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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Sphere. The World Health Organization says the corona virus pandemic is accelerating NPR's Jason Bobi reports the number of cases. Globally is now top three hundred and seventy thousand according to the Johns Hopkins Corona Virus Tracking site after the first case of covert nineteen was detected. Took sixty seven days before the world reach one hundred thousand cases. It took only eleven more days to hit the two hundred thousand mark in the third. One hundred thousand was tallied in just four days. You can see how the virus is accelerating the head of the WHO cageless add. Gabrielle says Corona Virus cases have now been reported nearly every country on the globe. He calls the situation heartbreaking but says the world still has an opportunity to change the trajectory of this pandemic by taking aggressive measures against the virus. Jason Bogosian. Npr News. Good news when it comes to the CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC IN ITALY. Finally some hope in that country which has been wracked by the effects of Cova Nineteen and leads the world in the number of deaths related to the disease officials say Italy today recorded a smaller day to day increase in new cases for a second straight day as according to data released by Italy Civil Protection Agency showed forty seven hundred eighty nine new cases from a day earlier nearly seven hundred fewer than the number of new cases reported yesterday. The number of deaths also did not rise by as much just over six hundred as compared to six hundred fifty one Sunday. An announcement by the Federal Reserve is prepared to buy as much government debt as needed to boy financial markets and that briefly sent markets higher before the close the lack of agreement between Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill on a nearly two trillion dollar rescue package for the economy quickly. Send things the other way. But also said it's prepared to begin lending to small and large businesses. This businesses and local governments helped them whether the financial crisis the US stock market began the week on a sour note. Here's NPR's Scott horsely. Investors initially welcomed the Federal Reserve announcement but the market rally quickly fizzled both the Dow. And the S&P. Five hundred ended the day down about three percent. Investors appear to be disappointed by the time. It's taking four congressional rescue package to come together even if the price tag of the pandemic continues to grow the Federal Reserve announced three new programs and providing financial life support to corporations while tens of millions of Americans are hunkering down at home. The Fed is trying to sustain those businesses so both workers and customers will have something to go back to wants to corona virus. Outbreak is under control scholars horsely. Npr News Washington taking look at the numbers on Wall Street today. The Dow closed down five hundred. Eighty two points to eighteen thousand five ninety one. The Nasdaq fell. Eighteen points. The S. and P. Five hundred dropped sixty seven points today. You're listening to NPR. The Federal Bureau of Prison says three inmates and three staff members of tested positive so far for the corona virus that NPR's Ryan Lucas Explains Activists. Lawmakers have warned prisons are at high risk of a devastating outbreak. The Bureau of Prisons says one of the inmates who tested positive is located at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn New York. The other two are at a federal lock up in Oakdale Louisiana. The agency says all three have been isolated as for the three P. staffers who have tested positive. They work at facilities in Leavenworth. Kansas Yazoo City Mississippi and Grand Prairie Texas. The bureau has taken steps to try to mitigate the risks to inmates and staff such a staggering mealtimes and prohibiting family visits still advocacy groups and lawmakers have called on the trump administration and the justice department to release elderly inmates in those with chronic health conditions. Who are at high risk from cove in Nineteen Ryan Lucas. Npr News Washington with gyms fitness centres and yoga studios in many parts of the country. Shut down due to the corona virus. People across the nation are coming up with new ways to get in there exercise that includes in many cases turning to online classes or getting their exercise outside both brick and mortar fitness facilities. And those that were already in cyberspace or stepping up the number of online classes. They offer many people have been forced to work from their homes and self isolated been concerned about how to keep up their routines something. Many health experts as crucial for keeping the immune system strong against the corona virus crow futures prices moved modestly higher today oil ending the session up seventy three cents a barrel to close at three thirty six a barrel in New York. I'm Jack Speer. Npr News in Washington.

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