BOX120: Duckman Was An Academic


What follows may not be suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised. Inch four stories. Stories of mysteries. Curiosities? Jeez. Jew in and Joe through Gilligan tov for the strange. The unexpected as the bid and offer sleep here inside the box oddities. I am married to a wonderful one woman who is full of empathy and love and caring and rudely competitive. And let me give you an example. You are sack your ear so competitive, it's ridiculous. I love you. But you are so competitive she she went to donate blood was it two days ago. And now that she's not she comes. She comes home. And I said so he gave blood today. She again, I said how'd you do? And she said I won. I'm like what what what how fast did you bleed out? You gave a pint in minutes fifty seconds is that a personal best. You beat everybody else on the table. But was that a personal best? I I can't I can't say I don't keep track of those kinds of things because I'm not competitive. See I find that surprising because you you love lists. And you love to win. Yeah. So I thought maybe you're keeping a list of how fast you bleed out when you go to the Red Cross, it's not my fastest. But it's pretty good. It is. Yeah, congratulations. We announced our third live show for Halloween week. And it will be at laugh Boston in Boston. So excited fingers crossed. The Red Sox are still playing. Last week of October. I don't know I guess tall order this season. But who knows we're going to be at laughed Boston October twenty seventh Sunday night then at the comedy zone in Charlotte on October twenty nine th that's a Tuesday. And then the next night Wednesday back at zanies comedy nightclub in Nashville where so excited to have these all set and lined up in advance is really pleasing for me. And the way that I need to do things your list maker. If you put it right next to your blood leading list. So we did announce it on social media yesterday. By the way, you're not a member of our any of our social media pages. We would love to have you. Join us when we announced the new tour. We got just a flurry of great comments. And I love this one j Glenn, and he said, you know, we're over here in England patiently sipping our T in glancing at our watches, right? I love it. I responded in said we would love to enjoy a spot of tea with you. And he writes back Huzzah mind, you I'm not letting you anywhere near the harbor with it. So I guess that rules out the Boston show for him. Thanks J. We would love to go to England gosh. Australia to go all the places we get intimately. I want to go to all of the places. She has a list for that too. And I'm not kidding. She definitely does Pinterest. It is your turn to go. First my love. Oh, is it? Okay. That's good. Because this is rough. All right. It's two thousand nine in the needs needs gory area in Russia going and locals begin to discover the graves of their loved ones are being desecrated. And sometimes completely dug up Russian officials taking this seriously. They decided to beef up their police units they actually formed a task force. But for nearly two years this was going on and the interior ministry's leads weren't panning out graves continued to be desecrated. And no one knew why would kind of disagree. Just knocking over tombstones and stuff or digging people up my to said and sometimes completely dug up miss that part. I was still trying to in my mind picture how that name that? You said was spelled there are a lot of consonants. Yeah. In twenty eleven. There was a terrorist attack at an airport in Moscow and shortly afterwards. Authorities heard reports that Muslim graves were being desecrated in cemeteries in town. So they were investigating a specific lead at a specific cemetery, and they found at that cemetery. Someone was painting over the pictures of the dead Muslims on the graves bitch weird. So this guy's name is an totally Moscow VIN. And they thought this was a little sketchy for sure and so they wanted to speak to him do a little digging. Figure out what what the deal was. Because this wasn't the kind of desecration that they were seeing, but it was still very strange and not okay. So eight police officers went to his apartment after they apprehended him at the graves to gather evidence, so any totally Moscow VIN who normally in a situation like this. I would pick the easier to pronounce the names and just call him that from now on but Anatoly that just feel Moscow VIN sounds like Muskogee duck Golan duckman said duck man was an academic, and he was very interested in Celtic history and folklore as well as languages and linguistics he had a deep interest in cemeteries, burial rituals death, and the occult he had a personal library of over sixty thousand books and documents a bit of a pack rat for sure. I can see that he spoke at least a dozen language as holy crap. Yeah. So they went into his apartment, and yes pack rat is a great way to describe him. Just stuff everywhere, including those books documents that we talked about memorabilia for various things in a lot of dolls. Okay. Dolls like full size. Life-sized doll like figures or out the apartments. Okay. Warning sign the figures resembled antique dolls, they were fine and varied clothing some knee-high boots other makeup on their faces that Scovill had covered in fabric. He also had their hands wrapped in fabric, which was kind of strange until you realize that they're human hands because he's our human people. That's what I rest is doll. I know it they were the mummified corpses of human girls. Okay. So Moscow Vince parents who he shared this apartment with had seen the mummies. But had also thought that they were large dolls, and that's totally understandable from sitting that you don't think that your son is a maniac whose bringing home corpses. And also the fact that they played music when you touch them wake back up just a minute. He had somehow installed musical devices. Inside these corpses was a bluetooth. No, no, it's much more rudimentary more along the lines of jamming music boxes in their ribcages. Yeah. But could have done a better job with some bluetooth. Oh for sure. No. I mean, you've got that jukebox that you made with the touch screen on the front out of an old antique radio, and it is so cool. You're pretty talented guy. It was fun. And it was a lot easier than jamming a boombox in the ribcage of a dead person. So investigators for the center of combating extremism discovered that twenty six bodies in Moscow wtn's apartment and garage. Videos released by police showed the body seated on shelves laying on sofas hanging out in his bedroom. All over the apartment, according to the investigators the bodies were removed from cemeteries in his town as well as surrounding towns in the Moscow region God. So when this was discovered mosque n- Stockman, actively cooperated with investigators. He loved history he traveled extensively. He taught at the college level. He was a journalist part time, and he was known as having the most knowledge about local cemeteries of anybody in this area. He was kind of called like the ultimate expert in cemeteries. He would go to cemeteries in the area from two thousand five to two thousand seven he claimed to visited seven hundred fifty two seven Terry's. He took detailed notes on each cemetery. He went into the histories of those. Buried there. And he claimed to have walked up to twenty miles per day. Just exploring these cemeteries usually up to the part where he dug up dead people. I think I could have really enjoyed this guy's company. Right. It's super interesting. And I love the the enthusiasm with what she he approaches. These explorations we go back to the whole when you touch the corpse music plays getting there. Okay. Duckman actually posted a documentary series of his travels and discoveries entitled great walks around cemeteries, and what the dead said and these continue to be published in a weekly newspaper. So we have these corpses mostly mummified in this apartment, a great number of them and police are trying to figure out what is going on here. And so they start talking to him about where this obsession comes from. He said that when he was thirteen he was on his way home from school and a group of men in black suits stopped him. They were on their way to a funeral for an eleven year old girl, and they forced him to go to this funeral. And this is a Cording to duck, man. The mother of the deceased eleven year old girl forced duck man to quote, unquote, Mary this girl. They exchanged rings. And then he went on his way. And the the mom was happier. Knowing that her daughter had died or was being buried married at eleven at eleven. You know, maybe, but I find that a little bit difficult to believe we've talked about people who are arranged marriages post mortem. So although twenty six bodies were discovered in his home, he was suspected of desecrating as many as one hundred fifty graves and after police found grave things accoutrements if you will such as nameplates removed from headstones they also started finding personal belongings and clothing inside some of the mummies mortgage, his personal clothing using a dead person as a hamper. No, I'm sorry. I didn't make that very clear their items and other local grave items stolen from cemeteries inside the the mummies. Okay. One mummy had a piece of her own gravestone with her name scrawled on it inside her body. Another contained a hospital tag with the date and cause of the girl's death. There was a dried human heart found inside a third body. And then of course, there were the music boxes that he had put in there. So that they would make noises. When he moved them. Oh, yeah. Okay. So you said when they touched them the music would play how did he work that technology out? I don't know specifically it wasn't motion activated. Honey, I don't know you walk by the corpse like emotion activated light in your yard would make the corpse. You've got a lot of great ideas here. And I want to jot those down you know, what I would have done. I would have integrated the Clapper technology. She'll just go and then the corpse plays girls. Like you by maroon five featuring Cardi B. All right. So obviously corpses in your apartment they caused some some troubles. He was really struggling with keeping their bodies from withering and shrinking as they dried. So he was wrapping their limbs in strips of cloth to provide fullness he would stuff their bodies with rags and padding sometimes adding wax masks decorated with nail polish over their faces before addressing them in brightly colored children's clothing and wigs and these details are what made them look like big dolls, which is how it is alleged that his parents went as long as they did without knowing what was going on. But still he's got an apartment full of twenty-six life-sized dolls all made up in children's clothing would not that raise your eyebrows a little bit. Wouldn't you think I got to sit down and talk with doc man, little Ducky? We we called him when he was little day may have. Have been weirded out by it. But they certainly didn't think he was bringing corpses. Home. Wow. Maybe they did. I don't know. I don't know these people, but keep in mind, they weren't coming over to his apartment. They shared an apartment. They lived there. Oh, but according to reports, they did travel a lot. Okay. I bet. Yes. We gotta get stuffy Duckie's brought home more friends. So they're in court and duck man confessed to forty four counts of abusing the graves and corpses have girls aged three to twelve. Holy crap. He told interrogators that he was waiting for science to find ways for these girls to live again as well. As also wanting to learn more and become an expert in mammoth occasion. He was always looking to learn he did tell investigators during the course of this process, not to rebury the girls too deeply because he would gather them again once he was free. He also told bereaved parents who described him as evil, I'm not evil your evil, you abandon those girls. And I brought them home in warm them up. Okay. One of the mothers of the one of the girls found in his apartment talked about how upsetting this whole situation was because they found that the girl who was ten when she had died had been at his apartment for nine years. And the mother said it's upsetting to me that I had her for ten years and he had her for nine. And then in court when he spoke to them about having abandoned them. And I mean this woman had already lost her daughter to murder someone had murdered her child. And then to find out nine years later. I can't even I'm just gonna. Who's the elephant in the room was he having sex with corpses. He was not having sex with corpses. Allegedly. Okay. But we do not know this. That is I just what he said what he told police was they he cared for these girls. Corpses. As though he was carrying for his own children that he picked out H girl. Very specifically that he would lay on their graves and try to get in touch with the girls. And he would listen for what they said often he said they would ask to be taken out for a walk. Okay. He had birthday parties for these girls. Their birthdays were all marked in on a chart in his bedroom, which I do appreciate realist- maker. And they would celebrate their birthdays. Whoa. Some of the corpses would lose his favor, and he had a few of them that were stored in the garage and some of them he reburied. I don't know what possibly could have. I don't know. I don't have the answer to this. Wow, police said that he was not motivated by sexual desires one officer said quote, he loathed sex. And he thought it was disgusting. Okay. He had actually believed that rescuing, quote, unquote, these children from having been buried was more important than following the law, and he was sad that he couldn't have children, and he had once tried to adopt a child even against the wishes of his parents who he lived with which you can't just you can't just bring new children into homes with your parents have to agree to that kind of thing. Was this his parents apartment? Yeah. Jesus grows while he wasn't allowed to adopt because he was declined due to his low income. Thank goodness. Saddam was charged under article two four four of the criminal code for desecration. Graves and dead bodies which carried up to five years in prison. But after a psychiatric evaluation it was determined that he suffered from a form of schizophrenia. And in a hearing he was deemed unfit to stand trial. The prosecution was satisfied with that they didn't appeal the verdict. And so he was sent to a hospital. So last year, this is two thousand eighteen psychiatrists claimed that they had cured him and recommended outpatient treatment. Now, keep in mind, the families of the corpse, the corpse girls freaked out, and we're like, no he has repeatedly shown that he is not someone who we can have out and about he even said if you let me out my we'll unbirthday these girls again, so the psychiatrists reverse their claim, but because that. Court. Order was already granted for a period of time. He was technically free to leave and he had plans to move to Moscow. There were some people who worked very hard to delay his being let out and last month the court said that he would be held indefinitely. Okay. All right. How long was he out was he out? He was not was not now. Okay. They kept they delayed it. They kept delaying until they could make a ruling that said. No, okay. You did not cure him. We don't care. He's not getting out while. Yeah. And so that was just resolved last month. Incredible being obsessed with the occult being obsessed with the possibility of what's that where it re animation reanimation. It may have just been his interests combined with his mental health issues. Come you know, it may have just been a combination that that didn't work out? Well, I still think the Clapper ideas. Good. That's that's. And now the box of auditees brings you that thing in the middle. Here's a list of really gross workers. Number five, quote, I stopped asking my coworkers. How they're our weekends where after one had responded with not good my husband's teeth rotted, and we spent all night at the dentist getting them pulled knows if that's not bad enough. She then proceeded to pull out a pill bottle opening it saying, they're so gross smell them. That's a hard. Nope. Number four, a worker of mine. Among other things brought in a live tree two are already tiny office. She had cut it down from the side of the road. 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But when we started talking about it this morning, it'd be a good one finish up and do today, the Kennedy curse, according to Wikipedia is a term for a series of deaths and calamities that the Kennedy family has experienced for quite a while. Of course, we all know about JFK's assassination in RFK's assassination. Chappaquiddick incident were teddy. Kennedy drove his car into the lake killing Mary. Jo Kopechne me, many many more things which has become known as the Kennedy curse. In fact, Ted Kennedy in his own testimony about the Chappaquiddick incident in nineteen sixty nine said I sometime. Uh-huh. Begin to wonder if my family is cursed others, of course, would say, it's a big family share. You know, things happen things happen. But there's no denying that some pretty terrible things have happened to the Kennedy family over the years. According to Ireland's big issue. No one has ever really been able to pin down the source of the bad luck. But that is until recently. Oh, yeah. There's this story that has been uncovered, and I guess it's been told for years in Ireland, but was never really publicized much in in the US the curse goes back to allegedly according to this article Thomas Honey Fitz, Gerald Thomas, Honey, Fitz, FitzGerald, which would have been John F Kennedy's great grandfather, the story goes that he had a dream that he was gonna find gold, and he had a very precise location in mind. He he dreamed a very vividly. And and it was a recurring dream was near some mountains. It was by a tree by Brooke. And so he was obsessed with finding this place throughout his his life one night. He was traveling. With some friends, and they came across a woman who was dying. So they carried her to a local herdsmen's house a cottage and the next morning. He recognized the area as part of his dream that he had he he saw tree that resembled a tree that he had dreamed of he dug it up any found like a kettle of gold like at a pot of gold like a pot of gold interesting. Yeah. Now where it is that everybody associated with the gold in the in in finding the gold everybody. He gave the gold to some horrible thing happened to them. Well, that's not fair. He did a nice thing by helping that lady. Yeah. And then was rewarded by curse gold? It was said that the gold coins brought down terrible luck on the entire village starting with his friend O'Malley's wife. She poisoned herself and died forty houses before the famine which were mostly. Hovels in a landlord's house were blown over by the wind in eighteen thirty nine story is the gold and washed ashore, there were Spanish the blooms, and there was some sort of an Incan curse or or or something like that. So so Thomas fits leaves for America. Share his hovel blew over as hobbles will do he moves to Boston. He has a son his son. John Francis FitzGerald he was born in the north end of Boston. He became a pretty successful politician in his own, right? He became mayor of Boston from one thousand nine hundred sixty one thousand nine hundred eight he was defeated for reelection in. Oh seven but then one again in January of nineteen ten and returned to the office until nineteen fourteen Boston here, it's nice in October. He had promised a guy named Michael Curley that he would not run for another term as mayor since. It was a position that. Curly sought and they were I guess friends, but in one thousand nine hundred thirteen FitzGerald decided to run for reelection. Anyway, so curly did what politicians do? They expose embarrassing information about their opponents. Yup. He threatened to expose a dalliance that FitzGerald had with a cigarette. Girl called toodle 's Ryan why? Yeah, what a glorious name and it was at a local gambling clubs. So he backed off he started to focus on business as opposed to politics. But when his grandson JFK won his seat in congress. He was still alive. And this was he was eighty three years old, and he helped Jeff k plan his campaign strategy at the victory celebration. Honey Fitz danced in Irish jig sang sweet Adeline and predicted that his grandson would someday occupy the White House. I have a question if if Honey Fitz FitzGerald when Fitz FitzGerald when did they become the Kennedys? Honey Fitz daughter was rose and she married Joe. Kennedy in the early nineteen hundreds and that was a politically motivated arrangement because the Kennedys were up and coming politicians or Joe senior was an up and coming politician. And he knew that Honey Fitz was a bigwig in the Boston area. So he married Honey Fitz is daughter, and that's how the curse transferred allegedly from Honey Fitz, Gerald to the Kennedy clan. According to CNN here are some of the things that people attribute to the candidates being cursed. Many people in one thousand nine hundred nine remember when JFK son John Kennedy, jR, and his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and sister-in-law Lauren beset crashed airplane he became disoriented and crashed into the Atlantic. But thirty five years earlier Ted Kennedy survived a nineteen sixty four playing. Crash that killed two people. My goodness. Which also reminds me we know of somebody else who survived a plane incident. Who's at your grandfather? Yes. Which is one of my favorite stories that that you mama told us ever, it's a glorious story. I don't know if you have time to tell it our hearing Klein to tell it now, but it is a wonderful story. You can tell it later if you want, but it must. I think it would it would take a little time to tell that. But it is a pretty amazing story next episode. Tell the best story. President Kennedy's older, brother. Joe? Kennedy junior died in nineteen forty four hundred air disaster after volunteering to pilot a secret and extremely dangerous World War Two bombing mission. Over Nazi-occupied France four years after the family lost Joe junior president Kennedy's sister. Kathleen Kennedy who was named kick. She and three others died when their small plane crashed in France while flying in a storm. She was only twenty eight years old. So just playing crashes alone. How many people in your family have died in a plane crash? They had four or five. Yeah. Or that? We're in plane crashes mind that like no one in my family was even on a plan until about nineteen Ninety-six. Really? We're poor. Here is I've organized this chronologically we're going to run through the Kennedy curse. Okay. Here we go nineteen forty one Rosemary Kennedy was often believed to have been intellectually disabled. I'll we talked about her lobotomy. She had a lobotomy. She was institutionalized until her death in two thousand five Rosemary's condition may have inspired. Her sister Eunice to initiate the Special Olympics in nineteen sixty two. Nice August twelfth nineteen forty four JOSEPH P KENNEDY junior. He died in his in a plane crash. Like we mentioned on may thirteenth nineteen forty eight. Kathleen, she died in a plane crash. Nineteen sixty-one Joe Kennedy senior suffered a massive stroke with left him paralysed on his right side. August of nineteen sixty three Patrick Bouvier. Kennedy died of infant respiratory distress syndrome after being born two days premature. Sure. November twenty second nineteen sixty three. Of course, president John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas June nineteenth nineteen sixty four Ted Kennedy involved in his plane crash June fifth nineteen sixty eight Robert Kennedy assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan, July eighteenth, nineteen sixty nine the Chappaquiddick incident. Ted Kennedy accidentally drove off the bridge Chappaquiddick island, which fatally trapped is twenty eight year old passenger Mary Jo Kopechne e inside August thirteenth nineteen Seventy-three JOSEPH P KENNEDY the second was the driver of Jeep that crashed and left his pass in your Pam Kelly. Paralyzed November seventeenth nineteen Seventy-three Edwin M Kennedy junior then twelve had to have his right leg surgically amputated due to bone cancer, April twenty fifth nineteen Eighty-four David a Kennedy died of a cocaine overdose. In Palm Beach, Florida hotel room, April of nineteen Ninety-one William. Kennedy Smith arrested and charged with the rape of a young woman at the Kennedy estate, and I don't think that's got anything to do with curse that's being horrible December thirty first nineteen Ninety-seven Michael Kennedy died in a skiing accident in aspirin, Colorado. I remember that they were playing football on skis. And he he skied into a tree. Oh my goodness. July of nineteen ninety nine JFK junior died when the plane he was piloting piloting a piper Saratoga crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. September sixteenth two thousand eleven CARA. Kennedy died of a heart attack while exercising in Washington. DC health club at age fifty one she had reportedly suffered from lung cancer nine years earlier but had recovered after the removal of part of her lung and in may of twenty twelve Mary Richardson Kennedy committed suicide on the grounds of her home in Bedford Westchester county. New York that's a lot of shit for one family a lot. Now again, you can argue it's a big family big. Family people die all the time. Right. And this is a family. You know, you talk about the plane crashes and stuff that's proportionately much higher than the average person. I mean, how many people do, you know, have died in a plane crash, let alone in your own family. But those people are flying a lot more time all the time the average bear. Yup. So that can be explained for short. It's amazing though that one family like that is met with so much tragedy Matic loss. There's a new book out now about the the Kennedy curse. And it is cold the Kennedy curse shattered by les Williams. And his argument is this that all of those things are real all of those things happen. But there's nothing supernatural about it. He says, it's Joe Kennedy seniors fault the patriarch. Okay. He said Joe Kennedy raised his children to believe that they were better than anyone else. And that they had to win. Every time and at any cost his obsessive driving ambition would influence the decisions that his children made and the way they live their lives. And this controlling overbearing approach would have disastrous consequences for the family over the years. Now, of course, doesn't explain things like disease or or something like that? But they did take risks. Okay. So there was a drive to succeed that maybe put them in more dangerous situations than than the average family might be repeatedly put into. Yeah. Got it. And in addition to that because there were so many big horrible things that happened to them like the, you know, the assassinations that kind of fed on itself in caused more tragedy. A good example of that is David Kennedy's death. David, of course, was the son of RFK Ethel and Robert F Kennedy one of their eleven children. He died in as I mentioned in eighty four at a palm. Beach hotel after a drug overdose. Twenty eight years old. He had reportedly watched his father's assassination on live TV when he was a little boy. Yeah. Struggled with drug addiction. So I think it's just kind of it's a it's a perfect storm of things. I don't think it has anything to do with Honey Fitz gold that I wouldn't think so either. But I do it. It makes perfect sense. That certain tragedies will be get more tragedy. And it just makes sense. But yeah, no, probably probably not got to do with the pot of gold hero. That's what I was able to dig up on the on the Kennedy curse. I had not heard the pot of gold story. Right. That's interesting that comes from the Irish press. But I think the new book, the Kennedy curse shattered is is definitely onto something there with the, you know, the blind driving ambition that Joe Kennedy senior instilled in his children to succeed at any cost at any price at any risk. That's really interesting. It also makes me want to learn more about Irish folklore, and I can't wait to go to Ireland with you. And and go to all the places and see all the amazing thing. Learn all the amazing stuff. I want very much to go to a museum and see a piece of Irish history and go, do you think that do you think that's the pot that had the Fitz, Patrick FitzGerald? What was his name was Gerald Nova fits Honey Fitz. Do you think that's piece of the putt from Huntington school? You think that's his putt? Why have Irish roots? I would love to go. My great grandfather's name was o'hagan. Oh, man. Yeah. Didn't you're like great grandmother come here because of the Irish potato famine, and like she was like Q sturdy. She was a mad sturdy female. He made her way here. I I love that story to please tell it that's for another time as well. Okay. Remind me to tell you the plane story. Okay. The plane incident. I will my grandfather whose chromatic it down right now. Two tickets for our live shows probably will go on sale this week. They're in the process of uploading all of the information to the various websites, and we expect to be able to announce their being on sale in in the coming days. Again, we're going to be in Boston. I tell the twenty seven we're going to be in Charlotte. I talk twenty ninth and we're going to be in Nashville October thirtieth our Halloween week mini tour. Fucking sarda. We're very excited about the response on social media so far and looking forward to you know, we mentioned that a couple of our free family members from Michigan drove thirteen hours to go. See the show in Nashville last time, we got a message from them. They're doing it again. About one hundred miles. The way we look forward to seeing you wherever you end up. And we look forward to seeing you on Thursday until then keep flying that flag, probably beautiful freak. That the box of oddities belongs to and it's is in your hands. Here four it's been requested. By those reported to the seat you for assistance. The box is free. We ask. But one thing of you to provide a store rating and a positive review. True. That is two things. However is merely a five star rating and a positive review also subscribed to us. Okay. So three things is only as three things and three things. Only henceforth the box of auditees commits to the telling of stories stories of loose. Strange the bizarre the unexpected the box of oddities dot com. Copyrights way nineteenth hole rights reserved. I thoughts. The bitch.

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