What a Girl Wants: Wonder Twin Powers


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Paper ghosts is a true crime podcast that investigates the search for the person responsible for the abductions of four missing girls in neighboring New England towns. For more than fifty years each case as remain unsolved. Marrying. Josefina. Grave for many. I think it is. Listen to paper ghosts on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. What's up everyone welcome to an all-new help I suck dating today is it's not actually a dating jared tell the people what their in store for today Oh what a girl wants what a girl needs whatever the rest of the words to the song. I. Girl wants hosted this week by the one, the only the beautiful Kendall long who has been on help I suck dating before she's always dropping knowledge and I'm super excited to hear what she wants to talk about on this week's water girl once here you go. So you guys later see you next week well later. What a girl? I held by second dating spinoff off and then I heart radio. Hey everybody welcome to a girl wants I'm Kendall long might know me as the crazy tax me girl on the Bachelor and with me I have my twin sister, Kylie? Arden. She has been my best friend for life and I thought that today we can talk a little bit about what it's like dating twins. Oh. Yeah. It was all kinds of funky things that come with that. So here we go. A couple of common questions we get our do we have the same type? Do we like change places with each other on dates and like sneak to with another guy or maybe if we both have to either twit us to approve of the other day, 'cause that's a big thing. That is a huge thing. Is a huge thing. Yeah. I've had a lot of ex-boyfriends in the past that Kylie did not approve of. What's best for you? You could always tell what's best for you if you act better than you would alone. And I would say I would say it's almost criteria for a guy that I date. A has passed. Kylie Test Oh. Yeah. We have to be best friends with each other's days because I think that's a quality guy. We're not that hard to get along with really no I think relatively easy to get along with. She's easy girl to get along with I. Feel like you just want my best interest I want your best interest. Yeah. Always, my feeling Kendall always get along with people I id, but it has happened in the past where Kylie disapproves of the person that I dated him. Yeah. It's actually happened more time than time in once. because. I. I know who you are and I know the best version of you. I know when someone's adding to your life or maybe they're taking away from it I think we can tell. The best version, each other you know yes and I think in those situations as twins we've always found that the best thing to do is when one of us disproves someone the other ones dating, we let them figure out for themselves and live through the experience. Yes, exactly. Exactly. Yeah I think it's better for me regardless of what ends up where I end up saying your ultimate GonNa make the decision on your own I little seeds of knowledge than Kinda see what grows and what doesn't and what he sees acknowledge Kylo giving me this stuff of wisdom all of your dating. Me Seeds as well. I. Mean I give him seeds as well. But if you you know if I let you figure out for yourself, just give you little bits of what I feel ultimately you're going to. maybe listen to my opinion more often vice versa like any sibling you just want what's best for your sibling away I. Think when it comes to twins, you can't help take things a little more personally because they're a part of you you a part of we share DNA. Voice you are. Yeah. They're. Trying to think there have been a few times when we are both on dating APPS and I've not just someone now because I used to use dating. APP. So much more than she did in the beginning Oh I feel like I've choking on guy all look at this guy that I think I'm pretty excited about it and she's an. That man imagined that guy. Oh No, no don't go there. No. I would say one of our rules is we don't date someone that. Has Already dated. Yeah it's kind of. cloud the water. Water as What's what's the phrase called like Eskimos sisters I always a freeze. I don't know if someone I heard someone say that before Eskimo kisses. How do you ask him can? She takes lash. For us, we don't screen shot right now. So. So yeah, I mean when it comes to types as well. I, would say that we have. Pretty different types. Yes. Yeah. I come in question is do you guys like dating the same person or the same kind of person or would you guys ever date Guy Twins? So the similarities we do have is humor I. Think we date guys with the same humor, but ultimately how they act how they carry themselves in a relationship, the energy they bring into the recipe is different because the I find guys that have more Kendall's energy would you say you agree that we almost seek to find each other in the person we date because we have lived together our entire lives almost like puzzle pieces. So just kind of makes sense for us to seek those. Qualities from someone today, we found the game to the Yang. So we kind of have the hard part figured out of what we're looking for what energy you know lifts me up or lifts new up. Kylie I would say is more of the Free Spirit artist. You live by the beach. So usually I tend to look for it can artsy guy on your show. For Artists Emotion I you like people who are very. Emotionally intelligent. Mar a little bit more whimsical. Call Him. There's a guy out there please. Please call me. Plays the. Guitar. Guitar. Is Key tampering or tampering. Cambering. So do. Research spreading all these. And just like I. Look for someone who's more maybe more artistic highly because I'm so logical and. List Orient. Your list. I think maybe you kind of look for someone who is a little bit more structured? Yeah. I look for someone who? Is. Very charismatic which I think you're very charismatic. I'm someone who walks into a room and isn't effortless leader someone look four and my girlfriend you I think that's who you are which one of us would you say is the relationship one which one is the not relationship one oh, see I think they'd be fooled because they you think that maybe someone more free spirited would just be going into dates and stuff but no Campbell's the one who may be more so is in a relationship than I am yeah I have been in a plethora of relationships. It's good I it as being having a lot of experience in relationships knowing that I want. But Kylie's been the longest relationship. Some Bible launch relationship I've been in about a year a half which my last relationship. Kylie's. Yeah my three and a half years around three and a half years as launch relationship since then I've. I really haven't committed to any other relationship I feel like you've kind of. jumped. I mean, only few you've probably had dated more in between that period of time I would say have more short long period relationships and cut had one. She's like a falling star relationship kind of person the it's very star released. It's very strong passion beautiful and she learns a lot from it and I really think There's a lot of respect I have free dating like that but maybe thank you fiery and not three and a half years long I'm falling star. Your. I hear son. Dies. Back no I feel like you're in the dating scene now. So I feel like you know, I mean I've ready beautiful relationships incredible men just I really haven't committed for a long time because I've really know what I want, and if anything fall short of what I want I really can't see myself. Pursuing it, continuing it taking risks with it in a way I really do like about us at you take a lot of risks risk taking your relationships you really dive in and I think that I'm a lot more cautious before I've given myself to somebody the guy goes through the. Trials and tribulations. I'm part of that trial and tribulation a big trial. So a Saif marks guarantees as twins, we also have some guests are becoming on the show today. Pass Bachelor twins the furby twins Haley and Emily I. so curious and we're going to talk with them about their experience dating us please I wanNa see if they have a lot of similar situations or if there's a whole new perspective we can get from twin dating and they also dated a guy at the same time. I WANNA I wanNA know how that was that I don't know if we can do that. You know. No I don't think we could, but I don't think they really did in a way they did date by one of them ended up being more. We'll talk less than that's true. Ask Them. We'll see. So. WE'LL BRING EMILY MEDIA Hey everybody today's episode is sponsored by the new Mazda C X thirty. So lately, we've been trying to do our part to be cautious and do what we can for public health. So we've been cooped up in the house a lot not a getting out a lot Robert. Is there anything you Kinda miss about the about the road trip or going on long drives? Why do you have to say there's there is something really cool about having a long drive hopefully. Driving through the mountains or something in you get to really dive into a particular album just really experience it beginning to end while taking in the scenery also great time for the children to learn about metal. Machine. Music. 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You, guys definitely are. Born I, Healy Emily Emily. I was born twenty two minutes before her and by. I was born three seconds before Kylie. Seconds. Three seconds I. Kicked her out in that I walked out Yeah Oh. Okay. I like that. Okay Neil. Thinking is so much for coming on. This show a couple of weeks ago, right? Yes he did. This is I think Kylie's allies second experience hosting a podcast. By Our first pod Cutler hosted was the what a girl wants. It was honestly soap on. Do you find that. You're kind of like when people listen back to it, they think that your voices the same and it's hard to differentiate who yes that's what I was scared of people actually tell us apart because when we're going into telling stories about our past relationships I was like I don't want people to be confused about our relationships and who's dating who. Union. Yeah Haley, you guys were on the same bachelor season then. Yeah, I've never dated state. Guy Let alone at the same time like how was that for you guys twins I think it was like find to us because there's so many other girls dating the same guy. So it's like what's the difference between US dating the same guy in twenty five other girls so it's just like a we have different personalities. We thought it was a fair shot whoever's personality or whichever one he preferred lake. Falsely. You never kissed been I never to know I'm picked like a couple times. So honestly, there was no weird incest there because she didn't even. He how I'd have to do it, right? I. Don't know if I'd be able to kiss. Saint Guide around the same time like Kelly coming back from a one and being like, Oh, we made out and here I go. That without. Definitely would have been weird. I would have not been able to do that I. think that's Sent me home. So early on because he probably was like, yeah, this is getting a little weird for sure. You want if you actually will end up. Next. I know it's ask me half the same role as you let the same same crash Nagai or just naturally what builds there's no competition is kind of like naturally worth the connection who's traffic to walk rose bowl out yet. Did you do you guys normally have the same taste like men or do you took complete opposite? Day. Guys Cuba. Someone's attractive course to guys attractive young. for me and I don't know if you've. Seen how about for you? Would you say you guys have our tastes different tastes like office but similar tastes in like? Analogies but like looks looks my so different. But both of our boyfriends play hockey in their athletic. So that ended up being the same. White Ball you guys in social media. Pictures they are both like talk all like hockey. Yeah. They're similar. Yeah. They really are, and they're both from different countries. So I don't understand how that happened. Idea more people outside the US more foreign can leave party I. Would I would say highly tends to date more foreign guys, Naidoo UNITA's you foreign guys Kendall. I know that. full-time they're nicer. They're more romantic. They have better manners. Guys not to say that all foreign guys are good guys but I just found them to be like less more like invested in relationships, less likely to cheat their Moore Atlanta more romantic more invested in like cute about-this. Lead, you were an extension I. Guess, and then he'll you met your boyfriend through emily is out. Italy started looking through instagram and was like just sending me. INSTAGRAM's of cute guys and so I was just like okay. I. Wear and I was like, oh. Yeah. This one is definitely my type. So I D M tem but emily found him on instagram. They weren't. They don't have me like mutual friends. No, they didn't have any mutual friends but I just found him through other like hockey players that will you're looking you're looking for your? Was So sick of the guys that she was picking. It was just so I was. Being American men. Why? Are you both single. Honestly not a so fun. Time when we. are in a same relationship same time like you guys. Are dating through we've never done. While I guess double dating I don't know I guess it just feels normal because like we all corn teams together. So I guess we were double dating during all Corentin. Lunch together I don't know it's not I don't feel like one big family and. Like dating yeah doesn't feel like dating to meeting more I think after awhile when you start dating someone does it doesn't feel like a date. I know I just feel like going out to lunch. Or getting away the best friends to Yasser in the beginning of corn, they didn't know each other. So we'll was very gracious and opened up his house for us to quarantine in, and so they became like all good friends all the guys that were in here quarantining they like were playing video games golfing every day. So they're all friends now, which is so nice. Yeah, I'm glad they got to know each other during I'm so thankful that quarantine happens. Yeah you're lucky I mean I'm happy it happened. Talking about this earlier about half relationships that we didn't approve a whole absolutely what you say use it if you don't like or you find out, your sister doesn't like the guy that you're dating is at the breaker. Noble cause we continue to date these guys even though we I issues that need. Jesus never liked any of my pass way friends I've never liked any per pass boyfriends and we I continue to date live life even though she even though like you hate navy like their significant other like love is love I just went that like even though my sister wasn't happy that relationship at that time made her happy for some reason. So I just wanted to her accepted it. I got like when he would come around she was like nice to him but like didn't like and he him but you hated my ex Oh. Yeah. But we just supported each other because that's what each other know. Exactly I feel like there's definitely been times when the disapproved more. So highly approving of my boyfriend's. To ship one. So unusually relationship will. I Know Kendall. So while young that when she's thriving I also know what that feels like. If she were she's not thriving I'm very aware that in so. Got The cut back come out I totally get that gun. No, that's honestly so hard. Yeah. It's tough to watch but it is. You WanNa give your twin wisdom and vice versa and wisdom happens through give them maybe like, Hey, this is what I see in you create action and gang whatever. To gain from that because I want you to become more. When we listen, it's a shoes I unhooked you listen to my wisdom. Loukas you. Know I do. You do. Oh. Here's another question I have a lot with Kellyanne I out. With guys that were dating, you ever find that they're intimidated fide relationship. Honestly I feel like, yes. I mean not now but the first guy I dated when On letter like saying that he He was so sad because he didn't have someone to lean on and he was like you just have your sister to lean on you already have. Support? System. I don't have that support system so I do feel like some guys would find that intimidating but I guess if you find the right guy, they don't find that intimidating. So us have to find I who understands it because like I always tell will like. Your my like significant other and I will put you first but Hayley will always be like my number one priority I. If I have to put my sister I, she will always be number one. But that's hard pressed people here. I think Ganja. Is Not really normal to have that as a situation like. Describe. It is Kylie's the love of my life. Yeah. You the love of my life. and. Of course, you have a relationship healthy relationship but there's some kind of connection that twins have that. Now I don't miss it competes it doesn't compete. Yar Yet. Right. When when you their dating the other person to? A. You're moving recently actually talks a young each other and moving Swede it. I. Am it whenever the travel ban gets lifted. I am moving. has ever been separated before. Stay together. Never been separated I. wrote a Sweden every summer for two months of the longest we've been apart from each other is two months, but she plans on moving to Sweden and being there for like six months at a time so that that will be a shock i. mean my boyfriend's careers probably going to be in Europe for the next ten plus years. Yeah. I'll probably be in Europe for wherever he plays for the next. It's just weird to think. that. We'll have babies and they won't grow up together like guy always assumed they'll grow up down the street from each other you know. So her babies will be little European baby speaking Finnish minor due to be little American babies speaking English. But I mean, once my boyfriend was hired with hockey, we plan on moving to Vegas so they'll be together during like Middle School Age i? Yeah. They won't like know each other you know yes. Going to be very. CADDIES. Children growing up together. Swab a huge thing last relationship was with Joe was that he went to Chicago. Saying L. A. and Canada have been separated Omura in. College. She moved to Los Angeles for love. I was leaving San Francisco. And that year was extremely difficult. It was a one extremely difficult by we really became around people after we got together we added so much more relationship just having completely different experiences. Positive there's always a point I think in a twins. Twins relationship with each other where you you're seen as one minute rate your seat individually. Like I feel like when we are apart from each other like when I'm in Sweden for like two months in, you're here for those two months like I do feel like I don't need your opinion I can like I like we ask each other be. Like we ask each other too much like we do too much of what each other does in like, Oh, I have to get her opinion on everything in approval on everything versus like when I'm in Sweden night, I'll have to worry about posting a cheesy post. She's like I'm just like I'm just going to post this cheesy post but like when we're together I like I assure picture goes to caption to cheesy she's like like post. Wave. By INSTAGRAM POSTS AND COMMENTS TO A. Funny like. Yesterday she's like Funny Mecca. Funny Funny. That you said. Light. Knuckles. Manda connect. The. Host. Appealing. Has. Too. Much. Now, if you're like me, no, you rock that. Spoke Funny. Haley always wants to post inappropriate stuff and I'm like, no like new can't freaking be doing that I don't want hallways. Meister paid Kobe's are sexy. House need them all. You are I would say, usually the more conservative one. More high all the time. She's like you're just a ball off don't do it like. Totally, like us. Is. I'm the MOM, the relationship. Yeah. This. Is the model or got I. Feel like it flip flopped I used to be the mom. Now you're the mom I'm definitely the mom now but I, always have to remind helium like you have to realize when you post these in approp- not inappropriate things but Haley's definitely more open like posting like booty. Bubis. I'm like you have to realize that your mom is looking at this. How would you feel if your boyfriend's mom was looking at this? Like my mom's all four it my mom's a little more like to that stuff but like their MOMS and their appearance, your dad is looking up enough such as a central member. whose. Mom. My mom says the same thing. MOMS are seeing this. Highway, there's a way to do it. You couldn't be sexy feed. Classy. Totally and all those other girls on instagram and they've got like millions of dollars because they're posting half me would be making so much more on instagram. Posts. CNN what Mike wait on is you got it flaunt it like you'll empowered in that rocket I agree. Yeah. I wouldn't say I'm at. Four one I do some sexy things. You're beautiful sexy. Why thank you take For yourself the second year not by. The you cross the line, your right I, totally agree with that. Yeah. Like when we used to break up with our boyfriends back in the day we be posting those sexy each other's boutique each other's like. Not a revenge. There's a race issue. So. Yeah absolutely. One itchy like so I believe when hosts make you do like a sexy photo strategies water disability. Absolutely those are absolutely necessary. I must say. You guys are doing in preparation for. Sitting long distance like it's funny to say that but it is I need on. It know who we are just going to go for it. I mean I don't. It's just something that I know I I feel like I I have to do I wanna do it i. feel like it's definitely good for me because I've been so sheltered my entire life. So I'm really excited for this next step like my boyfriend also knows I'm going GonNa be taking it day by day see how it goes Mike I. We've talked about how it would be. I couldn't do it as the we've talked about like right now we're doing long distance in our relationship and it's been great. So I, mean we've talked about how like if if you were to go play in Russia or something how I probably couldn't be there anyways live there so We probably have a home here. I would live here most of the season he spent his time here when he's off season but we're gonNA. See how it goes and it's honestly crazy. 'cause a lot of like hockey girls that I talked to people who date professional athletes I feel like they mostly do long distance. So that's not we're normal. You'd have to find the right person to do it with. So I think it's definitely doable. Purity relationship. Yeah. Also leading the hardest thing about the suffer twins is be separate for like holidays birthdays. That's GONNA be tough. We're separated not this birthday pass curse day. I literally cried on my birthday. All your crying. Proper. He has a weird on the bachelor. Got I got sent home the day before birthday, and then she celebrated it in the. Yeah girls liberated it with me but let me call you young. That was the only time we had to sell apart. Yeah. It's just really know what it's like until you experience but thank goodness facetime in you know. Yeah Weird spend like Christmas. New, years without your weird. Expecting going, what do you expect? How do you think you're going to change come on person while you're I think just romy like venturing off being in a different country by myself. Kind of like, I'm probably going to have to go places by myself. Go to the gym by myself the grocery store do all of that by myself. So I think it'll be good for me like you're going to have to do all that to yourself. Now. Will I'm Ya not? The hardest part for you is probably be pregnant soon, you're getting there for and that's GonNa be weird. I'll be like letting hopefully fingers crossed I'll be planning a frigging lighting soon and. Thank you so much for joining us so excited to. Talk to other twins I, know insight. Difference in similarities. Yes. I will get a look at your instagram or like keep up to date your guys. You guys are some furiously guys zero. Each Other. To invest now. So quietly. Of course be safe. Would wear masks whatever take tasks actually. Thank you. Guys Staley Cya Girls Rick I am I. It's no secret that in Washington DC. Corruption is everywhere. You could say it's gone viral and I should know my mom's speaker of the House. My name is James Parker. My friends are all on the same boat daughters of the delete. 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And then you when you go through like moving or being separated your fleet independent and separate, and it's so weird to feel like you're your own individual person way like I think that's a lot of people kind take for granted. Yeah it is like Oh, you're born Israel individual person. You're not constantly compared back and forth twenty, four seven. You know and so it was kind of Nice to have. That individual's growth. is also really intimidating because you're used to having someone by your side like a little slight kit with you all the time you are. You're there's always someone to fall back on if you're feeling uncomfortable or unsure about situation, you have another person's input, which like you were saying of being separate relying on yourself that input in those quick decision moments and it really adds another. Another muscle to your toolbox, which is a we SAS. You add another toolbox. And I depend on you for so much seemed like every single instance happens in our life like I looked you and especially during things like breakups Oh especially break up. Yeah and so. I. Recently just went through a break up and recently as in you know it's been a few months and definitely have grown a lot since then but I think the hardest thing for me and what I want to talk about in this next segment is breaking up how breaking up more difficult like on social media like in like a big platform and also like having a public relationship going through breakups. Yeah. It must be a little bit because I feel like. When you do break up with those there's so many different opinions coming into play for your relationship in a way. So for all of you guys know Matt Grocery, Store Joe on Paradise we have since broken up gone our separate ways he lives in Chicago I live in Los Angeles and huge part of that. The reason why that happened is again Haley and emily are going through that now where they're moving in separating. But for me already going through the experience of separating from Kylie one time, it was extremely intimidating to think of moving to Chicago in separating from her in my family again so It. Was it's really important for me for us to be together in like grow up and raise a family together and build our lives together and I didn't see that moving to Chicago. So huge part of the reason why we broke up was because of that and where do you find home at what feels like home for you? Know what was real? Nice talking. With. You. It's so true. I think. I don't want to. It's unhealthy. Have a dependency on somebody but as much as I can have some sort of dependency or some sort of comfort in someone like that's always been in Kylie. Youth you. Really feel like. I can. Do anything because I always have someone who loves me if I fail or fall. In and I always want to be that person there for you to think that you. There's always a comfort there. Yeah during breakup especially at this one Kylie's been like a huge help. I would say, what would you say the proper etiquette is on social media after break up. The proper etiquette in? And how to deal with it. Yeah. On social media, do you follow them? How would for you? How would you experience also dated people that have on social media like how you move forward I mean teach their own I think. If you feel that. Seeing them every day is hindering you for moving on and you know doing your own thing than maybe I don't despite do it because it's what's good for you. And? I'm always the kind of person where it's like you know. Don't bash you the personal media don't make it a big war on choosing sides. It's never okay. But ultimately, it's like, do you feel like you're able to become? The to to do your own thing separate quicker or if that person's in your life or non in like have that conversation like if you guys have a talk and say, Hey, it's maybe not the best interest rate be seeing you every day I need to move on. Maybe. It's best. We kind of D- follow. What would you think well? What I think is so interesting is that through like the span of. Joe's might break up. He's on following wants. Then unreal followed me. It's not nobody. Tomasi, is just it's hard to see someone move on without you every single day because you guys I feel like still have so much love for each other and that's extremely difficult to maneuver, and we're still following each other. So join I are still following each other, but something has really helped me. Is Needing Him. It's not an UN follow. It's more so It's hard to see every day. So meeting someone is a way. To not have them like in your face everyday because all ready whenever I whenever I post a picture whenever I do a story, there's always somebody at least at least one comment not a few that say where's Joe Are you enjoy still together? Literally, I haven't posted a picture of us together in months. Together but it's that constant reminder of our you together are you. People if it's not on TV, then people don't know and because Joan I didn't break TV. There's people were finding out at different paces in different times and it could take a year plus for that to be something you need to have silence from from that you can kind of listen to yourself I feel like if you have a lot of things and people commenting coming in on your. Life like fast just like where do you stand where do you actually move on and when do you know that it's okay to date someone else when do feel like Oh, this is something I can really see it's don't language. You don't know what you. You don't know that to you kind of get your own space early is definitely new. I feel like impasse relationships when we broke up. They're pretty much out of my life and I don't see them even if we do follow each other on instagram but one thing about bachelor nation is it's kind of like a high school where. You're still hang out with your other friends you know like. Joe's about world too. So he's hanging out with other bachelor people hang other bachelor people. We Cross pollinate people's stories and posts so. You're still playing in the same playground exact still playing the same plate. You're not only hopscotch and you're playing handball yes, and they still play with the same children so. Doesn't sound good. But so for instance Blake came to visit Los Angeles and we have like a group dinner we all. Got Dinner together and then right after that Blake they the guys did some sort of Colorado trip for Kentucky. Derby. And then he was hanging out with Joe. So I'm like, Oh, I, was talking about all this stuff recent things that have happened in my life. That I'm like updating Blake on, and then he goes and hangs out with Joe next week and I'm like now is he telling jokes about all this stuff that I was talking? Information. On C. Feeling and then. Sure there's Vegas thing where what was spoken in Vegas doesn't leave Vegas you'll. See what happens in. Blake he was. You know the. leibels. You guys are both wonderful people. So everyone cares about each other everyone still loves both you Joe. His Cross pollinating and I would say that. The one thing that's interesting about bath, Bachelor nation is that. We've all kind of dated people in the same circle. The. High School is a little incestuous. So That Pool Line for instance. Blake with me he's also friends with Joe. BECA just moved to La and you know potentially hang out hang out with Blake so. There, there's a lot of cross pollinating. That's the right word. There's a lot of you know and sometimes you know, do you invite your both xs together to something like? Our Joan I both have friends, Astrakhan Kevin and they're going to be having a wedding coming up. We both go to the wedding. You don't really escape that circle. Yeah. Why feel like if you guys are to intermingle again and in the same frank pepe same events and activities, you go to really honestly feel like there's a lot of love there in a lot of understanding to where you're going to move forward in stride. Yeah. What hasn't happened yet is we haven't seen each other move on with dating well. I need. Joe Is kind of dating people on his food thing you. Interact with each other in person. See need to move on, and that's that's a whole new level of a relationship I. Guess are the Post relationship with anybody seeing your ex boyfriend girlfriend flirt or a date other people? Is Not Fun it's not fun that's and in another thing happens in the bachelor world is that that happens a lot like us times ten sometimes x will go on another season of the Bachelor in paradise I mean I know that was something that join I'm really stressed out about is after we have I broken up right there was potential for both of us go on different shows right and we're conversations happening in Kobe, kind of prolonged that. But if covid hadn't happened, then there was a strong chance that one of us are both of us would have been on. A pair of ice or another sister show and having to watch each other date, which isn't normal. So I guess, it's just going through that navigating that finding. Finding. Confidence balance in the balance like to not let it get you too much. But also I will say that block it not blocking stories but meeting stories, immune posts has definitely helped me kind of. Not Have. It. In my face everyday, which I think is very needed. Honestly. I see you becoming so much after the relationship I see how you've transformed and change. You're not the same woman you were after that relationship. And At that you both are just in different places right now respect that place. So I feel like moving forward. There is going to be a potential for interestingly again, hang out again of being him terming intermingling and intermingling completely fine with that. You Know I. Just see because there was so much love during and after the relationship I see it moving along smoothly. Well. That's the hope the hope is. that it moves along smoothly. Yeah. As long as there's respect and love and and boundaries sadly, there are going to be allowed boundaries afterwards. I see it being a positive. Influence in your life. Yeah, and Bachelor is very much. Everyone hangs out with everybody. There's a wasting this going on I know that. The interesting thing about being part of the bachelor world is that when people go to certain events or groups go to certain activities, there's always those bachelor activities. People are always hanging out Sometimes you're part of it sometimes, you're not part of IT so it's My. First. Of all. I? Mean that's the thing. Is totally thing. Happens happens. You have a lot of similar friends. Yes. At the same time you met them as a couple. Yes. So so And and I and so so interesting timing even in regular friend groups or even our own you know friend group outside of the Bachelor. When friends hang out without you? Then it gets like, ooh, like don't do that like I wanted to be part of it I want to be part. So it's very similar to the High School of the Bachelor world where. If there's like a big going on and you don't go to the SHINDIG. I know I've heard stories of other people be like, why wasn't I part of that Shindig? Actually I'm so glad festival season is as not a thing. Yearly because there's always the bachelor group that goes to stage coach the Bachelorette that goes to you know. Coachella or whatever things going on there and I love those festivals but. I've never gone to those testicles outside of being a part of the bachelor. So, whenever I've gone to those, it's been kind of like a work bachelor group kind of thing, and maybe it's the single ladies in the single men and you just choose the. Single as human avenue honestly believe. Come with me to the COACHELLA. Happens again 'cause it might never happen again oh. Wow. Well. Like music will have graced us with his presence again I hope. Yes. Yes. Fingers crossed fingers crossed postcode world. There'll be music festivals again, we actually recently went to. Kharkov concert Oh Kendall got a car concert for my birthday, which was such an incredible experience at first I was thinking how's is this going to be am I going to really get the feeling invive concert by there's something about being in close proximity with sweaty people breathing on you but you really you love. But in cove world that is not a thing I miss heavy breeders next me during never thought you'd miss it never never thought. You know it was actually an incredibly wonderful experiences can. You had your little. You had your base camp that you can kinda come down come back to you wear your mask dowse at the car but we are cooler with drinks in brought our salads to go Sushi and all that fun stuff in. It really was a great experience and it was a good girl. It was a good girl day inevitable. You had like your own little parking spot where you were separate from everybody and that I mean it looks like we gotta bring. We need gotTA. We. GotTa bring my we need pistachio. That's also interesting I love dancing because she loves dancing I also kept pistachio getting. Getting any sort of pets or animal in a relationship like what happens when you bring up? Yeah I kept this Dashiell I was like there's no way I'm not going to be having little stash Oh. Yeah he's been great. He joined the here's his first concert. He loved it. He did he really did like every time we were dancing oxide jump up into WANNA be in our arms. We'd carry him dance with him and that was just so I learned so much about the statue of that day. He's a he's a part here at heart. He's a party Weenie he really is. So we still party Kovin. We find a way makes it sounds like we're like, no, no hardy party equivalent of partying game code we dancing car concerts, I guess we dance inside of our home. We'll go to the park maybe we'll do dancing there we are young, we are seeing. What does what does dating like? How do you? How does one one dates? In covert world. So it's funny. Kylie's more. So dating now. Yes while. States. second and third dates maybe four days. The thing is the thing is with with this Kobe. I found myself becoming a lot more pickier with WHO allow into. My dating life disease ridden men are not allow diseases and also there's a lot of distance speech walks and I think that's ultimately how you go about it. You meet them in person see how they act on distance between survey romantic and they're. Very telling of who you want to continue dating or not in amazing experiences. Yeah, it's been. It's been good. Would you say have you been on any? I would say because it's interesting about. I mean. Even if you're online dating or something you know. If you see, someone in person risking your little Kobe group. So we have like a strong Kobe group that were pretty strict about. We've tested on and off here and there, and whenever you introduce a new guy into your group, you're introducing a new threat. To the pandemic. So that isn't taken very lightly. To go through a lot of tests in order to be you know in the group, I would say very true there's a lot of Cova tests we go through the beach walked being one of them or the first one Kendall introduced me to this method Redo saints type, the facetime date I, which I should have done before it because I can't even tell you the mountains I've wasted. Gained wisdom. and. I as you see, someone the first few seconds well, no well, no sadly, no. Yeah. Just by how you move and that's the big thing with online how you move. Moves us a big thing. It really is an online dating. You really don't get that hinge. Have, they have the potential of inputting. Instead of pictures, this becomes a dating APP add right now. Well, you know I'm just putting not. No actually says something I did want to circle back to talk about is. How we've how it is growing up as twins and then how it is finding individuality after yes. So because it really made me think about this when hailing emily to the separation of being together and now they're going to be going through being individuals and being separate I would ask you to is that during Covid we really transform relationship definitely use the OH. Tremendously I would say that. Every pair of twins there is. Growing pains as you will all you learn about each other all the time you learn you must you must live off of the exhortation that you know the person so out if they change in any way you take personally. and. So because of Kobe because we've been so together my. Buddy. During the beginning of it and even now she's moved to Venice so not as much. But I would say that before code happened to, you're kind of going through a rough partner relationship not that it was so bad but we were just very aware of. Are. Basically had. It came down to the same fight every time. And I think that during Cova really solve, we had the time and we had we were. Relations we needed to have the patience to. Those issues and wipe them out I. Think we really did wipe those guys out now you're almost forced to. Figure it out. Yes. It's interesting because you would see a lot of relationships shifting dramatically the incumbent. There's people who are starting relationships. People were ending relationships. It really is like the test of time it's a make or break. Engagements or break-up luckily we. Made Up, she only lost me on the house once I actually did look. She should correction she tried to. Homes I. I will say I. Think a lot of people can relate. That is deep dark secret that. Our. I. Think everyone can without that you're with this person literally twenty four seven near afraid even to go outside to get groceries. So you're stuck in there and hey, you know what? I had reached my wits end something have forgot exactly. What happened I used the last egg in the Carton of Oh? No this is what happened Kylie. You dislike my. Clothes. And I took your. I took your bag and I put outside and when you want to bag I lost you. Absolutely. In the real quick. Okay say. A little bit those a little me but it only makes me love you so much more knowing. You tried to lock me out that we survive. That yeah yeah. y'All were stronger now after that and I think I loved you the most ever loved you day after that fight. That's true. That did spark a conversation that really allowed us to have a more like a different level to our relationship that we hadn't had before because there was no running away. There's no running away in incovenient. Have another place to go to. It in that time I was in between moving Luckily, I gotta keep my stuff Marina del Rey, but I couldn't move into my new place in. Venice. Just yet when was she was stuck with me was stuck stuck with her and you weren't so happy about that times at times I was not. But no I think that now we love each other more than ever and. We've sifted through all that sand and found the gold. Well I know that was that was good. I don't. mind. In the moment I didn't plan that metaphor as well on that note. Everyone. Thank you so much for joining us on what a girl wants. And I'm so excited that this was our first time. You know the second time hosting together. Again yeah me too. So message to all of you the sand and find the. Sand and find the gold. Whatever relationship UN yes. Well, thank you guys so much and. Catch you next. Thumbs up man. Welcome to teach me something new podcast from iheartradio in Britain co on your host. Britain Morton I'm an entrepreneur, a CEO a mom, and I'm curious about a lot of things we've already learned so much together I can't wait for what's next my co host and best engineer are back with brand new episodes every Wednesday. Listen to teach me something new on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. 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