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What would you do? If you found out your family had a dark secret legacy from Michigan and J.J. Abrams comes HBO's Newest Series lovecraft country a John Wall bending drama that blurs the line between science fiction and reality in one thousand, nine, hundred, fifty s Jim, Crow America, starring Jonathan Majors. Journey. Smell. Courtney B Vance and Michael. Kenneth Williams lovecraft country Air Sundays at nine pm on HBO and streaming on HBO Mannix. None of America. What a world welcome. To another episode of the Ocho Presentative Partnership as always SPF nations blogging the boys dot com. Arduous show me, of course, from VDB matter humble host on the Ocho it is Tuesday August twenty, fifth two, thousand and twenty. We hope all is well wherever you are. We hope you're happy safe healthy and. I hope you had a breakfast or dinner or a great lunch whenever you're listening to this. I. Hope last meal head was delightful. I had a sandwich for lunch on Monday. You ever just have a sandwich. Just sandwich nothing fancy sandwich ships in man it just hit hard and so I hope your your latest meal was delectable anywhere. So I'm recording this full disclosure on Monday at about five thirty PM central time, and there is no Earl Thomas News. Thomas News as it relates to the Dallas cowboys. Earl Thomas News really in general. We have lost the ability with the new head coach in place to be able to accurately predict what the Dallas cowboys are going to do. But I think we've always been able to predict a lot of things when it comes to the NFL, and I thought fo show by now that. Would have a new home I? Mean you consider that we are now Fourteen days away or six days excuse me away from the season opener between the candidates, Houston Houston Texans, and so time is of the essence especially when you factor in a covert protocols learning new playbook, a new scheme potentially wherever orlands up so. As of the time of this recording, there is no news obviously if there. Is a situation where there is news. Especially, if it is that kind of news, we will, of course, run and have emergency episode of the show as we always do. But for now, no Earl Thomas News to discuss although. We do have what Steven Jones said to disguise because anytime anybody associated with the Dallas Cowboys Brain Trust says anything it is of note, and we always by the way we'll have you covered it blog dot com your home for the latest and greatest in the world of America's team in right here on the block on the voice podcast. We no big deal to episodes every single day all the time make sure. You. Are covered from head to toe offense Dallas cowboys. Later on today, we will have a brand new episode of the seven five zero with myself in two time. Superbowl champion Tony Casillas. That's right. We bring you some rings here on the beat podcast but anyway, Steven Jones was on one zero, five, three the fan on Monday, and talked about a variety of things and the first thing I think we should hit on. What. He did not talk about Earl Thomas Mackenzie masterpiece and. He was asked you know Hey are there any defensive players out there? That you might have an interest in and Stephen, of, of course, kept it close to the vest? Well, let's just here with Steven Jones had to say on Monday on three the fan. Or are there any other exciting available defensive players that we might be able to pick up on the horizon? We'll just as we didn't talk about ever since until it was done that we found that works much better for us. So as I said, we're in it three, hundred, sixty, five days a year, and we're always looking to get better but it. Obviously, he's not very productive for us to talk about anything You know that we might be in the works on because it can only work against you. I want to be very clear here. Steven Jones is the MVP. Of The Dallas Cowboys The Dallas Cowboys and he's out here saying you know talking about it it's just a bad idea. We shouldn't be talking about this because doing that can really only hurt us. Hey. Wow. I think that's true. I think that is a good philosophy to have. It is true that we were all very surprised by the Everson Griffen thing which goes back to the point of we are no longer able to predict how the Dallas cowboys are going to operate. and. Kinda give Stephen Credit. And I gotTa give the Cowboys Credit for recognizing this truth that a lot of have known for a long time. It goes against the cowboy way in every way to to to really. I. Mean. There's keeping your cards close to the vest is one thing. But it's another thing to like build a fort around your cards. And that's I mean, maybe all do dramatic. What it does kind of feel like the Dallas cowboys are being a lot more than they have in years past which I think ultimately while we're all anxious to know what the cowboys are thinking. This is the way to Rome and that's a good thing. I think it is worth mentioning though by the way, the in his Monday morning press conference Michael McCarthy did note that he had spoken with will mcclay about the prospect of rural Thomas. So that is cool. That is interesting. We will see what happens there. Obviously, the cowboys did at Everson Griffen along the defensive line they lost Joe McCloy we've been there. We've discussed that I do WanNa talk about the defensive tackle depth. Especially because. There is some. Optimism in the air concerning Tristan Hill and I say that with all due respect because I want to be a great football player, I think you want to be a great football player. Obviously, a lot of people have a lot of questions about his game in his rookie season, etc.. He had his meeting with the media last week that. was very short and very different from a lot of players. But there is some hype building around Jefferson Hill, who by the way? I don't know if we covered this on the show did switch from. Jersey. Number Ninety seven gave it. Everson. Griffen and now wears number seventy two. Shot Travis Frederick. But. Just didn't hill obviously if if he could take the next step that would go a long way mitigating the loss of jail McCoy. And they're starting to be some some some hubs in pub-. John showed gross talking boys with Kelsey Charles yesterday and. Said Hey Tristan you know things are or okay you know and I think there's reason to believe and if you on the fence if you don't know how to feel about Chris. Sale, you listen to Stephen Jones game because Steven, Jones was asked later on in that same of you on the fan. About. About WHO's exciting? Who's looking good right now, and what do you know just an hill one of the answers I wanNA five, three, the fan. You know I know a lot of people. A lot of cowboys fans are concerned about the defense. Are there any other players at least early on you've been like, whoo look at him well, I put Lleyton in that same deal with Jalen. Obviously they had that. Kind of if you would the sophomore didn't quite play as well as they did the year before. But they've both come back and really making plays in have us really fired up both Layton and. And then you know the other one W- that is really which we need more than ever now but he's certainly answered the bell is Tristan. Hill has really shown up in practice and consistent and just doing a great job for. So you know sometimes it's just hard on rookies in the you know what they have to go through to get on the field summer summer are able to get it done and digested and. Do it but you know rod can give him some tough love and sometimes some players don't respond as well to the tough love I. Know He was in active some and you know was limited on on his playtime when he was active but boy, he has really come along and certainly with Gerald going down has really stepped into that role and so far has just been put one one really good practice after the other. The last few days. We've mentioned. Here on the OCHO and on the seven five. Oh. Tony I about the character attitude issues or concerns that Tristan Hill has had. To. This point is NFL career and Kinda here you could kind of hear Stephen Sort of touch on that talking about the the tough love that Rodman Elliot's showed him and how some players responded and some don't and. I think it goes saying we all hope that that is in the rear view mirror for Tristan. But Stephen is hyped Intel. Maybe he got you hyped I. Don't know but. I think you know you look at the cowboys defensive tackles and we know that they're going to carry for. Back when we did our roster predictions across Oliver shows on the network Tony and I kept four. Obviously we kept Joe McCoy no longer around the team that is kind of a very unique situation but we kept Joe. McCoy kept Ontario kept Neville Gallimore and I kept Hurston Hill I argued for that over towards my logic, my line of rationale, and again, everything that we have known sort of our logic line of rationale with regards to the cowboys very much different because things are not as predictable as they used to be as we've talked about but. My logic was that well, the cowboys aren't going to get rid of a player who's on the second year of a four year rookie contract when there's so much potential there the cheap labor, the youth of it all is going to win out over somebody like, Antoine, Woods Antoine Woods is obviously a player who has had some successes for the cowboys since joining the team a couple years ago and your four defensive tackles and we'll kind of expand on this in a second. Are Obviously now going to be done -Tario Antoine Woods Tristen, inhale, and Never Gilmore and anti-noise. Last sound clip I wanNA play was asked on Monday if he thinks he's overlooked and this is something that a lot of people argue a lot of people believe that he is underrated overlooked whatever you wanNA. College. I did not overlook him when we put together fifty three man roster I simply looked finances of it aren't that the cowboys would kind of lean that direction obviously, the factors are different but. I think he's overlooked. Here is what he has to stay on the subject courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys Youtube Channel. Absolutely. You know I'm very, very proud for play. And you know I'm a real honest with myself and I absolutely think overlooked a lot. Maybe it's because how came in NFL undrafted maybe because been practice cough a few years may because I had to work hard and earned everything from when I first got here from four string. So definitely, I like overload but. Not Use it as motivation and just keep motivating myself to actually like the fact that I'm look because it's just it feels a fire sign me and it pisses me off the keep going hard. You know keep proving everybody wrong and I see out there too. So yeah, keep no doubt. So, Antoine Woods feels overlooked and that's a fair argument certainly, and he's certainly going to have a prominent role on Dallas cowboys. Especially when you consider what they're working with the defensive tackle although. We're hearing so many different things coming out of the star and coming at a couch practices because look we know the four names tackle. Dante Poe Anton Woods Tristen Hill. Neville Gallimore and I WANNA talk about gallon morning second. I do think that if those were the names I, think the cowboys would be fine. However, we have heard that the cow was a really you know we we use the term five a lot on offense of line. It really does feel like the cowboys are going to use their best for our best three whatever you WANNA, call it on defense we've heard about. Alden Smith being used at nose tackle. We've heard about Everson. Griffen. Being used inside obviously we know the tyrone it has been used there before so I think that the the term or the name or the description or the Acronym associated with. Defensive. Tackle. Where the cowboys players on the depth chart is not going to be probably this ridge thing where your defensive tackle. So you're the only that play that position, etc. The cowboys are clearly going to use multiple looks, multiple fronts, and ultimately that's the most important thing. But they are true defensive tackles if you want to call it that I do think are okay and I do think are something that they can work. With but the fact that they are, I don't know if they feel like they have to adjust for that or if they just want to live and operate this way overall I hope that that's the case. But I, think they're cowboys defensive line is going to be fine but I think the state of the defensive line is too so interesting and how it associates what what's happening in the middle what's going on there It, it is really fascinating. The last thing I do want to touch on I mentioned gala i. saw a tweet chat to our friend finder show Marcus Mosier from the lockdown cowboys podcasts. Here the tweet there made a lot of sense really. We've heard so much about CD LAN- we've heard so much about trayvon digs. We're starting to hear about Bradley and I talking about the defensive line right and we've heard about plays they're making I think you the Prominent educated intelligent hopefully well, fed has mentioned listener you off the top of your head. You can think of a tweet or a clipper, a photo or a video or something you have seen a CD lamb bright. Okay. Got It. You can also think of the same thing when it comes to Trayvon Dick's right. Okay. Maybe you can't think of a video or a photo, but you can definitely think of a tweet you've seen that's hyping Bradley right okay. What have you seen have never more right I mean and to be clear training camp is very different. All right. It's not the same thing. So not every rep is public information etc. I think we'll. We'll learn a lot from the blue and white scrimmage and hopefully but. That qualifier is necessary. It's possible that things are happening and there's just so much happening. So much information to get out. It's just slipping through the cracks that is possible but we are not hearing things about Neville Gallimore and I'm not saying that means it's terrible and whatever. But. I thought that was a great tweet for Marcus and it's a great point to note that other things were coming up over that are instead of that or maybe in place of that who knows but just just file it away just file it away as we sit here now, what twenty six days away from the season opener so We will have some good tax but hey, we're GONNA have a brand new seven five. Oh, later on today myself and Tony Casillas GonNA talkative probably chats some defensive line and all that jazz and we will, of course, have lots of shows available for you all week long here on the blog the boys. Network makes you subscribe look we give you two episodes every day we know that all you want to talk about is the Dallas Cowboys. So we make sure that you have an avenue to do that. Subscribe Abba Devices spotify tune in radio wherever you get your podcast. If you can give a rating review, those certainly help also extra subscribe to the blog. On Youtube channel got lots of videos coming out and we're GONNA. Have some fun there. You can follow me on twitter or Instagram I. Am at our Joa and you can do me a huge favor even have the absolute best Tuesday of all time. Why? Because you deserve it? We will see you magnon of my friends is always go cowboys and peace out. What would you do? If you found out your family had a dark secret legacy from Michigan J.J. 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