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Nov 28, 2019


Hello and welcome to sword and scale daily. I'm your host Ryan Williams. It's Thursday November twenty eight and and this is your Thanksgiving true crime report coming up on sort and scale daily in upstate. New York teen allegedly killed his parents and estate in the family home for three weeks before the deaths were discovered Utah. Police conducting a routine wellness check on a resident of a retirement community. Immunity discovered a seventy five year. Old woman dead. Apparently of natural causes a surge of her apartment uncovered the body of an adult man identified S.. Her husband in a deep freezer finally the suspect in the killing of Chicago student. Route George has allegedly confessed to the murder. You're saying he assaulted and killed George because she ignored his catcalls. All this and more coming up on sort and scaled daily Seventeen year old Billy Larson from Clarksville. The New York has been charged with two counts of second degree murder and two counts of first degree manslaughter in the killings of his parents. Sixty seven year. Old William William Larsen and fifty year old Lisa Larsen. He's being held at a youth detention facility on a fifty thousand dollars. Bail any one hundred thousand dollar bond. Police and firefighters were called to the Larsen family's log cabin in rural upstate. New York around eleven thirty pm on Wednesday November twenty. When he first Billy Larson who lived at the House with his parents was at the scene when firefighters arrived but left in the ensuing chaos before? Police he's responded. When the fire was extinguished two bodies were recovered from the house and identified as belonging to William and Lisa? Larsson law enforcement searched for billy Larsen for several hours before taking him into custody W. G. R. Z.. Channel Two Buffalo News obtained the Criminal Complaint Against Larsson which provides additional details about the killings per the complaint. The two victims were shot with a rifle in the driveway. Away of their home on November Fifth Marcin stayed living in the house for three weeks hiding the bodies. The Larsen family lived in a remote out area in a log cabin that William Larsen senior built with his own hands on an extensive piece of property. The family owned the nearest neighbors was to the Larson's were Bruce Hitchcock and his wife who rented a nearby property from the Larson's hitchcock spoke to the Buffalo News and told them that a few months. Back Billy Larson dropped out of high school and began displaying odd behavior that made his mother. Lisa concerned according to Hitchcock Lisa. The Larsen shared with him that she'd leave the house early in the morning and discover that billy had spent the night sleeping in his car not in the house. Bill would drive up and down Hitchcock's driveway in the middle of the night. Bruce Hitchcock was not alarmed when he failed to see Lisa. And William around for a couple of weeks because of how distant their houses were from each other he saw billy frequently during this time and provided him with meals as billy said his mother was ill and could not cook hitchcock. Hitchcock did not notice anything amiss about billy's behavior. Moreover he communicated with Lisa over text during the weeks between November fifth and November twenty first now he thinks he was likely communicating with billy pretending to be his mother. It is not yet been determined whether Billy Larsen will be tried as a youthful offender offender or as an adult which may be part of the reason he is facing both murder and manslaughter. Charges in New York the murder statute only only applies to adults. OUR NEXT STORY BRINGS US TO UTAH UTAH. Police officers were conducting a wellness check on an elderly woman and found her deceased typically. This wouldn't be out of the ordinary but as they continued searching her apartment for clues to her time of death. They found a a second body in her deep freezer per the Salt Lake City Tribune and at eleven thirty. AM on Friday November. Twenty second officers from the two Weli Police Department were called to the Remington Park retirement community to conduct a wellness check on one of the residents. Seventy five year old G ANSWERIN mothers. They performed multiple other checks at her apartment including one a few weeks earlier. The maintenance man who called police told them he had not seen the old woman in a couple of weeks weeks. He let police into the apartment where they found Surin mother's deceased in her bed with no apparent signs of trauma. The officers believed this is likely a death by natural causes and called a detective to the seem as standard operating procedure. The detective said about trying to determine the approximate awesome at time of death based on items in the residence. He checked the fridge to see the sell by dates of the contents and then noticed a deep freezer and a utility room. When he opened the freezer he came upon the intact body of an adult male on Tuesday? November twenty sixth police identified the deceased male as Paul mathers. John's husband. Who would have been sixty nine this year? Investigation of his death is now underway. Police interview neighbors and ask them when they last saw man in the apartment unfortunately they got widely varying reports which did not help narrow down the timeline by much. It's estimated that his body could have been in that freezer for anywhere from a year and a half to eleven years. Jan Soren mathers moved into the apartment in two thousand seven and Paul mathers was on the original lease. Police suspect foul play in the death of Paul mathers others and describe it as suspicious. An autopsy will be performed on his body after Thanksgiving after the break the the suspect in the November twenty third killing of Chicago Student Ruth. George has allegedly confessed to assaulting and murdering the nineteen year old because she ignored his catcalls Aw Now for our final story. ABC Seven Chicago reports that Donald Thurman the suspect in the killing of student. Ruth George has allegedly confessed to the crime nineteen year old Ruth George in honor student majoring in Kinesiology at the University of Illinois. Chicago was reported missing by her family on Saturday. November twenty third police tracked tracked her cell phone to a parking lot on the university campus where they found her body in the back seat of her car because the crime occurred on campus. It was investigated by campus police with the assistance from the Chicago. Police Department surveillance footage camera showed a man later identified. The fight is Donald Thurman following George as she walked to her car around one. Thirty Five Am Saturday and walking out thirty minutes later and using footage from Chicago Transit Authority and Chicago Police Department security cameras. Campus police were able to recognize that the man had a routine travel schedule schedule which took him through a Blue Line station. Not Far from where Georgia's body was discovered. Police staked out the station and arrested Thurman there on on Sunday morning. He allegedly confessed to the murder to investigators on Sunday afternoon saying that when George ignored his cat calls as she walked to her car Dr he became enraged. Came up behind her and put her in a chokehold maintaining his hold on her neck he then opened the back seat of her car our and pulled her inside where he allegedly sexually assaulted her while she was unconscious. Police say he left behind a palm print and DNA evidence at the time of the murder. twenty-six-year-old Thurman was on parole after serving two years of six year sentence for armed robbery on Tuesday. He was denied. Bail pending trial. Before we go we have a number of updates on cases. We have been following the manhunt for Marine deserter. Michael Alexander Brown who is suspected of killing. His mother's boyfriend has finally come to an end on Wednesday they morning. US marshals took Brown into custody at his mother's house in Hardy Virginia without incident twenty two year old Brown left of Camp Lejeune in North Carolina on October. Eighteenth on November ninth. He's alleged to have shot and killed. His mother's live in Boyfriend Rodney Brown in his home in hardy. Virginia Brown's mother discovered the body and told police her son Shot Rodney and ran away Brown. Who is said to have extensive outdoor experience and was possibly armed and dangerous eluded law enforcement for the following two weeks after the incident? The manhunt eventually grew to cover three states on Monday. Michael Brown was added to the FBI's ten most wanted list police. These have not disclosed a suspected motive for the murder however the victims neighbors told local channel. Ten News that Michael Brown had recently learned that Rodney Brown was not as he'd grown up believing his biological father. Our next update is about the immigrants found inside an Essex EXC truck in October November seventh. It was confirmed that all the victims were Vietnamese citizens on Wednesday. The bodies of the sixteen eighteen of the thirty nine victims arrived in Hanoi Vietnam and were then transported by ambulance is to be buried by their relatives. According to the Telegraph the remaining twenty three bodies are stuck in a state of limbo because their families cannot afford the cost of flying them back which is twenty two hundred pounds for roughly twenty eight hundred. US dollars at first it was believed that the UK authorities would cover the cost and later that the Vietnamese government would do do so however in the end local Vietnamese authorities were only willing to give families short term loans to cover bringing their loved ones home home. Many of the families are already in bad financial straights having paid human traffickers to smuggle their relatives into the UK the option of having the bodies cremated in the UK and the ashes transported to Vietnam has been floated by British authorities however cremation goes against ends traditional Vietnamese burial practices and most families are still trying to get the relatives remains home. Our final update is. It's about Sam and Nilo. The Indian grandfather charged with negligent homicide and the death of his granddaughter. chloe y gained in Puerto Rico. Khloe died in July after falling from the deck of cruise ship docked in San Juan. Nello says he was holding up to a window and set her on railings so she could bang on the glass not realizing the window was in fact open however CBS news reports that video given to them by the family's attorney shows the minutes before the fall and a Nilo holds the child above over the railing. which is about a foot from the window? The attorney would not share the video Jio publicly. He's representing the family in a civil suit. They have filed against Royal Caribbean claiming. It was negligent of them to leave a window open without clear. Sign dynegy's or a railing that was not safe for a child to sit on without a clear warning this week Sam Nello gave an exclusive interview to CBS News contributing a few additional details to the story. He said he saw Khloe go to the window but she cannot reach it because she was too short he thought it would be fun for for the both of them to bang on the glass so he picked her up. Put Her on the railing in front of the window which he says he believed to be closed. He believed that at one point when he was holding Khloe with one arm and attempting to bang the glass with the other. She slipped from his grasp when asked how he could mistake the window for being closed used when the windows are tinted he suggested that tent may have been invisible for him because he is colorblind. Annella next court appearance is set for December seventeenth eighteenth. That's it for today. We'll see you tomorrow. We hope you have a happy Thanksgiving until then stay safe and sort and scale. Daily really is an incongruity media production. Your host was Ryan Williams researching writing by Hagar Barack executive producer. 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