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Indianapolis Motor Speedway - The Brickyard


This is the final weekly suturing the latest fast car racing news driver interviews race preview opinions discussion russian rumors and more now. Here's carrie murphy totally crispy. Just a comelec is talking racer. In the final. Ap weekly is on you found the place where we talk about all things nascar my name's kerry murphy longtime nascar media member and syndicated radio host of all things the final app are our co host for the show is toby christie nascar editor from the final half dot com and social media director from all things at the final lap. Toby is not with us today. He's on special assignment but you do right. There can check out all of his stuff is <hes> an avid writer and <hes> and nascar insider as his website toby christie dot com <hes> <hes> the folks in nascar go to toby christie dot com now to find out the latest. 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That's how long we've been doing this show and giving you all the latest in the world of nascar and getting you ready for for races and rumors and so many driver interviews. I can't even count at this point. Oh by the way i'm going to be going to las vegas in just a week or so so <hes> gonna be stockpiling a bunch of of <hes> driver interviews there. I've got a bunch lined up already so <hes> look for for driver interviews coming your way in in in the coming weeks so anyway subscribe to the podcast on your favorite <hes> directory. It doesn't cost anything and wire. They're giving us a five star review if that platform supports that i know that they don't all support that but a lot of them do and if if you can give us a review even better we like good reviews. That's for sure so so check that out and that's that's italian. How podcasting works we're on apple. Podcasts run spotify lots of folks listening to us on spotify now and it's super easy because what's nice about is you're listening to music. You've got your playlists. You're all set. Oh i feel like a podcast. In fact i feel like listening to toby and then kerry the final weekly in fact so <hes> you could do all that now now on spotify and apple podcast google play <hes> stitcher iheartradio there. We're everywhere go. Check that out and today we're gonna talk talk about the darlington as well as indianapolis motor speedway this coming weekend <hes> the entire season is coming down to this weekend. It's it's gonna be exciting. You know indianapolis is is prestigious in its own right and when they had the the the race during the regular season it's still in the regular season but now it's got a lot more meaning meaning we always talked about the prestige and the history and all that stuff and sometimes the race fell flat now you've got all that stuff the prestige asian and everything that goes along with indianapolis motor speedway and and the history and all that stuff and now they've added another layer another layer to the racing that you know it's playoff playoff time you you gotta go for the win if you don't have one and you got to maintain your points if you're you're right there on the bubble we'll talk about all that later on in the program so lots lots going on in the world of nascar racing but to last week and darlington speedway darlington south carolina the track too tough to tame the lady in black black and home of three wide racing. Did you see that how exciting was that race. So cool you know in in pass races that the history history of that particular track it was up on the wall and that's your groove single file. You gotta run next to the wall. You gotta do it. Kyle larson style this year. It seemed to be <hes> passing all over the race track so a very delayed start because of the rain i mean it was it was coming down. It didn't look like this race was gonna go go at all <hes> but it did <hes> late sunday evening into monday morning as when the checkered flag finally flew so a double day of racing <hes> so that's that's pretty cool. Fans stayed packed house. Lots of lots of fans actually decent t._v. Ratings are checking this. I don't know if you if you caught this but the tv ratings for nascar <unk> have steadily been climbing which is pretty awesome to see. We've we've seen a decline in recent years and it's nice to see that it's going back up and and folks are getting excited cited. I'm i'm sure you're excited about it. I'm excited about it. It's it's good for the sport. That's for sure saw incredible racing like we said three wide at some points <hes> some drivers mad at each other. We'll we'll talk about all that stuff and others. You know <hes> it's just the way it goes. I guess darlington paint schemes the one that stood out to me especially under the lights for for me it was pole-sitter william byron that days of thunder a paint scheme just really really look good under the lights at darlington especially and <hes> just brought back good memories regardless of its from a movie or not but i'm sure unlike cole trickle. I'm pretty sure william byron probably italy used fourth year. I didn't need to drop the hammer driving around in third gear the entire race and all of a sudden. I'm going to drop the hammer. No you're not. I got to kind of talk to myself here because i got no toby toby toby to to bounce stuff off of so that's my pick of favorite paint scheme from darlington raceway. Let's run down the top ten shall we here's how the top ten ran at darlington raceway the lady in black the track too tough to tame ten to one austin dillon there at number ten then you've got to paul menard mad to benedetto yet another solid run a top ten for matt. Somebody needs to give him a job. I mean what what is is it gonna take give him a solid ride and and let him showcases skills that it really needs to happen. Kurt busch their ad number seven clinton boyer all tony stewart paint. It's kim. I forgot about that one his championship year the red and black off so cool very cool to see <hes> clint boyer there at number six brad keselowski at number five kevin harvick eric four kyle busch what a night he had <hes> started in the back of the pack handed knife his way through the entire field actually wanna stage <hes> he ends up third on on the night and then you've got to kyle larson. You know we mentioned that running. The high line at the wall at darlington arlington is is kind of the kind of kyle larson thing and sure enough theory. There is a number two so <hes> that's your top nine. Let's head to victory lane now. Likely matching watch a nascar cup series action from the track tough to tame darlington and wouldn't you know it. He's been knocking on the door all year kind of needed a win to maybe sort of save his job job also wanted to get into the playoffs because if you win you're in and eric jones gets it done southern five hundred victory in his one hundredth cup series start he led seventy nine laps holding off kyle larson on his way to victory lane also holding off his teammate there kyle busch until bush pounded the wall hit it hard to so let's hear from eric jones about his race at darlington southern five hundred relate this place a lot to place called winchester syrup in indiana in a place called berlin up in michigan in two different tracks and a lot of ways but berlin was really tough on tires and winchester iran real similar line. They're actually what i run here. Most of that's all i run a real low lying around here which is a little off. I guess for most but you know it works pretty good for <hes> for myself and kind of learned that a winchester racing late models and this is the one track coir few like my short tracks stuff really transfers over and as far as saving tires and managing your stuff and that's what makes fun. I've always been a fan of darlington and i think my maybe my age help with the factory finished two a._m. More than anything you know this is about a dime. You know waking up. I feel good right now. So now it's awesome man i mean the southern five hundred is one that on my bucket list of races win. My career feels good to get one. This early. Jones talks about racing as teammate kyle busch. I guess even up now you know i think if i could go back and run in that race again probably give them a little bit better fight but you know it takes a lot to race with colorado. He's really smart. He's really good and and he's in his prime man. He's he was in his twenties and now he's matured into his thirties and he's he's one of the guys out there. If not the best guy and it takes a lot to beat him especially when you're in the same equipment so it's never easy to race with kyle and he puts up a fight every week and it was definitely a lot of pressure within redenominate there for the last forty laps or so i guess and just trying china look ahead and not really focused on but it does feel like i forgot one a little bit back from anywhere kind of even on that now and how special was it to win on his is one hundredth cup series start. Here's eric jones i dunno. It's kind of odd right. I've never been big on numbers in some ways but hundred starts pretty cool cool to be a serious rat long now. It doesn't feel along but i guess one hundred lots so kind of weird situation iheart star throwback to myself. I guess some people didn't really appreciate that much but i thought it was cool. So whatever and i guess it worked out so i mean it's really cool for me to see that car in victory to re-lane especially in a cup race. I picked out the scheme for that car when i was thirteen years old. I we got a late model. This is how i wanted to look. We want you you know. I like black and red and i want it to look like that and cup car is pretty special into victory lane right at darlington and the southern five hundred. That's a pretty cool moment so things work out like that sometimes in life and it's just one of those things happen to be right one of the keys for jones heading victory lane and running up front these days his patients as far as the patients goes. I mean you live and learn in bristol was was a big lesson for me as far as just being patient. It's it's hard to look. Look back on it because it's like i had a car that could win we had by far. I thought the fastest car day especially in the long run we really excelled pass lap thirty and and i was pushing hard to keep the lead and bristol right that doesn't really matter. I just wanted to keep ahead and have a easier run to the end. You know darlington here. Today mattered a little bit more but you gotta pick and choose your battles and the one with larsen there was one. I felt like it was necessary to pick. I felt like i got behind him. I don't think we win the race so i think we run multitude of things air stuffed pass. This package is really tough to pass with here. I felt like tonight was a really big struggle as far as the package itself and making our way forward we've made some passes on the very long rounds in the race that we had in some on pit road and we're able to position ourselves up front but i knew if we got behind him i mean he was just fast enough. He would have been able to defend you know he's. He's good enough driver. He's going to defend the same way. I did him in kyle right. He's just going to start running wherever i run and so that's the part where i feel like it'd be aggressive and then when we got up front hang out you know that gap it'd be patient. He worked hard. You try to be aggressive. There and you know that's an opportunity to gap those guys and hope they catch them in a bad spot but i don't think i'd never even ran the wall until tend to go. I mean i brush with four to go. Maybe so i never even pushed it to that extent until it was absolutely i felt like necessary to go up there and at least start to feel it out and get an idea idea of what i was going to have to do to hold kyle off okay now. It's time to hear from his crew chief chris gayle. He's going to break things down crew chief style for sure speaks to the strength of organization you know from speaking for the two thousand eighteen we we want to go in with a win and that's the big thing. I think that's what it feels. So good to me right. Now is to not have two points are way obviously we sit around and watch the other three guys winning four races and wanted to be a part of that and it's been up and down year where various things have kept us from reaching our potential but i think if you look over the last eight to ten weeks. There's only been a couple of races that we haven't been in contention to get that win every week and we we've been talking about that. You know that's just what we focus on doing that every week and we're gonna we're gonna get those winds and more gonna come okay one more from crew chief chris gayle who <hes> we we mentioned that that eric <hes> thinks he's becoming more patient of a driver apparently so does this crew chief so that's a good thing there on the on the same page. Their chemistry is good in nascar paul. I guess i would say that he was somewhat calm. I would say that eric would tell you if there's anything he's probably guilty of doing early in his career is probably pushing to certain times and i think that was one tonight was an example of how he said all his experience over the last three years. That's what i saw. I saw all of that experience together. I saw him not pushed too hard and get himself in trouble worked delap traffic and get through the lap traffic vic really clean those type of things that maybe he would have gotten himself in trouble for sure two years ago but maybe a year ago depending on the situation so i think it's tough to have those was two guys breathing down your throat laps. There's nobody tougher than those guys especially here so it's crazy how good of a job he's done being patient keeping that thing up front and not overdriving not getting into the wall. I mean pretty much colorado all trying to trying to catch us pretty much. You know okay so it's eric's first win of the season launching his team ended the playoffs and second career. Cup series wins so solid to see him. They're running up front and notching that win and we knew he was going to do it right. I mean you kind of figured he's been running all year long. You kind of figure that was going to happen so <hes> very cool to see eric jones there. We mentioned kabua's running third pounding. The wall was after <hes> you know knifing through the field starting in the back i mean he had an eventful night. Let's be honest but how good is kyle busch to be able to do that. I mean we mocked al bush a lot on this program but he's got some skills. I'm going to be honest. He's got some skills to be able to do stuff like that. <hes> at almost every race track that we see so <hes> very cool to see that kyle does lead the point standings by sixty four over joy llegado so <hes> like we mentioned indianapolis is up next joey logano other stories on the day now joey logano using some colorful language to describe a one chase elliott after a run in on the race track calling him a kid by the way. I don't know that's kind of weird from joy. Llegado still kind of young i know he's been in the sport forever but calling another driver a kid. Who's you know pretty popular. I think you like chase elliott don't you i like him. He's he's a good guy. <hes> how about jimmy johnson man. He looked really strong throughout this race. I mean really strong. It was very cool to see showing some signs of life for the forty eight team but wouldn't you know it bad luck. Bid again getting caught up in that that big wreck involving evolving denny hamlin william byron. I think michael mcdowell's involved. He hit the wall a ton <hes> but jimmy johnson showing signs of life. Can he do it this weekend. He's he's eighteen team points out so he makes up those eighteen points and gets himself in that way which seems difficult to to be honest <hes> or you. Cannot you win at a track that he's you know one at indianapolis the brick yard you know jimmy. Jimmy knows how to play around there so i guess we'll see if he'll be able to do that but man showing signs of life i find wouldn't it be a shame if he gets on a roll and he he doesn't make the playoffs and then wins a couple in the playoffs. I guess it could play spoiler. That's probably a good thing right. Ryan newman got spun by daniels wars. These two battling head to head in the point standings they are right there <hes> and daniel spinning the the six six of ryan newman ryan coming on the radio and said did he knocked the air off may or did he hit me. <hes> spider came on and said he he hit you. That's all i need to know the forty one and has got one coming so does that mean matt. Benedetto has has one come into ryan newman from a few weeks back <hes>. I'm just saying dan. I'm just saying those things. You've got to think about <hes> here in the coming weeks and indianapolis motor speedway on tap next like i said <hes> this is this. This is going to be huge so we're gonna. We're gonna chat about that up next right here. On the final lap weekly mike us at facebook dot com slash the final lap like us. This is the final lap weekly on final lap with us. Today is matt di benedetto eto coming up at amazing weekend at bristol motor speedway. Welcome to the program once again. Thanks for having me all right. <hes> few days of past things have settled down <hes> take us through those closing laps. They must have been thrilling for you. I am so sad afterward not be able to get my guys that victory lane but <hes> oh man it was crazy. We had such a good car. We worked. I you know and my crew chief wheels. We are you know working on it and getting it better throughout the night and then win unaccounted we i mean mail that he made the perfect adjustment and if fired off like a rocket there at the end and and we were able to drive from fourth and grabbed the lead lead and then <hes> you know got up there and and held it off and then <hes> i thought was coming down the closing laps you know danny was obviously he was fast <hes> but we were you know we could you know when i got some clear racetrack. We could match my laptop and i'm like okay. I think we're all right and we maintained around a second leap for for a while. There and i'm like guard i think we're we're good and then <hes> i was catching newman to lap him and i knew that was gonna be a tough obstacle to overcome and i knew i could get by him. Quick back <hes> that that would put him in between me and denny and and there was clear racetrack out there in front of him so i knew like all right if i get in front of him where we're home clear and the steel <hes> <hes> we got it <hes> and then obviously <hes> you know there was contact there when i got to the outside stuff me and that that cost us the shot so stunk dunk put you know it's just a start racing and everything has to go your way for free to get the win. That's for sure that's for sure why is newman so hard to pass. Why is he so stubborn. The races and i watched him since i was a kid. You know everybody's always known that about new at. He's just one of those guys that he doesn't discriminate so he does it to everybody. Races just <hes> really hard and racing hard is <hes> you know that's that's racing <hes> so it's not like you complain about is just <hes> <hes> you know everybody has their different outlooks on situations situations like that i try and <hes> you know if the reverse situation i try and just be courteous about dictate tate the outcome of a race and i try and gain respective everybody that i'm racing around because when it is the flip situation you know then you know that that they can a pay you back and paid dividends for earning respect of others and that's how i try and do it just doesn't have that outlook and that's just how he's always been in that <hes> you know nothing i can complain about. It's just <hes> you know. Everybody has their different theories and outlooks on how to race all right so nothing personal. I guess hey you you went ahead and did the upstanding thing and visited victory elaine <hes> with denny hamlin there. How'd that go does awesome dinnie the i've i've told people as i don't know if anyone could possibly ever understand how how genuinely good of a person that danny is see. He's <hes> he actually sponsored by race car when i drove for go fast racing thirty two you a couple of years ago and got because he did that. It's spread the word <hes> reaching out to corporate america because we were unsponsored <hes> and for race and approach actually throws a curve ball and sponsored our car and it created a crazy story and we got a primary sponsor out of it. I think a poker at the time for six audience's <hes> and that <hes> and that was that was big for our race team and for those guys and that's the kind of person that danny is i and when i went up there to victory lane that's the memory that all field remember for the rest of my life and he's somebody i have so much respect for i went up there and talk to him and and you could just tell how <hes> you know how emotional he was too 'cause he was rooting for me at the same time as racing that was that was crazy just just a neat situation and <hes> you know i saw and he was almost apologizing for winning and i'm like dude you on the race you just do it so <hes> it's awesome and and <hes> so i just told him you know how appreciative i am for everything he's done and it was just gets really really kind words for for me and that was really cool and and emotional and that's just <hes> you know an an interview to talk so much about us than me and i'm like hey man he won the race either <hes> what kind of a selfless person he said as much on t._v. I mean he of all people beat. He didn't wanna have to beat you so it's really a genuine when <hes> moment for both of you guys. Did you feel the collective. Just everybody rooting for you. I think even media members were were rooting for you. The fans fans in the stands on t._v. I mean it was just i mean. Everybody wanted you to win yeah. That was what <hes> that was. What was so we most you know about it all was is that <hes> obviously it was a tough week. <hes> you know getting the news. I won't be able to return to a really tough on me my family and my wife <hes> yeah but you know that <hes> and you know nothing of the team's doing about levinas wife sharon are such good people as loved working with our team and i think they've loved working with me as well but just because of the circumstances you know and financially <hes> it's the reason that nothing nothing more that so they're great the people on the opportunities then amazing but <hes> yeah so when that all happened you know the tough week but i went out there and we just you know being the whole team. Everybody just dug deeper deep our pit crew. I mean holy cow kicked butt the whole weekend. There was amazing <hes> but i <hes> yeah we just dug deep and did our normal thing went out there and perform. That's what made it so cool. Ooh i think everyone just embraced in the story and the support afterwards is what kind of broke me down you know. I was trying to hold it together because the interesting tougher week <hes> but everybody just screaming for us to see and feel how many people were pulling for us is where i couldn't even hardly talk and get words out and that's where the emotion came came from. You almost called your shot to in the driver. Introductions you know you're wearing the boxing gloves and the cape and everything i mean that that set the stage for the evening. I think it it's funny sitting asking those tough week. I was like man that driver insurers. I think the the rocky thing would be perfect to underdog story and it's it's <hes> it's good i like. I like to have more meaning than just coming out to a song and so i was like all right. This is <hes> this is perfect so came out and it's just a neat story and then finishing the night off that really you know really captured the story type insurance fun and it was cool. People enjoyed that all right. I'm gonna throw some stats achy. She led the daytona five hundred. You just let a bunch of laps at bristol. You even lead talladega this year. You have an eleven point seven average finish finishing in the last nine nine races. That's a quarter of the season <hes> and my best seinfeld voice at one is a guy have to do. That's it. That's the performance who's been cool. It's been everybody just working together really well. We've all mashed <hes> and and <hes> it's it's all the the team wheels mike wheeler micro cheap pizza he's done. It's such a good job at the shop because we're a standalone team you know or not <hes> you know we don't have all the information jobs racing to take the race cars that we get and and <hes> you don't make the make the most of all their information into it so that just shows how good they are at are lucky to be on driving work with them and we all you you know make the most of it together but as far as my situation you know it's <hes> that's all i can do is trying to keep on performing and hope that that overcomes all the obstacles of the the sport and the financial situation of the you know the team the costs a ton of money burke teams to operate which <hes> there's a lot of change. That's going to be happening in the next couple of years but but i'm just kind of stuck in the middle of that that obstacle so i'm hoping that still through <hes> through all that <hes> my performance and dedication to <hes> to winning and wanting to win the cup series and what's going to prevail for sure for sure now they said on the broadcast that you were driving a previous generation j._j. Our car and you're going toe to toe with their best of the best. I man you had to really raise your game but yeah you know it's <hes> it just <hes> we do get obviously great race cars and i said you know some. I'm good racing but yeah of course we're on the a program per. Se i guess you call her on the you know the b. program which is more affordable for for you know us says the team <hes> to be riding also at the same time. We get good quality scott so it works out perfect. It's beneficial for both <hes> so yeah we do get what might be slightly behind the race car compared to what they're you know racing <hes> but it it more so this shows again. You know how how good are guys because mike wheeler my crew chief. He's been <hes> you know. He's it's been a tubes racing for so many years and so he knows you know they're processing their race cars e._s. Knowledge he's been around a long time. He's a racer and our engineers <hes> oh so interesting how to work together and take that race car and be self sufficient and make the most of what we have in our car chief and everybody to find tune on that thing and make the most speed of it because because <hes> i need to go toe to toe with those guys are the single car team and and you know really do that so that it truly is the single car team and operation and that just shows the power of the people that have you're only as good as the people around you always said that mchugh deliever in that and that's what shows for sir for ron with matt benedetto a couple more question for you <hes> looking ahead at the rest of the schedule for the season any tracks catch your eye that you might have the best chance out yeah i mean i really wanted to get in this weekend because that was a big one way at circle off and to try and sneak in the playoffs here before the the cutoff so that was another big part of the disappointment but <hes> aside from that i would say darlington coming up is <hes> you know better track so the ones we have to seem the circle off <hes> where we can make a bigger. You're different than team are the ones <hes> <hes> this year or having a let off the gas and use the brake pedal and you know drive with my feet is basically how i say we we as a team could make a bigger difference with what we have and run better so <hes> the tracks with the five fifty horsepower the bigger racetracks <hes> any with just high downforce package is made it harder on us. <hes> you know some of the mild has some that's bright think darlington is worn out <hes> to where we will have some of that after all the time and we will eat that handling and stuff to come into play. Where <hes> we you know we could have a shot there. Hopefully <hes> of course the role will is is a great one because you definitely driving with your feet there and then yeah and then <hes> martinsville other good one but you know the main priority right now is darlington. I'd love to sneak our way into into the <hes> the playoffs and hate we missed that shot this weekend but <hes> those basically the ones where we get the driver feeding up gas our strong suit the ones the darn near wide open all the way around and i it makes it tougher for your driving ability and your team's ability to really show what we have and you're not taking this weekend off either right yeah exactly that's gonna be fun being road courses and driving with wheat drive eighteen. I k nine supra for <hes> <hes> for dougans racing which is gonna cost road america's one of my favorite racetracks i've ever been to in my tire life so they just recently asked me if i'd be able to to hop in <hes> and filling and drive that thing and of course before they finish their sentence i said yes so that's a good way to spend my off. We can do in some race grier place there. You go absolutely well. I'm sure that you opened a lot of is this past weekend. <hes> you definitely <hes> made a an even bigger name for yourself and i really appreciate <hes> you taking the time here on the final lap and good luck this weekend and of course at darlington matt to benedetto. Thanks very much for being on the program. Absolutely thanks for having me like us at facebook. Dot com slash the final lap. The final lap weekly is back. Here's your host kerry murphy toby christie just a couple of guys talking race and and welcome back to the final have weekly. My name is kerry murphy mo longtime nascar media member and syndicated radio host of all things the final lap doing the show solo follow today toby christiaan super special wait. Hey toby. Hey what's what's going on. Where have you been nice of you to join us. I had to do everything myself. Well i mean. I figured it would be good to give you some practice. That's what it is. I figured you needed it so all right well. I can take the rest of the show off now. I think you would be a new bill about that wouldn't you. I was working hard. They're in segment one when don't you you're the hardest working man and radio that's true but it is a little weird. You know kinda talking to myself or talking to the listener one on one that's great and all but still kind of weird sitting in studio talking by myself. Yeah i mean. I don't think i've ever done a show by myself so i think that would be kind of weird. You should should try it. Maybe i'll go on special assignment next week there you go. We'll have to check it out and see what the i'm going to vegas. So does that count <hes> yeah. I think it does actually. I think we'll we'll knockout. Knockout the show before then but yeah all right so there you go there. You have it toby christie back on the program nascar editor from the final app dot com social media director from all things at the final app it of course we talked about it at length in segment one there toby christie dot com mr nascar insider even the nascar people are now going to your website site yeah so that's <hes> that's always fun. When you hear people talk about going to your website <hes> as much as people do so. That's it makes me feel good. Let's get into <hes> this weekend. It's it's kinda. Big the guy here <hes> yeah just a little bit. I mean you normally have the prestige you normally have the history that goes along with brickyard but now there's another added layer to that. Yes a added layer of the onion this is this is the the playoff. Will it all here. The regular season ends here in the playoffs begin after afternoon appaluse. That'll be a fun twist. I think they needed it because we built it up year after year after year. Oh it's about the history it's about the prestige d._j. And then the race fell flat yeah yeah no. I totally agree now. It's like well. They're they gotta get done. I mean somebody could win this thing and propel themselves into the playoffs. Yeah i mean you're looking at guys like jimmy. Johnson heck even chris butchers on a pretty good tara. All of a sudden you have one of these guys sneaks up and in and takes it and and this throws things way off if that happened so <hes> a lot to a lot to raise for here in indianapolis this week one team team that you might want to keep an eye on joe gibbs racing. They've won three of nascar's biggest races in twenty nineteen. <hes> kicking the season off with denny hamlin at the daytona five hundred mark insurance tricks junior then took checkers at the coke six hundred charlotte and then of course <hes> last weekend eric jones winning the southern five hundred at darlington so <hes> <hes> this weekend indianapolis motor speedway one of the most prestigious race tracks in all the world. I have a feeling we could see j._r. Car run very strong. There are maybe and with a number eighteen on it possibly no way yeah. He's known to run strong in two years in a row. He did <hes> one of those years being the year. He won the championship so <hes> he he's definitely always stout when we go to when we go to indianapolis there's something about actually indianapolis drivers that win there air and eventually win the cup. It's th there's a stat in there somewhere yeah a lot of times. The person who wins the brickyard ends up either going to win the championship or pretty close and i be you know even with the current playoff format as hard as it is to predict things and how much it all rests on homestead i. I still have a pretty good reason to believe if you do well at the brickyard. You've got a pretty good shot making the final four homestead and now it's even closer to that final four because you know the brickyard. They moved it. Yeah yeah so it's it's closer to the final product. You're gonna be seeing on the track in homestead so there's not much time to improve your your piece for all these teams as we get closer to the playoffs offs what i love about. This race track is. There's not a single one out there. That's like it. It's a rectangle yeah. It's it's interesting. You've got four four ninety degree turns basically to get through and it's <hes> it's a hard one. <hes> in each one drives a little bit differently. You think oh yeah that's a perfect rectangle. It's not a- and <hes> you know it's it's a crew chief nightmare as far as setting the car up because <hes> any little wiggle there's not much room and those turns and coming off the turns and you make one little mistake and you're in the wall and your day's done so playoff time we've got sixteen drivers that are currently in <hes> and then we've got some bubble guys even even the guys inside the top sixteen. A couple of them are are not safe. That's for sure. Let's run him down. Kyle busch is the point slater bunch of wins under his belt yep and he also clinched regular season championship ship this past week as well and like i discussed segment one holy cow <hes> had to come through the from the back of the pack. He won stages. I mean he was just amazing. They it changed everything on that car before the race because he was unhappy after qualifying for good reason i mean the motor permits expired during qualifying knew something was wrong with it <hes> but they've changed engine transmission all sorts of stuff and paid off with a good run and man he just that was that was a a fun to watch. He's got the lead by sixty four point so that's why he took home the championship a little bit early there <hes> for the regular season anyway <hes> joyless donald. They're in second with the sixty four back then. You got to denny hamlin another j._j. Our car uh-huh four wins the season kevin harvick a couple of wins martin's junior four wins but we haven't seen much from him lately yeah. He's been coming in bursts so oh he was awful. Start the season has four race winning margin there and like six race period wow he's he's backhand cold perm. They figured it out and now here we are in. It looks like they're out to lunch again. <hes> i mean they're still competing well. It's just not getting the winds that were accustomed to so. It'll be interesting to see if they snap back out of it wants to play off start. Then brad kazlauskas got three wins as well defending race winner for this thing actually yeah and he was also defending race winner darlington as well so <hes> he was pretty good in this little stretch of the season last year i think he had three straight wins <hes> at this point last year so this is a we'll see how he does this weekend. Kurt busch number seven evan <hes> and he has a win as well yeah. Did you bring up the monster news in the first segment. I didn't this is kind of the new segment so you can go ahead and mention it right so it looks like monsters was looking to double down their sponsorship money for kurt busch and the number one car next season so it looks like <hes> even though it hasn't been officially announce jet that kurt busch should be back for another season season the number one <hes> chip ganassi racing car <hes> and that <hes> reports coming from sports business journal's. I am stern so that looks pretty solid. He's usually on it when he reports something. Something does that literally mean. They're gonna pay them double. The money will yeah because what they have right. Now is a five million dollar contract. They're looking at ten million <hes> since they're not doing the series series title ship sponsor next season for the cup series which frees up some money for them and they'd like to spend it on the number one car which will give them double the races <hes> with the <hes> primary sponsorship all right chase elliott's of joy lugano's favorite driver there at number eight yeah man they were man. That's kinda weird. I wouldn't see that being a feud going into things like i would have never predicted that at all calling him a kid. That's kind of weird when a guy who's like twenty eight. Call somebody a kid right. That's it caught me off guard. It's pretty funny anyway. <hes> chase elliott's got a couple of wins under his belt so now at kyle larson land here he. He's the only driver on the list so far without a win yeah man. That's kinda weird isn't it. It's very weird. I mean he's been running solidly enough to be here <hes> in championship edberg playoff land but <hes> still no win still no win but <hes> he did have the the win in the all star race which is awesome but yeah. He's been very close. I think he's had what nine second-place finishes since his last win. I was counting four hundred seventy but yeah pretty close some alien numbers. Don't <hes> you know they don't jive reclose now. They don't jive usually so ryan. Blaney also no-win which is kind of weird but is there at number ten yeah i would've expected a win in order to for blaming this point his his team. Penske teammates got quite a bit done early in the season. <hes> of course they haven't had quite the same speed the second and half of the year but you still would have expected something but he's had some really bad luck and a lot of races this season so i think you should happen to be working his way into the playoffs at this point eric jones does have a win. He's at number twelve and you've got to william byron and eric merola thirteenth and fourteenth. Now these guys i think are the bubble drivers. Clint boyer is only eight points inside i i he's going to be he's gonna be chewing on his fingernails. Yeah this is not where you want to be. <hes> no especially for clint boyer. He's had so much go wrong this season when it looks like he's safe and it looks like he's built himself a little bit of a cushion <hes> something happens disaster strikes every single time it seems so oh at a track like indianapolis for any kind of miscue pretty much puts you out for the day i would not feel very comfortable going into this one with just a <hes> or is is it <hes> eight point lead yeah i wouldn't. I wouldn't feel comfortable with that at all. Then sixteenth and seventeenth are actually tied at zero points in or out and they actually made contact at bristol's sells. Well yes so <hes> if you ever had to put a rabbit out in front of ryan newman to go chase. I think that's finally happened here. Daniel suarez in the forty one car the the <hes> number six car will be hell bent on beating that forty-one car this weekend <hes> heads up and a new one had a little bit of scruff on this past week you see that i did yeah pretty weird yeah and of course you've got jimmy johnson who at eighteen points back of the top sixteen. I think he's it's win or forget it. I don't think so because i remember you've got stage points so if he finishes first or second and the first two stages and these other guys he's battling for that spot don't score for any stage points. He's already made up his deficit right there so i wouldn't call them. Dead points wise just yet. It's going to be very difficult and a lot has to go his way to make could happen but again. I you know i would not call him. Dead points wise just yet but a win would be the most <hes> advantageous for him to make get in the playoffs at this point and he ran strong darlington until he <hes> had some bad luck. I mean he was actually running well. He's been good the last couple of weeks. Actually he was fast at bristol's. Well orcas way through the field before the stenhouse thing happened in front of him or was it to austin. Dillon hoover was <hes> so it's just been a lot of bad luck and that's been kind of the theme for the season for jimmy johnson in the forty eight team <hes> i don't know what the deal is and what they have to do to to rectify the bad luck but <hes> man. It's just <hes> they they can't get out of their own way. It seems and out of the way of all the other people are sliding in front of them and slamming into them <hes> but he's definitely had a fast car recently so that that's encouraging especially when he goes to a place like indianapolis where he's been so good over the years all right running out of time here so we're not going to go through the entire history of indianapolis motor speedway but it did open in nineteen o nine just to give you an the idea of how long this place has been hosting races just just amazing the history there and the configuration really hasn't changed much. They changed the you know. They went from bricks to the pavement but other than that it's the same. It's pretty incredible. Isn't it first nascar race. There was <hes> in nineteen ninety-four. If you want to win a bet at the water cooler jeff gordon won that race wow oh yeah i remember that one. That was actually pretty cool. That was a big deal back. Then all it was that yeah that was that was forbidden land for nascar so for them to invade indianapolis it was it was huge and that whole year and a half or so leading up to it when they were doing the tire testing and the rumors they were gonna run race there that was that was big yeah definitely and now it's it's old hat. They've got their own traditions. They got their own stuff going on. Remember when formula one was running there and they wouldn't even let the the nascar guys in that garage now they've invaded to wild definitely so <hes> four holes of golf are right there in the enfield. It's just so much history. I love this racetrack race number twenty six of thirty six two and a half miles in length <hes> the banking is almost non-existent existent at nine degrees yeah. It's it's about as flat as it'll get and that's what really tests the <hes> the handling of these race cars you don't have any banking to help you get through any of these turns and with the straightway speed they carry. It's very hard <hes> to get all the way through these terms of course they're going to have a little bit easier time with it with new package because they're gonna have more downforce and less horsepower but you're still attorney. Incredible speeds going into these super tight turns and it's just it's a lot on the cars think about when this when this race track iraq was designed the cars were going like twenty or thirty miles an hour on wooden wheels for much. They said the drivers you were going to get nosebleeds going. Ah those speeds and now somehow miraculously. We're getting these big heavy stock cars with tiny little wheels compared to other racing series and they're getting around this place somehow yeah it's a it's miraculously i don't know and even up until recent years with the <hes> the fuel injection and stuff like that they were doing it with just standard standard five point seven liter car braided motors so -at's incredible <hes> they were getting so much horsepower and so much speed out of these things and <hes> just what they do with these these cups. Here's cars is incredible but <hes> it'll be interesting to see <hes> how how plays out sunday stages look like this one and two are fifty laps each with the final stage to the checkered flag <hes> barring any unforeseen green white checkered stuff sixty laps so one hundred sixty laps total four hundred miles last year's winner was brackets slavski and you can check out all the racing action from indianapolis motor speedway the brickyard sunday two pm eastern on n._b._c. they we we've been upgraded to n._b._c. really now n._b._c. e._s._p._n. That's correct yeah so okay there. You go drivers busting loose at the brickyard. You're not <hes> object to that. I was late so i'll i'll roll that all right. I begin with brad keselowski who won last year and that's only win at this track. Two top fives five top tens ends in average finish of a bunch of ones eleven point one one one. How about this a different way of going about a carrier drivers that are incredible at indy. That's not your job to to do the title fine you don't like mine. That's fine. We'll go back with. Here's the drivers busting loose at the brickyard. How about that. Thank you thank you. That's my that's my thing. Don't take away my my thing all right all right all right. How about kevin harvick. He has a win here. He's got six top fives twelve top tens two poles average finish ten point to ryan newman. Who's gonna <hes> unleashes fury the forty one car as a win three top fives five top ten's opole and average finish of fifteen eighteen point six remember rocket ryan newman yeah. Can you imagine what's going to happen if he ever does unleash his fury on somebody in this series. It's not going to be pretty no it's that he's probably one the status guys out there so <hes> it'll be interesting. Although daniel suarez did flip michael mcdowell <hes> in a in a little bit of a fight earlier this season's this might be a pretty interesting one. Oh oh yeah that's a good point at phoenix. I did that so that'd be fun. How bush we mentioned him earlier. He's got two wins here. They came consecutively five top fives eleven top tens two poles average finish of ten point seven and finally the guy who has to get it done and has the record to back it up. Jimmy johnson has four brickyard wins six six top five seven top ten poll and an average finish of fourteen point two coming up next. We've got mr writer there. He links the wall and not afraid ready to say it kyle larson on w. nice man dot com weekly getting you ready for this weekend's race my name's gary murphy. His name is toby. Christie calls entire program the final weekly so excited about this weekend indianapolis the brick yard nascar playoff implications. Oh so much excitement we begin with kyle larson. Who've for some reason added more to his busy schedule. He's racing go karts dirt and xfinity at cup all this week week. I think he's insane. Here's larson. I don't know there's no challenges really because it's <hes> let's see race wednesday and thursday. We're not even on track until saturday saturday. I don't think in the cop car so it's not it's not going to feel like double duty to me. I got a busy week coming up raise to go car out in california monday and tuesday the midget midget wednesday thursday and then you on track saturday and sunday with a cup car but it doesn't it won't feel like triple duty. I think or whatever you wanna call it but to having a day off having a day off would be nice in in you not being in a in multiple cars on the same day. We'll be relaxing so i enjoyed having gotten to do any double duty nascar stuff this year <hes> i did double duty on off week at plaza real with the midget in this car and that was fun fund hectic just because it's all happen in a few hours but next week will be fun and not too not too crazy what a crazy man and he's gonna talk about jimmy jimmy johnson's struggles. Why does he talk about jimmy. Struggles weird yeah it is. It's weird to to see you when you're watching something on me like that. <hes> you dominate you never expect to see them in this position and and being a winless for as long as he's been you know now how <hes> risk of not making the playoffs and having a chance to win the championship. Obviously you know i'm a huge jimmy johnson fan. I wanna see him. You either either run well these next two races due to get himself in a better points position or win. I'd i'd like to see him just win. Honestly just to ah shut everybody up but <hes> yeah it's crazy. It's crazy and i think it just shows you. How tough are sport. You'll gets gets how tough are drivers are how close the equipment is in. Honestly maybe how good a combination him in chad really worse so <hes> <hes> hopefully hopefully they can figure out and get some. Oh joe go in and finish up front where he belongs well. He actually wants to see jimmy. Duale which is weird because kyle doesn't have a win right. If jimmy does well he could knock him out. That is pretty weird. I don't know that is very odd. Here's more kyle l. Larsen and <hes> talks about when the right time it is for drivers to hang up his helmet. He's not necessarily referring to jimmy but other drivers in the dirt <hes> realm but he's talking talk about jimmy. Yeah i mean you see it. All the time i mean look at steve kinser greatest sprint car racer ever and you know to watch watch him go through his struggles. Last few seasons was honestly sad so <hes> yeah i mean it's hard to predict in probably hard to convince yourself that you know. Maybe maybe it's time to retire whenever it is that time but hopefully a long time from now whenever i have those thoughts in my head i choose the right time to where i'm still competitive. You know i. I would like to retire when i'm still competitive that way. You don't go through those those <hes> <hes> down moments i guess but i think it's just hard for anybody to figure out when that time is in you rather than than have other people convince you. I think you want to do it on your own terms to sell and you drivers are our egos are big too so you always believe that we can win so it doesn't matter how did you get or even after a string of one hundred races. You still think you can go out there and win so i think that's also probably makes it tough for some people to to know when the time is right. Checkered flag is flying on this show. This has been the final weekly catches next week right here when we were recap the racing acing from indianapolis motor speedway the brickyard and all the playoffs stuff and everything that goes along with that as well as preview las vegas motor speedway and the beginning of the and the beginning of the twenty nine thousand nine nascar playoffs toby you and i will chat next week. We will man and regret. That's a wrap on another final lap. Weekly is in the books. The final ap weekly is hosted by kerry murphy along with toby. Christie proudly syndicated by united stations radio networks in new york city city city executive producer kerry murphy kerry murphy sound designed by russell nash audio director dot audio. I'm tom mode. Some tom o. dot com. Thanks is listening and it's time now to run down our list of patriotic people patriot dot com slash final happy to like what we do and you wanna throw some cash as a tip tip everybody buddy these days you go to sandwich shop you gotta you know you've got the digital thing and you have to hit ten percent or twenty percent or whatever that it's kind of weird anyway. This is our tip jar so patriot tran- dot com slash the final lap toby with the list yeah so we've got a lot of awesome people who contribute to the show. How about our newest patron abe schmidt. He's here are the top elicits really awesome to have him on here. 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