AP Laboratory - Chiefs-Broncos game preview (Ep. 99)


What's up everybody? Thanks for joining us today. This is the AP laboratory it's eight-game preview edition addition getting you ready for chiefs broncos party to very excited to talk about this one here to help me talk about this game. I find him on twitter at chief in Carolina all the way from Carolina Matt Lane Polo. My friend how are you a good begging sure. I I do all my preparations. In just in case of the broncos wind and somehow shake up the entire division like coralline Sutton's telling us does does Cortlandt site and think that they can instill win the West. It's a big shakeup if you go from like third in the division to slightly less third in the division. That's what he's aiming for war but also with US Craig's out platinum on twitter barley hop than big. I'm doing fantastic. I saw a ESPN playoff machine that. Hey broncos fan had run earlier today that was explaining how they can make the playoffs at eight and the various scenarios that needed to happen guys. It's a very very long logic train. So that should tell you where the Broncos are with Cortlandt Sutton statements and what the fans are saying there they should just be grasping onto drew. Lock now and looking forward to next year but they're still living in the now so actually. The cheese crops told them hopefully. We can grasp on the drew lock. But we'll talk about the defense later. We got to talk about the offense. I just I just refer shake things up like the division. No rundown is locked and loaded so three story storylines on offense. We'll start with this chiefs had some success in the first half against the New England patriots. Matty can they build off that success. Yes certainly hope so. I think once you get rid of that kind of I drive where the Patriots came out and they look to really throw off. Patrick Mahomes a little bit. Just the way they were playing ignores Less man coverage than we've seen all year and we especially saw from the Patriots last year led to an easy interception for the Patriots from Patrick Mahomes but after after that the first half off into the look good. It looked a lot more similar to what we saw last year. There wasn't a huge big shots. Downfield the vertical shots and that's because the Patriots were tried to take it away but we got some good Andy Reid we got some more short passes we got some more passes that were getting into intermediate areas. It seemed like it was a game plan plan designed to help get some easy throws for Patrick Mahomes to build a little bit of rhythm and despite the fact that he's bailing out of pockets. The interior offensive line's out playing particularly. Well they were able to get some rhythm throws converts third downs. They're getting some help. That kind of went away in the second half trying to note the lead Patrick Mahomes hand was hurting them. A little bit he couldn't really grip ripple and rip it Downfield. So you just want to throw away the second half but you hope to build on that first half says the first time I think we saw chiefs offense. It seemed to be executing from the coaches is down to the players on the relatively consistent basis. Yeah I and we saw the the motion from tyreek Hill. I think it was like the second play of the game aim. We got to see that orbit motion kind of inter- it's way back into the chiefs lexicon again and I started a little excited because I expected. Good Andy Playbook now. There were some extenuating circumstances. That we're GONNA talk about here next. But I do feel like he called a good game plan. Honestly against the broncos in the first first matchup I felt like it was a pretty good game plan as well I. It wasn't very deep necessarily out of Patrick Mahomes. But he was ten for eleven for seventy six yards hours before he went out hurt after. This was the game that he went out. Hurt and Matt Moore finished but they moved the ball really really well. They got a touchdown a few goal they were within field goal range before Matt Moore came in. I think that Andy saw some stuff on tape that he could exploit out of VIC Fangio. I don't think that they really ran it. After Matt Moore came in the game very interested to see if we see maybe the playbook he was planning to use a little more of the first first time that they played against this team. I had a tweet saved up in my drafts. During that broncos game and it was basically something to the effect of mahomes is Alex better than Alex ever did during the Broncos game. Because it's true I mean he was Kinda just I mean he was just shooting the easy stuff sharp on the easy stuff and I think you kind of. I think you might see a little bit of that too especially considering the hand injury injury that we are about to talk about. You know it's been the most popular Nian Kansas City. It's been the most popular ankle in Kansas City. And now what's the most popular hand in Kansas City. Patrick mahomes his thirty injury of the season that we know of a bruised battered right hand. Apparently it was swollen all week up until yesterday when mom's finally was able to grip of football that's comforting is very apparent that mahomes was nursing in hand injury because there was some opportunities that he just flat out missed and I think is because he was timid to challenge down the field They were just trying to get out of dodge alive. Thank God the defense played the way they did this week against the Patriots. It's going to be you know it's going to be interesting to see how the cheese balance trying to have a rhythm flow To this offense you know getting a good rhythm do the things that you know that they can. They need to do to win a football game but also with with in the back of your mind. That Patrick Mahomes hand his bruising bruising pretty bad and and hopefully they can manage that mattie think like you said they were trying to get out of dodge they had the lead they were just trying to prolong or shorten the game ups. They get out of there as chief had to throw the ball. Union sold them have a little bit of success until the Travis Kelsey fumble. They were finding ways to make it work. which is something? I don't think you can say they'd done a really good job of the last couple weeks. Unfortunately this is the fourth maybe fifth game this year. We've talked about Andy Reid. The coaches just trying to get out out of dodge. Because they don't like how the game's going whether it's wind whether it's the field the leg this that there's a lot of games with the chiefs that we've kind of made excuses. That makes sense so so maybe even excuses that had a reason for why the chiefs or try not to play the real offense anymore and it just it is a fan and somebody that watches the team you would like to see them. Flex the real offense you would like to get to see the often show up at some level of consistency. Hopefully mahomes hand is good enough to do that. Against the broncos give us another half that just who says hey. We're still here. We're still top to your offense and we don't want to just see them trying to get through the game as quickly as possible running for two yards and nothing else they definitely have not touched that hand at all this week like they're. I'm sure that this is the lightest workload glowed that we've seen Outta Patrick mahomes since you know the knee that you know. They've ankle and all of that like they don't probably want him throw in too terribly much this week. I imagine that they are protecting that. And shielding it as much as possible. One thing just tag onto matty's comment here about how there's there's you know there's always something that's coming up got it's GonNa snow and reportedly it's GonNa be a decent amount of snow in Kansas City. We might be talking about the grip of Patrick Mahomes in the snow coming up here so he still recovering from and now field lose leaking already just chop this game out the window Eddie. Reid might come out of this game. AM saying yeah. The hand was bothering him a little bit. Plus it was cold so it was really tough for him to grip the ball. which is to say that? It's not an excuse. It very well might might be a reason behind it but there's yet another thing that could be going on this weekend. All the adversity all of it all of the the battle. I don't know what will they ever do. Third storyline is something that is finally starting to make its rounds. Sounds around the around here in Kansas City. And that's the pocket management of Patrick. Mahomes if you've been listening to this show for the last three weeks or so. You've probably heard US discussing it I I. It's it's it's something that's valid with what you're seeing with Patrick. Mahomes it's inconsistent season the drop inconsistencies navigating the pocket when the step up when to bail out when the backup all that Kinda stuff. He's just there's there's a lot of inconsistencies in what you're seeing. I think you Kinda saw. I think he kind of started to see it. Before you know I think you start to see a little bit of I don't want to call it Lazy Eh. But I think you kind of started to see his drops being a little inconsistent and and some of his footwork stepping into throws Before you really saw some of these more egregious mistakes navigating the pocket and I think it's kind of been a slow burn into this and you know it's something that it sounds like mahomes is very cognizant of because they're being outward it facing about it. They're being public about it You're seeing him admit that he's been a little bit off he's starting to you know fall off of his mechanic's a little bit in the back end of the season and I'm sure a lot of these injuries and a lot of things that he's dealing with dull help because you're thinking about other things in you know the mechanical breakdowns and those kind of things happen when you're tired or when you're you're dealing with some pain and stuff like that so I think that might be part of what you're seeing but you're mahomes has has got to be a little bit more consistent today or this week. He's got to be more consistent this week. It's gotta be working system moving forward a Alleviate some of the problems that they've experienced to this point offensively. Because like I you know we talk about the offense and they have a lot of issues but it's not like it's just play for play for play for play for play for play it's just it's just egregious regis in bad offense and bad play calling and all that stuff. There's always like you know there's a couple good place during the they just have been able to string things together and some consistency with some of the mechanics and stopping in some of the drops. And all that kind of thing with homes really could help them string together. More plays more consistent drives. Now what really focus on that for a second. Because I was talking a little negatively and being kind of out there with all the reasons for mahomes that she's often struggles Rosen while I do think they're getting played up a little bit much and it's probably more likely to cheese just simply are playing as good a football is they have last year. I think that's the bigger reason reason rather than the leg the win the dirt so on and so forth. It's not like the offense is bad. This is still a very good office this office silly top five ish offense in the NFL so it just lacks consistency and it seems to lack rhythm especially from drive to drive. A big part of. That is how Patrick Mahomes is handling the pocket and it's not all his fault. This interior offensive line is not good. It has not been good all year. There's been a few other guy. Are Few guys shuffled in out. That weren't starters. They don't have a lot of continuity together and even in places where they do you're simply not good L. D. T.. Not Good not good at all been saying for a couple of weeks now. He is not playing while while. Andrew Wylie took a step back from last year. Austin writers just not good enough at center to help cover for both of those guys or even one of those guys. He's just kind of their A placeholder so you don't have good interior offensive line. You get a quarterback that's taken a Lotta hits this year that's been under pressure. He's panicking a little bit. He's giving out of the pocket get he's getting the ball. Throwing it off. Platform key needs to trust them. He's admitted it. And it's not so it's GonNa fix overnight. They just got a slowly start working on that working on keeping him a little bit more the pocket help those tackles out a little bit. Because you're starting to see even fisher shorts. Give up a few more. What looked to be pressures? Patrick mahomes tries to retreat over a pocket. That's either collapsing lapsing or not. We're not even getting to see. It's you just hope to see improvement on that this week. I think got a little better last week but everyone can point to a couple of big issues that tyreek Hill in the end zone there was another one early in the game on a deeper pass to Travis. Kelsey where he was moving when he didn't need to be moving out of the pocket but it looks like it's getting a little better. You just WanNa keep seeing that continue as the season goes on. Yes he knows it he he said it basically unprompted this week like they asked him. You know yeah the offense. It's still score in and Kinda move on the ball but you know it's not as efficient as we've we've grown accustomed to it being at. He just unprompted prompted said. That's on me. which is Andy Reid Ism but then went into why you know discussed how old habits die hard fans up thrown off of his back foot just because that's kind of breakdown mechanics? He's not doing the little stuff right. He admitted all that wind all of that and then went forward to say that he trusts interior offensive line. which no definitely not? He doesn't play football he definitely doesn't and yeah it's because of writer Wiley and in L.. DT who apparently the entire Internet caught up this week and finally like focused on the interior offense of aligned with. Oh Wow he's he's been bad. You know so we. We got to kind of see a culmination of all of that. All of those issues compounded did the Broncos are going to try and take advantage that Vic Fangio was going to really trying to focus on bringing the heat in the interior especially so they've got to be not much better this week okay. Let's go with players to watch Craig while my player to watch this week is going to be Spencer ware. Spencer where got a lot got more run than I think that they were expecting Eric. B Enemy said that they they got or they weren't expecting him to get that kind of workload and that he just kept coming to the sidelines. Say No I'm good. I feel healthy. I'm ready to go. And they spoke to Darwin Thompson this week as well and talked about pass protection and the game speed up up slowly for him. I think that we're going to see plenty of Spencer where this week. Still even with Damian Williams returned so I would expect him to rotate Tade in a little bit. He just might have a little bit fresher legs than some of these guys who has been through a season long kind of workload and so they trust him enough to put them out there. Help protect Patrick Mahomes. I expect that we're going to see a little bit more Spencer where this week. Mike Mike I Watch is going to be tyreek Hill. I think we talked about it a little bit at the beginning here Craig did tire killed. They start using them emotional more. That's a good way to kind of identify. The coverage urged also get on the move harder for teams to send extra attention to him. Make things open up a little bit easier. A don't I like Vic Fangio as defensive coach. He's just not a bill belichick level. They are not going to be able to contain tyreek hill as well as the patient. Sit on those underneath passes since hills. Come back he hasn't connected on one of those deep eight bombs with Patrick Mahomes. I think they're gonNA find ways to get him in space underneath. They're gonNA find ways to attack vertically. I'm interested to see if the broncos are gonNA play a lot of zone coverage like they normally do or they're gonNA stick mostly demand coverage like they have the past against the chiefs biggest tyreek hill. Mu Seen tyreek hill. Beat Chris Harris before I imagine the the same thing would happen if Chris Harris Junior has all across the field in man coverage again as long as patrimony as a time to get the ball to him by guy is Laurent du Vernay Tardif He's a guy you know. I posted something earlier this week. Talking about potential candidates I think L.. DT's a potential essential cut candidate. He has played in sixty percent of the games that he's been eligible for since signings extension. And he hasn't been particularly good. I think I I'm I think he's kind of playing for his job. The back half of this back stretch of the season and you know if you have questions about L. D.. I think think just wash. Just try to watch him a little bit today or on Sunday and just see what you get out of them and and see if you think that he's playing to a level that That is earned him nine million dollars next season. He's going to be one of the more fascinating cases for this team to kind of navigate through when it comes to their roster decisions because they can save day five million dollars against the cat by releasing. We're going to take a break and we will be back right after this. This episode is sponsored by Stash. A Smarter Simpler Simpler Way to start. Investing with Sash you can begin. Investing in a wide array of companies and diversified funds for as little as five dollars stash offers unlimited trading leading with no add on trading commission. So you can invest without worrying about getting nickel and dimed. 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We're we're all kind of got to see drew lock senior bowl last year and Missouri. Fans are very familiar with them. He's got arm talent. He's got mobility. He's got the ability to make the throws that they're asking them to do. They have not given him layups in his two games back. It's not like they're making things easy on him him. He's throwing a lot of contested balls thrown into windows. They're going downfield regularly and they're running a lot of to who back pistol all of the sudden and running read option throw in deep throws out of it like this is a completely different offense ends than the one that we saw the cheese play earlier. This season Joe flacco stood in the pocket as a statue. Drew Lock is not necessarily A. Hey great diagnosis of pressure blitzes and things like that which can come into play as far as the rush plan and everything like that for Spagnolo but he is a lot more mobile will he can get outside the pocket. He can avoid pressure and he can make throws down the field. That's going to give the chiefs a little bit more fits I think running this to back pistol. Who is going to give the chiefs a lot? More looks that they have to take you know. Keep accounting for and they also run a lot of heavy personnel Philip. Lindsey has been the biggest benefactor for drew. Lock being there. Because they've been able to keep that extra safety out of the box force guys deeper and you know this. This read option is really opened. Things up foreman. That's because lock is so good at running it. Thus far the thing with drew lock is he will look over easy stuff to try to biddable downfield into a tight window a turned out to make some highlight those doing so. He's also made some very ugly passes already in his young. NFL career. That I think have have been glossed over with some of his really decisions. Really poor throws of got glossed over just because he has a lot of highlight those. They've been winning he's his stat. Line hasn't looked terrible. He's made some really good highlights. If people have kind of glossed over some ugly interceptions and ugly throws I think the way the chiefs defense is playing right now. The Way Steve spangles dialing stuff up lately Ariza game where the NFL's going to catch the July a little bit He's going to see a lot of different looks. He's going to see a lot of different pressure. Think you're gonNA see some plays where the chiefs show pressure drop drop a Lotta guys in coverage they really challenge drew lots mental acuity here. If he's ready for it and I expect them to see look like a rookie quarterback that fell out of the first round this week. It so drew lock when you're when we were evaluating them back during draft season it's he. He's a very very polarizing game to game. So you know some games you would see. You'd see some things it'd be really impressed by what you were seeing. And you'd like this guy understand why people would want to take a chance on them and then and you would just see some games and it was just. It was really bad in it was a lot of you know not handling pressure well and trying to throw balls off your back foot and make hero ball all plays and there's a lot of that to his game where you know. There's some inconsistencies that I if you're getting a bad drew lock game. You're you're you're good shape I do think I think a lot of it fell on the mental side. If he wasn't seeing things clear he would get a little bit rattled back there. If he was facing pressure it wasn't always pretty wasn't finding his outlets. So there's I think there's some inconsistencies that you can attack and I I do agree. I think it's just GONNA be trying to try to mess with him on the mental side of things. Whether it's you know mixing looks up Showing pressure bailing out I I maybe trying to bring some you know some some blitzes from your secondary players. I think some of those kind of things you know. Just make him make him think through the game and you should have some success S.. I think and I think cease bag teams more than up for it. I think they continue to build off what they've been doing. In one of the things that they can do is affect the passer Asir and last time the chiefs played. This football team was one of the more enjoyable defensive performances. We've adults these and obviously it was. There was there's something there's a cloud hanging over the entire game that was Patrick Mahomes kneecap but I mean the defense. They got After Joe FLACCO Craig. Can they repeat that performance again. I don't think that they're going to end up with nine sacks again this week vomit insanity but yes they can kit kit map both alluded to it there. He does not handle pressure. Dr Drew Lock like the lock onto a guy particularly downfield. He will stare somebody down and he'll lock onto it downfield. He doesn't move through his progressions particularly well and win the pressure comes. He'll throw it anyway. He's not going to sit there and eat a sack. He's going to trust his arm to fit it into a window that maybe not there. They the interception through against the Texans where the safety rotate and early early early towards the receiver for an corner undercutting the receiver. He threw it anyway. Safety Jumps at easiest pick in the world for that safety. It's just. He makes a lot of questionable decisions because that pressure pressure was in his face and so he just tried to uncork it any way rather than eating the sack living to see another day I expect that the chiefs pass rush is is going to be able to dial some stuff up. SPAG knowle's going to bring some blitzes and things like that to really bring the right kind of pressure. The question mark is Frank Clark. If we're going to see him this week he's got a stomach issue of some kind. That won't go away enough for them to have to bring him to a specialist. Clark needs to show up Clark needs to be there because I feel like he wrecked that game against Denver he can wreck it again. And if we get the Alex before that we got against New England it's going to be very very long day for drew lock. So here's the thing about the Denver broncos offensive line Garrett Bowles is really really bad at football it may not be their worst offensive lineman so yet the pass rush should still be pretty good this week. I don't think you're going to get a repeat of nine tax. Joe FLACCO simply cannot move his feet I think once he drops back they get stuck in the ground. His cleats might be like four inches long or something. I'm not sure he doesn't move. Drew Walk will vote he will fade back and he will throw a ball off his back foot with absolutely no momentum in it and he will do that time and time again to try to get away from pressure sure. He's able to escape some saks. There's probably going to be some pressures that he gets away from a throw off. He is a little gutsy he can sit in there sometimes. Throw it but for the most part. He's going to shy highway from getting hit. He's GONNA rush throws he still gonNA try to squeeze men there you've got to put pressure on lock and you're GONNA get good results even if they aren't sacks. I think that he gets away for more Saxon. FLACCO did but the pass rush is going to be a problem. And I don't think it's just GONNA be your defensive line. But the way they've been blitzing their safeties their linebackers in But successes they had against the Broncos last time I would expect to see plenty of that again. I think it's still going to be a story. You just probably won't see you know nine sacks pop up all the statute again it will be nine sacks but I think the pressure can still do the same kind of job that you saw. I think there's there you know I. I don't think drew lock has seen enough in this league to be able to to to make enough decisions under pressure and if they can put more pressure on on him they're going to be just fine Courtroom Sutton is beyond besides guaranteeing a victory Against the Kansas City chiefs in Arrowhead did with a rookie quarterback against a team. That is finally starting to play a better especially defensively Besides guaranteeing those victories. He's playing football football. His Sophomore Year has really really come on strong. Having a really strong strong season he present some problems. He's a very good football player. Matty Colon Sutton's like the opposite of Garrett Bowles as in like he's good at not really really bad it football and with his size and he's he's he's not the most technical route runner but he understands how to use his size his a little bit of acceleration that he has to get positioning. He's really good attacking the ball near. I think if if drew lock is willing to test the chiefs quarters which he most likely will be if July can handle the pressure. That she's on coincides GonNa get some fifty fifty opportunities. He's GonNa get some chances to make plays over. Various Ward Shot Bruin Morris Claiborne. They should be able to attack him his size. His abilities at the catch point are going to be a problem. I don't think the chiefs are going to go out of their way to add specific extra helped Like they did Julie. Eshelman think on the outside. He's GonNa be isolated plenty plenty of times and if the chiefs can't figure out a way to stop them. That could make the game a little bit closer than it needs to be. He's just implying that. Go to football us kind of have to rely on your cornerbacks who've been playing better to make a couple of plays just make it look less appealing to keep throwing up. Fifty fifty balls of cortlandt sought missed. The game goes on the way that the broncos use cortlandt Portland Sutton. He's a very good player but they a lot of times. We'll go thirteen personnel and have Colin Sutton. beat the only dude on the outside side and I want to read you guys do. Do you guys happen to know who the other Denver broncos wide receivers are because Emmanuel Sanders was the other guy opposite of of him the first matchup and got plenty targets. Do you guys know any of the other. DENVER broncos receivers juwan Winfrey Day. Sean Ham say Bachand Hamilton. Tin Patrick yes. Actually three deontay Spencer Fred Brown or the other. I do know those. That's where I was that. Yeah no that's that's actually really good. That's randers right on rag Ted. Yeah that's not a murderer's ro of wide receivers. Though like they are not going to its own accountants. Those those are all almost all accounting's IT'S GONNA be a lot of Noah fant it's going to be a lot of Jeff your troika. Golly Andrew back there fullback is been a lot lot more integrated lately too. I but Portland Sutton is really the only guy on the outside other you know they line up out there but Portland sons the only the guy that they really have to worry about that can do damage in the air on the outside as a wide receiver and yet drew lock is GonNa throw him just as much as Joe. FLACCO ECHO did high volume guy so if he can get on the same page as drew lock he could wreck the game a little bit yeah. Why don't you talk to Fred Brown in and accounts payable okay? Let's go to players to watch All three players Craig who you watch it okay. I know we're not supposed to do this. But I'm watching tire and Matthew. He's the quarterback of the defense. We we said we weren't doing those anymore. tyronn Matthew is going going to get a pick this week. I feel very confident in that I. They have used Iron Matthew really well. He is playing some of the best football ball that we've seen out of a safety in years. I I mean every berry in his. Brian Fantastic. I'm not saying he's up to that level but tyronn Aaron Matthew is locked in. He's got everybody on the same page his attitude the impact that he's having on the game even though it may not seem like it like he's not post in the major stats. He's not post in these big picks and everything like that. He is absolutely blanketing guys out of the game. And they're using him as a major weapon and drew lock is going to have to diagnose these coverages try and find open guys because Spagnolo is going to drop these guys into exotic looks to confuse refuse him. He's GonNa get one he's GonNa give one right to tire and Matthew. I fully expect Matthew to have a big game both on the all. Twenty thirty two and in the box score like Craig said the broncos will use some thirteen personnel. They're gonNA use a lot of twelve personnel. They're going to get multiple tight ends out there. They're gonNA have running backs get out the routes so I'm looking at the cheese best coverage linebacker pretty closely and no now neiman starting weakside linebacker Damian Amien Wilson. Not The three down Mike. They Anthony Hitchens. But the Sam Reggie Ragland is GonNa see a lot more snaps this week than he normally gets with. That heavier heavier broncos personnel. He's obviously gonNA be relied on the run game. He was set a really hard edge against the Patriots like he had a phenomenal game. Vote against the run in the past. He said a good edge. He did a good job in pursuit. When they're letting be aggressive but more than anything else Reggie Ragland understands football in coverage he might not be in the lead athlete but he understands his coverage responsibilities responsibilities and he works through his progressions his keys? Real fast you WANNA try to hit the chiefs flats. That's fine. Just don't do it at Reggie Ragland because you can ask James White. How that goes you take a pretty good lick? Because he's closed on you fast. Reggie Ragland made splash plays in his tenure with the chiefs and coverage. I know we don't think of him as a coverage linebacker but he's made some really nice plays. I liked it. They're going to be forced to put him on the field in this game a little bit more because I think he really can have an impact Craig wild that tyrant. Massey's getting interception this week. So as Reggie. I think we're GONNA have to sweep it because it's crazy because one tornadoes getting an interception this week to oh I thought frank was getting another one now. May maybe one thornhill. I think he's really coming along Week to week. I think you're seeing him getting a little bit better. I think the communication you know as you saw the last time these. This team was at home You saw him make a big play I think he gets another big play against an AFC west West opponents you know. Two thousand eighteen wasn't and a great year for Brett. Vh But two thousand nineteen look pretty good for him tired. Matthew Frank Clark quite the haters want thornhill all these guys. I I really like what I'm seeing with. This group want thornhill. I'm expecting to have an interception this week to. Let's go the predictions Greg. Well apparently Oy Anita Justice and drew lock throwing eighteen interceptions on Sunday three youths just three. It's as good as eighteen. Two hundred zone. It's crazy readies. Returning his for a seventy five yard. Pick Sake oh you guys have no idea the kind of backflips that I'm going to be doing I ab- censoring that. Making making that family friendly there. Can we call Reggie big sexy. Can we motion motion to call him. Big Sexy moving forward. I mean we I have been. I don't know what you guys are talking about so predictions for the game. I I I do think that this is going to stay a little close early. I think the broncos GonNa pull out all the stops try and pull up bunch of misdirection get Philip Lindsay into space. I think that this game is maybe like a fourteen ten game midway through the second quarter and its back. Noah makes the adjustments US mints. The offense continues to click. I I've got this as a thirty five twenty game with the other ten of those points coming in garbage time for the broncos but but I do think that there will be the start of this game. It's going to be a big feeling out period with a new offense and then eventually this defense will takeover give the ball back to the offense. Allow them to put some points on the board I think the brokers come and they're going to give the chiefs their all. You've already seen it again chippiness now that they've got a new quarterback they're playing well. They're feeling themselves themselves a little bit. They've been talking this week up to the game. They're feeling it drew locks coming home so on and so forth I'd only cheap. They're going to get complacent after his patriots game. I don't think subtype leaders. They now have in the locker room. I think they're still going to be plenty hungry. They're going to want it just as bad and like we've been talking about this whole time. I think Steve Spangles in put a lot AGILA. He's going to give him a lot of a lot more to the chargers of the Texans did he's GonNa make him really work for it. I think it's going to be evident from the GEICO achieve. Jump about two a solid early lead. You see them throw the offense neutral like they like to do in the second half of coast to a double digit victory chiefs. Twenty seven Broncos. Thirteen eighteen team picks. Reggie pick six. We've called it already. But not close this week chiefs are gonNA dominate the broncos like they have in the past so the chiefs are going to start hot. What They're going to score two touchdowns early it's going to be fourteen to nothing After Awan Thornhill pick six two six six The offense that the the offense is gonNA score another another two touchdowns late in the game. The they're not going to score in the entire fourth quarter and the broncos are going to get a garbage time it's garbage time touchdown. Twenty eight seventeen. Kansas City chiefs get their tenth win of the season are. That's going to do it for the game preview episode this week for the AP laboratory we will be back later to Next week to so you Do Mail back this catch.

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