15 VIDEO How to send us your english lesson questions and answers


Hi and welcome back to English with Colin. And in this listen, you'll be able to see a video of two words. I am now speaking, and if you can't see the video, then please look for the link inside this listen, and it will take you to the video. So in this video, listen, we are going to do a memory taste, and in this memory taste, the taste ongoing to ask you. The same question as I did in the last video. But this time you will be able to see the words, and you will see the link is to answer this question. Okay. So you ready for the taste and after the test, please clink the link inside this video. So in the last lesson I asked you what is your biggest challenge? Or what is that thing? You are having most difficulty with learning English. And I want you to be able to tell me inside the link in this, listen, so what you can do is click the link inside the listen and in that link I'm going to ask for your first name and your Email. Male. And just tell me in three or four sentences. What are the biggest challenges for you, learning English? And what is the or what? The things that you are struggling with the most. What is the most difficult thing for you at this point in time, learning English? So please click the link inside this listen, and if you can't find the link, please contact us on our website at eat MAG dot com. That's EA TT image E dot com.

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