Phoenix has a protest over George Floyd? Trump launches executive order against Twitter and social media. Gov. Doug Ducey gives Arizona the same slow approach to reopening.


Friday Friday Friday is my favorite day. Friday. Friday Friday is my favorite day. Monday ended up bomber to. There's only pear. Weather's getting better almost there. But Friday and Friday Friday favorite. Friday is my favorite. My favorite. All. Hundreds of people protest downtown over man killed in Minneapolis. Gentlemen children of all ages oil. To kind of serve. Sarcastic. St Address could say I told you so. We'll I told you so. If you are a daily listener to the to the conservative circus. I lay does offer you. I told you how this whole thing was going to go down. I mean this is not a coincidence. We are in a political season once again. The Democrat is not doing too well. Solve they've gone to the old playbook stirring up racial angst stirring up racial controversy this situation that we are looking at. With the debt of George Floyd. In Minnesota a black man who was killed by a white man, and it was murdered. There's no no doubt about it let. Listen everybody who has seen that video. Everybody from heads of states. To two organizations. The police organizations everybody Republicans Democrats everybody. Knows that that police officer murdered that man. There's no question of it. So. Why are people rioting? Why are people protesting. Hundreds of people shouted the name George Floyd over and over as they rallied around Phoenix City Hall. In marched through downtown Phoenix to the state, Capitol and back for hours throughout Thursday night into the early morning hours of the day. And what was accomplished? Is George Floyd. Alive again! What was accomplished? We'll. They'll never be another incident of police brutality. No probably not. Yet we had hundreds of protesters stand in solidarity with the family of George Floyd. Like paper a phrases this who died earlier this week after being restrained by me, Minneapolis police know who was who killed was murdered. Though, police cleared the protests in unlawful assembly after eleven PM. That's here in Phoenix. More than fifty protesters continue to stand near Seventh Avenue and Washington Street well past twelve thirty a M. The the Phoenix protests. was organized by local activists. Wait for it. Jared mopping. And the all black lives matter sometimes of Arizona. And also the protesters started to bring up the names of other black people in the valley. Who they see as being the victims of police brutality. These killings by the police got to stop. We gotta make it. Stop what you're going to do. March. What are you going to do right? I talked to a young man yesterday. Doing very well in life. He says I agree I agree with Colin Kaepernick. Recently came out and said it is time for for revolution this time for armed revolution really really. You. Go throw him cap. You. Leave your job paying you. What did? You leave that job and go down there and protest. Don't TV throw Molotov cocktails. You got to do that, right. Man I don't know. Yeah, I don't know exactly. Because that time for armed protests. It's time for people to sit down. And Watch as the system plays out. Never, understood the right. Even even when I was young, I didn't send writing I. Don't understand the writing in the nineteen sixties. I didn't understand it at all. And especially to understand why black folks burning down the neighborhood that never made sense to be. If, you're going to be upset. Why don't you just like March on out, Scottsdale? Why now March up to Paradise Valley and burned down some of that stuff up. There found the hills march out there. What's going to happen? You GotTA get lit up. That's what's going to happen. You get lit. Up And for what reason? Would did all the marching and what it all the writing do the Rodney King remember the Rodney King Incident La burned down. What what? What was resolved from that then Rodney? King did as assets kicked by the police or forget the fact that he was on PCP. Little Honda or whatever that was driving one hundred miles per hour to residential neighborhoods forget that. They rioted. Burning down what what's changed? Over somehow, this is president. Trump sport right well. They were rioting during the Obama Administration. As I said before. This was a local issue a policing issue. Minnesota has a police problem they really do. This is the third incident that I can remember. As somebody brought up the last night I forgot what it was third answer that I remembered. Now look at what's happening in his Democrat. Run City. Look at what has happening. Look at the rioting. That's going on and you know what is not chest black folks out there riding I'm seeing a lot of white folks, too. Which makes me think that this is sort of some antiques. Stuff gone here. These cats are really organized. They cut the gas line to the police district the precinct that thing caught on fire. You have police running all well. What the Hell Are we watching? The police running from editors, the police running from these so-called. Protesters. He's a Democrat run cities. These are Democrat policies. Put in place. And I'm telling you. You don't have to believe me, but you should be able to recognize a pattern. And you should be able to recognize that. This happens a lot during political season. Some people say well. It's generational. This is generational this younger generation. Now it's not it would. It is the generation that's in charge now has become soft. Except for here in the valley. We'll talk about some of the upside that happened that the protests slash mini riot here in Phoenix took place in Phoenix. And I'm happy to say that For the most part. Police chief, who I believe is a liberal. She! Don't play. She don't play. We'll talk about that at six eighteen. Just see that CNN reporter that got arrested right in the middle of the protests. That was crazy. You are listening to conservative circus I. Am Your Ringmaster James C Harris? Yeah yeah to see in reporter. Still don't know exactly what happened, but I. do know that the governor. Of Minnesota has apologized. But. We're watching right now on television If you look at the breaking news here, you got. You got some police getting kind of aggressive up there. That the police getting aggressive finally. But. Why does this always happen wide? Do these these Democrats cities with these Democrat mayors and the Democrat police chicks? Why do they let the citizens rioted and burned down stuff and the? Why is it always auto zone autozone always getting burned in these riots? Ross? Remember that the mayor out there in Baltimore. Who after the writing off? She said we just gave them so space. The gave them some space to let the city burn. Essentially apologized and endorsed open Ryan. Did. That doesn't happen here in Phoenix. GotTa. Give them a little bit of that. We've got the police yesterday. They were throwing tear-gas and they were throwing out rubber bullets. In. My problem is that they stop at that point. I didn't even take it to the next level like they did in the sixties and the seventies. People write it back then, but they knew it was gonNA call them. Something they knew was going to cause some assets, Hey! We had one of campus protests I guess because the team lost the final four or something like that and one girl got clocked by the police. She ended up winning a lot of money because it was unnecessary. But I often use that as an example. Yeah, we're. We're willing to lose us. That kind of force against college students, who a protest or what about these people out here who are burning down buildings? I'll give Jerry Williams credit. The didn't happen last night. And they were ready for it. One of the protesters yelling out. These killings by the police got to stop. It's not going to stop with George. Flory and it's not going to stop here. We gotta make stop. How did you make us down? How do you make stop? You make us out by protesting. Do you make stop by throwing Molotov cocktail? They hey, maybe we should get rid of the police. Like what was that the town hall meeting? They had here last year. Or maybe we should police more police oversight. Bring some more radical than to make to overlook new-look over the policemen shoulder. or If you really want to do something about it. Maybe you can vote in new leadership. Maybe you can vote in individuals that believe in law and order. Maybe. Chess, maybe you'll vote in more wait for it. Republicans. Because I'm telling you. Things are running amok in Democrat lead cities, I. Think it's time to lead the city quite frankly. I'm I'm not talking about just Minneapolis. We're watching Minneapolis die in. Real time. But there's New York. City, a city so corrupt that it leaves us elderly and other people to die place. We got Chicago with the South side so deadly that now black folks are leaving the city decent black folks leaving the city why folks. NAFTA generation ago. They'LL BE BALTIMORE DETROIT Open they're gone. San Francisco Los Angeles. They're going to. Both of them are approaching a A. Civic point of no return. You've got cities like Austin. Texas Dallas. They got a homeless culture. They've got the deadly fruits of Progressives of progressive. Place is taking root. Progressive have a knack of destroying things. I think that in Phoenix. We still have a similar law and order, but it's always getting tested. It's getting tested. And once again? Is Getting tested over things that really are not our business, unless you really want to believe the fake narrative going around, and it is a fake narrative, is it a fake media driven narrative that police? Brutality is disproportionately killing black people raw statistically. Wrong. But the media. They'll find a way. To give you examples. That they of there to, they want to push. Having said that no, there is no disagreement. There is no controversy here. This is amazing about about what we're watching. There is no conflict controversy over the murder of George Floyd Oh did you hear that? The police officer that put his knee on its man's neck and killed him that you know that he had at least ten prior complaints of excessive force Oh and guess what. Guess who the person was. That did not bring charges against him. Amy Klobuchar. I do believe that she is on the short list. For for Joe, Biden Right I. Think we can just scratch that name off right now. I think we can scratch that name off. They've got the governor who has more decrees? One of the issues that pop up here is the money in house being distributed. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA get into that. At six thirty three. Lightly it's here this morning. At nine fifty on five fifty. KFI ON FM. Ninety five point five hd two. You're listening to the conservative circus. I have your ring. Massive Harrison Plaza. We still wonder we face to. We're still at phase one. We're still in phase one yet. Another a press conference from our governor Lord Ducie. And one of the things that they got into was the federal dollars Doocey said federal dollars going to be helping our local and state governments I want to talk about our local communities We were able to meet with mayors and suit supervisors from around the state yesterday. federal government has hundred dollars to the state to not always support the state, but our our local communities I wanted to listen to the people on the front lines, and that's our mayors and our county supervisors. Supervisors in both urban and rural areas. We were able to have a couple of listening sessions with these folks. They told us what was most important to them, and we were able to make an announcement yesterday as to how we were going to disperse these dollars. Okay, that was Lord Ducie may say has received ninety million dollars. The council has already approved fifty million for public safety since the federal money can be used to cover payroll expenses for responding to or mitigating the COVID nineteen emergency. Another twenty million dollars went to small businesses and seven million is already dedicated to a small business grant program that that's already closed to applicants in the center ring the conservative circus. We have Mesa city councilman. Jeremy, winokur and councilman whitaker had any of the small business. Grants been dispersed used to the applicants. Things running on your show know as of today we have not dispersed any of the understanding it. We're still working on a finalist list. So what's the hold up, I? Mean I don't mean this obliterated, but yeah, what is the holdup? Yeah I. Don't know you know. Government operates at a speed a little bit slower. I think than than the business community, but I think they're trying to vet. The lift and the applications have been filed and they're trying to sort through to see who qualifies and who's not going to all time. Wow, okay. If I understand correctly two thirds of the small businesses, money is unallocated. Where is the rest of that money going to go? Yeah. It's getting really interesting over here, so I mean. They're talking about buying a hotel. You. Call me off guard. Did you just say they're trying? They're thinking about buying a hotel in downtown Mesa. Who's thinking about that? Yeah I mean that's what that's. What the city management and the city council is discussing internally saying that you know and the thing. About that that we can't even balance our budget as it is today so I don't know how they plan on. Taking additional costs of owning an actual hotel. Jeremy Whitaker you just kind of threw me for a loop here. We're talking about small businesses. We're talking about mom and pop shops. We're talking about people who've made applications for for federal monies because the government shut them down. You're telling me that. city of Mesa has received some of these federal monies, but they're thinking about pouring that money into a hotel that they will manage. Almost. All a hotel for the homeless. So right? Okay, we do have Mason City Councilman Jeremy Whittaker in the center ring. Why is the city using the cares money as a reimbursement for the city's covid nineteen, a call center set of leaving that money available for residents business owners. Are you the public safety side of it, yes, yes. Yes, so I mean I think it's really just an accounting gimmick. Right so the Cares Act specifically states that you can't supplant your budget whatever your budget was, you know as of March, you happening team that same budget, but you know there's this loophole where you can say if you use the money for public safety Then you can use the code funds for that. That, so what they're basically doing is calculating. How much of the entire public safety budgets less left for the duration of the year shifting the covert money into the public. Safety Fund and then taking the public safety money and dumping it right back into the General Fund where they can spend it discretionary on on anything that they want. I I believe it's the biggest. The biggest game I've ever seen this ninety million dollars over supposed to be allocated towards. Your community and the thing government. That's supposed to be helping. You is taking that money and using it for their budget. Will Jeremy This is nothing new? I mean we've seen this before, but to see this play out in the what what is being called. A pandemic is very very shocking, so so we have small business people. They have not had the money. Disperse them yet, but the city council over Mesa is real hot to trot and building a hotel for the homeless, and then when it comes to the to the city, using the cares money as a reimbursement. You're telling me there's a whole lot hanky-panky going on finding loopholes in order for the for the city to spend that money. It's just method of they're just taking the money back. Kobe the balanced to balance their own budget where where they should be I, mean I if Americans have to clamp down on their spending I, I think the government should have to as well if if if fails. Taxes decrease I. Mean we'll have three I. Think. We just lost him. That was A. Mason City Councilman Jeremy Whitaker. We just lost more. Somebody just cut 'em off. You think somebody just cut him off with Ross. Somebody down there. Mason city? Oh! Heck is going on. This is incredible. It's absolutely incredible. We have once again our elected officials. The people that we put in office. The people who are supposed to be representing you representing the best interest of their of the city in a small businesses. Are screwing Weeda people. This is unbelievable. Build a hotel. For the homeless. The money the ninety million dollars. have any of the small business grants been dispersed to the applicants? NOPE nope. This is amazing absolutely. Amazing, Once again here's. Governor Doug Ducey. Talking about. Talking about this money, the federal dollars will be helping our local and state governments There's two point eight billion dollars that was forwarded from the federal government to the state of Arizona we were able to take these resources to local communities with four hundred forty one million dollars for Arizona counties, cities and towns these are direct payments. They have action there some flexibility and MINIMA minimal red tape. WHAT A hot mess! We did! Get another proclamation from Lord Ducie. We'll talk about that. All? Subjects of the Kingdom of Zona onto. These goods. Full from his Roy. More DC the announcement today is that schools will resume at the start of the school year. We're planning ahead. Superintendent Hoffman will release guidance for schools on Monday June first. This guidance has been informed of course by school leaders, teachers, parents, and public health experts from the Arizona Department of Health Services. Days. Royal. From your prey ten arrests. DC. Go back to school. You are listening to. -servative circus I am your ringmaster's Hanes Harris and Lord Ducie. is allowing children to return to school. Amazing. It is amazing. By the way we just had a conversation with Mesa City Councilman Jeremy Whitaker that's going to go up on podcast before the show is over. You may want to listen to it if you missed it. It's pretty explosive and Jeremy Whitaker. I WANNA thank you for coming on and letting US know what's going on in May? Say He's not a Republican. He's a Republican but maybe. Just maybe the cove it the covert lockdown. Is Shaken all of us up. On both sides of the political aisle as we're seeing just the the greed shenanigans, the of the and the totalitarianism all this craziness. If you missed it. Jeremy City Common Mason. City Councilman Jerry Whitaker that Jerry. What occurred that lasts that interview will be up on podcast. Just download the iheartradio APP and have at it lowered Ducey as now allowing for children to go back to school. He also is saying that Youth Leagues Can Open Up. You are going to be allowed to to open up. but there's going to be social distancing it in place. They're actually they are negotiating. They're negotiating How the how this thing's going to get done with the parents and all that stuff youth sports. You said they'll be able to gather. Again! This is like NBA with negotiating. What about again? People in the stands parents on the sideline screaming? Are they going to be able to have spectators for these youth sports and the Summer Camp Sports, so in terms of of youth sports of course negotiations are completing their ready to to have the first opening pitch for little league, and we're proud of the players and the parents. This idea of of physical distancing a- responsible behaviour something. We're going to continue to talk about. It's going to be important in in any of these savings. There's going to be guidance that's put out by the Department of Health Services, but you sports can. can resume and you. WanNa. Talk a little bit about the guidance around that Dr Chris. Dr Chris sure so there will be recommendations that involves limiting the number of parents or spectators that a child can bring. Physically distancing before and after the game, not sharing drinks snacks after the If there is shared equipment, making sure that you're disinfecting it before, and after so that we do have recommendations that have been developed for our youth activities, yeah, one of the things that my kids used to love kids juice love after the sporting events is the snacks. They even care who wanted loss game. Who has the snacks Lord? Have mercy if somebody forgot to. Snacks were like tears like for real. Now can't have snacks. was going to happen across Europe you, you know the parents go to the game or disposed to cover their mouths when they chair. They're going to be wearing masks as Yes right muffled anyway, right? They got to wear the mask and make sure that you have yet to cough or sneeze to. Cover your nose mouth. Boss shouldn't be cheering and applauding and not be term screaming. You cannot scream at these games. There's not one of the Disney rules you can't you. If you ride the roller coaster, you gotta keep that in all three hails did not notice not even incited screams. Keep your mouth shut with that with that mask over it just in case. You're that. Guidelines about no treats. See. You can't cheer to treat because somebody with the Cova made by trees, and then it got a pass it out, and that's how they get the cove it and then a little kid may go home you know, and spread it to grandma and GRANDPA and there they will die. Probably won't die. If denied in a nursing home. The schools guidelines to go back to school are absolutely nightmarish is a matter of fact. Most kids are probably better off. If the schools, just they shot. The guidelines ridiculous. What plexiglass everywhere social distancing practice? Little kids have to wear masks. W-what the hack who wants to send your kid into that type of environment that type of atmosphere. You've got many teachers. Who did the Nannies I don't know if I WANNA go back. It's it is. Causing people to read think. And this shutdown. This government shutdown has been a teacher unions nightmare. The polls are showing that parents are more likely to keep up homeschooling after the lot down. The government has forced American parents to get a first-hand lesson in home schooling in a lot of them. Have enjoyed the experience, not all of them. But a lot of them and the problem here is the parents would means are probably going to try to go ahead and extend that experience. It's the children of families who don't have the means. That are going to be forced to go back to the government. Run schools with the covent policies in place. was. About this this poll that came out. Is that across the board? A you can you can include race. And ethnicity. Income. Across the board. Over forty percent, fifty percent of parents enjoy the home schooling experience. And are now investigating ways to keep going. This is a problem this is going. This is going to wreak havoc. If those numbers are right. No, let me phrase at if those models are correct is going to wreak havoc. On the government run schools on that institution and to that. I say. A man. Amen. and Boom, shocked naming. Boom. Can you give the loss from prison headed up, yes. Absolutely yes, we can. There is a big pushback underway president. Trump came out with some executive orders. And the things that that many conservatives have been complaining about are now in the centering ring. We're going to talk about the twitter war coming up at seven three. President trump issued in executive. Order pushing back against social media. As a gentlemen, children of all ages take. To kind of serve at as jazz. Fee. Conservatives know that the tech giant's out there. Whether, it's social media platforms with search engines have consistently sought to silence conservative viewpoints. President trump's more extreme tweets of late They probably were intended to go to twitter twitter into censor- censoring him. Andy worked told you about this. This is the plan. Twitter took the bait. They took the bait on his tweets about mail in ballots and voter fraud and wants twitter engaged in overt political censorship. Gave President trump that opening that he needed to expose the tech titans. And and and to open them up to very expensive. Lawsuits and FC see oversight. It's no secret that the big techs have been doing this. And nobody ever checked him so they can do this. The big, tech had had people in side of the the Obama administration on his cabinet. President trump is not like other presidents. He is turning out to be truly for the most part there have been some violation, but he's respected the constitution and he's expected to bill of rights. So yesterday, president trump. He he threw down the gauntlet with an executive order, and it's going to take a while for this executive order to wind its way through. It may be found to be unconstitutional. About we have to remember that the the executive branch is a very powerful office. This is just the first of many things to come. To to to rein in these tech companies, and all that need to play by the rules. All they need to do is be fair, but they don't want to. Because they are devoted to destroying this president and tapping down on conservative ideology and policies. that. Twitter makes choose to suppress at it. Blacklists Shadow, Ban or editorial decisions pure simple editorial. In those moments twitter ceases to be a neutral public platform and become an editor with viewpoint, and I think we can say that about others also whether you're looking at Google whether you look at facebook and. Perhaps, how this one egregious example is when they try to silence views that they disagree with by selectively applying fact, check fact, check. F- act fact check. What they choose to fact, check in what they choose to ignore or even promote is nothing more than a political activism grow or political activism. And inappropriate now it will be the only disappointing about this. Is once again a wasted opportunity. When president trump had the. Congress Republicans I should say had the congress that would have been a great time. To push through legislation akin to the civil rights bill of nineteen sixty four. A bill that recognized that the tech titans are places of public accommodation for ideas. And that they could not engage in viewpoint discrimination, but. Bhagat derailed by the Russia hoax. We have far too many rhinos who are hostile to the to the trump administration. And that's what prevented him from doing this. I think though he's been on top of it for a while. President Trump again. Yesterday gave some details of the executive order. My executive order calls for new regulations under Section, two thirty of the Communications Decency Act. To make it that social media companies that engage in censoring or any political conduct will not be able to keep their liability shield. That's a big deal. They have a shield. They can do what they want. They have a shield not going to have that shield. My executive order further instructs the federal. Trade Commission FTC to prohibit social media companies from engaging in any deceptive acts of practices affecting, commerce. Authority resides in section five of the federal. Trade Commission Act. Pretty well, most of you know very well. I would think quite well, right? Additionally I'm directing the Attorney General to work cooperative with the state. She's going to be working very much in very closely in cooperation with the states to enforce their own laws against such deceptive business practices. And See. We talk about these deceptive business practices. That's where our own attorney general Mark Barnevik comes down. We interviewed him yesterday innocent to ring. He was one of the first states in the union. Defer State of the Union. To bring a lawsuit against Google for deceptive business practices. So, what we're seeing here is quite remarkable finally. We're seeing a big fat push against big tech now. Will they be able to pull this off? When we say big tech, we are talking about a global conglomerate. If if giving them to straighten up and fly right doesn't work though president trump also has a plan B President you had said one of your twitter, one of your tweets that you would consider shutting down twitter and social media companies, did you? WanNa. Shut down and. I tell you what I have so much. It seems influence over twitter of people wanting to seek O- twitter, because of what I have, I have a vast number, the number of platforms as you know, we have all millions and millions of people. I think this. If twitter were not honorable, if you're going to have a like this judge and jury. I shut down as far as I'm concerned but I'd have to go through legal process. The fact checker. Did they put on president? Trump just happens to be an ass had last year. This fact checker put on his twitter account that the trump administration was akin to the Nazi party. So that's great. You're going to have that guy fat. Check fact checking the president remember, wasn't it? Last year like his account was disabled for like ten minutes or something it was and that created a firestorm. About president trump is not lying here as a matter of fact I. do believe that President Trump has the largest following of all of twitter. If president, trump worked shutdown his account. We can make an argument that would be by twitter. Twitter was on the verge of bankruptcy before president trump started using it. He single handedly brought that sewer back. William Barr. With him when he gave out the executive order. And the you know. MR, William Buyer is gravitas itself. A bit of a bait and switch that's occurred in our society. These companies grew because they don't themselves out. As public forums as free public forums, where variety voices, diverse voices could come on and be heard. That's how they grew. That's how they actively eyeballs people join them, but now that they have become these very powerful networks Bible. Grown by holding themselves out as free public forms, they've now switched and the using that market power to flip particular viewpoints and that's wore. It is wrong a meal. It's wrong. And so wrong, though how come, the left is on the side of twitter. On the side of what is wrong well I think you might know the answer. But if you if you don't I will give it to you. At seven eighteen. You're listening to the conservative circus. I am your ringmaster James t Harris. President drop has. Started a war? And it's. No Accident, let me rephrase that. President trump trump is now striking back. A war has been on him and you know he's often said when you're attacking him. They're attacking you. They're attacking we the people and that is absolutely true and I've been on this kick for for years now, because I'm heavily involved in social media. I'm what they call. A, social media influence her. Roth because I've. Been in flint show. On, you've had a massive following on your social media's. He can make you remember the first time. I turned the camera on my on my face, and told the story about the about the woman who came up and apologized to me for all the black people that getting shot and killed by the police. I mean you. You've done videos where you don't talk and you get thousands of. That's insulting, but anyway. That, that's what started for me. It's something similar to what's going on right now Minneapolis. I? Believe the police shooting in Louisiana. And there was also one in Minneapolis The the gentleman who was in the passenger, see with his kid, the back seat and the police shot and killed him. They said he was going forward gun. And the woman came up and apologized for that and I responded. You know the one in the we could be a legitimate shoot about the one in many are in a sorry Minneapolis, legitimate legitimate. Gripe here because I, think the police reacted. But the one in Louisiana well, the guy was a felon and he had a gun. And that's only the as I explained more and more positions. She starts to take steps backward because she realized. That I was now who she thought I was. And I shared that video and I also share what I thought. The problem was in at the time it was. Arrest I said you know if you don't resist arrest. Eight and a half times out of ten. You're going to be okay. That's that one and a half time. That people could have a legitimate gripe out and that thing went took off. The the pullback started right after right after the election. And I mean right now. My facebook rich pretty much. TAP down because I have been censored. I had been fact checked to death as a matter of fact, Ross came into today's amen. You've got flagged again I'm like what are you talking about, so we get notifications of when these things come up and so I have to show James the fact that we we're fat checked on stuff that like you didn't even really post or share. How does that happen? I? got fact checked it on on stuff that people posted to my page. They helped me. Help be responsible for other people's stuff. And when you get, fact checked enough. They sat down on your reach. They change the algorithms and all of a sudden. You're not getting any body watching. It's hard for people to find you. And this is what president trump was talking about now. He's so big on. That it would be very difficult for them to do that or I should say it will be very noticeable, but when twitter make the also mistake of fact, checking president trump. They crossed the line. You had a Zuckerberg in Washington DC. Testifying yesterday that his agency facebook doesn't fact check people? Stop It. That's a lie. I guess you just next time comes up rows A. Screen shot for me. It's a lie. Berg lied to Congress with a straight face. Who who who does that? Berg and other Democrats. But no, this is the big deal and president. Trump said you know what I guess. He was asked by by a reporter if he would delete his account. Given concerned with twitter. Have you given any consideration deleting your accounts and just walk away from this platform? You've been critical of you know you weren't shake I would. Think about? heartbeat. Hernandez. President. President, I would need twitter. If y'all wouldn't fake. But you fake? So I need twitter. Sarah I'm not fake. I'm your shut up. You know what I'm talking about ignorant. Fake News here's mark. Zuckerberg Guy Mexican Berga. Talked about. The mission statement of the goals of a facebook. The reality is that we try to be very principle. We care deeply about giving people a voice. And empowering individuals that's. A big part of why I started the company. I don't think that you build a company that gives people a voice like this. If you don't believe that individuals, having a voice is a good thing, and we're trying to be principled and nuanced about the policies here. I say a lot of things, but they would be insulting. There would be very very insulting. Right down to the way he sounds. We had a video earlier I should say last year a with Christine Jones formerly of go daddy about how to unplug yourself from facebook well. Google is a bigger challenge. We're GONNA. Talk about that at seven thirty three. Jones. Mrs Jones. You are listening to the conservative circus. I am your ringmaster Jamesy Harris. Yesterday the Attorney General announced that he is going to sue Google. And reminded me of a conversation that I had last year with a Miss Christine Jones. Christine Jones formerly of go daddy. She is a world expert on technology law. We welcome her to the centering of the conservative circus. The Attorney General has made the announcement that he is suing Google for their data, gathering and tracking practices. Now now you and I covered this a while back Christian Jones. Can you give a refresher? Then I? WanNa know what you think about this lawsuit. Hey Good Morning James. Always good to be in the central rating west the masters, so thank you for having me and I did listen with interest yesterday when you were talking to mark Burnett about the lawsuit that the state of Arizona broad, and it's always a little chilly when you really start to look what is being collected about you engage online. And you and I spent some amount of time trying to train people. You know trying to bring attention to the fact that there really is an embarrassing information. The tell about you. Know who services? Use so the. Bottom line here is. If you don't want people to track you don't use it, but you know we can get into a little bit of more specifics about what we think. There's lots point to accomplish. You talk about you know if you don't want people to track, you don't use it, but we're being told that facebook can track. You and Google track you even if you don't use their platforms that true. Well. You know you and I have a as we say you. I talked about this in the past, and we all walk around with a little trashy device in those parts in the in the form of a phone. and. Even when you don't have a service on, or you're not logged in there still a microphone and there's still a camera, and so most of what you can. What you engage in is being being listened to a recorded. You know that because sometimes when you go online. And you've had. Either a search experience or a conversation? Targeted advertising up. Exactly designed to address the thing that you were just discussing right, so you know what's happening? Now the. The suggestion that we all leave our phones home or we all turn off every devices unrealistic right so the important thing is know how to find online about you know how to delete it. When we started when we talk about that I, think this is what the attorney general is going after with Lugos, because I mean if it were just as simple as having a often on switch or maybe three step process that will be fine, but what that video we did together. It was way more extensive the things that you had to do. And when we started talking about Google, it's even worse I would even say. Christine Jones is damn near impossible for you to disconnect from from these services. In virtually impossible disconnect, and as you know, because we spent a lot of time going through sort of a tutorial about just on facebook how to get information disconnected deleted. It takes an enormous amount of effort, and you have to go site by site by site, right? With Google even a little bit worse because if you're not a relatively savvy user, and you're not actually going into your history and clearing it, and going into recorded conversations and clearing They sort of laugh at are collected in perpetuity, and what you say at any given conversation might not be private. You might not care. You're a public figure. Lots of what you say is recorded in predicting Sheridan and you and Ross just had the conversation ago about being an influencer. You want people to know what you're saying. But the problem is the collection of everything taken together all the people you know all the people they know every place you send every restaurant in eight net. All of that collectively forms context about you in enable. Algorithms and now artificial intelligence. To actually predict your behavior and the behavior of the people around you and worse in allowed those platforms to influence your behavior. And that's a dangerous position for us to be in, and it's sort of wide attorney general. Brnovich brought this lawsuit and I think also in addition to being in a fight with twitter. It's white president trump. This executive order yesterday. Let me ask you about that. Real. Quick of that Jealousies Go Daddy, a world expert on technology law. We're talking to president. Trump is going after the CD. A two thirty I. believe that that means they're trying to say that. Twitter is a publication like a newspaper and that way. It opens them up to lawsuit. Do you think this is a good move by the president by the Administration Bay? What's funny? Everybody is an expert on section two thirty the CD A. We've been trying to fix this thing for over a decade now, and it's very difficult. Right because if you think about the the mind, numbing way huge number of entries that are going on online every day, it's impossible for anybody to monitor right about two hundred billion tweets every year, so it's not like twitter can go read every tweet right that not humanly possible. But the problem with the CD A is. It gives this nice safe harbor. To neutral platforms that were never intended to to monitor or change or pass judge on content. They were just there to make a free open exchange of ideas. You are the content creator what you put out. There is your responsibility. Here's the RUB. When twitter becomes an arbiter or facebook become an arbiter, then they make themselves more like a newspaper and newspapers news reporting agencies are required to that the truth of the things they publish, and it's twitter to put themselves in that position by saying what you said was true or not true by fact. Checking things that you're putting out there by saying that the president's opinion piece is is not true, and here's here's better information about it. They Walk Right into the trap that the CDC doesn't protect, and that's exactly what the language of president trump's order does. It provides a pathway for regulators to strip. Platforms like twitter and facebook of the protections under section two thirty. That I think is why the move by our attorney general and by President Trump is down right brilliant. proclamation from Lord Doozy at seven, Forty Eight, and we also have the conservative circus clown of the week. A. Subjects of the Kingdom of Arizona onto needs these words. From his Roy. Moore. In addition I said that things would be getting back to normal when somebody could say, play ball or batter up. I was hoping that that play ball was for the Arizona diamondbacks, but in the in the meantime it can be for literally organized youth activities can resume so whether that Summer Leagues Summer Schools or day camps those are important. We wanted to provide clarity here. There is guidance to allow you sports to resume safely and responsibly, so please feel free. Royal? From your. Prey Ten generous. You are listening to the conservative circus. I am your ring. Message James to Harris Large. Have deemed it. Has Allowed. Children to play organized sports again baseball. You know I was just talking to Christine Jones formerly of go Daddy She also was in the gubernatorial race a few years ago. Do you think she would be as much as a a dictator with the soft touch? As Governor Ducey. I'll tell you something else Diane, Douglas. Douglas. Do you think if she were still no secretary over the schools? Do. You think we would have these draconian CDC guidelines in place to send the children back. Elections. have. Consequences? That's all I'm saying. I mean I'm exhausted. I'm exhausted. If. You were listening earlier today. In today's show. That's right. You get it on the podcast. We've talked to Mason city councilman. Jeremy Whitaker. And? We talked about how the money is that. The governor was talking about Lord Ducie. The federal money. That has been sent to the states will. It has not made it to the small business of folks. A small business grants have not been. dispersed. We found out that the Mesa city council is looking at spending some of that money for a vagrant hotel. Was Amazing. And we're getting this information from someone who is not a Republican, I think across the board. People have just had enough. Could it be that this pandemic or the government's response to it? It's going to shake things up party wise. Odor Democrats, they've they have been agreed. Just I mean some of the Democrat governors. What they've done is but absolutely outrageous. And compared to other states, Arizona is a much better shape. HOW ADVERT! We're talking about liberty. There is no such thing light-touch. Governor Ducey allows for schools to be opened governor. ducey allows for little leagues. You know you can play, but there has to be social distancing parents, only about four or five of you could come. The had your mouth cover? You can't share too loud and there's no snacks. No smacks for the children, so please feel free. Thank you Lord Ducie so Burnell Event Neville it. That's what I sat. Who wanted to cloud of the week? We're talking about the riots going on in Minneapolis. We're talking about the marching going on around the country. This is the protest. And it's a protest, because once again a we have a police officer who is killed an unarmed black man, and it was on television. It was brutal to watch I'm telling you? It was murdered. And nobody nobody's in disagreement. There is no controversy that police officer murdered that man and it was captured on video. So the question is why are people out there rioting? Why are people out there marching? We know what the problem is my goodness. Brooke Baldwin. Had A family member on interviewing them, and instead of getting to what they had say. Brooke Baldwin be clowned herself. How would you? There are so many emotions as I'm sitting here? Listening you I'm I'm having? My own. I'm surprised at my own emotions on TV with you but I've just as A. White woman aware of my own privilege in this country I am so. Angry! I can't even begin. Forgive me. No I'm not going to forgive Baldwin. That's ridiculous. Brook Ball would made it about her. Made it about her white guilt. made it about her white privilege. This woman lost the Lub. She's under to talk about that and Brooke Baldwin Breaks Down and starts crying in Apologize Kashif aware of her pram latch white while bed. Do you think that will? Do you think that the the family member want to hear that mess? What an embarrassing situation you put her in now. She has try to comfort your crazy assets to hear crying. 'cause you white cry because you're white. Brooke Baldwin's moment. Of of white guilt. Is, the reason why she is this week's. Conservative! Clown of the week brought to you by. Tombstone Tactical You've got Nancy Pelosi out this. You've got a proxy scheme. That is going forward. It's amazing you know you got. The Democrats have to show up to take the vote anymore. Just absolutely shredding the Constitution, we also have a a the Pfizer report stuff coming out this thing. It's unraveling so quickly, but people are still distracted by covert and now by what's happening in Minneapolis but but but. We have a congressman that's going to help us. Get down to the bottom of what is going on, and he'll be in to ring at eight. Oh three. With one tweed congressman Paul Gosar puts everything in perspective. Gentlemen Children of all ages. Trodden to. Serve. Certain casts. A. Address whatever you're getting bored or confused wondering what in the world is going on, just follow. Representative Paul Gosar on twitter feed is absolutely amazing, latest one a so we have the ability to trace interactions between individuals with covid nineteen, but not Jeffrey Epstein pedophile ring. Oh Congressman, ball, those are also I had a lot to say about the president and his going after social media. We welcome him to the center ring other conservatives. Circus Congressman you praised the president for his executive order about the social media platforms. Do you think that he went far enough? He. Didn't you know James t you know when you look at what the these platforms have been given unity. it's it's it's it's horrendous. you know they're done? They're acting as publishers and their sensory as we've been screaming US come, conservatives have been screaming about it. You know they. They dictated everything that they want WanNa see on on. The Internet but not make allowing free speech. You know they've been. We've been suffering from this noticing this for a while. I thought that the president made good first steps, but I think that that needs to be very very aggressive of. We're to get anywhere with this. But I thought that I wanted to check in with you on that and I was hoping you would say is not aggressive enough. Because that means, we'll still have. Some fires lit in Washington DC to get more done last night in a tweet. You blasted Nancy Pelosi's proxy plan I. Think you called it unconstitutional. What is happening on that front? Well I mean once again. There's been a lawsuit filed on behalf of the Republicans in court in regards to saying. This is unconstitutional There's a there's a lot of documentation within the constitution in regards to the Corum. You know that is very very important. In regards to representation. So we'll see how this lawsuit goes, but it was very noticeable. Down in Florida I actually had one of the people that gave his proxies, and that was Charlie crist. You know the former governor of Florida, so he advocated his duties just to go down to watch the the some of the new space shuttle. I, don't understand I think I'm afraid of the fact that I do understand congressman goals are, but it just seems that in this day and age we are treating. We're having our elected officials. Treat their responsibility so cavalierly a we out here in flyover country. We're watching it. WASHINGTON DC we're watching the behavior of Nancy. Pelosi, we're seeing. The Democrats were sitting the impeachment plush. We're seeing now this move a proxy giving a Nancy Pelosi more power to try to advance her very radical agenda and. Whole home to everybody else in the country, except for we the people. I mean this is like. This is be like call what we've been experiencing is is. you know socialism? You know American style here. These folks like this. Do you like the government telling you that you can't do this? You can't do that and allow people to Ransack your businesses and your homes and. And have the government telling you when you can come out when you can eat how much you can make. What kind of house you WanNa live in. That's the America I believe in that this is what is very sad. that you know we had a meeting. A bunch of the Freedom Caucus folks got together, and we sat around for two hours about where where we've come in just a short amount of time. If you look at the the power talked about Nancy Pelosi controls all the strings. There's a rumor now that we may not be going back to DC until June twenty third. June twenty third because We were told that when they need us. When they need it, so give us a seventy two hour notice. So when they need you. This government run amok. Government run amok and MA. Maybe a congressman is government. Run Amok a good time for the Democrats because as we're starting to to find out more about the. Abuses, I mean this. was shocking of. Our notions of what we thought were going on with shocking. Now we're finding out now we're getting is dotted. T.'s crossed and this corruption of that existed in the Obama Administration and with the Hillary campaign and the way our F. B.. I. R. C. R., A. I.. Our IRS has been weaponized. Politicize is beyond criminal, and we still have the people who do disc walking around Scott, free? Oh it's exactly right. I mean we didn't need any more information team. When you look at Benghazi you look at the irs you look at. The scandals that right and left. and now you see that it's not just it's not just a high profile you know you. The Inspector General looks back and then just samples. The the courts and finds pulls twenty nine cases and twenty nine in brings on American citizens, and then when people start looking at the footnotes, they find even more. I mean this is this is this is unbelievable and it. And what are the Democrats talked about personal freedoms and liberties and. Rights and privacy would be here no to be seen and yesterday we punt. On reforms to the FEIS. Descended to confidence. Atrocious absolutely atrocious. You know because what's going to be happening is is the Senate already said that they don't want to really make reforms. You gotta be kidding me. Where's Lindsey Graham? He wants to go to conference, so they can water at five. Sit down. Mitch McConnell the same way. where? Three words that that that fight through the constitutional rights in the bill of rights. It's it's. It's a sad day is a very very sad day. Congressman Paul Gosar. so we became. Get our hopes up. That needed to happen with our with our Congress people are elected officials. Once again. We're looking to the president. And was real crime about that is he could do something with executive orders, but then eventually the congress is going to have to come around and Kota Fire. They're not going to do that especially as long as Nancy. Pelosi is in power. It's a mess. Thank God, it's Friday so we could take this stuff to Jesus in the last segment. I'll tell you that you you end up. Getting really depressed when you see the lawlessness that is coming out of Washington DC when you see the lawlessness, and even that's coming out of Arizona. And over the last six eight weeks. The congressman is absolutely correct. We've lost so much of our liberties, but the good thing about that is. It's naked. Now we could see we could only go back to one place. I guess we can go to one or the other. Right now we have. Minneapolis headed in the wrong direction. We're going to talk about the latest with the riots that are happening in in the land of ten thousand lakes will do that at eight eighteen. You are listening. To the conservative circus I am your ringmaster, James, t Harris. Just watching the mayor of Minneapolis. Me Of that. Of that the character army hermit the the health. The health that wants to be a dentist. We know Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer. Little Hurry looks just like a grown Herbie. MAKING EXCUSES! Not Able to answer questions why the policemen not custody I don't know. I I don't know. This the way this case is being handled is really. A shame, but a perfect example of what happens in Democrat run cities James. Why are you being so political? Because I'm just being truthful? I'm just being honest with you. We see the same thing happening over and over again. We've got people rioting in the street and we had the police standing down. There getting so Bo that they the the set a precinct on fire cut the gas line. I happen to believe that Antigua's. They're operating. Not all white folks are Lueders, but last night a lot white folks out there alluding. Fomenting violence. We even got reports. Some bombs went off. You know it takes planning sometime to make a little bomb. Oh, these are not right, there protests. No, actually they're. They're rioters. You call writers. You can call them protesting. But whenever they start throwing a Molotov and rocks, and all that kind of stuff and attacking the police I fully expect for the police to put all that stuff down president trump is in trouble. He said they ought to be shot. If you're looting of tearing up and you ought to be shot I, agree, but the one hundred percent. You start out with the rubber bullets. They, still are acting crazy destroying stuff record stuff. Then you gotTA. You know what you gotTA. Take Your Business James. How you know my question is. How do we get from VAT back in the nineteen sixties to where we are today? Somebody help me understand. When did we get a windy? We get liberal leadership. Refusing to? Enforce the law. How did that happen? Is it because of race holding? Is it because of white guilt? Got So bad under the Obama Administration. That win when somebody with an America did something. Heinous what you had to be arrested? Things were so racially charged. In your. Ministration that you actually have police officers apologize are actually grateful. That they did not have to arrest a black person. And now this is perfect because you have all of the media. That's glomming on I'M GONNA concentrate on CNN I'm GonNa concentrate on Don. Lemon. Because, Don limit is all emotional about this download is not reporting any news. Down Limit is spreading dissension. Dan Lemon is is is really. Supporting factions. And he wants to see this spread all across the country. We're back Noda breaking news tonight. Protests spreading over the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers are the mayor of Minneapolis clearing a local emergency due to the disturbances. As we look at these pictures now there's these protests are are starting to happen, not similar to the ones in. In Saint Paul and Minneapolis but people are starting to gather in other cities now. This is Denver Colorado that you're looking at where this the number of people have gathered just within the last couple of minutes seems to have grown a lot We're keeping an eye on Denver Phoenix Columbus. Minneapolis and Saint Paul and here we go Phoenix Arizona. No justice, no peace. You can hear protesters chanting there. On the streets of Phoenix Arizona? Your anger is a gift. Is a gift. Your anger is a gift says. Don Lemon. Amazing. Amazing the COARSER PHOENIX, although cities that he named are are blue cities. Cities. Where is blew up and down? Democrats run the joint. is so confusing to me, we have to change things. Okay. You could change the George you can do. You can vote these Democrats out of office. You could support people who are who are supporting. The rule of law. We are getting lawlessness all around this country for one reason and one reason only. Because the left is running the. It has some more examples of this for you. The week leadership out of Minnesota will do that at eight thirty three. Sean Hannity works every day to make America great again. Listen at one on five fifty KFYI and on FM at ninety five five hd to. Have Them. You're listening to the conservative circus. I am your ringmaster. GMC Harris the Minnesota Governor. Governor Waltz Democrat. said that his community is hurting beyond belief. He is speaking right now. A vitamin protests over George Floyd's death. The mayor of Minneapolis is week a very very weak leader. has no power no authority. As you having folks just run amok. Creating havoc. Setting stores on fire. And why? Nobody, who has seen? The video of Joy George Floyd being murdered nobody by police officer nobody. No, there's no controversy here. What there is is terrible, terrible local leadership. This is a local issue yet. We're talking about it because it gone national because it benefits the left. Or, you don't believe me. Listen to a don lemon. He exploded on Wolf. Blitzer Wolf Blitzer giving a report here. On Georgia a Floyd and listen to what Don living is demanding justice here in Washington and she said the president of the United States the Attorney General, the United States in her words are directly and actively monitoring the investigation to determine whether any federal criminal laws were violated including civil rights violations. That's what she specifically said. Your News and that your presidents should always be involved. The justice should always be involved in. That is not a headline. That is not something I felt that she even had to announce their I. DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY. She announced that you should leave the the white. House should be sending out a press release saying that not just the tweet if he wants to. If he wants to conduct business by Tweet, then let the president tweak that out, but it. Why does she need to say that? She has proxy? Wow, does she speak for him? No, the president should send out a press release and say I am monitoring. What's happening here? I am dealing with it. This is a top priority. WHAT AN ASS! But an asset. Oh the president should be involved in this the State Department department. Of Justice they should be involved in this. No, actually they shouldn't be I. Don Lemon squeezy. Keep it easy. Here's the thing that. Mom Did name. A hold on my mom didn't Amy Donlon cheap and easy squeezy. It's just online going I. got you man such an easy squeezy? Don. Lemon here the everybody should be involved. Though actually they shouldn't. Hey. Remember. When of those police officers whipped Rodney King's assets. And and then they were found not guilty, and then the Fed stop stepped in and got him on civil charges. Violating Rodney King's civil, rights. Even. Though Rodney King will I don't even get into that. Well remember when Eric Holder. Got Involved the TRAYVON. Martin it in the hands up. Don't shoot guy, right. Remember remember that mirror how they tried to. Nationalize. All of these police departments. See that's down lemons coming from. That's what he's calling for. But again president trump is a federalist and the only reason why we're weighing in on this right now because the left has made it a thing. DILEMMA STARTS REPORT OUT BY. Talking about all of the cities. That are protesting. We welcome your anger what? Now, here's a classic Don Lemon lemonade. Easy squeezy moment. Don Lemon. Talking about the the protesters and he's trying to. He's trying to make a similarity here. Well, these people who are out here now with the pictures out they have stepped out of their all just like those people who were on the State House on the State House is saying I want to get a haircut I wanNA open up my business. We want to think of carry a gun to state. House loaded weapon. It is my right as an American on biting for my liberty. These people are fighting for their liberty. So if you can understand wanting a haircut, not wanting to wear a mass wanting to go in a store and David a cough on anyone wanting to wear in one instance a Klan Hood to a grocery store because you thought that was your mass. To protect people from the coronavirus. Because you were so upset, you couldn't go to the store without a mass. Then you should understand these people who are frustrated and who are protesting on the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota and other parts of this country, because they are fighting as an American just like you for. Liberty. Down Lebanon's an ASS hat. He's an asset. So, okay peacefully protesting. They're wearing their master in their cars. Yoder circling the Capitol Michigan. They're they're. They are adhering to social distancing rules. Just to push back against the decrees of the Governor Whitman there. Dow Limousine Equating that to what you're seeing in Minneapolis? People looting stealing from a target, big screen TV's electric fryer's. People setting beliefs target on fire police stations on fire for their fighting for their their liberty. Same thing in quarter two doubt limit same. Thing. Writing is the same thing as fighting for your for 'cause governors have shut you down. It's disgusting, but let let's to all the things. He brings in social, distancing a wearing a clan A. He does it all in their emotionally. He wants you to fill emotional this. He wants to feel anger over this. I. Don't I listened to Don Lemon and I? Hear as Ateret I don lemon squeezy keys. Here's the thing just lemon. Mom didn't name. Hold on. My mom didn't amy. DONLON's easy squeezy. It's just Don Lemon. Go on, I. Got You man I got you? I. Got You. At forty eight. I we're going to. Let you hear from the mayor. We're GONNA. Let you hear from the police chief so we can get a real glimpse of was happening and again I Apologize I. Apologize. I, I do not enjoy the fact that this man lost his life. That is terrible, but what I'm trying to say, that is going to be addressed. There was no reason. For Phoenix to be involved in this mess. There's no reason for any other city to be involved in this except Minneapolis. The guy that policing problem there. Oh by the way I don't think it has much to do with race, but even if it does, it's not our business. You all subjects for the Kingdom of Arizona onto he these worlds, who full from his royal highness more juic-. FEMA says there may seventh report that Arizona did not meet wanted to getting criteria to open, but then you'd let your order expire eight days later. Are You Cherry picking the data, or are you going to get the public? The data to verify at the the the the data that I put forward is from the Department of Health Services the guidance that we follow comes from the Centers for Disease Control. FEMA is in charge of supplies, and your information is wrong and you precaution misleading at Phoenix told us that Armagh is not actor does not set guidance. FEMA does not set guidance. I have a meeting every week with the leader of FEMA. Dr. Deborah burks Dr Ancien Anthony Fauci and Robert. Redfield CDC sets the guidance. Dr Chris. Will you let them know where we are unfazed? One, please. Being Royal The nation from your. Generous Own. told her to shut up. You are listening to circus ringmaster James. Point Lord Ducie got upset with that one. He does not like to be challenged. That young lady needs to watch out for herself. He didn't even let her get a rebuttal in because she's about to tell where she got the information from but Lord Ducie was little bit P. L. Boy. That escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast. GonNa talk about more of Lord. ducey's proclamations. And the nine o'clock hour, but my goodness I little bit pushback and he. He snapped big time. I WanNa get this end because the the governor. The governor Look Keith Ellison of Minnesota Attorney General is now at the podium could. You could already tell he's animated? He's he's emotional. The governor said that he he thinks it's going to be swift action. When it comes to these police officers who emerged one murder guy right on videotape, but he understood around and didn't stop them. It was absolutely horrific, and everybody's in agreement that this was murdered that this was police brutality. So the question is, why are people rioting? Why are people destroying Minneapolis West? How? The Chief of Police in Minneapolis Madeira are. Adult Redondo, Madeira our Dondo. He gave us a little bit of insight into what might be going on. In. MINNESOTA, we continue to follow that information that Intel keeping the mayor of briefed on act as we speak I will just say that It was clear to me it also hearing from our local community leaders that many of the people that were involved in the criminal conduct last night, were not known neapolitans to them and so so yes, there were certainly people who were involved in activities last night. That were certainly not recognized as being here from the city. You mean the people who were destroying. Minneapolis. Were not from Minneapolis just like the people who were destroying. Ferguson Missouri. WE'RE NOT FROM FERGUSON MISSOURI? This is this is the votes I'm telling you. We have anarchists among Gus. I am telling you even during the election, the twenty sixteen, all of these fights that were starting at these trump trump rallies. They weren't trump supporters you mean. Left infiltrated the trump rallies. Implemented vile, that's. Exactly what we me? And so I, think that the protesters. Who are out, there are being user. They're useful idiots. They're useful idiots. And you even have one woman who used to be a part of the N.. Double ACP. We used to be the president. She was out in the street. She's like seventy two years old. She was constant up a blue streak I was going to use it, but I would have had to have raw spent about forty five minutes on that audio. She was dropping f bombs left and right. Telling people go home. You need to go home. This is not the way to get anything done. Yet need to go home. Andrea jinking see is the city council, a vice president as US try to lay down some truth, today's and sad day for Minneapolis. It's a sad day. For America! It's a sad day. FOR THE WORLD I want to remind all of the people that are in the streets. Protesting have every absolute right to be angry. To be upset. To mad to express your anger. However. You have no right. To perpetrate violence. And Hari each on the very communities that you say that you are standing up for. We need peace. And calm. In our streets. And I. AM begging you. For that Tom. Go. Don't beg go bag. There was crazy about this I. Remember the riots in Milwaukee when I was growing up the parts of the city. That the rioters burned down are still charred. are still didn't come back. This is what's going to happen fifteen years now twenty years. Now you go visit this area Minneapolis in still going to be burnt out charred up. Is Crazy. And wants more a you know just to Mir what the Andrew is I. Mean everybody in America's upset. Everybody in America upset. This is not a black thing. This is not a black white thing. This is a human thing. Everybody in the country who saw that video was disturbed. We are not hard wired to Kale. Or Watch. Folks be killed, oh there's an entertainment thing to dolls the senses. About something else is going on here and that the police chief is absolutely correct. You have an interest among us you have you have people trying to take advantage of this crises? You do have people who are protesting, but then you have the rioters. You have ANTIFA. You have different entities. That has to be remembered. This is not indicative. Of. Of who we are who who's to say that it was that the president trump I'm sorry President Obama. This is not who we are. This is not who we are. We're going to talk about a one million dollar federal government grant to a project right here in Phoenix I don't know if it's a good thing. I really don't. What is this about one hundred million dollars, the Fed funds, coming Kleenex. Ways gentlemen children of all ages. To. Of. Circus! T! Plans for expanding the bally's light rail system. Got A prominent boost from an unlikely place yesterday. Who did that boosts? Come from. President Donald Trump what? Yeah, he touted that the federal government is committing another one hundred million dollars to the South Central Avenue Extension. Yeah. You have to be kidding me. Here's a tweet very exciting news for the Phoenix area. one hundred million dollars. Hundred Billion Dollars. He's announcing the US Department of Transportation's continued work to help paying for a five mile expansion of the current light rail network. What are we looking at? Are you telling me that? The president of the states really is getting involved. The president of the United States really wants to see. This light rail expansion were fought against this if you remember. There's a political irony to this. Some of the president's most ardent supporters on on the local political scene. have some of the most vocal opponents of plans to expand the light rail system. This has me kinda nervous. I'm trying to tell you. We've got conservative groups out there like the Arizona. Free Enterprise Club. We have a city councilman Saudi Cisco. He backed at measure last year the. Stop that fun to stop the funding. Would have halted the funding. And Voters Overwhelmingly defeated the proposal at the polls. Now this funding that was announced by President Trump yesterday. is coming from the federal. Transit Administration's second one hundred million dollar infusion. Was Crazy is the federal government provided the the first one hundred million to stop it lashes. We're talking about two. Hundred. million. Dollars. Valley, Metro and the city of Phoenix. They requested five hundred million dollars. The federal government's continued support of public transportation ensures that multi a modal transportation network miracle. County is viable for future generations and could support the the million or more expected in this region in years to come. This is from a valley. Metro spokesperson Madeline Phillips. Or Philips. We are trying to reach out to suits to a sandstone. Saudi cecile. Find out what is going on with this there has to be. A backstory to this. Maybe this is the president reaching. Trying to get the attention of some moderate voters. Maybe, get the attention of Democrat of liberal voters. But. This has a lot of folks in the valley. Lot of conservatives should I say in the valley scratching. Their heads. As to what is going on? Yesterday! We had the governor of the Great State of Arizona a Lord Ducie. give us some more proclamations. Some more decrees and he received more questions from the media. And some of them. kind of ruffled feathers. We heard one in the last hour. He did not like being questioned about FEMA. He did not like a his guidelines being questioned. He didn't like that at all. Governor Ducey yesterday was also asked about a virtual option for kids who are going to school. Real, quick on schools, governor, yeah I, and for the doctors well. Did you say that parents who don't feel confident? Sending the kids back to school, because we know that young people can carry this virus and be dramatic, and then spread it. Parents and teachers don't feel comfortable. Sending their kids back to school is they're going to be a virtual option across the state in other words, if a teacher's over sixty five doesn't feel comfortable going back in the classroom. Classroom with thirty kids running around. They can do that from home. Thanks very much billy We think that this is an important because of where we are today as state, plus we know so much more about covid nineteen and the virus, and who would have facts today than than we did it at the beginning of March, and that was really something that we heard from from all of the educators and all the superintendents. That's why I said that. The coin of the realm was was flexibility We're going to have folks that have an underlying health condition that need to be protected, and they won't be able to go back to this this temporary normal that we have so the idea is around flexibility that we maintain the idea of distance-learning. Where needed that we do the right things that Dr Chris talked about in in terms of guidance, so it will, it will look different. It will feel differed, but the idea is that kids will have a more traditional routine schoolday where possible and safe. I love the fact that Lord, Ducie he used the phrase coin of the realm. See Coin of the realm is going to be flexibility. Especially for those older teachers, who just won't feel safe going back to the workplace won't still feel safe going back to to work in schools. What all those little. Cova carriers. Talking about the continuing with the distance learning. When you look at some of the CDC rules CDC guidelines that have been a set up for the government run schools. I think is the coin of the realm was going to extend to some parents. I don't believe that they're going to AH. Send their kids. To the new temporary normal of that Lord Ducie was talking about I'll give you. Some of those guidelines at nine eighteen. then. All subjects of the Kingdom of Arizona onto. These words. Full from His Royal Highness. In terms of social gatherings where we are right now it's around groups of ten or less. When we get to face to that, that number expands to fifty We're not in phase two yet were very close. We're headed it in in the right direction. is so it's GonNa be continued to be this idea around social distancing. Attended a wedding this past week, but it was a much smaller invite less than what was originally intended. This. Royal. Generous, Wait a minute. What did he say? He went to a wedding. With a smaller attendance miss. You are listening to the Conservatives Circus. Ringmaster James here's. How small was the list? Was it under ten people. Did, it violate the phase one that we're in. This is absurd. Wait a minute you're mandated at. You can't get in groups of larger ten, but you. Lord Ducie went to a wedding. Wait a minute, you actually actually. Shared that with us. Sir Be and Absurd. This puts him over there with the Mayor Life Foot shutdown. The beauty shop stuff like that, but it's still got her hair beautify. This puts him up there with the governor. Whitman, Who Shut Down Your. You can't travel between houses, but allow her husband to go rake the rake the leaves it. Put the boat in the water. Who that governor in Illinois. Put out the travel ban, but his family. is travelling to Lake Geneva. Brisker. And family flying down to Florida Lord Ducie, had the nerve to say. We're still in phase one. Which means you can't be in crowds, ten people or more? But he went to a wedding. It had a reduced guest list. I WANNA know. How many guests at the wedding? If it's over ten people. I, demand that Lord Ducie Bay at twenty five hundred dollar fine. It's been six months in jail. And loses his his look license. This is up Sard. This up third. Away who? Don't do that. Lord Uzi. Don't do that. The Lord Ducie says that we'RE OPENING UP ARIZONA THE ARIZONA WAY. But it's funny because these. CDC guidelines at one size fits all for every state. you have to wear a mask if you're over the age of two. When you go back to school. You have to discourage sharing of items or supplies. That can't be easily cleaned uses. You got your pencil now. Stop At. That is the CDC violation son. I'm a you right down the principal Hennessy's office. You must clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces between uses. Develop a scheduled for increase, lateen, cleaning and disinfection. All belonging separated into individual cubbies or label containers kids. Avoid sharing electronic devices, toys, games or learning AIDS. This. This is what we have to go back to school for one way routes in hallways. Tape on the site wall to wall was sure kids stay six feet apart. Pay Hey. Hey, little Ross. Step back. They happened to be in the liquor store the other day I. Want to go put my items up on the conveyor belt. It was too so the conveyor belt wasn't clean circuit. You step back behind the line. If. I was trying to buy cooler a gallon of milk. But I has Jameson I had to go ahead and step back behind that line. You gotTA. You GotTa choose your battles. You would have thrown melt employees. Yes, I would've. I would've kool-aid who labor? The little pack is a cooler. Like, like Little Ninja Stars. But. It was Jameson 's. You can't you can't. No, you can't take the chance of. Of spilling or break something like that. Boy. That escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast. He jumped up a notch it didn't it no more government lunches for the childrens's gotTa. Bring your own. That's going to cause a problem. We we we, we have schools that serve lunch, even the summertime right. What are we going to do by all the poor on the poor American kids that are going to aren't their schools that serve it year round. That's right absolutely. There their schools that serve lunch hot lunch so that the children can eat times a day, but now because of the co vet. They're not going to be able to get those school lunches anymore. What about the poor people got to do something for the pope? A ball got to do something for the Powell paper. We Americans. We got to do something for the Pao. No more field trips all events are going to be virtual virtual field trips, but not in real life going to watch it on TV. You'RE GONNA have zoomed field trips. Oh, no more. No more switching groups are teachers. You're going to be with that teacher all day long. You are. Going to exchange teaches you are knack. You do not have permission to go to the bathroom. You GotTa hold it. CDC. Grazie. Lot of teachers have waited. This is impossible. This is impossible. These recommendations would be difficult if not impossible to implement. So parents unique I mean I know part of you are happy. Oh Lord, thank you Jesus, we're the schools are open, but I thought it was bad before and the government run schools. Now look at what they're doing to you. And even even though they say that these are all the suggestions. We know how that works. Don't we? Hey, I got Sam stone, coming on at nine, thirty, three, going to. Weigh in on this one hundred million dollars that the trump administration has given to the Light Rail. ooh, I don't get that plus we're going to get an update on. What happened with the police last night in Phoenix all of this coming up at nine thirty three. Go the maha-rushie rush limbaugh today on five fifty Kfi, and on FM Ninety five point five hd two. You're listening to the conservative circus. I and your ringmaster James t Harrison, the center ring we have Sam Stone he the chief of staff for city councilman sow Desisto and Sal. We had these sorry of Sam. We had these protests. Break on all across the united. States of course right here at Phoenix as well, but I think overall our. Please handle it. Well, West latest, you can give us on that. You know we just got done talking to the police commander here liaison for the city and I. GotTa Tell Ya I think. Our police did a fantastic job last night in some incredibly tough circumstances. I mean they really tried to respect. The anger of these protesters that was without question and unconscionable act at least as what we've seen on video but that didn't happen here, right? I mean the Phoenix Police Department had nothing to do with that incident there has been obviously a lot of scrutiny on them I think they do a magnificent job. We are one hundred percent supportive of what they've done and last night. You know they were under siege. I mean these folks were trying to break in and essentially burn. Burn down the police station here. just the way they did, and they hear would've been police headquarters just the way they didn't Minnesota, and that kind of rioting and looting, the behavior that seen across the country, the got out of control. It didn't get out of Control in Phoenix because the Phoenix police department is as good as any police department in this country period agree with you one hundred percent and you know I got my. You know my issues sometimes with the leadership. When it comes to protecting the city in this fashion. They have a stellar track record and when I saw what was going down last night I'm like you know. I don't know why you try that. Because in Phoenix we don't play that with the police and that became obvious last night. So thank you for that update. I gotta ask You Samson. I gotta ask you the Phoenix Light Rail. Project is getting another one hundred million dollars from the federal government. We're talking. We're talking to president. Trump is administration. It was tweeted out there. I gotta ask you. What and the? How is up with the Light Rail and President Trump? Well the Lai what's up is is president. Trump's continual hyperbole. I look I James I like the guy. I think he's done a great job. But. He's a little bit off base sometimes on twitter. And this is another case of that that the local media ran with without actually doing their jobs not shocking to all of us. So, there's one hundred million dollars. They released as part of a pre existing five hundred million dollars. That's already been program for the south. Central Light Rail expansion so basically. They're just giving us the money that they've already told us that we were going to get. And so this would articles saying that one hundred of one hundred million dollars more, and then as we got total of five hundred million dollars. This is president trump, being president, trump and the in the media running with it. Yeah, and running with it without knowing what they're talking about I did have one station who contacted if yesterday and asked, and I clarified it for them, and but you have you know the Arizona. Republic and all these other TV stations running around saying Oh look, trump gave us another hundred million dollars for Light Rail. He loves Light Rail even though sal to see CEO and sandstone. These guys they oppose it. What's so? Come on. So funny to me even even when I see headlines like that, I've been so wrong in the past, doubting that I just like okay well, we'll see how this pans out in the meantime, the man still as my support. Mine Too I. Don't agree with him on this. I don't have to agree with any politician hundred percent and James Actually I think this is one of the most important points anyone can make if you're hearing from politicians and they're telling you everything one hundred percent. What you want to hear, you're talking to a liar. You're talking to a stone cold. Liar Samson I WANNA. Thank you very much for the update for the clarification. And, we agree on two points I mean what's happening with with our police. Here are police community. and. The police are under scrutiny all across the country. There is no doubt. And yet when they tried to try to jam them up last night here in Phoenix we had the proper amount of resistance. We had those rubber bullets. We had to tear gas and we had disciplined police who did not allow for for the rioters, not protesters rioters to punk the city. I think Phoenix is still when it comes to our police in being the size of we are big city. They still do extraordinary job. There's more common sense here than in other parts of the country. We're going to continue to track. These these riots and stuff that are happening of course over the weekend. We don't want you to do that. Don't waste your time with that. Is You gotTa make time and you gotta enjoy your family in the next segment? We're going to do our our weekly prayer each week. We take our concerns to our heavily father, and then we end out this show for the weekend. Not Germany hosts have the president's private number. John Hannity does catch him this afternoon from one until four on five fifty, Kfi and on FM had ninety five point five hd two. The? To the conservative circus I am your ringmaster. James to here's the funny moments. That actually wasn't really funny, but you had Allie of Vesey from C. N. N.. He was actually standing in front of a burning building last night when he said this. He cleared. Mostly a cast. He's not It is not generally speaking. Unruly fires have been started and crowd. That is relishing that there's A. Sense of grievance slate here and that sort of like Baghdad. Bob Sitting there, talking about how the troops not rolling in. Iraq still stand the infidels coming through this guy sitting in front of a burning building, and we got really crazy last night. In Minneapolis we have President Donald Trump, who weighed in on the on the killing? But I feel very very. Bad very shocking. Same. Villain talking it before. It's one of the reasons bills here right now. We're very much involved and torney. General FBI, anybody general to take a very strong look and just see what went on because I, was very very bad. Thing that I saw I saw last night and I didn't like it as I, said earlier this week. This is a local policing issue, but we live in age now of instant communication, we live aid where people are able to manipulate things afford their political purposes, and yet we still need to be praying about a George Floyd and his family and its friends, because is horrific debt. He was murdered as horrific in the way they was captured and spread across the world. The weekend is upon us. Every week and I'll tell you worry about it. Don't you worry about the news we got you covered in that area. I keep track of what's going on and mysexy. Psychic Rusk keeps track of what's going on on. Monday will have little. Ross weekend rap. To the you. What was happening a but an eve? You really have to don't television. Just go to our blog. KFI Dot Com because we are. We're writing. They're often. This is the time where we. Go to our Lord and Breyer. If you're driving down the street, keep both has on your someplace quiet. We're going to begin. We start with our scripture, reading proverbs six sixteen through nineteen. There are six things. The Lord hates seven. That are detestable to him. Holly is a lying tongue hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community. And so we pray. Dear Precious Lord we pray for our nation and asset. You would look down on us. Pity and mercy forgive us for the way we have turned our backs on you. We have denied you in so many ways bring us back as a people who seek to follow the ways of justice and peace. Father, we pray that our leaders enforce our laws. We pray that law and order be restored. We pray for those who have lost their lives to violence. We pray you comfort their families, and we pray for justice to those who have been wronged. Help us to know that law and order is compassion in that chaos is cruelty. Deloitte we pray that you blunt to evil that has released with leasing the land. We can see it in his sickens us. We pray against deep state, and they're wicked schemes. We pray against the lying media and the leftist pundits who are stirring up conflict in our communities. We pray for president trump we pray against unrelenting hatred. He leaves on a daily basis. We prayed that you strengthen and protect them and empower him. Give President trump the victory in this battle against a corrupt media and the deep state. We ask that you give the president the vision and drive to see this through. And as always we prayed for the men and women in uniform, serving our country. We pray for our police officers. We pray for their protection and the state and safety as well as protection and safety of our community. And father, we pray for our local officials. Give them knowledge and passion to protect. Our Rights of the people is in Jesus name. We pray. Amen.

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