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The Dan Le Batard, Woodstock Gotcha podcast is brought to you by capital on capitol. One is reimagining banking offering accounts with no fees or minimums that can be opened in five minutes Capital One. What's in your wallet Capital One and a member FDIC? The meantime show has new podcast episodes dropped right about now on Wednesdays. Subscribe rate and review on the ESPN app or apple podcast. It is a nice combination of informative and fun. And it is one of the jewel of the lebatardshow and friends networks that only has six years right now. No saying it's one of saying it's one of the jewel doesn't mean. Much of anything, regardless. That's the most reputable jewel, it's got some journalism in it. It's got some credibility in it. What what is it that you're doing this week before we get to your article on Zion? Williamson I just paved actually with Bomani, and it's a little mess. Folly this week. We talked a little bit on Zaire. We also talked for a long time about tyreek hill, and then a about how Nick Bosa has much to my displeasure. I discovered block me on Twitter, but not money. So we talked about that allows the light stuff. So before we get lucky Rhode on Zion. Williamson what's the ground, you're willing to wait for more information on tyreek as more come? That. Makes you feel more comfortable talking about it. Him when he dresses, Dan, and kind of talked about in detail because a lot of people forget what he did. He pleaded guilty. So it's a matter. It's not, you know, an allegation, and then we talked about what might happen now. Because this is a very tricky case for the league in terms of the lack of evidence that's out there. Leagues rule, which is typically a two strikes thing. But he didn't actually get that first drag because his first crime happened before he entered the NFL and just kind of I don't know how how terrible the plate now. Because I don't think anyone there's no consensus on what the league the cheese or hill should do about any of this. Is a difficult one. So you wrote about Zion Williamson, and we were talking before you came on here about I don't feel like we've gotten to know him at all. I thought Duke did a may on amazing job of protecting him from from us. Really? Yes. So what did you learn as you decided to gravitate toward this story? I tell you it wasn't just guys. It was it was his family. He's they don't have to both. They have euro interest in seeking the spotlight his mom who coached him in basketball and junior high his step dad, who's really he plays basketball football in part because when partners I wrote his high school was so small they didn't have team but also his stepped up played basketball. And they are not they have not done stories. They have nothing interviews. I was actually supposed to interviews on spend time with him. And they decided they didn't want to do it which dukes plays a pretty close to the vest. But even this is sort of unprecedented for a guy this. Famous to go as dark as he did during the season telling you about that is it just upbringing is it they think that famous contaminant. What do you know about that? I mean, I think a little bit of ended upbringing he he went to really unusual school. He tries waiting class had forty five kids. He's high school basketball team in the piece on interviewed a kid who was on the team name Jeep tell who was about my size. That's was starting next Zion. Williamson in high school kid who was my size. Okay. Who wants to be a doctor at Yale? That's what he told me. So it was he was recruited by a lot of the basketball factories and bigger high schools, but he stays there all four years is very very unusual, and it was played a large role. I think in why he was actually under hypes coming out of high school. I don't know if you remember he was not consensus number one prospect, and it was in large part because the level of competition. He was playing with was not good. But a lot of people I can away after meeting his, you know, his classmates. Coach's thinking it probably end up making him. I don't know if I would use the word mature, but certainly more balanced person. The craziest thing to me in this story. I mean was that you mentioned that his growing pains when he was going through. It was so bad that he had to is his knees as he was growing up that can't be a normal occurrence. Yeah. I mean, he great game like a hundred pounds in like a year he was not enormous at along until his sophomore year. So he's like guard issue play guard really defacto all through high school, but he was the point guard, which is part of the reason why he has such excellent ball handling passing skills. Now. What what do you feel like, you know, about him that the audience doesn't having reported this out and talk to the people around him? So the story it talks about it starts to is high school teachers retired now talking about what a beautiful insensitive bullet. He was and that was something I kept coming across people saying he's so sensitive. He such a sweet guy, and I actually think you kinda saw that play out on the Basque. Ball court right because him and RJ Barrett shooting have worked who's the number one guy going into the she's and everyone thought he was going to be the top plan country. It was eagles. Molly don't work together. But Zion with constantly putting position or put himself in position where he let RJ is saying let him shine. I think maybe to a fault as we sold at the end of their season. But it short of I believe stems really from his personality, which is he's not he's very sensitive and sweet he's not like this aggressive alpha guy at all, dude. You get any sense if he's ever been to New York City and does he like the city? Yes, he make lady game in Madison Square Garden, and he just say he liked it. So go Meena. I gotta tell you. I'm not like what I'm hearing in terms of his pro prospects. He doesn't have the killer instinct that the superstar drafted number one overall need to have. Yeah. I don't know. Maybe you should get there. Then. That killer cocaine Ghirma put it on the poll, please do you want to use your number one pick on sensitive poet Meena climbs with us on ESPN radio. If he can Doug ways I say that's a red flag. That's a red flag street sensitive Powell characters you sensitive poet is a character something to consider as put together my draft board a day Radic real poetry. It was pretty bad as I recall on. If you guys remember that I do not remember that I've seen of it. Meantime with us on ESPN radio. What can you tell us about Zion? Williamson that you what else? Do you find interesting? I hope they're like. Every single person. I encountered is in love with the kids every single person loves them every coach every teacher the sweetest guy. And you see that when their own teammates. They absolutely adore him. Everyone do loved him. I could not find a single person to study something negative about him from basketball perspective. The only thing I ever heard was some concerns about his size because it was so unprecedented that he might gain weight, which is something that happened when he was in high school. But honestly, I this is boring, but really like zero red flags beloved by every human kind sweet, I mean, he was so shy mentioned in the story. And and didn't wanna dog henchman teammates that when caused coaches came. He was leave the auditorium. So that people would see him talking to him because he didn't want to look like he was being star. Does that sort of explain his is whole ammo as as he breaks, the Nike shoe, and he's hearing all this. Money in the faith. And yet he continues to play basketball. It's just how the dude built. I think so and I come I don't even like saying that because then it becomes the thing we glorify like, right? You such a good person. Of course, he was gonna come back and play with his team. I don't think it means anything about cops players like obviously lands and should have been paid. Obviously could've made a ton of money. But in the fact that he did wanna come back. It doesn't mean those things are true. But it also I think was very obviously based on talking to him and how he is teammates that he was going to come back zero red flags is a red flag. I'm telling you I'm turning now. John Marin put it on the poll. Guillermo a is zero red flags a red flag? At the meantime show as new podcast episodes every Wednesday. 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Edited man, honest with you. They're all you, man. That hurts. Yeah. Okay. I will never let joy get the best of me again. Because of how embarrassing it sounds. I will go back to my previous repression. We are being killed on the internet. Mike Ryan because we have been talking all morning about what is happening at Lockhart stadium. If you're not familiar with south Florida, Lockhart stadium is the place where soccer teams have gone to die all my life. And it's a cemetery that now is covered in weeds. And now David Beckham and Jorges moss who were trying to make an international team for Miami. Now moving to this jungle of weeds today to have a ceremony where they commence a panic building of a stadium that they need in a year. Yeah. Less than a year. Dan's not line. Multiple soccer teams have died there. The strikers died there twice the Miami. Fusion never actually played in Miami. They were planning nothing grows there except the grass wildly. Yes. Yeah. It's a massive Google. If you're familiar with what the the stadium looks like now it looks like Jurassic Park. Okay. So we got video this morning from Chris Wittingham in which he did a job with the camera and the ceremony that was comedic perfect because and I'm. To try to explain this to the radio audience. There are five people dressed up on a very small platform the way that they probably were when the Titanic was sinking like just grabbing their five people in a very small place around. What is going to be a button pressed implosion when he then hands to his right with the camera. What you end up seeing is what I've been calling a crane and people are killing us Mike saying, it's a backhoe, it's an excavator as if I would know the difference between any of those think cares. I mean that guy seriously. They know Sulfite crane. There are so many people doing that regardless that crane excavator backhoe chip chips a ticket booth in a way that you might not notice if your car if you were driving in someone dinged it like that you might just keep it moving. And normally when you have the big ceremonial button it actually triggers an explode. Ocean at these Vegas casinos. I it usually does more than just a guy puts out a cigarette and starts crane. So I don't know how funny. This audio is by itself, I'm telling you if you're watching on ESPN who's right now. And if you can get it on the internet, it's on our Twitter account. You will see that it looks like a piece of comedy writing from well written television show, and so here, I don't know if it's funny how it sounds. That's the setup again, keep in mind, we are celebrating the implosion of a stadium here. And what I'm hoping at the end happened is you will hear paint chips fall. That the loudest part of the demolition of the drums place. One more time. Accident. The was. Like a mangoes down here down the street, the nightclub it sounded like that. There was a car accident back. Let me explain some guys. Get hurt. Someone got tangled up in a chain it sounded like, but if you're watching the let me explain you that the guy who yelled one does. So while yelling running he's running in a suit pass. This pathetic crane and the person running for Indo of your the moustachioed on our televisions that we've all grown no-one love own my God. Also, they couldn't get the countdown. Right. It was like in English and Spanish, and at some point you hear muffled voice. Like, that's those. Allowed to say Baco. I mean splattered all over the size, buddy. Definitely lost a leg. Again, that one more time listening to nothing else, except the very end of it you tell us did. So either just splatter the ways. Gut says or or someone lost a limb? Donlevatar? A texter has thundered in with the straight talk. Stugatz. Dan, lebatardshow more out of touch than anyone at ESPN with those fast cars, he barely fits in and his gated community. He hates police, but has a security guard with him at all times. He loathes white men, but he owes entire career to the one sitting next to him. Hashtag ironic. Stugatz. They are fast cars don't these live at our show with Stu gods on ESPN radio. Happy ninety third birthday to the voice of God. David Attenborough happy birthday to him. I don't care. Good luck. Mike I heard in the streets of Miami yesterday in the middle of the afternoon people. Screaming like crazy because one of the great sporting events. Transpired one of the great surprises. Transpired in soccer. Can you give the people sixty seconds of soccer talk? It was one of the great comebacks you'll ever see in sports Barscelona won the first leg against Liverpool. One of the best teams in Europe three zero. And in the second leg Liverpool were without their two. Best players for me. No in Sala. And they raced the three goal aggregate lead that Barcelona had to tie it three three. And then on a corner a Liverpool player ran away from the the corner flag as if he wasn't going to take the kids surprise corner a surprise corner. And then this caught Barscelona napping because they assumed a new player was going to the corner flag. What happened was the Liverpool? Play. Ran back to the corner. Flag found a player that was onside and he delivered. What would what would go on to be a game winning goal to send Liverpool? To the Champions League. Final and eliminate Leo Messi in heartbreaking fashion for the second straight year Barcelona has lost in this sort of huge meltdown fashion. In fact, Liverpool's keeper was Roma's keeper last year, and that was the same team to do it. And that was a team to do it to persona last year. He quick pitched him. It was Bush league. The Barcelona players were on that were on the field raising their arms that wasn't that wasn't exactly fair. Maybe the greatest comeback of all time when it happens like a week later separate gays hold on a second was Chris literally counting the seconds until soccer talk stopped. That's right. The time. I just didn't know if I hurt him. Right. I heard it from a corner of our universe. And I just wasn't sure that that's what had happened. So I was asking for myself and for the audience laugh it up the world's biggest game. It is weird. What's happening around here where Mike is very lonely when it comes to soccer fan, and it's exactly what's happening all over America. But more and more what people aren't realizing is that young people are actually now in this country gravitating towards soccer, but still got been saying for fifteen years soccer is dead. And I've been hearing that it's the sport of the future all my life. I mean, I like soccer too. But you said sixty seconds. So. That's where you said. That's where you felt the need to apply very stringent role. I've been here in this the eighties. It is true, Mike. I mean since the. Since the New York cosmos was going to bring us back through loving soccer in the nineteen seventies and eighty but isn't it kind of true? Are we closer than ever right now? It's being taken outside of this pseudo. It's being taken more celery. The problem is we've been closer than ever seventeen thousand times in nineteen eighty one problem figure out why everybody's cheering for fourth goal. And if four nothing game than it hasn't caught on yet. But the people in the sport do know that love that graphic. People the problem just a little bit of research. Not the most the if you watch with the sound on they'll tell you as it's going on. I don't wanna have to research by sports. I mean just turned it on it comes naturally to me. That's all you know, it's represented by graphic you guys just like just a little work just by turning on television. You can catch on rather quickly to what's going. So at team could have won two to nothing yesterday and loss and been eliminated because they lost the game. The first match three zero. Guys. Hard gets a home game. And you decide who's best. Well outs was saying earlier in the show. He was saying the best thing in sports is the two words game six and a half. We're all confused where all confused by something. That's not that confusing. But America's troubles with math or well documented people just hate math. And so they're like don't even give me four is greater than three don't want. It don't wanna think about it. That's the case. Can you imagine basketball in aggregate? Oh, God say, we're away points counts. As more though, God, oh with the away points. Got us more away. This is a total champions. You wonder why people to watch this thing? I mean, it's harder to score on the road. Why because it's harder to score. I don't know the home field advantage. It's real and soccer. There are some rules here. I could get behind like it's harder for bench players role players in the NBA to play on the road than it is home. So maybe you know, if they got four points to for each bucket, I could be down with that. That is not the same. Itself. It has more value. Hide. It only has value attached to it. If it's tied. All obviously, it goes totally get score. But. Say both teams after the word aggregate. I think that's the problem. Yeah. That's legs. Wait. So if the game's not tied, and then it becomes tied than the goals scored before the scoring changes to double goals for those like here here. So it was three zero headed into to the very beginning. Okay. Barcelona wins the first game three zero. They won that game at home zero wrote zero away goals for Liverpool. Right, right. So if Borsa loan scores away goal at Anfield yesterday, it's devastating for Liverpool's 'cause they sensually have the blank them. Because it's a I mean three goals. It's a lot to overcome. So they had to win for nothing yet. So at one point the game was three three it could have also been five ones. Yeah. At one point the game was three. Couldn't on to one because the double secrets act double goals goals scored. And then that's double point. Yeah. Well, they're saying they were saying because Barcelona came up Barscelona came very close to scoring pack. Many people thought that they had Lewis swore as many people thought that he had scored. And if that were the case Liverpool would have had to score five because at one point the game was tied three three with neither team scoring in a way goal. If it say that way after the ninety minutes, he would have gone the extra time. And if it was still tied would have gone to PK's, but it didn't have to because Liverpool scored a fourth home goal compared to just three. Total goals are scored during the two matches. He got me. Never fell further away that we have a lot of. Get to from yesterday. And today we will do that in a little bit. But we might as well get started because we don't have enough room one more chance. Okay. Today's he other semifinal between Tottenham and I ex. Okay. All right. So hold on who plays Tottenham Hotspur team based at London is part two or part one of the game. This is this is the second leg of the other semifinal for the winner plays Liverpool in the Champions League final Madrid. But this is part one of this semi fine. This is the second leg port one. I x one at Tottenham one zero with underway goal. If Tottenham wins this game one zero in IX. What does that mean? Goes extra time. That's right. We go to PK that road goal. Have a road goal in this scenario. See what if one place is harder to play that another how much the road PK's count. As like, I feel I feel like a basket of Cameron indoor should count more than a basket. Then, you know, at Saint John crazy once you get to be the whole home away thing goes out the win. So right time. Where do they play the extra? Always says soom zoom and boom, boom. I've never seen. Chris Cody that shade of red. He was enraged. I have a real question. So the team that has hope field advantage gets game number two. Because then if they go to extra time, then the extra time is in that home higher seeded team gets the second home game. Okay. Yeah. Don't get sucked into it. Chris. Little twelve everyone whole actually think that's a random draw. Oh, I don't even know you're in the know. And you don't know why don't they just randomly draw the winner and save everybody. Thank you. Well, they randomly draw the match ups, and it's actually a huge event. Can you imagine at the NBA playoffs were just randomly like selecting bowls with names the groping them. And oh, no the warriors play the bucks in the first round totally random. Donlevatar d- if it's three percent on one hundred million dollars. That's that's three hundred three hundred thousand dollars on one hundred and twenty it's three sixty school. Gots three percent of one hundred million is three millions to God's of. I bet these live at our show with his two guys on ESPN radio. I just saw this Liverpool corn pickle, that's Bushley. It really is. It doesn't look like the most like sportsmanlike thing to do. It was a hell of a pass. But I was I was willing to buy it. In fact, I even missed the final goal because when the guy left the corner flag, I was like, okay, he's not taking it. So I have like twelve seconds to check my phone here. I've watched a couple times. And I think what happened was this the referees in soccer also confused, and they didn't want the world to know that the referees of the sport. Don't know what the hell's going on here. So they just allowed it connects you question if you have a three nothing lead, and you have to protect that lead. Are you allowed to are you permitted to put as? Many people in goal as possible. You can put a wall of goalies. While not goal is only one can use their hands. Please stop saying soccer's dead. Keep all of your soccer analysis to your to buzz up idea part the poss about the head park the boss you get with. That means you're part, the buzz in the net at lebatardshow on Instagram and Twitter. I mean, your flag of ignorance, you're only soccer take for fifteen years at the height of difference has been that one. It's just soccer's. I've been right for a decade and a half. But this is a great thing about to even though he doesn't know the sport. He's still looking to blame the coach and get them fired and the refs and the reds terrible job. If you had an offensive strategy up three nothing, and you just had to you know, wouldn't game to the win. It just don't lose by more than three goals. That is a terrible. Everyone needs to be blind. Are you of the opinion? Do you believe that if they put eleven people in the goal and only one of them can use their hands, and they weren't doing anything else. That that game would be like a hundred did nothing you realize pelting. Josie marinas won several trophies with that exact same strategy you need to tell them which is your goalie because they can't win the sweater. That's right. It's a Christmas sweater. That's right. Just doing that. And hoping one for one attacks. At lebatardshow, Instagram and Twitter. What do we have on? The poles today felt like we had a lot of them. The Twitter Paul's brought to you by Dollar Shave Club dollarshaveclub delivers the product. You used aloke field smell your best right to your door, plus with their hands and discount. The more you buy the more you save dollarshaveclub dot com slash, Dan. Very special offer is the demolition of Lockhart stadium. The most pathetic ceremony in the history of ceremonies ninety six percent of the audience said, yes, the stages so small the stages five people that huddled on it like rats on the under sinking ship. Jack on him. When there's only six people the one doesn't have to be that aggressive. You could just say one. Is finding three peanuts in show one of the most magical things that happen in the world. Eighty percent of the audience said, yes. Is game six and a half the greatest thing in sports. Sixty two percent of the audience said, yes. Is the key to life a small group of friends? Eighty three percent of the audience said, yes. Which the us more often a dog in the fight horse in the race? Sixty three percent of the audience at a dog in the fight. Do we need to get back to the quarterback wearing a headband? Eighty four percent of the audience said, yes. As the no hitter. Stop battering. Sixty four percent of the audience. And yes, Mike. Mike.

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