Episode 36: Ashlea Ann Harris


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So if you want to check him out go to. Higher. Education, skincare dot com and use our code first degree for twenty percent off. Again, that's higher education skincare dot com with our code I degree for twenty percent off. Degree degree. I agree. First, the first degree. Supposed to have it in movies, not we alike. They really truly must have hated her to want to go to that extent. And you know, it, it easy to deal money, but I think this was about so much more than that. I think they were they were really just out to get revenge. Hey guys, welcome to the first degree the true crime podcast that you might end up on. My name is Jack Vanik. I'm sitting across from Lexus link ladder. And next Billy Johnson, two of my best DS. We are best friends now how fun is this really horse Billy to become best friend, but you like it toll the world. You liked tell them of the softer side, and how they can find you the softer side of the road is listening to this whole. The thing is that sad is like they can't see your is like. Yeah. To give him some subliminal messaging while recording. All right. But I'm gonna tell you guys what the politics fries. Fries. It's happy that appreciation day. I like that. Are there any? Well, you've got Batman. Of course, you've got considered the world's greatest detective and some people will argue that Trillo combs is the world's greatest detective. They have met in the comics before. But I do like that. But also, it is national cheese ball day, which is you. I'm a ball tree. You're totally issues. Pat, maybe like cheese to know your boy crash man crush. Jerry is a cheese all sees the biggest cheese. Here's a cheese ball, Jerry. Billy Jerry, where we're where is he? Jared is currently on tour like where where's he though? We currently on the plane and route to Europe right now, during little European stint in stint. Okay. But it is also national book mobile day. Do you guys remember the bookmobile? I do. Yes. Book fairs. It was, but it came on, like, okay Motors bring. Yeah. It was like the ice cream man. Yes. Yeah. But with books, and that's also scheming, they're not doing that anymore. And it's also librarians to now. So it's a very like a literate literature for heavy day. I'm into that. I like the cheese balls the best. I would love a Cheetos cheese puffs. Ooh, not doesn't sound good. He wanted to go you snack on, oh, badly. I know really. We need we need some crunchy snacks are holding off on sax. Okay. So I'm keeping on the train of bad reviews. Today's about review. Comes from Alexandra N dot e, I'm just gonna really call these people out. Okay. This subject is it can be better. You do a podcast and tell me how easy it is. I don't know how hard it is to do a podcast, you know, much researcher, at least a week, the are episode just reading about it before we even dive into making it to our interview on the phone. Yeah. And then scheduling us. You know what is she Alexandra pros? The stories are different in has a great perspective with the guests that actually knew the victims or murderers. Yes cons most of these stories are taking too long to tell I keep yelling in the car. Get to the point already. I don't wanna hear your long opinions. One woman takes too many breaks between words. We know that just being Zaidi that would be me Alexis. I think the group needs to work on storytelling a bit because the story lines are broken apart too much of the pinions. I really wanna keep listening to the podcast. So that's why I'm providing feedback it has too much so much potential. But I think at a later date, okay? I have to say, I appreciate the feedback appreciate the feedback. However, our podcast is like a mix of storytelling mix of opinions mixed with banter mixed with, like a little bit of like Billy's experience and like my experience and my non experience. What you experience life in the weirdness that it is. But here's the thing, there are different types of pot. If you'd like to not as hot too. That is a scripted one. You can listen to scale you can listen to true crime garage. You can listen to case file. There are a lot of other podcasts that if you want the story or like a Wikipedia entry. That's those are. That's not our podcast. Right. That is not our podcast. You didn't even know what the story was until ten minutes ago. I did not know until ten minutes ago. So yes, relax. Rely on Billy for his opinion because he doesn't really know or doing, but he's an expert. Yes. And we're going to be like, hey, here's the crime. You're like. I know there's also this other Kremlin nineteen sixties is studied, religious studies, and I have a reference that way too. And paul. That's is that what? I'm principle other way. I solve a murder in Paul's and theology. And that. And that. Article once and I really, really the article and I like the impart for those of you who say we make fun of Billy, I've never seen Billy happier than when he's with a Philly thrives in this environment. And he knows what he's on. Bart four go. I'm no one. Even hold has got to his head to come back every week. I love getting trashed ice him down a peg in needs. It turns on. You're saying was up right now. So if you're into it anyways, should we get into work as like this? I think so. But it will say woman in not in the comment in the battery view. Yes. Breathes weird. I mean if you listen you've already heard me breathing is to stay alive. And if you're not on board then you want me to die, then you're. And I can't have that. But I really appreciate your criticism. Listen, Alexis can't die because the podcast would die with her. That is true seriously. If Alexis dawn. Building that if Alexis. Yeah, we probably would have a good podcast. We would not about crying. Would be about crime. We would just be making out the entire. Alexis league letter shouldn't be stopped, but could be what then you just haven't make out Jacksonville. That's a real ASA Marsha. So if that's what you guys rumbled for somebody coming. Honestly, would that not be the best ending to the first degree pot? If you tied and billion. I talked about it. T-shirt Alexis linkletter must be SOPs already happening. But, like ding Dong Alexis glitter. Glitters dead is a little morbid for me kind of like it, though. But nobody do it, please. Nobody do that. And we yes. I do not want to put the last chapter of my book being that. No. Then you'd have to solve my murder and. It could be a whole new book, by the way, chase doctors with me as out right now at Audubon dot com or Amazon, so yeah. Yeah. And that's when it comes out and print maybe by then, because MU Giacobbi shot in the buck. Do have a shadow on the book about it. But let's just get started. You've seen the shadow you haven't see the shadow now you told me about it. I told you I told you about the shot up, but you haven't seen it. What does that? It's good. Why don't you say tell everybody it's so she's she's. Power. Here's what I say. I say. To Alexis linkletter for helping me sore. In for Jack Vanik for keeping me grounded tie. It knocks him off that high horse. I'm like, you're not cool. Nobody cares. Exactly. So a lot of people care. But I like to pretend that nobody does. We let you belly. We're happy for you and everybody you'd better by book. Yes. I don't know if it's good yet because I haven't read it. But I'm dude can write though, so. All right. Let's for real against started. So today's case sorry Alexandra for ten minutes of the beginning. Yeah. Sorry for the battery said you didn't want. But this is who we are. This is awesome on. Right. And if not, there's like a million other like we love, please. Listen, but if you named three I just want you to be happy, if you're not into it, I want you to be happy, exactly. I do. So this case to day takes us to Dallas Fort Worth area, and it's the day after thanksgiving November twenty eighth twenty fourteen which is known in the retail world as to lack on Friday, the worst day, the air or the best, depending, if you're a thrifty shopper, so you guys today's first degree connection is Sarah, and she is going to tell us how her experience relating to our case today. Kind of unfolded from her perspective. I started working at American Eagle in October of twenty fourteen. I'm when I thirty going to graduate school. And I was looking for a job to kind of have to make some extra money on the side, and I was actually going to graduate school for forensic genetics on renting scientists and that actually shortly into working there. He was one of demand. And so she was one of the people that trained me all my managers were so nice. I remember actually being extremely kind and helpful and funny feed on could be with serious when she had to be because she was a manager. But he was definitely a fun person to be around. I remember our laugh to just definitely a funny funny person, and I really enjoyed learning from her and being able to work with her. So the fire department is called on the morning of November twenty eighth. Two thousand fourteen there summoned to a Fort Worth apartment complex at the forty seven hundred bucks Kenwright king ranch, and the person on the call. So they believed the apartment above his was on fire because his carbon monoxide detector was going nuts. The water was leaking from the ceiling and dripping into his apartment. But when the firefighters arrived, they find a small fire, and they're expected to find something, you know, they're, they're firefighters they're expecting to, to, to put out a fire, but what they find in the bedroom that apartment is the body of thirty one year old Ashley Harris. So I didn't hear anything until I believe it was done day, and I got up phone call from human resources. And so I answered the phone them Sunday. I remember because I was doing homework for school, and they got a phone call. And they said, we just wanted this is American Eagle human resources. And we just wanna let you know, that your manager actually heritz passed away this, he then and they may specify today, and I said, what happened, you know what could possibly happen? I just saw her, you know, a couple of days ago, and they just said that there was a fire in her apartment. That's all these holding. And so I don't know because I was going to graduate school for friends or what? But just something in my head that, that the there had to be some more to this story. And Sara's instincts were right. Because what be fire department and firefighters discovered when they entered ashes apartment and found her it was anything but a normal house fire casualty situation. Her feet and hands have been bound with duct tape our bodies face down on the floor at the foot of the bench. She has obvious trauma to her face her her head her neck or throat. Her body is partially burned, along with civil areas of the bedroom are burned, including her mattress, and there was also an empty bottle of rubbing alcohol, that was found near her body, and the firefighter said that it appeared that the fire was started using exceleron. And they figured out, you know, that this is probably somebody that was trying to start a fire for a murder scene, and we need to bring in the homicide. Detectives, right. So. Pilar Ramirez, who has a Fort Worth police crime scene investigator was one of the first arrive on the scene at around nine AM him and the other officers were trying to wrap their heads around what they were dealing with there was this fire on top of this gruesome scene of murder. It was a whole lot to take in at once and one of actually's neighbors till the police that he had heard a thump in screaming from the apartment of few hours earlier. And when the apartment was examined closely the identified what appeared to be bloodstains on the floor bed, Rilling and the door. They took swabs of all the stands, and they packed them to be sent to the crime lab for analysis. And I just want to make a little. No, it's very interesting. Like you have an apartment, she lived in department companies like you hear noises. And you don't think anything of that screens. Billy yelling sometimes. And it's interesting when you put things into perspective when something actually happens. And so I just really did a quick Google search and it was immediately on the news. It was already they're already knew stories about the fire and how he had been found and that it was being investigated as a homicide. And I kind of thought that it was a bit a third that they didn't tell me wouldn't come e you know, that there was an investigation pending regarding how she died. And, you know, they said grief counseling, available eight and everything. But I just feel like that. What seemed a bit a little more youthful Hemi had they, given you the full story over the phone, but I was a bet that said they didn't tell me that. And so I found out really from Google, and then when I finally got to work, whenever I went to work nuts, you know, talking with my other managers and, and thing they were saying what they had. Her. It was definitely unsettling to hear that, you know, my safety at work could have been compromised, but I really found out all of it from the internet from news articles. And I think that was even more unsettling to me event that, that that information wasn't really given to us in an official kind of way. I just got my hair dyed, and I would be dreading that time in a couple of weeks when my hair would start feeding and looking really dole, but I don't have to think to one of our sponsors living proof, which we freakin love the scientists living proof had found a way to make hair color last twice as long and look and feel healthier at the same time. It's called color care from living proof. And I freaking love it. So caller care is an innovative, three products system that starts with the shampoo and conditioner. They form an invisible shield that protects your color from washing out, and plus like all living proof products. 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It had two five dollar bills inside which immediately suggested to them that they're not dealing with a robbery here, because with such an overt obvious display of money, you'd think it was a criminal would just willy nilly take it. So. If robbery wasn't the motive here for this horrific crime than what was it? And. You know, they were investigating and trying to figure out what that was and meanwhile, the medical examiner's were able to come and tentatively identify Ashley Harris by her tattoos. So they were able to then determine that she had suffered blunt force trauma to her face and head, and trauma related to strangulation on her neck and throat, which likely was the cause of her death. And her throat was also slit, which is terrible, so immediately the detectives wanted to speak with everyone and Ashley's life because that's how they begin their investigations. They start close. They work their way outward. So obviously that included, I or family that our friends neighbours co workers, so on so forth. So it's at this point that they learned that Ashley was actually in an assistant manager at the American Eagle outfitters store at the Hulan mall, which was less than ten minutes from her apartment. So they start analyzing the scene the police, and they noticed that there's no forced entry. So that's the first or no forced entry. Ashley's next door neighbor and friend named Alexis Torres. She tells the police that Ashley often left her apartment or unlocked when friends were going to tend to her golden retriever named now. And Ashley also plan to work late on thanksgiving night, because black Friday Sam, the, the black Friday sale actually started on Thursday, because that's what we keep doing me. Keep moving the black Friday sale up and up Wednesday. And then then it's gonna happen in August or whatever. So Alexis had actually agreed to check on Ashley's dog for her. And she said, quote, I would kind of Catholic is that the door was unlocked by using my keys and pretended to unlock and lock her door. So she would kind of when she was going into the door she would like pretend that she was unlocking the door, and then open it. And then when she would close it to pretend that she was locked that, if anybody else exacting see it. Right. And she said she had planned to take breakfast to Ashley Friday morning, after a long work night, and was surprised when she didn't respond to her text message. Alexis decided to go to Ashley's apartment anyway, because they were good enough friends for that kind of thing. So they were just like all right. I'm just going to check respond, but I'm still going that fast which I would do to your job. Right. Thank you. So this explain why there was no four century, because the door was open. She's attackers were likely inside waiting for her when she got there or they snuck in and the ambassador when she got there. Right. So the police spoke to the neighbors who lived on either side and below Ashley when they questioned further the original neighbor, who called nine one one told the investigators that as far as the fire alarm, and Ashley's apartment was going off. He looked outside his window, and he saw lack two-door and windy g thirty five which fun fact is car. I had in high school really. But it's silver will unit Mercedes and we lived together like in two thousand eight how'd Infinity, g twenty and g thirty five in high school. I like in a rap song. Cool. All right. We're older. So there was this black Tudor INFINITI g thirty five leaving from the parking spot in front of Ashley's apartment with its lights off. He says it's car that he'd never seen before. So obviously, hate took note of that being there. The police then moved onto speaking with Ashley's team at American Eagle. The cops wanted to speak with them all of them to dig up info on who may have wanted to hurt her. But they also had to notify them that Ashley's keys had been stolen. This is important because Ashley had not only the keys to the store, but also the keys to the stores safe on her keychain, and it was the only thing that was saying, so glaring piece of evidence, right and the higher ups at American Eagle decided to change all the locks on at the store, and of course, of course, the attention is on the loss of their employees. But it just it seems like commonsense. If the only thing that's lost in stolen from this apartment during this homicide is the keys. What kind of weird malice shit are are we dealing with here? So. The police go to speak with the co workers, and with the higher ups, and all of that, in our kind of dealing with us in a learn from Ashley's co workers that Ashley had worked the night before, from five thirty pm November twenty seven to about three twelve AM the twenty eighth in preparation for the stores. Black Friday sales. We opened at six on thanksgiving evening. And so I work from six PM on thanksgiving into the night, so-, I working until I was supposed to work until three AM and Ashley was working that night as well. I think everybody has to work we needed kind of all hands on deck. And everyone was working and Ashley was the manager wants it people started to kind of Peter out in the middle of the night, and she actually let me leave early at two instead of three. So I believe that one that's all happened. She ended up giving after three thirty she got home at three twenty five AM and met with a friend who left her apartment around four forty a m this means that Ashley had been murdered sometime between four forty AM and seven thirty A M when the carbon monoxide detectors. Had gone off and her dancers neighbor's apartment and the water started coming through the ceiling. And that's again, where the when the, the firefighters came when after that call was made so word of what happens. What had happened to Ashley spread fifty of her friends more than fifty or friends, actually gathered outside of apartment. They have a vigil. They have a balloon release. They all cry the talk about Ashley. She was described as a friendly positive person. Love by many never talked elev-. Anybody? Her friend Christopher told the media that they all want to keep memory alive. She said, I think we should honor her and make sure the world knows what a great person she is. I just don't want what happened to her to go away, and they decorated the steps leading up to her apartment. They wrote messages on it on balloons and left flowers. Definitely in a lot of stock at birth. It was he with been nicest person. He you know, caring and funny, and I feel like I got a lot from my experiences being around her even though it would I such short on time, only about two months. And, you know, I feel like see had probably so much more to give to the world. And you know, she was only ever trying to do the right thing. But it was definitely it kind of was like a punch in the gut. It was a bit of a punch in the gut more than anything else. So the police are combing through every facet of Ashley's life. They're starting close and working their way outwards, like Lexus was saying before it didn't appear that Ashley had any enemies at all from the beginning. Everyone was talking about how wonderful she was and how good of a friend she was. And the police did learn something that caught their attention. When they were interviewing more of her co workers at American Eagle so on August twenty fourth three months prior to her death, the American Eagle that she was working at was burglarized. Ashley was the one that reported that one of the stores assistant managers as well as one of the stores employees we're could have been suspects in this burglary. The assistant manager was named Carter Savannah's surveying TASR. She was twenty seven years old. And the other employees was her boyfriend, Clarence David Mallory, and he went by David, and that's how we're going to refer to him in the story. Exactly. So apparently one night while Carter, we're gonna call them Carter and David from now harder. Full names. So one night while Carter was working enclosing the store of loan. She was seen on surveillance footage leaving whether it's intentional or accidentally leaving the back door of the store, unlocked in after the store closed a male in a hoodie is seen entering the store and going directly to the safe and unlocking it more than eighteen thousand dollars was stolen that night and this town occurred the night after a huge back to school sale that the store was having an in that case, the police suspected David used David Mallory, used it a safe key that Carter had stolen from another assistant manager while at work. And after the robbery, David who was an employee. He failed her. He never went back to work. He he missed the next three shifts and was fired. Which is the most obvious thing. You know, of course, you got that money not going back to work. Exactly, exactly. And so he never reported back to work. And of course, Ashleigh, who was another assistant manager there reported to the higher apps that she suspected that Carter in Clarence. They suspected that Carter and David were responsible and what's interesting is that actually really wanted to work for the stores loss prevention unit, like on a executives would have higher up level. And that's what she was working towards in. This is obviously the division that tries to stop theft, particularly internal theft. So she spent a lot of time reviewing this security video footage. And she's essentially the one that made the conclusion that David and Carter or the ones behind the theft. Ashley was killed. They had been killed in a terrible way. She was found in gagged and, and that they had that fire her apartment, one of my managers said that she had a feeling that she knew who killed her. And not it was probably the people that had previously stolen money from the store. Whispering wood basically that, you know, they had done money over the summer. I mean, I think it was eighteen thousand dollars. And I mean, not, not tempt chain, that's definitely still a significant amount of money, and that, they, I guess, were caught, and we're fired, and they weren't happy about that. But I had heard that learn David whatever his name is he, I think had lied to get a job at a different American Eagle after he was fired 'cause they were banned from being hired again. And I heard that he may have like his social security number or something to get hired at a different door after the fact. So I don't know the full details on that. But one of my managers said that she knew that he had done some shady stuff to try to get back in. So Carter suspended and she's later fired. And after the internal investigation into the theft at the stores. So she admits to these stores manager, that she had possibly left the back door unlocked, quote, she responded that she did not see what the big deal was. Because the law should be covered by insurance. Yeah. All right. So neither was charged nor arrested in the burglary, which is. You know that's one of the things that you see in retail stores. Okay. You know, we just want to be rid of it, but we don't get the authorities involved in it. And when you don't get the authorities involved in at something bad could happen. And this is what happens right here. One of the things where she's right? We're insurance didn't cover it. Yeah. You don't steal stuff. They couldn't think of their heads are like we can't prove it. It's a hoodie. It could have been anonymous honest mistake, leaving the door open. So they're like, whatever we're gonna fire. It's it's eighteen grand were pissed, but like might not have been worth the headache of, of pursuing more. And by the way, eighteen grand is a lot in the in the cough, for in cash in two thousand fourteen when so many people are using credit cards is pretty impressive for an American Eagle store, American Eagle jeans. I like them. Yeah. They stretch really likes to look at the three sixty stretch. They're awesome entries. Yeah. So how much we had American Eagle sponsoring this episode. Yeah. Exactly. We should have that. But there's they're not as a millionaires. Okay. So as the police were learning about all this, they wanted if this work situation, could possibly have anything to do with this brutal murder. And they weren't really sure because it seems like it would be. A pretty extreme escalation, yeah. To go from this theft to murder and but there was one detail about Carter, the author attention. They learned that Carter. Drove what a two door to door black and INFINITI g thirty five tight car, and they could find pictures of it on her Instagram because of course she posted up a her car. I just tell me. Oh, we'll still don't don't kill anybody. I mean don't kill right? Post pictures of your car and Instagram. Just kill anybody. Yeah. The only time you're allowed to post pictures of your car. If you drive a Maserati or above, unlike a like an Infinity. It's like okay, it's fine. I mean cool guys are really not getting the point here where it's don't kill by anybody. And then it's the idea of dose, whatever you want, but you don't like hell anybody? Because the police will. Use your Instagram to find you. Yeah. Literally. Yeah. Okay. So anyway, so the police were now curious enough, about Carter, and David to really look into them. They learn the David was only twenty one years old in Carter was twenty seven being a cougar. They ran the place on Carter's Infinity to get an address for the payer who lived together, and they started to conduct surveillance on the couple's apartment, two days after Ashley's murder, the police watch their apartment and saw them come home at around. Seven forty five in the morning, Carter and David then got into the block Infinity and drove to hole in mall where the American Eagle store where they used to work was located David dropped Carter off the malls, south entrance, and then drove around the parking lot and part away from the entrance Carter then entered the mall. That's when officers approached David in the parking lot in question why he was at the mall so early because they were there at around eighty m when the stores generally opened around ten and there's no reason for them to be there that early right in there. There's. Following them there under surveillance to these odd circumstances. So they already sort of. No. I mean, it's I think part of them wanted to not believe, like they couldn't possibly conducted a horrible murder over robbing American Eagle like maybe that's what we're dealing with. Yeah. So when David responded to the officers, he told them that he was waiting for his girlfriend who worked at Arup, stall store, inside that mall, which, of course, is not true. They ask David for his driver's license. He didn't have one on him. So the police can seize opportunities as an excuse to take him in, in arrest him for not having a driver's license. We're normally if you're normal person who's not committing a crime. I've been let go for that. So they generally will if you don't seem like a degenerate, which is really nice. So when they brought him in curiously he was wearing a buck ski-mask pushed up on his head. She is come on. They suspected that David was involved. So the police obtained a search warrant, and in the car, they found ski masks, a nine millimeter handgun a single walkie talkie individual guide to lock picking in the vehicle. Out of the movie visual guy to pick. Right. So police searched the mall but they couldn't find Carter later though. They did find Carter at their shared apartment David Clarke shared apartment, and officers said, they think that she walked home after going to the mall. She agreed to be taken to the homicide office for questioning meanwhile, though, the police also pull the surveillance from the mall to see what Carter was doing while she was there and in the footage, they could see that she was trying to enter the American Eagle store with a set of keys, presumably, these keys, you know. Our Ashley's, but who knows. But this was early enough. It was seven forty five. It was before any of his story, employs would have arrived, and as you know, American Eagle changed keys. So the keys did not in fact, work work, and this avalance, then showed her walking from the mall in the direction towards home, and in the ineffective, she's confused because David's gone, and he was supposed to be waiting outside. Yeah. Looking around where he went exactly. And she's like in her jammies, the whole thing's really weird. So another thing, though, is that she is worked at the store for a long time. This was right after a black Friday sale. She would have known that there would have been a huge amount of cash in a safe at this time. Yeah. So I'm black Friday and thanksgiving. The crowds are insane people just want to come in for the best field, and, you know, everybody wants to go shopping. And so we had, we would have ended up with a lot of cast in the face. And I'm sure that, since they had worked there previously. They knew that there was going to be a pretty happy amount of cash in the safe from all the styles that we were gonna make those two days. 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But the police learned there was somewhere between forty thousand fifty thousand dollars in the store. Safe again, that's still boggles my mind in two thousand fourteen at that many people are using cash, I now whereas are, you know, at east coast, I feel like this long. It's not used because people use cash though, I love using love cow, Alexis uses too much as love cash. Always using cat. I, I do. Honestly, I love cash, too, but that's weird. Can you can't get your tax cuts on it? Well again points and then you I I just like she can't be traced, though, pecans faster, but I just love cash and then easier. I don't anyways. All right. So there's forty thousand fifty thousand dollars in cash in the store safe, and it's becoming clear that Carter she had worked for American Eagle for a bunch of years. And she would have been familiar with the amount of sales like anybody would be, you know, obviously the biggest sales would have been black Friday, the whole reason why it's called black Friday is because that you get into the black you were in the red. And then in the store was in the red which means that they were they were showing a loss. Black Friday is they get into the black would talk about your. Yeah. Do you think it was Gina really care about it? I thought it was like about the black parade, we didn't because we don't have a right. I wish it was. No. I honestly have never thought about it before or. I'm jealous of your knowledge, but also not because me. Seem right. Look at it, look it up. Okay. All right. So while the police question each of them. It seemed that Carter and David their, their stories were not matching up and remember that the police had been conducting surveillance on them for days. So they had all this footage of them. And it was all contradicting all the stories that they were telling them so they were obviously lying right? Carter denied being at the mall that morning and denied trying to enter the store even though when you look at this Valance tapes, they are fire. He's trying to get into this cry. No. All right. Well before I start my little thing Billy was right. So surprise, surprise. So another thing that the investigators covered was that surveillance for surveillance footage of Carter at Home Depot buying two shovels, a rope bungee cords a pair of gloves in a tarp on number twenty first two thousand fourteen which was a week before Ashley is founding to not, not good like you. I mean, we see this, how many times have we done? We pro this look the fourth or fifth time that we've had this. And then the things on the trunk, we'll just we'll guide of how to lock pick a car like disorder should on Amazon. Just as bad. Exists. But if you're might as well as all I'm saying they're that bad at it like have it delivered to your home. Then I don't know. Our new sponsor of, you know, you, you borrow the stuff I think, is what you do from. I don't know you by somebody else by it for you. I don't know what we're helping people commit crime. No. I sent you to do less. Goes back to how dumb are you that you're going to, like, okay anyways, so the Browns bullshit on our on Amazon? We wish it was on. So everything's obviously looking really bad for them. Everybody was floored that it seemed like they actually were plotting this murder and the whole thing seemed to be motivated motivated by money and the seem super horrific but it gets worse. So it turns out the both Carter and Davis. David previously worked at a different American Eagle at a store nearby in Abilene, Texas. This is actually the store they had met, and they had started dating. So David ended up being fired from that store as well after missing three straight shifts without contests, his or mandates his that we've talked about dumb and move on and after he was fired. He was transferred to the whole in mall store. We're actually had worked and that's where everything had taken. Place. So Carter had secretly hired David. She switched his first name with his middle name, and then also switched the two digit two digits of his social security. Number said he could be hired at the store without people realizing it was the dude who had been fired from the sister store weeks earlier. Right. And I wanted this I wanted to make that super clear. So Carter was the manager of Albanian store when she got transferred to the whole in store. She wanted her boyfriend come with her. So he had been fired because he didn't show up. So she is the one who manipulated. All these numbers. Right. And dark ship. But anyways, so that's when they became a couple, but another side note is that it's also do you really need to work with your boyfriend, like dude, also, it's against policy to do so, so I don't actually know why she switched from that album store to the whole in store. But I think it had something to do with it, and they were having a lot of tolerance for her bullshit. And like decided to just transfer her instead of firing her. Yeah. And yes, she come over in that, like over. Listen, I don't want to work with my boyfriend, but I'm going to hire him, enter different name, even though he's been fired dude, it was only unless it was like weeks later that this large robbery occurred that Ashley noticed in turn them in for. So anyways, the investigation is continuing. The text messages are coming to light and coming to the surface and the police are pulling all them and seeing what the hell these people are saying to each other. So it turns out that the second plot involved, these two planning to rob the Alba lean store that they both formerly worked at. So their phone traffic show that they were sticking out the store less than two weeks before Ashley was slain. And while they were there, they exchanged incriminating text messages. And they were able to prove this with, you know, GPS and all that shit improving where these text messages, were sent and received. So in their text messages on ten forty five pm on one day, David wrote to Carter, there's no way this place doesn't have a back door. Carter responded, I haven't seen the little blank manager. Come to the back, yet blank means expletive, you know, and these are obviously pulled from the court documents I don't know. So maybe I just missed him. I found their back door. It comes out really close to the only place with cameras. And then shortly before I guess, six PM next day, Carter told David that she'd found the backdoor, blah blah blah they were basically plotting to figure out how to rob this store and leader when she was in custody Carter told the police that she believed David was having a sexual relationship with another assistant manager at this all Boolean location, which prompted her to take pictures of these isn't managers car, and there were text proving that you plan to slash your tires retaliate towards this person. And they were essentially likely plotting to do to this manager, what they ended up doing to Ashley, which is she's insane. Yeah. I mean, the chances are like one in a million kind of people find each other. But we hear about it all the time out killer couples and I think it may be there with the manipulation there, maybe one of them convinced the other. But I feel like they go through with something this. This dark you have to you have to be kind of almost there already by yourself. You have to have that hatred and that willingness. And maybe that other person just kind of give you the extra push you need. But I definitely think that they both you know, probably would have done something like this on their own. Sorta super v they'd had enough. They got enough to make an arrest David's taken into custody at his at a private residence and Morello by the Marshall service. Without incident he's booked into Potter County jail transported to Fort Worth police homicide unit to be interviewed by detectives the police also suspect that Carter and David to be great flight risk, because they didn't have any ties to Fort Worth, but to actually Morello in Lubbock. So the Texas Department of motor vehicles record show that at least one vehicle each and Malary's and savannahs names, Qatar dated to Texas Department motive eagles. Texas Department of motivations records show that at least one vehicle in each of Carter. David's names are registered at addresses in Amarillo on December six. Carter and David cars are Carter Carter and gave it or the names. No, no, but Carter was. It has dollar on December six Carter is taken into custody by Tarrant county deputies and transported to the forth worth jail. So here's what police theorized, what happened. They believe that Carter and David the essentially stocked Ashley Harris. And they. Zeroed in on a time a window of time when they thought that you would be most most vulnerable, which was around the time of the black Friday. Rush. And then they either break into Ashley's apartment, and they head or they waited for her to get home. And then the ambushed her while she was sort of, you know, open the door or maybe they walked him when when she was asleep. Then they kill her. They take your keys and they're gonna take those keys and take them to the mercantile store and then robbed the store with a safe and as they're planning this murder slash robbery. There also plotting to do something similar to at the Abilene store. Some David and Carter are charged with capital murder. But for whatever reason the prosecutors decided not to seek the death penalty against either of them. The prosecutor was appalled over the heinousness of the crime and was quoted saying, there are no good murders. But at least there are some that you can understand this was different at a minimum. This took at least a month of planning. They stocked. Ashley Harris like people stock a deer. I'm pretty sure that they stay broke in whether they had to actually visibly again or not because the door was open. I'm not sure. But I read that there was her friend Hudd gone over there with, like home with her. I guess, and that they went inside after the friends had left her friend has said to the police that she left around whatever time and they went in after that. But I think that might be the maybe that kind of what the docking like they stop a deer, quote, from that detective is in reference to that they really just they waited in the parking lot until she was alone. They want her apartment until her friend left, so they knew she was alone and not when they went in. And unsurprisingly as trouser approach the two of them started pointing fingers at each other when Carter got onto the standards to testify, she claimed that she was terrified of her co-defendant in live in boyfriend and claimed, but he was that she was raped when she did not do what he wanted. I mean, that was truly the most thing I think I've ever seen in my life. I. Like, yeah. It's the easiest defense is to blame the other person when there's more than one sucked back then there's more than one person, you know, being tried for calm. The easiest thing to point fingers at the other one. And, you know, I think that the you know. Little little girl crying courtroom. She thought that you'd get pity. And there's, there's no pity for the hat, when they're this is something that just oh group. Then. Yeah. So this is a new you see this kind of a lot. You either see these people turning on each other. You see them standing United, but this is particularly interesting. So she immediately starts to just point the finger at him that he was the aggressor that it was all his fault. And it was kind of a the prosecutors really believed that she was a mastermind. So this is kind of the stance her defense took. So this is her version of events. So I'm not gonna say it allegedly her version until I'm done. This is her version of events until we're done and we say, otherwise so. Carter said that she cooked when she was walking through the events of those couple of days, she said on thanksgiving, she cooked traditional thanksgiving dinner and David that day got drunk, then they watched movies smoked weed. And then she got sick. It was so daylight at that time, and then she claimed to know nothing of the slang, she was asleep the entire time in the apartment that she shared with David, and then she said at laid down. And when I woke up, it was dark and David was there are both hands on the clock where points at five and went to bed and went to sleep, then I was woken up by David, and he said, I needed to get ready to go to Klay burn, and he wanted me to pack, so then they went to clayborn, which is a neighboring town. They rented a motel room and this is November twenty eighth. But later that day David header drive to the hull and mall while he toyed with a nine millimeter, Glock, handgun that he held in his lap. So he was in the car with her during this drive. She said that he then put the gun, interface and try to make her steal money from the store David threaten her. Her parents and relatives if she did not do what she was told. So at this point, you know, when she didn't do what she was told they returned to their apartment where she claims David's friends, Rachel repeatedly. She claimed that the first time David pointed the gun at her, she flinched he laughed. He asked if I thought he would shoot me. I said, no, he said, you don't know me, but I know you many call that her grandmother's name and address her brother's address in the address for parents. He forced shotgun point to recount the day's events almost testing her like are the police if the police question you, you know what are you? What's your story like just testing her? 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You can get a true cash offer sent in minutes, which you can take to a local certified dealer to cash out or trade in. So when you're ready to experience a better way to sell or trade in your car, check out truecar today and truecar offer is not available in all areas. Karner said that they went back to the human mall and David gave her what looked like the keys to American Eagle and said, change your clothes, and then she said, I'm not going into the mall, and he said, you don't understand this is a quote this from her, which is saying that he, he told her you understand, there's someone sitting outside your parents house, and if you don't go, I'm going to kill them, and I'm going to kill you. So he keeps threatening are over and over and over again. And he made her repeat the events of the day to, I guess, to get the story straight. And while she was talking, he seemed David seem calm, but when she paused, he would pick up the Glock, and then pointed to her again and say, you know, get the story straight. So they left the human mall. And after a while David headquartered drive to WalMart. And he said on the way to WalMart. He told me is what she said on the way to WalMart. He told me I need to get some dark sweats and some shoes that I could run it. Then he brought her to the mall to do the robbery before saying, yet you better come out alone or I'll kill everyone you love. So, of course, the prosecution is asking her. Why didn't you just run away if you're so scared and Carter's excuse is that she believed the that, that he was going to harm her family? Right. The store was crowded. She was seeing people everywhere that look threatening. So even if she had gone in the locks would have been changed and her key did not work. So when she returned to the car. She comes David Tucker back to their apartment and someone pushed her down the floor as she walked in she heard voices. She didn't recognize saying, I'll make her follow directions. I've already dug your grave and then someone took off her sweatpants, and raped her after the first raped she tried to crawl away, but before she could she was raped again, three more times before someone pulled her into the kitchen and told her to cover herself. She claimed the door opened and closed a couple of times, but she did not look up to see who are assailants were next morning. David Astor if she had a good night. Then David said you're going to go back and do it again. And then she said, I heard people talking who said they haven't dropped it yet. We're going to take her back and make her do it again. Again, this is her side of the offensive side. We're not saying this is true or not. Yeah. We're just saying what each side is saying. So the prosecutors, they had more text evidence of one texts that David sent to Carter. Were two sets of coordinates that led police to the shallow hole on a ranch in loaders. Which is this is about thirty five miles away from north Abilene, and the Fort Worth worth police detective who investigated the case. He said that he thought the, the whole was actually meant to be a grave for Ashley. I think that's the hardest thing at my head around is that they, they didn't just want from her. You know, if you need to, you know, they followed her they easily could have mug, her beat her up on her keys with my son, and, you know, maybe they wouldn't. I mean they probably don't have gotten caught. But maybe they wouldn't have gotten caught that way. But it how why did they find it? So necessary to actually tell her and from reading I read that there was they had dug a grave miles away. Like maybe they thought it was going to be easier to get her body out do that shallow grave that they dug and navy at the last minute. They decided that they were just going to set fire department, that shows some real funding, like they really truly must have hated her to have to, to want to go to that extent and. And you know, it's easy to steal money. But I think this was about much more than that. I think they were they were really just out to get bre vengeance for being fired, and they weren't even erected for that they didn't have it on their record. It didn't go anywhere. So they weren't in jail. They weren't really in any sort of trouble as I can getting fired from American Eagle. Carter and her defense team. They said there was another narrative for that. She said that the whole. That David had Doug for corridor. She should she refuse to cooperate. So what, what they were saying was that this is where I'm going to bury you, if you don't do what I'm telling you, which is interesting. I mean, I believe Carter's involved, but I'm just I always plays apples yet. Yeah. So remember, Carter said David had said, I've already dug your grave, whether this was all concocted in the in the defense room or whether this is real, you don't know. But it's interesting, you know, and she said, I was scared I was to read to talk, David apparently said, you're so stupid. You don't even know what I was planning. I texted you a picture of where I was going to bury you look at your phone, and apparently, there were actually was not only the coordinates, but also a picture of the grave on Carcassonne Jesus. But these I mean what I don't know is if these I mean he. This is a tricky like he texted, her look at your phone and kill you that. That's why you know, whenever we talking about something sketchy in my life. Everyone's like just call. Don't email? Leave a texting at all. No. That that's just call. It just call. Because you don't know inflection. You don't know. You don't know sarcasm. No, no. Not about that. No record. Oh, that's where you're going? Yeah, bugging your phone, but it's not they're not. But the thing is like there's unless you're on FBI like unless you're calling being recorded callings always the move mostly because he'd be like, hey, between me and you this, this is just for harmless, workshop, they're always, like, hey, just just call though because like then there's not like a track record your ass, covered. Yeah. But anyways. The prosecutor in this case, urged the jury not to buy into what Carter's defense, and what Carter was saying survey essentially believe that Carter was the not only involved but the mastermind entire plot. And they stated that Carter. Had a lot of lives for member and jurors had this important, but not terribly difficult decision to make in not. They need to know when they're being lied to and for quotes, for a person who is capable of beating someone to death, strangling them in their own home lying is not a big deal. And I'm not letting David off the hook. But imagine the horror someone is probably sitting on you wall. Someone else's taping up your hands, and then your ankles, they slash your throat. And then when you're finally dead. They set your place on fire. There are a lot of people at her apartment complex, which says a lot about the fence in this case. So he's saying, like, not only was it against her. They set it on fire. They were willing to sacrifice anyone in this building four dot goes beyond their selfishness, and he said, I will prosecute David. And obviously, this is that Carter's trial. I will prosecute David but he's not the first man to be manipulated by an older woman. And there's something to that. And I think eventually, I mean I don't think but eventually Carter was found guilty of her involvement. And she was sentenced to life in prison without parole, and may twenty sixteen. They had it all planned out there planners, you know, they, they had been whole, that's an murder for athletes planned out, for like I'm not. And though they knew what they were doing there was time or if one of them wanted out there were times to get out, there was times to get help and neither of them did any of that. They planned it the original security cameras. Be Dan's day. She had it all planned. She left the back door open. She stole the keys from somebody else, and they, they had it all planned out. They knew exactly what they were doing. And that was the case again with the black Friday murder. They knew what they were doing. They planned out carefully. They obviously didn't think of that anything they didn't think about the fact that he would be found so quickly and that they would. Notice that her kids were stolen. And so they, they clearly didn't think of everything, but they still hope the time plan the fall out, and that is just me a Mark of somebody who's manipulative and, and Cynthia Pathak, and I don't care about the effect. They have on anyone else. I do think that they're manipulative individuals that know how to work people. So David was also found guilty along with Carter and he was auto modestly sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. So he was twenty two and she was twenty eight they are never single lives. Done don't like how fall, she's his cries Ashley's family spoke to the media. And they said that our personal preference would have been that they both would have been executed would be executed, but the state made the decision to not pursue the death penalty. The overall lack of criminal history and Malary's age at the time the crime was committed contributed to that decision. I'm sure. So I was surprised though that it was a capital case where they did not seek the death penalty. I'm so I had to kind of look into why that was I am some of my professor that they had experience with cases like that. Because my professor had, you know, been are given and worked in the forensic community in Charles, and stuff, so acting, none of that was something that they had ever heard of to try to grasp that month that for myself and. Given the, the violence and the gruesome net of this crime. I really think that they should have gone for the death penalty. I am personally. I'm very back and forth on the death penalty. I learned a lot about both sides of the issue in some criminology classes that I took in college, and still, I really am never definitive on it. But in this case, I just feel like they, they were so sure that they caught the right people, and they treated her so horribly that I just feel like they don't deserve to live. And I think those interesting, I wanted to make sure about this out because I had a teacher, that even though I'm unindicted I had a teacher that said something in college that has really always stuck with me. And I think applies to the and she said. That I seen too much to be against the death penalty. And I think that's really kind of home in this case, because, you know, if I just reading about what they did to her is. Just so gut wrenching. I really couldn't believe that something like this happened to somebody that I know but absolutely solidified my desire to work in the friend appeal just having something like that, so close. I just knew that this is where I wanted to be what I wanted to do. I wanted to help you know, bring Justice to, to people, and their families, somebody that works in burns. Science, I just want people to know how hard it is, to get away with murder of someone that, you know, every move that you make nowadays is reported. You leave trace evidence everywhere you go. It's very difficult to to really get away with something nowadays. Yeah. So I mean, I think I think one of the most important things here is like we have to kind of examine this crime. And if you ways in that this is so great driven in these guys are so young. And it's like they got away with one little, they got away with one robbery, right? Got like thirsty. Yeah. To want Maureen want get to want to make it so much better than us. And then the fact that they started plotting this whole thing with their manager. Ashley, who's thirty one. I mean your whole life's before you that's just less stock so sad. And if you watch you can look at some of their trial coverage they will click children like they have no idea what they've done. I mean, there's literally like oftentimes I say, this is somebody like what I'm talking about somebody that was victim or talking about somebody. That was a purpose. I often say, like this is somebody that could work at like you'd see at the mall. I often say that this is literally normal them all. Yeah, this is. A story of just it's greed. It really comes down to greed, and what did they need the money so much for nothing? There. Infinity is there and I mean this girl Ashley was just beloved and suffered a horrible death. And I just can't imagine. No, it's just it's, it's one of those things where you don't obviously understand the consequences of what you're doing, and you're so like tunnel vision to in thinking that this is going to answer whatever problems that you have not only that Jack and I were talking about this. We were working earlier when we were not recording, and we're just like we cannot believe people kill people. It's mind blowing for any reason, though. That's my that's even over even over love even those essentially this, it's like there's no mile connection. I talk actually your but in, in my book, there's a lot of book about this. Let me out now. It's like when you think about how hard it is it just wake up in the morning. Right. And do all of your stuff, and then you look back at all the tests that you studied for and all the things that you saved for it other relationships. You try to build an all of that over and over and over and over again, and then somebody can come by just like that guy. Take it all the way that's just me the most. And that's why would I do? Yeah. Police out there. Listen, Jack ni- are with Billy in that we also don't kill people and don't want people to the one that we have is that. No. We're, I mean this is why we do this. It's like every episode brings us one step closer. Maybe somebody who cares. It is like should I was considering robbing the store? I'm going to not do that. Now. You hope so it's not it's never been worth it. It wouldn't have never been nothing. Illegal is worth it. It's really not don't break. The law arguing is work really hard as we've had, we have live a dignified life, if you know of a crime, tell somebody, yeah. Listen. Life is really hard. It's even harder. If you're committing crimes truly like it just makes everything harder than your anxiety ridden. Like do they know? Well, I get caught do you wanna live like that? I like that. You don't fit. I live like that. And I'm an honest person it's burden only I should carry told me get worse. He'll make it worse for yourself by doing it crime. Okay. Well, we're going to end it there, if you guys are connected to you happy library day, we're not done yet. Well, do I mean, follows them Instagram at gigantic adults gutter app at the first degree and happy books? Happy chief pup day, but isn't she's ball day. Appreciation day. Trump and trade. I'm Tim Maguire, the napi newsman is the Trump administration was draws tariffs on steel aluminum from Canada, Mexico. Both countries say, they'll lift retaliatory tariffs on US goods clearing a hurdle for new trade agreement between the three nations. President Trump says the end of the terrace is good for all three countries, spin, charging us extremely high tariffs as much as two hundred eighty five percent or more for our agricultural products. The Missouri house passes a ban on abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy. Governor Mike Parsons, I've been pretty clear where I've been from day, one on right to live several other states have also passed so called fetal heartbeat laws. Today's action follows Alabama's passage of a Bill making performing an abortion a felony in nearly all cases. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has defied a subpoena from House Ways and means committee chairman, demanding six years of President Trump's tax returns committee, chairman Richard Neal says they're likely to go to court next week. I'm Tim Maguire.

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