Just The Headers #64


Now entering podcast majuro <music> ooh ooh <music>. Hey hey everybody hey. How's it going <hes> in by everybody. I mean just the people listening right now to the show. It's the big win. Broadcast networks just the headers jesse so for those of you that don't know there's a man on this planet who's as near perfect as he man on the planet. I'm talking. This man is fast strong. I mean he's like the million dollar man as ever. He's not a robot right. <hes> genius level intelligence silky smooth hair the the number one host of the show. I present to you guys jesse. The man broke now so soft. Where is it areo hype films as he. I'm sorry our i feel like people will love the show because of stuff like that that you do like if we talk about fruit more so than the headlines we talk about about stuff typically unless we're you know trying to get the news out real fast yeah. I think i think people like that like they. They like oh you doing stuff like that. You know i try to be likable. Got you can't have a podcast and not be likable. I feel like if you have a podcast not likeable more than <hes>. You should just stop in take on other interests because nobody wants to listen to bernanke likable ads on sorry. This is the way it goes so my week is pretty good man the week another business what uh-huh funny as you know typically. I would say out your week but you're just like. I'm just jumping right into it goes a mutt. I ruined yeah first rodeo over here. <hes> let's see i mean listen to any good musically. <hes> i i have the answer to that is yes. I have <hes> i've been stuck. Doc on this song called every every single thing. Have you heard of that no no which under that <hes> <hes> it's i i really can't. I don't know how to categorize it. <hes> <hes> it's kind of like electronic dance <hes> like smooth mellow mellow and slow tempo yeah. It's like yeah. It's slow but not super duper. Slow okay <hes>. It's got a little low fi hip hop vibe but not really that much singing to you. The name of the band is when seconds drum roll drumming roles in the drama. This show is brought to you by spotify no name. The name of the band is home. Shake album is fresh hair. Fresh air in every single. Thing is the remaining. I really liked the music video to it's. It's got a lot of symbolism in it that i connect with knee. Also i guess you'd call the drummer neo soul yeah asian people dancing. They are asian asian people dancing. That's why neal soul has. They're not black music but asian people doing it so they call it. Oh oh is that what they call it out e yeah oh wait as as you do. There is but anyway way <hes> really good. Just the headers is a show about the headlines in the crypto currency industry. If this is your first time listening to just the headers editors boy are you in some shit. We're gonna jump right in it. <hes> so the articles in the last week in read as such from ghana to the bronx meet the teen bitcoin is building the future <hes> that's one circles head of trading is leaving crypto startup. Ooh brazilian tax authorities imposed new requirements on crypto trading rodriguez steps into executive chairman role as bitcoin dot com ads in these z. O. mastercard co brands x. r. p. capital capital back to the next house crypto card. That's a mouthful that i don't care to read about the c._t._x.'s fintech chief is leaving the agency shinhan's brokerage to offer brokerage securities lending in south korea because that sound safe and former trump advisor steve bannon global populist revolt only helps crypto rather boring shit if i don't you don't like to kohl's i don't like any of those. I don't know it's even gone into the bronx and the like the what else is in here. Oh are you taking this person you taking personal. Do you mean like you pick these articles. You you know so you feel like you know they're your babies. Oh no i just i would think one on one or two of them are not that bad right. I mean you would think so. Let's let's take a look at his roger bayer sheet so roger avair for those of you that don't know if you've just tuned into crypto is a son of a bitch and he used to be known as bitcoin coin jesus because you know humans are real original and they call them bitcoin jesus <hes> because he had a long beard and he put food food diane water one time and they were like oh you like bitcoin and we're gonna call you bitcoin jesus. That's not the story. Actually he used just donate a lot of money to crypto companies not crypto companies bitcoin companies. He's <hes> what you'd call a prime crime so he said i'm yeah like a a prime but he's not optimists who no okay okay. He's definitely not optimus. Andreas as optimus but roger air is like the prime that went rogue and now he thinks that he owns bitcoin and it's what happens right you either die the hero or you live long enough to become the villain. I didn't make that up wish i had and that's what's going on with roger ver. He's live long enough to become a villain so anyways this douche nugget. He stepped into the chairman role as bitcoin dot com ads new c._e._o. So this articles written by william fox louis. He looks like his last name is fox louis does he not look look steph august has replaced roger as ceo bitcoin dot com <hes> maybe maybe you could stop biting off of our podcast then <hes> stiffen rust. We'd appreciate that if you'd stop copying anything. They looks like roger. There's older brother he does doesn't he like his dad's yeah look at him so happy to sign that paper anyways wrestle and bitcoin dot com six months prior to his appointment as global head of corporate business and development before joining the website rust founded exa con a marketing automation platform automates optima tation baby marketing authorisation van represented the co-lead bitcoin dot com typically executive chairman operating oversight role for financials and and company direction information on the former c._e._o.'s new role the company has not been disclosed however i'm hugely excited to take on the rollo ceo working alongside roger together. We can turbochargers awesome team ingrate brand that is bitcoin dot com. It's gonna be a while right. I don't miss it all in all. There's been replaced as he should next article <hes>. Let's go with circle. You know circles been in the game for while for a long time. Circle was the leading exchange in the in the eastern. Western is the leading exchange on the planet planet. This articles written by brady dale helluva name circles of trading dan montezuma ski has matzec sqi has announced intern sorry i can't these names in crypto are so unforgiving. My name is dan malta suzki. He's announced internally that he is moving on from the company. <hes> coined as is learned. <hes> is being replaced by a guy named nick gustafsen <hes> cracking alumnus guy so <hes> here's a quote circle trade is mostly of accident. <hes> initially tasked with providing vitamin quality for our retail bitcoin payments app their presence in the market grew to a scale where we began to provide liquidity to <hes> to all raeva counterparties you know outside our own internal needs euro diese colleagues in an email so always at <hes> he said here. I got nothing but the best experiences from my time here says so. He's happy. He's happy about <hes> what he did. He wrote data nettie as pursuant a new entrepreneur opportunity in the industry so <hes> he's going to a new trade and venture. He says says is another another quote from emmys as i'm looking forward to expand in the team right <hes> filling some key hires over the coming months in continuing to deliver world class. Mark naked services support. You are growing roster a counterparty so so <hes> this guys is quitting circle and he's he's going to <hes> go to new job so as your turn jesse. I feel so serious today one yeah i can since it's making me nervous. I don't know why i've ever bring bring my aka all right here on mondays news. I'm gonna read you. The articles real fast personal body before you know why. Are you still serious today. I can't see you. I could just feel the tenseness of your face help. Come down with the come down all right so <hes> the first article is bitcoins. Computing power sets new record as over a hundred thousand miners. Go online watch ice. Yo pumper alexi. Dan andrew yen andryunin talks about his market manipulation business cryptocurrency in china over the counter under the table coin base considering adding eight new tokens former polly chain partner ryan is leaving web three to start his own. Dow lawsuit lawsuit filed against israeli ice. Yo chosen for palestinian peace plan and last one experts say mexico's regulations raised the bar too high for crypto entrepreneurs which some joe here. Let's do the first one so bitcoin. Computing power sets <music> record as over three hundred thousand new miners. Go online all right so we'll fees the total computing power now dedicated to securing the bitcoin blockchain has set yet another record according to the data from mining services operator b._t._c. dot com the average bitcoin mining hash rate over the last two weeks has reached seventy one point four three quinton hashes per second up from sixty four thousand weight that number has written really odd <hes> up from sixty four point four nine billion hashes on july twenty third. The threshold was breached as bitcoin adjusted. Its mining difficulty blockade five hundred eighty six thousand six hundred seventy two on monday two fifty to u._t. See that is a six point nine. Four hashes per second or ten point seven eight percent jump since mid-july big sexy. That's <hes> so what does that. That's like ten percent ten percent leap yeah. Oh sorry that <hes> as a lot bitcoin mining difficulties imagine imagine how hard it is to compete for mining rewards on bitcoin just how difficult the bitcoin software makes it to generate new blocks adjusts every two <hes> two thousand sixteen ecksteen blocks approximately every fourteen days to ensure the block production time remains about ten minutes at the next cycle as soon as additional six point nine billion hashes per second computing power has all come from powerful as minors such as bit means ant minor s. seventeen or micro bts what's minor and twenty s both which boasts mining rate of around fifty five tara per second in reasonably at the market that means more than one hundred thousand top of the line. Hey <unk> miners could have been switched on past two weeks further given these yeah do you ever wish she hop into time machine and go back and start mining bitcoin cohen was. Does you know i mean yes but i mean no. Were you doing in two thousand nine thousand nine yeah. A lot of alcohol was involved. Take housing college so like it was drinking. Let's see two thousand nine. She also organ at lowe's designing kitchens selling them bitches <hes> no jogging. Most likely i had a girlfriend. She was getting railed. <hes> <hes> a college girl. You know what i mean like. Just all you ever gonna do israel on a frequent basis is is like i mean you it is promising but for the most part israeli happened <hes> and it was weird appeared because he tried to like move in without asking to move in so i was like you can't move into a house. That's not mine. I pay rent here like like go home and so what else happened into nineteen. I got turkey. Kick sorry and yet not twenty nineteen two thousand nine. I got almost turkey because i found out like if you buy turkeys when it's not turkey season near november you can can get a big ass turkey for a really low price so i was like well. I mean if i buy like one turkey and that shit lasts ten days like that's ten in dollars for ten days with a straight up lean protein year boys fit so i will just buy a turkey and cook it and and it was random because our hostile always smell like thanksgiving. Sometimes you can ask dr lori petty 'cause that we ramiz mies yeah. We'll just cook turkeys all the time and drink and go to school so so you think you would have deviated from that uncle mine bitcoin on a laptop <unk> <hes> uh-huh maybe if it was pitched to me in a right way 'cause i had like three laptops land around. I would have been like yeah man. You mean turn my computer energy in the money. Sign me up. Bro lord knows i signed up for some stupid stuff now so so oh so so on so you wish you would have gone back to win the toshio mining so basically you gotta have a lot of bitcoin asia now. Let me ask you this question. What do you think bitcoins price will end up being at the end the peak <hes>. I honestly don't think it'll be bitcoin price. That will be relevant. It'll be the financial instruments that are built from it. That'll be more relevant. Okay <hes> <hes> what we're talking in terms of bitcoin right because he said he wanna go back to to mine bitcoin where white whereas bitcoin speak a let's start there in the six digits numbers when i'm old and gray okay what about in the next ten years <hes> <hes> i think the highest little goal in the next ten. Let's see what's what is it that i think it will go up to. Maybe sixty five sixty. I five yeah i mean just realistically it's. It's hard for people to wrap their head around. It and it's really not going to skyrocket again until until wall street's like one hundred percents certain there's no risk in its skyrocketing for them so it's going to take a long time for them to move all that money over in a way nobody notices that's a rich people do that time they just wait until nobody notices and then they do the the grimy thing right so like <hes>. They've got this plan as like a fifteen twenty year plan and they're like okay. We'll five years in. We're going to do this grime in. Everybody needs to get really mad and five years later. We're gonna wait in the world do a little bit more grime mad. That's how they make business decisions so like coin coin basically the same thing right when they i noticed coin base was gonna start all this nonsense with accepting any random tokens 'cause i was like okay. They're just i try to secure brian armstrong's bags. He's got big bags anyone secure so he's going to slowly change this doctrine of what coins they will allow their platform to suit any token that he has a lot of so they did and that was like we'll be coming soon and they're gonna keep changing. The definition of things in making themselves seem so legit that they can just keep adding coins wins that pad their bags. Everybody was coined bases a millionaire there all riches hell so obviously they're playing the game away so said they can keep padding their bags and winning so you can't blame them but they just they're doing grime now their bank they're the new their bank two point oh of humanity and they're gonna continuously do grind brian and the next thing they're gonna start doing probably fractional reserve. You put your bitcoin in and it's not your bitcoin and they promise you. It's there but you know it's. It's a slippery slope. It's is a slippers. I sound really dreary. Why why did you let me go down that negative nancy tonal no it's not night and i'm just wondering if you think if you think bitcoin is lake sixty k. or one hundred k. in like ten to mono whenever whenever you get old why don't you just keep mining it keep mining and even now logos. I can't mind have millions of dollars to build a mind but you mean purchasing urgency. No just like us your laptops. You said he had three laptops back then on disease. Your laptops always signing two thousand nine. No i'm talking about like right now. Inches mine it for now because if you say it's going to fifty k. the prices like around ten ten eleven twelve k. That's like five six secs right. If if i had three bitcoin i would get like point zero <unk> or one bitcoin every six months now so you actually mind a lot faster than that and you can. You can mind like you can find a few all depends on what your laptops are. I don't know i mean much energy z. for a bit. That's gone that long really now. I see what you're saying like. If it's worth going to be worth that much it's worth the expense on the front end to get the return packing yeah a <hes>. Who were we lost. It was <unk> monday. It was actually turned yeah. I was talking about the miners okay here. We go so they. They're mining more mining ten percent more whining <hes>. Let's let's see what else is in here <hes> cryptocurrency in china over the james the greg james the would you screams dean. I don't know i feel like a cigarette will james dean had smoked cigarettes as well. That was his thing. He's <hes> he would smoke cigarettes anywhere. Talk to women like hey james dean. You didn't like that was thing and so i'll let me go. Smokes cigarettes will be back. You'd like to get you just the whole all the your mouth was asking you risk your life here jesse. No is this basic. It's funny how cost like anything now. I could literally caused play like as just another black dude and it'll be like oh. That's a great cause plays like what happened to the word costume when you eat role play or costly. What's the difference man i i. I like straight up go to a comecon as like doctor like phil from the freshman belair all such a good outfit like you you got the tweed jacket and everything in this isn't a cost play. This is just a costume. I guess causes in the word costume. Yeah yea costume play play play the two i mean i'm assuming i don't know i don't know i don't go to cons because of the sketchy people sketchy people yeah. I'll smell now. Syria's been serious said that they're weird in smelling and i was like like okay i guarantee they are man. I guarantee a are have you. You've been to a crypto conference. Heavy now haven't been no crypto. Conference smells like a rhinoceros gooch. Yeah i've been australia. What is i always have to do with those places but i have been through inky is pretty bad. Oh wow i was what i would when i was like yeah. This is like ten years ago fifteen years ago when they used deodorant. I don't know why we ask the question now. Why would would you guess that question because it's a good question as lay. I know y'all smell asked around here like who's not taking a shower on his big. Ask continent. It's like it's like a man. I feel legal <unk> much flack for this. We're gonna offend people. I mean we're not we're gonna we're gonna do. We're going to do more than australia. We're more laid on the line. We're gonna we're gonna go right to india. Oh no man. I think it's easy the of the ingredients in their food. Yo it is though it is it isn't it isn't like it is because like i ache curry for like a month straight straight in after like the second week it was pouring out of me like that same smell that be oh and i was like okay i understand this is how it works. Eat the curry for a long enough period time and it just makes smell bad it just out of you but you can still kind of covered up with the ron and then for the people that don't wear deodorant. It's just like okay. I understand what's happening here. I'm sorry we're spending guys. We're just speaking the truth man. I'll tell you when that curry's mill sometimes. It's like you know redundant. We have no india audience. We never had add any. I don't think so it doesn't matter but if we did then they're gonna ostracise us here. They make if you're not your nostrils flare up so like it's almost like it's like a defense mechanism because you're trying to create more space in your nose so that dissipates dissipates nozzles cat then that is a sharp that is a pungent this guy i feel like i have two equally leg berate every ethnicity how so let's go to asian cultures house kore- korea yeah so like when you walk until they asian burson hallam. You're just like whoa it smells. It smells distinct you can you can tell your joaquin. It's like an walking into an asian supermarket. It smells and i i don't know what that smell is. It's just it's different. It's like kim cheese spice. It's like it's like well. That sounds the races but i mean because it's like garlic in soy choice saw slake. I don't know it's just it's different site. It's more than that. It's like ginger garlic. Soy sauce play ring around the rosie with offending cultures <music> off in my own. I thought every time i go into old black person's house. I'm like man so like my grandma's house. Every time there's longer on that is just uncleaned greece from the kitchen that just like piloting piles up in the the evan filters and it's never cleaned dying so like over years and years and years. There's what he described the smell. It's like it's very very wholesome but it smell it is also mean wholesome means it will to me is like my granny's house feels like home away from home. It's sweet it is a bitter is like warm in it's salty and humid like going to like a soul food restaurant ron yeah like that. Okay okay but you ever you ever walk into like a senior nursing home. That just smells like tasteless was greedy is he's linked to k- i can taste the mire decay rate. My cat is like the skin cells like you know how like when you go to the south. It's like humidity hits you when you get off the plane. It's like when you were in a nursing home like all the dead skin cells are decaying off of them just hit you in the mountains gala in the nose like i was yes bigalow for awhile and i would clean fish tanks and <hes> opo combs always f- instincts in them and i know the odor like as soon as soon as they ring you in matt and the door opens the electrical yeah like been gay. I am regret her credit. In those oh folks b bone and man you know that right that would the smell. Maybe that's what the smell is the i it could be like dead. Skin and sex cassettes has a smell. I always like you walk into a room like dan. Somebody just bone in here. We know you know what that smells like. Though would write smells like yeah old. Rice sex is nationally known. I was seriously like smell l. Smell older ice smell exactly the same. I guess it depends on when and how you're having sex the sex after a full day's work. It's does old rice it. Kinda smells like body funk and then you regret it a little bit out. George like <unk> like danish our before our been adults before we is ravaged each other because it kinda smells linear. Now smells like your office. Chair is way my office. Trae sounds great. I don't know <hes> <hes> okay. Oh go next to white people. They're not left out. Would it weird about white. People's colder <hes> <hes> rian shedder eight. I don't know like glade lake <hes>. I don't know it depends on <hes>. I don't know yeah it does kind of dependent usually apples shit. It doesn't smell bad though i have to say it smells it smells. It smells okay like it's acceptable. It's not like any other culture where it's like unless you're like bredon it. You do you know it. It's strange on oh when you go to like. I mean if you go to like suburban white folks if you go to them. Likelihood white folks that like like say in the hood. It smells like it smells like they manufacturer and tests cigarettes. Okay okay like a pack. Vendors dip bottles everywhere like man is is that rob ruben perez that dip. I really can't tell like deb. Juice might coke bottles. I've actually i've accidentally drank. It was sculpting moment of my life. I think i went to a dipper universe for like a split blitz second 'cause like i just couldn't take what just happened to me is like my brain was like here. I gotta get the fuck out of here. It was not ideal but anyways. I think we got everyone got asian people. We got mexican mexican people mexican. You smell like corn. We got every corning race. <hes> let's get back to the show. Now i think more will retire tire being made fun of all right so monday would also have <hes> coined based considering during adding eight new orleans ali jane partner or some curry ryan thieving went three to start his own data guy so <hes> osama out yeah. We're doing bad. We're doing bad are you. How are we not say you take over all right and dan now l. Segue of the century baby going to tuesday's news this read these articles bitcoin ether lindor blocked by raises eighteen point three million million in a series a round. That's right baby. Money's flying. It's ticking on companies cryptos here going nowhere. Cosmos will have three coding languages. Here's why that matters for theorem. Aquarium foundation directors new role while businesses embrace public black chains british tax authorities. He's customer data from courtesy changes in search of tax evaders craig rights council rebe use forgery forgery evidence and ongoing lasi in the city is so cool ria walvis blockchain services and this ball shark tanks kevin o'leary questions bitcoin as a safe haven asset literally years after he said it's the future in north korea stole two billion in crypto and fiat got fund weapons programs that is crazy man those lago on on in the world jesse the everything sometimes like like why tri- why try keeping up just just just fucking leave your life like final eighty settled down <hes> no no. I don't agree with that okay and young whippersnapper you as i envy those that are just like you know what they have. One worry there lady in their kids in the that's it like it's like it's very focused i think i think you find somebody but you don't necessarily have to start a family. You know all right yeah. That's yeah it an yeah. You just find somebody to be with now. I have dogs and one of those calls your dogs. Your kids are you. I might be oh god. I never i never saw it from you. As the one thing i never when i looked at you i was like this isn't a man that causes dogs this kids that i i was wrong as wrong judgment there yeah. Maybe i think it's i think it's due to decades of societal pressure of not meeting up to our previous generations that now there's like this ingrained and like breakdown for people where like i'm not going to have the things my mother and father had so just gonna make my own versions of them and so now people walk around with pets as if their their kids in to me that is really weird like it is so it's like that is an animal that has a ahead my child i think like i don't know that's my opinion and i'm sticking to yeah. I don't think really dog can be a a child. People try dog. A dog is a dog my sister that baby boy look at him as my little baby boy and i'm like yearbook. We're man is a dog if you if you died in he was alive. He will eat you like this. No no no no dog would need her. Cats would eat you. A fish definitely would if you died in their chris tank yeah diana fishbowl. You'd be surprised. Many people are dumb out here. Wow sariano sorry out. Oh i like that. Nobody's ever drowned in a fishbowl. Let me google less you right now. I'm pulling jesse. We'll give google on. He won ever guide in a fishbowl. If they did die they deserve to die as if they die they die yes so so we had to cut and come back 'cause we found out some horrible news about people that drown invisibles. We're gonna go ahead and put it on over the winds as is news wednesday wrong. Yes wednesday's news it <hes> okay all right so wednesday. I'm just going to speak to you the article headlines the volt is back bitcoin coder to revive plans shield wallets from theft next article x coin macy's yo is behind mysterious komodo sources say california couple of forfeit crypto currency riches after drug busts north carolina congressman ish reinforce <unk> reintroduces crypto tax bill coyne base must face negligence suit over bitcoin cash launch judge rules watch join queen desk live with ted livingston c._e._o. Kick new jersey calls to isos fraudulent securities issues. Stop order amazon is looking for an engineering to put advertising data on a blockchain blockchain and the last one how bands from get hub and slack are hurting iranian bitcoin businesses stu. I do <hes>. Let's do california couple phone you here. We come california couple to forfeit cryptocurrency riches his after drug bust daniel kuehn august seven twenty nineteen a california couple has pleaded guilty to a series of crimes related <unk> crypto-currency appeals for into a department of justice filing on august six jabari in sowed a saudia monson are required to forfeit and undisclosed. Some bitcoin in bitcoin cash the acquired from selling illicit goods on the market. A prominent anonymous is d- marketplace between july when he eighteen in january twenty eight i twenty nine hundred on two short couple operated vendor accounts named best buy meds trap mart in house of dank you distribute cocaine cocaine cain base methamphetamine and marijuana all it's only for six months following an investigation conducted by the homeland security security investigation okay the federal bureau of investigation the drug enforcement administration and the u._s. postal inspection service jabari monson pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute construct controlled substances. If faces a maximum sentence the forty years a i five million dollars fine saadia monson pleaded guilty to violating travel act and using the mail and internet to distribute controlled substances. She faces a maximum of five years in prison in two hundred fifty thousand dollars away why winning both doing the same thing yeah but hers name saudi king. It's not like you know you. Don't get equal penalties. If using things you could have record she have what if you could have a previous record so that means you get more years. Now yeah yeah yeah. She got five years. He's getting fifty. Oh max non-intentional had a previous record okay. One of them had a the previous record because you don't see differences for the same crime unless you're a continuous fuck up from okay. It's crazy. It has beaten dig it for going fifteen over your license wrote. We're going fifteen. 'cause you're continuous backup. So the taking your license point base must face <unk> negligence suit over bitcoin cash listing judge rules yeah point base must face negligence lawsuit easy from customers who bought bitcoin cash following its allegedly botched listing on the exchange during the two thousand seventeen bull market adjust judge. Has i remember that i stayed up all night that night. Man i walked up to eight thousand and then i watched big wins price drop four two thousand crazy yeah. We did to go up to eight. I thought it only went up to six now update a a yet that was i thought i thought like a flipping. Yeah would be overtake. Take a._t._c. out late way what i think it was right around. When you join the slack to you had joined slide like not long before that yeah i resent in two thousand seventeen years is the actively you're actively watching our remember that premium and then before that on e draw plague three or five dollars dollars somebody bought out all of the order the orders via by odors her eat remember that that says when cryptos fund that was freaky. Now group does like every other the thing but just bigger. I don't know i mean you can still have fun like that. Test the <unk> whoever we say that has says yeah yeah that one was pretty volatile earlier. Today it was every time everytime coin based lists a new coin wayne <unk> experiences huge volatility like sixty percent in a day just goes up down up down you just by bilo sell high bilo so high repeat over and over again said yup load up on vines and i'm just transferring aucoin base sell the pump. They're they're doing being. The yeah isn't cases on b._n._b. He will finance coin is good non coins that wouldn't happen though right i'm saying i'm saying you financed by toews on us. News <hes> transferred over in unseal. Sell us your toes tokens on on coin base yeah. It feels like there's such is a large part of crypto that is new pink sheets. The pink sheet stocks yeah. Oh you mean like <hes> dollar stocks vinnie stuff yeah anything under a dollar apiece stocks are garb is but like like every once in a blue moon. Somebody will too big almost any stocks and most of them are scam are us yeah. That's that's. That's the only thing like if you were to trade trade in those like you know at least like <unk> like matic is gonna do. It's gonna be the next token that spikes matic like people were unloading on it way before <hes> coin base. Put the news on its blog because everybody knew about that. Everybody was loading up on matic and then <hes> they just unload code but then the problem is like if you get stuck right if you if you end up if it end up ends up not pumping when the coin base listing happens and it starts just dropping. You're you're screwed holding a ban. You're willing big bag yeah go. Either way are well. We should put it on thursday. Yep everything yeah. We read more from wednesday walmart. One more amazon is looking to put advertising on blockchain. Ian allison amazon is seeking to who integrate parts of its advertising business with blockchain seattle-based ecommerce giant is looking for a senior software engineer join. It's quote advertising. Fintech team focused focused on the block chain ledger according to a recent job hosting this new team based in boulder colorado will be focused on billing reconciliation systems to provide transparency. I'm trans-national. Financial data says the job description adding quote. This is an opportunity to define a technology architectural direction of greenfield area for m.'s nonce advertising business using blockchain technology when asked for further details a spokesperson for amazon said the team quote doesn't have anything share at this time it it is not clear what kind of blockchain amazon intends to use for advertising previously the blockchain team at amazon web services. The company's cloud business built a proprietary blockchain known as the quantum ledger database kill db in a._w._s. Managed blockchain service connects with your a._m. And hyper ledger fabric so so proprietary why have blocks in god oh. I wonder what the tech that the fed is that the reserve the federal reserve is going to be using for instant payments on the open source it you know so it could be like are they. Are they using a mexican he he and he using rapid who knows really onto you. These days does berry weird this <hes> thursday humans required commerce bank develops blockchain payments amos for automated trucks. Lek means the crypto startup. Alum catherine woo joins v._c. Firm <hes> notation capital go navy gears south korean traders are creating a blockchain for o._t._c. securities. <hes> bitcoin outshines gold amid had risk aversion financial markets texas securities washed out takes action against <unk> craigslist crypto scammell rhode island will regulate the crypto under money transmitter laws israeli crypto currency traders locked out of banking system report and oversaw doc open t zero security tokens market to retail traders next week l. interesting segue to that one oh sussman going a while we almost had burden on the show longtime ago but he got sick or something the second in command game so this article was double teamed by anna by the cova and nicholas day good old eiffel tower overstock is opening up trading on a security token market wrote to all comers retail investors will be able to trade on the platform starting algal still the essay those <hes> those say ago still though say t zero c._e._o. Swamp nor sal high told coin desk at that point the one year lock-up period for t._v. Rose twenty eighteen security token offering he will pass so here's a quote. There's a lot of focus on liquidity witty all right. Here's another quote. The symbiotic nature of the kids see motto is really blossoming so i a securities market so they're trying to man. The s._e._c. is going to destroy them or at least dry s._e._c. He makes money off of securities trading so they're not gonna let them other entity go in and create a digital securities trading exchange change in not want any kickbacks like that's going to get nasty. That might be fun to watch over time even watch. Let's see craigslist. Scammer sees going on here. Regulators file cease and desist against craigslist scam promising nine hundred percent crypto returns. Okay okay yeah. This is the word in the audience for the people that just started listening like this is your first exposure to the big one podcast network <hes> then there's many lessons we learned over the years. <hes> one of them is if anything is advertising guaranteed returns that is a scam people are staking based on a percentage returns main. What do you think about that. <hes> i don't know i don't know how staking works. I feel like it's you're making someone else who already had a lot of what you have a little of make more money faster pace than you. This feels like me. What do you think about like what was the one is. A dash. Dash is on that. It was like forty thousand dollars a while back to have your own. We know how much money and dash she had to have the steak. What do you think about that. Good bed <hes> staking. I don't know if i like it too much because the price of dashes dropped off significantly right yeah and the thing about staking making is that <hes> i just don't feel like they have the mechanism of a bill well enough light say. I've got a giant pile of coins. I stake some of my coin in order for it to be used as computation or do whatever is needed. <hes> i mean that's cool but at the same time it gives me way too much power so oh nobody's ever really explained to me that how <unk> mistake is opposed to usurp proven trooper work because at the end of the day just ends up being like a few people with a lot of tokens running that whole show i am even curry's corey did these coin distributions on these token cells and these token offerings and it was like one percent that had ninety percent listen to the tokens for whoever was like that's probably why these all coins are getting just <unk> that one percent they've diversified in rebounds portfolio folio in bitcoin so any who yeah stake. I'm still big question mark on aww answer your question so what happens to eat when he goes proof of stake in twenty twenty whenever proof of work chain stays round and actually like going <hes> <hes> the proof of state chain is going to go and it's going to do it needs to do but there's only gonna be like a handful of people that benefit from this which oh that's just my presumption. I'm not in that th world deep. I'm not deepen that e world but that's what it seems like to me. That'd be my presumption so <hes> there's nothing else good here. Let's see what going on with catherine wu. You always liked her name castro. Yes yeah yeah yeah so oh catherine wou. <hes> see joins a venture capital firm notation capital catherine up until three a._m. Wednesday and okay this. This article already started in a way. I don't care about it up until i don't care if she took what is in one hundred thirty pages kick went point point by point through the s._e._c.'s case and we went through page by page indicated which ones readers of her blog should take him scam or just. That's what i do for funds she said and now who is once again employed dig deep into startups review. Why does she do something. Special challenge for another article couldn't yeah sorry guys. I don't know she didn't do anything special. She's some random internet. Zsa zsa hired so we gotta talk about <hes> <hes>. Let's see here bitch bitcoin outshines gold. There's nothing there's no more juice. Juice in this fruit left squeeze jesse. That's it for the articles agra. Yeah <hes> yeah so this week was kinda lame article wi- last sorry listeners i mean we could use more jews. Maybe we can. There's nothing here. There's nothing here so they listen to the network. The bitcoin podcasts just the headers hashing it out dose of either. We appreciate you on the sly go to w._w._w. Dot the bitcoin podcast dot com. It says then you wonder that's w._w._w. That zola browsers took it out w._w. Almost are saying begin. Fuck it. I'm retro go to w._w._w. Dot the bitcoin podcast dot com puts the slag button follow the instructions. There's like five instructions if you can't vote five instructions. I don't know what to tell you. You deserve to be a slack member after all. Why should join the slack. You get to talk to us all the time. When it's better articles were happier about the articles you've talked to us us. Shoot us messages jesse. You'll be like oh you should try some mabus blocks and you'll be like crazy and then <hes> <hes> you know you join the slack off <music> <music> <music> <music> <music> <music> <music> <music> ooh ooh ooh <music> <music> <music> uh-huh <music> <music> <music>.

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