January 8, 2020


Wednesday morning I'm Anna Palmer and welcome to your politico playbook audio briefing stay tuned after the show for from energy for progress. And I'm Jay Sherman with the rain one of missiles on al-Assad airbase president. Donald Trump became a wartime leader at the dawn of an election year and the contours of his ever. Changing presidency have again shifted for the last three months impeachment dominated every inch of the collective mind of Washington in played in especially outside role in the president's meudon psyche. Trump is a president who relishes fights in chaos and despite his stated displeasure with the impeachment process. He seemed to enjoy striking back at his enemies with vitriol lavishing praise and his allies. Who took his side on live television but being the leader of a nation on the brink of war traditionally requires a different skill? Set One trump is not yet shoney's mastered a president leading a war weary nation into or close to conflict typically communicates clearly measured inconsistently about the what why and the how America is at the back end of nearly two decades of watching a a steady stream of dead bodies land on cargo planes at Dover Air Force Base so the skepticism with which the country views armed military conflict is understandable and communicating about. Why you're sending troops overseas as Iran is sending missiles into airbases requires more than slagging your predecessors for what they didn't do cryptically? He tweeted at odd hours or suggesting. Democrats in Congress are anti-american. Think what you want about their policies or politics put George W the bush and Barack Obama took pains to communicate what they were doing and what they were trying to achieve when he took kinetic military action war almost deaf. Initially countries country's effort to achieve an end through measured chaos trump's entire presidency is an attempt to achieve multiple ends through chaos. It's time to see how those to blend late. Last night. Javad Zarif Iran's foreign minister tweeted that his nation does not quote seek escalation but will defend ourselves against any aggression and trump said all is well missiles launched Miranda two military bases located in Iraq. Assessment of casualty and damage is taking place. Now so far so good. We have the most powerful and well equipped military gary anywhere in the world by far will be making a statement tomorrow morning. Perhaps he'll seeking offramp. But as of last night bombs raining down on American bases thousands of US troops are again heading to the Middle East. We don't know precisely what this administration is trying to achieve the New York Times. Has this headline nine for an analysis piece by Peter Baker a strategy for the Mideast that has even trump's allies scratching their heads while the post is reporting that inside the White House some some administration officials said trump messaging over the weekend including targeting. Cultural sites wasn't helpful and the Times also notes that Republicans have been praising trump since since the attack but it's unclear how will impact his twenty twenty campaign. I in playbook this morning Chuck Schumer Dick Durbin and Jack Reed sent a letter to mark aspirin. Mark Milley asking them to provide provide congress with regular briefings and documents about troop deployment plans related to the conflict in Iran. They also call them them to make clear to the chain of command. The targeted strikes on cultural sites says unlawful for bombing of all Assad is effecting Democrats plans to try to limit trump's ability to conduct military activity in the Middle East. Sarah Farris had their caitlyn. John President are reporting that. How stems plans to push a measure to limit? Trump's war powers is now influx now onto impeachment Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell's connel's announcement that he had enough votes to pass a Republican only rules package to govern the impeachment process again throws the focus onto speaker. Nancy Pelosi who we still not saying when she planned to send the articles party termed as urgent McConnell's chamber for Consideration Heather Sarah Sarah's note in a closed-door meeting with Democrats Pelosi didn't reveal a timeline for transmitting the articles of impeachment against trump to the Senate Pelosi sent a letter to Democrats that urge McConnell. The publish is impeachment rules. So Democrats could see the arena Grena in which we will be participating point managers and transmit the articles to the Senate House and Senate Democrats. We spoke to yesterday. Make it clear that they want the article sent to the Senate soon. The time is running out on this gambit melanoma and Anita Kumar had the latest on trump's impeachment strategy saying it now looks like house. Republicans will be relegated to helping out in a PR capacity at the end will not have an official role in the trial. And we've got some news. Michael Bloomberg's campaign operation has been reaching out to Casey figures to try and hire operatives with Senate and House Experience agreeance to Capitol Hill outreach for his presidential campaign sources familiar with the process. Say They are looking to move fast and are willing to pay significantly more than typical campaign salaries meanwhile also in Iran the AP is reporting that one hundred seventy six have been killed in a Ukrainian airplane crash near Iran's this capital Alex is instead scoop that trump plans to drop ten million dollars on a super bowl ad Chris Catalog. Oh and Sally Goldenberg report. Mike Bloomberg is under fire for staying away from the Democratic Arctic debate stage Elizabeth. Warren is trying to give her campaign a jolt in the final weeks before the Iowa caucus to an aggressive media tour and using on Castro has a high profile surrogate. And here's what's on tap tap for trump's Wednesday the president will receive his Intel briefing at two fifteen pm. Subscribe to playbook at politico dot com slash playbook. Our paths aren't all the same. We have different perspectives on the best way forward but on issues that matter like climate change we're more alike than we think we want want cleaner solutions. And that means working with each other so the innovators in America's natural gas and oil companies have teamed up with the country's brightest minds and reduced just carbon emission levels to the lowest generation. Learn what we can achieve by working together at energy for Progress Dot Org.

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