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04-11-19 Draft Lottery Recap (replay)


You're listening to all the king's men the official podcast of the LA kings. Now, here's your host. Jesse cohen. The first live episode of all the king's men is in the books. Sad that it had to come on the heels of what can only be described as a disappointment. I wanna thank everybody that listened in called in live. And if you couldn't listen, but you're hearing it now thank you as well. This is going to be a replay of exactly one went out last night, minus the commercials, and we hope to start doing these more frequently particularly around the draft and free agency. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook Instagram, and yes, as Patrick O'Neal mentioned, even Snapchat send any questions or comments the account name across also media platforms is men podcast. That's one word king's men podcast rate and review us on I tunes or any other place that fine podcasts are aggregated. Never miss an episode by subscribing today subscription links and reason episodes can be found at LA kings dot com slash podcast. This is all the king's men lawf- breaking down the NHL draft lottery, and covering all the news you need to know surrounding the case. Get more kings content. I'm the LA kings channel on the iheartradio. Now here are your hosts, rob brendor and Jesse Cohen. It is the first big day on the NHL post regular season calendar for teams not participating in the playoffs a night where a ping pong ball can change the fortunes of a franchise for years to come. It is draft lottery night. Welcome everybody. So all the king's men live on rob Renner going to be joined in a moment by Jesse Dave Joseph. We are doing something new and exciting here on the panel bringing you more live and interactive content, and that starts right now with this live platform, we have the opportunity to involve you in the conversation. You can reach us with your kings questions by calling three one. Oh, three four one zero two three two. You can also tweet at us at king's men podcast or you can send it to my Twitter as well. If you like at Robert brendor with that the draft lottery is now in the books it happened within the last hour, and we know that the LA kings who finished with the second worst record in the league this year and had a thirteen and a half percent. Chance of picking number one slipped in the draft. And now they're gonna pick number five or at least. That's where they slotted right now. Jesse good evening. How are you my friend and obviously a little bit disappointed? I'm sure yeah. Had to come in from the hallway I was kicking trash cans and screaming expletives at the heavens. I'm doing. Alright rub. Dave, I'm sure kind of the same feeling a little bit somber at the idea of not picking one or two at the very least. Yes, for sure obviously the kings are hoping for the one number one. And number two pick didn't happen that being said a lot of talent out there this year, especially at the forward position in this draft. I think top five pick picky. Still can't go wrong. So I'm actually pretty still excited about this. I'm awfully Jesse. I'm still excited while everyone's excited except for Jesse on a regular basis. We'll get you in a little while just for the folks that did not get the opportunity to watch the draft lottery itself. Again, the kings had the second best odds of getting the number one overall pick as it turns out, they slip as I said to number five the New Jersey Devils move up a couple of slots they were projected to pick third or had the third. Best odds at eleven and a half percent. And they will pick number one. The New York Rangers moved up from the number six spot to pick second. The Chicago Blackhawks are the team that really made out like bandits in this draft lottery. They were projected to pick number eleven, and they moved all the way up to number three. The Colorado Avalanche via the Ottawa Senators are going to pick number four and then the kings in at number five. So as Dave said kind of play off of that there are a lot of prospects in this draft tons and tons and tons of them. And even though this was labeled as the lose for Hughes draft or even Capito Kako who everyone loves his either the number one or number two. You just never know Jesse where you can find a diamond in the rough and picking a number five. It's not really a stretch that you're going to find a good prospect at that point. Then I look I hate to sound like I'm pulling a muscle bring being positive here. But Vancouver drafted fifth overall last year. And they got Dave, correct? Me here allies Patterson? Let's say you sent a Leah's Pelli is your get it wrong. But I mean, look that's a kid. Nobody was crowing about last season heading into the draft. And he almost single-handedly dragged Vancouver back into contention. It's been my position, and frankly, the position of the front office and a lot of players on the roster that this team wasn't as bad as the record showed hope. With the new coach and hopefully with whatever player they can get here in fifth, plus all the guy's already in the pipeline. You never know. Right. Top-five is top five and that leads us to the next question. I guess Dave. Which is now it kind of opens up some other possibilities. You start thinking a little bit further down that draft board whereas everybody again, if you were going to be one or two it's either Hughes or Kako that's the consensus around the world right now. And now you start looking at some of these other names some of the other guys with the national developmental team, Alex Turcott and Zegra guy who's getting a lot of play right now dealing cousins place in the whol for left bridge. So there's a lot for us to discuss tonight, and maybe kind of the direction they're going to go. But I I would think a pose this question this way when you're a team that does finish where the kings finish this year with the worst record in the Western Conference. I'm not sure that it mattered. If it was going to be three through five they had the probably find the best available player at that point. And so I would think as compared to looking positionally now they're just going for what they think is the best. Yeah, I would agree. And if you look at the top ten prospects or the projected top ten in the draft eight of the top ten. In our forwards. So essentially, you're probably looking at selecting a forward at that number five pick. Right. And and you look at the guys who said Hughes and Kako and cousins and all these guys I'm looking at the hockey news right now, they have silly put colds in at number five you're looking at a guy who six one one ninety probably NHL ready hasn't NHL style body and is physically ready to compete in your number one. I would think not a bad pick. Right. I mean, it's it's not Jack Hughes. That's really jumping off the charts at everybody. It's not capital Kako. But you're still getting a solid pick at number five. So I again, I'm trying to talk Jesse down here to help. Yeah. I it's it's not all it's not all gloom and doom here. I think there's a lot of there are a lot of positives to to bring into this number. The concern is that this was clearly a two-tier draft you had Kako and you had Hughes and everybody else if you got up pick you had a choice to make. If you got the second pick. You took the guy that wasn't taken. And then listen, I'm sure. Of the players, you know, ranked third through probably fifteenth twentieth. There probably is some sort of correct order, but the reality is we don't know it. And we won't know it for ten years, right? How good all these guys are. So now the question is how much confidence do you have in choosing cousins over dach- or Docker pronounce it? And we don't know, you know, that's you just have to put your faith in in the draft in the scouting staff, the development staff and a little bit of the hockey. And this brings up a point by the way, we were talking about this before the show started where to co Petar gets elected eleventh and Brown thirteenth. Okay. So how many more guys did you list off got picked beyond number? I mean, we've talked about this all your long. Jonathan quick was a wet third round pick. Jeff Carter was eleven th overall. But each of those drafts just to keep playing the pessimist the two thousand three draft was particularly deep one. So you you take Brown and Carter out of that equation. Because that draft you look at the first round, and it's unbelievable copay Dr dropped to eleven because he was Slovenian. And nobody knew who he was right? Exactly. And it was a weird draft. Anyway, teams was like the last five years of records determined where you pick in the draft. So maybe teams didn't necessarily need to take home. Run swings on guys. I'm not concerned that the number of five overall pick won't be good player. I'm sure he will. I just don't know that he'll be as good as user Kako is antiquated to be. And that's you know, they that's the kicker is that you spend three months four months talking. Everybody about the tank. Do you push? What know what about the culture of the club all this stuff? And then it's all rendered meaningless by an art. Contrary funk balls election that gives Chicago team that was three wins out of a playoffs. Right. Yeah. Yeah. The number three over up still upset up. You're in the front office Dave on a regular basis. You're around these guys you see Rob Blake walking back and forth every single day. I'm sure, you know, the mentality of this group. How disappointed do you think? They are forget about us. Forget about the fan perspective. How about the front office? You think they're disappointed or do you think they look at this as a challenge right away? Let's you know, what we got number five. That's okay. It's not the worst thing in the world. Let's go find the best player. I think it's what you just said. And I think obviously there's gonna be some disappointment. If you don't get the number one pick you out of thirteen point five percent chance of getting the number one pick in the draft. That's not happening right now the way it stacks up that being said you still get a top five pick. You get a number five pick. And that's not to say they can't move up from that either. Or there can't be other moves that are made in the first row. Maybe get another first round pick. If you're able to trace them, and I don't know what's going to happen. But there are options available worst case scenario. You're getting a number five pick. Right. That's I think. By any stretch of the imagination. That's a good thing. And that's someone who I'm sure the organization hopes can make an impact right away on this club. Can they play right away? You're one in the NHL. I'm sure they hope that's the case. We don't know. That's the case bunch. Really hope. That's the case. And listen all the guys that are on. This could be on this team next year looking at. Campari in the Anderson Dolan's in the velocities and all those there's a lot of pieces yet to fit into this puzzle. So this just adds to those pieces. It's another piece that they can plug into say, where's he going to fit and can't play next year? Just to reset guys for just one moment for anyone. That's just joining us. This is all the king's men live. We are doing this show live advocates facility in El Segundo. That's why we put live in the title at all make sense. It's the first time though that we've done this on this platform. So it gives us an opportunity to take your calls again three one. Oh, three four one zero two three two again, that's three one zero three four one zero two three two. If you want to vent just discuss the draft pick where you think the king should go with this pick or you can tweet us at king's men podcast. Also to let you know kings, director of amateur scouting Markian. Nettie is going to join us right around six forty. That's the expected time should have him for about fifteen twenty minutes. So a great opportunity to get a feel for what the kings scouting staff knows about these guys, which I'm sure is much more. Depth than our knowledge of them to say, the least. And so we'll get some great feedback. I'm sure for Mark about where they're going to go with this number five pick Jesse. Let's talk about needs. This is a team, obviously, if you're going to finish where they finished. They're going to have more than one and more than probably three or four. So it kind of goes back to the point of picking for best available or what you think is the best available player at that number five spot. But I want to ask from your perspective. What do you think the biggest needs for this team are well, it's coaching? It's not something you can draft. Frankly. I mean, they're going to have to get the coaching, right? They're going to have to get the culture right as as even GM Rob Blake said yesterday and the exit interviews it's about environment. It's about eliminating that entitlement from the from the players. And again, I'm not using any language the organization itself hasn't used. So that's the real kick. And frankly as far as the draft big is now that I'm sort of coming down off my rage high for a bit. You're not gonna draft a savior savers don't exist in hockey. Right. You can look at every player you want. Crosby. Didn't do it alone in Pittsburgh. Ovechkin didn't do it alone in Washington. You know, even doubt he didn't. Do it alone in LA. Right. It takes a team and it takes time to build an identity and an structure and a focus. So as far as what they can draft right now the to address in need, I think you just take the best player available. Right. We're gonna use this word a lot you either have trust in your scouting staff and your development staff or you don't and we've seen Matt ROY was seen Sean Walker. We know there's kale Clegg Alex Lindsay Niemi, the Chandra's e they acquired in the Muslim trade. Like there are defensemen. That are gonna come through. There's free agency. They're ways of acquiring players. Besides, you know, relying on the NHL to hand you a top three pick even though you were six points out of a playoff spot. So I mean. Party of one. So they just take the best player available. And as I said trust in your scouting staff that they're going to deliver you a piece that will be part of a contending team in the future. How important do you think it is Dave to have the head coach in place 'cause Jessie just referenced it, I think that's a huge part of this have that person here. And there's some rumors going around that the kings are obviously reaching out. Now, maybe it's Tom McClellan, maybe some others but having that person here to give their input. They're going to be coaching this team and a lot of times. Yeah. The general manager wants the most control over the roster. And then you just let the head coach go coach. But I think it's always good to have that head coaches input. When it comes to how he thinks those players are going to fit into his system. How important you think this is for the front office to get that head coach hire before this drafting ju yeah, I know I think it's big. And I think any time you can have another voice as an input into what you're looking for. Whether it's you know, obviously have Rob Blake and you have Luc Robitaille and the guys at the top making the decisions. But if you have someone else who sees the game, maybe from different is. A different viewpoint behind the bench, and they have seen this team. And they know what this team needs. Maybe that's very helpful to have another opinion come into the conversation and say, hey, what about this guy? This guy could help out the team. I think that's good. And I think if it's Todd McLellan or or anyone else who might be who might be hired kings? I think that can only be a good thing. I don't think you can have enough voices when it comes to your scouting staff when it comes to your GM, your president all those all those guys and guys who have played in the league. And know what it takes to win. I think the more the merrier the more opinions you can get there the mayor, and I think again top five pick. I don't think you're going to go wrong with any of these guys who you're gonna pick jesse's kinda rolled his eyes at me. So maybe not. Somebody suggested something on Twitter that I want to throw out there. What's their handle handles? There you go plus follow that works. Billy puck. Follow tweets of me. All the time. I don't think there's any reasonable expectation that the kings could trade up, but what if there's an offer to trade down. It's a great point opens up some possibilities maybe to acquire assets. And it'd be digital picks. That's great thought. I mean, look two for one type thing enemies begins to first round picks. Or who knows? I mean, maybe it can be a prospect Anna pitcher, it'd be it'd be two seconds. But the kings have the pick they acquired in the Muslim trade from Toronto Toronto, if they lose I think the the highest pick from Toronto can be I think is eighteenth. And obviously the lowest thing abuse thirty first. But by the time the draft happens, we'll know where it falls in that spectrum. So you know, you have another first round pick already if you don't have real solid feelings about any of the players. We mentioned earlier, maybe. Yeah. Maybe you do take two in the first of some other team has a stronger feeling. I mean, it could be a consideration, certainly. Yeah. Look it's a team again with so many holes and so many needs calm down. Well, this is beyond just here, but they have and they have to eat. And so if you can plug a two players into your lineup or two players. System. You would always want to do. Of course, it depends on how far you're gonna move down. At also, they might their scouting staff might fall in love with the player at number five that they know is going to be on the board for them. And in looking at some of the stuff that's been written about this draft again outside of Houston Kako. It still sounds like a lot of these prospects that we're gonna full from three to let's say ten are still considered big time players. They didn't get the billing that using Cocco got. And especially the guys that played with us with this national developmental team because he was so good because all the talk was about Hughes. You forget about the Turk outs and played next to him. And and the guys on the second line legs aggress who can obviously be plugging play guys for you right away at the NHL level too. So I think there's talent there and again the kings might find a guy at that spot in the say, that's our guy. I'll just say this. If Edmonton is the team offering to trade up, I'd do it because they're wrong. So whatever can you can trust them to whiff on whatever pick your giving them, and you just take their pieces, and you say, thank you very much. Yeah. The last time that kings had a top five pick was number five two thousand nine Brayden Schenn and wanna point that out pretty good NHL players stuck around since then and a guy who obviously isn't doing it for the kings right now. But he's making a difference in a couple of different cities. And he's been in Saint Louis now for the last couple of years they've only picked as high as number two in the draft that never had the number one pick in the history of the franchise three times they've picked second last one was two thousand eight and we know drew doughty came out of that draft. So turned out pretty well that worked out, right? Stamkos was number one. And I'm sure new whoever New York takes number two. We'll be just dandy. Right. I just think about that though. When you think he goes number two, and if the kings were had the opportunity to select Steven stamkos. Instead would the team have won two Stanley Cups. No. I say the same thing. I would agree with that. So you don't know what you're getting. But what? And both of them are franchise changers. Right. Look what stamkos has done in Tampa Bay over the years. Dowdy look what he's done here. But again, it's. It's a similar type situation with us and cackle from what everyone is saying at this point, we won't know until their careers play out. But it seems like a very similar type situation there with the top two picks and believe we have our first phone call take it though, we do want to take it three one. I don't remember the no you don't remember the number where you've been. Yeah. Three one zero three four one zero two three two is the number. I thought you were pointing at the machine now trying to give me a call in all. That's right. Yes. Three one. Oh, three four one zero two three two or again, the Twitter stuff works as well at king's men podcast at Robert Brenner. If you like either way again, if you haven't caught up on the big news yet where have you been kings are picking number five, or at least they are on the board to pick number five in the June entry draft they were projected to pick second. They had the best odds to pick second coming in Colorado via Ottawa would have picked first, but things got moved around because of the way the ping pong balls fell tonight. So the kings are going to pick five I'm going to actually do through. Let's go ahead and take it. Sir. You are or man you are on the air with Kingsman live. Oaken years. Yeah. Hi, what's your question? Yeah. I was wondering what you got coke Hoppy worth king up at number five, even though he's undersize goal Caufield and thanks for the call. We appreciate it one of the kids with the national developmental program. That was an interesting sound. Thank you for that. Jesse might be the drafts best pure goal scorer. According to some people, very small guy five foot seven. But of course, these kids can all grow, you never know maybe adds a couple of inches, but we've seen that size hasn't really been a huge factor in the NHL the last several years we're seeing a lot of guys that are under size flourishing Johnny row. You can point out a breeding point. There's just so many down the line right now to not be the way in the NHL. If you didn't have six foot six one scale yet. On his right. But now it's no longer like that. And we've seen these kids flourish. So now, we're talking about a kid in coal Caufield at five foot seven so as compared to talking about the prospect of self I'll just put this to you Dave with this the size or should the size of the player that the height of the players specifically should that matter at this point, not at all not at all not at all. I think if you look at the guys who are having some great success in the league right now. You look at the us, Johnny guerrillas, an example, right? He can fly he gets through the open areas on the ice. It's got a great shot and a quick release. If you have that you can skate. Well, if you can move doesn't matter how big you are. I think it helps if you have a little bit of size. I think you could play more of a physical style if you wanna play a type style with a little more size to your body and a little more physicality your game. That's fine. But you don't have to in the NHL today. I'm just thinking that some of the smaller players in the league. And and the success that they've been having. I don't think it matters at this point the game has changed. So much words about speed. It's about angles it's about how you get to the open areas on the ice. The it used to be you had to be big yet to be Eric Lindros. You had to be this behemoth that could just bowl people over. I think that's the case and brings up an interesting point that we're going to get into just a little bit because using Kako big difference in size there as well. The two guys that are going to go likely number one and two in this draft. We're going to take time out we come back more your phone calls again three one zero three four once you wrote to three to rob Reiner. Jesse Cohen Dave Joseph from king's headquarters talking about the entry draft. We do ask the u hold your calls till we come back from the break, though. We don't have the opportunity to put you on hold. Okay. Well, there you go all those calls until after we get back. This is all the king's men live. Loose a scramble score. All the king's men. Don't take go a look at the kings today's NHL draft lottery. Now here are your host, rob brendor and Jesse Cohen. Joseph absolutely. Dell's get Bill we are at king's headquarters as you heard rob Renner Jessen Cohen, and Dave Joseph all here with you. We got you for about the next hour. So we're talking about the draft lottery, which happened earlier tonight the kings are going to be picking fifth in the upcoming entry draft which is in June. And of course, we are taking your calls three one zero three four one zero two three two. We've got our next caller. What's your question? Our? So we're talking to you about requests observe got delayed to hey, I off. First off. Thank you. Jesse? I moved from L A after fifteen years to Miami this year and with how bad the kings have sucked. I've actually enjoyed your show more than watching the game. Well, thank you very much. So this is super paranoid doc for any of you guys. Find it odd that the three biggest TV markets are like the three teams that got the top three picks. I'll take that one. Yes. I do find it odd weren't shocked. You said it, of course. Yeah. Right. When it happened. You said the same thing. But no, I don't think that it was a rig or anything like that. But thank you for listening. Thank you for the kind words and thanks for your call. We appreciate the call. Look, the jersey Rangers Chicago. What does he need the islanders? You know? Right. That's someone from New Jersey. I can tell you that that is not a even though it's in the New York metro area, and it is all the hockey, not New York seven miles between the two. Yes. Could be a lifetime away almost no one Lakers clippers play in the same building at the same thing. It's the same thing. We got another call real quick. Augie a superfan. Oggy oggy. What's your question? Call you there. Yeah. I mean, what's your question? Oh, wow. You're speaker phones, really breaking up guys turn down your radio. I I've longtime. When it comes to this stuff. What do you got for soggy? Okay. Hey, real quick. You know, what it isn't all loomed doom? Although I find it really funny. The Chicago the two point five percent chance into top three kids. I I sent a graphic to Dave Joseph Lewa ago that the that the lottery results were leaked at half hour headed time on Twitter because somebody saw it on an ad free internet feed and during the fade out you see the you see the image with the stars next to jersey, the Blackhawks and the New York Rangers. But putting all that aside is what it is. I think we'd like to officially say, we don't believe it's rigged. It's just awfully can be. But. No, it's awfully convenient. That's just the way it goes. And I'll I'll do with the fact that this I'll go with the theory that this is on the up and up. But I mean, look at the number five K if you go back to last five years the number five picks later, you've got guys like no Hannifin lions Peterson Clayton Keller bars. All all those guys who were drafted after the the the five five picking later. So really what it comes down to is the king scouting staff doing their due diligence and looking through in picking what the best fit for this team is right not to address all of the needs. And there are a lot of deeds and getting the get the best guy there who's got the best potential would I agree with Yogi and thanks for the call. We really appreciate it. And we kind of that point earlier on which is we think that you have to trust your scouting. And this goes for all sports all teams that have drafts you have to trust that the front office that you have in place is going to make the right call. And sometimes even when they do their due diligence the best possible work they can to scout. These guys you can't look into their mind, and you can't look into the future. And sometimes things just don't work out. I mean, there are occasionally players that just fade away whether they're taking number three or four or five it really doesn't matter. So we're with you got to trust the kings front office. They're going to make the right call on this. And as we said earlier, lots and lots of good prospects in this drastic that well, that's one that may not Ford completely. Let's go on to our next caller. What's your name where you're calling from? Yes, I'm looking. I feel. For something to ask feeling doing that happened house Bailey doing. Daily in the Bill. I have I have seen Bailey and Bailey is doing okay. The line is fine. And then the price. All in for that. Absolutely. Yeah. I'm sure that daily is cheering away at this. And thanks for the call. We appreciate it. Very very much. Yes bailey. We haven't checked Bailey. We should though sometime soon though, you never know how things go minute by minute. Let's go to our next call. What's your name? Where are you calling from? What's your name? Where are you calling from? I'm calling from San Fernando Valley. Alex. What's your question? Go. My question is do you think it's actually a blessing in disguise that if the king skipping pick biz overhaul and take us some of the may not quite be NHL ready that at least an extra roster sponsor some prospects beginning to look at us much as we would have liked to at the end of the year. That's a really good question and actually Jesse I'll go to you with this one. But I personally I don't think that's necessarily the best tack to take. You wanna take a stud at five whether they're ready or not right now. Now, that's another question. Would it be okay for this team specifically with where they are in their Bill for next year? Yeah. Ticket guy. That's further. All no. I actually agree with the caller, Alex. I believe it was because my hope was that they would pick second mainly because whoever drafts I the pressures all on them especially in a two player draft like this one. If Jackie's doesn't turn into the next Patrick Kane. It won't be Jack Hughes's fall Jack uses just Jack Hughes. So whoever takes him will have to bear that burden. Whereas. Second team picking overall just takes Kako and Kako is whatever guy goes see, I think it's entirely possible that this could be as the caller said a blessing in disguise because there's no hype because there's no insipration the player, you know. There's no pressure for him to come in his first year as an eighteen year old. Let's say they take someone like Dylan cousins he can spend another year or even two in the juniors developing and becoming the best player that he can be which is alternately what you want. Well, I guess it goes also to this point, which is Dave I'll ask you this one. Sure, where do you think this team wants to be as of next season? Forget two or three seasons down the line. Because if they're going to draft a guy who's not going to be ready. Let's say next year the still a lot of work. They're going to have to do to find guys that could fit into this roster. They're going to help them try to compete for a playoff spot. Is that the mentality this team that they want to compete for the playoffs next year? I know every team does in theory. But what did they think Stanley Cup is in their future soon? Well, I think every team has their sights set on the playoffs at the beginning of every season. Is it a realistic goal? Sure. To make the playoffs. I think it's realistic. Do they think they're gonna compete for the Stanley Cup next year after the season? They just had this year. I wouldn't think so I mean every team would like to think they would win the Stanley Cup, but finishing thirtieth is not really the best case scenario there to set up to win a Stanley Cup next year that being said with all the pieces they have in the system players who are coming up the players. We mentioned earlier, obviously, they wanna see those pieces fit into the puzzle somewhere. Here does that make them a playoff contender next year with the moves that are going to be made this off season. We'll see what happens over the next couple of months before the draft. It sets up where I would think they would think they would want to be playoff contenders. Are they Stanley Cup competitors? At this point. I wouldn't think that they would think that is the case fair enough again, that's my opinion only, but. That's what I would say. Yeah, we're taking your calls on all the king's men locks. He's got his finger on the trigger. Guys excited. Three one zero three four one zero two three to our next caller where you calling from what's your name? Rob. I'm out in Rancho Cucamonga close to where the rain play. How you doing? Hey, I'm doing good disappointed unsure just like all the king's fans out there. And just and I'm sorry. If you guys bardy touched on this. I just don't understand how the system is considered fair where beloved rain out here. And I e or in the very last worst team in the age. Oh, and then the kings were the second worse in the NHL how they figure this system is fair. Enter trying to keep teams equal and was kind of should in your thoughts on this. I don't think fair's the right word. I mean, the instituted this draft system to avoid tanking because I guess the argument was that you don't want teams to you know, to deliberately be bad. And that's that's not only to protect the ticket buying public. But also to protect the integrity of the games as it were. But you're not wrong. It's not fair to arbitrarily award three teams, you know, in the middle of the pack with a number one overall pick. I'm not sure ultimately. That there is a quote unquote, fair way to to to handle forcing young players to go play for teams that aren't their own choice. I mean, we talk about it in terms of our own team in any given season. But imagine you're in eighteen year old, and and you grew up in a certain market or you had you know, a team that was your favorite team. And you wind up being drafted by buffalo Edmonton or Winnipeg. And, you know, have to go spend, I guess now it's what seven or eight years of your career playing in one of these markets, or even if you just if you're John Taveras, and you had your heart set on playing in a maple leaf jersey, and you spend the the first part of your career on on the Long Island. So I think I think this draft alternately because Chicago in two teams out of New York. Sorry, rob why Vicks I think we'll see some more tweaking of the system. But how would you go about making it more fair? I put fair in quotes. How do you make it more? Is this not get rid of the draft entirely? But that's a conversation. That's a longer conversation. Drafter entirely, and then what free agency let them let them come in. He one night. This was about two weeks ago called me and went off on a tangent about this where it was not the short version. It was here's how I would do it. And he really went through this. And he believes that free agency would work and still allow for competitive balance, which I'm not hundred percents go after you could go out and go after whatever and all the people trying to call while we could go after whatever player you want, and you could sign them for whatever kind of money you want for seven years. There's only so many spots on a roster. So let's say Toronto and New York gobble up the first full salary cap too. So you have to keep that in mind. You can't if you got rid of it. There's only two salary cap. I'm just saying that pathetic. He's a big conversation. I'm trying to get it a bullet points. But even if New York and Toronto went out and gobbled up the best forty players right in one draft to drafts or three drafts yet. They're still another six hundred kids available every year. Whatever it is. And you can't just write like if I'm some kid, and I come in and Toronto's got a super team. What's the? Prevent me from going to Montreal or Vancouver or Winnipeg Edmonton and buffalo or he relates any team that doesn't have a star player. Anyway, bigger conversation for another time. We're gonna take another definitely. Yeah. Let let's go to our next caller. What's your name? And where are you calling from? This is all the king's men live. Hi, I'm Vanda. And I'm calling from New Jersey. Oh, hey, how you doing New Jersey? That's this place to be calling from tonight. What's your question? Well, I've been a long time king salmon so lifelong kings fan, so I'm not I'm not any happier than any other kings fan is. But first of all I wanted to say that daily is the only thing that got me through this awful season. And then Secondly, I wanted to what do you guys think is gonna happen? Is that mainly quick 'cause he's the met David since I was thirteen. All right. We're going to get to that. But really quick let me ask you this since you're in New Jersey. I'm sure you have other hockey fan friends that are devils fans. What's the reaction been like so far from them? So I grew up near the Philly area. So it's mostly flyers fans. Who are my friends or stuff is pissed as we are. Okay. That's fair enough there picking eleventh while we appreciate the call. Thank you, very very much was calling from four. He's says south New Jersey Jesse. Do you want to answer that one for her? She was wondering about playing and Johnny quick future. I mean, I've said this before I'll say it again, I think it all comes down to what the market is for a player like Jonathan quake. And frankly yesterday, I took a look at the kings cap situation, and I hadn't realized that before but Jack Campbell's unrestricted free agent at the end of the year. And I think the reality is if if the offer for jet Campbell is greater than the offer for Jonathan quick. Then I think you have to trade Jack Campbell and get the greatest return, and if the kings are as they say, they are looking to recreate the roster or or they don't anticipate being competitive next year, then your priorities should be on getting the highest return and. You risk losing Jack Campbell the free agency Jonathan quake assigned before more years, and if your highest priority isn't on where you finish in the standings, it should be on on acquiring assets. And if Jack Campbell's your is your best return than I think you trade him, but we're gonna take another call. We'll do that here in a second. Actually, let's go to let's go to our next caller. What's your name? Where are you calling from? With all the king's men live. What's your name where you're calling from? Well, that one dropped obviously, you know, what I want to ask you this really quick to that point. Let's say they do wind up finding a solid trade for quick do they then split time between Campbell and Peterson next year. Because we're seeing that that's kind of been the invoke thing this year. We saw it in Carolina quite a bit where they had a two goalies system. That's worked out really well for them for the most part, we saw it for a little while and Nashville UC Soros gets a lot of playing type Boston, especially with lock and took Rask. Is that the kind of thing that you think more teams, especially with the schedule. Now being what it is going to go to where they feel comfortable with two goalies rather than one my suspicion. And Dave tell me if I'm crazy my suspicion is they hand the net to Peterson. And you keep Campbell is a backup. And as I was don't fall in love with backup goalies. And so if you do wind up losing Campbell, then you wish them the best. And you know, you hope he doesn't turn present a candidate like Kemper down there Zona, my guess is you give it to to Campbell. He's looked great. And I don't think I agree with that. We're going to try this number again. Yeah. We'll go to answer our next call again. All the king's met live is with you. What's your name where you're calling from? Looks like they dropped again. Unfortunately, we have a second one waiting. They're just saying number same number. Okay. All right. So again to get into that point. What do you think the direction is? Is it a two goalies system for the king's next year, potentially? Or they go potentially. Yeah. I mean, I could see them splitting time. But I think the lion share of the work would be given to to Cal Peterson agreement with Jesse says, I think they got a taste of Cal Peterson this year on what he can do with the NHL level. And I'm guessing they were pleased with what they saw he put up better numbers in the NHL than you did in the H L kind of in front of a patchwork defense. So I think Calvi the guy, but maybe a fifty thirty type situation that fifty games thirty games back to the phones. This is all the kings met live. What's your name where you're calling from? Hey, this is the them calling from LA. Hey, buddy. How you doing? What's your dealer? Hey, I'll be going. Good good. Yep. What's your question? But just in in response to call it. I think trading it would be counterproductive to what the king by. Now. There's going to be a lot of good players available. You gotta say GRIs got them, maybe cold and the Russian guy, and he falls because people don't want to take a chance on them. And I think that you know team sans. Helen watts. Look forwards is still and can take solace in the fact that auto getting anything sealing the Avs they felt a fourth. No. And and another thing is like, you know, the kings. They can't they did we can't take do the gotta make a run for the playoffs every year looking this is just this. This is just a proof fly. So. Yeah. Keep ahead of kings fans. I know hurts but pretty good player. We'll thanks for the call. I don't think there's any any emphasis on taking for this team. I'm certainly was a saying that you just look at the roster and you look at where they finished this year. And how many teams jumped from thirtieth to? I over on the league or fifth over on the league, it just typically doesn't happen. So that's why I think it's going to be a couple years. They're talking about the the retooling of the roster that's going to take a couple of years for that all to mesh and for this team to be competitive. You know, interestingly enough, the Rangers who have this great pick this year. They move all the way up to number two their team that liked the kings have kind of gone with that retool method for years and years and years and then finally a couple of years ago, they say, you know, what we're rebooting completely right? And we are just going to call it an actual rebuil-. We're sending a mess base. This is the product that we're going to give you for the next few years a rebuilding product. And when we think it's built up again, we'll be ready to compete, and it's an interesting philosophy to take. Because again, we're talking about a company and organization that decided not to do that for ever which is why they've never picked number one either in the draft and the kings. It sounds like are adopting that same philosophy and half for many many years, which is we're the kings. We're going to report this thing, we're not rebuilding. And we have veteran talent on the roster. So fascinating to see the direct. Action that they do choose to go. And I think that's still sort of to be determined. See how the offseason plays out for them. We are expecting market Nettie kings, director of amateur scouting here in the next few minutes. Robert Jesse Coen. Dave Joseph from the king's headquarters in El Segundo. This is all the king's men live. More exclusive kings content is available on their dedicated channel on the iheartradio app. Now back to all the king's man that your host, rob brendor and Jesse Cohen. Welcome back to the kinks the silicon Elsa. Good. No, all the king's men. Live out rented Jesse Cohen Dave Joseph at his draft lottery night the kings are going to pick fifth. That's the pick that they have right now. We'll see through treats that are made on the undrafted. You just never know what can happen. But as of right now, they fell from what was hopefully going to be the number one or two spot all the way down to number five not too terrible and still lots and lots of great players on the big board on drafted choose from. No better person to talk to about what draft is going to be like all the guys who are available because God knows he is probably scouted. Every single one of them. It's the kings director of amateur scouting marquee. Nettie Mark, it's rob Reiner. Jesse Cohen -oday Joseph. How are you? Outstanding. And thank you very much for giving us a few minutes. So obviously some disappointment in this room and in this office right now, but from your perspective, and I asked this of Dave earlier, you must look at this. As a big challenge, you fall from what was expected to be a guarantee of either Jack Hughes or Cafo Kako at number two to this number five spot does the scouting staff as a wholesale. All right. Now's when we earn our money all these guys we scouted. Now, we have to really find a gem in number five. I mean, it's it's certainly we have to we have to you know, I if we're picking second one. We've relatively. We would have a pretty good idea of overtaking so fifth opens it up opens it up to probably six or seven players when at one or two you really looking at one or two players. So certainly a little hole work to be done. But you know, if you look at the history of the NFL draft, very very good players reveal what five so it's just a it's just a matter of getting the right one Mark we got asked this question earlier. And I think it's probably the most obvious question in this scenario. Do you look to fill specific roster spot in the in the king's development program, or do you just take the best player available? I I think that's this before I the next question. You have to take the best player billable in the you know, I've never wanted to shy away from areas where the kings made mistakes. I think the biggest mistakes we've ever made at the draft table have been Duffy for need instead of drafting the best player available. And and I can think of a couple of times, you know, I understand. The emotional portion of of of wanting to fill a need you. See you see a. You see a deficiency in your team? And. You want to fill that need it. The problem is you know, we've done that in the past. And when the players ready to play all of a sudden that need isn't there anymore. Most at the time in the first round, especially when that house the first or second fix. You're talking minimum of three to five years for these guys to be players. You know, your best case scenario really picking some three two three two fifteen three to twenty is a three year window for the guy to make the team afford your window for him, you know, for him to settle in. And then the fifth years competitive a contributor. So when you draft for need you often draft for need is no longer there. And leaving a better player on the bull. It magnifies that that problem. More have with the fifth overall draft pick if the kings do select fifth, and there are no moves made in the first round for the for the LA kings is the fifth overall pick someone who you see fitting into this organization right away and playing NHL minutes NHL games from day one. Or is it going to take that two to three to five years to make that jump to the NHL? You know, I would never I would never cross but for player, but by by putting an artificial covering on him in seeing there's no way he could play. I hate I hate I hate to be limiting in any in any of my life. Whether I'm myself from dealing with the prospect. So we'd never say he. He couldn't contribute quite away. But if you look at the numbers, if you look at the percentages book history at pick five, I it's it's it's far more rare of an outcome that someone comes right in and place. It certainly would be a bonus. And it's certainly not outside the realm of possibility that being said, it's it's it's on like, you know, you're looking at you're looking at someone who we probably take two years of amateur hockey to, you know, to begin to begin to be ready again, it's not out of the realm of possibility. I mean, we've seen it. You know, I think you know, you've seen it with with skies. Learner was really he was able to play very quickly. So, you know in recent history you've seen guys take in cake in from this fifth fifth in the fifty thick that came into play. But I certainly wouldn't I wouldn't. You know, why wouldn't want the guy? We're to always difficult stations on of you. We're talking to marquee Nettie kings, director of amateur scouting. This is all the king's men live, Mark. I want to ask you about picking a player with size compared to a player that maybe a little bit smaller right now, and this generally pertained number one and number two is we looked at those two picks initially because Kako a guy that has a lot of sides at six foot two and Jack Hughes the perceive number-one pick throughout the entire season is a kid who's just five foot ten, but even as you go down to the number five pick in the draft. You're going to have some options there between kids that are a little bit bigger and kids that just aren't at this point when it comes to the size. You guys care at all about that right now or their other factors that you guys look at that are much more. Well, I think everyone cares about size. You know to say, you know, you know, it's obvious the smaller players can cannot only play only contribute. But they they can excel different makers you see across the league. So say that we're not concerned about size all thirty one teams concerned about SARS. What happens is if you're going to be a smaller player you have to be better in certain areas. A six foot four guy doesn't have to be south much better. But nine guy, you know, he has to excel in in certain areas. So I'm not concerned. What size are are. Starting staff is not concerned with size in terms of vacuum. But if you're going to be smaller Steed to have some dynamic elements, and as you know, Jackie's, easy, these dynamic and multiple areas. His size would be zero concern for me. Me or anyone on our stuff. It's just it. Just depends. It depends. What attributes a smaller player has and high and how high levels at? But you know, to say, you know, ideally, I'd rather have a six foot four player with all those Africans, but that doesn't have to be so. Yeah size would be a concern. It's more attributes more of double level play level of potential things. Like that Mark. Even when the season started to go sour earlier this year. I don't think anybody anticipated the kings picking in the bottom five or top five depending on how you look at it of the players ranked. And let's say the top ten on the prospects. Liz, how much experience do you have? And does the organization have scouting these players. How confident are we in in what they have to offer? And ultimately what kind of player they'll turn into? Oh. You know, when we had the thirtieth pick, you know, those years getting the the first the first quarter of the season. If you break it down into quarters the first quarter of a season, you spend the doing a real macro, you know, a wide swath of of of. So you need to get a little bit of information on a lot of places too such as when trying to trying to get an overview, so regardless of whether you're the first place at thirtieth place team that first quarter of the season stinks. I it's been accumulating information on on every player used to be twenty of our scouts geographical location to graphic area to cover so their job doesn't change for the first quarter season. I'm outta what? So we had just as much on as would have had on a guy I seven thousand integrate earth part of then is you start. You're you're using is going to focus a little bit more and. Even early on. When things are going offer us, you're you're constantly optimistic things going gonna turn around especially with some of the some of the times guys have counted around in the past drop could happen, but you start focusing probably started focusing on some of those higher players and then by the house, the halfway point in the season became obvious only would be so again, we parse coats have a certain known of of mandatory minimums they have to have on every player, and there was and then as you go go higher and higher level player than forward or so we're we're intimately familiar with anybody who would be a potential pick at at five and a potential ticket where the Toronto spitting intimately knowledgeable. So now, Mark what do you do? What is the scouting staff do between now and June twenty first when the draft is upon us how much do you guys get? Together. And what is the talk? What's the focus on now that you know that you have the number five pick. What do you guys talk about between now and the next two or so months? Well, we don't talk about. Here's a cackle. Towards two guys two guys books on. But it it'll be. It would be similar to yours. Kost except you know at twenty last year coupon was one of the guys that we're focusing on. Only available at that. We were also eat other guys that we really had. So now instead of it being eight ten guys focusing on at five really going to be three to four three to five guys that would be focusing on. And they'll be a lot of you know, we'll give away trade secrets. I mean, they'll give on a focused work vers-, the, you know, the broad term of analytics, you know, they'll still be somewhat of us we go to Europe tomorrow and and get the under eighteen and the under twenty thirty minutes Europe. So it just be it'll be a little more focused in terms of of of who were watching Evie a little easier in terms of that because we're cutting out at least half the players that we would have looked at last year. Although we'll still be doing that what's wrong stick. So maybe it's actually, you know, it's it's a little bit. But. Focus works for five. We're talking to Mark unity kings, director of amateur scouting just one more before we let you go. Mark. I want to ask you about these kids from the national developmental program here in the states. I was talking to the guys about this earlier. It sounds like there was just so much attention paid to Jack Hewson rightly so kid who's either going to go number one or number two one of the great prospects in this draft. But the other kids in that program Zagros Turcott, and there's even more beyond that Caufield as well probably would have gotten more attention as being great picks and guys that are going to be tremendous NHL players. If there wasn't a superstar level potential talent on their roster with them with that. I'm curious what you think of that those couple of players that I just mentioned are few players that I just mentioned and that program in general as a whole which really seems to be an an extremely high level right now. Yeah. You know, I think I don't think it will. We'll check you. Obviously, the bulk of depress of all of the media attention social media attention. He's always the most fun to talk about in terms of a fan based way, or you know, even a for reporter and stuff like that, you know, because he's considered a generational Allen in terms of scouting. Or like that, you know, Jack doesn't get that much more attention. When you're watching the game, except for the fact that he has the puck for some of the guys. Guys. You know, you're watching, you know, you're watching those other guys exactly like you're watching Jack. I mean, especially the guys are playing line. I mean, you know, you watch coffee. You know, you're watching Caufield get open for you know, you're watching who watching how they call them into each other. You're watching you know, what what the country will deficiencies, you know, what might have when he's not playing with him. And then he kept to play with them. And then you compare housing Chris place out Caufield place to help he plays to how turquoise and watch all those guys together. So there's so many there's so many little infecting and complementary and contrasting fusion can get of these guys that there's there's there's so much information. You can get each day that it's less focused on Hughes than you would think Mark it's been a pleasure to have you. Thanks so much for a few minutes. We really do. Appreciate it. And and good luck. As you go forward here. It's going to be a very busy few months for you. I'm sure. Yeah. It'll be it'll be fun. It'll kenobi. Hopefully, hopefully, very good work. We'll thanks Mark. Again, we appreciate it very much. Joining us on all the king's men live. That's marquee. Nettie kings, director of amateur scouting. I like him a lot. I absolutely a very bright tros -pective guy, bright guy. And like he said, and I I think he brought up a couple of really interesting points number one. He flat out told you we're taking best available. That's the attitude of the front office when I looking to fill a specific need necessarily. We know we have more than one, and we're just out to find the best player that we can whether it's number five or they treat around or even with the Toronto pick later in the first round. And then the other thing is that I that I found interesting is that he basically said positions in size not really that important to them either. It's about finding the best overall talent. And I think that's what they have to look for. Absolutely. And like you said having two first round picks really helps his team. Don't you think two pieces to the puzzle instead of just the one? I mean, this is this is big whether it's one or two or top five, and this is huge. Absolutely. By the way, we want to take some more of your calls before we go off the air tonight. We've got about another twenty minutes or so three one zero. Three four one zero two three two three one zero three four one zero two three to Oregon hit us up on the old Twitter account at king's men podcasts. Rob brenner. Jesse coen? Dave joseph. We are in Elsa Godot at the kings facility. There was a big party here earlier, and I don't want to call it somber. Because anytime you're picking number five it's hard to call it that. But it's definitely somber. Yeah. Yeah. Five out of five is absolutely. I think so you're probably let's go to our next caller. What's your name? Where are you calling from? I called you earlier Corey from Miami. Thanks for calling. You guys. Yes. I'm wondering what you guys would think if been stead of rebuilding so much like the kings really went after someone like an air. It had just had lines like so they finally had a second life you'd have like high of follow copay tar, you know, Brown always. And then like coho, Chuck, and Eric Cambay, and then you can roll like Carter with you know, they take all the budgets six lot with the new guys coming up. So if you could let me we'll thanks for the call. Appreciate it. All right. Well, he's getting into free agency. So we're jumping out of the draft realm right now. But yeah, forgive something called the salary. Well, there is that liquids forget Darren specifically, he's a free agent. Yes. And he is going to go probably to the highest bidder. And it sounds like he really likes New York and he likes big cities. Who knows maybe LA does fit for him as far as though the idea of going deep into free agency. Jesse think that they're going to go that route? I guess it'd be no as Dave pointed out there is a thing called the salary cap. But if they did go into free agency, my preference would be for them to go after a blue liner. Because with the trade of Jake Muhsin and Dionne enough and Alec Martinez getting older, and and the rest of the players available being younger. It'd be nice to lock up a legitimate number two or number three defensemen. You have doughty. I don't know that they have an actual solid number two. That would be my preference. All right fair enough. Let's go to our next caller. What's your name where you calling from? Yeah. What's your name where you're calling from? My name is gone from damn bar. What's your question? But I just updated the rankings, and they have viral number five or now, and he's a defenseman and the top eleven are all senators or you know floors, and he's the only defense up there. And he's highly rated so it would it be fine. If the king drafted a defenseman when we need centers. That's really right now. Well, again, I think this goes to the point we just heard from market Eddie that it's all about position. It's or it's not about position. It's about best available player. Right. As you see the best available player at that point. That's that's going to be the results have been compared to drew doughty. So I mean, I don't like, obviously, I don't know that his ceiling is rude out. But if you have if you're an opportunity to get a highly rated defenseman who most closely compares doughty, I'm comfortable does he shoot right handed. If you Nettie if anyone's I'm happy with thank you for calling. Absolutely. We create that col look again. It's it's about esta vailable. And like you just said if he's the best available at that spot. We'll take him. What's your name? We lose our caller. I'll just dropped no prom again. The telephone number to reach us here over the next almost twenty minutes. Three one zero three four one zero two three two. It's all the king's men live as we talk about the draft lottery, which happened about now two hours ago or so the kings falling to number five which is the furthest down in the lottery process that they could have fallen being that they finished with the second worst overall record. And as it turns out, they did fall all the way to five with some teams jumping ahead of them. New Jersey's going to pick number one in the Rangers, Chicago, Colorado and then Los Angeles. Let's go to our next caller. What's your name where you calling from a guy? I apologize rob out here in the NFC right thing. My call dropped off earlier, rob. Yeah. We appreciate you calling Russia friend eight. I wanted to get your thoughts into add to your your thinking on and referencing to the Rangers. And do we go into that semi rebuild? Do. We just completely just wipe the slate. Clean and go into the full on a candidate sense. Like Mark was almost waving the white flag a little bit and admitting that whatever we are able to pick up at five is gonna be kind of a two to three year process. What's your guy's thoughts on look? Let's just call it. We're gonna have to suck it up for two to three years. And let's go all out on this thing with some high end contracts or signs is that not make a little more sense. That's certainly and thank you for calling back. We appreciate it. That's certainly the the rhetoric that we heard from Jim Rob Blake yesterday's what we've been hearing from the office is that next year is going to be a difficult year. There's tough times ahead. I think was the exact quote, and I think the focus now is on as he's sort of. Said putting your head down trying to get through these rough years. There's a lot of players with difficult contracts. I'm going to be hard to move. It may require buyouts. It may require moving assets may require retaining salary, which makes us Alary cap even harder to deal with so. Yeah, I don't anticipate next season being good. However, this is the optimistic becoming out if you get half the guys on this roster to have seasons closer to what they had last year than this year. And I don't think it's a talent issue. I don't think it's a physical ability issue. I think it is that sort of you know, disconnect between the coaching staff and the players the entitlement, whatever you wanna call it. I think if you get a little bit of buying and a little bit about once back from some of those players he doesn't have to be a bottom five finish. You agree with that? Yeah. I agree with that. And I think you also work in some of the other players into that situation to the Jared Anderson Dolan's who had a sniff this year, the Sean walkers who came up the mat Roy's who came up the curl grunts, drums who are. Now have played a few games with the kings. If you work those guys into the mixed as a Rasmus Kapoor, he make the team next year is gave a Lardy healthy next year. Those can also add to what the kings already have. And like Jesse said if those players of the Dustin Brown's and COPA tars and guys like that can have better seasons than what they had this year. You're back on the right track 's all the kings met live. Gotcha. For about another fifteen minutes. Let's take another call here. What's your name where you're calling from? I'm Phillip in earlier. Final question though, go for. Who wavy your coaching candidates for the kings? I'm sorry to say about the top coaching candidates. Thanks for going back in. I don't know, man. I mean, someone to answer I jokingly said earlier in the season that I think the king should hire. Sports psychologists first before they hired the coaching staff because you're not getting rid of COPA tire. You're not getting rid of doughty, and I'm not entirely sure. The two of them react the same way to the same kind of coach. I think dowdy response. I think he himself said he needs a guy to kick them in the butt, and I'm not entirely sure that that's the kind of player that guys like Brown and COPA respond to. So I don't know, you know, you have to sort of pick which which side of the coin, you're favoring, and then just hope that the coach can can wear both. Yeah. And there are rumors floating around again Todd McLellan this the hot name out there and report suggests that they've at least been in contact with him. And there is a connection between he and Rob Blake Blake platform where they were both in San Jose. So Dave, I'll I'll ask you this is it important to find a coach that has that connection to the front office already, or do you think that they're open to the idea of at least bringing some people in that don't have that connection at all? So there isn't a relationship yet. And and they're willing to take the time maybe to forge that release from what I've heard and what I've read I don't think I don't think you need a connection. I think from what GM rod Blake has said he wants a proven winner. Someone who's one championship someone who has coached at the NHL level. You need all those pieces. There doesn't necessarily have to be a connection between rob. Or maybe Luke and whoever they hire. It just has to be someone who is coming in who has a proven track record who has one who is ready to win and get his team in the right direction. I think that's the key. And I think if you look back you might be looking at a guy, and I'm not saying for the next head coach, but a guy like Darryl Sutter liquid. I'm not seeing Sutter any stretch. But what I'm saying? Is you need a guy like that? Because they flourished when they hired Darryl Sutter in this team reacted to that. Well, did it run. Its course did it play out over time. Yes, it did. But you need a guy similar to that who's going to push all the right buttons on this team. Stick our next caller. What's your name where you're calling from? Hey, my name is Brandon Graham calling from New Jersey Brennan other New Jersey, call it. What are the chances you here to brag about Deborah? I know I was listening to you guys for now. I was hearing that a, you know, another person from New Jersey called so about that would be pretty funny. What's your question for us? My question is we'll ask the New Jersey Devils fan. Sorry. I'm not a not a LA king Samland or. But any case, you know, 'cause you guys are choosing fifth overall. I think that you guys might want to go with Alex Turcott. I mean, I know that he was you know, injured there for the first couple of months, but I really feel like I'd do that. He just basically went back to his same form that you know, he was convicted you know, early in the prospect season. So I dunno. You got feel about that? We'll thanks for the call. Appreciate it. It's one of the guys that is high in the list. He's one of the guys that we actually talked to Mark you Nettie about a little bit because he's part of that national developmental program here in the United States. And like he just said like the caller just said it sounds like Turcott minus that injury that he battled early in the season is a guy who really can score two points per game playing with Hughes on that first line for the national developmental team. I think it was a I don't remember what the injury was exactly. But I don't think it's any reason to be worried about it. We're we're talking about a guy that they think play two hundred feet. You know, who knows I again, we look at the prospects. Almost like I think everybody else does we can read all that we want. We could watch some video you can watch the juniors which I I think we all did when they were up in Vancouver a couple of months ago and Jack Hughes barely played in that tournament. And maybe even from that tournament, you can deduce the fact that while you think ad Jack Hughes might not be all that great. He didn't wind up scoring all that much. And then you realize it's just a few games. And then you see the rest of the resume like this guy's really really, Don. Keep in mind, keep in mind. These scouts have seen these guys some billion so many times they've got a book on every one of these guys, and they're in Rob Blake is going to go to them and say, so who do we pick bright who have you seen who impresses you the most we need to know right now. Now, there is one player that I want to ask your opinion on guys and I'll start with you Jesse the silly Podkolzin. He's the Russian player a kid who according to everything you read about could be an absolute star. But there's concerns that he might not be willing to come over right away to the US to play in the NHL. How much do you think teams are going to shy away from him based on that? I think it's probably organization organization. I just know personally. I get a little hinky when it comes to right? It's it's tough enough to predict town eighteen year olds gonna project anyway, then you start getting into the fact that he's under contract to is K H L team through I think the twenty one twenty one you start getting into the deal between the NHL and the cage L as far as transfer rights. You get you know, are the player's gonna go to the Olympics or not. Relations between the states and Russia are not ideal the best times like I it's a lot to add onto the fact that you have no idea if eighteen year old kid is going to be any good. So I mean, I just tend to be really conservative in these situations. And I would try and avoid as many complications as possible that may not be fair to the player is probably not. But that's my instinct fair enough, you agree with that the idea of staying away from a guy who you may not have for a couple of years. Yeah. But that being I do agree with that. But that being said if if the scouting staff is that high on that on that particular player at five there's gonna be no hesitation, if they say, this is the guy we want. This is the player we've seen. We've seen him play twenty five times fifty times we love this guy. There will be no hesitation. The. I get where jesse's coming from though, there's gotta be a little bit. A hitch there to say it might be easier. If we bring in a player who's playing in the western Hockey League. You know, what I mean does a it's easier yet, then maybe the caveat. I'll add to that is when they drafted Voinov and locked the on of both of those players said they would come to the states. They would play junior they play in the AL and they'd commit to the path. And they both did. Right. And you know, I can't remember the drought. They drafted Voinov annot eight, and he didn't really crack the lineup until the Jeff Carter trade in twelve. And there's a guy who put in four years never mind. What happened after that? But lots of and Voinov both cracked lineup in that Cup run in two thousand twelve that's if you can get an assurance from Podkolzin that he's willing to do. Right. What it takes and commit to. This is going to prom with them. Right. And obviously we've seen Ovechkin and and and Malkin and plenty of players, and there's no problem, and they have long lengthy wonderful careers in the NHL. I mean, I'm not trying to say don't take a kid from Russia. I just I'd want to know that you have that commitment because like I said he is under contract till the end of the twenty twenty one season. We've just got a few more minutes now about some more minutes. Three one zero three four one zero two three two or tweet us at king's men podcast. Do want to ask you about the defensive player that we hear one of our callers talk about and that's a Boeing Byrom. It sounds like again, one of the only kids who probably is going to go in the top ten as defensive player. Pretty good player. Obviously to get into that top ten a kid. That is really tearing it up at the whol from the defensive side. Good offense defense men. Do you look at a kid like that and say, you know, what this this might be our diamond in the rough on the blue line based on the fact that he's the only guy listed in the top ten as far as the prospects. Go so one of the reasons I really like dean Lombardi when he came in was that he said stuff that made perfect sense. And I feel like everybody should say to themselves every day. But for whatever reason, we don't and that is when you build a team. You build from goalie to defense to centers to wing, and I think it's I mean, it doesn't require much mass to realize that there's fewer goals than there are defensemen and their defense defensemen than there are centers in their fewer centers in there are wingers. And and the, you know, the impact that any player at those positions can have on a team magnified just by virtue of the fact that there's less of them. Drew doughty place thirty minutes a game Andrzej cope with our place twenty three minutes a game. So if you have two players who are coin tosses far as value, right? Like if it's cousins versus Byrom then. Yeah. You take Byrom because he's the defenseman. So yeah. If if the scouting staff says, you know, four through ten is a toss up, and you can have whatever one of them you want. I think you ought to take the defenseman. The question is just if you really believe that the forwards around him are better are going to be better prospects than he is that. Okay, fine. But you build from the backout. I don't care how small the league gets. I don't care how fast. He gets. I don't care. How talented league gets. I doubt very much that the game of hockey will change so much that that shouldn't still be your guiding principle the kings have a lot of goal is in the pipeline. They don't have quite as many defensemen in the pipeline. I feel like they they're good on forwards. So yeah. If if he's the number one five consensus as a left shop. Yeah. Exactly. Let's let's go a little bit deeper into that just really quick with our last five minutes. I want to ask you about the current system that the kings. Do have you meant you just excuse me that they have a lot of goaltending talent we know about cow Peterson came up posted a two point six one GAAP last season two nine twenty four save percentage. He may be the future at the position for them. The Lardy was the number one pick in two thousand seventeen played in Ontario last year. There's Clegg there's Anderson Dolan who you brought up earlier, Dave and kill Thomas. Who sounds like he's great? And grunts drum who they got in the trade with Muhsin, where do you think? Jesse? I'll start with you. What do you think this system is right now with the kings? How deep do you think it is? Is it thin is do they need a lot more talent? Where? Are they right? I mean, the reality is this is one of those questions that I think lots of people get paid a lot of money to make stuff up about thirty one teams at this point. And each team has a age L team. And each team has a reserve list and guys in the juniors and those guys are playing against fifteen sixteen year olds sometimes so I mean, we could say kill Thomas looks great. And he does. But like, I have no idea. How does it translate? Yeah. Like playing against sixteen and seventeen year olds and a couple of overage twenty year olds that'll be you know, investment bankers five years from now. Like, I don't know how I don't know. All or even Cal Peterson right in the AHL, which is professional league his numbers. Don't look that. Great. He comes up in the NHL and he's dynamite. And we've heard explanations for that the plays breakdown easier. Shots are coming from weird places in the H L. So I'm comfortable, I'm happy with the kings prospect. Group, whatever you wanna call it. I feel like they took last season's they stopped trading. First round picks and second round picks away. They started holding onto their players velocities. A bit of a lark because honestly, it's just uncommon in. And like I said with putt calls in you want to avoid players with and his back injury clearly has been a complication, but Anderson Dolan appears to be every bit the professional hockey player in training. Calpeda Orson looks great. We've heard that Sean disease the best power play quarterback in the C H L that was from the play by play announcer from the g- wealth. No, not from the Wellstone and the team that he played for before. He was traded to growth, pardon me for not remember that was the Marlies. No. That was grunts scrunched Russia was still jeers. But anyway grunts from looks. Great. Right. He's come up and he was on a thirty goal pace in his time in L A. Home. I missing here. We got Wegener Wagner looks fantastic. We got love still down on terrier needs probably needs to round out. The backup Mattio Amancio is is you know, can proves he can play Walker enrolling on defense. Yeah. Kale Clegg who's been in Ontario? Who suffered a foot injury is right broken foot. And she was having a better in the second half of the season. There's plenty of guys an up and coming there's Ingham, and there's Rennick and alter and there's still ten guys that are going to join the organization if they don't make any trades. Right. And if they do make trades of current roster guys, that's even more. Picks the come in the up and come back and beat the coaching drum. But that's the sort of thing that can turn a player a borderline player into a contributor. You've got a guy like runs through me comes in. He plays what fifteen games and he scores. Five goals? Subscribers goals in fifteen games. If the next coach comes in gives him minutes on the second line finds the right combination. Then boom, you've got a second line legitimate NHL player if he comes in and gives them fourth line minutes and third minutes and ask them to play a checking role and commit to a system of hockey that maybe doesn't. Work into days league. Let's Cording to everybody else on them by it. But, but you know, what I mean like, then then maybe you don't have a second line player. So these are the sorts of things that they can tip development court. You just mentioned the new coach with a new coach. And you also have number seventeen in the king's lineup. That's another. Basically, you're getting a free player any not freeze making a lot of money, but free in the sense that he can get a lot of playing time this year he was injured for a little bit. He got relegated to third and fourth line minutes in play a whole lot with the new coach. Does he get a newly? Sunlight does get a new chance. Is there an opportunity there for him to play first lineman at second-line minutes? That's like adding a whole new player to your roster and in his their capability that he could score twenty or thirty goals in the season guy. I think there is if he plays the right amount of minutes. So that's just like adding another player to the roster, which I think is great. Agreed. Our thanks again to Mark unity for joining us a little while ago kings, director of amateur scouting appreciate his time before we get off the air. Just a really quick thought. Dave on the overall night fifth pick. As compared to what you were hoping it was going to be one or two. Yes early. Not what it would. I was hoping for. I'm sure the organization was hoping for. But again, you're looking at a top five pick. I don't think you're gonna go wrong. You're not getting Hughes. You're not getting Kappa was marquee. Nettie said, but you're going to end up with a really good pick who probably will be NHL ready in two to three years, maybe four times Jesse. All right. I'll be positive. Why? Shocker. No look at top five pick is is going to get you a good player. Right. The last time the kings of the fifth row will pick the drafted. Brayden Schenn I think they would have been perfectly happy to have breeding since career, but they traded him along with Wayne Simmons for migrants, I'm not saying they should ever trade the player taken in the fifth. I'm just saying you can see the kind of value that a player taken it. It's about takes Vancouver drafted Elias Pederson at least. Yeah. You're just changing it every time. I say Pederson. Yeah. So I mean, it's entirely possible that they get a kid like that who can actually be part of the, you know, the new coaching staff the new movement to sort of inject some life back into this Kingston absolute fair enough. We also want to thank our engineer tonight. Jake great job on the board. Wanna thank Larry back in the studio. Art, wonderful job by him as well for Dave for Jesse. I'm rob thanks very much for joining us for the first ever all the king's bet live, you're on the king's iheart radio network.

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