The Latest Outrageous Policy Proposal Will Raise your Temperature (Ep 1222)


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan Bongino inside baseball for you today. About what's going on hopefully an update on Johnny Brennan to go anywhere to loaded show and I also want explained to you. Something beginning history is written by the victors. And that's going to matter. It'll explain what's been going on my show last week today so sponsored by express. Vpn Ladies and gentlemen spying on you online. I don't either stay. Anonymous Goto expressed VPN dot com slash Bongino. Welcome to the Dan. Bongino show producer. Joe How are you today? Hey Good morning. Dano ready to go ready to write good I could he? We had some technical difficulties. Show maybe a little bit later. I hope not but I can hear you. Which is good Joe? That is a good sign. Everybody's clogging up the Internet and the media because everybody's got a home studio now. We were ahead of the curve on all right big big show today. 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I wanted to add using JOE's favorite book. Ever I say that jokingly for you all this there's the black swans the author Nas Talib has a section of his. I'm pretty sure it's a black swan. I've read a few of them so I maybe off but it is definitely by Nestle Talla and he has his section where he talks about. How history the history of what happened is always written by the victors. Why does that matter? Why does explain what I've been covering over the last two weeks with regard to what's going on to one of the biggest crises we've ever seen in our lifetime the virus from China. There's no doubt about that however have severe. The pandemic turns out to be later. We can go over the data later when we have fatality numbers we have are not smell however that turns out to be later regardless of the severity of the virus and the fatality and Lee Valley of it. There's no question. The economic financial social impacts on the United States have been dramatic. Nothing we've folks tautological. We've never seen anything like this. In our time we have not had a stock market drop and unemployment numbers anywhere close to this any time in our history never never but histories written by the victors and the reason I've been covering the ret conning of history by the media now read conning. Look it up because it's an important word they use it in. Hollywood again where they re they tell a story as if the story in the past didn't happen is used example. The Halloween Movies. Michael Myers He. He's alive he killed them in the last movie. It doesn't matter. They just read. Conde pretended or they rewrite it. They just rewrite history is what you saw in the last Halloween movie never ever happened. The reason I covered. Because I'm getting a lot of questions about this highlighting. The media so much is because reckoning history is a real thing and ladies and gentlemen if we don't counteract it now your kids in the future in their grandkids are going to be told they story. That's not true and your kids and grandkids are the leaders. We'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. Because they're they're they're going to be the next generation if they actually believe that a Republican administration run by Donald Trump. Dropped the ball. While tens of thousands of Americans died. They ignored the threat because they were mercenary and just wanted Americans to die while the media was all over this despite the evidence I've shown you in the past few days which shows the exact opposite story ironically written up by the New York Times this morning. We're Maggie Haberman Joe Breaking News She's trying to take a shot at trump. Which is you know collusion Maggie from the New York Times the hoax. Yeah she says breaking news. Peter Navarro President. Trump's trade advisor wore knee administration in January that this could be a big threat. Yeah and they reacted with the travel boundaries. Dan How that's a story like knocking. I missed that totally. So did everyone else who actually read the article. By the way we can't allow them the ret con history and just quickly on the Nassim Taleb. So there's A. There's a portion one of his books where he writes about how this happens all the time. Forgive me if I don't get this exactly right. I was just thinking about it before I came on here. He talks about how before one of the World Wars. When you when you go back and you read some of the history books written of course now or recently about world wars. That already happened. You'll see these lies. I can know world saw was coming in. Turmoil was everywhere in every month and there was a tidal wave. Coming ashore in the panic was brewing and Taliban sooners books. That's not exactly accurate when you go back and actually read the news of the day Joe. That's not what people were talking about. And when you look at things like the bond market where there was joe if there was a tidal wave coming ashore and everybody knew what was about to happen you would see some volatility in these bonds and it. None of interest rates spiking. And that's not what happened that all history is always written by the victors. Don't let the fake news media be victorious. Here and rewriting would actually happen. Fax Matter we can give report cards on the trump administration which we should we. Don't golden calf anyone. Later they work for us to the fact that the Republicans candidly irrelevant. But don't let the media which specializes in disinformation misinformation out rewrite history important by the way quick. Note on the media. Stephanie Grisham breaking today is out as the White House press secretary. We'll see who replaces Stephanie Grisham. She's going back to be the chief of staff for Melania trump. So a good work Stephanie. Grisham liked her. She was always very nice. So we'll see what happens when our okay folks. There's a lot more going on other than the Wuhan virus but one of the victims of this because the Democrats as I showed you in that montage the other day believe from the free beacon or maybe it was real real excuse me gravy and the Democrats are never let a crisis go to waste ever and they are always looking for an opportunity. Democrats in candidly some Republicans. As well to use a crisis to institute their new deal new path forward green new deal progressive agenda. Don't fall for it. So this article in the Wall Street Journal about something. I mentioned today. Here it is again here. It is again. They'll push for the digital dollar no way ladies and Gentlemen Robert Hockey and Lawrence roof. Ronco Wall Street Journal digital dollars for all the corona virus crisis. Joe Underscores the need for a payment system that includes the unbagged a no big no to the digital dollar. Let me get the headline out of Front for a couple of reasons. Ladies and Gentlemen Big Warning Signs Paul reveal running through the streets right now digital dollar so the government can track you through some kind of a treasury deposit withdrawal spending system. The government can track all of your spending as Joe mentioned last week which is a brilliant point. You will have to spend that money in a gun store. I don't know government GonNa know you bought a gun or are you going to be tracked by the Treasury? What does that these faircloth asking questions right? Are you going to be allowed to go to payday? Lenders payday lenders. Those are evil business began. Have that we get of course. I'm giving you the Obama Administration already done this stuff by the way tried. Operation Choke Point tried to choke. These businesses are legal businesses. You may not like them perfectly legal business. You're going to be allowed to go to a payday. What about a liquor store? No no hooch. No Midnight Dragon. No no nineteen forty two for you but outside of that as I brought up last week this push for the digital dollar again of course using a crisis to do it. Listen to their sales pitch now on. This always wait for a crisis to implement the government's full control over the economy from the Wall Street Journal muddies dirty Jo- literally. That's what it says quote Wall Street Journal Money's dirty and a pandemic makes it worse banknotes coins and even checks double as virus wreck vectors. Ooh paper money so effective at spreading disease. Joe That in late February China began literally laundering. It's currency it isn't hard to see why Congress considered establishing a digital dollar for American the Third Corona Virus Relief Bill a national digital payments system. Didn't make it into the final legislation. Thank God thank notice that cares act but it should next time around here. We go never let a crisis go to waste. Danger Will Robinson Ladies and gentlemen boom boom. Those Red Siren should be going off right now. Why do they want well? Joe explained to you when it more obvious reasons. The government gets to track everything. You spend your money on. No thanks hard pass. Thank you very much. But secondly let's give you the Deuce on that one from an Economic Perspective Ladies and gentlemen. I warned you a long time ago. That the government is more than eager in the United States to push interest rates. So low that they get into negative territory. Negative territory you have negative interest rates. How do you have negative interest rates? Easy you just make them negative. Oh they've already tried overseas negative interest rates. Maybe you keep your money in the bank. You know when you earn interest you actually lose money by keeping your money in the bank. You may say to yourself. I'll just take my money out of the bank and hold onto the paper. I are far. Wouldn't lose anything right and wrong. Because of the government moves to a digital dollar. It'll be pretty much impossible to get your money out of the bag. You go there you go there. You go digitize everything. Negative interest rates dollars worth lasts and lasts less. So you go to work. You earn a lot of money yet. The money you earn goes down and down and down because you have nowhere to spend your paper money because everything's digital with the digital dollar now if you missed last week. I'm not going to Redo the whole show but you may be similar. Why would the government like negative interest rates? Because it's just another form of taxation is. What is the government's running? Twenty two to twenty four trillion dollars in debt on the books. Probably another hundred trillion off the books with Social Security and Medicare obligations within. Have the money to pay. So what better way to reduce those debt obligations to making the dollar worth less because remember when a dollars worth less so as a dollar of debt if I owe you a dollar and dollar only buys half of what it bought before that means. I have what I owed you when I lent you the money. He said Great. Be careful folks as joe is a bed bed bed. Be careful never let a crisis go to waste as a block of the Dan Bongino show. This is the never let a crisis go away segment. Let's go to never let a crisis go to waste number two from Breitbart big node of the digital dollar but another thing. They want ballot harvesting. Oh this is great. Use this as an opportunity. Not only digitize. The dollar will away our debt while taxing the snot out of people because they can't get their money out of the digital banks fascinating. Here's another doozy former Clinton campaign attorney Marc Elias. Remember him from the whole spy. Gate drama thing. Yeah that guy needs vote by mail ballot harvesting and vote anywhere rules Hannah Blau Breitbart stories in the show notes. I've read it please. I'm humbly and respectfully you read this story. Never let a crisis go to waste but get a load of this one not only does the former Hillary attorney. Yeah that guy from the home spy gate trauma remember him? Not only? Is he making a big push during the Wuhan virus crisis for ballot harvesting listening to this who he wants now ballot harvesting? For those of you don't know what that is. That's when they allow people to go out and collect ballots for others. We're not talking about election officials here. We're talking about just other people. Joe Community Organizations. This sounds like a dream for voter integrity and security rights you or does check out the Breitbart from the piece by the way. It's using their own quote so there's no question that voting by males and important part of the solution. It mitigates the problems of long lines and fosters social distancing but the specific rules used to implement vote by mail may determine who's vote is counted whose night he continued listing. Four mail in voting safeguards including free or prepaid postage and the ability of all community organizations Joe to quote how collect and deliver voted sealed balance. I wonder who those community organizations are going to be acorn. I'm sure it's going to be the NRA or something like that. Right Joe Ashort. I don't think so unbelievable as you were thinking human being. Do this sucks. Never ever let a crisis. Go to waste ballot. Harvesting select community organizers. Go Out and start picking up ballots from people now. Of course nick of time in our never let a crisis go to waste segment ballot harvesting which by the way is already happening in California and has been in my opinion a disaster. Thus far look chimes in here comes hills. You Know Hills. Hillary failed candidate for president. Who tweets out yesterday? Because she can't stop she can't simply cannot stop pouring gasoline on the fire of A. What's going on right now. States must take concrete steps now to make sure every citizen can be heard in November. No matter where we are by that in fighting the cove nineteen pandemic. Who is she sub tweeting? Yeah Mark Elias with his with his tweet calling for ballot harvesting. Who Else is in on this folks. You'll never believe it. You will as my mother-in-law says I cannot believe you will not believe who's on this now of course. I'm being facetious. Because you absolutely. We'll be here comes. George Soros to the rescue again. Breitbart Aaron Klein piece George Soros funded push nationwide drop boxes for. Dropbox is revolting. That's hilarious. That's a good one. George drop boxes for voting. Dropbox is on the corner. Like it's like a lemonade stand and they can be run by community organizer. Joe No problem with voter security there. We hire a bunch of ninety eight sell. Lemonade collect votes. No problem at all voters security voter integrity. They're non don't you worry about that from the Peace Soros's coop come into the rescue quote with other Soros Finance groups? The Brennan Center has been leading. A campaign advocating vote by mail system in the upcoming presidential election citing fears that Corona virus makes it too dangerous to vote in person? Some of the groups are using the corona virus crisis to push permanent changes to the way Americans vote again in the never let a crisis go to waste scenario. I'm just here to warn you folks. That's what this show does get ready for the fights ahead if you don't know this out there on the horizon you're not gonna you're sailing towards this is what we're sailing towards. The Democrats have zero interest not the voting Democrat. I'm talking about the radicals up in the swamp. They have no interest in solving this problem. They do however have a big interest in rewriting history. Read Conning Story Nailing the trump administration to the wall for this despite the fact that they were the ones the laying relief and all that other stuff and at the same time advancing new ideological goals. That will change elections and the way we transfer money in this country now my words their words from their own piece their their quotes not mine. One final story here. That's important in the never. Let a crisis go to waste because I got a lot to get through today from Bongino Dot Com. Welcome on board Jeremy. Franklin does good work over there. Great piece being the shown us please read or you can just go to Bungee DOT COM. Check it out. Joe Congressman Demands Illegal. Aliens received Corona Virus Stimulus checks. What Jerry Frankel? No no no what. Yes that's right. Yes Adriaan O. S. PELADA FROM NEW YORK. Forgive him saying your name wrong. It's not intentional. Changed his position now. He's saying hey listen you know undocumented meeting illegal aliens you don't even say that if you're a leftist of course because the change of language every day if you're here and you're not a citizen and you here illegally. You are in fact any legal alien. That is a part of logical phrase. It's just is what is so. Now we're supposed to be paying people in the country illegally as well. So you have just to be clear here. Congressman Es Balat. You have up to what twenty thirty million potential Americans out of work. Small businesses crush savings wiped out generational prosperity potentially wiped out. If we don't fix this soon and your priority now is to give money to people who are here in the country. Not even here illegally. That's a doozy. Make sure you read that piece. All right second sponsor today. I always appreciate your patience on Tuesday. It's always the loaded day. Our friends brickhouse nutrition one of my original sponsors and still one of my favorites. 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Carlson show where again we get back to this dynamic about why are we going to balance real world threats in a world full of risk and he said it better than I did yesterday. He did show his monologue. Last night was just phenomenal. It was it was really incredible. Yeah I get to that. Just a brief moment was so it was really amazing. Brief moment of comic relief and of course for Comic Relief Joe where we always go. Msnbc the home of Roswell. Rachel Moscow Matt out this is your Moscow motto. This is another host equally clueless. Mika Brzezinski Mika Miko Mike. I honestly don't even know but I think it's me. Mika Brzezinski here's me Brzezinski hilariously suggesting that up trump who has expressed some hope that PLA- quinnell otherwise known as hydroxy core. Quinn works as a treatment for the corona virus. He's expressed some hope he's been pretty candidate may work. It may not but if you're hurting and you could be dying from it. It's probably worth giving it a shot if your doctor agrees of course and your doctor. I'm not your doctor. And neither is trump but what he said is perfectly responsible and candidate about the potential effectiveness distract. Here's Brzezinski suggesting in one of the most irresponsible moronic things. You'll ever see in your time watching me. I'm not getting that. Trump is suggesting this because he has a financial interest a financial issue financial. That's the only reason to promote. Listen to this nonsense sounds. It wasn't allowed to talk about what he feels is important to say about this drug that the President keeps pushing. A lot of people would say. Follow the money. There's gotta be some sort of financial tie to some one somewhere. That has the president pushing this for Peterle conveniently. Joe Timing is amazing. What drops this morning or so or last night a story at the New York Times Jo? Wait for it. We're in real trouble now. They got US MECO was onto something. Trump has a financial interest in a drug company. That makes PLA- Quinnell I- drowsy Clark when they got nailed to the mall. I know I don't know how trump's ever impeachment time again it you know and then you read The New York Times story you go down a little bit and you go down a little bit and you find out that this financial interest for a guy who by all estimates is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. You don't know how much I have. No idea is worth a billion. I don't know I don't care I'm relevant to me. There's no question he's a wealthy man. Okay we bright beacon all just kinda put that baby to bed so this New York Times story. Oh there's a financial we found it. They really did find. See like Daniel Proven Meek right. Well not so much you find out down deep in the story that his family trust owns a mutual fund which by the way again disclosure. I own shares of it to dodge and Cox about your financial adviser matter of fact. I got crushed on that one but that's a whole different and in that mutual fund the Mutual Fund portfolio of diversified investments. Which is what a mutual fund is the New York Times. It really know that. He owns stock in a company that produces the off patent drug plaque widow. I'm not kidding I'm not. This is their breaking news. Even the anti trump losers out there have been tweeting like a guys. This isn't really this scoop. You think it is because what they say Jess to some Federal Office Employees Office holders who subjected to conflict of interest laws which doesn't include the president by one of their suggestions Joe to handle that is to buy what a mutual funds because their diverse and it eliminates a lot of the conflicts of interest. All up vokes really. This is the most Europe nonsense. I don't expect any more from MSNBC. But I just again. I'm trying to get you to understand how the media is trying to ret con history and every day is a new element to the story. That's totally made up. And we don't whack a mole it. You're going to have history books later. Written that will say trump missed the ball. Trump missed the ball Americans died. He promoted a drug. The drug was a hoax and he had a financial ladies and all. This stuff is fake. It's we have the we have the receipts. It's all nonsense so every day. We're going to chip away a little bit because this show is on Youtube on apple podcasts. Google podcast forever forever so no one is going to be able to go back and say oh. Gosh we didn't knock that down. We should we did. And we're doing it right here. Okay I'm going to get the Tucker again. I always appreciate patients on Tuesday. A really love our sponsors and happy that they're on board with us so I really appreciate it. I'm going to get Tucker and today show also about but he's at lifelock ladies and gentlemen lifelock. This is the time for lifelock. You have checks going out. It's tax season coming up. 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It is important to get our public policy response to a viral pandemic right. Why while again not to relitigate yesterday show or the week before but just to hammer home the point that this will become a template for the future. You Know Paul and I were sitting around yesterday. Remember there's always sitting around the kitchen most making some lunch and we were talking about how the danger in the future. If economic shutdowns regardless of the conditions on the ground becomes the defacto response is at any time. Even the whistle of a potential. Pathogen is in the news. Joe is a virus outbreak. In whatever Krog on our Columbia or whatever Cartagena whatever. It may be what's going to happen. The fear of a massive public policy. Potential overreaction or under reaction is going to cause what another collapse in the economy. Ladies and gentlemen we can't look at this simplistically. I get your emails and I read them. I understand I appreciate your feedback. Positive negative I mean it. I'm not kidding. That's why our emails out there but I'm still getting responses from folks who are grossly mischaracterizing. What I'm saying the argument now is in shut the economy down or I want people to die. That's not an argument. Nobody is saying that. Not a reasonable person. We're simply saying what's the threat and has the response to this threat. Been worth the cost. We've imposed on everyone else. Hohmann Jenkins says this much better than I do. I'll get to that later too because I've been trying to find a way to get through to folks about how I think we may have blown it here. Let's go to Tucker last night. He had a great point last night. About how the response to this the public response they off the streets matter of fact. If you don't stay off the streets the government wants people snitching on you now. No I'm not kidding you'll see the end of this cut by the Los Angeles may have embedded in the talker clip where the Los Angeles mayor is encouraging people at the end of it encouraging people to call the cops and rat people out if they're on the street. I'm not joking and Tucker brings up this point but how ladies and gentlemen bonds are being broken here sacred bonds and I'm not sure we can ever rebuild I mean I'm a conservative largely a Libertarian. When IT COMES TO ECONOMIC AND GOVERNMENT ISSUES. So you'd say clearly you don't trust the government. I don't trust anybody so it's not a relevant question but I don't Miss Trusting I don. I am wary. I liked the fact that we have oversight. I liked the fact that we have the ability even with police departments and fire departments even with our military to engage in oversight but I do trust them if some respect me when I get pulled over by police officer automatically assume like Gosh easier to take money or something I mean in some countries. They just happened to be worried about the COPS HERE. So it's not an accurate statement. I do trust the government to some respect with with proper oversight but ladies and gentlemen bonds are being broken altogether. And you can't even go out and walk your dog without worrying about the mayor of Los Angeles incurring courage in your neighbors to call the cops on you. The effects of this are going to be long lasting. I want you to listen to a very very well. Word admitted by Tucker Carlson on exactly this topic and the draconian response to a threat. We haven't even fully understood yet. Check this out. Corona virus dot city dot org slash business violation the expression about switches. Well in this case snitch is get rewards. We want to thank you for turning folks and making sure we are all safe so you just saw the mayor of our second biggest city offering to pay citizens to snitch on their neighbors for among other things daring to go to work. Working is one activity. We've decided should not be allowed jogging fishing golf fine. Being employed a massive threat to public health. We've decided that offices are somehow more dangerous than supermarkets. Far More dangerous the no one has today bothered to explain how snitch have gone from stitches to riches. That sucks Joe knows the saying you see. You didn't even need to be coached on that one. That is if you grew up in the city. I did. Joe knows that hard school hard knocks to the saying he's the mayor is grossly using which is totally inappropriate for that. Is Snatches get stitches? Meaning they ran Anita the cops. That's what he's trying to say but he says uh snitch is get rewards in this case ladies and gentlemen. We're instituting a surveillance state. Now have you thought about Dan? We can't have people violating the curfew. Okay so you want government surveillance state instituted where neighbors are literally calling the police to find people for going out to walking their dogs. You think that's an appropriate tradeoff. I'm just checking now again. If your response to that as well you just want people to die. I'm not the right host for you because that's not what I'm saying you're mischaracterizing you and you're engaging in a simple straw man argument. That is not what I'm say. Obviously right now in the middle of an outbreak of this virus which is deadly for a lot of people. There are going to have to be some control measures recommending that we all go and visit our grandparents in a nursing home while walking around in a public while a pandemic is raging is probably a pretty stupid idea and a reasonable measure that people will understand and won't fracture the bond of government because reasonable people say. That's a reasonable measure calling the cops on your seventy year old neighbor. Who's walking fido outside and having the government give them a ticket because they're walking FIDO while they've encountered no one in public is Kinda stupid. No strikes you maybe as a little bit. Tad Bit unreasonable as these unreasonable measures. Start to pile up. That government bond is being fractured and Tucker brings up a very interesting point here which will cover in this next clip from the same model. It's about eight minutes long but added cut it because I have the time he brings up. Another point has been ever explained to us. How this whole shutdown thing is working. Joe Given the fact that we haven't shut down the grocery stores we can't shut down and we have to eat. I'm not suggesting we should let me be crystal clear unlike that dope at the White House press briefing. Everyone why are we not shutting down to groceries because we gotta eat? Gee I don't know didn't figure that one. Oh Calorie thing. Kilocalories didn't get that but has anyone explained to us the benefit of shutting the economy down while people are still going to the one place. Joe Everybody in the neighborhood goes and as Paula brought up to me. We touch stuff we hand. There's nice thin aisles. Has Anybody explain is so just to be clear? You own a dry cleaning business where you can put gloves on. Put a mask on and ask that your clients come in. Dropped their stuff and you'll hand them a receipt. That's too dangerous. Shut that dry cleaner down. He can earn any money and people can't get their clothes dry because it's too dangerous but the same guy can go to a grocery store and handle the tomatoes and the oranges that the customer was just handling two minutes before he went to the grocery store. I'm I'm can. I'm confused here. Not Dan that's different. That's different we have to eat. No Dan that's not different because grocery stores aren't free because if you don't work you don't eat. There isn't any difference. Here's a second part of this. Let's get this home and Jenkins quote in a minute from one of his pieces because it's great and it's something I've been trying to hammer home to you. We're not talking about good answers you shutdown or not or you want people to die. That's a straw man argument that's fake. That's a Simpson's argument. We're not talking about good versus bad we're talking about bad versus worse. We live in a world of bad harmful options. The question we make is the question we ask and we try to answer is how do we maximize human prosperity by mitigating harmful effects amongst a world? Of Bad Choices. What do you mean? And bad choices. Legem drill into the earth all the time. Harmful the oil out of it. Oh my gosh. We can't do that. That's terrible well drilling you. What would you want mass starvation instead mass starvation drilling take drilling into the earth? Alex one hundred bad choice right. There's nothing good about drilling into the nothing. Doesn't help the planet out but if we don't truant for energy we all starve to death and Die Tucker brings us point up again at brilliant monologue last night this piece of little longer than minute half or more but I want you to listen to this re talks about how we're really not being explained how in this world of bad choices leave. The economy open asked people to take protective measures at the known risks. They may contract a virus or close the economy down bankrupt. Everybody while everyone's going to the grocery store anyway. Has Anyone even explained to us? How weighing these options. Because it doesn't make a lot of sense check this out. Mass unemployment is almost certain to cause far more harm including physical harm to the average family. Then this disease in nineteen sixty seven to psychiatric researchers decided to rank traumatic life events in order of how profoundly affected people's health stress can kill you. We know that and they wanted to determine which kinds of stress where the most dangerous the doctors found that losing a job ranked high on the list of health. Degrading traumas joblessness came in well above death of a close friend. Put IT in some perspective. If you ever found yourself unemployed with dependents to take care of you understand this. Unfortunately many of our policymakers don't understand they've never been in that position they never will be a professional class. Doesn't have much interest in middle class job loss or its consequences. We know that because they've essentially ignored it for decades. Not to mention the family disintegration and the drug epidemics it has spawned so far about ten thousand Americans have died from the Wuhan Krona virus. That number will rise and it will likely include people you know that's a tragedy but it's not the only tragedy in progress in this country in two thousand. Eighteen more than sixty seven thousand. Americans died of drug overdoses the year before. More than seventy thousand died. That's more than the entire population of the towns. Most of US grew up in and those totals are far lower than the real number according to people who studied the question. The drug epidemic has permanently. Changed the demographics of this country. But for some reason. Cnn has not kept a running. Tally of drug casualties on the screen. Why is that well? You know why? It's not their peer group. It doesn't seem real. They're not that interested in the same thing is going on now. If the Krona Virus Shutdown was crushing college administrators or nonprofit executives are green energy. Lobbyists it would've ended last week instead. It's mainly service workers and small business owners who have been hurt and they're not on television talking about what they're going through. You need to look closely to see their suffering honestly. You can't say it much better than that you know. I'm in this business and I don't unnecessarily hat tip people because I want to kiss anybody's but don't care. I don't even really do that show anymore. But I can't think of a better way to say it then that that monologue lesson against eight minutes I cut for you to portions of it that I think highlight the high points of it. But it's really easy to talk about this when it's not your ass on the line it's really easy to talk about it and simple. You just want people to die terms which is nonsense. Made Up Stroman Simpleton argument. It's really easy to say that and call a business non essential when it's not yours. What else you WANNA do well. There are ideas places overseas that have tried social distancing and not shutting down their economies. Where by the way infection rates? Aren't that much dramatically different than ours. I'm going to read you quickly this again. This line home Jenkins talking. About how the Simpleton argument I'm not talking about you talking about people in the audience out liberal audience out there not necessarily the western show who keeps suggesting that trump keep this economy closed down. We want people to die. It's a nonsense black or white argument in a gray world and Jenkins wrote this that when we're making these decisions where quote weighing different kinds of harm against each other so we can achieve our goals at the least possible cost. That's right we're not weighing good versus bad ladies and Gentlemen Shutting the Economy Down Hora keeping the economy open where infection rates may or may not rise comp- comparable to what they are now is also the question is how do we achieve our goal of doing the best. We can combat. We're not GONNA be radically. As far as the best we can were radically. They will live with us. Forever may have a vaccine. Hopefully we may have treatments. But it'll live with us forever and I can radically from planet earth. How do we achieve that goal of mitigating? The effects of this at the least possible cost not the most. That's the only real question among serious people. The only real question you will impose massive cost some people either way now. I thought of this relationship to another new story just quickly on it. Some of you've asked me about my opinion what happened on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. The captain who was dismissed from duty as the commanding officer of the ship after writing a letter that went public over an unsecure email system where you had infection outbreak of the corona virus on his ship. He was relieved of duty. The navy believed that that was showed extremely poor judgment again. This is not a simple black or white issue. I just wanted to quickly address. I've gotten a ton of emails from this for military people in the No. I was not in the military. I was never served on the Theodore Roosevelt. I'm suggesting to you that other people have opinions. I'm GonNa tell you where I fall down and this is the same. This is not a simple black-and-white decisions he was relieved. The President says he may get involved. Fine I looked at the C. v. The resume of the captain who was relieved of duty. Crozier it's impressive to say impressive. Maybe an understatement. From all of the reporting I've seen on it. I'm basing it on what I've seen. I had to wait a few days so I made sure the reporting was accurate. Seems he was very popular with his crew. Having said that folks although he's a decorated Patriot apparently there are also weighing harms. You let people on the crew get infected or do you publicize the letter or put it on an open channel. Where could become public? Where did advertising the basically the ineffectiveness of one of our large fighting weapons that Theodore Roosevelt again? These questions aren't simple ones in tough times. See what president trump. Who's of course the commander in chief what conclusion he comes to on this. I don't know this man so I can't make a judgement on his character. But Ladies and gentlemen there's no question. Both sides have a viable argument. Here he's a hard times. Let's not make these decisions. Nonsensically simple we just alienate each other and we break down not only the bonds between us and government but between ourselves when we constantly attack each other. You don't WanNa shut this down if you don't want this guy fired you don't understand military folks. We have to look at the whole thing. The whole spectrum of options here and again out of possible harms. What is going to cost us the least fear all right? I'm going to get to this study in a minute because it's important and it's going to be up in the show notes northwestern the Kellogg School of Management asked a fascinating question. Hey we've seen these pandemics before. They've been even worse again in light of what we're talking about here. What are the costs of this economic shutdown? Why the economic damage? Now other words show. We've seen this before we've never seen economic fallout like this. What's different this time? They go through a couple of short and I want to get to the Brennan stuff last sponsor the day. Harry's Joe's favorite razor Dan's favorite razor. I Love Harry's. This is my Harry's looking at baby right finest razor. 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Stop Wasting your money and sub-standard razors go to harrys dot com slash bunch. You don't get the best right now. Start Shaving better today. Check them out. Okay so I picked this piece off the interweb and I thought this was worth your time because again we're talking about the costs of this shutdown and northwestern Kellogg School of Management. That a little breezy. It's going to be in the show. It's super easy to not one of those overly wonky research papers. We read the abstract. And you're like Oh my God is GonNa pull my hair. This one super short right to the point. I'll put it in the show notes. Bongino DOT com slash newsletter. If you'd like to check that out Bongino dot com slash newsletter email. You these show notes every day at the end but check this out interesting piece here. They talk about again why. The economic fallout has been so dramatic from this particular pandemic even though we been through pandemics before Spanish flu we saw of course. Hiv H ONE N one. Why now what happened now? So Kellogg inside the Unprecedented Stock Market Reaction Cove in one thousand nine. A new analysis explains why this pandemic really is different. So I'm going to go through this quickly. Three possible explanations and a fourth one which I think is the real re so the first one they talk about as well is it because of the severity of it in other words. Joe Is it because of the fatality rate or more people dying and the conclusion they come in the pieces. No the numbers don't backed up. It's serious we get. Please stop with the Straw man arguments for the Liberals Watch. Nobody's saying otherwise. The question is we've had based on just fatality rates and body counts from virus outbreaks. In the past we've had outbreaks have more severe including the nine hundred eighteenth Spanish flu pandemic and we haven't seen a corresponding economic shock like this so they eliminate that possibility that it's the severity of it. The virus sentence second possibility interesting. Joe Is it information. Diffusion I gotta be honest with you. I thought this was the reason but research always helps right in other words show twitter. Social Media. You know back in one thousand nine hundred and it's hard to get information if people were dying in New York and you lived in Wisconsin. You didn't really know so you don't know how severe it was. So maybe it was just information diffusion now and the fact that with Youtube and twenty four hour news. Everybody's getting right away and everybody's like oh my gosh is really bad and therefore at the same time everybody just sold everything off so they looked at that the research and they said that doesn't seem to work either jail because even when the information traveled around the world the Spanish flu which came back again. In other words everybody knew at this point. We'd have gone through the season you'd seen some news reporting came back the second are you still didn't see this kind of economic shock so discard explanation number two about information if you damn. I thought I was right on that one explanation number. Three's at the Inter connectedness of the global supply chain. Listen you know one hundred years ago. We didn't get all our stuff from China. Imported stuff no question. But but nothing close to the global supply chains we have now nothing fragmented supply. Chains are the rule the or the coin of the realm now in economics supply. Chains are all over the world Mexico. Canada China Vietnam Thailand back and forth back and forth back and forth. Is that what it is? Msa Man's possible could be but then they get to explanation for as a pin. The policy prescriptions the shutdown in other words ladies and gentlemen has the near exclusive cost imposed upon business owners and Americans who were going to go many of whom we're going to go bankrupt from this is it due to the policies and they come to the conclusion. Yes that the behavior in policy prescriptions are the cause again. I'm just giving you the research folks you after determine on your own. You're all free sentient beings clearly intellectual based on your feedback on my show. I've got some very smart people who listen. I appreciate it doctors architects pilots. I'm not kidding. You know who you are. Email me all the time. Brilliant people you have to ask yourself if we can pretty much now based on research. Correlation Research obviously but correlation will research which is an invalid as good as causal research but if we can conclude that the policy prescriptions are doing this. Shouldn't we be asking whether those policy prescriptions worth the costumer imposing now? Let me give you some good news before I move onto my johnny Brennan Same Johnny Johnny back a PJ media piece worth your time being the show today ladies there are some green shoots some notes of optimism in the economy. I know that's no one wants to hear that right now I get it. I just refused to do bad news with you all the time. Everybody's taking a hit totally get it. I'm with you. You have my utmost sympathy. Believe me did not grow up with a silver spoon. Neither that policy grew up far worse than I did by the way but there are some green shoots as a piece and PJ media have in the show notes today strongly. Encourage you to check out. I basically says listen. There was nothing wrong with the economy before this started if there was a massive financial collapse massive bubbles and not saying they weren't bubbles but they didn't materialize before we may have a v-shaped recovery. We may get back to some semblance of normal. Hopefully shortly. I encourage you to read it. Check it out worth your time. Just don't want to leave you with a lot of bad news. Okay again one quick Humor break here in the interest of lightning the show on what can be Dour Times. Here's a tweet put up by NBC. I'm just GonNa Kinda read show and you can kind of just come to the conclusions yourself so NBC News. Tweet this out about the governor. Virginia remember the guy with the Ku Klux Klan Hood or the base. We still don't know which one he was. Remember Governor Ralph Northam Democrat Governor Virginia member that guy so NBC. Put this tweet up yesterday. In a striking moment government Ralph north and put on his own black face mask. He urged Virginia to do the same. That tweet was immediately deleted. Oh man the run out a black shoe Polish or something like that. I don't know what happened there. Ralph Northam but yeah probably not a good idea for. Nbc Ralph Northam. I mean really this disgraceful. I'd the fact that this guy is still the governor and we're not sure if he was the guy in the Klan Hood or the black face pain. I'm I'm not kidding I'm just I just don't okay moving. I'm really it's one of those things. I have. No words for my disgust at this horrible human being who still manages anybody that we shut down the whole Virginia economy and what June thirtieth real smart move. Ralph Okay Final Story Day but I think the best one. I hope you've been waiting anxiously. Johnny is back in the spotlight. Johnny Brennan piece by The Washington Examiner. Excellent Jerry Dunleavy great investigative reporting. You're reading this stuff. You're ahead of the curve. Collusion Maggie at the New York. Times where you're always six months behind the story. So Jerry Lee Wash Examiner John Doran investigation intensifies focus on John. Brennan really. Oh what's going on with Johnny Bay? Well folks if you're a regular show you probably already know but this is worth talking about again because apparently the United States attorney investigating the spy gate affair has those high beams on Johnny B. is right there. Let's go to the piece by Jerry. Dunleavy what is he saying this? What exactly they looking at here. Quote Durham is also scrutinizing Brennan and relationship in relation to British spy Christopher Steele dossier in particular the prosecutors looking for answers on whether it was used in the 2017 assessment. Why Jim Komi Andrew? Mccabe insisted upon it being part of the assessment. How allegations from the dossier ended up in the assessments appendix. I John Brennan misled about the dossiers us. Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding. That last question again you regular listeners. Already know this John. Brennan get Christopher steals information or was he working with Christopher Steele to disseminate information way earlier then he said what do I mean by that well before we go to another screen out of Lisa pages testimony? I just WANNA play this quick video. We played before about John. Brennan talking to the Hapless Chuck. Todd is quickly becoming one of the dumbest guys in media but Chuck Todd on MSNBC. Here's John Brennan telling him back. In February of Twenty eight the dossier Christopher steals information. I didn't see that stuff until December. Really check this out. When did you first learn of the so-called steele dossier and what Christopher Steele was doing? Well it was a very well kept secret among press circles for several months before it came out and it was in late summer of two thousand sixteen when there were some individuals of from the various Us News outlets. Who asked me about my familiarity with it and I had heard snippets about it. I did not know what was in there I did not see it until later in that year. I think it was in December But I I was unaware of the providence of it as well as what was in and it did not play any role whatsoever in the intelligence community assessments. That was done that was presented to then President Obama and then president-elect Trump. How was this field dossier treated? Did you treat it? You said you looked at in December. I assume it's been looked at by was obviously looked at by the FBI. We've now learned. They've tried to confirm some of it and I've had some success some not yet. They don't say it's they don't they say it's unconfirmed but that's about it. Well there were things in that those that made me wonder whether or not they would. They were in fact accurate and true and I do think it was up to the FBI to see whether or not they could verify any of it. I think Jim Comey has said that it was B- contains salacious unverified information. Just because it was unverified. Didn't mean it wasn't true and if the Russians were involved in something like that directed against individuals who are aspiring to the highest office in this land there was an obligation of the FBI to seek out the truth on it fascinating. He does two things in one. Sound bite there. I didn't see it until December after the election onwards Christopher Steele the fake information we spied on trump wait. I didn't have anything to do with that. The left December come on guy leave me alone secondly manages to throw the FBI under the bus. I passed it off to them. They're the law enforcement guys. They were supposed to verify that Not The way that works John. You're the head of the Central Intelligence Agency Guy. Your job is not to pass off unverified rumors to get presidential candidate spider. Did you miss that? Did you missed the memo not sure. Well here's where it gets really interesting. Let me put up this testimony by Lisa page from the F. B. I remember Brennan saying Joe. Hey whatever the FBI. God from Christopher Steele and stuff. Yeah you know. I don't know I didn't see any of that till after the election. Really you sure that because Mark Meadows and the Republican Congress look into this appear to think otherwise they have Lisa page. Fbi lawyer up on Capitol Hill and they seemed to be hinting at something that maybe Christopher Steele and John Brennan we're talking way before December ladies and Gentlemen Miss Page says answering Mr Mattis questions. She says Lisa page with all due honesty. If Director Brennan got that information from our source. She's talking about steel she says if the CIA at another source of that information. I need aware that north of the provided to us if they did because the first time we and meadows cuts off we do know there are multiple sources. She says. I do know that I do know that the information ultimately found its way to a lot of different places certainly in October of two thousand sixteen. Listen to this key line. I'm telling you Brennan is lying. He was dealing with steel in the summer of Twenty Sixteen. Ladies and gentlemen and he's been lying about it the whole time. Here's Lisa page under oath but at the CIA as early as August in fact had some of those same reports talking about steals reports. I'm not aware of that. Nor do I believe they provided them to us? And that would be unusual. My Gosh the FBI is getting pushed. All the steel information. You guys need to open up a case John. Brennan's pushing it to Harry Reid. Democrat hack senator. Who's pushing the FBI to open up a case in August but Brennan's saying I don't know I didn't get any information from steel. I'm getting it from sources. Right of steel the whole time. What Kinda knucklehead believes this and now he's lying now you see what Durham's investigating when did Brennan know about steel and if you knew about stealing the summer and was telling the FBI politicians? I've got information about trump being a Russian asset and he's getting that from steel and he's lying. Brennan suggesting he's getting it from someone else that way steel shows up to the FBI. It looks like the information verified. Oh John Brennan told us the same stuff. Of course he did. It's from the same guy. Bread is just lying about it. Trust me this is the story in both of my books I talk about this good. Reads right now especially exonerated where we nail Brenner. The ball on this folks. I'M GONNA get some more of this tomorrow. Because I want to go into a little more detail. The laundering operation. They did also to get this information launder to the FBI. Throw this the second supreme chat from the I'll hint whereas we're going tomorrow. How Brennan made the information appear like? It was coming from multiple channels when it was all coming from steel and lied about. I didn't see until after the election yet be. I should have done their homework. Dopes had Brennan thinks. We're all stupid. I stand by the integrity of our work. Our sources and what we did steal told the Oxford Union students. Last month's or Andrew would the former British ambassador. Russia was also contacted by arms team but told him he had nothing to add beyond what he said publicly. And why does that matter? Well following trump's victory in November of two thousand sixteen syringe or would talk to Republican Senator John McCain at a security conference about the dossier it was after this conversation that McCain said is Associated Kramer to London to retrieve a copy McCain who died in August two thousand eighteen gave a copy of steals research the Komi although the bureau had begun receiving steals dossier as early as July of Two Thousand Sixteen folks is. Scam is so obvious right now. The information against trump is false. They don't have any real information to spy on them. Steal makes it up in his dossier where he gets it from is going to be a pretty tremendous story that I'm just waiting to come out. So steel has this portfolio information. We need that. The spy on Trump Brennan realizes if he tells the FBI. I'm getting this information from steel. That went steel goes to the FBI with the information. They're going to have to vet it and they're going to have to find multiple sources right. They don't have multiple sources. Only have steel so brandon lies and covers it up. Hey we got this information from other sources about trumpy and Russian S. It was still the whole time. Then they tell steel. Hey Go give it to Sir Andrew. Wood they'll give it to McCain McCain a break the joe the FBI gets it again. Oh my gosh look at this dossier confirming what we've heard from Brennan about these multiple multiple so it was one source. The Obama more on this tomorrow at Daily Mail piece which is going to be desk deals on a lot of trouble. Don't Miss The show tomorrow folks? Thanks again for tuning in we are only eight thousand subscribers away from four hundred thousand on. Youtube. I deeply appreciate your support. Means to like go to YouTube dot com slash bongino subscribed to the channel. It's all free. We really appreciate your support. Thanks a lot I will see you all tomorrow. You just heard the Dan. Bongino show followed in on twitter. Twenty four seven at Dbongino.

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