Hour 1: Patriot Problems


The college football season is rolling along. And so is the latest season of your favorite. Dr pepper obsessed college football town. That's right we're talking about fans ville so brace yourself for all the on the field football drama and off the field dr pepper flavor. Your eyes and taste buds can handle. Because even though you can't be at the stadium you can still dress. Cheer and drink dr pepper like a true fan head to a store near you. Treat your inner college football fan to an ice cold. Twenty ounce dr pepper today g. sante will in subic podcast. Good monday morning hope. You're monday's going better than the pat sunday was bottom line just five weeks ago cam. Newton was the best bargain in the nfl. This morning. people are saying waking up. He's bargain basement. What has happened. The pats of lost four games in a row for the first time in eighteen years. Many people key feel. They've lost their way keyshawn. J. will zubin were presented by progressive insurance in the inevitable with cam might becoming sooner rather than later i. How is the weekend and you love to start without an a monday. Always this way should even a sport show. Yeah we should start with something that went on the day before and what we did. And then we dive into sports because our listeners. Love the stick around until we get there right. I mean that's what it was. Let's watch football same thing. We always do right on the weekends. Saturday and sunday. Saturday college football in sauce. Some interesting gave clinton was gonna suddenly dropped out when they didn't You know oklahoma state. They serve their toe. But i think a lot of start. I didn't want to see that anyway. Right just certain games certain teams. I don't wanna see when it comes to the final four it nj will yesterday's. Nfl action was quite interesting. I must say in several games so that was pretty much the weekend soccer with the kids soccer on on saturday on saturday morning. I didn't have to go to soccer because the young woman was with me so she stayed in we. Kinda watch cartoons. I don't think she understood. Anything was on the screen except the colors which was fi for two and a half hours patrol on an hour break. I don't even know what. I don't even know the cartoons myself. It wasn't my traditional tom. And jerry. bugs bunny. You know wasn't wasn't anyone's back in the fifties not those cities but then sunday believe it or not. I almost quit. What quit what this job. Espn everything to go back to california. Because i had to stand out in at nine o'clock in the morning for two hours freezing to watch soccer and it's not that bad yet the bag out there like me. I don't know how talk me into this. Yeah we had a little bit of that. On saturday we went trick or treating Nobody in the neighborhood got my outfit. I was People thought i was hollywood from top gun. Because i had the whole top gun gear but i was actually david chapelle nobody. You didn't do a good job. I had some of the pieces from an attributes that showed you david chapelle snatch people my neighborhood. New dave chapelle. Es right we sent out candy to on the on the porch on the front steps for people to socially distant. Yes we are two big things. Put the note on it and can't make now did the note. Say please take one piece of candy to the kid coming to my daughter wrote. Please take one and then. I'm sure they was taking more. I wasn't monitoring it like that. This is a question because it's no that you guys give out candy bars. Are you that. It was a bunch of different stuff. Like i'm saying. Are you like all all star. It was some four ones. But there's also many's it was just a bunch of different candidate can't high money if you given out whole bars and you get it from target. How different was it. You know this is the first year. I've lived in new york city. I was at a restaurant on halloween and a lot of the people that live in and around new york city. That don't have a backyard. They don't have house. All that sort of stuff. I was sitting in the restaurant and the trick or treaters came into the restaurant for candy and the restaurant was ready for him. Like this has been a thing. It was just totally new to me because they didn't have neighbors to go door to door so they just go business to business and the kids got there can't see can i would've taken it to the next level kids we would. I would've come up to your table and asks you for tip as smart as what or way for him to leave the tip zubin. I'm just saying as a kid i would. You know. I'll talk about that during the break. You know seven years statue of limitations must move along. Gotcha pay by credit card. You can swipe the five dollars. I put on the table all right back to handle. You've done the same talked about the weekend. The big twelve is done. And i think in some cases cam might be done. Bill belichick said listen. Alright he still are starting moving forward for the pats now. It's a long week literally and figuratively. It's a long week. 'cause they don't play next week until monday night. Football against the jets. And frankly it's going to be a long week. Because i mean they used to say when you sit there and watch film with bella check. He would rip. Tom brady to shreds. I got no idea what he's going to do with cam news. I don't think he's going to do much with camp. Camp didn't play god awful camp. Help them stay in the game. He didn't take him out of the game. I just think that they don't have enough. Like who is first of all jakobi meyers. is there. He tried to do whatever he could do. Not the law firm the receiver right and then when you get jacoby meyers. And then when you think about D'humieres bird another. I mean it's like. Who am i throw into this. Julian edelman okay. You could clearly tell. The cam was trying to put the team on his back. Unfortunately he got him in a position at the end of the game but any fumbled. And that's why it's it is just like. Oh god this is just won't turn him. It just will not turn for the pats. We fell into this trap of bella check. Is there. he'll figure it out. They started off. Pretty good and one one miami seattle seattle game was a a win so to speak even though they didn't get the w. on the board not gonna go line in the play in the goal line style. Points all of those of things and everything just kinda fell apart for right. I mean it just it of started to disintegrate in now people are looking at cam. Oh my god this. But they're not. They're not focused in on this players at opted out. There's no julian element they've yet to ever fix. Wide receiver position on the perimeter outside of julian edelman oregon kaczynski. They just continue to get that wrong. He traded for randy moss for low bargain type situation. Moss conham energize the outside receiver position for them and that was pretty much it outside of malls for many years. He's never given tom brady any credit. I mean any player so to speak to give him that type of credit. But when you look at the teams now it's like well for many years. Tom brady kinda like seems like he was covering up for some of those deficiencies in now that he's not there. We could kind of see everything face value like where are the players that they drafted wheel where two players that they signed in the future to try. And come up with some sort of help for cam. Newton cam into a better quarterback or even from a defensive standpoint. Where are those guys at well. Scott said that before where he questioned bill bell checks ability to draft and get derived town around people and people always respond by saying well as one super bowls. And what are you talking about all. There's actually that's that's a pretty great point about talent surrounding people with. I will say this. You said that things won't turn for cam. Things will turn from cam next week when they play the jets. But i think it's time that we stopped talking about cam as an elite. Qb when i talk about elite qb's. I see what. Aaron rodgers does to marginal wide receivers. He makes them look great. Cam is not throwing the ball well enough to make marginal players look great. That's all i'm saying. No doubt about it. Aaron rodgers thrown valdes scantling and allen lazard and even the most hardcore. Nfl fan probably had no idea who those players were before they arrived on the scene with the official numbers. Jay said his arm is official numbers. Were not great fifteen. Twenty five for one hundred and seventy four yards passing but simply put after the game cam. Not passing unaccountability. Something does it back to you more because you guys were moving the ball at the end there because he did have a chance obviously on that drive. They're not a victory more. That are still jeopardized his team success because my lackluster owners look to coach. Trust me with the bottom line hanson. I wouldn't want it any other way. That do a better job protecting what do you think about that. He's not a lead anymore he can we. Can we agree on that key. Is cam newton an elite quarterback. No he's not an elite quarterback. Right now no no. He's not that's not is he is. He doesn't that doesn't mean because he's not a lead quarterback that he should fumble on the ten yard line. He was pushing them in the right position. It just so happened. The duke came from behind punched. The ball out. Camp should know better. That's the frustrating. Part is cam should know better when you get into traffic. Put that ball away. It's on his right side. The ball should be in his left arm toward the sideline. he knows. better zubin. all. I'm saying over. The last four years is two seasons in regard to yardage impasse. Td's landed him in the company of myth. A mitch trubisky. I'm not sure that's company. You want to keep. That's what i'm saying. Just numbers sheer numbers. And the test. Tell you where he is running the numbers for key. This is came tenth year in the league. You got to know better. If you're a ten year veteran what side of your body you need to be holding the football onto. We're asking on the dr pepper twitter feed. Who do you trust more to win in the playoffs. Lamar jackson who's yet to win a single playoff game or josh allen. Who's yet to win a single playoff game. Of course both have been be a part of the kishan. G will zubin nation of the dr pepper twitter feed. Espn nation presented by dr pepper fisher college. Football's back and so is your favorite dr pepper loving college. Football town fans ville head to a store near you to treat your inner college football fan ice cold ounce dr pepper today still to come from the three time. Mvp tom brady the guy we just spoke about the reigning. Mvp lamar jackson if we have to diagnose what's wrong with cam we also might have to ask what in the world is wrong with lamar in big spots in big games. You're miles go. Further with the capital one venture card the travel card that lets you were an unlimited miles for more than just air travel right now earn one hundred thousand bonus miles you can actually use redeemable for vacation rentals car rentals and more when you spend twenty thousand dollars in your first year. What's in your wallet. Limited time offer terms apply see capital dot com for details from the moment. They're born you do everything to keep your kids safe. But who's looking out for you as you look out for them. The volvo xc ninety suv with advanced safety. Technology helps look after you from the standard blind spot information system that watches your sides and can steer you away from merging traffic to standard cross traffic alert with auto brake that watches your back and can automatically apply the brakes people and oncoming traffic as you reverse. It's nice to know that someone is looking out for you. The xc ninety for everyone safety visit volvo cars dot com slash. us to learn more g. Sanjay willin zubay the podcast key wondering about his lustrous career. What if he had a guy. Like big ben who still making it happen key in his seventeenth year in the nfl. How about that man. i had to cool dudes. That was great to me. And i love him to death both but only had him for like a year vinnie for like a year and vinnie again in the end for year. And then i had brad johnson for like two years. I mean like give me brad. His whole career. Give me vinnie. His whole like put me in that position. Like i'm so jealous. That when i look at people that have had their quarterbacks for long extended periods of time you know it's just like man i couldn't land i couldn't maybe it was museum. Maybe it was just. I was just so awful that the good lord said no. We're not going to bless you with any quarterbacks well we would say that for those of you. Too young enough to remember vinny. Testaverde's certainly worth looking up and brad johnson of course keys super bowl winning quarterback in tampa bay ben rothlisberger himself has won two super bowls. He said this off season too much laughter even though he's been in the league for nearly seventeen years and you see rivers the mdc alliance guys came in with. He said i got multiple super bowls left immediately multiple left. You can look at being prior to his injury and you could tell he was still cool like when you look at why you look. Philip rivers. showers has a little bit of a rebirth an indie. Because it's you know indi whatever different lift. Okay they're winning and in but when you look at them it's like nah that ain't gonna work when you look at big being like. Oh man he got another six or seven years of doing this six or seven territory agent telling you you can look at him and tell but he's healthy. He's good for kia. What level though. Because i mean big ben has this is the same level that he's always been at. This is say looks a little bit marginal as many. Look the same winning game if you go back to big ben when he first came into this league don't look at the numbers just look at his style of play. All of it looks the same as it did yesterday. He makes plays and he gets out of the way and it just looks it. Looks clunky never smooth. But it's effective. Speaking of clunky and never smooth you could make that argument win the ravens. Go down in the lamar jackson era. Incredible stat. They have never rallied from ten down to be able to win. Came into yesterday's game with the thirty first passing attack in the nfl twentieth in passing efficiency and lombardi to make one throat. The end of the game granted. It was batted down in the end zone. It ended the way it normally has for lamar in big spots. Just not being able to come up that huge on the other side mike. Tomlin steelers head. Coach kinda summon up what his squad thinks about that other. Qb respect for him. But we don't fear him. And so you know we're not surprised by getting transpires lamar jackson. I'm sitting here. i'm taking that one. I'm saying okay. Thank you thank you for that. Like there was no need to even say that. I recognize this. Mike tomlin truth. But it's like you give another player ammunition key. Hey why are you looking at me sideways. And i'm looking at the monitor okay. We're not as mike thomas. It man we not worried about that. Do not worried about him but it was really funny to me. It's not learn. How gamy he's going to give us something to go. The other way with watching that whole game innocent tardy. I knew that lamar jackson threw a pick six start. The game i knew he threw another interception that led to a drive at the beginning of the second half but with as bad as lamar jackson played. The ravens still could have won. The game could have less sugar. I understand you. But i think thinking know jay when you when you're on the sideline in their up eventually. He's going to do something. Just stay patient. That is going to help us out. That's the way the coaches are telling. That's away coach. Tomlin has already sent that message to his team is don't panic. Just sit tight if we get opportunity. Go up on them. he ain't coming back. I just is the margin that great between the steelers and ravens because feel for as bad as the ravens played. I mean they still won the game. Like that's what i'm saying like i didn't walk away from saying that game. I site saying pittsburghers. Much better than the ravens. Wow like it to have that. Vote of confidence for mike tomlin to say something like that. That takes some but some things that are hanging low but jane. I'm looking at eight. I'm looking at number eight okay. That number eight is not number twelve a number twelve in chicago. I mean number. Twelve green bay number toil in tampa. That's number eight. He can't beat us if we get up late. In games pushing the ball down the field. We already know that so. Our confidence is bubbling. Oh we gotta do stop him in. Get the ball go. Down and score is the rap. That is the way that mike tomlin has taught his team talk to his team. Pre-game and let them know. Do pass it. Maybe even address the entire team. Maybe only one or two people if we stopped that do man. We ain't worried about him. We ain't worried about hollywood brown. We not worried about sneed. They don't catch a few passes but our team is better than them. Because that quarterback. I mean your underwear about hollywood brown anyway. Healing got to targets for one reception. I mean that's i mean. He tweeted after game. That's a problem. I'm just saying if you're to ravens. You walk away and not to be a bigger sign of things to comfort his team. Some internal issues but me. Yes does fall on the shoulders. Lamar jackson but i'm not walking away from game being like. Oh man the steelers. Beat us on this. I'm we beat ourselves and you can look at it that way. Oh my ravens and look at it that way. Maybe the ravens. How so you look at it eight. So we don't have to have a guy in the saddle that can push the ball down the feel when we need him to when we fall behind to put a say leading games. We don't have that and that's concrete. That's who exactly we jackson as up today. Okay he was not that guy leading up to yesterday in. That's why mike tomlin can say what he said. Now lamar's leading and he's dynamically put the take off iran. All that cute. It looks good. But one of the things that they say is make him throw. The football may keep throwing we want. We dare you to we dare you to and that starts to seep in the heads in the minds of the offense coordinator is well as mark jackson. At times ill pick six. Another ball was holding. Guy beats him bats out of his aunt. Two things we should mention the rematch. If you're wondering as you kind of said taking that comment about respecting but not fearing they will meet again with the country watching in primetime on thanksgiving nights that one They want to circle in pittsburgh in pittsburgh at eight twenty eastern on thanksgiving night in detroit. washington dallas. Yuck dr pepper call in line. Which quarterback do you fear facing the most. I'm guessing that fell is called in lamar. Jackson would not be the first thing they say at eight eight say. Espn tell us. who do you. Fear the most eighty eight say. Espn pj halloween browse still to come. The trade deadline is tomorrow at four eastern and for the first time in almost twenty years. Could the pats actually be selling will talk to our gm who was trading selling and acquiring for years when you talk to a dell technologies adviser. They're focused on you. Ready to give advice on everything from laptops to the cloud and offer tailored solutions powered by intel be pro platform to keep your small business ready for what's next call adele technologies advisor today at eight. Seven seven ask dell. That's eight seven seven ask. They'll do so on. Jay williams sylvan. The podcast came taking some accountability bill. Not taking away his starting job just yet. They'll have a little over a week a week from today to prepare for the jets in the long week on monday night. Football and that can be truly rock-bottom if they can't beat the nfl's only winless team in front of the country. Next monday night but instead of next monday light. Let's focus in on tomorrow. Tuesday which is the nfl trade deadline four pm eastern as we welcome in my tanenbaum espn front office. 'insider joins us on the shell pennzoil performance on brought to you by shelby. Power nitro plus premium gasoline. To tell you here. Mike you've been wheeling and dealing for years when you were in the nfl as a gm so the big question right now surrounding the pats after their fourth straight defeat simply put. What should they do at quarterback if there is a move to be made yeah i would hold survey was the patriots. I actually thought they moved the ball. Relatively effectively given the conditions yesterday. And but for that last turnover by camden there. Either winning the game or tying the game and to go on the road against a good buffalo team as undermanaged. They've been with all the recent injure injuries. All the opt-outs right now. I think he gives them the best chance to win for the rest of the season. My take the quarterback out of the equation. Hush head coach bill. Belichick handle the four. Pm trade deadline tomorrow key. There's a lot of rumors about stefan. Gilmore put his house on the market. That's the one name maybe to keep an eye on. I think he's been a little up and down this year. His tackling has been inconsistent. And one of the reasons. He's been such a great player is key. He could cover and he could tackle if they can get a first round pick. I think they would have to listen because he only has one year to go but beyond that maybe they can add receiver. You know what your ago. They went out. They ended mohamed. Sanu from the atlanta falcons gave up a second round pick. That didn't work out. But i would go to the houston texans. They've got a number of receivers. Kenny stills william fuller. Maybe even brandin cooks who they've had before if they can add a receiver. We got keep something in mind. There's gonna be seventeen from each conference. make the playoffs. They are not out of it. I know that's hard to believe. But we're only halfway through the season and of cam. Newton came stay healthy. Cut down on the turnovers. If the price was right if i was new england i would still consider adding a receiver. So funny mike. The best kept secret ever in national. Football league is when you put your house on the market during the sees it has spills. I'm outta here. Mike i want to ask you. A question is to bill check or do you still have confidence in him as a like a manager as well like a guy to make operation decisions as far surrounding j. will absolutely and we could go back to his days in cleveland coach. Bell checks baits very hard but unpopular decisions. He benched a very popular bernie kosar two decades ago. He benched drew bledsoe when drew bledsoe signed a massive extension with the patriots. So i think he's beholden to give them the best chance to win. They have some holes in the roster. He'd be the first one to tell you that but you could say that they probably missed on keel harry a recent first round receiver beyond that. They're still good nucleus there and when you lose players like patrick chung marcus. Cannon dont'a hightower. Those are three really good stars to overcome. And you put a new quarterback into the system. So i look if anybody deserves the benefit of the doubt coach bell check and again because seven teams. Make the playoffs. They're still realistically in the wild card hunt divisions probably out of reach but if anybody again desserts bent for the doubt mike when you look at the game yesterday. Pittsburgh and the ravens. How important has it been for the emergence of chase claypool to add to the steelers offense yet key. Absolutely he is really stepping up to be a bonafide number one. So if you have. 'em and smith schuster ebron at the tight end position whose hard to really defending the red zone. That is a really good set of receivers. This the johnson coming along but i think claypool has a really high ceiling because of his size and speed. I'm not gonna say he's decay metcalf but his trajectory is really good. And i was listening to you guys earlier. The only other thing. I would add to the conversation about lamar jackson. He's only started thirty three games so in terms of where he is in his career. I still think we have to give him a great of incomplete. I thought he felt a little bit short yesterday. Like a lot of others. But he's still young and he cares and he's smart as athletic these radio. Mvp so in my mind he's still checks boxes even though i was disappointed how we played yesterday. Someone who's only played in thirty three games. They have a long way to go. Thank you mike. Thank you for that appreciate that. What do you think about the packers offense in that loss. Vikings yeah they're pass distributions. Really interesting outside of davante adams know receiver was targeted. Only one cat for Of receivers a couple times catches and jamaal. Williams was active in the passing game. So again this goes back to what we talked about in april which was. How can you take a team to the championship. Game with aaron rodgers. Not address what he needs which everyone knows is another receiver. So as i said earlier. I think the houston texans are going to be sellers. Kenny stills william fuller brain cokes. All three of those players are explosive and look allen lazard. He slashed a little. Bit about the scaly. He's flash a little bit. Go get one of those receivers. Give yourself a chance to win because what we saw yesterday was once. Minnesota look got his production but nobody else was able to get theirs and they were able to control the game and when you can do that and ann rogers sitting there in the premises career. I think you it to him to give him the best chance to win. Mike tannenbaum joining us on the shell. Pennzoil performance line. Mike what did you make a to start yesterday against the rams. I thought it was okay. You know the biggest thing is he didn't lose the game and the guy on the other side of the field. The first pick overall from two years ago he did lose the game. So if i'm the dolphins we got him out there he got the start. We got the win. Got to clean up some things. But i thought he processed information. Well got the ball. I was hands. He had the early which is going to happen against aaron. Donald and i think the story that came out yesterday was that miami defense. They played very well. The rams had no answer to that blitz package. So if i'm the dolphins i'm encouraged by where we're going as a team and to is gonna come along and we gotta remember guys again that no preseason games. This would have been week three for him so long way to go. But we got one last thing for you when to was in college with trevor lawrence. These two guys obviously went back and forth capturing the attention of the country. Trevor didn't throw a pass this particular weekend as we all know yet had more discussion about him than any in college or the nfl. What do you expect trevor to do here after the season. Considering what's going on with this health zubin. He threw a bomb. What he did because he's going to have to bites of the apple and here's why when the teams at the top of the draft presumably the jets jaguars. We know who they are. Go through a coaching search. Keep a close eye on dabbled sweeney a lot of people around the nfl. Feel at some point he wants to take one chance to go the nfl. Maybe he does if he does down all of a sudden. Let's say it's jacksonville. Jacksonville doesn't have the first pick and tura lawrence declares the team who has the first pick takes lawrence. We could be looking at and eli manning. Scenario of a decade ago we're alive manning's drafter by then san diego chargers and ultimately trade to new york giants and we all know that he'll get a massive deal from nike or some other up endorsement deal. He's gonna be going from a position a straight so it's gonna be really interesting to see what happens with dabbled sweeney and the coaching search and be turbocharged. Happy from georgia. He may not just want to come to the north he may want to say. Hey you know a year from now. Atlanta jacksonville tampa new orleans. All these teams over the next two years. You need a quarterback. I'm to deal from a position of strength. Real quick mike. Just forget about justin fields near right. Let's just just. There's no other quarterback in college football at all humi. Mike mike this. No i was saying i say do we. Just forget about justin fields. There's no other quarterbacks in college football. It's only trevor lawrence and that's it. Oh yeah that's a great question. Here's my only question key about justin fields land when he was at the university of georgia kirby sport chose jacob from over him. I wanna know why kirby sports have good quarter good coach. There is no way you could pick from over fields. I think feels is a top three pick. I'd be static. I was jacksonville. New york jets to get him as my quarterback moving forward. His accuracy has improved. He's big. He's strong he's elusive. I think they're going to dominate the big ten. I think it's stemming. And everybody also i think he is in the conversation key. I think there's a gap between lawrence and fields. Okay i just you know me and you mike. We have a long history of evaluating quarterback. So i just asked a question. That's a good conversation to have for the next three abouts. Yes we'll get ready and answer that in april of twenty twenty one. We should mention for those. That aren't familiar. Justin feels having trouble getting on the field degeorge outside of packages but obviously want radio really my hang on a second. Hang on a second jacob. Jake from took them to the national championship game as a true freshman. Justin fields could not do that. Maybe now leave. Who freshman true freshman the national type. Okay even i'm not gonna it can't always be key. I'm just could not get on the field and beat out a guy. That's a backup for the buffalo bills. That spot i'm leaving. You went to columbus and everything changed. J b rhine jacob piece. Was there too and couldn't beat him amount correct. I'm gonna leave it alone a lot. A lot of five star. Anybody would have wanted them. I just see a lot of times. Things situational sometimes. It's coaching to in. What's the right there with in their under ryan debt. Not only know that kirby smart us justin feels the right way. Yeah when you're you. Shouldn't he'll catch guy you should going in. But the head of mano a mano competition in who wanted. I would rather meet personally have just feels as quarterback of i was at georgia. I understand georgia has been near miss key but what frahm did for them. Justin feels would have trouble doing that. If you just said accomplishment jake from that he would have trouble doing okay. I'm i'm not gonna argue. Well like your fight back this man. I'm just saying on the verge of a title. Almost beat alabama twice. I mean. I just beat alabama justifications at quarterback. That's just me look. I'm just saying. I think one thing we can agree on. The transfer was the right decision. Or god yes because has put ohio state and fields in great great position to perhaps win the national championship in for him to get the heisman. Big time wide. Receivers master teague. Actually the question always had about how status their running game master actually proved that the other against penn state actually run the ball and be powerful with it. Just it just means now. That's just my opinion as well. Let's go from eighty from broadway suburban and everywhere in between from a to z and a little. Mlb from a disease brought to you by red box now. Available at red box and edgier action thriller. That can't be missed. Rent avis starring. Jessica chastain visit red box dot com for all the ways to watch. Jay will start their yankees. Giancarlo stanton opting in to the final seven years of his contract. That would be seven years in two hundred eighteen million dollars because Giancarlo realized what everybody else on planet earth with do. There's no way any other team in the world would give me that sort of money. He's about thirty one years old and he's always banged up. Are the yankees better or worse with this amount of money opting. In look with the postseason he had. Yes i like him. Two seasons him being Riddled with injuries. I think that's what problem. Keep them healthy. Yes i think. Now that you go into payroll has to be less next season. Two hundred and ten million dollar luxury tax. So you have to get rid of some other guys. But i like having stand on earth. Was there ever an option to not right. I even thinking about them. I know you can't really. I don't think he would have garnered more money reconsidering his contract no also considering the fact. There were no fans of games this year. There's really not a lot of owners that are going to say. Let me pay two hundred million dollars for. It's always banged up. Jay did say great Postseason hit three eight the overall value of the deal. Keep you remember when he was with the marlins thirteen years. Three hundred. twenty five million dollars you could you one about. Peter unloaded that jeeter. Get some credit for that there. Always bang judah for everything but getting rid of that. Contract was one of the best way to the playoffs this absolutely the first time since two thousand three college football clemson rallies to boston college. Watching this game saturday on your local abc station. It's twenty eight ten boston college. Fifteen point lead for the eagles at the bray but were younger. La comes in plays well. Trevor lawrence though will not play in the biggest game. The acc is headed about five years. Clemson at notre dame saturday under the lights in south bend. Daboh making the news official yesterday. Travel will not be able to play. Go ahead and get that out there. You know he's doing great. You know zone with the team last night. Talk to him this morning. He's ep feels like he can play today. So he's he's doing well. Well obviously we have. There's a protocol employees in. So i if he will be out one thing i want to quickly mention liangelo lay. Grew up his favorite player growing up. Us's reggie bush. there's and by the way. This is the biggest game in south bend. Since the bush bush think about it all comes full circle all right with how good justin fields or jake from now with how good justin feels is playing will trevor lawrence missing last week's game. Obviously this week's game could that put field in pole position for the heisman. By the way fields this year seven touchdown seventy incompletions. Think about that for a second. Look if he continues on now. We've only seen him play two games in if if trevor lawrence is missing game after game after game at some point. He's only going to be able to play a number of games in justin feels. Number games is probably topped at. What eight nine. I don't know exactly the number nine if they play a big ten nine. So you figure nine games in. Trevor lawrence is probably gonna play eight or nine games in the acc schedule and you look at the numbers you look at the comparisons and you look at what that team is doing for that players doing for his team just fills in the mix. That's what i always say about these sort of things. Whether it's the heisman whether it's draft picks we got a long ways to go before we start declaring. He's winning highs. But he's i mean this is before the big ten even started right it then all of a sudden what if somebody out in the pac twelve goals nuts those little eight games that they're gonna play just go bonkers are now. We give a trophy to justed fields and trevor lawrence. Even though somebody out western just bonkers they got to let it play out before we start declaring someone winter way beforehand. I the only thing that factors into this is covert realistic. Justin feels in. His numbers are incredible. But we don't know what's going to happen in the big ten. We don't look what happened with wisconsin. I mean the missing games and missing a lot of players still somewhat football to be played. Justin feels his second door right now compared to trevor lawrence being i i just because trevor lawrence has a head start just to give you the little. Yes plenty of time to go to give you a little bit of an update on. What's going on in wisconsin when we last convened here friday. They had about a dozen positive tests. Now it's up to twenty two actually twenty two. And they're going to make a decision on their game against purdue they're scheduled to play purdue on saturday they're gonna try to make that decision tomorrow. Jake shaking his head. I would agree with you. It seems unlikely in any way shape form that they could play that game. And that's the one team that's one thing who knows what happens. Moving forward yes indeed. Here's one more team in the big ten. I want to talk about not ohio. State not wisconsin. It's time for straight talk brought to you by straight talk. Wireless straight up. The most head-scratching decision in the big ten on saturday was mel tucker and michigan state. Coming off a seven turnover. Performance losing to rutgers traditionally one of the worst teams in all of college football graduation zubac stunning michigan for his first career win dropping. Jim harbaugh even further down. Sixty seven games into his tenure. Some people think this is the worst loss day have had considering where little brother quote unquote michigan. State is shadow to my card. If you're listening here's harbaugh after the game on the debacle against the spartans would be in rhythm and then we wouldn't we wouldn't be in rhythm and then we'd get it and it just didn't Didn't finish the drives as And being rhythm throughout the drive Like we wanted to straight talk wireless. No contract no compromise. As i mentioned key. This is sixty seven games in harbaugh. Tenure this is his sixth year on the job and people are saying on saturday. It was the worst performance of the harbaugh. Era is that acceptable michigan guy. But i would think for those. That are michigan. Guys at the charles. Woodson's in amani toomer guys that i know they certainly would look at this. As this is not working out braila network. It's not working out and it's okay. I mean yes. He went to michigan. And he's beloved by the michigan fateful. And all of those things but sometimes you have to think what your head in your heart in when you look at this situation if you're okay with ohio state in always going to the citrus bowl or something like that then outback bulbs they do a lotta outback bulls michigan he e. If you're okay with that. I'm fine winning. I'm you know. I personally feel and believe that. He's a better. Nfl coach then. He is a college coach because he may wear you out after five four five seasons because of his personality. At least that's what we saw when he was with the forty niners Doesn't mean the second time around now remember. Only a head coach the national football league for one organization. That was the forty niners. This notion that he wears you out all the time. He only that only happened in san francisco. We don't know if it'll happen a second time around. I think he's a better he quipped style mentality for the nfl. Because when you go into coaching in college you gotta almost be like a guy that is looking out for the kids. Best interest in all sorts of positive outlooks on things. our necessarily. Yeah father figured. I don't necessarily think the people recruits even though we get some top dues once they in there and they realize all is in. That's kind of been. That's kind of been recruiting situation and michigan's they don't look at look up. How many guys. He's recruited that finished with him at michigan throughout those four years that they signed up for they leave they transfer out. They just do a lot of it is because his style. But i think you'll be a hell of a coach in the nfl man and be interesting to see what happens this upcoming year because his last year of his deal. He's he's close to around ten million dollars. I will be to buy out for michigan. They did choose to move on from him. Ten million dollars. If i'm the jets for instance that'll be looking for a new coach. Anybody else no coach. I'll pay to bring him on board. If you're the jets. I no problem no no. I like him pro. We're presented by progressive insurance. The eagles lose the turnover battle and win. Thanks for listening to keyshawn. Jay williams zubin make sure to subscribe rate in review. You can hear the show live weekdays at six eastern on. Espn radio espn news. All we ever you stream your audio.

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