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Out with My Real Ones, Just Tryna Make Some Monies | 6/2/20


Path grade is here on the. Radio Network Welcome. Great W with this. Triple, eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety, three, also at Pat, unleashed on twitter, of course more writing, going on more. happening. Curfews, being imposed all over the nation. and It's all of course for George. It's all of course for for George. Right let's. Don't forget. Not Forget the or looting on behalf of George. Amazing that that's not even meet. Some of the looters who have been caught the interviewed aren't even pretending. It's about him. Play let me play for you one of the looters. who was who was caught and a reporter? What up to him? And interviewed him as after he was in. After he was in handcuffs. Reporter explains what happened. He saw Luder. Actually taken down by lapd a short time ago, so we're at Wilshire and twenty six. There's a new balance store on the corner. we saw a group of looters breaking in. They tried to flee. They got into a car and took off, but they left. One guy behind wasn't fast enough. Lapd saw and began pursued. If we can pull up that video right now, we'll show it to you. We started rolling as. As soon as we saw lapd them. You're going to see an LAPD cruiser immediately. Take Take off after one of the leaders who was running on foot, trying to get away. He tries to turn a corner LAPD catches up to them. They get out, and he immediately surrenders and gets taken down without incident now. I had the chance to this guy just a short time ago. Good was various handed. Good about why he's out here. Take a listen to what he had to say. I will. Man We saw you at the new balance store out here. man Perry point blades just like. Trying to get some money, your real ones nation I say who the targets none I sit here and against too much here for the money, the pretty much anything to do with the protests. What happened in Minnesota I mean a little bit to do with that to you feel Luna. Now that, you mention. I should say that's. Eighty nine. C. Yeah. The money do it right. Don't do it the same way the smart way. For your time and best. So essentially. He's out there with his real ones. Trying to get some money's. Okay. You know what I'm saying. What about the? What about the protests? Now that you brought it up a little bit about that, okay, we'll I guess, but really I'm out here with my real ones. Trying to get. Some money. You know what I'm saying I. Do you know what I'm saying the understanding? I'm just out here with my real ones. Trying to get some monies. That's what I'm doing so so. Oh wait I forgot, but since you brought it up. Yeah, the George Floyd. Yeah that. To a little bit. Mostly I'm just out here with my real ones. Trying to get some monies. You know what I'm saying. I do okay. Come on. Okay. Thank you for me honest at least right I mean. We all know that that's what it's about. You're trying to get some monies and It has nothing to do with George Floyd nothing. Nothing to do well, maybe a little bit I do okay yeah. It just reminded us that. We need to try and get some monies out there. That's the reminder we had. What a world! What a world is incredible! It's absolutely incredible by the way Pat. Gray unleashed sponsored by express VPN. Protect Your online privacy today. Express VPN DOT com slash unleashed. So I guess they're going to try to get. Some money is out in the suburbs. To is what I'm here now. Are you hearing that too that they're coming after the rich neighborhoods which are a? Number of with what they want. What they want. I know that there were some pictures of. Of, and there were stories of pallets of bricks being dropped off and I saw the the picture in Frisco, but I don't know that that's real for the protests. Because I have actually seen I mean you can see. It's just a pallet of bricks around the corner, but I've seen that before in neighborhoods that I drive through and live in where they are fixing the brick fences that are around the neighborhoods, and when they're done, they leave them there, and then they come by and pick them up or they drop them off in to be fixed certain. That's not in my area, but so. They were trying to say that this was for the know. The protesters and protesters were close to this area I. Don't know I don't know that it's true, but. If it is that's not good well, if it is just know. That I, got my magazine loaded. I'm going to be putting it into a little slot. Yes, in my ar fifteen. And my glock is loaded is well. With its magazine. And so we're all, said You come to my house if you're coming to my house. I'm protecting me and mine now as I agree on a percent and I'm with you. I thought that you lost him. Yeah. I thought he did too, but I just found him and I. Just want to make it very clear to anybody who might be looting in my area that if you're trying to get some monies out where I live, you're not getting it. Listen my favorite share of in the country. I love this guy. Grady Judd from Polk County Florida we okay, let's Let's show you what he had to say. Listen to this guy. This guy job is my I. I love Greatest Job I've talked to him before over the years since he's been share of. County in Polk, county, Florida. Yeah and He's awesome. Let's do what he had to say. We have received information and social media that some of the. Criminals. We're going to take their criminal conduct into the neighborhoods. I would tell them if you value life. You probably shouldn't do that in polk, county. Because the people polk county like guns. They have guns. Yeah, that goes couple. Guns and they're going to be in their home tonight. Gap with guns loaded rats correct and if you try to break into their homes to steal. To set fires. I'm highly recommending. They blow you back out of the House with their guns. Nice, so leave the community alone. Thank you and we'll do our best to support the community tastic, but ladies and gentlemen make no mistake about it. All of that ugliness has taken away from what we're united about. That's for sure we're united about. The conduct that you saw with George where he life was taken. Anita, the net that's right. It's horrific and there's not enough words to explain that. Let's focus. On that. And you know that's true. When we said that from the beginning, we're united on that. There's nobody who disputes that the police don't dispute it. Conservatives, don't dispute it Republicans. Don't dispute a Democrats obviously don't disputed, so we're all on that same page. Why can't we be united on that and leave it there and make sure that these guys get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? That's what needs to happen and he's right in polk county that goes double or triple or quadruple, for Texas. Your hope, so we're locked and loaded in tarrant county to so. Don't be messing with us, don't. She's man I would be a huge mistake for them, too. I think so too to do that. I think so huge mistake in Texas or Florida. I'm sure you're. GonNa get shot. In Texas especially, it's night. I mean you don't have to even be at my house. You could be outside. On my property somewhere throwing stuff at it and I can shoot you and I can shoot you. Don't want to. But certainly will get threatening my family. Threatening my family, my property I'm going to defend it i. just am I really don't want to, but I really will. I don't WanNa hurt people. So, it's probably just really good safety tip not to come out to our home. We get to get ours, too. Yeah? That's right I'm just trying to I'm trying to protect my family and my stuff, okay? I'm not trying to get your money's. Trying trying to keep mine, okay. I'm trying to do. You know what I'm saying I. Know What I'm saying. Good. Floyd. As a little bit to do with that, you want and the saddest part is. It had everything to do with that at first. We were all on that same page. I mean that was. It was horrific. I don't know anybody who seen it. WHO said Yeah, they I don't worry about that. He's that seems reasonable to me. Nobody thinks that. I was listening to on Fox News this morning. They said that somebody mentioned to the Guy You know the cop with the Nian his neck like to say his name, but somebody said to him. Hey, don't you think this is you've you've done? This is enough? No I don't. Is what he said. Have you seen that her? Because I did not see or hear that in any video is artisanal video of this the angle of him. You know that was like seven, the seven or eight minutes of just that possible. In there, because apparently, somebody somewhere did ask. Hey, isn't this? One of his colleagues. Said Oh I don't know about that I. think that's enough. I was thinking I was thinking definitely heard it from the story and Judge Napolitano on Fox's morning said it could be first degree murder because you can plot while you're in the act to kill the guy. And it seems like if you're telling him. That's not enough I'm going to keep doing this. you maybe have made that plan to kill the guy. That's mean. He was dead for two minutes. By the time he finally took his knee off of him. Just Oh, yeah, I mean it's. unconscionable. What happened there just unconscionable? and. Yes, we would all be united around that theme and we'd we'd love. We'd love to make this about you know. Let's make sure that bad cops are not part of our police departments anymore, and we could move forward on that together, and I think even the key I know even the police departments will want to do that. The want to root out the bad guys. The douche bags the racists. Nobody wants them on their force. Nobody no good police one bad on the force. He's don't or SNA. It hurts them, too. So. We could have all been united around that and Maybe make some changes for good. But instead it's become this weird thing. Meanwhile Barack Obama. Never letting a good crisis go to waste. is saying that. He thinks people can move forward now to sustain momentum and bring about real change. Good is not wonderful his. You know what kind of fundamental transformation he wants to make at the United States of America. Ultimately it's going to be up to a new generation of activists. He said to shape strategies the best fit the times. But I believe. There are some basic lessons to drop. From past efforts that are worth remembered. His message, overall stress, the importance of voting and participating in politics, particularly at the local level where decisions on ground level, criminal justice and police practices formed the bottom line. He wrote. Is that if we WANNA bring about real change you know the real socialism communism Marxism that he's trying to bring a. Good Change. Yeah, they're really good stuff. The good stuff like like Karl Marx, prescribed in unlike. Vlad. Brought about in Russia gladwin and was in an innovator what he had vlad man he was. He knew what he was doing. He really did and now the Mao Tse. Tung's you know in China. They've all done these things. So, we want that kind of change you know. We have to do both politics. And protest. If we want to bring about real change gay, it's not between politics and protests is we have to do both? We have to mobilize to raise awareness, and we have to organize and cast our ballots, and to make sure that we elect candidates who will act on reform. So bad so dangerous rather than being out in front and saying hey, enough of this okay. This is not doing George Floyd. His memory and his family any good. This is really counterproductive destroying your own neighborhoods. You shouldn't be destroying any neighborhoods. Not Your own, not anybody else's stop. Why aren't the voices of Barack Obama and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Saying those things I I mean I know Sharpton and Jackson went to Minneapolis. What are what are they said while there I haven't seen any seen. Seen Are they calling for calm or that? BET, they are yup there. Are they calling for? Sure. Yes, yes, that's exactly what they normally do. Man Well speaking of everything going on and being locked and loaded. let me tell you about target pro. This is something that can make you proficient with your gun. In case you ever need heaven, forbid we ever do, and we hope and pray. We don't, but if you have to defend you and your family. Will be proficient with your gun. One of the coolest ways is to dry fire at home, using the proprietary APP of I target pro and their laser bullet, their caliber specific laser bullet really convenient. It's completely safe, and it'll save you a ton of money on ammo to. Dry Fire training helps develop muscle memory. It helps with target reaction speed sight, alignment trigger function lots more. It comes in all the major calibers, including two, twenty, three and five fifty six, so you can stay sharp almost any firearm. Forefathers Day, which is coming right up. I think it's not this week, but it's the one after Zara. What bothers is close not this coming Sunday next. It's been almost a yeah. Yeah for Father's Day at ten percent off plus free shipping when you use the offer Code Pat. Don't let circumstances dictate whether or not you can train. Take control back with target protein letter I then target pro dot com I target pro dot. com offer. Code Pat. Is. Pat Gray unleashed. We'll tell you about black guy who is making a difference for good. who was out on the streets? Going through his I think he's I think he lives in New Mexico. He's in Albuquerque or Santa Fe or one of those. New Mexican downs and he has a he he's an Ma champion Jon Jones you familiar with No, but I I saw the video, yes, where he was trying to make the difference absolutely yeah, he's had some issues in his may career like I think steroids a few times, but I the GUY is. A BEAST! He's practically unbeatable in in the ring. He's pretty. Amazing! But he, so he was out on the streets. Feeling pretty confident in him, not being roughed up. By people on the street not seem intimidated at all. Watch what he was doing last night in New Mexico. Gangs going after these little Douche bags who have? Spray cans inner tagging. The way. Man Shut up. Spray can. Just takes it from him I. think that's fantastic. No, I'm sorry. You'RE NOT GONNA face property while I'm around, not not not on my watch if we had more guys doing that. We'd fix this problem in really really short order people that others have to respect you know people who? Carry some weight and and carry a the walk softly, but the carry a big stick. That guy didn't need a stick to carry a big stick. No is whole bodies, a lethal weapon and he can defend himself, and it's great that he's out there policing his neighborhood. That's fantastic. I love that. It just became a really big John Jones. Fan And we'll be watching his anime career a little more closely. Now that's that's really cool. Yes, it is while we've got these other boneheads calling for you know the loving. What's going on and encouraging? What's going on? There's somebody who's taking positive action. I love that love it. So, yes, so Al. Sharpton has said that. We're going to make sure that this prosecution goes down. And we're GONNA seek justice during the George Floyd vigil. So Good. Sure pressed. Goes Down Yes. Prostate -tising. You happens that the that the prostitutes cancer arrested. So the. Read it again. The WE'RE GONNA. Make sure this prosecution happens goes down goes. Dallas doused our in the most. Or yes? Okay, yes, all right now. He was in town. He held a prayer vigil said he was going to be back for the memorial. So I guess, he's busy left already, so he was a town, and they said it'd be back for the memorial jumped a bullhorn once and then be beat out of town. Gosh. Wow, that was quick. He's usually in their revenue things up. It's been a soda. Was Jesse said what is just? What kind of rhymes his he. Developed since he's GonNa Minneapolis. Minneapolis is hard to ride with other words. Kind of so maybe he doesn't have anything to out couldn't rhyme it. Is that possible I think that it is possible. Who there's there's some audio Jesse. Though is there we're GONNA have to listen to that though. We're tired of being used as target practice. What I'm seeing is that we're tired of being tired and I'm tired of that. I'M TIRED OF PEOPLE SAYING THEY'RE TIRED OF BEING TIRED. They're sick and tired of being tired. Well. Aren't we all? I think we all took. Yes, thank you, you know we're all we're all. There were all sitting on a powderkeg I mean so many of us are tired of. The laughed continually trying to make this country. Remake it into. Their ideal of some you know. European Socialist. Nirvana. At least that they think it'd be some kind of Nirvana. Switzerland, Denmark I. I'm tired of all of that. I'm tired of being told that There's no other consideration other than a woman's body when she's making the decision to kill the child inside. I'm tired of being told. There's ninety seven genders instead of two. I'm tired of rioting every time something like this happens. I'm really tired of all of that. Somebody has oh the What's The guy's name? Who's the founder of bt? He's got a really good proposal. I, don't know if you've heard this or not. But I think we need to. We need to really stop and. Consider this proposal because Maybe this could fix everything. Maybe Mister Johnson Johnson is his name. I forget his first name, but maybe he with this proposal fixes all of it. Seera cut nine from Mister Johnson from bt. Now the time. To go be! Short answers to long. Horrific questions about the stain of slavery. I'm not going to solve the inequality from. To focus on well creation, wealth creation, well, generation generation did do that we must. Bring the descendants of slaves right, yes! Equality quality this nation, and that's what I propose and this fourteen trillion dollar. Also way. What I'm sorry when what? What. That's why. I'm bringing this fourteen trillion dollar proposal. into the discussion, so wait for. Did you just say fourteen trillion at fifty? No, it's at least if he's not asking for forty trillion or Quadrille Ian, so shut up. He's got a good plant. He's got a really good look. He's already got a budget It's a fourteen trillion dollar budget, so there is a limit. I have a fan. Who isn't man I'm a fan of wealth wealth growth. Creation is what he's talking about well. That's actually not what he's talking. We're going to get into what he is talking about, and that's wealth redistribution. In the second L., the rest of this or eight trillion dollar for. Okay to. Provide reparations now only for the San or the atonement of. Slavery grow is positive for segregate not only for the sin, okay, not only for the sin, one sorry, none of us are committing that sin. No we none of us have committed that sin my answer, even if my ancestor did, but they didn't because they weren't here at the time. So my ancestors have never participated in slavery. Nor am I responsible for what my ancestors did I shouldn't have to pay for that sin. Commit. I didn't commit it. And so there's no reason to redistribute my wealth to anybody else 'cause I didn't do it. And that is so wrong to hold people accountable for doing something they didn't do, but I will say it's not your wealth that he's redistributing. He's got a bit TERI plan of unfortunately. Dollars say it's coming from Pat Gray Bank account specifically pad grace, but we're. We're going to get into the where it does. Come from in a second here. Let's see more of this. Desegregation both. You're. But to cause America to live up to the concept, and the notion that this nation was born on the idea of American exceptionalism. Weekdays. Big Bleak. I. Am advance that the problems that we confront today. Can Be solved, but it takes a been bold action and orting trillion dollars in reparation. Miserable Bong the. Heirs of slaves. Is An appropriate statement. Thank you, yeah, yeah, it's appropriate fine. Yeah, he's. He brings up a really good point. Everything will be fine. Everything will be fine. We didn't really get into the follow up. Question which was. Where is this money coming from so Rob? Maybe you can cue the the really lengthy one cut eight up to the part where we just left it and we'll take it from there. Let me know when you have that because it's fascinating, because when he starts talking about at the beginning is wealth creation. Well, that's fine. Let's create well for them. Let them create their wolf. Let's create wealth whatever, but that turns out not to be what he's actually talking about and this is. We spoke many times I. Don't think you've ever embrace such a radical idea. And this is new for you out and I've seen it put forward before. and not taken. To. All the way to mainstream thinking and I think you're embracing. It is probably going to get a lot of people talking about this. How would where would the fourteen million come? Lately we've we've been thinking. We can do three trillion here three in there. This would be through. Some type of wealth transfer from from the haves to of people that have the money, the the wealthy individuals. Where would that? Fourteen trillion come from. Joe Let me, just say on the contrary. I put out this statement. on it's on my website, but on my website tends twenty nineteen real optimistic for this reparations I'm not new to this talents. To the point you're making is that. Wealth transfer is exactly what's needed. This okay now the. First Years. Of Slavery. Labor taken with no compensation is a wealth transfer. Denial of access to education racing. driver. For second take that up with the slave owners at the time, the slave owners in the slave traders. Take that up with them, not us. We do any of that. That is not our fault. We didn't do it. How do you take this money from people? Who have worked their whole lives, and then who do you give it to do? You give it to people who only improve their ancestors were slaves to get it. Give it to only people. WHO ALL BLACK PEOPLE? No matter from where they came. Do. You give it to who where does it stop? For instance, if if this black family didn't move to the United States until last year. Are they entitled to it as well if they just became citizens, are they entitled to it? As well are all blacks worldwide who've ever lived in the United? States entitled to it. And who do you take the money from I'm going to have to go to his website Yeah, go to. This plan less since he's not new to it all the way back to two thousand nineteen. Oh my Gosh! How old were you in two thousand eighteen Jeffey out, even remember wow so. I think you're only in your mid to late sixties. Doing it nineteen. Yeah! I mean it was whole long ago that. But. I'm sure it has plan. There is a stipulation of who because it's only fourteen trillion dollars. Yeah, right, so there's gotta be a cutoff somewhere. Can you imagine how much you would have to tax people to get to fourteen? Trillion dollars. Fourteen trillion. Who are you taxing? And how much at what rate? and Are you only taxing white people just do wealthy black people like him, for instance like the founder of be et. Do you owe the tax? Our only white people. Do Hispanics own that old attacks, or is it only white people? But a nightmare i. just the logistics of that thing let alone the morality of it the wrongness of it the stupidity of it. Really hard to figure out. How do you do? How do you work that plan at all doesn't make any sense at all. Triple Eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety-three, and PAT unleashed on twitter. Pat Gray. Thank you for being here with us. Triple Eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety, three, and it pat unleashed on twitter keys out this weekend Jeffey fill. It informed great to have you with us by the way Jeff. Thank you. It's great to be here. I can tell great to be here. It's great to be anywhere right right, thank you. Thank you some tweets? The St forty-two tweets wait I. Thought Pat lost all his guns in an accident. Yeah I thought that too until it. Lueders are actually threatening to come to neighborhoods that I want them to know. Yeah, I know. I have I found him. I did dove to the bottom of the Lake Ocean. River that I lost him in audio water, the body of water that I lost him in and retrieved. Let them dry out for a few days or good as new now they shoot really straight so. From laugh track. In. That's true. It's all true. I ran out of my Obama money. We all need more money's bell. Yeah, we do. It's true. Groping Joe's cafe can we get? Can we expect some new RHYMES FROM MR? Rap unleashed called. Get some monies with my real ones. Maybe possible, it's a good idea is. Get some monies with my real one really good clip. That could be a new a new faith. I'm just I'm just out here. My real ones trying to try to get some monies. You know what I'm saying. What about George Roy? Well that little bit a little bit, too. Thanks for the reminder by the way, because yeah, I forgot that. Almost forgot that part of it. I was trying to try to get some monies so hard that I almost forgot about. The mate will not the main a little bit of little bit reason that we were here. From discarded tissue. I find it amusing. Amusing that so many former anti-gun folks are suddenly pro gun. Yet seems that way Michael's Daddy tweets wait so there are no roads. There are roads from the protesters to pat unleashed house, but there are no roads from Keith House to PAT's house. That's correct. Yes, that is correct. Good observation by the way. From Steve The riots show why we just can't have nice things. Really, do pursuer. WHO's your volunteer? What does Greta Thunberg have to say about all the Hollywood money being diverted from climate change? ANTIFA bailout. How that's what she said. You right there. All donating funds. He I mean Chrissy Teigen even after president trump. She declared his Saturday night. Maga- night at the White House. She said I'm GonNa Donate one hundred thousand dollars to bailing out protesters across the country. And then she took a hit twitter started calling her outriders and criminals, so she decided. Oh, they might need more money than make it two hundred thousand. She's the worst. She's so good for her. Yeah. Do whatever. Criminals good good for you eight. What about the businesses that have been? No Austin looted. Many, many of them black owned, and they done nothing wrong. And apparently there's no support their groping Joe's cafe. How about there comes a point where you stolen enough money? But they never go. No, no, no, that does okay. Daniel Chapelle Hey lueders my thirty dollar sneakers aren't worth getting shot. It's a really good point. Know don't come after him. In fact, my sneakers that I'm wearing right this second or a. what are they called sketchers? Ski To their sketchers let worth like eight dollars or something sculptures. Yeah, they're just not worth them super comfortable. Out here with my real ones tweets. It happened so fast, doesn't it? I Knew I love John Jones for a good reason, absolute blast to watch the octagon as well. Yeah, very true. And now. I mean a really cool. Getting involved and doing the right thing. Guy which makes me an even bigger fan, a damn shift tweets. Why isn't Jeffey doing the same? He carries a lot of weight around. I mean yeah, he's I. think that might be a point that he's making about. You being. I'm just saying then. Maybe he had some sort of A. Sort of. An overweight comment. Yeah, that's kind of what Carrie. Yeah Yeah. I didn't realize you didn't really yeah. Yeah, okay, yeah! I thought you might misunderstand so I wanted you to be sure that thank. That's what what he meant there. From Bronco Nagorski Fan Club. Give me your spray. Can and your lunch money that your mommy gave you before you left the basement? And it did look like those are both white guys, right? Let's see John Jones video again. Real quick because I I think he took this brand's to white guys. Britain. White Guy they're. Not The way breaking. Doing the nothing. But a white Douche bags. That's that's great. WHO's distinct the way Bro so were. Yeah Yeah it is. The perfect way. Yes it is is. screwy police said back in the eighties. It's the a perfect way. There's a nice obscure though kidding. Wow, our screening the lady, perfect way remember I, do you don't? Really, wish I could play it, but. They'd flag as unready scrutiny political scrape elite I, apologize. For not being up with my, what is the scrutiny scrutiny? POLETTI perfect way song perfect way so glad politics. Scrapie Liddy skirt polity a great song I. Check it out after the show will. Or during the show that matter. Triple Eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety three. All right. Let's what were we We were showing the. be yet the BT with reparations guy. Mister Johnson from the founder of B.. E. T.. Let's go ahead and play the rest of that where he's talking about the reparations in how? The. Reparations will be I. Guess How the Reparations Fund will be. Funded Here's what here's his thoughts on that. You Out, and I've seen it put forward before. and not taken. To. Taking and I think that you're embracing. It is probably. Going to get a lot of people talking about this. How where would the fourteen trillion come from lately? We've been thinking we can do three trillion. Here's three trillion there is would be through. Some type of wealth transfer from from the Havasu of people that have the money, the wealthy individuals. Where would that? Fourteen trillion come from. Let me. Just say on the contrary I quit out this statement. On. It's on my website on my website since twenty nineteen. Real about the for this reparations I'm not new to. This is talents, but to the point you're making. Is that wealth transfer positives? So this plan of his, he's not new to. It goes clear back to twenty nineteen. I think Jesus was walking the Earth, wasn't he? That was part of his ministry back nine nineteen. Yeah, possible! Yeah! This shortly before the crucifixion. I believe he's talking about right here. That's a longest guys been involved way back in two thousand, nineteen or Here the rest of his exactly what's need? This. For Two hundred years or so of slavery. Labor taken with no compensation is a wealth transfer okay okay. Access to education, which is the primary driver? Accumulates you know of income and well? is a wealth transfer. Yes, a housing. Program that we at all in America believe in your house. Is Your your hobbies castle and therefore the government. Historically subsidized mortgage lending by the Prima tax. But think of this African Americans with no accumulation of well. CanNot Afford to meet the down payments of ownership. and. Therefore, they live in apartments. And where there is no deductability. Interest they pay on the League for the income they young elites. That's why. Positive for second. There's plenty of white people in that same situation. Yes, there's plenty of white people who are poor or can't buy a house. He can't afford one right now, so. do they get reparations to 'cause? They can't afford. What a weird argument that is so. How did he do it? By the way, is everybody else just inept? There are the rest of. The minorities that he's speaking. They're all what the Hell Dumbo. The man held down by the man. Somehow, he wasn't. because. This guy's a rich guy. He's an incredibly wealthy millionaire, if not a billionaire. Robert Johnson we should look up. As well. Liz Look. I mean it's multi-millionaire. Right gotta be at least I mean at least in the hundreds of millions. Is You know it's not just? Et? This guy's done. He's done stuff. He's an entrepreneur. estimated net worth of two point eight billion dollars Okay Julie, two point eight billion dollars. How'd you do that Robert? How come other people can't do that why I mean? It's real. Incredible all right. Let's hear the rest of this African Americans. Forty percent of homeownership white Americans seventy percent of. Bob. There's something in every sentence. Okay. The population overall. Is Seventy eight percent ish, white and fourteen percent black, so of blacks are at forty percent homeownership. Isn't that a? Isn't that out doing their? Percentage isn't that a higher percentage than? White people because. Yeah. All right. Let's hear the rest of Americans seventy percent of Bob Will you put back together lack of access. You educates lack of access to home. Can. Take of. Being educated white people are what do you mean? They have access to education I'm sorry, they just all Americans have access to the public school system I. Mean You might you can make the argument that their schools aren't great in those in there i. don't know in the minority era of dumped. All millions, if not hundreds of millions billions over time. Public School of dollars sector yeah. I'm sorry. Yes, everyone has access. Yes, okay, all right. Let's see how far. Factors together lack of access. You educates lack of access to homeownership, the primary source of wealth for most Middle Income Americans. And discrimination you have had over the past two hundred years. Anything and wealth transfer from White Americans away from. African Americans. It's still flawed and so ridiculous and so. Disproven. I it's. It's beneath him. It's been that's. That's a plan beneath him but fourteen trillion. In, reparations! Why? We should do the do the math on that. Because how many black Americans if black America is fourteen percent of the total population? It is three hundred and thirty million so thirty, three million would be ten percent. What are we talking about forty, five or fifty million people? So, you divide fourteen trillion. By four, let's say forty five million. And let's just give everybody an equal share. Is that what we're doing? I. Don't know if that's how he's got a calculated, so everybody gets. What like eighteen bucks? Guess Jeff that. Off Top my top of my head? That was quick. That was no I have. A good job. I mean there might be a decimal point, and maybe it's not exactly eighteen, but maybe it's eighteen point one, eight, eight, hundred eighteen. I don't know. It's possible though. All right and everybody gets a cut. Everybody gets a cut. Everybody gets. There's everybody except everybody is trying to get some monies and everybody gets some monies what I'm saying. The white man except the white man well. We're the ones giving them the moneys. So. All Right, let me take sixty seconds. Tell you about Patriot mobile while Democrats in their media allies keep trying to make it harder for Americans to get out of this economic nightmare. US to stay quarantined until I don't know twenty, thirty, six or something, yeah. It's ridiculous. It's insane. Is there another new? You look like you had something really to know. I just amazed at. I keep hearing that where I know. You're in the middle of the Patriots was, but it's incredible to me that I keep hearing. We're opening things, backup and yet. We're not. There and after the after this after what's happening now with the with the riots and the protests? They're going to want US lockdown for a whole lot longer. That's for sure a whole long slide. You did Patriot mobile. They're trying to help you out right now by. customizing a family plan that starts at just twenty five bucks a month. Plus they share your values. You know that by now. They don't charge hidden fees. They make it really easy. Give you a whole bunch of options. Keep your phone get a new one. Keep your number get a new one whatever you wanted to call nine seven two patriot. That's nine seven two Patriot or visit, Patriot mobile dot com slash pat get your customized family planned today, starting as low as twenty five dollars a month patriot, mobile dot com slash pat. Pad Gray. Trying to. Help people get their money's. You know what I'm saying. It's what we're doing here today. That's what we're all about. and. George Floyd. That to a little bit, you know a little a little bit. But mostly. Just working with my real ones and trying to get some money. You know what I'm saying. So. And that's really kind of what. Robert Johnson A. B. E. T. is doing is trying to help people get some monies man. A man this is. He's in amazing success story, too, because in In. Twenty fifteen. The spring of no in in this totally fifteen that would be quick in the spring of nineteen eighty. He took out a fifteen thousand dollar loan fifteen thousand dollars. and set out to launch his own business, which now has made him were two point eight billion dollars American dream American dream, and if I'm not stake in, he has a black American, is he not somehow he did it? So. Why can't others? Gray? Dribbling nine thirty. Also. Pat Unleashed on twitter where reverend AAA tweets. Is it. Possible for Chevy Punch above his weight. No. No it is not. Know Awesome. She's awesome, possible no! Out! Here, with my real ones to restore. tweets, these protesters are getting pretty confident in Kansas. They've moved into smaller cities, but still blue cities. They're starting to get warned by locals. About not getting out of the blue, areas for their safety. Day Jeffey stretchy shoes tweets. Where's the founder of W. E. T.? Payment television well. That's all that would be. Right there their argument is on every other network is white entertainment television that Sir, yes, or female or right to exactly no matter what your? Personal Pronouns are? To counter the slave reparation argument. Oh, that's right. That would be racist. Yes, that is correct. It would be Care Thirty twenty two tweets. Where are the parents like the kick? Butt Baltimore Mom who beat the crap out of her son in public, a live TV when she found out, he was rioting I wife was just saying the same thing. Really ask about the mother's suicide that mother to good question. Nothing mask since anymore. Instead of makes getting nothing masks since anymore. Oh, I will say that as a as a as a bonus, the protesters and rioters. And looters, and destroyers. They are wearing masks. Yes, oh, that's the. Thing. That is a thing of the past they got thousands and thousands of people jammed in altogether and some in some cases they're locking are. Touching each other. If we don't kid a massive second wave out of this. You Cut. You got to kind of say okay, we've been. We've really panicked too much about the corona virus. Right. Isn't that logical? And, how that will get you in trouble? Yeah, starting to think. That is true. It is logical. We shouldn't have trying to think. No anyway, the actual numbers don't matter only talking points matter only feelings matter. Come on, Pat Twenty Twenty, nine twenty nineteen. That's that is true yeah! From Does. Johnson's reparation proposal also means that the descendants of felons will be held accountable in perpetuity for the crimes committed by their ancestors, pretty good question. Jeffey spacial distortion tweets. I have another proposal for wealth creation. That I like better. It's called a job or work at their user. Racist. That's racing Q.. That's racism right there, thank you. Steve Hundred Bucks says there's no amount of money for reparations or wealth redistribution that will make the race baiters happy well. Yeah, they'd be out of Gigs Right I. Mean You stop with this? And they get reparations and you get everything. They've been asking for all these years well then Jesse. Jackson and Al Sharpton are out of job. Fourteen trillion is pretty good fourteen. I don't know about you but I like the sound of fourteen trillion at sounds like a lot of it does sound like a lot of money. You know you start adding a trillion here at a trillion there eventually. You're talking about real money. Eventually, and that's what you want. That's what. Yes if you're with your real ones. And you're just trying to get some money. You know what I'm saying. then. It's okay. Let's see for blaze addict. Why don't they just call reparations what they are extortion? Oh i. No No, no, don't say that no from. Him so being of mixed race with Obama. Pay Reparations or receive reparations will, both he would pay reparations to himself I. Think is how. Does anyway. That's a really good point. What about yeah? Mixed races like you're half black half white. Then what you get, you get them. Yeah, you get him. There's no question. Put to dance. From ovid bullet twenty three I am not going to lie. I wanted to see someone. Throw a punch John Jones. That would have been interesting those. Kids they're not. They're not going. Quietly say that's not the way Pearl. Perot that's not the way we're not doing nothing well. Yeah, you just prove my point then. If you're not doing nothing, you are doing something. Right, who's with me on that? You know what I'm saying. No I'm saying. Sing Towel virus. Denial of access to good education is reparations. Didn't Obama close all the charter schools. Keep did A. Unbelievable It's just unbelievable. aright triple, eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety-three, also at pat unleashed on twitter. Now I understand. There's some controversy going on involving you. And Elton, John You're trying to set up a funny questioning yesterday on on doing the fat podcast which you should subscribe to that. My daily podcast. that. I was concerned about Elton John. Times are tough for everybody across the board. Right and Elton is starting to struggle a little and I was questioning whether we should set up a gofundme before or not and I ask people to email me at. To the fat of the blaze Dot Com and you know it's an overwhelming. No and I'm a hurt I. Don't know felt can get bus selfishness so? Think. That's what it is now. Tell me what the problem already building. What happened, so he had to cancel his world tour on. Oh all right because of the because of the road. And that was. That's worth. You know at least sixty million. Dollars shook. Million dollar hit yes. That's a big for many of us sit is. For many people, it's a big hit and. His company. Racket entertainment the people that were going to be furloughed at like eighty percent, and he said no I'll pay. They get full pay No I'll pay them full pay, but now he's had to lay off a few people. Elton, yes. he's, he's laid off the band. or The tour and he's laid off some not obviously not all the staff, but some of the staff at is Atlanta House No. So? I I. Don't know like he an Hubby and the kids just took off from La and flew flew into London to the London House I. Mean, of course he has the you know he has. He has the. Hills House! Yeah because the Los Angeles House yeah. He has the Windsor. House ending has in place in France. Has Place in Italy but the Atlanta House now he's had to let some of the staff. Go in, ATLANTA. At Atlanta, House. Go and I just I was really concerned concerned about Elton and his and his struggles during the during the coronavirus lie counted. What six homes is all spread out in five or six world? Yeah, and he's only worth. An estimated five hundred million dollars, according to Forbes Five, hundred million. How much you know! Well, but he's lieutenant any lost sixty. Tour already. Thank you don't win. That's coming back. Yeah, you don't and again, not all the staff, but some of the staff. At the Atlanta House had to be let go no and the man right. He's not paying rent. To let the band we're not at the. Way That is so so people are saying he doesn't deserve a gofundme page. Thank you guess what I'm saying. Chrissy I'm I'm shocked saddened by Arlen, I thought we cared about people. That's what I thought we cared about. Yeah, that's some selfishness right there. That's all that sheer unadulterated selfishness. From a guy who's just hanging with Israel? Ones and he's trying to get some monies. You know what I'm saying. and. He can't right now because of the the. Road? Wow and might also understand that there's something going on with. Tulsi Gabbard lucky to be alive. I surprise. You haven't I mean. The issue with Tulsi lucky to be alive, because well, she. figured she'd you know accidentally fall somewhere, but she's now dropped her fifty million dollar lawsuit against Hillary Clo- yeah. I heard that yeah, so he wanted to stay alive. Right, she did not want. To be. Clinton death was four, hundred, eighty three was close. She dropped the suit, so she's good now. He's going to be a lot, so she was not smear. Hike Hillary Clinton well. She said you know the action. Still Have Legal Barrett, but they wanted to focus on the coronavirus, pandemic and defeating Donald Trump and twenty twenty. and. Not, die. That's really the thing yeah yeah. Guy Is Really what I read between the lines there. She's lucky to be alive so very much so so good for her I. Guess I guess it's good for him I. Guess if you believe in something, you're supposed to stand up and fight right. I mean that's our. Yes, we believe that. Yes, airily. Belsey does not and so she just wants trump out of office, and it meant that much to her. You know it's amazing. How and she's? She's usually one of the more reasonable ones about trump. but yesterday the president lashed out at some of the governor's because. First of all their first of all. They're allowing these riots to go unimpeded. They're allowing looting to happen in their state. And so are the mayors of these Democrat stronghold. So. Here's what president trump had to say about that yesterday is this. Positive for some heat on Lia, bullhorn with CNN there. Is that what he said? He shouting through a bowl. This is the phone call that he had the CNN. No with the governors. And he's. He's hollered at them yelling at them, and it's a it's a it's. I don't know if we can take the whole minutes to be honest with you. Really because we're going to have to, we have we have. We have trump talking his speech yesterday. At three in the Rose Garden, right, which is an important speech, which he's Edison, otherwise age he did said all the right things he did, and then we have him standing in front of the church. Yeah, we're going to get all of it. We're going to do it. All and we have been talking a little bit in front of the Church right. The Bible's Yes. But first, let's let's finish up on the governor. Okay, all right I know he's a little hard on all right? Here's what he says. Plays things aren't. They white down. You're probably character. Building. that. I've never seen anything like it all world laugh. I supposed to the cover of the company. I think the quality. And all of a sudden. I said. Garter, snakes. I and they just alpay that. It was the third time. I. Walked through, that was fun if They walk right through. Go the now deposed. Do, just the worst place evaded. Killer last night because election. Dominated! What happened to? Live in. Out Baby just other. What's happening hat, but? As because New York, because for that gets a lot of. A lot of Time on it. But you gotTa have to tough it up. National Guard want. Your. Police Force in the country. Forty thousand people also said. What's going on? All the. Dangerous with a stores that. Yes. It is it is? Down Dominate. He's right about that. He is right about that and you're turning. You're turning some of the worst spots into a more peaceful situation, which is gonNA. Come down everything. I mean he's making some. New York City you know. He loves to talk about Manhattan because that's his baby. And where you know all the all the media is but He Really Do York de Blasio did not want to have a curfew. He was I mean they forced him. The governor Cuomo forced him into getting a setting a curfew last night for the I think it was eleven o'clock. It was yeah, it was really late and I think the changing that now to eight. I mean the clock he was. You, know He. I mean he didn't do it. He said he wasn't going to have a curfew in New York and then after this, the report was after the long call with the governor. We'll have a curfew. then. That's fine, but that was all I mean. He loves these things you. He doesn't want to stop them. Thank you. His own daughter was at the Yes. Throwing projectiles at police I I don't know what it was. The article whoever wrote the story journalist didn't know exactly where I was, but they were throwing including her throwing things at police officers she was arrested, and then he said how proud he was of her for being part of it. So. You know there's no way he wants to have a curfew. No way he was forced into that exact. So that whole you know you've got to dominate is certainly not what Mayor de Blasio wants to do. No, he doesn't. What's the police in harm's way to be honest and he's? He's one of these people to who want American breakdown, so they can build it back up again. In their image. He wants Marxism to rein in this country and remember. Don't forget what he says. He doesn't know exactly what President Trump said. But it's his fault. It says he does know that part he knows. I don't know what's going on here all I. Know is it's Donald Trump's fault. That's all I know. This is pat. Gray unleashed. Moods say. Well. Aren't you just a glorified looter? Tat. Aren't you would say that. Aren't you hanging out with your real ones? Yeah, one of my real ones this year right now. Yes. And we're trying to. We're trying to get some monies could lead doing this show. Am I right? So yes. We're looting. You're right somewhat ask. What about George Lloyd? Somewhat night, said well okay yeah. I mean that has a little bit to do with it. But mostly. I'm here with my real ones and we're just trying to get some money. From CMO. Great Show today. Thank you. Just day I mean right so yesterday the day before. All the days before they had whatever glad to hear Jeffey nut sounding. Linke stuck in a well. That's true. That is true. For some reason, it didn't work on this show like it does on your podcast podcast the? Most of the time on the podcast since fine, yeah. It's weird weird. It is a weird phenomenon. I'm not really sure I understand not the explanations that I've received a, but you've gotten I haven't Gone Samak's. No explanations. Well that's good and you didn't understand him. Well, I mean I. Just eighteen moved on. It makes sense. Yeah Halibut ninety-six tweets. Does anyone else find interesting that Keith and STU are both gone during some of the most violent riots. Hot? If I think about it. Good about? Putin on a Ritz it's interesting to be. How many people on the left are all of a sudden trying to distance themselves from mlk saying his ways were ineffective. Seriously, nothing has changed since the sixties. It's interesting. I haven't other number. People can call talk about it. Petty, officer America tweets. Fourteen trillion dollars divided equally among sixteen million American blacks. Get this. Would be eight hundred seventy five thousand dollars a piece. That right I feel like I feel like we're What's his face now on? Your ahead of US everybody gets a million dollars. It's quite possible though sixteen million times eight, seventy five. Died Eight, hundred, seventy, five thousand. That could be about right. Sounds right I mean I don't know if you know this, but if that's the case, I am African me to live in America Black, but as petty officer, America puts, Democrats put a price tag on black people in America again no kidding. From Tobin, five and Thunberg consulting LLC. Did. We just hear you singing to Glenn Beck, Promo that should be out of Europe best of compilation, and yes, you did you did hear that? The American tweets if a protester parts of the woods and it's not live streamed. Is. It really happened though. To that question is as correct clearly no. Let's see David up. Luder guy needs to get some reeler ones the whole. Leave him at the scene of the crime. Next time he was the slower. Slow that's right. His real ones left him. That's a sad. That's really we should take from this whole day. His real ones split and left him. To be arrested. Or Guy. Pelosi's morbidly botox face tweets by calculator won't go to trillion and I ain't figure in the money's in my head. That would hurt too much. Wow, eljay, Trekker John Jones in two thousand eleven, stopped a Muggy, a mugging on the way to a UFC fight and still on the U. F. C. Championship that night. That's cool, yeah. You paid your own stimulus. tweets as someone of Irish ancestry, I also want reparations for the mistreatment, starvation and poor work conditions in the eighteen hundreds slaves were property, so we're taking care of as an asset. The Irish were paid so little. They could barely afford to eat. Even if even if a homeboy a mic you can't. SEE MIC is fine. You could say that because they're white people even if Oh well. It's also okay. Yeah, you can say mic because they're white people, white people can be insulted. We also got this tweet talked about you. Always hear the rich, get richer and the mortgage poor. Yes, it asks ever wonder why. Could it be that they both keep doing the same things that put them in that position Yes, be you know we had a? There was a post at a at a protest, and I'm not sure where it was, but there was one man there. That was talking to sixteen year. Old Man who is saying We gotta come up with a better way. He was saying that we keep doing it over. And over again it's about a four or five minutes I mean he was impassioned and very adamant, but here's thirty seconds of him telling this sixteen year old kid. You got to come up with a better way, okay? Let me take slow. White now it's happy. In years. Outdoor Ten years. You'll, be Also! Sixteen is come up with a better way is how we doing in a work. And he was, he was in passion for more multiple minute to this kid. It's this work. I mean he the guy there there was hollering. I'm ready to die was in his forties. I'm in my thirties. You're sixteen in ten years. You're going to be doing the same thing you got to come up with a better way, yeah! The kid was really paying attention to. Like okay, yes! Okay? Wow Gosh you kind of intense got through? What was it ready for that? We got through to I. I. Really do triple, eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety three. And Pat unleashed on twitter. Apparently, the kid was just out trying to trying to get some monies. With Israel ones and Can you blame him. There might have been a little bit of an element to. It, didn't he wasn't asked, but maybe there was an element of of George Floyd in there somewhere. But mostly. He's trying to. Trying to get some monies. Hat Gray unleashed nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety, three, also at pat unleashed. A TWITTER! Seventy six thousand nine tweets. All I know is. Is it safe to bring my cattle through the town tonight? got some cattle drive into town. I don't know maybe. I don't know if it's safe or not. It's always safe to bring your. Always yeah, don't ever. Maybe someone should bronco hurt at cattle through I think they should. Dave. We need to have a conversation about systemic racism. We also need fourteen trillion dollars. Twenty twenty is a nightmare tweens. WOULD REPARATIONS BE TAXED? Really good question if so government gets a percentage of that back. So think before extorting money. It would come back to bite you. Let's say you get. Everybody gets a million right. I'm sorry, eight hundred seventy five thousand dollars. I'm okay with Babbio taxed. Here's your cut government. Who instead just give them what to do with the Lotto? Want eight hundred thousand. Twenty five yeah right. Sheila's air pods with everything going on in twenty twenty. You think America was cursed or something. It's almost like it was built on an ancient Indian burial ground. Away. It is also. Almost. Jeffries belter league steel suspenders try looting in my town of one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty nine hundred people. We have more more guns then people in fact I plan on buying new shotgun handgun and rifle at the end of the month savages. Duct tape freak tweets. There's a hole in the window where a store wants. WAS SOMEBODY'S GETTING MONEY? How can you not have that tweet by thinking somebody's? Eighties that's almost a law. From USA News as a former New Yorker again, honestly say that they're all nuts because they're brainwashed. My own father was Republican in the eighties, and the last ten years watched MSNBC twenty, four seven. Wow! Oh on his deathbed, he said F trump. Oh, my Gosh, did he well. It's almost like Michael Douglas, right, the old man Michael Douglas. Band said something about Oh yeah, supposedly. Right! Yeah, 'cause on his deathbed. That's for sure what Kirk Douglas. You know that's true. Yeah, his last thoughts were about Donald Trump Michael. You could do something to stop. What was I gotta find those agonizing? President trump actually Everybody was saying how you scared. To death and he was hiding in his bunker. All of that stuff so yesterday, he made it a point to go outside. And took a walk across the street to the church, to say John What, it was yeah. That's why did I sure whether whether he went into the bunker or not? It was the premise of him going into the bunker that just stuck at his cross. Yeah, and he couldn't have that, and so he didn't. So there was a bunch of people that supposedly peacefully protesting in that area, and they cleared it out with tear-gas. And then. Once, it was cleared out with tear tear-gas. Then he gets with the secret service, and they all walk across the street and Here's part of that happening as president, trump walks to the church. their you see. This is amazing positive for a second. If you can freeze frame, look at the graffiti scrawled on. Property near the White House. Is that on the White House grounds, or is that just a? I'm not sure. I think we're were across the street I. Don't know I. Don't know. I don't know either, but that's very close to the White House and you've got graffiti. Scrawled all over the place. Despicable Ra, let's watch them walk with the Audio. Go. Really back. So we can turn up the audio. With this video because it's the reporter Yeah hollers out of here, we go. The president your thoughts now. What a dumb! That's first of all. It's not a question semester. Your thoughts. What you? That's a little broad Putin. Would you be looking for for me? That's a little broad put. All! Her question is brought. Okay, we'll. She's putting. Right not at all, not I mean that with respect for all Putin's. I would never call anybody up broad. Put All right positive for that is just so asinine mastercraft. Your. First time either when he's walking park. These walk through the park, a couple of the reporters. About. Why are you now thinking about? Run you over? That's what I'm thinking about token. Can you right knee I? Suppose to say Heine little hands. Our that was the thing. He does not like. Actually I think now I believe that he has normal sized hands. Don't you believe that I've? Give me your own. Normal I've not. All Right So then he stands in front of the Church for a little photo-op. Is this kind of a weird? Event is kind of a weird. It really is. It's more about him. Just walking over there yeah, proving he can go outside if he wants to. And not afraid of going outside. Yes, so he goes over to the church, which has been boarded up. When he's an incredible sight in itself to credible any holds up this Bible. Stay by just. Friday. Cut that's my. Terrible audio, the cuts in and out. West it's coming back. It's coming back strong. It's coming back. It'll be greater than ever before I hope you're right, may friend? Talks have right now taught. Changed in the last six feet. Why do your thoughts right now again now? What are you thinking how? How? What are your thoughts on bibles? because. He does actually have thoughts on by does have thoughts on vials? He has commented on his. On his bibles before I don't I. Don't know people remember this, but he told CNN about bibles. People send you Bible through. Why get sent by a lot of people? Well actually we collect them in a certain place very nice place, but people send me bibles, and you know it's very interesting I get so much mail, and because like you know I'm going to. Keep most can't mail. There's no way I would never do anything to do negative deal Bible. So what we do is do need it to all of the Bible, so we just keep them I would have a fear of. Doing something other than very positive, so actually I store them and keep them and sometimes give them away to other people. No, that's okay, so those I've had a Bible given night. DONALD TRUMP, but I've had a bible. Given well, people send me bibles all the time I mean. I got so many bibles at home that I keep in a nice place. We take a pet when when we both worked in Manhattan Yeah. there was no place to keep male placed. You know the head office. Wherever you want. I mean he's eighty thousand square foot apartment. Where are you supposed to mail? You can't when you're in a beautiful location. Maybe our location than Manhattan was not as not as beautiful as the trump tower location right so maybe that's why we kept mail. He could. As one of our favorite clips. And Love. He also talked about Church attendance which? Is the same interview. He talked about going to church. Oh actively go to church, or is that something? That's more just went when you can write a well i. go right well much as I can always always always on Easter okay always was his nature occasions. and. Sundays I'm a Sunday church person I'll go when I can. I. It's awesome. How do you argue with that you can't? You just can't get. You can't say he's not. Coworkers. to He always goes. On Christmas and Easter. On Sundays. When he killed him because he is a Sunday person. Score he He goes when he can. So you put that in your pipe and smoke it, will you? I'm not questioning you. I don't know why you're saying. I'm just mad I. You know I'm just here with my real ones. Trying to try to get some monies. You know what I'm saying. I apologize because Kirk Douglas. It wasn't saying anything against trump. What did he say? He said that Mike could get it done. Oh, that's right. That's right. It wasn't a negative statement. It was a positive stuff. Put better. It wasn't thinking about the president of the United States. But the guy who had no chance of getting the Democrat nomination. On his deathbed Kirk Douglas. Mica get a darn. Mirror that kind of weird. Raspy squeaky voice he had. Kirk Douglas I. Couldn't have meant that. Mike. Douglas's son who get it done take. Oh, no, no, no well because it was my Bloomberg's theme that making get it done I know, but that was his final thought. So we're just know that Michael that he quoted his father shared some of his father's last words, Mike, and get it done. That is so ridiculous. Come on, I don't believe that come on now. All right. Let me tell you about genesis. Nine fifty genesis nine fifty is awesome. If you're thinking of replacing carpets, because you've got pet stains or whatever kind of stain that you just can't get out of there. Before you spend all the money replacing him. Try Genesis fifty because for us. 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Just ordering a gallon of it, it also disinfects kills viruses. It's not just for pet stains. You can clean your whole house clean and disinfect your bathrooms and kitchens. Your countertops granite works great on courts and garage floors like the oil stains that you can get sometimes. It's fantastic genesis nine fifty. It's available on Amazon Dot Com, but if you order a gallon direct at genesis, nine fifty dot com, you'll get a free spray bottle. And a discount using the offer code blaze, so go to genesis nine fifty dot com. Pat Gray. So speaking of president trump. and His churchgoing. And his thoughts on bibles. Apparently Joe Biden. Just lied to some churchgoers. Say, he was in church, yeah, and he was. Just, talking to church members with his mask. On wrong? Oh, on wrong. They pulled it. Wearing a mask. Did he pull it talk? Yes, if you're going to do that, you just did the whole purpose, but. It just taken. Yeah, yeah, mistake. You look more of an idiot. Here's what he said. Like. This. Has, basically, shut down! Yeah, that's ridiculous country the last three months, and by the way I can shut it down a month earlier. We have probably another forty five sixty thousand people be alive instead of dead because he didn't listen to say some outrageous, listen to guys like me back in January were all saying Oh. We have problem. Listening to guys like you not new, because as far as I know, you didn't say anything in January about shutting down the country. Only now that we've there Saturday to say that the the wave was already started which we said by the way which we you know we now that's coming. They're saying you know that. Probably that was already here. Right, but there was some testing yet, so nobody knew about it right? Nobody was saying we should shut down. All Up January yelling at trump. It's for locking it down. Yes, that's right. We shut off the travel between here in China and they had a cow. Yes, that was Zena phobic in racist. Then we shut off travel from Europe now. By Gosh what are you doing? Don't give me that you telling him and he could have saved. You don't have any idea how many lives it would've saved or not. No no way reports of said that that's unbelievable. I mean even Faucher this January January twenty first Tony. FAUCI, we don't have to worry about this one right. Well obviously, it needs to take seriously and do the kinds of things that the CDC and the Department of Homeland Security are doing, but this is not a major threat for the people in the United States, and this is not something that the citizens of the United. States right now should be worried about. The fact that you said in January, Joe, Biden are. Are you black? People were saying we're should've shoutout a lot sooner like was very. Be People like me. On February twenty ninth. This is what Anthony Fauci, said no right now. At this moment there is no need to change anything. You're doing on a day by day basis A that's. That's interesting, haven't. That's another number people call about that. It, just. Gives me a rash is just unbelievable. Triple Eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three three then. We have this loveliness from David Hogg. Do you know. He has over nine hundred thousand followers. He has almost a million followers on twitter and he's such a all. Young. It's indescribable. You can't just not at least not on not on radio television describe David Hogg in real terms. Here's what he tweeted though yesterday. My GRANDPA was part of the ANTIFA forces in World War Two? Sad Donald. Trump is labeled him in his fellow vets terrorists. Idiot yes GRANDPA was part of the ANTEF forces. I'm sorry I've I'm not familiar with the aunt of a force in world, War Two. That's just asinine. He's talking about the US army. I guess they were anti-fascist. Yes, yeah, we're not the anti forces I mean that's why I see one of the some of the headlines that I get you know a daily email that are news reports, news headlines and one of them is Pretty. Left leaning. And so this one talks about you know. The US president didn't appear in public, blaming radical left anchors for the protests and the media for the hatred of anarchy. he's to continue to tweet from his bunker. He also said he would designate Antifa. which is short for Antifascism, not an actual group, a terrorist organization. Wait at does not an actual group. Corsair and everybody knows and that. Reporter knows it to. Just it's just another attempt. No matter what he does, get a smear trump. For no matter what and if you're defending, ANTIFA? You're really defending this group of people who were violent and fascist themselves. Come on yeah. So I guess on David Hugs Bio describes him as good at protesting bad at spelling, then we get his preferred pronouns. He him his. Perfect. Isn't that great that is. Such a hair. Though why don't you go with they there? There's they named. There's or you know G. GM shares and he just. He just he's just he's chosen his. It's okay, right? No, it's not okay. No! he's got to have something different now. This is is just. I think A. Anti people. That's what it is. Is Such A. Matter he's the worst. Absolutely reprehensible. Then we have. This editor of a progressive paper and her paper office in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. was. Ransacked by looters and rioters. And she was just devastated because the rioters shouldn't have destroyed her office. Since. Her paper is progressive, oh. Yeah. Oh Yeah, she said last night I was inside the building when the first brick was thrown, and then they they apparently through more, they stormed in, and they destroyed some stuff in there. And so she was upset. Because you know her progressivism should've shielded her. As, if the rioters would care or even knew. So, they'd goat. She got some tweets about. People responded no, no, it was a brick of peace. Well they were just over their money to break a piece. Yeah, right, that's right. There were out with their real ones trying to trying to get some monies. I love this. I, love this. Did you paint progressive over the door posts? In the hopes, the mob angel of death would pass you by. Loved that one is so great. Yeah, they! saw but they were. They were tearing tearing down the CNN building in Atlanta. Yeah, they as in the protesters, rioters and looters, and we're just assuming their pronouns or they. They them there. Yes, if it's not I Bala Yeah. They, don't they don't care. Don't care like this tweet points out. The left destroys everything you progress yourselves into a form of fascism, believing that any other idea than yours is intolerable. Till one day your establishment gets demolished demolished by the very progressive created welcome to the cycle of intolerance. That's great. Yes I, mean she's just got. An education yesterday. This is where your progress leads when you cultivate a fire in the name of being progressive. You can't ever be sure you won't be engulfed by it. Fire is blind. and. Then feel bad about being happy. That are play Scout I'm not happy. I'm happy that people are pointing out her hypocrisy. Yeah, like this. You should ask them nicely to stop. Because it don't, they respond to die alone to good friendly, wonderful loving dialogue. Just ask, it'd be nice. That's all. You seen our articles were with you. We're just. We're just trying to get you some monies. You know what I'm saying. What about George. Okay well that to a little bit. You. Know a little bit, too. Subdued not that clip must stay in all, yes. Yes must yes it musk plus we need to do. We need to do some research on Robert Johnson's plan. Because yes, the BT founder has a plan. Where we just read this. We just redesign the little bit. We redistribute wealth from US or from white people to black people. And all we'd have to. Redistribute is fourteen trillion dollars so. That's his plan and he's been looking. You may question. Say Hey, wait a minute. That's what kind of plan is that? He's been on it well. It's just a thousand nineteen, which is almost forever. That's almost forever piece not new to this, don't you? Dare say I just came up with this I've been on it since two thousand nineteen. Wow have you really? So, we'll look at some of his extensive. Longstanding research on. Yeah. We'll have to figure that out because he's worth. It's getting into. This is a great plan. Fourteen trillion dollars to black people. All right. We'll see you tomorrow. His, we'll still be trying to. Get some money.

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