off of the previous owner pimp gave me the cufflinks and said This is what it takes. This is what it takes to be great. And I wear those every day as just a powerful reminder as a Christian home. And as your type of you know, what it what it what it takes to be great in this sort of well mister president this last question since you're such a gentleman and you have such a way with the women off this question comes to at Sherry K Cohen and dating do you think people should kiss on the first date? That is probably the worst question. We've ever received in the history of the show, but I am sure it'll be nice. I answered do I believe people should kiss on the first date? I think that it's totally natural for there to be a first aid kit. I don't think it's got to be requirement and some women as you know, don't even you know, it's against the rules for them to kiss on the mouth. It's too intimate. Don't do everything else. But kissing on the mouth is sort of, you know, not part of the the deal. I mean like in Pretty Woman. You can say that I think that's sort of you know, that's that's tradition and sort of interpretation. I think on the other hand, you know. I'm only saying this is hypothetical when you have a beautiful daughter like Ivanka. You know you kiss many times throughout your life. So if there ever comes a time, you know, you can do a lot more than kiss on the first date because they had so much intimacy before that. And now I'm saying this is hypothetical we obviously would never do that. It's against all laws. But you know, so when I change laws all the time laws change, okay about we're very law-abiding. But the point is I brought up Ivanka. Just you know, I like to bring up a bomb cuz she's a beautiful woman. But no, I think it's totally okay to kiss on a first date unless unless the people at the Bunny Ranch say that it's not okay. I do the people the only Branch Mister president. Those are all the questions we have for tonight, and I appreciate you spending the time with us, but also for the second time. Us really ready. Thank you so much for spending time with us to call me rule on Showtime. Check it out two part series it is. So awesome. You have to check it out showtime and Showtime On Demand. So thanks for joining us again. And is there anything else you want to talk about? Billy plug know it's such a pleasure to be here. It's just such a privilege and and Don it's always good to just shoot the shit with you. Well now it's it's good because I think you should as I said and I think one of the the reasons that the the show the company rule you if you're not at the Trump rule as you know, it would have been even better ratings, but I think the reason that, I told all my friends I put on social media and Donald Trump's favorite filmmaker. Is Billy Ray and I think you saw the results of that. I think you probably got a lot of used from the Kirk Cameron film fans, you know, the Dinesh D'Souza film club them all excited to watch The Comedy rule after I gave it a strong and powerful endorsement. So I'm glad that you've experienced the Trump bump we call it the Trump bump. We hope you enjoy the community which in the eighties was when I would bring cocaine I didn't do cocaine, but when I brought cocaine four people in the eighties, I would call it do a drum pump. Now, it's a little more friendly and a little more than a nice again. Check out the KO Mera land that is on Showtime and Showtime On Demand. Also join the patreon mpga and check out our website mpga That's all I got here Mister president any parting words from you. No, not parting words. Just hello everybody. It's j o thank you for thank you again. Billy Ray for joining us. Thank you Tex tough guy for guiding the ship. Everybody get us some reviews on iTunes. We want to get it way up there. It'll helps the algorithm check out our website and PGA cop those t-shirts and support the show and we're coming into the home stretch for 2012-13. So this is the podcast to support to share and to enjoy as we head into election Armageddon. So thank you everybody spread the word and God help us all.

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