Burgers, Baristas, Allergy heaven in Ambleside and Food Matters Live


Hello and welcome back to -ality today my name is Alice. Rose and I'm joined by Gordon and I'm Ruth Holroyd and today we're going to be talking about Our Week and we have very exciting special guest exciting for me. Lucie Nicholson who runs Lucy's on a plate in animal side and we chatted about in previous episode of the podcast and she really does have her kitchen under strict control. On the allergist rule. Catered for that. We'll give her a ring in the moment first small. Let's talk about some things that have happened in the news. Recently one. That was very sad. Was the eighteen year old boy who died from eating a burger. It's just so tragic a car. I mean. Every time one of these stories comes up. You just can't believe it's happening in a way and that is to be one after the other doesn't it exactly is is to still happening especially expandable yes. His name was Owen Carey and he went to buy a Burger Byron Burger the O two arena London and he told them about his dairy allergy. Now I must admit if I had a dairy allergy. I wouldn't think to ask when I was buying a burger. So so what happened Ruth. What happened with this story appears that the staff weren't really aware of this either but there was buttermilk on the actual chicken so it didn't look like it has the need milk in it but it was marinated in buttermilk? So own wasn't told that in staff didn't know that the problem with that restaurant is they were going with the verbal communication indication. So if you're looking at that Burger yeah you're right. Looks like it's got no dairy in it. It was cooked in dairy and that then makes it unsafe summer with dairy allergy. And what they're saying. Now the family Nia saying that is not good enough. The verbal communication of the restaurants or of noisy staff turnover is really high and also customers can often be young. So it's just they just have to change how this is done here. So he died fifty five minutes later there were so many arms of his girlfriend is just talk to his heartbreaking. Now did he have an EPI pen. Did he have antihistamine. No he didn't have his with him. Which is another thing which we talk about in other episodes with Dan who is a bit older than young men are quite risk? Because where do they carry their they. They are the ones that leave it behind often. She's one of my bugbears that you have to be carrying them all the time but it must be said. The blame needs breath to lie with with the restaurant. Does it staff training isn't it. And the communication. The the staff were asked the question and they couldn't I answer it so they must have been lacking in some kind of training now. I understand that in fact that they've upped their game. So there's a there's a quote here from Emma Katcher sister who said that Byron who really up their game and they do go above and beyond now as to what the current legislation says and they proactively ask if any body has allergies so they've learned but it took a death to do that. How many more times is this going to happen before something changes and what needs to change? Well I think from what I've learned is the people just need to start taking allergies more seriously it needs to be a higher priority list and cannot take a death breath to change this the Muslim. Yeah true I wonder if when people have reactions with reporters well in my case in most of my energy rations take the case with. Oh and he's left the premises. He's not there if he didn't have a serious reaction if he got better. Would you have gone back to that. Restaurant would just never gone back to Byron with have complained poll story there of what we do have less severe reactions. Still bad they still might put you in hospital. But you haven't died if I'd gone back to a place because I'd had had reaction. I don't think I would have got much engagement. Frankly you can imagine a scenario. Hello I came into your burger shop. Yesterday I felt very over. Twenty for hours cannot speak to the manager and the manager will just write it down somewhere. Yeah exactly nothing will change change. We have to keep reporting these things yes it might. I'd be a pain in the ASS for you to go back to that restaurant. Talk about it when you're actually you find now it's over and done within probably just want to get on with your week but you want to read card that yeah. The responsibility needs to be on on both sides customers. One of the things that I've started doing is reporting restaurants the Food Standards Agency. Especially if I think. There's some learning needs to happen. You report it and the Food Standards Agency will look into it. You don't have to do anything. What do they do when they've got complained? They speak to the local council and and then just as you would with a worry about food poisoning or unclean kitchens or something like that they will investigate and it's it comes under the same remastered environmental health of people. It's not easy to rates. Can you just quote long questionnaire. I've done a couple of times now. You know what they had an APP where you could just report something quickly and easily as this kind of stuff this development funding that hard. But you've got to go look for that and know that you can do it. It's probably any probably know exactly. Not many people probably now and it's probably enough of a barrier isn't it distinct comp. Copy Austin you've lived on if it's not a serious reaction or you haven't had to go to hospital you just move on. You never go back. Go back especially if you have been if you've had experiences in the past where you haven't been taken seriously and people have just gone. Oh sorry about that the point I suppose it's a whole load of ideas in my mind about how we could address this. I think the APP would be terrific. Thing reported APP if it was managed managed a proper way so that you knew that it was going to the environmental agency. They were tracking all these things and then there were some followup. I've had follow up every every time it's quite slick once you've done it you know they need people to know about it and to make it easier to you if you made it an APP. You'd do it while you're in the restaurant not twenty into a new download the full monty intimate exactly and it gives you. It gives the consumer the power back. Because it's like right in. This has happened to you. Higo his real easy way to do something about it without you. Having look. Would all be a cell phone and move honorable position after you ready. So that's appeal to our listeners. To the allergy today. podcast would an APP help you to report. What places to make the world a better place would that be enough to to give you the incentive to do get in touch with us? You know how to do so social media. The HASHTAG is allergy allergy today or you can email us at hello at allergy today dot co Dot. UK That's the one breath you shared an article about how the headline was quite dramatic. Wasn't it wasn't it because trendy nuts pick upon trendy nut. milks put coffee chains out of bounds. For Allergy sufferers. That was in. The Telegraph makes a really good point which I had never considered before it was not not out of bounds it. It's just not safe. I've talked about this before. If you go into the coffee shop pure borough familiar the beautiful machines. They have the spout that they for the milk with. I'm so time to do the sound defense copy mattering inbound like it. If you just look at that the one second and you've got serious dairy allergy. You're not going to buy a coffee made from the dirty rag. That's been wiping all of the milk. Residue off of that spouse McKay decided. That's not good for me. That spout is dipped in milk. So if somebody wanted a different kind of milk so an almond milk soy milk presumably they would steam heat that as well with the same spout. Yes yes now you've got cross-contamination of dairy pigmy outside with the sake rag is not going to get the allergens off. Why not for two reasons? One it's going to be inside the spout insights insights about. Yeah and secondly. He's a cursory whiter. Really making me not want to have a spout and I've been I've heard people IOS said to me. Oh the steam gets rid of the outages. It doesn't I used to work in a coffee shop. Many many moons ago and I have been one of those that use the dirty sake rag on the okay. I'm actually milk is quite difficult to get office because it does stick. It doesn't wash off with water. It's great and by the end of the day. You have to really give it a good scrape because it's from the holiday is is actually quite gross on this cross-contamination the other way of course. Because if somebody like me who can't do almonds if they were to some almond milk. Gosh and then give me dairy milk. There would be a potential for cross contamination there actually so it works. Both ways. Probably haven't thought about that. The never thought about it. So you were saying Ruth. There is a work around in their. Take your own milk. Yeah just make the poor milk street in. Just don't have nice hot steam. That's the saints. Defeat the object of one of these coffeeshops with forty two different kinds of marketing copy. I still enjoy go for a coffee. Allows you what you have just recently. I have been having plant milks but I will watch them. Pour into my drink. And what do they say when you challenge them probably think I'm slightly weird and I've been given hot hot milk. Instead of oat milk it was like a language barrier. I'd said Oh milk and she'd said Oh yes. I thought she said back but she said hot milk milk. Unless it's I asked oat milk and she said Oh you say hot milk see sound so similar that you can get confusion. Yeah Ashton Translation. That me. 'cause I'm really really fussy. I watch you pull my milkin. Please don't trust you come over here and do it once again. It's it's all about trust and can we trust the BARISTA. Can we trust the waiter. Can we trust the restaurant. They're doing thousands of coffees in the day. Okay so they just go on autopilot as we say time and time again it's a world of jeopardy Outta even with friends make the amount of times it happens in these people that know and now be handing me my drink and they just put milk in so come on allergy today. Listen tell us your story is how do you deal with the Barista in your local coffee shop. Are you studious. CBS Like Rufus. Or do you limit your choice from the menu to something that you know. We'll be safe and shoot you live at your choice. You shouldn't have to feel you. You're excluded just because you've got allergies and they can't be asked to do anything about it but they have like two gainers soya. Milk could be led to that someone could be legitimate nut milks but no other. No I mean it's a mind though. But after that the problem exactly they all the service providers workout service service which caters for your customers be inclusive not exclusive. I've got little handheld steam as he could always just froth them. What's the point of going to a coffee shop? If you get thrown copy bring you read. Mill can bring lickona cattle. I think you've got the business model wrong here of service the point that really addressing that balance is really important because as much as we say. Take ship of your allergies and you still want to get that silence of actually being able to walk into a cafe or restaurant and enjoy the service that there's work to do on the coffee shop so tell me how have you all week Spin Ruth and contents we start with you is because it hasn't been that grey. Haven't done very very much apart from nurse myself because I've managed to get shingles. which is her renders? If anyone has had it they will know so painful. I've never experienced the like it and they. This is a side effect from one of the medications you were taking. I think so. I've been having blood tests while has been on methotrexate which is supposed to help with my expert expert and I think it has helped with my ex smoker if this is the side effect then. It's not a good option really misses horrendous. And I now can't take that drug anymore because it's given giving me shingles older people more susceptible to it something. You can get an old age more and when you run down. People with cancer can be at more risk. Because they've go away mean system on your immune system at the moment must be going haywire. Because you've given up topical steroids. Yeah it's probably not great and I'm on this drug that isn't immune suppressant isn't so we'll see we'll see what happens now off the methotrexate. Nothing bad so far. I'm I'm in so much pain I'm not even thinking about scratching shingles contagious no. You can't cut shingles for me. But if you haven't had chicken pox you could catch chickenpox but only if you came into contact with the virus sophie shed tiles flannels or something so oh he's highly contagious but not really. If it's covered up seems horribly unfair is you know going through this stuff and then naturally as a side effect this is going. Oh Oh really good steak. Is You wishing you better from from afar avenue wherever the airwaves. Today aren't we. And what about you Quentin. This has been the first week that I've had no issues since we started this podcast. Wow warm I'm delighted to hear. The two thoughts interesting does take quite a good few weeks now recording. This had no food issues this week and and not had any more of a flare ups. So I'm feeling pretty good at the moment. Yes I'm sorry to say I'm in the peak of health relative to up up really yes we should. We should celebrate the weeks. You issues or problems. That is the goal and that is good to hear so I gotTa Greenstock this week to go on my child on the Fridge Cassini. Oh my Lee has been Only halfway through my pregnancy. I don't fuck deliver food at the moment. A lot of food as in quantities are you craving. I'm not particularly craving anything. Actually I just want to eat a lot of talent not nothing. You notice that you eat that you not so keen on anymore anymore. Do you know the first time I was pregnant. I couldn't face of vegetable in the first trimester. Didn't wasn't interested in for you couldn't drink coffee. I love coffee gene so but this time not so much. I've actually been craving more sweet fruity things unliveable. Three twice Anthony But we have had a chat today. Haven't we couldn't him have because we're in the officers of food matters and we've been recording another podcast which should be out any day now. The food matters podcast. So interesting wasn't an who is a really interesting panel discussion from lots of quite high up. People undefeated industry and one of the topics of discussion was about transparency. That people who got allergens just need to know what's in the food and you need to have traceability ability right the way back to the production plant and that does not exist. The conversation in that podcast was interesting because it does exist in the organics world. If you you claim to have organic carrots you have to be able to trace back to the farm. Exactly how much insecticide you have or have not used in order to have the organic stamp. It's it's possible the begs the question. Why don't we do the same for allergens roof? You must have come across this before in discussion people sites. May we not sure what's in. This is not something we made here you know. They've bought it in and they haven't got any person it came from. Yeah I have been told that before when you just sometimes you take a risk so it would be good if the food industry had traceability and I wonder how difficult it is for them to set scheme like that or maybe this resistance from the food industry to do it. You can imagine the lobbying against it interesting to be in the room. When they're doing that I think they were? DC catering for people with allergies as a lot more work like you've got to make up your men Muse. Equal to mark them with allergies are in there and then you can't deviate from that menu recipe and I think we're already seen is hard work though. I had an interesting experience against this week. Related to this I went to buy something in. Waitress was a green sticker on the product which said recipe change. Oh never seen Anywhere else up. Good boy could I do with that because when they do change the recipe as somebody with allergies. You need to know what they've changed because I kind of our take. It was just something like a sausage roll or something but they had actually changed the recipe and they fly ended up with a little green sticker. And I thought well done you. I have had that before with something thing where I was eating. It and my mom was then sitting there going. Oh stop eating this change the recipe and it's got Niba Domino's in it but yeah we hadn't noticed in this quite quite interesting. We're talking about free from an future of free from and that there's been a such a massive trend in wanting into eat vegan vegetarian food and the impact the butts on the food industry and we would kind of talking about him. That's hard for people with allergies because because Vegan foods are on the rise and particularly young people are making the choice to go Vegan or plant based the food industry is still lumping that together. Yeah the with allergies and it's probably dealt with by the same department and he shouldn't be because that different to say about you ruth but I've experienced when you say there's something about allergies. There is an element of assumption. You must be a Vegan. Yeah I've had asked me loads of times. Yeah see then getting only you're not getting any dairy or okay any meets either. Give me. I need my degree when that happens and also for Vegan is given something. That's not plant-based say there's milk it. They wouldn't necessarily know. But if a dairy allergy person is given something no can be really ill wants a choice. I'm one is. I'm not sure if people take so much care for somebody that's making a choice. I wonder with Vegan foods actually whether there is a need to worry about cross-contamination. I mean you'd think that they'd be passionate about it and I'll bet they're not. I think the saw those people offering the food maybe not. That's another addition of the allergy. Did they focused. I'd be horrified. Yeah transparency is about being able to see what ingredients are and one of the guests on that podcast. The food matters podcast. We took part in Julia Klein. She is from the sustainable kitchen and she made an interesting interesting comment about restaurants who cater for people with allergies and do that as part of their service. I was thinking about Lucy's on a plate in amble aside and ruth. We went there a few weeks ago. We talked about it in the podcast the other week we did and we said about it you couldn't you liked. What was it the putting that you liked the alice remember? So let's get Lucy on the phone. Let's have a chat to her and find out a little a bit more about her restaurant on how she deals with people. So let's dial are now I lose. Is Ruth Yeah how are you good. Thanks Yeah Hi Quentin Hi. You're a free literally. Just walk into the apprently. We just want to do a little sort of feature on. Ruth's experience of going to your restaurant and being bowled over I think by the attentiveness uh-huh right behind you gave so just quickly sort of tell you a story we would just find you really last minute as well. And they had a place available for a group of four and not the problem to cater for me and Lucy. You spent about twenty minutes ten to me about my allergies and then also coming down who is always gets a little bit worried about me so yeah. Thank you so much for that because it was really. We all had a lovely male. We were blown away by particularly me. Lemon drizzle pudding which kind hundred like taking over the whole lingering. Memory is just wanted a bit more of that really. Tell us about this restaurant that you run and how you cater for people like roof. You've got all sorts of allergies knotted Adelie because I love people and I love food and I also found in those days which is that he has written our Internet Internet with no telephone. My phone is very difficult to find things that For people who have particular needs for taking the third set years ago food was not definitely not on the radar in the way that is now people didn't really appreciate it what they put in what they would get out so they can also and how much it affected the health mile daughter. Who before I tell you the story with sixty three now at two children with leukemia when she was just two years old and and the only route that we could take to? Hopefully tension co her with stock of chemotherapy. I'm quite into alternative medicine and don't like like the idea of of putting too many horrible things in you but there was no other way so I knew there was a lot of writing and things in America and I loot those about you are what you eat and how you can handle yourself through food and how I found out about gleason on dairy and how it affects got So although I believe feeding her Clayton Free Diet to it I do think that it massively helped with her acceptance of the chemotherapy unser ability to resist some of the side effects. Sickness the information of the gut the mouth ulcers from patient. All that kind of thing and she didn't have a look at the effects that the other children had in the ward by not much like not having eaten. Sometimes you know stuff the off the trolley. In the morning she knew what she could and couldn't have even as little go on. I kind of then translated that into what I did in shop and I got not really into it and I realized how many people the everybody I'm trying to kick but how many people really didn't need it somebody wants to do. I need will be great and I can get. It's not it fine but you know you don't even glutinous and I can promise you if you did you. Wouldn't you know they could get and not how. I came down the path of restaurants that made show people that aware of what was on the page overestimate and now thankfully. We have to be very allergy aware and very young Conscious of what we put into the food that we feed. I enjoy doing now. What's the approach you take? Do you have a standard menu. which is gluten free or do you consult with each view guests and make something specially now and we have a standard menu so the majority of what we do is gluten free and we're sort of Remote would think dairy free as well wherever possible final. You have to be aware of theologists. I mean there are you know. They're quite off the main analysis. Now that you have to be aware of to to inform Yoga so when you run an establishment such as ours you know. It's quite the responsible thing but in terms of what we do. We quite well known for being a unique and individual. I think we all know thing individuals so we stick to script in the sense so if somebody comes in and says you know I have show or I have a particular ingredient salary. Or what have you and you know we are able to consign. Tell them what they can have which is a much nicer way of saying it's and then what they compact We have our own menu but because of the way on menu is done I mean most things do not need to have the ingredients in for example. Why do people sick and soups with flower? They don't need to you know taste to it. Just as good of course never thought of the refresh the way of looking at it and I love it was marked up so well I only needed to check. Does this putting have nuts in and I'm praying that I can have to lemon drizzle. We already knows wheat free and dairy free. So it's just it was really nice experience for me and I love the you're talking Lucy about looking at the things that people can have. They can't have. I think I'm learning a lot about doing. This book is having to take away the choices. The time so to be able to incorporate the needs of people is just such a lovely exploded and it was more like rather than feeling like I can have something but there's loads of bits missing from that meal which is often the case. Of course. I had different turn on Avocados. You make sure that the food looks and tastes the same very much. I mean the first bites with the is was ever. You won't be Oh food preference. You know whether your convoy or meat-eater fishy to a pet Qatar IAN or a Vegan. All you can't have you know sugar wheat flour soy all the rest of it you still want to be able to find. Food is really really appetizing. You know and I'm sure we will remember it no the days when you know you had read in teams with this offering. Yeah you know we we. Might you know really nice. gluten-free bread and and I'm where I think I think I think the key for having a nice experience an or should be. The case is communication so to walk into a restaurant. Don't have no idea what your allergies or intolerances are. All that happening is trying to touching them blindsided. You know people say oh. We've got somebody in our policy. Who is for to its intolerance DARRIEL COP now? It means that we already advised us up when they come in. indies might feel uncomfortable. They don't make us feel uncomfortable. The two way street and so I do think that knowledge is key. If you are phoning ahead took a restaurant then just let them know you know. I always let them know that. I don't want to sit in the middle of the room for argument's sake then you know. Hopefully I've on a nine hundred ninety conus wanted someone because from a restaurant points-of-view knowledge is a What we know we can do it? And it's the same in everyday life. Isn't it when you have to deal with knowing that what you are going to eat is going to suit your needs. We have to know that what we're serving. You is the right thing. Yeah can I ask. What would your advice be to the people who run the restaurant? The actually turned away. What would you say to them about how they might be able to approach things differently next time? Someone with an allergy gets in touch and does let them know. Look I'm coming in and all these allergies. What could they do differently? I think you you have to have a different head on as far as your training your staff. Somehow I'd like to think that people who run businesses change change their attitude. I mean there's no doubt that says the customer is always right. Let me put that to distance. The customer is not always right but we recap make them believe that they are the same thing different way really But it makes myself in a lot more comfortable unable to deal with program because may not be right but you know the member of team to try and make them feel right. I think where a restaurant is advice. Jason Avant Garde. She's GonNa be ninety four to go and they said you should be able to get the cool we can do do that. Is there anything else that you could. You tell us what you can hap- up. What do you like to finding out what they do like? It's much better than finding out what Tom T. I mean finding out what they teach is important but then find out what they like. What do you like me? Do you like vegetables. You like sauces. You know all those things. How many restaurants are you going to and you know for well being train I am? I reading the book chain such a refreshing attitude. I don't think I've ever been asked. What can you eat? It's a negative negative process. What can't you eat how to us? And and that gap bland. Your putting your trust in them and really know whether they're what they're doing but to be asked positively what you like like. It's refreshing simple thing to do. So when are we going to do very welcome. I definitely creeped trend. I think I think that definitely I mean I you know I love people and I think we all individuals you could serve a meal. Same email doesn't matter whether it's things that happen to the two to four people you're up now but everyone would have a different or how about. Somebody might not like it spicy too wet from two kinds of things. Nobody hot the same taste experiences. The next person to them so we need find out what people like and and sometimes restaurants put things out thinking about for the guest. Won't because you know popular you know. I learned that from the shot live on demand and supply no supply and demand basis and. That is a much better way of looking at your business really site. Okay what what is it that you would like that we can give you that will make your overall a really nice one and I say overall because that's we'll nobody remembers good food as opposed to They always remember. Could serve it interesting psycho. One final question I wanted. That's how many people you get requesting special dietary Neil's like Beicai did it common daily and sometimes I'm looking at the Irish tonight. I've got three three the same one thing. The I know the people that say. Oh Gypsy dairy free. But most people tell us because they united that we will accommodate them because he was before we could make a beeline for ramble side. Lucy's of embassy collusive on a plate. Sounds like the place it does when you do mention that. You're going to have a chat with them beforehand. You're on the menu. It will say it said that we were Rafferty party of four and it just mentioned someone's birthday someone's listening. This is a little paragraph beginning about. WHO's going off? It's just such a lovely idea. I'm telling you celebrating even breaking thing above ground. Well I see you again before long here before along with your lovely overzealous on. I thought it was wonderful. We should have somebody takes us like. Oh it's lovely having having having that person 'cause I'm coughing lasy say it's the possibility Lucie that you've got puddings that I can eat desserts because I I don't eat eggs so I avoid desert. It's just easier now. You must avoid putting when you come here. I many delicious runs. You know we have delicious baked peaches. We have constructed crumbles and lots of things that have a rice pudding. How have you dairy free as well? Just acceded try. Coconut Rice Pudding. Loosen lovely to talk to you thank you. I hope you'll come visit uh-huh definitely thanks Lucy. Good night torch you five five so all. I think. She's a bit of a pioneer and from what I have learned through doing this because she seems to be definitely not the norm in preached. This would you say that's been doing it for years as well like way before everyone else was she was doing it. So she's she's a trend leader. But you don't see that in restaurants as a common thing. It's still the case you go into a restaurant restaurant and it's what can't you eat rather than how could make something that you can eat. And there's a big difference in that much of the language around leave important as netminding Eh if you're someone who lives validated new restrictions of already been put upon you. You haven't made these choices. I've always been of the thought that I'll just make so easy for people so I do have the same thing all the time. So when some delight Lucy does go to these lengths. I don't have to have a state go hannigan chips. Which is why have everywhere anywhere? You're right actually. I do the same thing I just default to. What I know is going to work which it when it comes to puddings it generally is? Have you got the fruit so by play. Not even that contrast sorbet because sometimes so Beza made with wider vague. Check on you have to ask and then when you ask you this interesting reaction. They don't want to tell you because it's come out of a packet and I've said just give me the box of ice cream in another chef loud application the kitchen. Give me the bloody box so I can read the Ingraham self because I trust you so the such a lot to do and actually restaurants could do a lot by moving to this allergy friendly friendly approach that Lucy has without being to them. It won't do them any harm for anyone who doesn't know what deleterious means. Thank you I was wondering to say. That's your word of the week on the. Yeah so we thought that we might start Sharon recipe feeds tryout and we have around a really nice one because we were so obsessed with her lemon juice. Wake from Lucy's on a plate. I've gone to Michelle Berry. Dow Johnson's website foods method dot Com loads of recipes. And there's a free from lemon juice. Okay Crespi here. So I'm going to read out ingredients to here with new. Tell me if you can eat this cake so it says that it's gluten lactose milk. nightshade nut peanut sesame. Soya and wheat free and ingredients are number one dairy free spread. Do you eat now. Cost of sugar or light Muscadet. SHOULDA YEP YEP two large eggs thoughts you outclassed. Instilling by you would walk in. Its Rusty by nine people use bananas instead substitute in case especially in cakes. Yeah we might well and how it would affect the taste but in this particular on Ben. I know I can do a flax relax substitute for weet egg rag. Okay Does it have raising powers think. So how'd it goes Lucknow AETNA's weekly pay so it's actually the binder rather than a raising agent. Yeah I dubs FEMME gluten wheat free white self raising flour flour once too awfully. Poppy seeds icing sugar. Yeah there you go so you you can recreate driver. Yeah do that is all food calm under the under the recipes and they came as well so a tab so I I think we should make these recipes every week and we should it. Okay you're on and we would love to hear from you if you make one of these recipes as well. We'll we'll add them to the show that we have just been joined by Brian. Monzo Lewis who we've sort of like gatecrashed your offices assist today. We Friday was like Oh okay. Sure come audit. We're very grateful for this and we would love to hear it from Hebron a little bit more about food matters lives they tell us tell us a little more about it. It's free practice. Lloyd takes place in November at London's Excel Centre This will be the sixth edition and what it aims to do is it puts innovation at the heart of the injuring sector. So we cover all the. He can main trends that are happening. So everything from free from two innovations free from from the ingredients right with the finished products and we'll look at things like plant based foods roots. Got Health is another really important one coming through and we have over two hundred fifty speakers across two days coming and sharing their insights and their expertise with the audience. We basically acidly connect People looking for new ideas new solutions and ingredients with some of the latest innovations on the market as well as bias so buyers is from food service and retail looking for some of those new young emerging brands. I'm ribs did not innovation here because that seems to me off. I guess like new hype for people with allergies. We've obviously seen a lot of change in the free from category since we've been doing this But also seen the ingredients activity step up and ready. We try to provide solutions. That will work for people with allergies becoming more educated. I guess themselves about some of the breadth of allergies. were out there. Do you received big challenge. Still in the education of food producers. Getting them to understand a simple thing. Like the difference between allergy and intolerance on the more complicated things is like making sure that the food prices are trackable untraceable. I think there is. There has been a huge shift in that. There's obviously still some way to go But it's very complex and I think the injury manufacturing sector I think is definitely embraced some of the challenges. I think some of the big issues also line food service. They have some really significant issues there in terms of trying to be able to meet the needs of consumers who might have different levels of food intolerances yes and educating their staff. And what about your own story have. Why did you get involved in the world? We were looking at the food and drink elements looking at injuring sector and obviously we could see this huge shift in the free from sector and fitted with all what we were trying trying to do with around innovation and we could see that they you know you see so many products coming on smoking now from claims or and also others from committing and it's a meeting things like plant based diets as well new for that so it made perfect sense for us to be per focus on it. Do you think there's a confusion between people who are making lifestyle style choices about foods so decided to go plant based or Vegan and allergy. Is that healthy or unhealthy EVOLA. I definitely think there is some confusion. I think it's very different if you are choosing to follow a plant based Diet after personal choice rather than actually the need that you have to do sometimes think that maybe there's just a little bit of not quite understanding that empathetic element Matt. What's the fix? Is it about the terminology is it. I think it's about terminology. And I also think about a greater understanding grows still from from everybody from all the players really think from the food and drink industry the ingredients sector the producers themselves The retailers breath and how they position the whole category. It's like everything that's a bit like a base you know there's won't let everyone has to work together. I think I've been a few times now. I find I really enjoy it. Because it's completely different. The allergy show and you get to actually speak to some of these companies produce. The the food is fascinating. It's just vast massive massive. Show what do you say rate than I mean. Obviously it's a business business shy but actually as a consumer you find eh beneficial. Yeah I've been a couple of times and certainly very different really really interesting and that's famous talks as well that going in the middle. The famous chefs the headstones of the world. Really interesting debates that they have yeah. Do you vote for any that. Do quite hype over the same as as that needs to to be done. And there's lots of I do think one of the things that we've seen over the course of the time is the explosion in the amount of young entrepreneurial -Tario startup companies community injuring industry. I think the injuring federation say ninety seven percent of the UK's sector is now made up of ESA means of many many entrepreneurs of Melfi is brought out in a product to market and driven out was ever needs but with that comes a challenge in the fact that they don't necessarily because they're not from the fringe industry not necessarily have the expertise to make health claims. They run into some kind of problems with the dietetic community. Sometimes and I think one of the challenges is that level of innovation is growing at such a rate that almost for everyone else to keep up with that is really hard and of course that means that as a consumer products coming out the market and retailers are stalking them rightly or wrongly potentially leads to further a consumer confusion. Brian I'm good to go to magic wand in your hand now his magic wand and you can do anything you like with that to improve the world of allergies people who suffer from allergies the politics or the health side of it. What would you do with your magic wand? I think it touching on that point around this sort of explosion in young entrepreneurs bringing products to market some of which great I think I would really like to see greater. I took collaboration understanding across the whole food sector. Whether it's the dietetic community who can often be very vocal about some of these young young brands and what the market. It is very much the fact that they can bring. These Brown's the market that is you know sometimes causes much debate. But I would like to see everybody working closely together. I think if I had if I had my magic wand that's what I would do. They can do that at the show in November. They certainly can Mesa Mason Tom Bryant. He's been a pleasure having you on the allergy today. podcast thank you very much indeed and thank you for the use of your lovely office in London very come and Shat with us. If have you had any experiences. We'd love to hear as well if you make the lemon drizzle cake recipe that we've just Chad and we will be making that in the next few weeks and we'll let you know what we think of cooking. And don't forget to subscribe and rate US wherever you gay podcast from like shares on social media and do get in contact with us with your all stories so that we can share the wrong allergy today. Which is allergy today? UK On facebook and on Instagram and twitter allergy today and you can email us on Helo at algae today DOT CO DOT UK. So thanks for joining us for this week's podcast. We'll be back again with another edition the allergy today podcast from all of Goodbye Goodbye and just a reminder that the allergy today team will be at food matters live at xl. Now we're recording to live podcast. There the first on Tuesday. The nineteenth of November is at one fifteen in the afternoon. And we'll be talking about thriving with allergies. Jeez and our panelists include Dan Kelly from may contain Lindy Lewis from the allergy table. Natalie Newman the founder of intolerant Gorman. And Her son son Callum newborn. That's on Tuesday. The nineteenth of November and our second live podcast. We'll be recording on Wednesday. The twenty November at food matters live that one starts so twelve fifteen and on the panel will be Dominic teague the executive chef of Indigo one. aldwych sue garlic have technical services at era DAS. And Sarah ran end the founder of Oscar and Bentley's restaurant and we'll be talking about the challenges of people with allergies eating out and the restaurant trade so do join us. If you're going to food mattis live at exile in London's Docklands Allergy. Today is a quantum productions podcast.

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