#343: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (@CarlDonnelly, @RyanSickler)


You. Hey. It's so weird. It's not an easy thing. That's just messed up for mumps over mentally just even if it's even if he is going to happen. It's meant to happen. You're happy that actually solve come to an end because it's been a hard period. You still go for a period where your you'd be somebody for so long just to suddenly not you go for this weird. Six may moms could be year of transition batter. So of what some new version of yourself. If you go. Breaking on this. Breaking. Okay. I got the tech trying to think of is going to be insured out. So you're trying to do it on the twentieth November twentieth. Twentieth. Whatever lease big j immoral just happened big Jay this week. And then who's on this episode? It would be. Maybe call Donnelly divorce, you got divorced, right? Gosh. Gosh. Aged not officially married to get divorced. Okay. That'll be what the episode is. All right, Carl Donnelly, my friend from from the UK one of the best London commissaire at real American style comedy so three forty three that's this week. Okay. So thanks for coming on. You actually ride six has a new album out. That's why you're here. Thank you. Thank you. It's called get a hold of yourself. Drops Tuesday November twentieth today as live today on I tunes Amazon Google play Pandora Spotify. Everywhere you can get wherever you go. For a long time. You're great comics storytelling show twice. Thank you twice about the gator. I did and the other one being a ball boy for the eighty four. Baltimore Colts never happen that that's coming out next year. Okay. When our podcast. What are they say released it on that they know just twenty nineteen on now. Yeah. Go through a lot of scrambling. Anyway. So today's episode Carl de break broke up with his with his wife. We're just talking about divorce little bit how fucking difficult it is. Because Kevin Christie's dad provi mentions the car we did this Edinburgh on he came on the craft feast and told us that whole story meal web his divorce or does dad hiking. Oh, man. I was there with them. Then not there with them. But like we had to go up there and do a memorial. And it was just so sad. Yeah. That's that's crazy. It's crazy in any went on. He was on a search and everything to there was on the news improv like that's Kevin's, dad. And then they realized later like the search went on three or four or five days. And then later, though, he probably didn't make it through the first night. They had to like. They had to like kind of face that which also K once. Once his body up there. You forget like you think LA Posey's off Santa Monica. Everybody gets a trophy get up those fucking mountains, man. It's real deal wilder wilder a way. That's right. Comes in at you. It's everything's there's no all the tree. That's right. All the trees were bare because wintertime landmarks were gone or you're just been a fire something to all the landmark trees Newark on. So when you split up with your baby, mama. My daughter's mother you were gonna. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You were going to we ring. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I was in it for everything. And and the thing is too we dated for two and a half years. And then we split for two years didn't even communicate and she came back around. And it took me a while. And then I finally agreed to do it because she has a son who I just my steps on a love this kid. And it was the first time I've ever lost two people in a relationship. It's also the first time ever went back to a relationship. Why did we went back? She wanted to break up. So you have no idea why? Pass in between them do. You know? That's my phone. Yeah. I know. Two two and a half years together and then two years apart. And then a good year so together before we got engaged, and then we were together for a year. And then a right around a year old, my that's when she split when my daughter was a year old hell now. Okay. Really hard. Splitting up. Yeah. The second time was even harder because now laws to three people. It's literally the equivalent of some I going. Okay. I know you need to get to New York. You see that plane? It's on fire over there. Get back on that. And we'll give you the fuck and shot. That's basically what I did. But I wouldn't have it any other way, man. I love being a dad, I'm stoked about are you, okay? With her daughter. I mean, you know, we we get along enough. Yeah. I trying my best to always like did you think, you know, ego and swallow your pride just so your kid can always see you is like, oh, well he did. The right thing. Like man that is a that is a hard practice, especially for a professional comedian who likes to be a smart ass all the fucking fucking keep track of a kid. It's knee jerk to wanna say all that shit. How keep track of a kid while I'm also really good fucking producer. And you just produce your life. Really? I do every time I travel I sit down I write every fucking thing. I'm gonna need on a plane for her, and when I'm gonna need bag there, and whether have laundry back there, I can do to carry as much all the time. I'm gonna need this. Okay. Let's make sure on EBay. Bane suits, need sunscreen. They have that shit there. You know? And when you're a single parent flying with a kid or just any any solo parent. Let me just say that with a kid a toddler new shit is not easy kids into a break up to me would be the crazy. It's crazy to talk to them about this other. You can't just split clean. I mean, I'm already getting things like madeleine's mom and dad live in the same house. You know, it's starting to come now. So I gotta sit there and answer all those questions. I mean, you the girl who broke up with. Yeah. You gotta still have in your life. You can't be like I actually don't talk to her again. No, not at all. And you got to be nice and cordial and siege other events and coordinate, and there's a lot of stuff. I mean. Okay. That's be in a success, quote, unquote, perfect marriage with children is super difficult. You have to be dialed in you have to be even more dialed in. If you want to be good parents. And you're not together. Like, you would think it's easier because all you do your no if you're going to be good, parents, you both have note, the FOX going on doubt into that fight about it. No, we're potty training. This is. What's going on? All right. I I was the first weekend without the pacifier. I was like look. So I'll tell my daughter all the time. He got Baltimore blood in you train like for three days. And then have heard on put the diaper on a FOX at all. Yeah. Yeah. You've got to be on the same page. Well, I thought the Carl about his divorce, but that that seems way worse to have that anchor you to. I think I'll eighteen only have to do it for eighteen years. Now, you don't college? She's going to want to be like are you gonna pay her? By the way when Christmas holiday holiday where she going to go now. Yeah. It's the rest of your life my wedding for me. It's even more of a commitment than of a marriage to to do it. Well to do it. Well, and there's no fucking oaths. You have to take it just happens. It just has to happen. Fuck that. Yup. All right snipped. Did you? Yeah. I realize taking about. Did it really? Yeah. He's like it was in and out. It was easy, man. That's what he said. He's sore sitting down on a car, ride home. But other than that. I was finding day. I mean, do whatever you wanna do. But. We'll see girl now. No, no one serious right now. Anyway, Carl Donnelly one of the best British commerce around for real always seem Edinburgh. His our number's always a fun thing to watch his pockets called Carl and Chris podcast. I've been on twice. Everybody. Please check that out. Do you ever go to Edinburgh? I went there when I played soccer. I told you about never for the festival breaking up. My dad was dying. Coming soon by the next in the winter damn fucking great cities. We did that there. You gotta go for a festival of you. Can I'd love to man, I loved it over there. I was sixteen when I was there. I was blown away by the castles and everything oh man to you. And Jay if you wanted could take both your families out there and just do a fuck in month of podcasters banking podcasts. Get some cool British guests and just banking firm onto a small venue where you do like begging for change afterwards. That's what I do it. And then just go there or do stand up whatever days, but you can make it worth it. Because you gotta go now. Yeah. All right. Hey, man. Good luck with your special. Thanks CD album. Remember when people did those same thing though, it's still an hour. Fucking your best material is I'm very proud of it. I'm very very proud of it. Ryan cyclic. Get a hold of yourself available. Now are go fuck. Fucking meet your daughter. Thank you. I'll keep going with this hot. Yeah. So guys. Yeah. Yes. Oh, man Carl medicine, Ed, bro. And we just talked about what breakup where like his was actually not so bad the ones I've had been shitty. Taking notes on this way. I've got my fuck it end. Bro. Notebook. Oh, you know, what I take notes about like what I'm supposed to talk about in a in an intro. Kevin. Oh, the one from last week mentioned the MSG show on the intro. Well, I didn't do that. For fucking rules mentioned the MSG show. What's the Jewish show? Oh, his MSG show. I guess it's over though. Yes. So I write these things of questions to ask stuff to get to. And then if I have ideas about music, so sometimes I'll look at it for the music, but also says like in the intro cover this. Or that way. Carl Donald boom, I found it Vietnam. Okay. For sure said that Sears fringe hours jokes. Keep you on those are those are knows the myself probably drugs. Okay. Here's some questions. Did you know? Absolutely nothing. Did women act differently after you. Oh, this is just as questions. All right. Great vietnam. That was that was Kevin debt. So what I'm what I talked about. I guess I talked about in the pockets Kevin's dad describing. That his break-up was like who's harder for him to be at Phnom his service in Vietnam. Not the way I'd be at Phnom. What are the same exact joke in the intro? Anyway, it was a good discussion. Carl's fucking funny comic you guys, you should watch them. My breakup have been bad. I'm actually sitting at the site of one of the worst things I've ever done in a break up. Seeler stickler. Yeah. Daughter. Yeah. We'll talk about and do that whole podcast. I'm in front of the comedy store. And I am this is where like I get the idea that trying to judge my friends in moments of breakup because you're just not thinking, clearly boys and girls, you're just not thinking clearly, and I was here Natasha zero was at a table with. I think Morgan Murphy and some one of the good alz like writers in the scene would I don't know who he was maybe musician. I was so jealous and angry. So anyway, we did a story about this on this not happen. We've covered up I'm friends with all these people now. Well, not that guy that guy was but I was so mad at her for hanging out of the commerce, right? Felt like this was my place. My one place I could go to be. To have some safety away from fucking. I would go to parties on weekends. She'd be there. I'd hear her laugh. It was so hard. I'd hear her laugh down the street and like those Los feelers overlay parties. I'm like fuck. I gotta go go through emotional war. That's what what it's emotional war. When you gotta see your fucking x and you still care. So she was here at the comedy store and this line in my head. That's not allowed even though. Of course, I'm not the one allowed to choose that. But I wasn't thinking clearly and I threw a glass of ice water in her face talking to Ricky right where I am right now on this corner edge shoe sitting by the window the window into the showroom. And he was like seeing tasha there. And I was like sure do when he goes are you, okay? With that. I'm like, no, I'm not. The news. What are you gonna do when I was real calm? Under those glass of water. Rick, by the way, loves chaos as much as I do. Okay. Can I I think he actually asked can I watch that? Sure. If you want to. Real calm. Do when a sociopath has time to think. It's never great. And I just walked up to her. And I was like you're not wanted here Kant, and I through the glass of water face, and she's like, oh, she's wearing like a mink coat, and then I went up the steps of the cover both kinda hung out and let my and rage all the rental and was pumping. I talked to Brian urban for a little bit. This comic. He didn't know anything happened. We were just talking. I was being real normal McCallum came up one by one Callen came up. Morgan Murphy came up that dude that writer due to musician. He came up. He was like that Morgan was like Ari. Why are you making this hard for me? I guess it wasn't comfortable for her to have to sit there now, Brian Cowen, man, you can't fuck it through a glass of water and some lady's face and then ten minutes later came back like, oh, man. I didn't know you had a history with that woman. I get heartbreak I understand, I'm not I shouldn't open my mouth. And then that guy came up and goes that was really lane. What you did man. It was like, okay 'cause yeah, he didn't know what to do never been in a confrontation, those guys don't get into fucking physical things. But it felt like to him I could should be physical. But he didn't know how to enter into that relationship. So he was just like it was just laying what you did. And I was like, okay. But instantly I knew like I had no fight with him. Like normally the old self would have been like fuck him too. But I. Wonder why didn't get mad at that guy? Maybe that was me growing, right? Then I was like, okay because. Yeah, it's just lame just kept repeating. I just think it was really lame. I was like all right. Well, you said your piece I think I said something along those lines. So you've said is there anything else? He just kept saying just lame lame to do that. And I was like all right. Got it. You think I'm lame to do that? I was like rightness face though, we were like my memories of that night were pretty her pretty fucking hazy. I don't know how close I was to them. But it must have been close to a physical education never happened though. Anyway, some San right there. Remembering that now these fucking breakup, you go through their horrible. They're horrible. Dunkin had to call me. Like, are you a glass of water ninety two pound woman? And I was like what is your size to do with how fast water dries up. Even that I was fucking. Even that state. I was still too like centered in like logic. You can get argument, but I didn't push her Sali's physical physical thing affects everyone exactly the same glass of water. Anyway, so me and Carl I've apologized by that by the way profusely for that. I still just feel terrible about it was wrong. But I was a kid, man. I was to Fleck and driven by anger. It was nuts. You're not thinking clearly breakup, you're not they can clearly just feel righteous Phil angry who that was crazy. I was right here. I can actually picture out. I've never talked about this wall up in the exact place. It happened. And later the next day. That's how quitter Tommy calm is Ari. You're making a com- comfortable for me. Now, she's she doesn't want to be here when your hair. And guys, honestly. It worked. I mean it worked. She didn't come around anymore for like four or five years. She didn't come around. And I didn't really I got like a menial amount of trouble if anything, and I was able to get the comedy store back for like five years until I really really didn't care. Bobby Lee talking about it. She just kept saying like it's big five years since we broke up. It was so long after we broke up because been five years, I'm Bobby like three and a half. You know, say what it is? Yeah. It was three and a half years after we broke up. What if ducking Brad? I was. Wow. Yeah. But I got the place back for like five six years, whatever it was. And then later when I apologized to her was like, you know place come back. I just felt bad. There was no like, here's the reason. I did that it was obviously the reasons don't matter anymore. It was just wrong. So anyway, I met with Carl and I was like, let's talk about breakup of fun. And so we sat down and his flat Ed borough the same flat that we'd done that DM t- podcast. I think in the same room to three years earlier. He was on this podcast talking about DMZ, Carl Donnelley's Dundee. Mt. Hella times. I mean, more than anybody like fifty times as of the last time, I did a podcast with them. So we talked about that a little bit too. Whereas fucking psychedelic situations. Like right now. I mean, he's been through it. So listen to that podcast. I don't know what number does. Anyway, that's the episode, ladies and gentlemen. Oh, I don't have a title for this ours. I kept tech episode three forty when I got one then to episode three forty three. I gotta come up with something for title for breakup divorce. This is make breakup, I guess because his divorced hasn't really come into play that much. So his was just the type of break-up. So like breaking up is hard to do. That's a pretty good title breaking up. His I is a song by that band with that chicks. Try to go off on her own later. They were talk- town in LA for a while. What is it? Her name is like Jill or something or anti not not saying Vincent Faulk breaking a hard to do. That's not at oh. Jill or something. Right. Was she went off on her own? She couldn't hang with the band of the band's name was like a first. And last name. I'm just gonna play. I mean, you're going to hear it. So I'll have figured it out. And if if not put it on the show, if not I'll put it in the Tra I think breaking a hard. This is the date you have when you have a flip phone everybody. You could just figure it out. I will get it. I won't commit it to memory anymore than I always do. It's something I always forget. Right around two thousand five they were they had control the music while it was on the cover of they were on the cover of Rolling Stone. When it still mattered. Why everybody loves and then they broke up over something. Maybe I'll find out why they broke up in the show. If I do remember the song. Anyway, here it is breaking up to do by this band. If they don't have that song, I'll place on mouse. And then I'll talk about the outdoor either way. Why do they break up guys without details of talking about? This is worth us for you. I realized that now let's start the episode lays John arch pyschopathic episode to forty three breaking up is hard to do with Carl Donnelly. One of the best comics in London. Please check out his podcast the Carl and Chris podcasts hit him on Twitter. If you liked it. Thanks, by the way. I know when you guys don't like my guests. It's cool. I appreciate I look at Twitter once in a while. I try not to it's not on my phone. I gotta like if I do remember weak moment. I gotta go online and search. And do like I don't have access to the account anymore Email. I can tweet hundred forty from my phone, and I can if I Email to my lady who puts them up almost an accident. I can go up to eighty links and stuff I just emailed to her. But I can look every once in a while I could see real easily like response. So like when I ask for like Photoshop, you guys all do pay twenty five bucks. I know. It's not enough your hard work, but guests here make a hundred so yeah. Meghna quarter of what they may still pretty good. I know it's not worth your time. Don't spend a lot of time with the people. Do I always appreciate you doing it? Anyway, was I saying, oh, so I checked the threads of that to find the fucking photo shops that I can just open up real quick. But I look once in a while. And and when the hatred comes in from guest, the guys who don't tag them that is like great, I understand if you don't like somebody, but don't have to fucking go seek them out and try to ruin their day asshole. You know, what I mean to tag? Whoever it is. And you guys for the most part a really keeping it just at me. And now the guest, and when you do the gas. I also liked that you reach out and let them know because it makes them feel good. We're fucking needy people comments, and it makes them feel fucking good. So thanks for doing both ways in the right way. Push a good fan base. And just every once in a while, you guys should feel happy about that. I appreciate you. Lasers arduous episode three forty three breaking up. It's hard to do aware. My now that means I am now in. I'm in London. Oh, I didn't do my dates. I'm in London right now shows sold out, but don't forget coming up. Still. Do you have in London right now the twentieth? Somebody said. Yeah. I just got done with Reykjavik. No. Maybe I'm Brian. I the way it sold out. But I'm in the UK probably staying in London. Hell, yes. That's right. So I got Brussels coming up Reykjavik stunts. Are you missed it, Brussels. Copenhagen Amsterdam stav an odds. Low for Norway Zurich Jerusalem Tel Aviv. Those might be sold out by now where else am Semper. Lynn December second really high about that one. But these are all coming up in the next two weeks, check Ari the great dot com for tickets all these shows and Sacramento Denver. And hopefully by now, I have Oakland on the thirtieth of the eighth, but check the great dot com. For tickets for all those thinking of any of the cities Amsterdam Copenhagen, Brussels stock home. If you live in Europe, you wanna see me check my fucking website right now for sure forgetting Zurich. All right. Let's start there's yeoman. Here. We go. Right. Is that it? Yes. It's it and wash my special double negative goodbye. Here we go to do. What's your name trying to get her name's Jill? Whatever. Here we go. Did you? And. Two-three beers. Nice finish. I've met people drink and then drunk, basically. Yeah. You should get up too early. Like, it's like a late night or the end. You could also sleep you wake up nine AM minutes. Absolutely. Never get not a bit. Like a wake number twelve. Forty five getting out of who. Thirty and doing. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Four four thirty charts at three or four those. Yeah. The whole best of it's bad news. Yes. No goods, you feel get so point. Now if it goes plus three in the morning. Yeah. Kind of enjoy myself anymore chasing guy. No, I'm just out. But if we minute deposits, I'm like, this is another minute out of. I find that end up trying to like whoever I'm with. And then I'm like, oh, I wonder if so and so's out try to find them. And that's why with. Yeah. But you don't find. Hey, you can you could end up with people. You wanna be with? Yeah. That's what I had one about nights where you know, just be nice. One night where people came here to drink came over here. And we had a few drinks. And it goes twelve o'clock got out, and I was yeah. Let's go out, and we went out and then about one I was getting drunk, and they went out we got home. And I was like well for now. I'm out I'm out. Let's stay out ended up just having to stay out of we found. Yeah. It's where you look around your like a one drink. Why am I having three one drink talk quick nice talking to leave? And then like you get locked in. We had to to this windows. I had two friends who went for comedy club in Birmingham in town. And they came to my show we went out drinking off to its and we'll drink in one place. And I said I'll take you to this abbatoir which wanted to perform a boss anyone that wouldn't get reference spot. I said I'll show you what he's wanting to perform about about the guarantee within five minutes. We'll in get joined by some random nuts just won't Cup and out stays welcome. And we walked in went up onto the smoking balcony did about ten seconds. This. Av. Right. Stephen gave him a lot. And then the states. Just the. Take that light and leave. You don't like the show a Sears using the light? Timing was impeccable. They just did it do we think of the commerce over call them dragon flying in order dragonflies animal. Well, so when you're in a lake swimming, they'll come around, and so if you dive they'll go with you, so you have to swim to someone else. And then like, hey, and then dive. Those people. Yeah. We're here now. So you gotta be like if you get one of those. Oh, all right. Remember, actually, go to the bathroom. Yeah. We came up with an idea to have a night for creating another performance, Bah. But and everyone who's cold at luck. It's the coolest bar, and then those people give them passes, and they just let them go. The we stay. You're not missing here is fucking. Not just I don't know. Why know what just goes out? Why it's always the fucking abbatoir. Suddenly, it's like there's cool bars and Edinburgh definitely I've been gone a few happy doing that. I've been so of drinks in nice BAAs as a really nice Kroft bib on a cross visit Wang keep. Yeah. It's the so whole. Last year with with the Rosa two years ago when there's going this heroes. Good good. And I've been full-time on another comedian in one really. Yeah. Small you can actually like joy group and fucking enjoy. It sounds miserable. Biggest fest win awhile. It's trying to Voight. I don't even if you like somebody like like the middle of a deep conversation with this guy. The lack of people's like tax. Oh, you could be in the middle of a radio series conversation. I I definitely had already so. Yeah. One on one conversation with somebody and somebody just came over and said, hey, how you doing? I Don is festival. Yeah. I'm good. And I just. This is not the time to join. And did you get to put out of it so upset, but like that? On the in into raw do whenever I go. But I get you like oh friends over there are join them get going over there. But then when you see like this. Oh, hey, the bar. It's one person you and in some done. And. A look of a serious conversation. Most companies have a spot that. Yeah. Should've Forbes Irv it we're supposed to be the observant ones. We can't even tell like I'm not wanted here. Cry. Join that that's those flyers. I see them like Manu weights home in the middle of a word for even beggars wait for a moment. Right up there. Yeah. I think we should see that people excuse me. He wanted to show what free companies. Yeah. You can't hang out of that the courtyard. Not have a talk. It's hot get it. But also, it's like if I was running fucking flyer to guys you kind of humans. Yeah. You can tell there's a difference between a good flier at FireEye. Yeah. The backfires are just standing I thirty just putting people's faces and stuff the good ones the ones that. So of must I've seen just guerrilla flyers. We'll somebody's looking at board of shows and be what you think of saying that is I'm picking this show and let you decide guide. Board. Yeah. To another human behavior. Not at all. But you see someone of NLP in it. Have you ever tried it flyer? I did it. I came out here man to friends that has shown in boss somewhere. Yeah. And we I mean, I'm definitely carry the the white because I at it. I did it for Jack Barrett. He was going to start. And it was I think it was on one day and hit a free shows. And we were going. So I was like, hey, some fucking get an audience. Terrible. No, anybody ended up people came in. What I think? Yeah. Try to be real with guys real good degenerate comedian dirty but normal who wants to fucking normal comedy. And then. I think some companies are very good at selling things even himself as the type of comedian businessman. He's doing this on social media is based business every about the numbers. But I think most I know pretty bad that side of the worst part as haranguing us. Yeah. You see when that's good like Michelle wolf or when he comes or something like that. Wow. So good at this. We go up to someone who can help you talk to them. Once I didn't talk to anyone before dies hid in my hotel room. Oh, they can help you. It's so unsettling. Yeah. Side older shows in with a foot of industry PayPal perform into industry faithful. Again, normal human being fin set of I for some I. Wasn't that good signal comics just observing me fucking paying attention laughing? Often, many comics who this game this company's plans, and it's coming she left plan to the back of the room. And yeah, I find that we because it's almost like you feel like it's false doing comedy when you know, someone's there who knows doing comedy. Yeah. Like that you wrote as head of time, you're presenting let me just fucker pretend. I'm fucking around. Yeah. But you can't go full bore into like, yeah. I'm a stand up comedian prepared something. Yeah. That's a that's a nightmare. But as a guy not he does what difference does company does stuff. The he he does love hosting that compare and he's not comic. But he's an alright house. He's quite quickly. The crowd does his thing before bringing acts on the show heights and such passive aggressive dig at the comedians hillside, guys, you know, I'm just a high hit just mess around chatting guys. So you know, I'll be coming back on the night. We'll chat the Comey's now come on and do that pre pets, and he said in a sense he says had he claims he's doing it too. So of make them chewed into the fat, you're gonna just talk it's interactive. When you hear him say, you can tell he's saying to the crowd. It's made you he's gonna come on Dave rinse bullring those riff. Comex really do actually take pride in the fact that like these guys are gonna have crutches aerial try being funny. Does that? So just riffing end up saying the same things just. They really at fifty ninety five percent of them do. I was at the store sheriff. So this on here before the conversation, LA and. Stace Somerset something from the FRANZ from and then somebody way in the back of different Minnesota. Oh, man. I'm not the first with that. They think you've sat about every was. Yeah. Yeah. That's like what the fuck is. We don't just what you did. Oh, yeah. Get more and more angry. I'm literally not gonna come into the room until here there plaza of the other guy rap. It's time. Generally, are you having a good time here? Yeah. I am actually because he is doing it slightly more chill this. I've not been my three or four nights of being out even remotely late. So. Many times. It's like bold of. Out to the same places and drinking his same thing doing the same. Finally, go over that. No one into to speak out every night sent missing out thing to hit. They have that anymore. You know, what it is to out? So many times once law par last time, and you somebody's leaving like how would you like it's fucking white today. Yeah. Coke is flow. I don't want to catch up into these people. Yeah. I mean, that's the thing in the park. Yeah. See I'm trying not. So the also we're here for like to do fund shows and like it's not enough beautiful city. So it's like daytime and then do your show. I'm trying. It's fun. Six AM. Yeah. And if done as a king. Yeah. Absolutely. Those nights. You get good crew. This is fucking perfect. And you just don't wanna stop. They should be. It should be a surprise. That's that's why flying now for often out looking for it to one or two nights. It will happen at a mice fund once. Yeah. Usually when someone's like, hey, this acid tongue off FOX nine thirty. Okay. Yeah. Okay. It gets. It wasn't planning on this. Yeah. Times up here, and I'm lucky it lasts for years, really. Really grown out of it. Well, you say somebody taking a drug three that you'll like that is. Festival. Okay. You're not going to bed till noon. Oh, yeah. That's it. Does not the right way to go. Thanks. Four. Go on the end of the wo-. I love him people do that. And you're like no way too late for that. Come on come on wrong time horrendous. Yeah. I got the idea of like doing a line if you want to like, I gotta stay up fallen asleep. Yes. We want to be three last night. But not MGM may that's fucking hours and hours. That's definitely that must be an H thing. When you see something not as just keep me. Now. Shot of. No fun. No anything. Out attacks. Sees here. They start at four three or so I'm not going to build a last. Yeah. That's right. It's just a watch sports. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Let's talk. I wanted to talk to you about the divorce. What I always do theme on this DMZ last time. Yeah. Yeah. Three. I'm remarried. Are you really oh my God. Mary March oh for wedding my to who the one that was living here with you before two years ago. Three. Okay. So yeah, we got married in March and Australia. Really? Yeah. But before the festival. Yes. She'll she's. She's married about two weeks food. Melvin comedy festival who is it. She's just Hannah. She's not a common comment. Not gatsby. Restraint? Wow. You helped her find. Ratio for that. I am. Carl donnelly. Chief Ramage, she friendship. Yeah. Mentioned in shine. Nice one good ones. Had a divorce under my belt already. Yeah. I just I just try to think of excuses. Well, how to help people on topic was so like DeVos marriage. Yeah. Expert over those does your old wife. No. But your new wife. Presume Cy went on contact anybody at all. Buffing? That's yeah. Often, you know, some people kids finish. Obviously you have to have contact. If you've been for a long time, and then it so ends up bad, and you just have to split up. I think it's just ended and just try and pretend not you wanna stay. It'd be sure it's amazing. If you could somehow stay friends but full seat, I need to get how no how how can you be? I I find it broke up few few friends who I've had sex with in the world. Still it's still really good, friends and goodness. Couple of the with had things in the past. And now we like we cannot sheets comfy. But even a hint of that how many years pass in between the fucking and the five. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Right. We're had to be like, oh that was a that was another life. Not like fucked in two weeks later right now, we're just friends. Somewhere in your head. You're like fuck. Well. Yes. Too soon. Yeah. Yeah. Now, I it's gonna be some time fee. But then yet, I think when you fading in a long term relationship with somebody a thing Madjeski just move on both guys step away. Maybe one day you'll be Africa fy twenty down been up to. Often what you know is somebody you've had some live does not com. Ended up not working out. Online. You saw realize this is what we didn't it didn't work because we would definitely different people because you hadn't totally different directions. That's happened. Oh, yeah. What happened with her? We we we quite young when we got to screw in very different directions. And because we good friends as well. Well, no just for out. I think it was just we buy we held onto if a white suit on 'cause we were more worried about not being friends in each of us life, actually, probably should've killed down, much sooner. It's weird. I always see people like the date was way before can break update. Yeah. Sweet. Because we have any kids. Visit saw friends who I in such loveless. Marriages because Cates I e them, and I feel weird for them. Yeah. Good comic bombing. Oh, oh, oh my. The checks. Yeah. It's totally. I've just I've got one friend who's currently guy food divorce and that should have happened seven years ago, but they had kids, and they wait for them to get what it's like, it's divorce. It's not that weird anymore from h when they can it can really mess him up. Fully understand. My mom always just when they lesson. Really? This is going to damage me about this at school. About friends helped me through it. Now. So I feel so bad for that. And it's like have you ever seen a couple get pregnant to save a marriage cost of west because then you're like fucking over the kid yourselves. But I don't think I mean, I think in my situation, I think we got married would be quite fees. We married as a little so of thinking that might help. So. Yeah. Fallow period. And yeah, we we still going pretty well. Whatever it's this'll be nice. It'd be a nice saying it was it was great. I mean, I love with things man go into and be impoved. So I just. It was great. It was a pay for period of time. But then it com paper over the real stuff. So. Yeah, it was that was just. Yeah. I thought it was divorced in America really want to ask you about that. Because it's pretty much the woman gets half your current income forever. But we'll about what a is. Do you have no fault divorce in America? What does that Australia? New zealand. A couple can decide what we've been married for ten years. We just want to from anything you just can't. So the wedding. You know, go food voice. No, one has to be full type blamed for the break-up. So we do you have to do that. Anyway, it's meant so. Yeah. Cheated because I fell out of love you didn't do anything. But I'm a human. I can fucking. Yeah. Infidelity comes in that the that's the. Godless infidel nothing you you can get on greatest friends, but realize in love, and we need to split up. But one of you have to type the blind. Plus, so we surrender. What why? And then that person who takes the blame has to pay more. One specifies applying. Then they are they are in the position where the other side can also for more and the kids to probably probably, but yet I say, it's HSA totally messed apparently they're trying to change little and make it easier. Now in America minister split in America between either going no we're fucking equals. Now, twenty two and thirty five women make post college women make more money than men in the same positions. We don't need your fucking money. And the other side is like no fuck man for generations. They've held us back. They made us work in the kitchen that has divorce Lou if you get divorced you have to pay the woman unless circumstances like Kevin federal line and Britney Spears was she made all the money. So she has to pay him forever. As it normally about economics who's got money. Yeah. But then it's like beyond that. Because if they're both lawyers making good money. The man still owes the money woman a bunch of money is that normally Suth having children sort of. I think without having children property. It's not that. You can't really have any time for any fence. Well, who gets the couch? We got to figure that out. I mean, we can't split it like Solomon would have. But like, yes. So kids say kids when it gets messy. It all comes from a time. When women were like now, the married go make food leave your career. And then when you break up now, you gotta go to job, and you have this giant way the gap in your fucking do as well. And so then we had to take care of. But that's not a thing anymore. Hasn't coop society? That's it. Yeah. That's off tomorrow. When I watched a documentary about men's rights activists, and it was really fun. It's. Basically, they will old. It was all about custody rights divorce law and all that stuff. Right. And it will sign like stay will everything up blaming feminists for these issues, but the laws were in wait. Old white gazes are ex wives. Just start you guys. Gotta give them some. Yeah. So I think that I find off the move some of men's rights. I aim is in the wrong direction. They claim to be all for this. But in wild, and they find the people in power that can change the law. Vicki in nineteen year old city galleys, go excite on Switzerland. It said something dumb. Manish her for what she even duty. Yeah. It doesn't feel not. So of a little peek behind the actually believe. Yeah. It's also like I think the powers that be divided us all intellect. Yes. Genders defame. And then it's like fuck this. None of all you guys team up fucking murder the politicians and the laws that people out like the divisions are being caused by the individual groups. Yeah. But. They love it. The people in charge allow everyone to keep like, all right? Let's. Fix the health system if everyone's arguing about king, you know, dumb shit. We argue about if we die in America. You knows Latinos are like, we're we're better blacks, we're second worst their works. We're second words said it's like you're both in terrible position. Patricia. Pretty trees. I know how to an amazing routine about what is about. So it was about. It was about as a black community getting annoyed that let's say trying to tight that place. Second like up. Beat up on was he ever hear? Did you ever see him here? Not he came to the K couplets. I never saw him. So I think it's coming over. When I started out. Yeah. Probably. But I know I've got friends who gave him a lot when he was comedy store and stuff and under the way, I heard it was like he was like it's not happening for me in America, go and try to find a place where people should pay attention. What I'm saying? So he kind of moved to London a little bit. And then it started to take off back in America home. Good. He's he's one of my favorites. He's real he was one of those early like, honest comics. Yeah. You know, we think he's wanting the classic ones that he can say any with off because he's good enough. Yeah. Of try to. Yeah. That's missing. Now. He would have had so many blogs about him. From all sides. Perfect time. Got it would've never stopped. I heard a rift. Yeah. I did I did a tribute night last night. So it can defend diet Crimmins. Sean Hughes comedian by CIT. Bye see basis career ever here. Specimen ever win. Pumpkin pump. Been mocking. Now. So he was the youngest ever win it. And and then he became a superstar big Brooklyn, Royal comedian. Towards a massive numbers. Given given free rein any TV show wanted this early nineties, and you know, he was he was a notorious, bachelor and. Young on just had. Yeah. Eight died don't tell you about. But we really could be of remembrance night us night. I've. And I just wanted to go onto so we didn't know what to do stand up to talk about him. See what expected so I did a few stories by quite funny. Do it. And at the end, I pointed out hat. She died the day before the may two hashtag style. It's and I said. And I said I've always said he had the best time ever. Good. That's good. Yeah. Actually, the laws in America. There's maybe Canada. That's my big candidate, actually. But it's similar where Dave fully comedian kids in the hall guy. Yeah. Yeah. So he got divorced when he was on NewsRadio. And then they're like, all right. You're making you know, a million dollars a year. So you her, you know, after tax whatever your two hundred thousand dollars a year a year. Yeah. Yeah. Let's say twenty thousand dollars a month, whatever, and then NewsRadio stopped and he goes well now making thirty grand, and I own her two hundred thousand I can't. So he just couldn't go back to Canada for years. Oh, could you don't just declared bankruptcy. I don't think it counts to bankruptcy or only for like debts. I don't think counts for like, basically haven't got the money. I'm going to do. Robin people. Yeah. The real answer is the woman's I want you to suffer. Yeah. I mean is the that's that's if thing in a bad divorce happened here with a full could write Pala hits. It's a famous legal case where hey his wife. It's of payday beats so long since young. Yeah. Heat them become a professional football riot star of the Premier League is there's a lot of money pumped into football. So he would have won the first full probably in like twenty thousand pounds a week that and she'd just support him after the kids while he was he's career was taken off. And then night broke cups. Maybe ten is rights, and it was the first time ever in this country. That's a judge sets. You have to pay innings coming fool with we used to be lump sum that was it. All right. Here's culture worth ten million split five minutes. She can say self up in a house with the kids. And then you're done. And then you're done. And that was the first case it was in Layton, earnings going forward, just whatever he makes percentage or. I fit does down year on year or something. I'm sure there is something that way drops if it's percentage base. I get it unless you get less. Yeah. You get twenty percent of my income. Whatever it is. But like if I'm not making anything fuck it. I'll give you some of you know. Have you been? Oh, yeah. They had this case where reineck tour this fighter. Who's bitching the UFC about not making enough money because his paycheck was was was this. Yeah. But he a few the guy's got a piece of paper view because they were such draws. And so he was like you're not fucking pay. And then the owner Dana white was like you get pay per view numbers. So you get this and this and this and then his ex wife flick. Wait what where's all that money? But I didn't know that. Him to the guy earned it. I guess. Yeah. It's a weird situation. The fact that you should pay someone. Time served liked boss. Is that thing of if a matching you'll both medical school all work nights at a waitress job. And help I understand that as a cones that I was I think if you know, if you both make you if you make a decision to have children, some of the woman has to give up her career for that period of time on the stand that sort of like she's career that move stalled she's lost threes of development and progression. Maybe something to be said for the whole. All right. I'll give you. Okay. Yeah. Whatever happened to those. Hey, you were with me for the good times. I'm gonna give you some money. I'm going to buy you a house just doing a human face. I yeah, matching obviously there's extreme cases by off the if both people if it's an amicable split. Because it would have. Break-up wrestling. Both. Outset lawyers when it's going as long as possible don't get on the more. We have that in America to that happens. I even like even mine was actually a very pain free. You know, there was no real major argument about money or anything that we didn't really have much to break out. It's nice. But even then the lowest like there was moments when I could tell the lawyers would drag it out and just trying to create a bit of turbulence just because I get paid by the by the letters. I've heard they'll be like if if your ex or if your wife goes like, no, no, we're just going to find the Lord, you know, just to protect you have seen this too many times. I just think we have to put down and writing. And then the other is look they're coming after you fire back otherwise. And it's like you just talked to your ex what say often, I saw of advise not talking and the lawyer is trying to make more money for that client themselves. So ski I made softer. I actually think the individuals probably on even as Skilley of dragging along with see if you just go like, hey, I'm just gonna do it with you. You know, your meat ax together, we're going to figure out what split up if you get less than you might if you're still making way more than siphoning off to some fucking, dude. Definitely there should be just another option of if you're going to break up, and you do yourself and spay basically a town whole sign a thing pay hundred. Yeah. And then one lists all your shit. I hereby announce. Dog like I second. Next TV if it's an occupant chilly. Yeah. Yeah. You should decide on what your stuff you want. And then everything in the middle. They like let's figure this out can arbitrator it'd be like that'd be a good job. Actually, someone who doesn't who gears. The people who don't want to lawyers. Be like, look, I don't know. I'll be pretty fair. You tell me what you guys are fighting over make your case for how much it means to you emotionally. And all the side who gets what I wonder what a legal give me a hundred bucks, and I will take it afternoon. And I'll split up all your shit. Let's look into this thing that can happen. How much would you charge that I would pay five hundred two thousand bucks to have somebody just handle it for us? And then send it to both pies. Everyone you take what you want you take. What you I'm gonna chat. In the middle. Moods discuss it would take one off the we'll sit down every. Yeah. Right. Both of you want. She doesn't want your hockey stick. That's not part of it. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Is a nice lawyer. Just be like, I'm very fair guy. Look at my reviews knows files. Pipe isn't it? Fuck comedy. The whole issue of divorce is low his. Ten minutes of what nobody not the people involved. Did you did you have to tell your parents and your friends that you were getting divorced like an embarrassing thing as a bit? Yeah. It's. I mean. Yeah. Because when I mean, plastic thing of breaking up don't end up. So staying at your parents three flings, you just feel that you need some sort of home. No melody, and that was crap back with your parents. I said my parents were couple of ways while I actually because it was it was. It was quite sued. It's named the festival. I say was a state. My parents were month that came to the fringe. So I was in a riot mess, divorced. When he. We broke up twenty eight and a DeVos took it takes ages as well just even once filed its heights, but he's six months before you get let's assign your she legally, divorced. But first year I saw you was that the during divorce our twenty fifteen I guess probably twenty four twenty fifth. Yeah. Yeah. It's yeah. Yes. Just just got into your parents house and saying like, this is what's happened seems like a defeat to horrendous grown, man. But. My parents staying parents the best of times, right? Just it's just off. Yeah. Day old people. Pointed to me there was like if you had a family grown up with the family wouldn't be saying your parents house should be going getting Airbnb or since you're degenerate. Yeah. Who doesn't have a timely way passes when it should you feel like you should be saying their parents. But like don't you just go out soon as a dog, and so is Ed for like a month? Just just clear my head railway came up here to the festival for a month. And I went back to London and smoothed out a day after so I just moved in with a friend. Phone. If. For he's calling me more Landau. I have no idea who it is. Eventually, I'll call the back, but. How did like women react to you differently? Could they smell it on you? Today. Like, I I didn't really advertise. The fact that was especially in comedy most everyone knows married. Yeah. And I didn't really tell very close friends that I was guy for a break up in comedy side. I had a couple of experiences where I was spotted with other and people like, yeah, people I was telling you. Thinking that. Nine. I get one good friend of mine told me about hadn't told her. What was happening shea really angry with me because shave doing? She. And then nights of then Iceland, so what was going on? So I had a few like, yeah. That was the weight when that that we'd pair it. Why I didn't know what still didn't. It's so weird. It's not an easy thing. That's just messed up for mumps over mentally just even if it's even if he is going to happen. It's meant to happen. You'll happy that actually so of come to an end because it's been a hard period. You still go for a period where your somebody on just to suddenly not be? Wait six may moms could be like, we're transitioned bats. So of some new version of yourself will I wanted to a depression. I don't know what caused it really. But I think one of the things that caused it was I was living with a woman, I guess, my wife, but. Married. Yeah. Quick marriage like two weeks. Like fuck it. Let's get married. Kind of thing. Four years. Oh my God. Yeah. When did you get DeVos where? Oh. Oh, like ten years ago. How old are you married like twenty nine maybe? Okay. But one of the things we had a deal was like I'll she moved into my place. I'll just keep paying the rent. And then you like stock the fridge freezer with good stuff and then like she moved in. She moves in after month. I got married after two weeks did in the belly room of the comedy store. It was so fun and nice and do you speak anymore? No. She also changed direction. She got real Christian. I really. Yeah. And then just like we'd speak IV like year on her birthday. And then it was like that just faded away. Yeah. It's a full year's off it. Yeah. Oh it lasted way longer than it should into the marriage. You probably thing this might not be forever. Probably two and a half years. And then she moved out, right? Yeah. And we're like all right. Let's sort of keep going and doing a year after that. And then it was like, let's just call abor advocate. Woo. Yeah. She always said it was like oh soon as we break up. You're never gonna see me again. Right. And then shoes pretty true a word. It was never like fuck. You wanna like everybody was like by amicable? It was like we just started fighting a little and it was like. We just don't love each other anymore. Yes. That's the problem. I think is is such a horrible of insight survey material response when some people love it. It's the end of a relationship some people. Well, you know. Well, you know, I've got friends definitely are in relationships. I love their partner anymore. But. States which still get on and Kato evidence. Is that should be the moment that you're done. That's the rest of your you talk to them. I guess sometimes. Yeah. Oh, yeah. You're killing your life. Right. Yeah. It's horrible and eight well incised, even despite that even them any break-up still poverty this missing some innocent. So with especially with the cleaning because it wasn't like women's place the clean, but I just wouldn't do it. She was like she was like. Yeah. Sure. If you want to that was just her job still living clean. Yeah. Clean even less when she laughed. It was just like piles go off. And I would just like it was just the change in my like lifestyle was just. Yeah. It makes you feel bad. Yeah. I definitely went a bit crazy for the year or to like drink drugs. And really, yeah. Always used to be a bit like then just calm down calm down. When you live if somebody, and it's nice and calm things bit nice. I really have to like you don't have to stay out over time. That's what I was being. It's being single is sites. Hiring because you're at you, you're out like every night. Yeah. Because you always even if you're out on a day. Oh, you're out. Just sniffing around. You always you even if you you in a lady mate and yourself chatting after featuring and then sunny frisked sound starts, you think this might be on. You will always take so four the moments happen any. Let's go back. Ten PM. You'll get a central to mind ten. It's obvious. You're making. She'd never satisfied. So I think yeah. I remember that them periods of time that it just tiring, and you didn't really like all the time. Like, maybe they'll be girls tonight. Sodas on the bacteria mind. It's so weird. I mean, I've got an hour. It's like you probably while you're you're with somebody. But like once I fucked enough at that point. I'm like no with the guys tonight. I'm having girl. I'm sure they are. But I'm with friends. I never say like I've gotten laid down. I saw friends Mark Norman who's like he has to go try to fuck the girl. It's like he misses out on the hang. Mrs it could be like that do this single single company. So I think that friends, but one friend who finally has just hit a moment of realization affair, he's he's he's done it enough. And now, he's he's much more children. They have a treatment of now is so much easier because he's not constantly looking over your shoulder. Every woman was thinking, right. Maybe. Oh, excuse me. Yeah. Whereas in the past, it'd be a nightmare. You couldn't have any any ball with. It was Addy members of the opposite set. So he would sit there and every ten seconds is is we go and it's like this is pointless. What we doing? Yeah. It's weird. How this homey to movement never really speaks about the fact that men are just fucking animals, and we really just want to breed. You know, I must be it does probably get mentioned at some point. Going to play. But it's it's not going nineteen year old boy is fucking hormones. This guy's on us. So of a single today is take until mid tonight as before work it out just realize right of NATO. You're right. Nate have elf anything just it's describes and tiring a waste of time. Yeah. Being with somebody helps with that. So you broke up and then what like let me go right back into that world. I just I just went in a while. Then I end up. I did that city thing. No, no, no reflection on how to not the quite intense, very quick relationship way too quick proper fell right in with somebody and that was a bit. So, you know, great time, but too soon I shouldn't have been doing that. Yeah. And then ultimately that was then you know, that was always doomed doomed. Yeah. That fast ship off to a long time. It's always going to because you're comparing everything to the other person you got him Fru that depression of. Got divorced now with somebody else. And how about how great they are. It's always get bay this. This shouldn't have happened ever. See like some leader that helps their country gained independence and their award leader revolutionary and then afterwards, they're like. Are now we're an independent country. They're usually elect that leader to like, I don't know about education, and how to pave roads, and what you know. Yeah. I have no idea. I heard Churchill was actually a good example of that as soon as when the great, thanks. You're out. This is not your expertise anymore. We're safe. Yeah. But like those break-up though, the rebound ones. Like, oh, your depression break like relationship with only feel you'll normal human again. You know, just a sad. Yes. And they never lie. It's not working I met you feel alive. But then once he recovered, you're like, oh, I don't all your. I don't need any of your strength. Yeah. Which is. It was doomed all with that other person that I you know. Oh, yeah. Did you ever love me? It's like. Yeah. But anus. So STAN type of love it. Maybe we can go out again, another never going to happen. But I get why you want that. It would be cool if human but now. But now, I'm not. I believe you can love a bunch of papers in your life, those belief that is not helping if the one is not a myth hurt. Somebody told me once that you got three great loves in your life. Yeah. But three. That's probably breaking up. Probably how many breaking I'm on. I'm not on three. Yeah. That's my recommend number three. Yeah, I've had three and I've got a girlfriend now. So I I'm hoping. Trend. How long have you? About a year. Plus we met here actually two years ago co yeah, she was in grad school. Shrum oakland. Okay. She was just here. We had a fling and then stopped later, she moved to New York, and it was like start up. Yeah. But like it was ten years after the third one until I really like start dating somebody again. Wow. That's it. I bake. Yeah. I might have had four you think? So not somebody's like we went out. It was good. I was in love. I mean, like when you think about like, my wife that is not one of the three. Wow. Yeah. So what what what would you describe it? What was what would how would you? Like, my first girlfriend. Kate Hicks was just like you helped define me. You know, that was love where you don't even you don't even know what love is. So you're just like, wow. And that lasted for a year and a half and another year and a half after I moved to LA. Yeah. It's just like, I don't know. You're just like completely all in with them. And like, I I don't know. I don't know how. Yes. All right now. Yeah. Definitely three that. Okay. That it was one of out lie thought might pay. But that was it never go far enough to fully site. Right. This is. It's. Yeah. And then you're always gonna compare every of the woman in some way to a part of one of those three s right? I say, yeah. You know? Yeah. Yeah. I've had other loves for sure. Not like, you know, all star team. I don't know. Nice say it. Yeah. Did you? So you start talking right afterwards. Do you use condoms or do not what are the people? What do people do in the UK? Saif country. Yeah, that's good. I definitely think I'm not sh of I've had a few. Out of the few. That's the password have just drunk today. Yeah. Yeah. That's more than my sh. Like seven day window of fear. Like every issue like how do you with STI checks in America? You get the results if you got it for tests, they're getting faster and faster. I text you them now because that's what we have here. Taxed good to go. Get a text from the STI this had Oakland. Wow. That's great. Because you're on a date going come on. Yeah. Chris of Christmas. He's now. For there was a it was a period of time. He had like he he was eights test results. Yeah. And the test results in four or five days and donate your says clear, and he's. From the clinic saying you need to call us on this number Faulk. And he he was to say that go eights. About five minutes code off and on hold for so clear. These include five minutes. I I this is the scary. Yeah. I went to Planned Parenthood gets has once and like all right? So now joining for everything here. I don't wanna come back. And like, all right. If HIV just you know, the test we give is kind of preliminary test. So if it does come up positive to come in. We'll take like a more like full test. Yeah. And I'm not worried about aids, you know, it's just not an issue for me is the big one. Man. Yeah. Yeah. Gets aids aids. Just eat go as is. Raise its head noun again. But but I was like so but says you got to come back in and get more testing questions. Does that new testing ever result in negative? She goes out now, it's always positive, what's. Yeah. She's like. Like, we just need to actually give you counseling to oh shit. Can't just like text you aids and such often of the world. Yeah. It today. Still do the one I used to think the I was Cody umbrella or something when he's test you. Thing down yet. You know, what is that? Like the twenties we had in the UK until about five six years ago. Yeah. Oh, no wonder Brexit, happened gross. Oh, no, do they they've they've moved on making do with swaps. And we had a if you check up and said about checks not to get cleaned to get check checks. What's that was the swap test to put it down? Oh. And you know, it wasn't that it wasn't actually paying full. It was weighed it was uncomfortable. But the how just watching it and the sensation made so many people find if you just think this is going to be horrendous gonna put. Pick essentially down payments. Thing did I need surgery, and they were taken off the bandages for the first time. I was getting real lightheaded. Doctor was like she was like, yeah. Okay. Wants to cast. I was like sit on sound. And I was like sorry. Just haven't had much to h I'm sure that's. Much to too, but you were fine up until you saw these. And I was like what are you say? Because you know, what I'm saying, no weaken on blood. Visit comedic Steve hole through. And he the umbrella thing down the jets. I is the the LDC would have killed it with which I think is culturally insensitive. Boy, he's coaching. Cates. Which now we've grown out of that. But even just used it. But he said that I always confuses you re through or you re. That chew throw throw. Right. But then. Yeah. I was gonna say you Aretha. Oh, yeah. Always second hour and. Yeah. So Steve was getting it. And he. Somebody's did it standing up. Whatever do that. While standing his head on a sync on the white down. Oh trae showed us state if it's not. I'm sorry. Night, and then pissed all over the floor of the saturate while he was painted. So he came to pool its head was played. Pets. That's so great. When you have something or like, you got some like get tested, and you're in some foreign country. Like, I don't know how the healthcare works here. I don't know where I'm going to be like you had to come back in a week. I'm not going to be your in a week. Yeah. Just might say. Yeah. I guess, but it's like I've been in Australia. I'm like, oh, I wanna fuck before the end of this goddamn trip. I don't wanna come home. And then do two weeks you stay just glove up. Yeah. You ever gotten anything? Yeah. It's amazing. I'm these really happy. Made very site. If I had a couple of very drunken stupor migrants up to paranoid. I grew up. Just at the end of the when I was a kid aids. Skins may I was always frightening. It was like you can get aids and die. Yeah. So yeah, I think I. Ingrained good. I h now I yeah. Bubby times feed single off always been very careful. Yeah. Did you when you got divorced? My friend said this said, his dad said this, I guess you didn't have it. But he said his divorce was worse than his time in Vietnam. And I was like no fucking way. And he's like, how are you disagreeing down like this can't no way? And then I got my first bad break up. I'm like, oh, I sort of get it. Now think. Yeah. I mean emotionally, I think sure. Yeah. I'm sure. Sure. Take from such as in that. But see now is oversee must be stresses of wool. But also cameraderie and. Some plan counts. So trench. Yeah. But I think there's no there's pay after bad break up. There's no plus points. Yeah. Like, if you're if you're buddy died in Vietnam. Yeah. You can still remember the good times with John before he got killed. But like when you break up the good times in getting attained like fuck them. That's is that I did a show about drinking Iowa SCA. And it wasn't just about drink. And I will say it was about it was about so of of that. And I it's a show about how after big break up. You just file the how relationship is bad. You really find it hard because I think because your schedule thinking good times is that what might you think about relationship again? Periods. You wanna think about it? And that's how you end up type of to think about anymore. But we've I went to Moscow made me go back and look at all the nice times that relationship there's great really highlights reel of here with a good time. So that's why you gave it for that long. It was good times isn't costs. I can just make you like step back away out of yourself and just be tightly. I'm looking at this guy named Carl. And he's he had some good times with this lady. And it took me took me to the times as well. Have you done? I know I got to do it so difference. Yeah. I've not done any hallucinogen since I've done. I did want to die on mushrooms for laugh. Off one little. Light a light mushroom does. Even that lives just made a friend just it was a sunny day about a year ago and just before the festival just took mine a sign the guard and just laughed for. That's great. That's great and apart. From now, if not the things out the MTA, no looking for some. Yeah. No on the wrong web, somebody spirit of something to think about. Yeah. And when I felt like had almost what's out to that. And it felt. It felt a final boss of the computer. That I was. Take time off plan that game now. Yeah. So I'm not really to urge thirty four. You take them. Jeez. To is is. And sixteen and you stop taking DMC and all that stuff taken anything for ages DNC party. We're gonna have some common. I'm I'm not drooled out. Have not had their fora decided to just wait until it comes around again. About meditation and stuff. So I've been doing the things that on a similar vein, but more not sure, oh, I love when you do like a massive trip on something. And I don't have the experience of my wall. So I don't know. And there's some point we like I'm just good now for a while. Yeah. I don't want it or need it might even take it again. But then it's like that's not doing anything for me. Cleaned. Yeah. That's what I was fout side. Like I woke up next morning. I was sitting there in the sunshine that was that was big. Where was it? What you do? I did in London. But yet it's a shame and this house parties. I watch playing shame guy. And he's begun to Peru in trade into I'm afraid and he's just started doing them quite underground in under. Yeah, we have those in America that go from like someone donates their house. Yeah. Yeah. Well, he's crazy retreat in his back garden really so fell just surrounded by trays outside that was amazing. But it really it was hard harder than any other thing I've ever done. What do you mean? Drug wise, sweating through it just it just fills. Say acid or something even on a big trip. And he got heavy this moments on it you start you might have a little thought of like, I don't know if I'm ever coming back from this. But we've I was genuinely food a phase of like, this is may now this is I mean, I'm stuck in this self. Looking at. It was almost say your life flashes before your eyes is almost that. It made me go and stop at moments. Never look go. Right. This is one of the moments. You think about another locate now with hindsight and that she'll say there was some good at nine of its handle sunshine of the spotless mind thing massive sore of memories from different parts of my life. And maybe just sit for again, and it was so it was hard times. I was crying times fail position where you send him like where you're like. They're at times I was at it was like I was back in those moments like Christmas pass. Times when I was watching it like that. But it was times when I was experiencing it. So I was actually there was one to me about to ban about seven or eight years old, and I was seven right. I was lying in bed, and my mom was sitting on the beds with a cow flannel. My head I'd hooping cough. And it just made me re-experience that what really how old were you then about seven, right? Wow. So it was through the hooping cough again. Well, yeah, I felt I was just taking. So that moment again and experienced it by experience it now in the Senate my head, I was still lying. There is an eight year old by the sense of looking at now it will now as well. Oh, cool. Say my mom being a good mom. Because that's what forgot on after the years of her difficult of behavior. I saw a bit. I don't know about this this bit from my family, and it made me go back into look and say that she actually was decent. Mom for. So we're that you're dealt you. Go back, and you can look reexamined stuff. And if you don't reexamine stuff, you still like hate that guy. And then if you do like, oh on I was an asshole. Just fucking move away from a. So yeah, it did low to that. I had a past life regression on it. As what this is. We. What? Could've just I've waited have had other ones. I've had dream based ones that felt pasta aggressions, and it was to be being a native American. No fucking west. They this is this eighty avenue. You don't have to stay in the same spot. Right, different accents. Yeah. At this. Crazy poss- life experience was an you being native America. Shame. That's all. And then. Yeah, this is the thing. I'm I'm not. I'm not sure about it as bollocks by ribs, really, we'd the Wheatley vivid experience. And that was the only one out of all of it how it was real life personal experiences. I've had and it took me about that part of my marriage every fan, and maybe just have a look crying foam it and get it out. And then got back into the visions come out and have another crying and a reset. Seven hours, really, Bruce. I set a record for the most he's ever seen. Anyone? Yeah. And then just out of the blue in this in the midst of it this way past life, I division of Bain and another lie. Whoa. God damn. So maybe. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, imagine what people believe about reincarnation on that stuff. But is interested. I'm drawn towards these things and this possibly progression was the shame and who's in. So this stuff as well. His past life regressions whether like they're like seeing themselves scrubbing like what is that? Like, a toy that fucking Indian bottom cats scrubbing somebody's toiling who's also not of any note, just some guy it'll class. Yes. Shaman or for grand? That's probably is my trying to pretend something something of house live. Yeah. My friends call me shaman in America because I'm always the one given the right amount shrooms. You guys should fuck it. I'm not just catch up. All right. Well, I think that's pretty good cool, man. We got the shit. Dahmer fit who about my. That's so cool though. I wanna like do some I tell you story about this. It's very quick. But it's linked to the shame of thing. So I've always weighed and this is before this. This was on the trip. I've always I've always tweets like if nights of American just music poetry stuff. What you used to be one of appropriate? Yeah. Yeah. But one of my favorite poets who John Trudell that is is a native American activists. Okay. Died of cancer fees. But he hasn't brilliant pirate. He's an activist for digits people around the world. But most of us about native American issues on album tribally says it should amazing him. Do in spoken what stuff over. I mean. Crazy to be native American chancing, and I go to my laptop. I had a dream. About three months ago. Yeah. In dream. I was ashamed. And in America nicer America, probably so hundred three hundred four hundred years ago, ever, and my laptop which was in the corner of the bedroom. Shop close standby start blaring out the album made my wife up and closed close and by OBT. We were both a slave. I was having a rave about being American and native American challenge player in in the bedroom. We both jumped up wondering what's going on. I heard it was coming from two colon, Iran. So what's up and it stopped before we got? And we just had and I stayed. I'd had that I was made Draymond happened. What I didn't tonight on crepe around. So there is some way this to and I even I get it could be coincidence. Yeah. I mean, that's what you wanna think. Everybody could hear that goes like, well, maybe it was playing before. And that's why you dreaming that because he's already playing. Probably about a week before. So it wasn't close. That happens. Some happen. Another time since it happened. The one time I was having a star. When you close it. It keeps playing for like ten seconds. I could chicken with districts three in the morning. Stops. From site there for sure hacking computers. I mean if stuff can just go. Watching us definite. Are you doing any touring around the UK or anything so bit some bogus? I'm actually going to be and I don't I'm C Kriss Ma and oh who's. A couple of gigs. I actually might be they're not Tober my friend's wedding the twentieth. Twelve to the twenty seconds a couple of gigs and just I've never been to check out. So I'm going to be doing like put your hands together, which is one gig or something and hot tub. Yeah. Brown older couple of weeks going to. I'm just going to be a little bit. So I've never done kicks in the state. So y'all get your spot the store and some one of the rooms at least not unlike the regular lineup because there's so like territorial about pay rent. But yeah, but yeah, I'm gonna go to that Damon days festival or something music festival. Yeah. Are you gonna go back to New York anyway, home this trip, but don't going to just going to be the ten day me and my wife just going to nip over to see friends now? Yeah, I'll try and scrape a couple of weeks. If you. Well, maybe. I'm saying the way home, I'll probably be gone if you wanna go to my apartment. On us co Jason just flying in and out. That'd be fun. Yeah. How many it's? Yeah. Are you gonna do some pockets with Martin? Try because we see the minute with them separately. And of each putting a different up every we saw we also every week. He doesn't I've now got a new co host the team. Yeah. So it'd be entered into every she come into enough. I'm over here. We're going to record some doing bars again are doing just, hey, we're going to Bank feeds for sure. So he's gone. So you just like fucking all right instead of trying to Skype to sounds a bit shit. But in the same rubber does faint me June. You know, really good mates. He's really funny. And we just we called good. You know, poor report between us. This like that. You are one of the guys tell me if you think show because you're one of the guys here who has doing I'm trying not to be demeaning, but doing American style comedy, which is the focus on on jokes and funny instead of like trying to size of. Yeah. This year, particularly. Every now and again, not so of osteo at Mancha was quite story. But even do that you you don't leave. Humor behind the. No, no. I'm always always. You know, I'm always the other job. I think. Yeah. I like to point out my own dumb without American view of it. We're like, I'm not gonna fucking gets cry serious. No fucking way in the World Health say some dark stuff, but I'm not going to start. What was me? What was me? So are you saying I'm I feel like I'm starting to see a change towards that style now here. So it's American English Joel's towards the joke just lets some fun instead of this like dark like Hannah cats kinda like I feel when I'm here this year. I feel the push like maybe fuck those reviewers fucked awards, and let's just put on good shows for good audience. Ebay. I mean, we we've we've environment way. It's so of the same every welcoming everyone does whatever they want to absolutely because because we've got we come from the, hey, Australia that have the festival so we often fringes as well. So this isn't a comedy festival. It's not festival why. So we've been quite welcoming comedians coming into something different. And maybe in less joke. Heavy and all that. So I think hey, we just saw of quite welcoming any fan butts. Do think this is some of the some of the shows. Head really good things about just proper. I'm gonna bang an hour of stand up about some stuff. So I think it's even Hastings like a loose like storyline about. But it's really just a bit that he split up. Our but it's a five minute bit. Yeah. I still this shit. Yeah. This is pretty good has a couple of shows much theatrical in that. But there's a few few friends to shows just straight down the line. Stand up talking about some issues about stuff, but not as. Fully for some starting to see more of that become like, you know, what I'm gonna do this not all but like. Cyclical apple for a phase about seven eight years ago, where there's been a couple of years where it was really really if the stuff that was getting the plaudits. Yeah. Was a year after where all the award nominees proper Stein. At our of just bull called say. Hello stopped. Banging out some gear and then finish it out. There was no sort of almost no point to it. Yeah. That's been funny of leaving having a great time. Yeah. And so of somebody went the other way, I it changes every year. A year. Real cycle terrorists Jimmy car- winning that the golden pumpkin. And I think it's all here in that style. Could never win one of those now just like here's some funny jokes about nothing. But to meet your mind got nominated for it. He did he. For sure that. And that's his style. Is that isn't it was that how long ago was that that would have been fest ever ten over ten years? Yeah. Twelve or something. Yeah. Where it's like it's different now. Yeah. But then again, I what I'm starting to hear from people like those awards, whatever interested in that. I'm interested in putting on a great. I think review is defer views and awards definitely have lost their off just because review is because it's too many is now used to be that was even when I say coming up that telegraph guardian that'd be about five main reviews and the now those five and then as twenty five blogs and websites giving out reviews some fucking nineteen year olds. Yes at a main God hit an abso of their budget. Why would we spend money when are getting lost to me thorough the other ones? So actually, I've just lost their currency. Don't get shit, really. It doesn't matter. Ten four star reviews. Hey, it's almost like free tickets is that what you're doing for free. I mean most. Stop stop caring about not read. I read one review to see if myself and myself reading about because the guy came on a night with my show is just crazy. It was crazy. People wanna see what he actually broke off to. I said I'm going to read this because I want to be interested to see what you thought the audience. Yeah. Because I just met Matt's. You don't they never do reviews because I won't remind either I think it's damaging for comps. But it's fun to watch other people, especially if I was at the show that reviewing fun to see what they say often. I think that's why I read that. I was really fascinates. What he thought the full? Yeah. He say, he actually I think he gave it good account of felt really tricky geic of really because of then not because she was very. Me at all price for managing the room. How I did. That's cool. But then he sure he put in there like this is not normal show. Good a handling Scituate. Reviewing like who's way too hot in there? So you know, what you're getting into sweltering and the chairs of very uncomfortable. I would sit in the front few because those are the ones the padding like that should be review that I could actually this has an audience, you know. Yeah. All right. How funny you are already? But how funny that show show is star in for? Yeah. How hot the room is the door guys. Nice or they pushy way Q. Yeah. Yeah. The rain. Yeah. That and it's just an average school best show in a bad van. You can't exactly that's part of it. But terrible show, you shit, comedian lovely. I mean when you do a restaurant when you review it's like, it's almost never just the food. Stuck in dickhead waiter, drafty? But. Yeah. Michelin starred food. Yeah. But. Yeah. Three and a half. All right, buddy, too. Well, thank you very much a great time in America will. Yeah. Hoping meet some of your past life friends. Have you ever been there? A night out there. I'll probably go a little bit. What you want to get is that it's borderline when it's too cold. But if you can get a full moon night or or big moon Knight. Yeah. Then you don't eat. Flashlights? Wanted this full shadows on you favorite place in the world. I might even. Yeah. I think maybe kids again, something I could try to make some calls for you like that. But like it's the best. So you go put your stuff in a tent your bar? Tim somebody pretty much just park your car right there. It's like take your shit and wander out. It's just death, and you climb boulders, and it's fun. Yeah. I'm gonna do that. I get so jealous people that haven't ever done that are going to like people were like about to start the wire. And it's like oh. You're so lucky. All right. Where's Karl Donnelly on Twitter? Who ends to ELS to to Instagram and all that garbage kill man. All right. Thanks, and then your podcast is on offense comedy is call Colin Chris podcasts have split up and divorce. We will refer to call Chris con now, Colin Judy and not Chris. Yeah. All right. That's the episode. Okay. I'm now, I did not upload that said. I was going to it's been what five days, I'm in Ireland. Now, listen to this list. These people fucking talk. Listen to. Grow up, y'all. That's gaylard. I got a car. I went to I had a day off after. This be. Vigil Louis seal, the Valeo Oguz. Lee to get religion. Okay. He'll is Oguz to hand Margie seal south Dr. I mean, what the fuck that's an actual language. The day after Manchester. So I was like let me go to the cliffs of more. I've been hearing about it for a while. They can ExCo fire some lady dated, I guess wouldn't be girlfriend. Yeah. She told me about them, and they were tremendous. I went and I just flew to Shannon in western Ireland. And then I just let's cliffs more that day. Landed on eight forty five slept in my car for a couple of hours, and then just can drove on the well the next. I mean, I got like a bed and breakfast. I just like drove like thirty minutes. So I found some place that they can see. But then I just drove all every time. It said on the GPS it said fifteen minutes longer this way. I'm like, I'm going that way. Eight minutes longer. Eight minutes slower the app, that's what I'm doing. And I just took side roads from the west of Ireland to the east of Ireland. It was great man who just fucking beautiful country. The weather was warm too. So I was okay. Dude. Sometimes driving just fun. Anyway, that's the episode. Did you guys enjoy it? I hope you see goat face Fahim 's from last week for his his his sketch special on comedy central this Tuesday at eleven o'clock, I believe on comedy central and left, and I get sicklers album for sure get sick was album. Even if you can't afford it go to get on Spotify. And listen to it tell them how you liked it. He'll be back in the we recorded like half an episode. And then we realize it is it's pretty deep the conversation. We're getting into and it was like we're running out of time to go pick up his kid. Like you said, and it was like, hey, let's just finish us later. Let's get back to it. Because we're not giving this as much respects. It deserves a topic. Yeah. Box out to what's better than the box move. When you get a guy fucking stop. In the left lane getting by and you in the right lane. And he's just stopping all traffic wiz right by box out. All I did was listened to Gaelic talk radio and drove across the country. It was so cool occasionally play songs one time it became like it was Sunday. So they had like a Christian. Our I inferred from what I listened to. It was so cool. Anyway, now off back to the rest of my tour. I'm going to Brussels right now, Brussels Amsterdam Denmark, then Berlin. Stopping in there. Dr Steven garden, Berlin. And then I don't know where else. Copenhagen said that oh, no Stockholm to that out Denmark's coming up afterwards. I get Copenhagen's afterwards. It stock on this regardless. Also, I just had a Jerusalem. So if you guys want to go to Ari, Shapiro dot com. So you can get tickets to the Jerusalem show. You gotta do it right now. It's a fucking small room. So get on it right now. Ari? Shapiro dot com. Are the great dot com. Fucking pick up. Tickets fifty. I'm going to miss my flight. It's who I missed that flight to Brussels type. I really should. Not miss this flight, fifty twelve. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah. For sure gets to that storytelling show, December fifteenth in Tel Aviv to an Israeli stories. I have one and then and then my our our ju- in you've OSHA lime Jerusalem December eighteenth at the blaze bar. Tickets already dot com. Also, storyteller show January fifteenth I believe maybe sixteenth fifteenth in Washington DC sixth, and I tickets up now surprised lineup unless it doesn't sell our. Well, then I'll start telling you the fucking great names. You already got going down. But hopefully, just start all sorts surprise Sacramento. Denver Tempe and Phoenix all coming X chair. I think that's that. La Hoya comedy store. San Diego, Steve Simone and another date and the main room one show on the the nineteenth February. All right. You guys. That's the episode. Pretty interesting breaking up. Oh, yeah. That's it was Rilo Kiley. That's who the band was that. I couldn't think of Rilo fucking Kylie, man. Do you drive on the other side of the street, which is already like problem? And then you add in talk on your. Zoom to record a podcast. And now you're talking about unsafe driving trying to text and drive on those can be entering rush roads. Not a good idea. It was so beautiful though. Fucking walls of stone on either side, sheep got. So I went down. I mean, I guess one way road just ended. Its turnaround is all these sheepdogs are running after me, it's hard barking once are barking like three or four more star Brooklyn. They started going crazy barking and actually to turn around. There biting my tires are that was trying to turn. I don't wanna hit them. But they were biting my tires. I've been on. But I didn't hit them. Oh, so fun. You guys if you ever get a chance to go to western Ireland and go to the close of more, it's near Galway. It's gorgeous. I'll post pictures on Instagram but God damn. I mean, it's like you'll see the pictures. They do it kind of Justice. It's kind of like their version of the Grand Canyon. But it just cliffs drop off into the fuck in a bis of the Atlantic. All right. You guys. I think that's the episode. Gotta drive with thirteen minutes. Okay. Is there anything else that? I don't think. So I don't think so I'm looking forward to this trip. I might go to. But we'll see I don't know if we're episodes before the end of the year, I might I might not it's been hard even to to get this done in hotel rooms, you don't have realizing I'm now a fan of doing stuff. It's fun instead of doing stuff that supposed to do. I've already been travelling enough. So you know, what I mean? So it's like double last night a little bit of coal dragged with with with the convex. Twain, Richie both funny, and then actually some late night food that I ate in my bed in. My bed. I'm not sure you're me. Was under the covers propped up like I'm watching TV as an old person. And. Coming from. And then I was just in my like in my bed, and then I was eating. I gotta tell who was a decade. Anyway. All right. This episodes over thank you very much tuning in. That's it have a good until next week. Oh, end Zoric Zurich, the end overnight Oslo stop in gar and Zoric Oslo is October. Is the fifth today? Dude, I have almost getting hit left and right in this fucking country. I've driven on the wrong side of the road. Many times gone looks. Mostly in garage. So it's like, oh, no, I didn't under-. I got yelled at once. Thailand guy. Like gave me the fuck it move over. I think it was Thailand. Right. Anyway, that's the episode. Thank you very much. I don't know what I'll be tuning back in. But get tickets if you know people in those cities stopping Oslo Zurich Copenhagen Amsterdam. Brussels tonight, only company sold out. Said it. Fucking. I. All right. Thank you. Bye. Kill. The. I see. But. When you. Thank.

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