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This is the Steven A. Smith Show podcast. I'm Steven Jared Goff. Los Angeles Rams. quarterback jared goff is he just kirk cousins by another name is Stephen Stephen a Smith show on E._S._p._N.. Radio and the E._S._p._N.. APP Siriusxm Channel Eighty and on E._S._P._N.. News will cain filling in for Stephen A.. You can only catch me three to six eastern all those same television and radio dials and you can answer that question eight eight eight seven into nine three seven seven six kirk cousins jared goff jared Goff Kirk cousins. Yesterday we talked about my quarterback rankings. I put out a few days ago here on the Stephen a Smith show and then what followed was some rankings that came out from pro football focus and from Mike Sando who used to work here at E._S._p._N.. And then moved the Athletic Mike does a survey of lead executives in places quarterbacks into tears he for example had quarterbacks Dak Prescott Kirk cousins in the third tier but something fascinating came up when talking about kirk cousins the Minnesota Vikings quarterback Sando on the Russillo show podcast had this to say about Goff in cousins. He's sort of like Andy Dalton member that year in two thousand fifteen when the bengals had everything right around and everyone was healthy until the playoffs I mean he had like a pro bowl year. Specifically is just what I feel like a you. Have everything around looking pretty good like if kirk cousins were the ram or back. I'm not sure they'd be like way worth. Oh so it's in the matter of twenty seconds one hell of a shot kirk cousins and then weirdly some shot at Jared Goff my Santo who's working absolutely respect says cousins Dalton surrounded with some talent. He can have a pro bowl year but you put them in L._A.. Lay and I think things will go. Just do what Jared Goff so I guess I can do the logic by extension. Golf is Dalton. Goff is a quarterback. They can have a pro bowl year provided he has weapons around him. That's the logic follows from what I just heard from. Mike Sando and as much as I respect Mike's work I have to disagree. I have overtime had some pretty harsh criticism or been holed out on the jared goff off by by sign on the Jared Goff stock his rookie season was so bad I wondered aloud if he was a bust and even as he was progressing and getting much better we talked openly about whether or not he was a system quarterback in a product of Sean mcvay but I believe Jared Goff deserves a lot more credit than being compared to kirk cousins and Andy Dalton first of all we have to respect winning. Some level of winning jared Goff just went to a super bowl. where's Kirk cousins winning? You know we talk about goats in rankings in there are some that say come on don't overvalue championships championship we do and we talked about basketball players Jordan versus Lebron six versus three we talk about quarterbacks brady versus Montana or Brady versus Peyton but I actually think while we hear Oh you know it's a team sport. You can't give too much credit or put too much blame on one individual in a team sport environment and how much they win or lose actually think we start to take that to a place that's absurd we start breaking down these guys into like narrower and narrower narrower verticals narrow categories what is arm strength like how many fancy football points as he put up which is footwork like Kenny get the ball into a tight window. We keep doing that and doing that doing and don't get me wrong a lot. That is really smart. Analysis the kind of stuff you get from Tim Hasselbeck or Dan Orlovsky and it's really good but you can't lose the forest for the trees. It's all in service of one thing in the end winning. Winning winning is what it's all about. Winning is why Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. Winning is why Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Winning is why jared goff is not kirk cousins in winning has been my argument for why Dak Prescott is consistently underrated an opinion by the way that is apparently early shared by our new Monday night football analysts Boettger McFarland Today on I take the way the N._F._l.. Works like this you get paid based on your time in line and the availability of the money with your franchise okay Dak oppress got his next in line okay. He's at the end of his fourth year on a four year contract and I think the fact that we're having this debate shows you that not only maybe not the cowboys of disrespected him but I think the rest of the national football league because that's the question only does is win. He shows up is he. The most accurate passer no but I think he's just as accurate as Carson Wentz can he run like Michael Vick no but he's showing he can move the chains with his feet. Okay from a completion percentage you see the most accurate quarterback no but his numbers right there I one one hundred percent agree with pilgrim fought McFarland. It's the point of the exercise thirteen and three in his rookie year nine and seven in the down year ten and six in the rebound year two division titles in three years playoffs in two of three years almost always fell short of winning a comeback against Aaron Rodgers in the fourth quarter. Dak Prescott is the most under rated disrespected quarterback in the N._F._l.. And he wins and he will win more and Jared Goff has one more thing kirk cousins and Andy Dalton give jared. Gov that respect I had veered off the other day ranked around twelve or thirteen. I don't have my rankings right in front of me but I had him around twelve or thirteen in the same range as Carson Wentz and just below Dak Prescott who I had tenth overall in the League but at the same time time kirk cousins has had everything around him. That's needed to win now in my estimation. This is the year kirk cousins has to win this argument. He needs to win. Is it right here for Kirk cousins. He's got to fund digs Adam feeling Dalvin Cook. He's got a defense on the other side of the ball. I picked the Vikings yesterday as my surprise team the team that people are sleeping on the team is going to jump up and perform in the playoffs team dining is going to win the N._F._C. North but this really is the judgment year for Kirk cousins. He's probably GonNa get an extension by the Minnesota Vikings remember shined short deal with them because the alternative is way too scary. It is for almost every N._F._l.. Team the unknown. Who Do you bring in but this really is the year the kirk cousins loses the excuses if he can't win like Jared Goff if he can't win like Dak Prescott with what he has now now in Minnesota will Mike Sando was right about kirk cousins? He might not be right about Jared Goff but I'll play this one more time. He's right about kirk cousins when he compares. He's sort of like Andy Dalton. Remember that year in two thousand fifteen when the bengals had everything right around and everyone was healthy until the play-offs though they had like a pro bowl year specifically is just what I feel like that's who cousins is. He doesn't perform this year. He's Andy Dalton. The Stephen a Smith show is brought to you by pennzoil synthetics taking synthetic motor oil performance to a whole new level. Make the switch to pennzoil synthetics. Today will cain filling in for Stephen. I asked a little bit earlier and laid out my case for why hi Brady and Belichick are the greatest coach Star player duo of all time now. You've called in to tell me where I'm wrong who I missed and who should be considered in these duos across all sports across Paul Decades Basketball Baseball football the greatest coach in star player of all time Eddie in L._A.. What's up at your on the Stephen? A Smith show with will cain oil was avenue man. I'm GonNa go from Los Angeles ongoing Pat Riley Imagine Abby Johnson. Those guys put together a nice little stretch a nice little run. We'll showtime a nice little resume. I gotTa tell you any. It doesn't compare thanks for the call. It doesn't compare to Duncan and Popovich nineteen years five titles. It doesn't compare to Kobe and fill five titles eleven years together. It doesn't compare to Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan six titles in eight years together and it doesn't compare to Bill Russell and read are back ten years together nine titles mark and Kentucky. What's up market on the Stephen? A Smith show is will cain pay. We'll have going man what's up. I'm an old Guy <hes> so I've got a soft spot for the older combos like Montana and Walsh and <hes> Bradshaw Chuck no okay I I do I do and I hear you with your points. I I really do but just one that today's real quick number <unk> one rumor <hes> the New England patriots have not one more than three super bowls over an eight year period okay whereas you know chuck no and <hes> Wall you know they they want therefore super bowls within that within the tenure number two if they if Brett if I'm sorry if <hes> Tom Brady and bill shake loose. Let's say hypothetically they get the super bowl this year and lose. Would you pill considered them the greatest of all time I would now let me tell you why okay mark. Here's the deal first of all it's six titles against four in both cases for Walsh and for no it's six titles for the Patriots Against Four for the niners in four four the steelers but more than that is it harder today. I've asked this question of several people. It's harder to do this in football to establish a dynasty to stay at the top than it is in basketball basketball can be more dictated by the wonderful talents of one player Michael Jordan Shaquille O'Neal Kobe Bryant Lebron. James Football is harder to withstand the roster turnover the change churn of teams out there in the league and it's harder for a player to stay healthy on top of his game the way that Brady radio has redefined this entire league but more importantly. It's also harder to win in today's N._F._l.. Than it is when the niners and the steelers did it and look man. I'm honest with everybody. I tried to be honest. You can discount what I have to say. You can make adjustments and you can tell where I'm wrong. You know anybody knows me. I'm a homer for the cowboys right so I want to talk about the seventies cowboys. I WanNa talk with those nineties cowboys but I do know this seventies. Cowboys was seventy steelers. Those eighties forty niners in those nineties cowboys did it before full blown free agency in the N._F._l.. And that makes what Brady and Belichick New England patriots have done harder than what those guys did you still there mark yeah I I can't I can't argue. I can't okay but <hes> all right well. I appreciate your points mark. Thanks for calling Stephen. Smith show was will came. I got one more reason for why I believe the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady the goats of all time and it comes from the fact that the Patriots reported to Camp Today and Bill Belichick had some things to say I he was asked about being in New England for this long. I enjoyed here appreciate the opportunity to hear on your coach on our team can do a job. I WanNa try to give them the best that I can put our ourselves but our team put our individual players and coaching staff in the best position. We can compete hope I can do that this year and you sound like to me. I mean that that's that's not the voice of joy I don't know what is that is virtually bubbling over with excitement. I mean Jeez Bill Rain back a little bit starting to wonder if you had a pop before you got on there but that's actually. So Craig man no up no down just consistent and this other quote is actually the one that I think illustrates how you get to be the goat this other quote is the one that illustrates exactly what it takes to win consistently assistant over time. I don't care what sport and I don't care if it's even in sports I don't care what you do for a living or what I do for a living listen to this one because this from Bill Belichick is really how you go about winning their veteran have a good day today. I don't think I practice tomorrow enough to start. How did the practice more that was the answer to a question about whether or not there's pressure to repeat as Super Bowl champions and he says the Veterans Day today? I don't think I practice tomorrow. Start out of the preps man. It's so trite it's so simple. It sounds so cliche sounds like coachspeak. It's not it's the secret. I'm trying to think about having a good day to day. I'll never forget I think it was in about two thousand ten two thousand eleven so it was right after Alabama beat Texas in the National Championship game the game in which Colt McCoy went out with an injury and Alabama won its first title the launched this Nick Sabin Dynasty with the tide and he was asked at the end of this championship during the celebration. I think Confetti was raining down and save and goes over to the table. You know where they usually have. The Post game conversation set up on the edge of the field. He's talking to whoever was hosting. I wasn't e._S._P._N.. Yet I was somewhere doing something else and so. I don't know who was hosting it either but I remember this conversation. I remember it to this day. The question was was this always the goal like when you went about what you WanNa do it Alabama and when you put everything into place and exactly what you were going to do this moment right here was this the goal and the response simple but true and the secret to it all is not unlike what Bill Belichick said Nick Sabin said to the interviewer don't think about goals. We don't do that a due process. I think about data day I think about blocking and tackling I think about the small stuff I think about was that executed right in practice. It's all about the process if I focus on the process and we master enough of those little all things they add up to the big thing but I don't keep my eyes on the big thing I don't keep my eyes on the goal. Keep my eyes on the process the little things and I'm paraphrasing but it was something to that extent and what was wild about that is I don't know how you grew up. Playing sports again will cain filling in for Stephen on E._S._p._N.. Radio I don't know how you grew up in despite the I know I have a punishable face and people suspected never played sports I did I did including division one water polo. I hear you chuckle chuckle chuckle speedo pepperdine and it's funny how in sports or anything we actually do focus on goals a lot like when you're little and coaches like what are your goals. Are you trying to get to what are we working towards. Establishing goes right down your goals put him above your beds. Always remind you why you're working working and this was the opposite of that. It was the opposite of focusing focusing on goals process man that is it that from Sabin and this from Bella Check Beltran of David is is how you get to be the goat. That's why he embraced are the greatest duo of all time because he's done that longer more consistently than everybody else nineteen years six super bowls and there you go. Hey tune in tonight is Aaron Judge and the Yankees visit the twins coverage begins at seven thirty PM eastern on E._S._p._N.. Radio and E._S._P._N.. APP But your turn tell me where I'm wrong Mike in San Antonio you're on the Stephen Smith show with will cain the well. How's it going man a huge fan first of all <hes>? You're pretty cool guy anyway. I just WANNA say <hes> yeah I think Dunkin and hop actually a better tandem than <hes> Bella check and Brady's because I think <hes> talking about how to go through more you know had to all time greats and Steve Bash every western conference finals <hes> Kobe Bryant Bello Beasley Blonde something the greatest basketball player of all time twice in the final. You know twenty years consistent. What's more than that of the greatest players of all time in that way? RADIAN budget didn't really have that much. You know what might look. I know when I'm on first taking people that see me one of the things I do. Is I come back hard and I will if I think you're wrong. Take flat out think you're wrong. That's the second really good rebuttal to my argument today. It doesn't win me over because I believe the degree of difficulty is so much higher in football but there's two arguments that have made dense in my argument today. I believe this one. The guys that have called in Said said Whoa Whoa whoa Jordan and Jackson were six for six. They didn't never lose reading Belgique did in the game the big game and I like what you're saying I do think that pop and Dunkin have had to go through more bigger challenges bigger adversaries then the Patriots are now the Patriots and deal with the colts they had to deal with Peyton manning they had to do with the Broncos then as well. They had to always overcome that in the A._F._C. and it was a different challenger was the giants science and look the giants came up big in the big game but I do think you have a good point. I do think that's a good rebuttal Josh in Ohio. What's up you on the Stephen a Smith show with will cain? What's up well? I just wanted to say I mean I kind of feel like like nowadays. It might be a little bit easier to build that championship team than it used to be back when you're dominating reason being is you look back about. Do your boys were playing back then and that was the bill the back then you're Kinda stuck with whoever you got to an extensive. Your team gets older so be it. You can't just replace them like you can now now you can get your team comparing to how all your teams getting like Brady. He gets older game changes a little bit. you start putting peanut around. I don't why that's when Josh I'm not buying that one because I know that consistency especially in football wins championships you gotta keep all those B.. Level players man you gotta keep those offense of lime in the started getting big money in the nineties with the cowboys. You gotTa keep those linebackers that were raided every successful N._F._l.. Team back then after. After they want especially if they won more than one the giants the cowboys who are they got rated. They got raided once. Free Agency came in now. I don't think that was that was something that helped those teams out that existed pre free agency. I don't think bringing in some churn younger on the roster for Brady has made it easier for him naked Missouri. What's up Nick you on the Stephen Smith show with will cain? Hey how you doing a appreciate you taking my call. I <hes> want to argue with you about the <hes> I honestly think that the Jordan and Jackson Combos a little bit better than the Brady and Belle check because they're six zero in the finals I mean you can't really beat six rings and and not losing the finals at all I said today I've said today Nick. That's a good argument it is I think the two arguments that I think have been the best rebuttals to my Brady Bill. Check are the undefeated nature of Jackson in Jordan or the Patriots have lost and that the competition was tougher for say like pop and Duncan that it has been for Belichick and Brady one more Richie in Montana. What's up Ritchie? You're on the Stephen Smith show and will cain. Hey well thanks for taking my call man Yemen Yogi Augie Barra and Casey stangl seven that what they I'm. I'm GonNa Be Honest Ritchie you just <hes> he i. I know I know that I brought up Auto Graham Paul Brown and I know that I brought up barstool Vince Lombardi but you just took me outside of my on my historical in sports bandwidth so you're GonNa give me Yogi Berra Yogi Berra and Casey Stengel seven for seven <hes> Yep and Yogi Berra's have greatest catcher of all time in your book. I don't know about the greatest catcher probably one of the best hitters I mean he would hit everything balls in you know low high that math it was a good bed boil header and he's got if you look obviously you guys look it up. He's Got Fourteen Rings coaching and ten as a player. Yeah I hear you. Thanks for the call Richard. I really appreciate it. I don't think you have to satisfy. Are you the best quarterback. Are you the best player you the best catcher and then are you you alternatively the best coach. You have to be individually the best but you got to be pretty Dang close. I don't know that Yogi bear gets close enough in his own individual category to elevate the to somebody asked me earlier what about college football who would A. B.. Nick Sabin and I think we'd have to find somebody paired with name. We could get on this. I don't have in from WHO's won the most titles in college football duo over time. It's got to be in the number like two or three. It can't be much more than that two or three thousand. We'll look that up and I wanna tell you about something that I talked about a few weeks ago on the wheel cain show because it's come back up and that is this which N._B._A.. Teams have the best young cores a few weeks ago. I gave you my top five squads in the N._B._A.. That had the best players core under the age of twenty five will now. There's a publication it's written about it and they have a little bit of disagreement with me about who's got the best young cores and N._B._A.'s will cain filling in for Stephen A on E._S._p._N.. Radio and the E._S._p._N.. APP Hey when you're hiring. You don't WanNa waste time sorting through dozens of irrelevant resumes you WanNa fish away to get a short list of qualified candidates. That's why you need indeed dot Com post a job in minutes set up screener questions based on your job requirements and in zero win on qualified cans using intuitive online dashboard discover what three million businesses use indeed for hiring post job today at indeed dot com slash higher search for greatness search for indeed who has the best young core in the N._B._A.. It's National Stephen a Smith show cocaine when it comes to hiring you don't have time to waste you need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot Com post a job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard breath in when you need to hire fast accelerate your results with sponsor jobs new users can try it for free at indeed dot Com Slash Smith. That's indeed dot Com Slash Smith S. M. I T. H.. Terms conditions and quality quality standards apply Johnny got a tweet offset when he was three and from that day on he was hooked all he wanted to do was Gulf Gulf Gulf. He'd be on the links before school after schools all he ever wanted was to go pro and then one day eh when he was holding his grandson and thinking about his twelve handicap Johnny realized it just might not happen for him but you know what did happen for him. He switched to Geigo and saved a bunch of money on car insurance so that was good and so is go with his grandson. You're listening to the Stephen. A Smith Show podcast will cain filling in for Stephen A.. You can only catch me three to six eastern on E._S._p._N.. Radio E._S._P._N.. APP and on on E._S._P._N.. News but you got me hanging out with you for another day or two here before I head off on vacation and Steven A. comes back. I'm going to get into that aloha spirit <hes> going to the beach. I'm going to get away. I'm a drink so many white claws. I can't even see straight. I'm just kidding not about the quantity about the white claw a couple of weeks ago on the wheel Cain show. I laid out for you my top five young cores and N._B._A.. What I meant by that player twenty five years or younger it was on the heels of the N._B._A.? Draft it was right after we saw the Atlanta Hawks put together what looks it's like not just a talented an impressive young squad on paper but one that makes sense right fits together ball handler and trae young big John Collins and then a bunch of wings around him that can shoot it makes sense. It should work having heard her the Andre Dri Hunter Cam Reddish the hawks look nice but are they a top five young core in the N._B._A.. They weren't on my list and now today the ringer has. has followed suit and put out their best young cores and N._B._A.. I thought it'd be interesting to compare it to ours and see where we have our disagreement first of all here's the way I saw a few weeks ago laid out on the wheel came show went to the whiteboard and I laid out these five teams number five <hes> put the Sacramento Kings the Aaron Fox Marvin Bagley now remember now buddy healed is older than twenty five so it's really down to those two players and their two nice players in Baghlan flocks in particular Fox and what we think he's going to take that team and they did push kings on the verge of the Western Conference playoffs this year number four the New Orleans Pelicans and if you WanNa Yell Hypocrite at me. This is where you can cause. I'm GonNa tell you my big takeaway. The PELICANS Akins made to fight but I really have to like what they've put together. True Believer in Zayn Williamson think he is a generational player think he is the kind of player that you could create a Jaanus type system around. Let him drive to the bucket surround him with shooters Lonzo Ball. Tom Josh Heart Brandon Ingram. I like what the Pelicans in what they had to add to it over the future at number three the Dallas Mavericks while Jalen Brunson is nice. It's really carried by two players kristaps Porzingis and Luca Danni catch the ringer for what it's worth had Dallas ranked fourth and the fascinating little stat that came out of the ringers article is no player has had the kind of wins above replacement projected of the next five years Luca. Danni has here's here's the questions about the mavs. How healthy is porzingas comeback? What's he look like and how big is Luca? John Switches growth curve and number two. I had the Boston Celtics and here's what I'm doing. I'm honoring Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown and what they have done. This was Eastern Conference finals in down here. Don't have to preach to me. I got it game seven Lebron James. This is who the Celtics were before Kyrie Irving. I I don't know I don't think that Jason Tatum ends up the player for example that Luca Danni pitches. I don't think his ceiling is lower than dodges but I gotta honor what they've done and under twenty five I have the Boston Celtics two and a number one the best young core under the age of twenty five in the N._B._A.. Is the Denver Nuggets. Both Jamal Murray and Nicole Yokich are under the age of twenty five and I can't remember off top of my head. I had this ranked out on the board. I can remember is scary Harris under twenty five to or will Barton there. There's another third or fourth player that are under the age of Twenty Five but look man Gary Harris's under the age of twenty five untold so the the nuggets are the best young core. It's it's it's no doubt and by the way the ringer agreed they had denver as their number one. They had new Orleans as their number to Memphis is their number three thousand four and Minnesota Timber Wolves at five and timber wolves were carried almost exclusively by Karl Anthony towns. You need no a couple of things. Joel embiid didn't qualify so the sixers are only carried by Ben Simmons and now for the Hawks fans data yelling. You just said looked good. You just helped lay out. This hawks young core. Why isn't it in yours or the ringers thou- five in here I think is the big takeaway? Here's the point of the exercise. Here's what you learn learn from putting together the best course under the age of twenty five in the N._B._A.. And here's the reason why I don't have the hawks in my top five and I said you could yell hypocritic me for putting the Pelicans in there because I think that the Phoenix Suns funds are the great lesson in accumulating young talent on paper to continuously being at the top of the draft continually drafting high big. Tom Talent continuing to promise upside and hope and what's it turned into in Phoenix. Okay Devon Booker is a nice player. We'll see about the Andrea aiden but it hadn't added up to wins. It hasn't converted and that's the way it is all too often in the N._B._A.. Players teams look good young in good on paper never really turned into what you expect them to fully evolve into look. This is why I said knowing that he doesn't fit their time online. Hey the Orlando Magic ought to be a team considers Chris Paul. I'd say the same thing about the mass I know he doesn't fit their timeline but I also there's a long road traveled between a good young growing team and getting over the Hump and many most I never get over the Hump and went on Orlando Radio talked about that. Nobody wanted to hear it. Everybody's out on Chris Paul. I'm not but that's what the hawks still have to prove that it's not just high draft slots. It's not just accumulating talent looks good on paper that it works works on the court is well. Now you get to yell hypocrite because I did put the Pelicans in there and they showed it. They just look good on paper but I really Love Zion by the way Jason Tatum predicted he'll average twenty points earning all starburst and help lead the Celtics to the finals and raise his N._B._A.. Two K. Twenty rating from eighty five to ninety m putting it out there man. He's putting out exactly where they're going to go this year. Jake in Georgia what's objecting Stephen Smith show with will cain James. How's your <hes> as a die hard fan? I kind of agree with you that we still have lots of Peru's but I think that trae young himself especially in the second half did prove himself and I wonder if you can see him. Maybe being a top five point guard in the east next year if that improvement still continue continue to develop and he's off pensively efficient like he was in the second half of the season so here's what I'd say two things Jake okay number one. I look man. Don't don't turn me into a hater then you're not but I love with the Hawks on paper and I wanNA revisit what I said. They make sense not just like an accumulation of towns drafted high but like make sense ball handler big surrounded by shooting wings. It should work right but we need to see at work before we start talking about hawks topless second. Here's the thing about trae young I was listening to the low post podcast Zach Lowe's podcast the other day and he had a long conversation with Kevin Arnovitz about Chris Paul and one thing they said about Chris Paul is. Outside of Steph curry can you name an N._B._A.. Champion that WHO's best player who they were led by a small point guard like who is that so if trae young is going to be the hawks best player. Does that make you worried about where the hawks ceiling is at some point go to Devon in Florida. What's up Devon? You're on the Stephen. Smith show will cain. Hey what's up Brian going wanting to talk about how Lebron James Aims it might not be the best player in the game but he's definitely still the most dominant choir liner's probably the best players although he does you know he knows everything l. a. good actually but Lebron James outside of last year being burke. Who else do you depend on to dominate a game like we all know the broad J._F._k.? Know what the answer that anybody else. I'll tell you what the answer is. If Healthy Kevin Durant is the best player in basketball man he was torching. Everybody in the playoffs offs forty points a game. This was at Man. This was the year again. I said it a couple years ago. Everybody yelled hot sake. This was the year turned and everybody started recognize. Hey Katie's best player in basketball and on his way through the playoffs it was getting under debatable now. He's torn Horn is Achilles and how does he come back and it's really Kinda Sad. If you think about it like what happens to the K. D. window this was his time. This was his greatest player on the planet moment how much of that was robbed from him and Devon. You're referencing the fact that twenty N._B._A.. A._G._M.'s coaches and scouts when polled not one of them put Lebron is the best player in the League twelve said Kurai six Janas and to said harden and many said they would put Katie if he was healthy Lebron still great. You're right Devon Bronco the most dominant player. He's still great and I appreciate the call but let me tell you something. What kind of season does he have to have to get back into this conversation because he's not in it right now Devon? He's not now. Maybe Katie because you're not gonNA play for a year. He's got some jaanus Kawai and maybe hardened debate to go win. The seasonings Michaud on E._S._P._N.. Radio is presented by progressive insurance protecting commercial vehicles and offering specialized coverages designed to protect your business more at progressive commercial dot com coming up. We're going to close out with your calls on the best head coach best player Duos of all time. It's the Stephen a Smith show with will cain interest evening. Just what you're in the middle of a Stephen Swift show podcast. I will cain filling in for Stephen. You can normally catch me three to six eastern on E._S._p._N.. Radio the E._S._p._N.. APP and E._S._P._N.. News let's hit up the shell pennzoil performance line to close out the show. I've argued today that the greatest coach an star player do of all time in any sport football baseball basketball across decades sixties seventies eighties nineties to thousands and Hell I guy even through in fifties is Brady and belichick longevity titles and degree of difficulty gives it to the duo in New England. The Dude in North Carolina is with us again. What is it dude? What is it dude? Is it Trevor Lawrence. Dabo Swinney is a DAB taboo and trevor. Is that what you're telling me we'll we'll we'll you always go down that road and Dunkin. We'll okay all right prize. I'm shocked man. I'm not the one that goes down that road. We're here in our relationship. We'll education's free so let me get this quick note into you. Real quick all right asked me this question in four years and it's GonNa be Trevor and Devo is thanks for the call great vacation all right buddy. You still get one more day tomorrow all right which probably means we get one more day of us well Lisa in Austin Texas. What's up Lisa? You're on the Stephen. Smith shows will cain Yeah Hi. Can you hear me. You Bet I can lisa okay. I got a question for you. You said you went to the University of Texas school there. Yes okay to okay. I'm I'm a fan of the University of Oklahoma and yesterday. I live one block from campus at U._T.. Right yesterday you we're talking about this effort by the big twelve to try to rein in the down horns sign right a couple of days ago but yeah okay but I wanNA know. What do you think is driving that because you know U._T.? Fans they don't care right. We are Texas like so. Is this coming the league is it coming from the media who is driving the effort. What Lisa this is what I lay down? I don't know if you heard the whole segment of you heard like someone of these previously on their cut they go into the commercial break. Sometimes may have played yesterday but here's what I said the other day you right. I don't think his Texas fans. I think Texas fans think it's week that everybody has adopted it meaning. We get it when Oklahoma does it right. Horns fan gets it when does it. That's all rivalry and that's why I love Baker even though he hates him etlinger and he takes tech hates Texas. That's what this is about and now get it with Aggie fans did and I actually get it. If Arkansas fans did it. I get all that but start breaking out and now West Virginia fans doing it. It's weird. I think Texas fans things that's week. Sometimes they do it when they're not even playing Texas. It might be West Virginia versus Kansas and for some reason they're doing it. That's week. Here's what I think Lisa honestly believe this. I think we are just in the victimhood and offense culture and everybody wants to find something to be supersensitive about and now all of a sudden the big twelve wants to jump in and go whoa Whoa whoa this is a little aggressive offensive. Yeah I do think it's coming from an overly political correct league right now. What do you think Lisa I? I think that's gotta be right because I like. I said I live here a block from campus. I see all the time and they they the point of pride right that everybody's after Texas right right I with you Lisa all right. Thanks for the call. I really appreciate it. That's from a couple of days ago when I talked about when that horns down is offensive needs to be a penalty in the big twelve. Let's close out q in the Bronx but you gotTa make quick you. What's up? Hey will I gotta preface my statement real quick. It's never ever agree with you. I'm born Jetson. I hate the Patriots Michael. Jordan is my favorite player of all time but I don't even know why you're having this discussion with people it's clearly grady and Bill Belichick. I hate the Patriots. Acreage have season tickets to the jets for them to do that. In seventeen years you could talk about Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant right those types of had bad games and game two of pilots in game three of the finest in game four departments and.

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