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The parade with a fake coup. Why those people getting all that? You quite a lot more people person that we thought and also nine inches shorter. The other big news of the weekend. Golf class national battle. I you'll go up. Let's go. Also raid way to straight not really. The monopoly on that doesn't it? That second massive risks and rewards behind this, Anthony Davis trade Ramona Shelburne, ESPN RA. What else do they do this, how it all went down? And what's next, the ringers Kevin O'Connor reporting, the Lakers taking a run lead, not that why letter the real letters I the trade Frank solo who wins this? Well, in the short term the Lakers want it. Because when you have LeBron James on your team, you have to go for it. Let's not remember. Kevin durant. Klay Thompson probably not gonna play next season. This opens it up for everyone in the Western Conference three four, five years from now. I don't know who's going to be on Anthony Davis his team. But for right now, the next two years, it's a win, which Danta. Absolutely. It's the Lakers. You have shot clock. Basically, LeBron James as far as prime concern you need to take full advantage of that situation. And by the way, Anthony Davis, we're at that stage where we're starting to question him. And hey, you've been in the league six or seven years how long before you actually get some playoff wins. So I think for all of this being said, and all that being said about the draft picks and compensation, you pay the piper later reality, that's the deal Tim Cal showed, as symbols f- for you, too. It's pretty simple. There's three reasons like when this trade one when you're doing a blockbuster, you wanna be the one getting the star and not the stuff, even if the stuff was pretty good here. You want to as Franks, during LeBron's time there, you know, maybe that's a three four year window. The first year was a complete wash. You got to do something and do it quickly. And I'm gonna give them credit for hanging on to Kyle. Kuzma, good player that a lot of thought they would just throw in, as, as here, taking, we'll give you whatever you want. They were they managed to. That's three for the Lakers Clinton Yates, you're gonna make unanimous not quite I think the Lakers win this battle. But they've already lost this war. Let's not forget, why they're in this position to begin with the train that didn't happen year cratered, the entire season, all the people that were joining LeBron did not work out. And they missed the playoffs wide open. For over already there, the Lakers were not there. Now. We have to find a whole lot more to make sure that they are not just one player. I don't care how since we're focusing so much on the Lakers side. Let's stay there for second and Georgia in Los Angeles, who deserves the credit from the Lakers side. Why did this happen now and not six months ago? I think Rich Paul, I think Rich Paul and LeBron James. And that group, they learn from the mistakes that they made in February, and I think that they really helped create this situation rob Pelinka is still a novice GM. And look some of the details as we've seen it's been reported could come back to bite them. So I'm giving all the credit to Rich Paul getting this. Bustle. George. I love you last week. I said this is about one player one team. It's about rich. Paul trying to Anthony Davis LeBron James and the Lakers and you told me, I'm nuts. He cares about all of his clients. Of course. That's what it's about. And I'll tell you this since late April. All we heard and saw for our selves was had just functional. The Lakers are now they look a little bit different to their Kluge. I'm going back to you is needed. You there. He doesn't have the power doesn't have the capability, but please respond. There's a difference between you saying that this is all about Rich Paul that it's vanity plates and ego play. No, he absolutely did right by his client, both its clients in this particular, instance. So. And by the way, him, actually pulling the strings and having a relationship with David Griffin when allegedly according to reports, he wouldn't even pick up the phone and Rupp. Linka was calling here until the fourth time. That's on Rich Paul. You just heard with Frank said of relationship with David Griffin that goes back to LeBron goes David Griffin owes championship to LeBron years ago. Tim Keller you wanna weigh in here? I do think Magic Johnson deserves a small amount of a couple years ago. He said he was gonna. Star's there. And he had to get the first star there. If LeBron is there, this trade is an so you think it's magic and magical. So it's winning about Jeanie Buss being in play here for some critical and Yates. Are you gonna be laughed at me? When I said that unintentionally this would be magic legacy was getting out of the way in order for Davis to go to LA is stupid as it says the problem is this who deserves any credit when the Lakers have proven, nothing about whether or not a word. Still a huge project. Classic argument from Clinton Yates as stupid as it sounds. I love you. Good. Is this team right now? Georgia Donald this LeBron Davis team. They're the best team in basketball because they have two years on the Rossler wining. Visit the rest of that roster's easier fill out once you've got those kind of pieces. There's not a team in the NBA right now that has to top six play when we left, just seventy two hours ago at lake at the Lakers being the one in Vegas number-one is it is played out that way in just three days for you. George. The hard part is getting the stars in this league reality. It's easier to fill the void after everybody fill the void. Georgia data saying the Lakers the best even basketball Callen shoppers. Oh. Yeah. He said the only team with two of the top six teams. That, that's all they have is those two players. They don't have any. I mean they kept coups. Give them that, but they're a long way from proving things LeBron going into year. Seventeen Davis who's had a lot of injuries in his career. Let's see healthy, and let's see what else is Tim. Let's not act like the pelicans are making long playoff runs wick Davis. I understand he's a great player. But I'm not just gonna plug him in an assume that all of a sudden the team becomes that much better to the point that I think the best team in the that's right guy sold. Yeah. I think the smog and LA is getting the George right now. The best team. I mean, they haven't made the playoffs for six straight years, and you're making see Mike. Anthony Davis, makes these long playoff runs. He has a history of injury problems. I have faith in the Brown. James now is the Braga play in seventy games. How many games is Anthony Davis going to play the rockets Portland, Denver still right? You guys are probably Georgia little bit. It is defense. They do have of the best six players in the NBA, which historically has been a good thing, although not exactly the season, after we saw with Toronto, just acquiring quiet and how that turned into a championship. Speaking of the run, they could make quite do you believe it's possible? You believe it's real George how likely the idea of third max type guy filling out this roster or with the Lakers, be better serve thrilling. The roster giving themselves events. Really? I don't think it's very likely that Hawaiians up a Laker. I'd be stunned if that were the case. But if he did indeed wanna be a Laker. He's the one guy that I would say go with the three stars and then fill out the rest with veteran minimums, and the mid level, exemption. If you can't get Kawai, then fill out the roster with some good shooters with some guys who could defend those type of role players of the guys you'd want. If you can't get wouldn't make a run at Kemba Walker. That's that's the other name. We've heard a quite a bit that no gates. You're not. Yes, you would, I would I think Kemba Walker even though not necessarily as good of an overall player Esco, I would fit better with that LeBron AD blend personally, but they have a real decision to make whether to give that money to anybody, or you fill out that bench, which, again is the original problem, why I don't have that much faith in how problem with the Lakers and it was the problem with the warriors just as pass finals. Right. Not having a bench. Frank Sola would should the Lakers. Do here. Do you believe qu is a possibility? Well, if you can get quite Leonard by all the history proven that I've seen with while the brand James, Anthony Davis, you kidding me. But the Clintons point about Kemba Walker. Remember something else about him. He's a very durable player plays in a lot of games could score. And if Kemba Walker is going to be your third best player. Pretty good. Kawhi Leonard just wanna title by being the guy on a specific team. I hardly think he's excited to go play for less than the maximum and be part of the little baby. But he's gonna play go to LA yourself when you're trying to predict what's going on with qui-. Didn't we learn that that's been the entire store the last year? George just from financial standpoint. What's possible here. How much money is available to Lakers. Can they do? If this deal is consummated on July six reality, they're only going to have just under twenty four million dollars. That would be a huge faux pas by rob Pelinka and company. They didn't get this deal to be consummated on July thirtieth. And by the way, Anthony Davis, also has a trade clause, basically, an incentive that he can wave that's up to four million dollars. So they can create space that way. But if the deal is in concentrated by the six that's the bigger issue here and that doesn't get them to a third player. And that's why we were saying third max tight player, maybe Kemba Walker takes less. Maybe another player takes. All right. Let's talk about the pelicans side of this now because this is interesting as well. I would say for this pelicans roster now. Lonzo ball. Brandon Ingram Zion coming in what can they accomplish Frankie? When it start there. Well, great job. I David Griffin getting a lot of assets. I agree with Tim, they'll cow kouzmines perfect player. Good job by the Lakers, keeping them with David Griffin is done. And he learned a lot of stuff from a good buddy his dating collecting assets right now. The rebuilding they'll have the number one pick on next Thursday in the draft or this Thursday, it'll be on Williamson. They're rebuilding buys himself time. I think it was a great deal. And let's not get crazy about collecting asset has not exactly worked out well for Boston considering version, we're talking about right now. I think probably gotta go for if you trade that pick for somebody all star type player, perhaps a Bradley Beal, they getting, I'm just saying that you can get a team that I put together and not make the playoffs. We'll certainly do you see that happening trading? The number four pick, you gotta be wiser, if you can get a player of the caliber of clear like the one, I mentioned, I think you do. But otherwise using gravity Bill should be object of their affection here, Tim Keller show. You wanna win. Yeah, I would agree with Clinton there. I think if they can move him for a viable starter guide. You know about right away. They'll do that Ingram is a good player. Is still think Lonzo ball can become a good player shooting is the one element of the game. We've seen guys get substantially better. Jason Kidd's through his career. And that's really what lacking. So I mean, even if we said the Lakers won the deal, David Griffin, did a great job collecting as much as you possibly or sedan usually stars are traded for pennies on the dollar that wasn't the case here. Clearly we love Lonzo ball, the potential for all these alleyoop with Zion. Brandon Ingram is an emerging wing player. Josh Hart is a good complementary type player and no one's talking about the picks the picks or the things that could turn into turn into a treasure chest, potentially for them all during zion's prime and LeBron potential decline or even retirement. Give me the pelicans. Just ballpark. Of course, not knowing what they're doing with the number four take. Thirty eight. Four. Forty two. Forty one looking calicoes face seems seems seems so confident himself and how he takes are one. Had gone into Tim countless fitting, the golf clap is coming up in yourself. But if we're gonna focus on celebrations and clearly that's what we're going here with his real Thailand. Gle. How awesome was this to come back after thirteen nothing? Get one in your second every game. The reaction was incredible. Great fire sale next. Around the horn is brought to you by each rate. The original place to invest online. Shots, the three would on fourteen and the chip on the seventeenth green Tim start there. What was the best of those three shots? Well, it's got to be the chip there on the green. It's shot that most of are not allowed to practice. Off the course that we tried to the three would was great, if he puts that the bunker, he's still might get up and down for birdie that chips. The using the, the wedge on the green hitting the down slope that ball could shot off the green into the rough. I'm surprised that did. And he could add. I don't let golf Lovie, simple, optics. I'll say that does that show the best shot, I saw out of all that it was easily the best and there it is Clinton walked into our new band filter right there. And he's happy about it, and I'll get golfing day that we're guy. So what was the best shot? Tony was the three that he hit on fourteen. If you're in a championship that you have to go for Brooks kept without going to come back to you. I loved it. It was almost like an opera got will be where KEPCO was chasing him but he was playing front of him. So the whole time you thinking maybe he can catch him. It didn't happen. I thought that shot up fourteen was shorts. I think it was the chip at seventeen even you could chip at seventeen to be honest with you remind especially from the especially from the green thought that was strange to see it actually happen. And by the way, special shadow to him. And he's one of the most wildlife guys on tour. Everybody was there on eighteen to celebrate him. And also one more shot up to Kirk Hinrich who woodland said forced him to play golf, because he wasn't going to basketball at can't. We give shutouts now. Is that what we're doing? Nick said out sick. Go flack for that. All right. Cali- ticket back to watch a sedan, I down again, this is a rivalry showed up. Some of. I Sola we have a showdown, we have showed about celebrations, which Georgia's all in Frankie is no footloose dance in my town. Let's go parade versus parade. All right. Are we don't have to go anymore? We already did it yet. And then five more years, that was far to the rafters parade today. So we had the blues beret. We had the raptors parade. Of course, we didn't show fake why we showed him earlier in the show, George who did it better. I'm gonna go with the Saint Louis blues clearly bread hall was having a good time. There was a chinchilla at the parade hall is wearing Rick flair t shirt and Layla Anderson. The young lady with a immuno, rare immunodeficiency disease was also there at the parade with their own float. That was awesome. George Brett Hull is no longer on the team. It looks like who someone who bum rush the stage. This was a Toronto Raptors cholera, giving shout out the David Stott Amar wearing throwback Damon Stoudamire jersey five more years for Kawai Leonard. That's how you do a parental giving the north. I'm giving a point for Layla. I think that was wonderful for Saint Louis for me. Fake qui- fake qui- signing autographs. You want to cry. With the point, you want me to adding the league leader in home runs one, the old to about the judge stained back and to do. So Clint Frazier to go back to the minors. He called it a tough killed swallow and his reality Frank to the keys needing or being smart with Frazier. Adding three home, run championship champions, because Stanton is coming back. And of course, judge is gonna come back with the Yankees. Oh, it's too much about offense you need pitching lefty. Righty. That's what wins, not all. These home runs lefty, righty. However, you throw it Georgia's fluffy. So really look at the last three champions and major league baseball all been top three and home runs. The Yankees are adding to that treasure trove and here's the deal doesn't mean they can't add pitching before July thirty. Anybody gonna do anybody trade Frazier for pitching for Trevor Bauer passability Burr. They read that. That's the other part he George you. Well, I love dynamic taking in France to begin so he Mutegi over move Rockies Padres. It was ninety six sixteen twelve fourteen eight fourteen thirteen this weekend. Most combined runs and a four game series ever. Need to run George? Good Abed for baseball. It's always good people want offense reality, people wanna be entertained about baseball being boring. That was not by any stretch. It's way too much about Charlie Blackmon with fifteen hits point game series. That's the most since nineteen ninety. How about that for baseball that Mr. sedan celebrate that you hate fun you off and the face time to Frank is of thirty seconds. What we've talked so much about women's soccer. I wanna give a little shout after Christine elder cheese, the goalkeeper for Chile who didn't unbelievable job. She was the woman of the match against the US when I like about it, too, at hope solo, working for the BBC, We know she loves to be critical has celebrated two goalies Sydneysider born in jersey playing Jamaica. And now end ler goalkeeper hope solo. He was great job. I was screaming three not going to be ornament. Then we would've seen more celebrate is it's a right for your Frank. Twenty three and a half. Outbreaks tomorrow.

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