Hey fuckers. It's Christina Hutchinson and Karen. Fisher. You are about to listen to a clip from our show. Guys be the anti slut shaming podcast. This week we have on comedian and podcast host Zach EMECO, and if you want to hear more of the interview head on over to Luminary podcasts, dot com where you can get a subscription to us and brilliant minds Trevor Noah. Roxane gay a bunch of them for as little as two, ninety, nine a month, and then I learned so much about you and one of them is that you have your Dick Pierced. That's the first thing that she she was so excited to let me know that. Yeah. I never talked to a guy with balls on Cochran Dick, piercing? But what did you call it? I HAVE A to gauge Prince Albert Prince Albert and now describe the process of getting a to gauge like what how, how do you have to start and where the end and how far do you want to go with it. So also mentally where were you at? Yeah we'll show I'm probably stick with too because as my peers are very nicely. Told me last time with your anatomy I would stop here. This is his last name. His was in your out of Dick. And it's in the head. The head goes through the whole and out the bottom of the head. Okay. Out The. Okay. Got It. Is it a ring? A captive catering. Okay. And that when you put that in and out of a vaginal cavity, it don't hurt. Wow. Steal. Okay Oh now is this something that you just like once your pierce you just keep it in for life or you can you take it out and I take it out if I wanted. At this point I've had it since I'm eighteen. Wow. So it does feel like party of me like I feel weird without it. How what inspired you to get it? What what factors I've always wanted one since I found out you could do that I saw the movie strange land. Okay. I was like fourteen or fifteen, which is a movie directed and written by Dee Snyder the singer. Yeah where he is a killer that meets people in AOL chat rooms. And he is obsessed with tattoos and piercings, and he gives a guy an amfar Lang, which is a. Stud. Through the head of your debt okay straight. Rod. Yeah Oh and I've always wanted to Dick Pearson's them. Wow. Why. So when you get your Dick Pierce like are they are they numbing the the Dick? Okay. So I've actually had my Dick Pierced. Twice Once when I was sixteen oh I went to one of the fake piercing places that look like a T. shirt or sunglass stand on Saint Marks. The Wall back. Shop, our boy I walked up and down the street nor would take me because obviously, I didn't have. Id and this big African guy comes up to me he's like you want the buddy thing. And he had a book. And I, but he didn't deal Prince Albert. What he did was a surface piercing. Okay. Imagine he just took a little skin on the bottom of the deck. Pinched. It to ring through well. Not that I mean yeah. Seems like it's GonNa that's GonNa catch on something though it didn't really it was fun. But unfortunately me at sixteen having appears Dick and high school was not a good secret keeper. Okay. And I believe it was discussed in a band parents meeting what I was not in the school band. We why do people care so much about your Dick Pierce come from a nowhere town? Jersey where that was news oh boy. My town which like is still has sixty thousand plus people. I once had fake nose ring and it was somehow got back to like regular school from summer school. My Mom's best friend called Yeah said you heard about it and my mom called my bluff and made a doctor's appointment to prove that I didn't have it. Oh, call one, Alison. Meka and But then when I turned eighteen and the first thing I did was appears how was your mom when she found out your Dick was pierced I think we never officially confirmed that because we never went to the doctor Okay Oh Mandy. Appointment. And called my bluff and I took it out. Yeah. Wow. Okay. That's that's why he recently has seen by Dick in a movie. Okay. She's she definitely knows his peers now. Yeah. Mom. Yeah I mean you're grown ass man now. So you can do whatever you want. It makes me wonder of. So if a person if a man such as yourself not afraid the idea of metal steel going through the your your e three and out the other side doesn't frighten you doesn't deter you. that. Makes me think your fear response is lower than most people know it hurts and it's terrifying but it's you like it. I mean it's thrilling just like any other body MoD or see in a scary movie or yeah. Yeah. It's a pretty safe environment the person's trained hopefully. Yeah. I mean not that I guy. Was A. bad idea. Sixteen. The secondly, the peers, my Dick was angry lesbian Spanish lesbian kind. In like scully and she went she did you piss yet I was like what she's go take a piss because I want you to Piss on me like she was mad. Men That's great. She's a good job. Like this like Michael Myers. Stretched so like you start at like at ten or twelve. Gauge and then slowly get stretched over time and that means the thickness of the ring. Yes. What you're talking about the because when I think of gauge. Plugs, I'm thinking of plugs. With People's ears, it's the same concept. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. And what now what are you trying to prove this with you? Big Bigger I don't know I just always like that looks cool and the farther I went the more I liked it like if my if the ring I had through my deck right now was. Face. It be. A distraction walking to me, right. and not even seeing. Destruction. A you would have trouble talking to me really. Wow okay. I got look that up I gotta go to to gauge. Piercing looks like because I don't have a concept of it. What town how New Jersey are you from seacaucus Seco and it's so funny because I trained transfers where. Yeah. Yes it is. That makes sense because I like I. Don't think I actually knew that you were from New Jersey and I always just like people from New Jersey there I know everyone makes fun of it but I just feel like they're better people wholesome. Yeah. Why was sure hope that's the word that I would've used but unique. Now saying someone such as yourself I would pin is a sexual deviant and my correct depends on the fund sex stuff you are in pain because you also do this the thing or watch the thing where people are putting hooks in their backs and just hanging out. Literally, I tend to run with a crowd of people. Do you know anybody personally that's done the metal hooks hanging from their back skin your best friend does that his he he he he does Music video production. The has a lot of that in it. Yeah and then yet town tons of friends I that a bark off for like twelve years and that would be one of the things that happened at the bar crawl guy will get hung by the skin. Differently groups that do that. Yeah. They're called suspension cruise right and they're all certified August dsm. You know medical training right and Yeah. So I've been to a million events. And learn from the Hook I, don't live no interest, right. So do they are they hard when they do that? Boehner's No. Okay A. Meditation Oh, boy. Wow. So questionable if you wanted to do it like could anybody do is like the you pay for But does your body away like? Is there a certain? Like need more hooks. Yes. We'll see when you more hooks you're. So you more hooks but like your because that's just to make it even amount of weight on each piece of skin. Okay. Interesting. You know they always tell me that there was a guy who was about four fifty who did it? but compounds while I'm not deterred by my size, it's just I don't WanNa do it yeah. I've hung a six pack off my Dick. Let's getting says last driving on iron off my ring. Zach? Your dicks get is that strong? Make Your Dick Bigger No. Nothing on that, there's a pack of six beers hanging off your digging it did it hurt yeah. Did you like it? A surreal. I added Dominatrix that used to fill up like she would hook a gallon jug to it. Lowly fill it out. So that I couldn't jerk off until she took it off while that while Caca see that's fun. I guess I guess God damn. So like pain and fear like. Solicit a response in your system. I think it's just it's an adrenaline rush, Herbert. I agree. I. Love being a pervert. Expect from your physical pain but that seems like more like just thinking of like being a phase where if I just like like Hong It. The part of my. Skin I'm sure there's I I'm sure somebody it's that rule right? Like what does it rule forty? Whatever you think of somebody's done it in a porno one, hundred, percent hundred percent well now now that the Internet is a very crazy place and you can you can move. Oh so Can you when you have sex, you got Gitte up. No are you just have you like having all kinds of sex? So what what's your sexual career been like from beginning to end like what married? So I'm the the jerseys in the rafters now. Okay. Okay. But when it wasn't, how did you first discover sex? First Time you saw. GimMe. Some hit Late bloomer. Definitely kept away from any hormonal thoughts grew up without a door. Oh purpose I, Dunno my house didn't have doors now doors ever be religious that could be white trash. Apartment, above a machine shop, those my dad white trash compassionate. Trash by parents room had like a sliding door and that was it no the doors in the handle not even the bathroom door bathroom. Okay. Okay. So north rooms had no other rooms had doors. nope. Okay. Just you. Wow. This you and your parents fucking behind us door that would make me not want to jerk off ever other. Didn't how late? Thirteen fourteen. What you didn't get until. I start. Jerking off totally twelve thirteen I mean, that's I. think that's Great. Normally ten. Nine down. Yeah Started catching blowjobs early didn't get. H-. How I'm only gonNA, call it that from now on. John? Didn't get laid allows seventeen. You'll be got some BG's ages. So funny that you think that's like i. just seventeen to me is like totally Yeah like my late I thought you were GONNA say like to three when I think of the fact that I lost my virginity at fifteen. I'm like, Oh, my God that's not good because when you need a fifteen year old now you're like, that's actually pretty gross. Disgusting, did you enjoy that clip guys anyway. So funny as a little little wildlife, Buki, he's not spooky in funny. You'RE GONNA head on over to luminary podcasts, dot com where you can get a subscription to a amazing content like this as well as Lena. Dunham's podcast the seaward for only or as little as two, ninety, nine a month.

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